Hawaii Five-O (1968) s11e08 Episode Script

The Pagoda Factor

What this Victor Fong apparently has in mind is put together a Chinese organization not unlike the Cosa Nostra What I'm here to do, is to bring the Kowloons together on this island to organize the chapter.
And you gonna have power.
Do wanna get it on or make your move? In a few days, you're not gonna have a move to make.
My friend here tells me that the Toy Lis are planning to eliminate the new man in town.
- Where and when? MAN: Outside the Imperial-- [DOOR THUDS] [INMATES CHATTERING] [THUD] [ALARM RINGING] I made it.
Come on let's go.
[KNOCKING] JOEY: This is beautiful, man.
McGarrett, you got exquisite taste.
Sit down.
He don't like me.
Should he? - No problems, Steve? - No.
No problems, so far.
It worked, Danno.
All right, Joey, pay attention.
Heh, sure.
Anything you say.
Sit up.
[SIGHS] Now, we let you out of prison to do a job, if you do that job, I'll do everything I can to get you a break.
- You understand that? - Yeah.
But it ain't just that.
I got my own reason.
Yeah, I know you have.
Just so long as we understand each other.
Now, since we talked, I've gotten some additional information, from San Francisco.
The man we're after is a Kowloon named Victor Fong.
- Do you know him? - Heh, know him? Heh.
He's the big daddy of the Kowloon's, the top dragon of the entire organization.
If Fong's coming to town, this place is gonna jump.
Yeah, well that's what we don't want to happen.
We hear talk of a, uh, Chinese Mafia, of, uh, gang warfare with the Toy Li, moving from petty crimes into heavier stuff.
You've been a Kowloon for how long, Joey? All my life.
Now, what we need from you is everything you can find out about Victor Fong, and what he's got in mind.
If possible, we're gonna stop him here.
We can't have Chinatown exploding, in Honolulu or anywhere else.
- That's it? - That's it, for now.
You join your gang, and you keep in touch with us.
Here you go.
You, uh, cross us, Joey, you'll be up for a lot more than car stealing next time.
Oh, yeah? For what? Aiding and abetting a cop, heh? See you.
MAN: Yeah? Who's there? - It's Joey.
Well, come on, man, let me in.
LUM: I don't believe it! Joey! JOEY: Yeah, well, let's not announce my presence to the world, you know? - Dave, Julie, Tripper, come here.
- Joey.
- Hey, Dave, how're you doing? - Joey, how're you? Hi.
JULIE: Joey.
- Hey, Julie, what's happening? Are you okay? You're not hurt or anything? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just fine.
LUM: Hey, uh, I got some booze in the other room.
- Let's celebrate.
- Yeah.
Let's celebrate.
I just don't believe it.
Who else knew about it? The warden.
Key guards.
The point is that it worked, Governor.
It worked.
The head of Five-O helps a felon escape from prison and then tells me it worked.
Why didn't you tell me before? You were campaigning on Maui, sir.
I was speaking on Maui.
All right, ugh.
Tell me about it.
Well, Joey Lee is a Kowloon.
They're the most powerful gang in Chinatown.
He went to prison six months ago.
He was in a medium-security detention, when he got word that his younger brother had been killed in a street-gang fight.
Apparently, they were very close to each other.
About the same time, we heard from the San Francisco Police that a character named Victor Fong was coming here to organize the Kowloons.
Isn't that an HPD problem? Well, not quite, sir.
What this Victor Fong apparently has in mind is to put together a Chinese organization not unlike the Cosa Nostra in other major American cities.
- I see.
- He's already begun in San Francisco and L.
Chinatowns all over the country are ripe for it.
There's an emerging sense of, uh, ethnic pride among the young Chinese.
And, with new attitudes, new dangers.
Yes, sir, exactly.
But with Joey supplying us with information, we hope to curtail our problems here, nail Victor Fong, and stop him from spreading this organization on a national level.
