Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e15 Episode Script

Ready... Aim...

McGARRETT: How do you know the guns are being exported to Japan from Honolulu? I found this out through inside contact here.
You are going to kill him.
I won't do it.
Not again.
If we can catch the man hired to kill me, there's a good chance we can find out who employed him.
And he may lead us to the entire gun-smuggling ring.
Nahashi! Watch it, behind you! Hold it.
NAHASHl: Hold it.
REPORTER [ON RADIO]: This is your man for all seasons, Tom McCarthy, with today's weather report for the greater Honolulu area.
There will be mostly clear skies, with a few occasional showers.
Temperatures on the garden island will range between 72 degrees during the day and 64 at night.
And for all you surfers, we just got a report from Sunset Beach.
Yes, he called last night.
He's arriving at 2:00, flight 817.
Okay, gentlemen, four gun shops have been hit in the past month.
Over 150 handguns stolen.
I checked with one of my most reliable street sources, Steve.
The price of handguns has doubled recently.
Where do you think they're being funneled to? That's the puzzler.
We have the serial numbers on nearly all of the stolen handguns, and not one of them has surfaced.
Sounds like, uh, somebody's equipping a small army.
Maybe a terrorist group.
Then why would the rifles and automatic weapons be left behind? No.
No, gentlemen, we're dealing strictly with an underground market in handguns somebody is stockpiling.
And I wanna know who and why.
The cop arrived from Tokyo today.
So, what are you gonna do about it? You know what we have to do.
MORRISON: Is it necessary to kill him? He and the girl are pretty tight.
No telling how much she told him.
[RINGS] Yes? Dancer.
- Yeah? - It's Robert.
Our visitor arrived today.
- Where is he staying? - At the Kukui Plaza.
- I'll arrange a reception.
- Let me know how it goes.
You'll be the first.
It's all taken care of.
[HORN HONKS] DANNY: Japanese 9 mm.
- What do we got, Danno? - Still piecing it together.
We're light on witnesses, but it's obviously some kind of hit attempt.
Oh? Who's the target? Name on his passport is Harold Osuna.
Came in on the noon flight from Tokyo.
- Tokyo? How's he doing? - Head injury.
Still studying the x-rays.
Any background on him? He listed his occupation as businessman, but I've got a small problem with that.
- What's that? - Don.
He was wearing this in a shoulder holster.
- Speak any English? - Fluently.
Let's see how fluently.
Officer Williams, I've just come from the patient's room, he's gone.
- Gone where? - Well, I don't know, but he's not there.
His clothes are gone too.
He might have a very serious concussion.
Excuse me, I better check with the nurses' station.
This is one patient I wanna know more about, Danno.
Get that automatic he had to Che.
See if you can raise any prints on it and get them on the wire to Tokyo.
[PHONE RINGING] - Hello, may I help you? - Iso? - Kimo? - Yes.
I just got in.
When can I see you? L I can't get away right now.
You must.
It's very important.
Uh, there is a hamburger stand on Sand Island.
Right across from the Aloha Tower.
- I'll meet you there in one hour.
- All right.
It was a sports car, a Triumph, maybe.
What about the license number? No, everything happened so fast, I didn't see it.
What about the color? It was purple with a white racing stripe along the side.
Real fancy.
You said the car was hopped up.
Yeah, real hot.
Big cam, headers, the whole works.
So, what we've got is a souped-up purple sports car, maybe a Triumph.
No description of the driver except that he was wearing dark glasses.
- I guess that's about it.
- Thank you for your time.
Very well, sir, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Nothing like a presidential visit to spike things up, huh? What about our mystery man, Osuna? He's still a mystery man.
I checked the company in Tokyo he supposedly worked for.
That doesn't exist.
Which means, he probably doesn't exist.
At least not under that name.
I'm running a check on him through the Tokyo Police Department.
What about the airline? I talked to the stewardess who worked the flight.
She said he wired ahead to confirm reservations on the car and hotel.
And we found out locally that he was booked through an agency by a Miss Iso Taguchi.
- Got an address on her? - Both work and residence.
- Want her picked up for questioning? - No.
No, not yet.
No, just, uh, try to locate the lady and keep her under surveillance.
Maybe if our mystery man thinks we're in the dark, he'll try to make contact.
But when you called, you said that you knew where the guns were being stockpiled.
I was mistaken.
A few hours after I arrived, someone tried to kill me.
You were the only one who knew I was arriving.
- I don't know what you're trying to say.
- I'm not trying to say it.
I'm saying it.
