Hawaii Five-O (1968) s11e21 Episode Script

The Year of the Horse

- You killed my daughter.
- No! Listen to me! I didn't.
You gave her drugs to carry.
[SCREAMING] JONAS: He's got a knife! He's got a knife! - [WHIMPERS] You had everything! - You weren't there- You didn't know what it was like.
I was sick and injured, and there were certain things I had to do just to survive.
These orders are specific.
We cannot proceed.
It would violate International law.
That's sheer nonsense, inspector.
Anybody who deals in drugs at this level, are mass murderers and violate human law.
[GRUNTS] STEWARDESS: Ladies and gentlemen, we are now making our final approach to Honolulu.
Please fasten your seat belts and extinguish all smoking material.
The temperature in Honolulu is 87 degrees Fahrenheit.
We hope you enjoy your stay Aloha.
CORONER: She died of massive pulmonary arrest, Steve.
She never knew what hit her.
One plastic envelope broke open.
Eight ounces of pure heroin blew her out like a candle.
Pure heroin? That's a contradiction.
She was carrying it in her stomach.
In her stomach? TAAKI: Gruesome, Steve, but not an uncommon way to smuggle drugs.
And, as yet, impossible for customs to detect.
Unless there's an accident, and the packet breaks internally.
TAAKI: Who was the girl? - Terri Ramos, Indonesian passport.
Resident I.
card, Singapore.
Airline tickets purchased in Bangkok.
That figures, Steve.
The analysis of the heroin found in her stomach matches the index of junk from one of the busiest heroin labs in Southeast Asia.
TAAKI: Steve, you read the Felix testimony before the Grand Jury.
That ties in with what was said there.
There's definitely a Honolulu connection to this Southeast Asia operation.
I know, Taaki, but I can't go along with everything that was said there.
Yeah, well, um, I got some things to do.
Doc, send me a copy of the autopsy report as soon as possible.
Right, Steve.
[DOOR OPENS] The Governor's name was mentioned in that Grand Jury testimony.
[DOOR CLOSES] I know that, Taaki.
I know that.
But, I can't go along with that theory.
I've known the governor since I came to Hawaii.
He's an honorable, God-fearing, man.
In no way could he be connected with this.
It's some diabolical plot to discredit him.
Well, the rumor alone will hurt him badly, Steve.
Especially when her death hits the papers.
Well, it's not gonna hit the papers, Taaki.
Not for a while, anyway.
Take a look at that.
That's a telex I sent to Chief Inspector Chu, in Singapore.
TAAKI: "Arriving Sunday, Flight 289, to investigate possible Honolulu connection in the death of your subject, Terri Ramos.
Will be traveling under the name of Kevin Riley.
Request that you keep investigation confidential until my arrival.
Steve McGarrett.
Hawaii Five-O.
" Singapore? I'm going to Singapore, Taaki.
I'm going to Singapore, and I'm going to find the Honolulu connection.
WOMAN [ON PA]: Flight 114 to Tokyo I talked to Chu on the plane radio.
He's meeting me.
He's got a car waiting for you.
I'll be at the Mandarin Hotel.
- Where am I staying? - Over at the police academy.
They want you for a series of lectures on police work in a multiracial society.
I told them you were an expert, Danno, so don't let me down.
- Aye-aye, Steve.
- Cheer up, Danno.
There are more than 800 women on the Singapore Police Force.
- Welcome to Singapore.
- Thank you.
[WOMAN SPEAKING IN MALAY ON PA] - What is the purpose of your visit? - I'm on business.
- Welcome to Singapore.
- Thank you.
WOMAN: Flight 7 from Manila is now arriving at Gate 2.
[WOMAN SPEAKING IN MALAY ON PA] That looks familiar.
- Kevin Riley? - Yes.
- Mister Chu? - Inspector Chu.
Let me take your bag.
It looks better for an arriving business man.
Oh, thank you, but carrying my own bag has become a habit.
Like carrying your own gun, perhaps? Yes, I have one in my luggage.
Why? Well then, I must ask you to surrender it.
Aren't police officers in Singapore armed? Some.
But, they are Singapore officers.
Uh, inspector, I have a feeling that you're uptight about something.
Not at all, Mr.
[BOTH SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] It'd better be good, John.
You better get it right the first time.
You're a fool.
I told you to stay away from here.
Let's talk mule talk, John.
Now, you knew that that girl was connected with me.
Now, why did you recruit her? That's what I call a mistake, John.
A serious mistake.
She needed the money.