What makes you think Pal Joey isn't going to be part of the problem? Perhaps, grief over his brother's death.
A genuine desire to stop gang warfare in Chinatown.
And, of course, there's always a possibility of a pardon.
- Oh, you promised him that? - No, sir.
I promised him nothing.
I told him that you would consider it, if he helped us wipe out these street gangs, and, if he helped us nail Victor Fong.
But Steve, mark me, if it goes sour, Five-O is going to have one awfully big black eye.
I know.
But to nail Victor Fong, I think it's worth the risk, sir.
All right.
He comes in on the 22nd, and then we boogie.
Things ain't gonna be the same again, Joey.
The Kowloons are gonna walk tall again.
- We are gonna be on top, man.
- We're gonna be number one.
Number one.
[ALL LAUGH] Okay, now, let's stay cool, all right? Now, Fong comes, we muscle the Lis, turn the place upside down and fly to the moon.
All right, Joey.
But, first off, uh, Joey has got a little problem.
You need something, just name it.
I need some clothes, a place to crash, some shades.
In other words, I need a disguise.
Hey, you crash here, man.
It's set.
We get some bread, you got the clothes, what else? Nada, as we sayin Chinese.
Hey, uh, let's get some night air.
Maybe go someplace, - while Joey here, uh, rests.
- Ahem, all right.
TRIPPER: See you later, man.
See you later.
It's good to see you again, Joey.
Yeah, it's good to see you too.
I am sorry about what happened to your kid brother.
Hey, it wasn't my fault, you know that.
Yeah, well, you were there when it happened.
Hey, what could I do? Dave was running the game.
Yeah, well, look, uh, I'm not blaming anybody, all right? I don't really feel like talking right now.
I need some sleep.
Whatever you say.
Okay, it's set.
He'll be here Friday.
That's the day after tomorrow.
Far out.
Okay, okay, stay cool.
- Did you get him the room? - The best.
Did you get the word around to everybody? It's already all over the streets, man.
Nobody's talking about anything else.
All you hear is Fong is coming and the Kowloons are walking tall.
Okay, ha, ha.
Old man! What's this? I said what's this? The check for your food.
Very funny.
A real scream, old man, you hear me? Come here.
Well, you heard the man.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, well, uh, we got better things to do.
- Let's get out of here.
DAVE: That's true.
[LAUGHS] This is Kowloon territory.
We hear talk about a big man coming to town, a number one Kowloon dragon.
You hear right, little man.
Oh, yeah, well then let me tell you this, coolie, and I speak for all the Toy Lis.
What, all eight? You know, we've been getting along, up to now.
You do your thing, we do ours.
But now you're bringing in trouble.
And I'm here to tell you, punk, we've got enough thunder to poke holes in all of you.
- Dig? - Yeah, well, uh, your jazzing at the mouth doesn't mean a thing.
You wanna get it on then make your move.
Because, in a few days, you're not gonna have a move to make.
[ALL GRUNTING] [HORN HONKING] [TIRES SCREECH] What's going on here, huh? You.
Come here.
Come here! - Were those Toy Lis? - Toy what? Toy what.
What are you, a wise guy or something? Don't give me-- OFFICER: You need help, Sarge? No.
it's okay.
it's a piece of cake.
What were the Toy Lis doing in Kowloon territory? - Visiting, man.
- Now, don't jive me.
You Don't I know you? No.
I just came over from L.
RILEY: You did, huh? - Yeah.
You better stay out of trouble or you'll be going back to L.
- Now, you understand that? - Yeah, sure.
Now, the rest of you, the next time you start something like this, I'm gonna break some heads.
Now get out of here, all of you.
Joey Lee.
Come back here! Joey Lee! RILEY: Tsk.
[SIGHS] Man, don't do that.
A call every three days, remember, Joey? JOEY: Yeah, sure.
But I been getting back with the guys, you know what I mean? What's going on? In the first place, I got a tiger on my tail.
