Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e23 Episode Script

See How She Runs

You can be reborn right now.
You can have a new name, a new life.
You are Willow.
Who wanted to murder Braswell? I'm afraid the question is, who hates you enough to wanna set your kid up? Willow isn't leaving.
Step aside.
Sunny and me got business.
[GUN COCKS] [MELLOW JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Looks like we just tricked this fine establishment into breaking the law.
Do I really look 21? Only when you're with me.
I can do anything when I'm with you.
I can't believe you happened to me.
You're the best thing that's ever come through my life.
Excuse me.
- You're gonna get us kicked out yet.
- Ha, ha.
[RINGS] - Liana? LIANA: You can bring her over now.
A motel? An old friend of mine's in town.
I told him we'd stop by.
Couldn't he find a nicer place to stay? DANIELS: Shh.
Ha, ha.
Are you sure he's here? Just have a seat.
Four people in one room.
Hot time.
Maybe like go join, huh? You wanna go down there too? [LAUGHING] Leave that shade.
Kill my fun.
You must be Sunny Mandell.
- Yes.
- Hello, Sunny Mandell.
This is Liana.
Oh, let's get rid of this.
I was never one of them weirdos that went in for brunettes.
Todd? [DANIELS CHUCKLES] You haven't seen nothing yet.
Come on.
Maybe you better pick it up, sweet thing.
Pick it up.
That's right.
Now turn around.
Open that door.
Now look inside.
[SUNNY SCREAMS] How about that, huh? Now get out.
You got a moonlight boat-ride coming up.
Only don't plan on coming back.
LIANA: Whoa, doll.
Be careful.
DANNY: Steve.
Got a minute? McGARRETT: Yeah, Danno.
Just about a minute.
What have you got? I've got to be in that courtroom at 12:15.
There was a fatal shooting in a motel.
Came up with a suspect.
Well, how does that concern us? You know who Babe Mandell is? Sure, he's one of the best cops in L.
What about him? It's not him.
The prints on the murder weapon were those of Babe Mandell's Wait a minute.
How can you trace the prints of a 17-year-old girl without a prior arrest? She left her purse.
We compared the prints with her driver's license.
She left her purse at the murder scene? Boy, that's convenient.
I've gotta go, Danno.
I want all the details as soon as I get back.
MAN [ON RADIO]: A cache of 20 sticks of dynamite and 15 blasting caps were discovered.
A former tenant of the apartment building, the last one to use the storage area, is being held by police.
Also in the news, Sunny Mandell, daughter of a prominent member of the Los Angeles police force, is being sought by Honolulu police in connection with a motel room slaying.
Forty-nine-year-old Clifford Braswell was found shot to death early this morning in the Sunset Motel.
Fingerprints on the murder weapon were identified as those of Miss Mandell, l7.
Police Captain Babe Mandell is reportedly en route to Honolulu and had no comment to make on the killing.
[HAIR DRYER HUMMING] LIANA: Go easy on the place.
I want my deposit back.
I can't find her.
I can't find her.
She could've hitched, she could be anywhere on this island.
Did you watch the news? - What? - I told you to watch the news.
Well, I did.
The cops don't have her.
Her old man just arrived.
Mandell is here? - What? - Turn that thing off.
[HAIR DRYER STOPS] I could go back to the joint.
If they get to her before I do, she could send me back.
- You're gonna find her.
- Yeah? Where? LIANA: Well, where would she be? She's a kid.
She's scared out of her wits.
So where would she hide? Someplace where she'd blend in.
Lots of young faces.
Dark corners.
That's where she'd hide.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Hey, bartender, come here.
Have you seen this chick around here? My kid sister.
She ran away.
Have you seen her anywhere around here? CLOUD: Hey.
Cop's up the way making his wake-up rounds.
He's really heavy into hassling people.
Better rise and shine.
Oh, thanks.
CLOUD: Hey, you want something to eat? Yeah, well, I don't have any money.
So who does? MAN: And they think the whole world is built on yesterday, with their Freud and their Marx His name's Osiris.
You ought to listen.
OSIRIS: - And their scars of experience and their sins of the father.
There's a whole new life in tomorrow.
Life doesn't have to be made of days that are gone.
It can be made of days to come.