She didn't need the money.
She was General Oban's daughter.
Now you know what that's going to mean, if he finds out who recruited her, don't you, John.
I need a drink.
Have they any way of tracing her to you? SAN DOVER: Yes, they do.
COSSETT: How? May I ask? SANDOVER: It's my problem.
COSSETT: I don't like it.
I don't like it, at all! You don't like it? You caused it, John! McGARRETT: Have you held off on your investigation of Terri Ramos? Yes.
We followed the instructions contained in your telex.
Nobody knows she's dead.
But we have some very alert newspaper chaps here, so we had to proceed cautiously.
I see that the girl worked as a nightclub singer.
Yes, at one of our chief local clubs.
But she'd only been here a shod while.
You don't have much of a line on her, do you, inspector? As I said, she was new here.
And she left no trail.
But, the people who recruited her have one deadly weapon: money.
A persevering chap in the Drug Enforcement Agency is likely to find a suitcase with a bundle in the back seat of his car.
Well, a lot of good men have succumbed to that inducement.
- Have you any leads at this end? - We have many.
Perhaps too many.
They extend throughout Southeast Asia.
[CAR HORN HONKS] Well, I'm interested in the one that points to Honolulu.
Is the German still in town, John? Luke, you're not thinking of another excursion, at this time? Why not? When you make a mistake, you correct it.
Right? I say no.
Greed and fear.
They tear you apart.
And, you're a classic case, John.
Remember, you're just the one who makes the phone calls.
I'm the one that moves the goods.
And, the punishment for that is death by hanging.
Well, John, at these prices, I can always afford someone else to make my calls.
I hold up my end.
It's not who dials the telephone.
It's who you get on the other end that counts.
It's going to be a big one, John.
The jackpot.
Twenty kilos.
Well, greed or fear? Which is it gonna be? All right.
Contact him, and set the price.
And I don't want any more mistakes.
Yes, sir, commander.
Boom, boom, boom! This is love, darling.
Latin love.
You feel it in your pelvis.
All right.
All right.
Let's take a break.
I'm gonna kill myself.
You'll never dance.
Your feet are too big.
You Terri Ramos' manager? There's no such word as "fanny" in the Chinese language.
Did you know that? Mm-mm.
Do you wanna buy her contract? I'd like a first class ticket to London.
Tourist? Charter.
All right.
I'll walk.
You buy the shoes.
Who are you, anyway? The name is Riley.
How exciting, darling.
Well, she's due back today.
Maybe she's in her dressing room.
Let's go.
What's your, uh, interest in Terri? She applied for an insurance policy.
I was just, uh, checking her references.
References? Huh.
Well, let me refer you to that.
She can't sing, but nobody notices.
Look at that savage little rear end, darling.
I've never heard any complaints about that department.
And I should know.
She's half Indonesian.
And the other half is pure boogie, baby.
[JONAS SIGHS] Oh, my God! The whole act! it's ruined! This is a catastrophe! [BOTH SCREAMING] JONAS: He's got a knife! He's got a knife! [GRUNTS] - Are you all right? - Oh, yes.
He was probably after this, the thieving lug.
She left it with me to take care of.
- The man was looking for this? - That's what I think, Danno.
Take a good look at it.
DANNY: A class ring.
United States Naval Academy, 1963.
That's right.
Read the inscription inside.
There are no initials which is unusual.
Looks like they might've been filed off.
Maybe we can bring them up again.
Have them take a look at it in the Singapore police lab.
it's along shot.
Yes, but how many U.
Naval Academy rings are there in Singapore? [TOY CLACKING AND SQUEALING] When our lab irradiated the surface with infra-red light, they got variable reflectivity between the washed and unwashed surfaces.
This is a computer enhanced resolution emphasizing the variability.
We should telex your FBI immediately and request the identity and whereabouts of this man.
I'll telephone Honolulu.
Five-O can contact the Defense Department direct.
Be quicker that way.
, U.
Naval Academy, class of '63.
It shouldn't be too difficult.
- Ah, Mr.
Riley, I am General Oban.
I understand that you are in the insurance business.
There is some matter we should discuss.
May I wait for you at the Clipper Bar? Very well.
I'll be right down.
[ELEVATOR BELL RINGS] Going down? Just waiting, thank you.
Call the bell captain here, and have me paged at exactly, uh, 7:15.
DANNY: Right, Steve.
- General Oban? - Oh, Mr.
- How do you do? Sit.
Please? - Thank you.
- And, uh, my card.
- Thank you.