Tiger? What do you mean, tiger? Yeah, well, his name's Riley.
He's been a Chinatown cop since I was a kid.
He recognized me today.
I swear, this guy's not gonna give up until he's nailed me.
I'll get into that.
Now, what about Victor Fong? All right, he's coming in on Friday.
We're putting him up at the llikai.
Oh, at the llikai.
Well, aren't we grand.
Where do the Kowloons get that kind of money? The merchants.
Uh, they, well, you know, uh, donate.
Oh, they donate, do they? Yeah.
I see.
- Okay, go on.
- Well, that's it.
He comes in Friday and we start getting things together.
You know, what's funny, is everybody's been getting high about this thing.
Guys who haven't been with us for three or four years, are suddenly Kowloons again.
They expect this cat Fong, to raise the flag, and lead us off to war, or something like that.
Then you've got your work cut out for you.
Haven't you, Joey? I want it all.
All of it.
Remember, call every three days.
Got it? JOEY: Got it.
DAVE: Tripper knows where to bring him? LUM: I told him three times.
DAVE: Okay, now remember, when you meet him, hold it down.
He wants to keep a low profile.
Yeah, well, uh, you sure you know what the dude looks like? Yeah, I'm sure.
And from now on, he ain't no dude.
You understand? Fine.
Things are gonna be different.
And, while he's here, you're gonna be Fong's lady.
It's Joey's idea.
But I didn't bargain for this.
Hey, there he is.
JOEY: how are you doing? Joey Lee.
LUM: Howard Lum.
FONG: how are you? LUM: This is Julie.
FONG: how are you? LEADER: We've got no choice.
They've got the numbers, and with Fong in town well, it ain't gonna be too long before this is a Kowloon town.
Ain't no way we can let that happen.
- Maybe a warning-- - No, no, no.
A warning's not good enough, any more.
We waste him.
- Any objections? MEN: No.
[ALL CHEERING] RILEY: When's this gonna happen? MAN: Wednesday.
RILEY: You're sure? MAN: Yeah.
RILEY: Who told you all this? MAN: I can't tell you.
RILEY: Come on, who told you? MAN: I can't tell you.
RILEY: But, it's the Toy Lis? And it's gonna be Wednesday? Come here, he wants you.
He's a cop.
He's Five-O.
- How'd he know.
- He's supposed to know.
- Sergeant Riley.
- Mr.
I've known you for a least ten years.
You never change.
- How do you do it? - Ginseng.
Rhinoceros horn.
What brings Five-O over to the seamier side of town? I don't have to tell you that, sergeant.
My friend here tells me that the Toy Lis are planning to eliminate the new man in town.
- Victor Fong? - Him.
Where and when? Where and when? Tell him.
Tell the man.
Outside the Imperial Gardens.
They go there for dinner all the time.
We shoot from across the street.
How many members of your gang are gonna participate in this shooting? Three.
Maybe four.
Got anything else to tell him? Okay, beat it.
But keep your eyes and ears open.
That's dirty money.
Well, that's dirty information.
Now, what's going on, McGarrett? What brings Five-O in on a local hit? If my information is correct, it isn't local.
- And that's all you're gonna say, huh? - For now.
Trust me, Sergeant.
- Trust me.
- Do I have a choice? I got someone planted real close to him.
Unless I miss my guess, I'll know every time he turns over in bed.
Well, I want you to be close.
I want you to be the number one man.
Now, listen, Joey, listen.
Then when the shooting starts, then what? Listen, McGarrett, I don't look good when I bleed.
Well, do as I tell you, and nobody will bleed.
All right! Everybody, stay right there! Take the money.
Take all.
We tell no one.
No more.
We'll do as you say.
Okay, tie them up.
Gag them.
We wait.
DUKE [OVER DISPATCHER]: Lukela to McGarrett.
Go ahead, Duke.
They're in there, Steve.