You see, process is what life is.
Continual rebirth.
Continually aligning yourself with the future, with what you want to be, not with what you've been.
With the past, there is only death.
You can be dying every moment or you can be born every moment.
There are the dying and there are the Reborn.
The Reborn have no past, no yesterdays.
Just a lifetime of tomorrows and whatever we want those tomorrows to be.
Do you wanna ask him something? - No.
- He has good answers.
I liked what you said.
Uh, but it couldn't be that way.
- Not for everybody.
- Why not? I'm Sunny Mandell.
You probably heard my name on the news.
You're someone who's been tossed about.
I can tell that from your eyes, not your name.
You've had to bend in the wind.
Many times.
But you haven't broken, have you? And you won't break, will you? - But - Yesterday is for throwing away.
You can be reborn right now.
I can tell you want to be.
You can have a new name, a new life.
You are Willow.
- Starting right now.
- Willow? Welcome to tomorrow.
You're saying that it looks like a simple pick up then, eh, Chin? Okay, good, thank you.
Thank you.
Keep up the good work.
Braswell was a CPA on vacation here.
He was seen leaving a bar the night he was murdered with a girl with long, dark hair.
- Sunny Mandell? - Well That's what the prints on the murder weapon suggest.
Judging from the time Braswell registered, it looks like he went directly from the bar to the motel, where he took a bullet.
There may be a lot more to it, Steve.
There's somebody outside I'd like you to meet.
McGARRETT: Let's go.
And Mrs.
Maiki, this is Steve McGarrett.
Maiki came in because he doesn't believe everything he reads in newspapers.
There were four people in that room that day.
Not two, you know.
These guys that write about this stuff, they don't know nothing.
What did you see? I watch motel room, you know, with binoculars.
Well, I figure if I can see, I'm gonna watch, huh? And I see first a man and a woman go in the room.
Then another man and then another woman.
This take about one hour, you know.
Four people in one room.
I thought there was gonna be a swap meet, you know.
What did they look like? MAIKl: I couldn't see their faces, you know.
The angle was bad.
But I had good view of the room until somebody pulled the shade.
- Did you see them leave? - Yeah.
I see first the woman.
She's running out wiki-wiki, you know.
And then the man and then the woman.
But funny thing, I never see that other man come out.
You're sure it was the same room where the murder took place? You betcha.
- Same day? - You betcha.
Maiki, the shot was muffled by a pillow, but did you hear any sound at all that could've been a gunshot? Nope.
What about the cars the people came or left in? I couldn't see the cars.
But you're sure two of the people were men and two were women? I sure.
If you couldn't see them, how could you be sure? I know the difference between a man and a wahine.
I watch that motel room day and night.
You know, this is like one hobby for me.
It's a great hobby.
Maiki, Mr.
Maiki, thank you very much.
You may have been a great help to us.
If we have any more questions, we'll call you.
See, honey, you always complaining.
But you see, these cops, they thank me for what I do.
- It takes all kinds, doesn't it? - It sure does.
Danno, tell Che Fong to get his fine-tooth comb out.
Two more sets of identifiable prints from that room could mean a whole new ball game.
CLOUD: Got any more or is that it? There's one behind the door.
CLOUD: Capitalists.
That's Mariah, Rainbow and Phoenix.
They're off to make our living.
They sell things? Mm.
Every day, out on Diamond Head Road.
That's Rhyme and Cassiopeia.
SUNNY: How long have they been here? They're here today.
OSIRIS: This is Aquarius.
SUNNY: Hello.
And Cloud you know.
The names are so pretty.
KARMA: That's because he named us all.
And Karma.
He only names those he's sure will stay.
The others you see around come and go because they can't decide between yesterday and tomorrow.
What's your name? I'm Willow.
And I'd like to stay.
Yeah, Danno? H.
Couldn't find any prints on the knob of the main door.
There were plenty of latent prints all over the place but none on the main door itself.
- None at all? - No.
Like it was wiped clean.
What I can't figure out is if Sunny was trying to get rid of her prints, why didn't she bother with obvious places? Yeah, and why did she leave the gun and her purse? So if what that Peeping Tom told us is true, we've got four people in that motel room.
