Hawaii Five-O (1968) s11e09 Episode Script

A Long Time Ago

DANNY: Officer? - Danny.
- Williams.
Dan, can you talk to her later.
I have to book her.
sent me a rap sheet on a suspect they arrested yesterday.
- A lead on Crawford? McGARRETT: Yeah, his girlfriend.
You bailed her out.
I'm looking for Roy Crawford.
Maybe we could work out a deal.
- Since when do I report to you? - I was investigating Melissa Cole.
- I should've been informed.
- Gotta go out for a couple of hours.
When I come back, we'll have enough to live on for the rest of our lives.
Aka, please watch the front.
I'm going to the bank.
AKA: Be out in a minute, Mrs.
What can I do? Shut your mouth and, uh, give me the money.
Hmm? [DRAWER OPENS] All right.
Where's the rest? It's early.
That's all there is.
Don't Don't play games, hmm? [WHIMPERING] Don't.
[GUNSHOT] DANNY: What've we got, Steve? H.
sent this over this morning, that liquor-store holdup.
I heard.
Now look at this.
DANNY: Hard to tell what he looks like with those glasses.
Roy Crawford.
He's wanted in five states.
But a liquor store? That's not his style.
He robs banks.
Well, maybe he needed seed money for a bigger job.
Cost of living is up, even for crooks.
- Where do we start? - That eyewitness is still over at H.
, Danno.
Have a chat with him.
If Crawford's still on the islands, we may have a major crime wave on our hands.
AKA: Who will give an old man like me a job now? Mrs.
Tonoka was a good woman.
Such a good woman.
A real lady, you know? - You saw the killing? - Yes, I told the detectives.
You saw the drawing.
It looks just like him.
Tell me exactly how Mrs.
Tonoka was killed- Shot! Didn't they tell you? She was shot.
I know, sir.
But what exactly did the killer do? They were standing close, maybe two or three feet.
Suddenly the killer reached out and grabbed her, and then a shot.
Did the killer say anything? Say anything? No.
Just before, he said, "Don't play games.
" "Don't play games.
" Thank you, sir.
Pila, take care of him.
See that he gets home.
Melissa? Melissa Cole? Officer? Officer? Danny.
O'Farrell High.
- I don't believe it.
- Neither do I.
So long ago.
Dan, can you talk to her later? I have to book her.
- For what? - Shoplifting.
I didn't.
it's all a mix-up.
This is very embarrassing.
Store security picked her up, they called us.
I took off my watch to try on one in the store.
It was absolutely beautiful.
And then I started looking around at other things.
And I forgot.
I thought I had my own watch on when I left.
Do you have a lawyer? No.
Well, I'm afraid you'll have to go through the routine.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
The partial prints on the cash register seem to match up with Crawford's.
The lab is sending them to the FBI for verification.
- Anything else? - Yes.
Skin and hair particles under the victim's fingernails.
All being tested.
Okay, Duke.
Thank you.
Danno? Danno? - Hey.
What? - Did you talk to the witness? Yes.
Uh, the killer is Crawford, Steve.
Has to be.
Remember the reports on the shootings in Seattle and Denver? Yeah, yeah, he killed suddenly, almost without provocation.
What was it? A man didn't move fast enough? Lady had a coughing spell? Something like that.
The rap sheet quotes him as saying the same thing each time.
"Don't play games.
" Again, at the liquor store? Yeah.
He's out there somewhere, Danno.
Let's see if we can outsmart him and get Crawford to crawl out from under his rock.
Are you all right? Sure.
Why? Well, you seem preoccupied.
Gentlemen, this will only take a few minutes.
We have a dynamite promotion plan for our opening day.
We're going to put $1 million in cash on display.
Now, the money will arrive exactly two hours before the bank opens.
One of our tellers, Miss Kelly, very artistic, will arrange the money in the case.
This box is totally impervious when locked.
Now, quite frankly, the toughest part of your job probably will be keeping sticky-fingered little children away from our display.
Any questions? None? Splendid.
See you all Friday morning.
So how is it? It's a piece of cake.
I don't know nothing, bruddah.
- No luck? - Nothing.
It's like Crawford never existed.
How many snitches did we talk to, five or six? At least.
Well, let's take a shot at Kimo's.
After that, I don't know where to go.
Yeah? A haole named Roy Crawford.
- Ha, ha.
Can't help you.
- Hold it.
I gotta find him.
You know him? Sure.
His name's in the paper all the time.
Don't give me a comedy routine, Kimo.
- Hey, I swear.
I don't know nothing.