You must have told someone.
I wanna know why.
Please, Kimo.
I've got to go back now, please.
- I'll pick you up later.
- Oh, no.
No, that's impossible.
If they see us, I'm afraid of what they're going to do.
I don't know what you are afraid of.
But you must know, I'll never do anything to endanger you.
I'll call first.
We'll go someplace where we won't be seen, all right? - Yeah? - He got by me.
- What do you mean he got by you? - I missed.
That happens.
Not when you do piecework for me, man, what's wrong? Hey, no sweat.
He's gonna fall.
All I have to do is just wait around for him to come up for some air.
Try the girl.
He'll get in touch with her.
Look, you just leave everything up to old Tom Terrific.
Ten-four, Mr.
Purple Triumph sports car? No, I don't remember seeing a car like that around here.
According to the witness, the car was souped-up.
Maybe race modified.
A lot of young guys today are doing their own work.
They're pretty good with engines.
What about custom paint jobs? That they can't get off the shelf.
They gotta send out.
- Where? - I don't know.
Must be a couple dozen around.
Try the yellow pages.
DANNY: Hold it.
CHIN HO: We're taking you in, Nahashi.
McGARRETT: I sent a query off to Tokyo this morning.
I just got that telex back from your captain.
You're Lieutenant Kimo Nahashi.
- Did he tell you why I'm here? - It's in there.
Something about a Honolulu black market in handguns and a ring smuggling them into Japan.
As you know, we have very strict gun-control laws in Japan.
A handgun selling for a hundred dollars here could go for as much as $2,500 in Tokyo.
Well, are you suggesting that if we had stricter gun-control laws in this country that you wouldn't even be here? I didn't say that, you did.
How do you know that the guns are being exported to Japan from Honolulu? Ah.
At this very moment, arrangements are being made for 500 handguns to be smuggled out of here.
Valued on the streets of Tokyo at well over a million dollars.
I found this out through inside contact here.
Is the inside contact Iso Taguchi? The young lady who made reservations for you? I've been doing some, uh, digging in Miss Taguchi's file.
She's a naturalized American citizen, for instance.
Seven years ago, she became pregnant.
She was unmarried, so she went back to Japan to have a child.
That's when I met Iso.
The child is now living in Tokyo with her grandmother.
What I wanna know is how and why you persuaded Miss Taguchi to come here? Through an informant, I found out that the guns being smuggled into Tokyo were coming from here.
So since Miss Taguchi was a naturalized American citizen, you persuaded her to come back here and to dig up whatever information she could for you.
- Correct? That was two months ago.
- Yes.
And two days ago, she called me in Tokyo and said that the shipment of guns is scheduled to leave here Well, did she tell you anything else? How and where the guns were to be smuggled out? - The names of anyone involved? - No.
As far as I know, 6 p.
Thursday was all she was able to come up with.
That leaves us less than 24 hours, lieutenant.
Now, we're gonna work together on this one.
No more freelancing.
Do I make myself clear? You leave me with no choice, do you? None.
None whatsoever.
Still working the same old stand, huh, Jimmy? Things are looking up, Officer Williams.
I got new visions.
And some old ones.
Like selling phony sweepstake tickets? Hey, baby.
How'd they get in there? These tickets could buy you time in the slammer, Jimmy.
All right, what do you guys want? You were seen selling a handgun the other night.
Where'd you get it? You're not gonna believe this, you know? Probably not.
Well, I'm walking along Hotel Street, see.
I see this skinny mutt.
He's digging in this pile of trash, right? - So I'm getting closer and - You know what? You were right.
We're not gonna believe you.
Now, listen, I want a straight answer.
Otherwise, I'm gonna turn you and these tickets over to H.
And I'm going to do everything I can, personally, to see that the charges stick.
I had the piece a long time.
- Stashed away.
- We asked where you got it.
I was holding a marker on this guy.
- You remember Frog, Mamo? DANNY: Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Fell away about a year ago.
Anyway, he gave me the gun for his marker.
And you've had it tucked away under your pillow ever since? No, under my mattress.
- Why'd you hold it so long? - I was running a little bit short and I heard about this guy paying some big money.
What guy? I don't know.
I never seen him before.
What about his name? All I heard him called was The Dancer.
Thanks, Jimmy.
- What do you want? - Things got messed up.
That's not my fault.
I did what you asked.
Now you're gonna do something else.
- No, I won't.
- You're gonna call your cop friend.
You're gonna have him meet you at the Valley of the Temples at 4:00.
You are going to kill him.