Danno, could it be that someone wanted to murder Braswell and needed a patsy to take the rap? Or Or Was it that someone wanted to frame the girl and needed a victim? [KNOCKS] Hey, McGarrett.
Come on in.
Come on in.
Five years.
Five damn years.
McGARRETT: Too long, Babe.
Too long.
Hey, uh, how about a belt? Never use it.
You know that.
You know, you still look like a guy who gets about 45 minutes of sleep a night.
Yeah? And you still resemble the classic Lombroso criminal type.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Good to see you, Babe.
What have you got for me? About Sunny.
Not yet.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Hotel 4- 1 I didn't think so.
MAN: Suspect at west side of house.
BABE: You sure you got everything covered? Yeah.
Babe, I want you to stay on the sidelines.
Is that understood? It's your rock.
It's your show.
Just make sure that you find her.
- Why did Sunny leave home? - Some guy.
She met some guy, thought she was in love.
Seventeen years old.
Can you imagine that? What was the guy's name? She never brought him home.
She knew I didn't approve.
And then one day, she was gone.
Wasn't she happy at home? Heh.
Nobody's happy at home.
Not my home.
Marianne, that's my wife.
You see her here? No, she wouldn't come.
Her husband's been a cop for 25 years.
I guess I don't come on like much else.
But what has my being a lousy father got to do with what happened in that motel room? Did your kid have any enemies? What the hell kind of a question is that? No.
But you do? Of course I do.
I got more two-bit punks and 5-dollar hoods dreaming about laying me out than there are people on this island.
There's a possibility that there were other people in that motel room with Sunny.
That she was framed for the murder of Clifford Braswell.
- My daughter was set up? - Could be.
Who? Who wanted to murder Braswell? I'm afraid the question is, who hates you enough to wanna set your kid up? Oh, God.
Makes sense.
They go through my daughter to get back to me.
Somebody sets her up, gets his jollies out of knowing all the grief I'll take and then he kills her.
Well, yeah, it could work.
There is something you can do, Babe.
It's a little late for that, isn't it? If it was a frame, if somebody hated you so much that he'd resort to that, there is something you can do to help us pin him down.
Maybe there is.
Listen, uh, could you rent me a desk, a telephone? Maybe three lines to the West Coast? Just for starters.
You got it.
We'll even pay the phone bill.
Good to see you.
It's good seeing you, McGarrett.
TOURIST: You got this in blue? Maybe we'd like it for our blue dining room.
[MAN LAUGHS] Hey, lady.
Heads up.
Come on, Phoenix.
TOURIST: We'll call the police, get an ambulance.
No, that's okay.
But sure, it's no problem.
- No.
Let's get her home.
TOURIST: But you can't move her.
Look out that gash.
She needs a doctor.
No doctors.
Why don't we call the police? Those kids ought to be punished.
That's okay, man.
TOURIST: No, it's not okay.
I named you Phoenix for a reason.
You know how to rise, how to come up from the blackness and go on.
Start over.
You'll rise again this time.
That's the van.
[CHANTING RISES] COP: Understand there's a problem here.
Some kind of assault on Diamond Head Road.
We have no problems in this house.
Didn't she get hit in the head with a beer bottle? Doesn't matter.
This is now, not 30 minutes ago.
She's here.
And she's smiling.
COP: You don't wanna make a complaint? And you don't need an ambulance? BABE: I never said it was gonna be a piece of cake.
Yes, I want the names of all the guys who were arrested or paroled within the last year.
Oh, what am I doing, speaking English or what? You're damn right you'll call me back.
Yeah, in about one minute.
- Steve.
McGARRETT: Yeah? I just got the word from H.
That a girl answering Sunny Mandell's description was seen by a cop at some kind of hippie joint in Manoa.
You and Chin check it, just in case.
I'll get you a warrant.
- Keep me posted.
- Right.
Malia? Get me John Manicote.
How's it going, Babe? BABE: Oh, you tell me.
- Forty-one names and counting.
MALIA: McGarrett for John Manicote.
- We may have a line on your kid.
MALIA: Thank you.
One moment.
- Mr.
McGarrett, John Manicote, line 2.
- I'll keep you posted.
McGARRETT: John, I'll need a warrant.
Well, so far it's been described as a hippie joint in Manoa.