- You owe me.
I know, but I can't help.
I wouldn't know the guy if I saw him.
Ask, Kimo.
Ask around.
Can I go? Yeah.
Am I lucky.
[CHUCKLES] Here I am in trouble in a strange city, and who do I run into? Danny Williams.
You know, Melissa, I thought an awful lot about you since high school.
- Have you really? - Yes.
You know you were the nicest guy I ever dated? I'm not so sure that's a compliment.
- Oh.
- Ha-ha-ha.
Well, thank you for arranging my bail.
I'll pay you back now that I have a job.
You're gonna have to answer those charges.
Danny Williams.
[CHUCKLES] I can't believe how you turned out.
You're a cop.
And I'll bet you're the best in Honolulu.
- No.
- Uh-huh.
There it is.
This is nice, Danny.
Well, I figured it was about all you could afford right now.
The bail.
The apartment.
The job recommendation.
Why? You know.
But I want you to tell me.
Let's go upstairs.
See if you like it.
I'd love to.
Oh, this is wonderful.
Tsk! You done good, Mr.
You really belong in a sleek high-rise overlooking the ocean.
Why settle for that? How about a ten-room mansion with a private beach for a backyard? [BOTH CHUCKLE] You always did talk about going first class.
I still do.
But sometimes other things are more important.
Yours? Yes, that's Beth.
You're married? Divorced.
He left me in my eighth month.
Couldn't stand to look at me.
That's some kind of guy.
Hard to believe.
Well, I've made a lot of mistakes, Danny.
Maybe the biggest was letting you get away.
We were just kids.
You know, sometimes I think the only thing I did right was have Beth.
Well, a new job, a new apartment.
You can bring her over.
No, she's being taken care of just fine.
Well, why don't you finish unpacking, then we'll get some dinner, huh? I have a better idea.
I saw a grocery store around the corner.
I'll pick up something and we can eat here.
- Sounds great.
- Did I say thanks? A million times.
I'd like to say it again.
Just one more time.
- Morning, Steve.
- Good morning, Danno.
Anything on Crawford? We leaned on every snitch we could find.
Not a thing.
FBI report came in.
The prints are definitely Crawford's.
Tell me something I don't know.
sent me a rap sheet on a suspect they arrested yesterday.
- A lead on Crawford? - Yeah, his girlfriend.
You bailed her out.
Where's Melissa? Hi, Danny.
There she is, right there.
- Only be a minute.
- Right.
- Hi.
- Danny.
Isn't this place terrific? What're you doing here? You wanna get me fired on my first day? We have to talk.
Did Chuck say it was all right? The last thing I need is trouble.
I think you are in trouble.
Why didn't you level with me? What are you talking about? H.
sent your rap sheet to the Five-0 office.
You were arrested twice for shoplifting, and you were convicted both times.
Well, that was then.
This time I didn't do it.
Oh, Danny, you still think of me as prom queen.
I had to feed my baby.
You can't make a meal out of pressed roses in a yearbook.
Tell me about Roy Crawford.
So that's what it's all about.
Not shoplifting.
Crawford’s in Honolulu.
- I didn't know.
- Are you sure? Damn it, Danny.
You're like the rest.
One night and you think you own me.
This is official, Melissa, not personal.
Well, then, so take me down to the station.
CHUCK: Danny.
Let Melissa go back to work, okay? I'll pick you up after work.
we’ll talk.
I didn't mean it.
I think you're very special.
Are you Kimo? Do I get a prize if I answer that? Tommy from Seattle says you know everything and everybody in Hawaii.
You're beautiful.
Girl like you could get messed up awful bad in a neighborhood like this.
I noticed it wasn’t Waikiki You want the full tour, or just our selected package of highlights? I'm looking for Roy Crawford.
[SCOFFS] Can't help you.
I'm Melissa Cole.
Yeah, you are, aren't you? It's gonna cost you bucks.
The heat's on.
Maybe we could work out a deal.
How much? Five big ones.
When? Tomorrow, same time.
Uh You sure you don't wanna knock off 100? [CHUCKLES] [KNOCKS ON DOOR] - Who is it? DANNY: Danny.
- Hi.
- You were supposed to meet me after work.
Well, I had an errand.
I appreciate everything you're doing, but-- Melissa, this is not fun and games.
Roy Crawford just killed a woman.
So, what do you want me to do? - I wanna know where he is.
- I told you I don't know! I didn't even know he was in Hawaii.
You still his girlfriend? No.
Not for along, long time.
How long is that? A couple of years.
A lifetime ago.