McGARRETT: Right, when you see our signal, follow.
Weapons down.
Hands on your head.
Now, the man means what he says, and you know damned well that I do.
it's cool.
it's cool.
Danno, those people downstairs all right? They all had a beating.
Duke's taking care of them.
Beaten by these fierce warriors with guns, huh? RILEY: You know, we got us all, we got us the Toy Li dragons here.
All prime stuff.
And Mr.
If you'd be so kind, sergeant, take them down and book them.
Assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit murder.
- You want me to book them? - Please, if you don't mind.
And take them down quietly.
Tell Duke to bring up our automatic weapons.
You know, McGarrett, I would like to know what's going on around here.
You will, sergeant.
You will.
We're at a sensitive stage.
All right, move it.
Move it.
Come on.
What now? Now we just, uh, hang in here and wait, Danno.
Here you are.
[GUN COCKS] Fire when I do.
Aim high, Danno.
[GUNFIRE] What's he doing? McGARRETT: Just stay low.
Stay low.
We scored.
WOMAN [ON TV]: On this spot earlier today police have arrested three alleged members of a youth gang calling itself the Toy Lis.
Charges of assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit murder have been lodged against the three.
Residents of the area maintain that You did it, man.
- You really did it.
Huh? - Ha, ha.
FONG: Look at this dragon, here.
He not only saved my life, but he put the top Toy Lis in the Slammer.
Without them, they're nothing.
They're schoolboys.
Pour the man a drink.
Hmm, okay, so let me tell you what happened.
- So, I'll tell you, I spotted the Toy Lis-- - All right, now listen up.
With the Toy Lis out of the way, we can quicken things up.
There's no need for a gang war.
It's messy and it upsets the heat.
What I'm here to do is to bring the Kowloons together on this island, to organize the chapter.
The same thing is going on in L.
and in Frisco.
From here, I go to New York and Boston and some other cities.
We'll get into that.
No more petty shakedowns once we get this thing going.
This is gonna spread throughout the whole United States.
We are gonna get into things that you never even dreamed about.
In six months, you'll all be rich people.
And you're gonna have power.
So drink up.
The Kowloons are number one again.
- Number one.
FONG: All right.
That's it, ha, ha.
[CHATTERING] Joey, come here.
You know, kid, you kind of remind me of myself ten, 12 years ago.
Listen, when this thing gets going here, I'm gonna have to split.
But when I'm gone, you're gonna be top dragon.
Yeah, but, uh, what about Dave? He ain't got the stuff.
You have.
Listen, we'll talk more about it later.
Okay? Right now, I gotta make some calls to California.
Okay, man.
[CHUCKLES] [CHATTERING] A murder attempt, beatings, pillaging, more criminal activity than we've had in Chinatown since--.
Well, I can't remember when.
Steve, what, what's going on with the kids down there? My guess is that the Kowloons are feeling their new muscle.
When do we move in? Have you talked to your pal Joey about it? You have been in touch with him? No, sir.
I've got to be honest with you.
It's been over a week since Joey called.
- We haven't been able to spot him.
- Haven't been able to--? No, sir.
But it may be, that he hasn't had an opportunity to call us, or, maybe-- Or maybe that he's finding gang life to his liking.
I doubt it.
I'm afraid H.
D's gonna have to pick him up, Steve.
Unless he's halfway to Hong Kong by now.
Governor, picking him up is easy.
But then we've lost our only pipeline into what might be a potentially dangerous and far-reaching situation.
No, if we pick him up, we may be missing our only chance to stop a Chinese Mafia from getting started here.
It isn't Joey we want.
it's the big one.
Victor Fong.
All right, Steve.
- But don't let this get out of hand.
- Yes, sir.
[PHONE RINGS] - McGarrett.
- Steve, Dan.
Any luck? We know he's been around.
Riley's look-see people tell us that.
Nobody else will give us word one.
Let's call it a night.