I'll get you an exact address and a description of the house.
Dan Williams will pick it up in about ten minutes.
Thank you.
DANNY: Chin, you and Rowan check the outside.
Chuck? DANNY: Williams, Five-0.
We're looking for a Sarah Mandell.
We've got a warrant to search this house.
[LIGHT SWITCH CLICKING] Sorry, no electricity.
Cheaper that way.
There are no drugs here.
We're not looking for drugs.
We're looking for a 17-year-old girl named Sarah Mandell.
She's a suspect in a murder.
If you're hiding her here, you could all be subject to criminal charges.
There's no one here by that name.
Check upstairs.
Could be under the house.
Looks like it hasn't been opened for years.
I don't know.
I could've sworn she was here.
Well, she doesn't seem to be here now.
Let's go.
Bye now.
[GRUNTS] Oh, it was like being buried.
And being born again.
They're gone, Willow.
They're all gone.
MAN [ON TV]: Today's weather report for the greater Honolulu area.
- There'll be mostly clear skies - Page three.
Leave that on.
There may be a special bulletin.
"Sunny Mandell sought by police as suspect.
Five-0 reported as making progress.
Girl's whereabouts still unknown.
Circumstances surrounding motel murder being given a second look.
" Liana, come on.
- Where are you going? - I'm going down to the pool.
Oh, no, you're not.
We got a teeny-bopper to find before she opens her not-so-teeny mouth.
You find her.
I'm sick of this.
For two months, I turn you over to that little jerk and even with her gone, you're still ignoring me.
I'm tired of it.
Then you better rest up, seeing what you did to that man in the motel room.
That was part of your plan.
Yeah, but you pulled the trigger, remember? Where I go, you go.
You're in this thing right up to your gold-filled earrings.
You're not weeping, are you, Willow? Thinking.
Can you say what you're thinking? Mostly about how much I wanna stay.
Then stay.
I can't forget how I got here.
That's past.
Drop it behind you and start again.
[SIGHS] I got a father who's a cop and a boyfriend who framed me for murder.
My picture's probably up in the post office by now.
There's too much to leave behind.
I can't be reborn like the others here.
Something can't be true for some people and not for others.
You can be.
I'm sorry.
I have trouble believing it.
It's not a matter of believing.
It's a matter of accepting.
I've accepted things before that I shouldn't have.
Uh, I'm sorry.
What's wrong? That's not what I want.
What you want is a father.
And a father doesn't put his arms around little girls that way.
They don't put their arms around them at all.
You see? How can I leave behind what's happened inside? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Bartender.
Bartender, have you seen her? Not her, but I've seen her picture.
Weren't you here asking before? Yeah, a couple of nights ago.
That wasn't me.
I said that wasn't me.
Must have been some other cop then.
It's not possible.
Whatever you say.
But somebody was flashing her picture.
Are you sure it was her? I'm sure.
OSIRIS: Think of the past as secure.
It's an anchor.
Good or bad, sunk in water that is clear or muddy.
Now some of you think that's all you've got.
And it is, until you turn around and face the future.
Now, you don't walk backwards.
Why should you live backwards? Today isn't just the beginning of the rest of your life.
Now is.
MAN: Hey.
This guy I'm meeting down the beach has got some incredible cocaine.
I mean, what do you say we, uh Uh, no, thanks.
Listen, this stuff is really smooth.
I mean, it'll mellow you all the way down to your toes.
Look, I'm not interested.
Hey, wait a minute.
Listen, you ever been swimming when you're stoned? I mean really, really loaded? So the water just kind of rushes up on your body like needles? You know where that's at? Come on, why don't you You know.
Come on.
You're gonna thank me.
- No.
- Believe me, listen, you It suddenly appears that we're not the only ones looking for Sunny Mandell, huh, Duke? DUKE: The owner of a discotheque in Waikiki says somebody besides us has been by showing a picture of her and asking questions.
Could be the guy who framed her.
Are we assuming the guy who framed her is the guy she left L.
With? Well, has to be.
Getting Sunny in the motel room at just the right time took a lot of planning.
And that tells us something.
He must be fairly young to have attracted Sunny in the first place.
Is Mandell taking that into consideration with his list? He sure is.
He figures he's young too.