Danny, I didn't know what he was.
When I found out, I ran.
I'd like to believe you.
Danny, it's true.
I wanna build a new life.
I've been tearing down for years.
I'd like to start building.
Do you understand that? - Yeah, I understand.
- When am I gonna see you again? - I don't know, Melissa.
- Danny.
Well - You finished yet? - Sure.
You wanna try? Yeah.
Hey, Ray.
You wanna take a look at this? RAY: Yeah.
Get inside, huh? You don't have to do that.
- You telling me it's not gonna work? - Sure, it's-- [ROY CHUCKLES] Sure, it's gonna work.
Then get inside.
All right! Let's go inside and take a look at the plans for the bank again, huh? [BELL RINGS] Right on time.
I like that in a woman.
- Where's Roy? - Not so fast.
The money.
Let's see the money.
- I have it.
- The money! - What's this junk? I wanted cash.
- That's worth more.
A lot more.
- It's hot.
- It is not.
It was a gift.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe if you're nice.
Come on.
Look, get away from me! Look, I'll find him without you.
And then I'll tell him why.
All right.
COLE: Dockside Bar? He's, uh, been seen there a couple of times having a drink.
- Where is it? - It's a bar off 93, near Mahali.
That's all? Heh, that's all? That's all you're gonna get.
No matter what.
That's it? DANNY: Swears she hasn't seen Crawford in years.
- Do you buy that? - Do you want me to bring her in? What did you find out, Duke? I talked to the Seattle police.
Six months ago they had Crawford cornered, but he shot his way out.
Killed a cop.
And you were right.
There was a woman with him.
She was held for questioning, then let go.
Melissa Cole? Yes.
She had a baby with her.
They dropped out of sight.
Why didn't you tell me? I remembered a wire-service story.
I asked Duke to verify it.
Without telling me.
Duke, would you excuse us for a minute, please? - Since when do I report to you? - I was investigating Melissa Cole.
- I should've been informed.
- Really? Danno, you're upset.
Now, why don't you take off? Take a swim.
Play some tennis.
I'm sorry, Steve.
Boy, that lady really got to you, didn't she? Yeah, a long time ago.
Want me to take you off the case? No.
Then let's go and talk to her together.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] COLE: Who is it? - Dan.
- Oh, Danny.
I thought you-- Oh.
Melissa Cole, Steve McGarrett, head of Five-0.
- How do you do? - May we come in? Of course.
I'm sorry.
Can I get you something to drink? I only have wine, but it's white and it's chilled.
This is not a social call, Miss Cole.
No, I didn't think it was.
It's about Roy Crawford.
Miss Cole, why did you lie, tell Dan Williams you hadn't seen Crawford in years? - I didn't lie.
- Yes, you did.
We know for a fact you saw him in Seattle less than six months ago.
McGarrett, am I charged with anything? No.
But if you know where Crawford is, you could be.
Anything from obstruction of justice to harboring a fugitive.
Well, are you going to charge me now? No.
Then I don't have to answer your questions.
If you know anything, anything at all, and Crawford kills again, I can assure you that you're gonna go to prison for a long time.
Now, think about it.
McGarrett, do you mind if I talk to Danny for a while? Very well.
You know, I love roofs.
They've always made me feel like I was on top of the world.
You know that's the first place that you kissed me? On the roof of my parents' apartment in San Francisco? Yeah.
Things were a lot different then.
We were a couple of innocents.
Now you're a cop, and you're having me watched.
Just routine.
You know, Danny, I never was too bright.
- Ah, that's nonsense.
- No.
You see, I thought I could get by on my looks.
But guess what, it took a lot more than that.
And you sure pay for that kind of getting by.
What do you wanna tell me? I didn't mean to lie to you.
You never knew it, but I had you on kind of a pedestal.
Come on, Melissa.
No, I I was a little in awe of how together your head was.
Your sense of justice.
What'd you wanna tell me? I thought you could accept me a little more if you thought Roy was way in the past.
You know? Did you really love him? No.
You couldn't reach Roy.
But he was good to me.
He got me a lot of jobs.
Even in Vegas once, heh.
That was really something.
What about now? Will you help us? How? Anything you can think of.
What kind of food he likes.
What kind of car he drives.
Time he gets up in the morning.
His habits.
Daily routine.
Something we can get a start from.
He never had a routine.
He said in his business a routine could get you killed.
There must be something.
You know, he mentioned Hawaii once when we were back East.
It was cold and raining a lot, and he said there was a place in Hawaii that he'd really love to be at that minute.