I won't do it, not again.
Sure you will.
DANCER: Long distance.
I wanna place a call to Tokyo, Japan.
[SPEAKS IN JAPANESE] Are you all right? [SPEAKS IN JAPANESE] Valley of the Temples, 4:00.
- What time did Miss Taguchi call? - About an hour ago.
We could stake out the temple grounds.
The problem is, we don't know who to look for.
Unless I show up.
You enjoy being shot at? It would bring the killer out into the open.
You said that you and Miss Taguchi were very close, huh? Yes.
Why do you think she's cooperating with them and setting you up? - Maybe for the second time.
- I don't know.
- Could it be money? - Iso would never betray me for money.
McGarrett, if we can catch the man hired to kill me, there's a good chance we can find out who employed him.
And he may lead us to the entire gun-smuggling ring.
All right, lieutenant, I'm gonna let you play target, only because we're running out of time.
But I'm gonna have a cop behind every tree out there.
For your lady's sake as well as yours.
- How many? TANAKl: I make it a little over 400.
That's the wrong number.
- Hey, it's the best I could do.
- Well, that's not good enough.
I cleaned the streets, man.
Not quite.
There's a gun store on Hotel and Ala Wai.
It's run by a little old man.
Stocks maybe 30-, 40 handguns.
Get your people on it.
Okay, man.
[INAUDIBLE DIALOGUE] HODGES [OVER RADIO]: Robert, you there? Right here on top of things as usual, Mr.
That guy Smith phoned again.
Wants you to call him.
Hey, you two got something going, or what? Or what, Mr.
Four o'clock.
Got it.
[BELL CONTINUES RINGING] [CHATTERING] Okay, gentlemen, stand by.
The lady has just come in.
She's wearing a blue blouse, pants, no hat.
Got her in sight, Steve.
What's that guy in jeans doing? Nahashi! Watch it, behind you! [WOMEN SCREAM] Okay, spread out, gentlemen.
I want this entire area covered.
NAHASHl: Are you ready now to tell me why? ISO: There is nothing to tell.
Iso, there have been two attempts on my life.
Now, I want the truth.
[SOBBING] They have my daughter, Nahame.
What? - Who has her? - I don't know.
He let me talk to her this morning.
Poor Nahame, she doesn't even know what's happening.
- He let you talk to her? - I don't know who he is.
But he's got to be one of the men you are after.
- You called Nahame in Tokyo? - Yes.
- Where from? - My apartment.
We will be able to find the address in Tokyo by tracing the phone number.
Oh, please, I don't want her to get hurt.
- I don't want her to get hurt.
- Shh.
She won't.
I promise you that, all right? DANCER: He didn't deliver.
The police were waiting for him.
MORRISON: So, what are you gonna do? DANCER: Kill him.
MORRISON: What about Miss Taguchi? DANCER: She had to be the one that tipped off the police.
MORRISON: She's a loose end.
That bothers me.
I told you, you don't have to worry about her.
She knows very little.
Aren't you forgetting something? She knows you.
She knows the face, and after tomorrow that's not gonna be around.
What about McGarrett? Did she talk to him? If McGarrett knew where the guns were, he would've hit the teahouse a long time ago.
I don't know, he's clever.
He may be thinking of something.
I think we'd better find out if she talked to him.
And after that? After that, we have to dispose of her too.
Steve, H.
Is still searching the temple grounds.
- But it looks like he got by them.
- I want H.
To stay with it, Danno.
Those guns are supposed to move out in less than two hours.
Well, there's something else, Steve.
This just came in.
A gun store was hit early this morning.
The owner was badly beaten.
He's on the critical list at Leahi.
I see something else.
Only handguns were stolen.
Yeah, best estimate is about, uh, 30.
Steve, we just got a break.
Owner of Coreo Custom Paint Shop says he knows that purple Triumph.
- It belongs to a Robert Makala.
McGARRETT: Let's go.
We found this automatic under the front seat of the car.
The shotgun was behind the shower curtain in the house.
Any question in your mind that Robert Makala was our shooter? No, but why was he killed? Oh, a precaution, I would say.
He's our only link to the man, or men, who hired him.
Danno, I wanna know everything there is to know about Robert Makala.
Background, jobs, known associates, family, everything.
Get Duke and Chin on it right away.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] Iso, open up.
[GLASS BREAKS] That was dumb.
Now you have a busted door.
- Let's go, we're leaving.
- Where are you taking me? What's your favorite dessert? Iso? Iso? WOMAN [ON PHONE]: Hello, Hawaiian Gold Dairy.
