Hawaii Five-O (1968) s11e20 Episode Script

The Skyline Killer

[SCREAMING] Well, I'm not the only writer on this investigation.
No, but you're the only one who pulled a stunt like that.
How many more young women will die before we find this maniac? - Hello.
- You wanted proof? Go to the Bluett Towers.
I warned you.
You inflated this maniac's ego.
You started him dreaming of making millions.
[ALARM CLOCK RINGING] [SCREAMING] [POLICE SIREN WAILING] See how the guys on the roof are doing now, huh? - What have we got, Danno? - Another one, Steve.
- Same as the others? - Looks that way.
- Who's the victim? - Erin Black, 27, airline stewardess.
- That makes three stewardesses.
- Yeah.
Two models, three entertainers.
Came in through the balcony again? The only entrance is the front door.
It was dead bolted and chain locked from the inside.
Fits the pattern exactly, Danno.
Down to the red carnations.
- Any luck with the florist this time? - Said it was a man.
That's all the florist remembered.
He popped a name.
Uh, we checked it out.
It was a phony.
- And the roof? - Lab boys are up there, but it's not promising.
We gotta get a break, Danno.
This is victim number eight.
Eight! DANNY: We'll get him.
How many guys can there be who know how to climb up and down buildings? - It's just a matter of time.
- Time, my God.
How many more young women will die before we find this maniac? - Everybody's doing their best, Steve.
- I know, Danno.
I know.
This thing is getting to me.
[SIGHS] There's a monster loose out there, and so far, I haven't been able to do anything about it.
DANNY: We'll get him.
Steve, you've got to see this.
Today's paper in the classifieds.
DANNY: "Skyline killer.
Your story is worth millions" "Write to P.
Box 10275.
" My God.
That's the most despicable thing I ever heard of.
Duke, get down to the paper and find out who placed this ad.
Danno, call the post office department.
We're gonna have a little surprise for this character - when he comes to pick up his mail.
- Right.
Are you the holder of Box 10275? - Why do you want to know? - Five-0.
State Police.
I'm not impressed.
What do you want? Some conversation, downtown.
McGARRETT: Okay, Mr.
We finally located you, huh? Now, what is this all about? News, Mr.
Your Skyline Killer is news all over the world.
And I'm not the only writer on this investigation.
No, but you're the only one who pulled a stunt like that.
He may not answer.
But if he does, how are you gonna sort him out from the crazies, I guarantee you, will answer that ad? My reporter's instinct never fails me.
Yeah? Well, I think it failed you on this case.
I am well aware of your reputation and your penchant for theatrics.
But I will not have you turning this investigation into some kind of freak show.
Even in a beautiful place like Hawaii, cops are stamped from the same mold.
McGarrett, have you ever heard of the first amendment to the Constitution? The one that guarantees the freedom of the press? And did you ever hear of obstruction of justice, Mr.
Klane? Many times and in many states.
The Skyline Killer is news and I intend to do everything, legally, within my power to get his story.
Okay, since we're discussing legalities, you understand that you are obligated, by law, to provide me with every piece of evidence which might be pertinent to this case.
I think we may have a difference of opinions as to what my obligations under the law are.
Very well, then let me, uh, clarify them for you.
Any contact, and I repeat, any contact, by letter, phone or in person, that you may have with this monster, I want to know about it immediately.
Now, is that clear? I can't do that, McGarrett.
Any conversation between myself and any potential news source is confidential until I decide how important it is.
- Until you decide? - Don't worry.
Anything I can tell you, I will.
I'm just as anxious as you are to get this nut off the streets.
Then why do I get the distinct impression that we're working at cross purposes? Because you're accustomed to being the law, and not having to work within it.
You're walking a tightrope, Mr.
Be careful.
Because if you fall off on the wrong side, I'll be waiting to catch you.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Well, maybe we'll change your mind.
I'm gonna keep these letters.
Now, technically you can't.
They were acquired through an illegal search of my person.
But I would have given them to you anyway.
Thank you very much.
I'll see that you get copies.
That's the least I could do.
That's all for now, Mr.