He's going over his arrest records for the past five years.
You know, something tells me the list he comes up with is gonna be long enough to wallpaper a room with.
Knowing Mandell's reputation, I'd say three rooms.
We can guess all we want, gentlemen, but let's not forget one thing.
The person or persons who had Clifford Braswell killed did it in cold blood, as if he were a minor detail.
Now, whether Babe Mandell was after this person before or not, one thing is certain: I want him now.
Have you seen this girl? No.
No, sir.
Have you seen her? Hey, man, you hang around here a lot? Yeah, this is supposed to be where it's happening.
This is the biggie.
You, uh, seen this chick around here? It's my kid sister.
She ran away.
- Yeah, I've seen her.
- Where? Where was she? You got, uh, a finder's fee or something for her? Yeah, maybe I have.
You know, I don't know where you're coming from, man, but that's not your kid sister.
DANIELS: Yeah? Well, maybe she's not the one you saw either.
MAN: Yeah, that's her.
It's her.
She looks different now, though.
Her hair's long and, uh, she's wearing some kind of a white sheet.
She looks like a ghost.
Where was she? Where's the finder's fee? I'll give you 20 bucks.
I was thinking about 50, $50.
No personal checks.
Where was she? She was hanging right down the beach.
A bunch of religious freaks called the Reborn or something like that.
She dressed like she was part of the group too.
But they're from right around here.
Everybody knows where they are, you know.
Just ask anybody, you know, where they live.
- The Reborn.
- Yeah, that's it.
Hey, you and the kid sister really made my night.
Sixty-four names.
Murderers, burglars, pushers, rapists.
All the people who hate my guts because I made them pay their dues.
You know anyone else that could come up with a list of enemies that long? Yeah.
- Me.
- Ha, ha.
I take it you're going after the ones underlined first, huh? Oh, yeah, the cream of the crop.
The guys that made the most noise on their way to the joint.
I got my sergeants working on those.
What about these over here? Their whereabouts are being traced too.
I got five off-duty detectives working on that around the clock.
You know, McGarrett, did it ever occur to you that this guy we're looking for I may never have busted at all? I mean, all this may just add up to zip.
You know, people say I don't have any friends.
Well, where else can you get dog-tired men to work late, get up in the morning and do your legwork for you? [SIGHS] No, I got friends back there.
I got real good friends back there.
Sure, Babe.
One hour.
Exactly one hour.
Meet back here.
You remember what we gotta find out? Yeah, where a bunch of freaks called the Reborn live.
DANIELS: You think I can trust you to go off by yourself and still come back here? Of course.
You better come back, sweet thing.
Don't threaten me.
I may get sick and tired, but I don't scare.
So don't threaten me.
There's no need.
Babe, what about this Robertson? "Seven years for murder one, paroled four months ago, whereabouts unknown?" No, he shouldn't even be on the list.
I just remembered what he looked like.
He's got a face that would make a freight train take a dirt road.
That's not exactly my daughter's type.
- What about Alvin Garner? - Same.
He's only about this high.
Tried to bite my leg when I busted him.
Gordon Sanders.
"Three years, grand theft auto.
" Another one here, um, "Todd Daniels, four years on a narcotics charge.
" Sanders, he's back in the slammer.
And, well, Daniels.
Oh, boy, there's a There's a smart one.
Very big with the ladies.
Sweet talks them into popping pills or shooting junk.
First thing you know, they're doing anything for him just to, uh, take care of their habit.
I mean, everything, from turning tricks to peddling.
Last time I heard about him, he was, uh, living with some woman.
Only this one was a straight.
Think about what you just said.
BABE: What? McGARRETT: Whoever pulled this off had a female accomplice, right? Yeah, that's right.
The victim, what's his name? - Braswell.
- Braswell.
Was seen in a bar with a woman.
Now, she could easily have lured him there.
In fact, she probably killed him.
Who would make a more dedicated partner than a lover? Like Daniels.
What the hell kept you? Come on.
You didn't find out anything? Come on.
We'll look further up the beach.
They live in a rented house in Manoa.
They have a painted van parked in front most of the time.
You can't miss it.
I'll drop you at the apartment.
Let's go.
First we hit the Salvation Army.
The macho look doesn't quite cut it with the grass-and-pill generation.