May I help you? I just can't believe it.
Robert seemed such a nice young fellow.
Do you, uh, know anyone who might disagree with you? I don't think Robert had an enemy in the world.
Then let's talk about his friends.
He didn't have too many.
Robert was kind of a loner.
Anyone come to see him recently, or call him? Yeah.
There was a Mr.
Called Robert maybe three or four times in the past week.
- Said he was a friend of Robert's.
- Did you ever see him? Once.
The first time he came here.
I don't think he saw me.
I was in the office when Robert went to meet him.
Do you think you'd recognize him if you saw him again? Yeah, I think so.
Hodges, would you mind coming with us to look at some pictures? Sure.
That's him, all right.
He's the man I saw with Robert.
- You're sure? - Sure am.
Okay, Mr.
Thank you very much.
McGARRETT: What do we got? - Oh, here's his rap sheet.
His name is Benny Dancero, known as The Dancer.
Well, that's the name that Jimmy Alahani gave us.
Armed robbery, extortion, inciting to riot.
You might find his last arrest interesting, Steve.
"San Antonio, Texas.
August 16th, last year.
Indicted for breaking into a National Guard armory and smuggling weapons across the border into Mexico.
" Read further, Steve, the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.
A key witness failed to show up.
I wonder why.
- Do we pick him up? - On what charge, Chin? We can't pick him up simply because he knows Robert Makala.
See if you can locate this character.
Pin a tail on him.
Sometime in the next few hours, he and those guns are gonna make contact, and when they do, - I wanna know about it.
- Right.
Danno, run down his known associates.
DANNY: Wanna know which of them are dirty? They're all dirty, Danno.
Bet on it.
This is where they keep things cold.
Why have you brought me here? Same reason.
Just till the man comes.
He wants to ask you some questions.
ISO: What about? - He'll tell you.
Don't be nervous.
The control's off, for now.
Steve, here's the list of Dancero's known associates.
McGARRETT: Any names stick out? - Yeah, Nick Tanaki, on top.
Uh, two arrests, but nothing heavy.
Presently employed as a cook.
His current address is the Nuuanu Onsen.
Maybe that's why Miss Taguchi took the job there.
Maybe that's where they could be storing the guns.
CHIN HO [ON PHONE]: Steve, Chin.
We checked out Dancero's address.
Now, according to his landlady, he checked out this morning.
If he checked out, it probably means they're ready to move the guns.
- Chin.
- Yes, Steve? I want you and Duke to go over to the Nuuanu Onsen.
I wanna know if anything starts to move out of there.
Anything that looks like it could hold a shipment of guns.
Got it.
- Where's Lt.
Nahashi? - Haven't seen him.
See if you can locate him.
If not, we'll go without him.
I kept my promise.
I didn't tell Kimo anything.
- What about McGarrett? - I never spoke to him.
You know what will happen if you're lying.
Please, I'm telling the truth.
Miss Taguchi, I could easily drop the temperature in this room down to about You'd freeze your, uh, eyelashes off.
ISO: Please, I'm not lying.
I swear it.
You're a long way from home, cop.
Inside with your lady friend.
He must have followed me here.
Be my guest.
Both of you.
Steve, Chin.
Something's going down.
They're loading boxes into a refrigeration truck.
Okay, let them run with the ball, Chin.
But don't let them out of your sight.
Maintain radio contact.
Got it.
Steve, Chin.
Suspect's vehicle rolling.
Marked "Moana Frozen Foods," license number 513-345.
Got it, Chin, but stay loose.
I'll request an H.
[GASPS] I'll go first.
Now, I want you to go to the phone.
Call McGarrett at Five-0 and tell him everything.
Suspect van making right turn on Billingham.
Steve, Chin.
Suspect vehicle pulled in at the Hawaiian Gold Dairy.
Got it, Chin, thank you.
We're not too far away.
On our way.
McGARRETT: Okay, clear that way.
They're in there.
McGARRETT: Hold it! DANNY: Freeze.
You're under arrest.
McGARRETT: Okay, take them.
NAHASHl: Hold it! Call an ambulance.
[SPEAKS IN JAPANESE] [INTERCOM BUZZES] SECRETARY: Your Tokyo call is coming through now, Mr.
Yes, captain.
Could you speak a little louder, please? Hello? Nahame.
Are you all right? [SPEAKS IN JAPANESE] Yes, I'm fine.
Just fine, darling.
Yes, I'm coming home.
Real soon.
Yes, I love you.