See you around.
That was quite a skirmish.
What's wrong? Oh, Klane is what's wrong.
Who is that guy, anyway? Oh, he's a One of a growing number of so-called investigative reporters who value their bank accounts above their consciences.
Instead of doing a responsible job and reporting the facts, they exploit tragedy purely to make a profit.
Now, in a case like this, Mr.
Klane is planning to make murder profitable for the murderer.
Wasn't his book, uh, Judgment on America, - a best-seller? - It was indeed.
Did you read it? - No.
- Well, I did.
It's a perfect example of what I mean.
The case history of a convicted killer who blamed society for all his crimes.
And went to the gas chamber a rich man.
Finally, after using all the money for high priced lawyers and appeals.
He stalled justice in California for years.
Now, Klane is trying to get the Skyline Killer's story before he's caught so that he can write another best-seller.
Take these, uh, six answers to Klane's ad.
Get all the help you need and check them out.
Have H.
put around-the-clock surveillance on that post-office box.
Right, Steve.
Should we try to get a court order for a tap on his phone? I don't think we have enough evidence, Danno.
So we just continue our original line of investigation? Yeah, I think so, Danno.
This maniac has got to be someone with the instincts of a mountain goat.
Could be a circus performer, a mountain climber, or a, tsk, high-rise construction worker.
- This town is full of high-rise projects.
- Yeah, I know, Danno.
How well I know.
KLANE: Room 440.
Thank you.
[PHONE RINGING] - Hello? - You put the ad in the paper? - Yes, I - There's a phone booth in front of the hotel.
Be there in one minute.
- Who are you? - Norman Klane.
I'm a writer.
You might have heard of me.
Uh, Judgment On America? How do I know you're really Klane and not a cop? My picture's been in the paper plenty of times.
You can check me out.
You'll see.
My story is worth millions? - How? - An exclusive interview with a tabloid, a book I'm planning, a movie sale.
We'll split fifty-fifty.
- What about the cops? - You're a news source.
They can't compel me to reveal your identity.
Now, I want to ask you a few questions.
Not now.
I want to think about this.
- I'll be in touch.
- Wait a minute.
[LINE DISCONNECTS] BEN: I'm sorry, Steve, but Klane must be a student of the law, at least where it applies to the press.
You mean there's no way to force him to cooperate? On occasion, it's been possible to compel a reporter to reveal sources and privileged information to a Grand Jury.
But there's no justification for that in this instance.
No justification? What do you mean, Ben, "no justification"? That maniac he's trying to interview murdered eight women.
No one realizes that more than I, Steve.
But if there was some legal way to make Klane talk, he'd fight it.
You'd be lucky to get him on a stand in two years.
And obviously, we don't have that kind of time, huh, Ben? Okay.
Thanks, anyway.
Appreciate you coming over.
- Sorry I couldn't do more.
- Well, you can do more.
Go through the law books and find me a precedent to get this reporter into court.
- You're a persistent man, Steve.
- Sure am.
Danno, I hope you've got some good news for me.
Wish I did.
Duke checked those six letters, they're all from ding-dongs.
Danno, this is one of the most-- One of the most frustrating cases that I've ever had.
It's like-- it's like trying to catch a shadow.
Well, the guy's a crazy, Steve.
No way to predict his moves.
We can't just sit around and wait for him to get a parking ticket, the way they caught the Son of Sam.
No, no, Danno.
No, it's up to us to - make something happen here.
- Like what? [INTERCOM BUZZES] Yes, Luana? LUANA: Mn Norman Klane is here to see you.
Klane? Send him in.
Yes, Mr.
Klane, what can we do for you? It's what I can do for you.
These came today.
And since they could be important evidence with fingerprints, - you brought them right over.
Correct? - Correct.
After you opened them and ruined any possibility of detection, huh? Boy, that was smart.
McGarrett, I'd like to apologize for not being more cooperative yesterday.
I was a little out of line and I'm sorry.
McGARRETT: Well, that's a switch.
But, there's no reason why we both can't get what we want out of this.
Oh? What did you have in mind, Mr.