Uh [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Oh, somebody's knocking.
Hold it, Danno.
Hold it.
Just a minute.
I'll pick you up about 6 a.
We'll have coffee together.
Who is it? Who's there? MAN: Chong-Foo here, missee pick up laundry, washee-wash, two bits, give tickee Very funny.
- Did I fool you? - Fool me.
You make a lousy Chinese, I'll tell you that.
And, by the way, what are you doing here? Fong's people are liable to spot you.
Are you kidding? They wouldn't be caught dead near this place.
The best spot in town to hide.
We've been looking all over for you, Joey.
Hey, I told you not to worry, didn't I? We got ordered to show the flag.
A little muscle here, a little muscle there.
I couldn't get away.
How did it go after the shootout? Heh, are you kidding? I'm a hero.
When Fong splits, I take over this town.
This little Joey here's gonna be rich.
So much for that, Joey.
Now tell me about Fong.
All right.
This thing.
This plan, it's a real head trip, you know? I mean, it's bigger than either of us thought.
I mean, he's talking about dealing in junk, man.
Big chapters in every major city, pipelines to Hong Kong and Mexico.
Hell, man, he's even right into China.
All right.
I need names, dates, specific places the whole operation, you understand? Yeah, well, look, he's got this red book.
I don't know, but I think it's the bible.
Dig? I mean, he uses it for phone numbers, uh, a reference.
He keeps the thing locked in his room somewhere.
You think you can get a look at it? Well, I can sure try.
I want the book, Joey.
I want anything that you can get from it.
If we can't nail Fong yet, at least we can start to undermine his organization.
I want the book, Joey, you understand? Okay.
Give me a couple of days.
You're walking kind of tall, aren't you, Joey? What do you mean? Well, I get the feeling that you're beginning to think that you really are a hero.
That maybe you'd like to return to being a Kowloon again.
Being the old Joey, huh? Yeah, well, uh, suppose I did? I wouldn't stop you, Joey.
I wouldn't even try.
Time has a way of doing that.
Time and the street, the way you have to live.
They have a way of catching up.
The way they did before.
The way they did with your brother.
Hey, well, uh, you don't have to worry about me, you know? I mean, I can take care of myself.
I hope so, Joey.
I hope so.
Yeah, well, uh, see you around, McGarrett.
- Hey, Joey, where you been? JOEY: Around.
Uh, is Vic here? FONG: On your feet, Dave.
We've got some people to see.
Hey, Joey.
Wanna come along? Heh, no, no, I got a few phone calls to make yet.
Hey, I gotta split.
See you later, huh? - Later, Joey? - Yeah.
Well, [DOOR CLOSES] it seems like you're not too upset about being Fong's girl, after all.
He's the main man, not some young punk with a short memory.
[ENGINE REVS] JOEY: This is a start, you know? Maybe three or four visits and I'll have the whole thing.
Hmm, good.
Just what I wanted.
Connections in San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas.
Even addresses and phone numbers.
Joey, when the time comes, this will be invaluable.
But I need more.
But for God's sake, be cautious, will you? No sweat, man.
Joey's been around.
- Yeah, well, see you later, McGarrett.
- Yeah.
Beat it.
[ENGINE REVS] You sure about this, Julie? We followed him all the way.
Lum was with me.
And this guy he was talking to, you're sure he was the head of Five-O.
Hey, you think I don't know superheat? His escape from prison, his saving me, it's a setup.
He was setting me up.
- Damn.
I don't believe it.
Not-- - Well, believe it.
JULIE: What are you gonna do with him? What we always do with finks.
He's gonna be here any minute now, Julie.
Why don't you, uh, take off? Julie.
You did good.
McGarrett, we do not call the police in Chinatown.
Normally, we prefer to handle matters ourselves.
Not always wise, Mr.
For centuries we have dealt with our own problems, without outside help.
And now, you've decided to talk to us? I have broken the silence once before.