You'd stand out like a Christmas tree.
You know, I think I'll keep you.
Hey, Steve, it just came through.
Daniels was living with some woman in Bakersfield by the name of Liana Meyers.
Only thing is, she sub-leased her apartment about three weeks ago and left town.
McGARRETT: Uh-huh.
I suppose it would be too much to hope that she left a forwarding address.
Well, I'm waiting on a phone call but I got a feeling she's gonna show up right here in Hawaii.
Steve, this came in over the Telecopier.
Todd Michael Daniels.
He could turn the head of a 17-year-old.
Babe? Yeah.
Yeah, that's him.
Okay, Danno.
Make sure H.
Gets copies.
Tell them we're about a phone call away from an APB.
Anything about Daniels' arrest that would make him come after you this hard? Nah, he was the same as anyone else.
He broke the law, I did my job and he blamed me for his problem.
- That's it? - Yeah.
Well, he had his, uh, brother.
His younger brother was in the house when we made the bust.
The kid ran, one of my men thought he had a gun, shot, killed him.
I see.
Was, uh, your man prosecuted? Hell, no.
He was a damned good detective.
I wasn't gonna watch him get canned.
I supported him all the way.
He shouldn't have had his brother in the house with heroin.
That was stupid.
He had to blame someone.
Guess who got elected.
Big daddy cop.
MAN: But you're just copping out.
What you're trying to do is deny the fact that what you or I or anyone else has done in the past has any significance.
OSIRIS: That's correct.
MAN: But that's not correct.
What you're saying is that I can go out, do anything I want to somebody and ten minutes later, forget about it.
OSIRIS: That's correct.
MAN: But that's wrong.
Who's responsible for what we do then? You're telling people to abdicate responsibility for their actions.
I'm telling people not to be tied to the past.
I think of responsibility in terms of the future, not the past.
MAN: You can't have one without the other.
OSIRIS: Life without the past is freedom.
MAN: Freedom without the past is utter chaos.
Babe just got a forwarding address for Liana Myers.
Guess what.
She's been living in Honolulu for the last two weeks.
Good, Danno.
Pick her up.
I'll get you a warrant.
Malia? Get me John Manicote, please.
[DOOR SLAMS] You didn't think I'd find you here, did you? Well, I did.
- And now we're gonna leave.
- Oh, no.
We're gonna start right where we left off.
No, please.
I won't tell anybody.
Open up.
Danny, that's her.
Hold it.
Williams, Five-0.
We're looking for Todd Daniels.
- Well, why do you want him? - Suspicion of murder.
We want you too.
You're under arrest for the murder of Clifford Braswell.
I just wanna stay here.
Finally found your type of family, didn't you? Where Daddy talks about peace and love instead of how many heads he's busted.
You're just as stupid as you ever were.
[SUNNY GASPS] Willow isn't leaving.
Step aside.
Sunny and me got business.
Look, I don't know what it is you're into, but whatever it is, I'm sure you'd much rather do it alive.
So move.
Come on, you bunch of weirdos.
Come here, Willow.
[GUNSHOT] [WOMAN SCREAMS] See? You see? I told you.
Now stay back.
[YELLS] [GRUNTS] I'm hurt.
Help me.
My back.
I'm hurt.
Call an ambulance.
No ambulance.
Not for someone at the house of the Reborn.
We heal ourselves.
[REBORN CHANTING] Get the back.
Babe, you stay here.
My daughter's in there.
You heard me.
Stay here.
McGARRETT: What the hell is that? DANIELS: My back.
Get me out of here.
- Danno, call an ambulance.
DANIELS: Get me out of here.
The girl The girl you're looking for is upstairs.
Okay, Babe.
You can go in.
Don't touch him.
Take it easy, Babe.
She needs a father now, not a cop.
Baby, baby.
No, you never did that before.
I know that.
Don't you think I know that? You're just doing it now because you're supposed to.
You're always doing things just because you're supposed to.
When somebody breaks the rules.
Or when somebody's dead.
Come here, Babe.
Time, Babe.
And you're gonna have to give it.
I'm gonna take her downtown for a statement.
For God's sake, McGarrett.
Do you always have to act like a cop? Coming from you, Babe, that's pretty funny.