Klane? As long as I continue to bring over whatever's in my box, uh, I can count on you to share your information with me.
My information? What information are you referring to specifically? Well, as I was reading these letters, I realized there was a big problem.
See, if this guy does contact me, how do I know for sure that it's really him? Yes? Get to the point, will you? All right.
Now, in these cases, the police usually withhold some bit of information, which only the real killer knows about.
It sort of screens out the kooks and the compulsive confessors, - doesn't it? - Yes.
That's true in many cases.
Well, what's the secret clue in this case? Get this guy, will you? You know, you amaze me.
Now, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret very long, would it, Mr.
Klane? I guess I deserve that.
Keep the letters coming.
Boy, how's that for a change in attitude.
What would you say? About, uh, 180 degrees? You know, Danno, the more I think about that Klane guy, the more I realize he may be the break we're looking for.
That ad of his reeks of the worst kind of irresponsible, commercial exploitation.
But frankly, it just might appeal to a deranged mind.
[PHONE RINGS] - Hello? - Daddy? KLANE [OVER PHONE]: Mary Ellen? - I got your message.
- What are you doing in Honolulu? - Ha, ha.
Well, I'm on a story, what else? Can you take a break and have dinner with your only daughter? Oh, honey, I can't.
Not now.
I'm waiting for an important phone call.
If it's that important, they'll call back.
But I've been waiting a very long time.
MARY ELLEN: Daddy, I haven? seen you in months.
Well, it is pretty late for him to call again tonight.
There's a great place called Sally's.
It's on Kuhio.
Right by King's Alley.
All right, I'll find it.
MARY ELLEN: Fifteen minutes? Bye.
- You talked me into it.
how have you been? - Not bad.
Good, in fact.
And how's the new apartment working out? Great.
it's only 20 minutes from the office and I have this spectacular View of the coast.
Sounds expensive.
Have you found a new roommate yet? Well, one of the girls from the office is gonna move in with me next month.
- Then you're sure everything's okay? - Daddy, I'm 23 years old.
- Remember? - Just barely.
But when I was 23, girls were a lot different.
[PHONE RINGING] Hello? Norman Klane? Norman Klane, the writer? Is he here? Hang on, I'll go see.
Excuse me.
Are you Norman Klane? You got me.
There's a phone call for you.
- Come on, I'll show you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
- Hello? - Klane? Yes, this is Klane.
Who is this? MAN [OVER PHONE]: Guess.
- How did you know where to-- - Shut up and listen.
There's a high-rise under construction at Kolakava and Marine.
Meet me there.
You mean now? [PHONE DISCONNECTS] Mary Ellen, I'm sorry, but something very important has come up.
Oh, Daddy.
I'll make it up to you.
We'll have dinner tomorrow night.
I promise.
MAN: Klane? - Where are you? MAN: Over here.
Stay where you are.
- I like to see who I'm talking to.
MAN: Later.
If things go right.
If I agree to let you tell my story, it has to be the truth.
I don't want you changing what I tell you.
Don't worry.
Your point of View is what I want.
The world wants to hear how you think.
They wanna know why you're doing this.
MAN: I'm doing it because it must be done.
Those tramps, exposing themselves at their windows, wearing those clothes that show.
Someone has to do it.
Don't worry, I'll tell it just the way you give it to me.
MAN: You'd better.
Hey, I hear you loud and clear.
It's your story, and you'll get all the credit.
It's the first time anything like this has been done before.
MAN: Don't waste your time trying to appeal to my ego.
I'm not a fool.
I'm not implying that you are, but we have a little problem here.
How do I know you're really who you say you are? I mean, you have to admit I'm pretty wide open for a rip-off.
We're talking about a lot of money now, which nobody is going to give me, unless I can prove you are who you say you are.
MAN: All right, you want proof.
I'll give it to you.
Yeah? What kind of proof? [PHONE RINGS] - Hello? - You wanted proof? Go to the Bluett Towers.
Apartment 2102.
Wait! I shouldn't be doing this.
If you wanna do it the hard way, we can always call the cops.
Let's hope that won't be necessary.
I already tried that.