Only once, during the tong wars, when I wearied of the bloodshed.
And I break it again now, in departure from tradition that I cannot avoid.
- Is it about the Kowloons? - Yes.
A young man named Joey Lee will be killed unless I speak.
Joey? Killed? I knew his brother and I know him.
He is not a quai hai, Mr.
- He is a good boy.
- Yes, I know he's a good boy.
Are you absolutely certain about your information? I heard the one they call Fong speak of him.
They know he is working for the police, and they will kill him.
After I called you, Joey came in.
They said they were taking him to Moy Wong Hall for a party.
Moy Wong? Thank you, Mr.
You'll never regret what you've done for Joey and for us.
Thank you.
Hey, man, uh, I thought we were going to the Double Ten thing at Moy Wong.
I've thought of a better party.
A private one.
More befitting of a Kowloon Dragon.
Oh, okay, sure.
That's cool.
One of the dragons, huh? Top man, eh? DUKE: Backup's on the way.
We can't wait.
Take the back, Duke.
Let's go, Danno.
May I help you? McGARRETT: Oh, yes, please.
McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O.
Five-O? I don't understand.
Do you know who the Kowloons are? Some of them.
But there are no Kowloons here.
Well, we're looking for Joey Lee.
McGarrett, I'm a high school teacher, and Joey Lee was one of my students.
I know him.
He is not here.
Thank you very much.
Sorry to bother you.
Danno, let's go.
DANNY: Well, what's the next move? I don't know, uh Duke, uh, check Joey's apartment.
We'll try Victor Fong's hotel.
Sergeant, okay.
[ENGINE REVS] Here we are.
JULIE: Who is it? McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O.
- Is Victor Fong here? - No.
We can get a Search warrant in about 15 minutes.
You don't need a search warrant.
Help yourself.
We're looking for Joey Lee.
Do you know where he is? How would I know where he is? Look, honey, we're not playing games.
Joey may be a candidate for murder.
I don't know where he is.
I haven't seen him.
You tell your friend, Victor Fong, that I'm gonna hold him personally responsible if anything happens to Joey.
Let's go, Danno.
DANNY: He's gotta be somewhere in Chinatown.
McGARRETT: I got a feeling I know the man who might tell us where.
DANNY: Riley.
McGARRETT: Himself.
This is McGarrett.
Patch me through to Sergeant Riley, Chinatown-one, please.
McGARRETT [OVER RADIO]: Sergeant Riley? McGarrett.
The Kowloons have made Joey.
My information is, they're going to kill him.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
Where would they take him for a ceremonial execution? Execution of a hero turned traitor? Yeah, I see what you mean.
Let me think.
Um The Bashu Building.
An abandoned place on Malakai near fifth, they used to meet upstairs.
Call Duke Lukela and tell him to meet us there.
[ENGINE REVS] [TIRES SCREECH] McGARRETT: Duke, get some backup.
DANNY: Don't move.
Hold it.
All right.
All right, Danno.
If anybody comes for me, he's a dead man.
He means it.
All right, Danno, let him go.
Get out of the way.
[JOEY GRUNTS] Back, damn you, or I'll cut his throat right here.
If he's not released Joey by the time I count to five, shoot him in the head.
Duke, do you understand? - In the head.
DUKE: I understand.
Your fink's gonna die with me.
- You haven't got the guts.
- Three.
Get him.
[FONG GRUNTS] I've got this one.
Not him, sergeant.
You've got the wrong man.
Book them.
[SIGHS] Duke, take Joey to Oahu Hospital.
Have him treated and take him home.
Take him home? What're you talking about? He's an escaped felon.
Not exactly, sergeant.
I think Joey's learned his lesson.
He's made mistakes, lot of them.
But that's all over with now, isn't it, Joey? You can bet on it.
McGarrett, thank you.
McGarrett, I think you owe me an explanation.
Sergeant, would you settle for a good Chinese dinner?