Do you remember the name? Sure.
It was a bar called the Dockside May I use your phone? Yeah.
[buzzes] - Yes, Luana? LUANA: Danny's calling.
Put him through.
Thank you.
Danno, what do you got? Crawford used to hang out at a bar called the Dockside.
Dockside? Okay.
I'll have it staked out.
It's a beginning.
One more thing.
She knows she's being watched.
Obviously, she's been tailed before, Danno.
I know she's been around, Steve.
Nothing personal, Danno.
That's okay Why don't you stay with her now? We need every shred of information we can get if this Dockside thing doesn't work out.
Well, seeing you're all dressed up, how about, uh, lunch, huh? I thought you'd be on your way to the Dockside.
What do you feel like? Chinese? Japanese? Maybe a steak? I'll get the car.
"Hey, you.
" What's this "hey, you" stuff? Hey, you, I wanna buy you a drink.
Maybe I won't want you to.
You'll want me to.
Sit down.
Make it two doubles.
I dropped out in my junior year.
The year you went to Berkley.
Why? Remember I got that modeling job? Uh-huh.
Well, if things had gone right, I might've been Cheryl Tiegs.
[DANNY CHUCKLES] - On the cover of all those magazines.
- Could be.
I'm glad you're not mad at me any more.
Never mad, Melissa.
Just disappointed.
Why shouldn't you be? I am.
But I guess we do what we have to do.
I didn't help you much, did I? We’ll find him.
Danny, we spend all this time together.
- Melissa-- - Please? For that first night? Or maybe that night in San Francisco, on the roof, when we were kids.
Kiss me? MAN [OVER RADIO]: Central calling Williams.
Central calling Danny Williams.
Central calling Williams.
Central calling Danny Williams.
We have a patch from Steve McGarrett.
MCGARRETT: Crawford's been spotted at the Dockside Ban - Get over there.
- On my way.
What about H.
? Already notified.
It should take me about ten minutes.
- Melissa, wait here for me.
- No.
I'm going.
Wait here for me, Melissa.
Get down.
[HENS CLUCKING] DUKE: Should we move in? Let's wait for Steve.
I'll be with H.
at the rear exit.
Hey, when you get through with this guy-- What? - What are you--? - You - Cops.
- You never-- I recognized one of them.
All over, outside.
ROY: Beat it.
Beat it! What are you driving? Brown pickup.
It's parked outside by the corner.
It's got chickens in the back.
It's hot.
Got the keys in it.
How are you gonna get out of here? Well [MURMURING] - What's he driving, Danno? - I don't know.
- H.
here? - Yeah.
- How many men we got? - Three.
- Where's Duke? - Covering the back.
Let's go.
[HENS CLUCKING] - Hold it! WOMAN: Ahh! We're police officers.
Stay where you are.
Check them, Danno.
Maybe it was a mistake.
Didn't I bust you? Yeah, about three years ago.
I just got out, and I'm clean.
You looking for a tall, skinny guy in jeans? Yes, we are.
You're too late.
He's gone.
He went out the front door wearing his hat and shirt.
The guy pulled a gun.
What could I do? McGARRETT: Come on, Danno.
Let's go.
We've been had.
You could be one dead hooker.
Melissa's gone.
Could be Crawford grabbed her.
Think so? I hope it's not the other way around.
[CLANKS] Surprise.
Ha-ha-ha! Melissa! how the hell did you? Hi, baby.
How did you find me? It wasn't easy.
- Yeah? - Mm-hm.
Well, we're gonna make it worthwhile, right? I hope so.
- Lab boys finish the bedroom? - Just finished, Steve.
McGARRETT: This Melissa's child? Yeah, Beth.
Two years old.
Apparently she's staying with friends on the mainland.
She's dead, Danno.
The baby's dead.
"Funeral and Mortuary Services.
Beth Cole.
Balance due: $250.
" - The baby? - Yeah.
Why would Melissa lie about that? I don't know.
Maybe if we knew that, we'd know why she's lying about everything.
But she did steal that watch, Danno.
The store detectives had her cold.
I checked on it.
Snitch was right, Steve.
I confirmed it.
We picked up Kimo.
He's at headquarters.
- Kimo? - Yeah.
Melissa was at his place.
Call the mainland, Duke.
I wanna know how Beth Cole died.
And have H.
bring Kimo to my office.
Let's go, Danno.
I didn't do nothing.
So why the hassle? McGARRETT: You know this woman? No.
You're lying.
She was seen in your place.
I do a big business, McGarrett.
I got lots of customers.