- Ms.
Howard? - Bedroom? See.
She's not even here.
Oh, she's here.
If you had called me before you went to meet him last night, that poor girl might still be alive.
How could I know for sure it was him? Oh, stop trying to excuse yourself, Klane.
That girl's death is on your conscience.
He was probably planning to kill her anyway.
Yeah, well, making decisions is not your job.
I warned you.
You inflated this maniac's ego.
You started him dreaming of making millions.
Now, he's killed again just to show you that he's capable of it.
I thought I could get his story and talk him into giving himself up.
Oh, boy.
You really are something, aren't you? If I could bring her back, I would.
What do you want me to do? When this is over, I want you to be tried for obstruction of justice, and anything else you may be guilty of.
But in the meantime, I expect your total cooperation.
There's still a killer to stop.
- How can I help? - Go back to your hotel and wait for him, wait for him to contact you again.
Arrange another meeting with him.
I don't think he'll go for it.
Well, make him go for it! Dangle a carrot.
Use some of your famous powers of persuasion.
Tell him you must meet him face to face.
Where do you want the rendezvous? Where ever we can get to him.
We've got to take him.
You understand that? I'll try.
Klane, you better do more than try.
You better succeed.
[DOOR CLOSES] DANNY: Thanks for the information.
- Mr.
Klane decide to cooperate? - That's what he says, Danno.
- You believe him? - Not for a second.
Tell Duke I want a 24-hour tail on Klane.
And, uh, take another run at Judge King.
Tell him what happened here tonight.
See if he'll change his mind about that tap on Klane's phone.
- Sally.
SALLY: Over here, Steve.
Ah, rice, eggs, Portuguese sausage, that's a National dish here, isn't it? Well, it's the best.
Like some? No, thank you.
I've been up since 4, Sally.
The Skyline Killer's a real tough one, huh? Maybe the toughest yet.
Sally, Klane told me you called him to the phone when he was in here with his daughter.
Is that correct? Mm-hm.
What about it? Did you know that call came from the Skyline Killer? - Really? - No doubt about it.
So any detail you can remember about that call is important.
For instance, what about background noises? Could you hear anything like music or construction sounds? The sounds of the surf or traffic noises? Mm-mm.
What about his voice? It was ordinary.
By ordinary, what do you mean? Well, same thing like yours, you know.
- You mean he had no local accent.
- Uh-uh.
Then he was probably a hoale, - Caucasian, from the mainland, right? - Probably.
Sally, you see, you did know something.
Not much.
Well, on the contrary, it could mean a lot.
We've been checking the high-rise construction workers.
Now, thanks to you, we can concentrate on a smaller group.
That looks good.
- Sure you don't want some? - Ha, ha.
I gotta beat it.
Keep in touch, will you? [PHONE RINGS] - Hello? MAN: Satisfied? - Well, I-- MAN: Shut up.
There's a pay phone by the towel shack.
You got one minute.
I'm here.
Now that you have proof, when do I get the money? It doesn't work that way.
I've gotta write something.
A sample, at least.
MAN: how long will that take? How can we get together? MAN: Get together? Sure.
We can't talk about this on the phone.
MAN: Why not? KLANE [OVER PHONE]: Why not? If I'm gonna tell your story, properly, I'm gonna have to get to know you, and I sure as hell can't do that on a telephone.
Now listen, if I try to sell something, and it sounds like I made it up, they're gonna throw me out of the office MAN: Okay.
We'll meet at the bar where you met the girl.
Sally's? Oh, I was hoping for something a little more private.
Yeah, I know you were, but I like it this way.
KLANE: Okay.
There's a happy hour between 5 and 7.
Be there at 5.
Take a seat at the bar.
How will I know you? MAN: I'll say I'm a friend of Mary Ellen's.
How did you know her name? I'm going inside.
Call the office and tell them where we are.
What'll you have? Uh, Scotch on the rocks.
And you'd better make it a double.
You're Norman Klane, aren't you? Yes.
Well, I read Judgment On America and it was terrific.
I just wanted to shake your hand.
Oh, thank you very much.
That's very kind of you.