Well, maybe we can get you a job making pizzas at Oahu State Prison.
Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute? You're out on a pass, mister.
Now, I want the truth.
Au rights All right.
Yeah, she was in asking about Roy Crawford.
You told me you had nothing on Crawford.
You're getting cheap, Williams.
The lady had more to offer.
- You fat pig.
- Now, wait a minute, Danno.
Take it easy.
What did you tell her about Roy Crawford? Not much.
Wasn’t worth what she paid me.
I didn't know anything else.
Crawford takes a drink now and then at the Dockside.
All right, Duke.
Take him back.
She lied again, Steve.
She said Crawford told her that years ago.
[SIGHS] Guy's right.
Can't go home again.
So right.
Just like old times, huh? Yes.
How did you find me? You told me if ever I needed you, to just call Tommy in Seattle.
So that's what I did.
Good old Tommy.
That cop that you told me about, did he mean anything to you? Heh, now you wanna know everything.
That's right.
I wanna know everything.
I can still make you jealous.
He was just a guy that I knew in school.
He grew up to be a cop with a big shiny badge.
I'll ask you one more time, hmm? He mean anything to you? After you, how could anybody mean anything? Come on, I got busted shoplifting.
He bailed me out, got me an apartment, and let me drive his car.
You became a cheap hustler.
I had to live.
Now on, nobody.
Nobody else.
Just me.
Do you mean that? I gotta go out for a couple of hours.
When I come back, we'll have enough to live on for the rest of our lives.
Roy, that's what I kept hoping for.
Will you sign here, please? Thank you.
[CHUCKLES] I just signed for $1 million.
Love being a banker.
And, Lillian, you sure made this look like a million.
[TIRES SQUEAL] [CROWD SCREAMING] [COUGHING] MAN: I said stay down! ROY: In those bags! - 211 in progress.
McGARRETT: Where? OFFICER: Bank of the Islands.
- Bank robbery in progress, Danno.
- Crawford? - Bet on it.
[CHUCKLING] Ahh! Roy! Roy, cops! [YELLING] [GUNFIRE] Oh, Roy, you're hurt.
Just lost some blood.
I'll make it.
- Well, let me help you.
- There are bags back here.
Just load them in the car.
But you're bleeding to death.
Just do it.
GUTHRIE: He got most of it, ugh.
A million.
- A million dollars in cash.
- Did you see him? Yeah.
He was in on it.
And he was one of our special guards.
I know it's been difficult, Mr.
Guthrie, but can you describe the man who escaped? I don't know, Mr.
So much was going on, and, uh, there was tear gas.
And they all had face masks, but I've seen him before.
No, no.
I've seen his picture before.
He's one of those guys that's been robbing banks on the mainland.
Roy Crawford? Yeah.
- Steve? - Yeah, Danno? - What do you got? - Melissa just called the office.
She's full of surprises, isn't she? She wants me to meet her at a shack at Waimanalla Beach at 10:30 this morning.
- That's less than an hour.
- She said she'd explain everything.
Maybe she will.
For a change.
[ROY GROANS] Here, let me do that.
- It's okay.
- Please, Roy.
It's okay.
- Ugh.
- Now, hang on to that, and I'll, uh I'll get something to make a sling.
Big score, baby.
Biggest score ever.
They're gonna be all over that airport.
How do we get off this island? Oh.
I got a boat stashed up the coast.
Come on.
You are gonna have to drive.
No, no, let me make a sling.
Where is my gun? Don't worry about your gun now.
Just let me make a sling for you, Roy.
What the hell are you doing? Hold it! Don't move.
Kill him, Danny.
I want you to kill him.
What are you saying? I hate him.
I came here to kill him.
But I want you to do it for me.
Kill him, Danny, please.
DANNY: Hey, give me that gun! - Danny! Kill Him! COLE: Don't let him go! Kill him! McGARRETT: Hold it! Right there! Don't move! Duke.
No! Not alive! DANNY: Melissa! Melissa! - Not alive! No! [WHIMPERING] Not alive! No! [SOBBING] Melissa! Why the setup? I think I know the answer to that one, Danno.
Word from Seattle is that her little daughter died from a beating.
After that shootout he came back for me, Danny.
I didn't want him.
He was drunk all the time.
- Melissa - And Beth was afraid.
She was crying and he hit her.
He hit her.
Melissa, don't torture yourself.
COLE: And then he ran.
Take her home for now, Danno.
When you're a kid, Steve, you figure everything's gonna turn out a certain way.
Yeah, but it never does, Danno.
It never seems to.