If you don't mind, I'm expecting somebody.
Oh, that's okay.
I just wanted to shake your hand.
MAN: Norman Klane? Yes, I'm Klane.
MAN: I know Mary Ellen.
McGARRETT: Police! MAN: Hey! MAN: What are you--? DANNY: Come on.
Is this the one? I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, Klane.
Is this the killer or isn't he? Hey, man! It ain't me! All right, Klane.
how about it? No more lies.
The charges are piling up.
- He knew the code.
- What code? KLANE: He was supposed to say he's a friend of Mary Ellen's.
- She's my daughter.
MAN: I don't know any Mary Ellen.
Yeah? Then why did you say you were a friend of hers? Some guy gave me McGARRETT: Who gave you 50 bucks? I don't know.
Some guy outside.
Take him away.
Book him.
Well, he outsmarted us.
I just got too anxious.
Any luck? Keep at it.
Steve, his story checks out.
He's got an ironclad alibi for the time of at least three of the murders.
I'd go back to my hotel, but I don't think there's any chance of his calling me again.
If you had handled this properly in the first place, we wouldn't have needed another chance.
There's a call for Mr.
Klane on line five.
He says he's the Skyline Killer it's him.
Take it there.
Danno, try to get a trace.
One, two, go! - It's Klane.
- You tried to set me up.
I didn't know they were going to be there.
Don't give me that, you Judas goat.
I saw you with them.
They made me go.
I'm under arrest.
MAN: You ruined everything.
I wanted my story told.
Well, we can still do that.
Why don't you just give yourself up? There'll be plenty of time to tell your side of things.
- You think I'm stupid? KLANE: Of course not.
- But I do think you need help.
MAN: You mean a nuthouse? Never.
Never again.
I'm not crazy.
I didn't say you were.
Why don't you just relax so we can talk? MAN: You mean, so you can trace this call.
No way I just called to tell you one thing.
Because of you, someone's gonna die tonight.
KLANE: Now, just-- McGARRETT: Danno? - Not enough time, Steve.
What are you gonna do? You can't cover every high-rise in the city.
Yeah, with a little luck, we may not have to.
We may not know where he's gonna strike, but we know when.
He just said so himself.
- What about, uh, helicopters? - No, no.
Too visible.
He'd just wait for another night.
What about putting a warning on TV.
? That really could cause a panic.
Frightened women are already reporting every shadow.
No, no, no.
Now, we're gonna play our ace in the hole.
Which is? The killer sent a dozen red carnations to each of his victims.
Remember? Now, those posies could be his undoing.
Danno, call H.
Ask them to check every flower shop in this city.
I want a list of orders for red carnations placed today, -for delivery today.
- Right on it.
Do you mind if I see this through? Why? So you can get your story? So I can try to get this girl off my conscience.
Well, that's gonna take some doing, pal.
I'd like to help.
I'm sure I'd recognize his voice again.
When we catch him, you'll get your chance.
- Hi, Jimmy.
- These just arrived for you.
- What? Another secret admirer? - It must be tough being so popular.
Not as tough as it would be if they stopped coming.
Thank you.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
Chief, I need all of your off-duty men.
Yes, I realize that, but this may be our one shot at the killer.
There's no way we can cover all the possible targets with the manpower we have available.
Thank you, chief.
I appreciate your cooperation.
- Steve.
- Yeah, Danno? This just came in.
These are the orders of shops that deliver until midnight.
- There can't be too many, Danno.
- You'd be surprised.
My God.
Look at this.
One dozen red carnations to a Mary Ellen Klane.
- Klane's daughter.
- Yeah.
Can you think of a more likely victim for his sick mind? The order came from a Maui flower shop.
For a psycho, he went to a lot of trouble to throw us off the track.
Boy, he sure did.
Good work, Danno.
Hold it.
[POLICE SIREN WAILING] [PANTING] Hold it! He's coming down the inside stairs.
[TIRES SCREECH] Move this arm away from the building.
McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
Move it! Put him down, right in the middle of those officers.
Book him, Danno.
Book him.
Sure will, Steve.