"Universal Commercial Operations International Limited.
" Very impressive.
What can I do for you? To begin, will you share with me this champagne? In a period of diminishing returns, an investment insensibility is always appropriate.
- You agree? - No, thank you.
I don't share your enthusiasm for champagne, general.
What else don't we share.
You have been making inquiries about my daughter.
- Why? - Your daughter? I don't understand.
Riley, you and I should not play games.
You are here to investigate her death, are you not? - Are you referring to Terri Ramos? - I am.
And she's your daughter? I don't wish to encourage, in others, the belief that what is mine may be handled carelessly, and then disposed of.
That would be very dangerous for a man of my position.
What position is that, general? [CHUCKLES] Let me say, only, that what I have, I have a compulsion to protect.
And don't we all.
[CALL BELL RINGING] Oh, if you'll excuse me, I seem to have a call.
Page, I'll take that.
What are you doing here? [MAN SCREAMING] If it's a gold ring you're after, you tell the man that sent you to call me.
And tell him that the price just went up to 25,000 American.
Now, get out of here.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] - Who is it? OBAN: General Oban.
I wish to pursue our conversation.
Thank you.
This young lady is Miko, my personal secretary.
- She tells me you have already met.
- Yes.
And is searching rooms part of your secretarial skills? I suggested that.
Please, forgive.
She Search only for information as to who you are.
And the man who just tried to kill me, did you also send him? Ha, ha, my dear fellow, if that day should ever come, my efforts, believe me, would not be so clumsy.
Let's hope that your efforts will never be tested, general.
The intruder was waiting here for you when I came in.
He compelled me to stay.
Oh, he compelled you, did he? Mr.
Riley, I don't know who you really are.
But I came to offer you my help in any way that I can.
Help me? Help me do what? Find the man who killed my daughter.
The man who used her to carry heroin.
In return, I can insure you against such, uh, ha, ha, unpleasant incidents as happened tonight.
I appreciate your interest, general.
But I have a feeling that your, uh, insurance comes a bit too high for me.
Very well.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it's been a long day.
Good night.
Miko, my love, will you get the lift? Mr.
Riley, I have the feeling that you are a dedicated hunter.
Good hunting.
- One question, if you don't mind.
- Yes, of course.
How did you learn of the death of your daughter? Is it not most natural that a father will be the first to learn of such tragedy? The tragedy is that she died needlessly, with a massive overdose of heroin at age 23.
And for that, someone will pay.
Thank you.
[BELL RINGS] [SPEAKING IN CHINESE] You silly little man.
A dancer who treads on his own feet.
Why didn't you tell me that was General Oban's daughter? I didn't know, John.
I didn't know.
Has anyone talked to you about her or asked any questions? Just one man.
An American.
What's his name, and What's he look like? Kevin Riley.
Stocky, about two meters, uh Oh.
Fourteen stone, 40, 42.
He said he was an insurance bloke.
Did you mention my name to him? Or anyone? No, John.
- No, and I won't.
- I know that, Jonas.
CHU: What did you get? MAN: This is what you've been waiting for.
"Sandover, Lucas P.
Graduated U.
Naval Academy, Commissioned ensign, same date.
Commander Sandover reported missing in action, presumed dead, over Northern Laos, Survived by Dolores Kent Sandover, widow.
Photo follows.
" - He's been dead for nine years.
- A ghost, with a ring.
We hope you enjoy your stay, madame.
Thank you.
In what room is Mr.
Steve McGarrett registered in, please? Sorry.
We have no Mr.
McGarrett registered here.
My mistake.
- How far are you? - This one makes 12.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] - You do? - Yeah.
We have to clean filtering tanks and run this through again.
We are picking up too many unconverted morphine salts.
Leave it with her.
I need you in Singapore.
We'll finish tonight.
The pig's coming in.
CHU: I brought you a copy of the telex.
You want to see it? McGARRETT: No.
Dan Williams told me the details on the phone.
It appears that Sandover has been dead nine years, huh? But there's still someone in Singapore who wants his ring desperately.
- Have you picked up Jonas yet? - Yes.
The CID picked him out of the Wayan River this morning.
Poor little guy.
I wonder why.
Well, perhaps he was part of the puzzle.
Yeah, possibly.
Tell me what you know about this General Oban.
[CHUCKLES] Many irons in the fire.
Many fires.
He's a very influential man.
Do you think he could have killed Jonas? I doubt it.
When the general has someone removed, there are no awkward things left behind.
Like bodies.
You don't think the general believed your cover story, do you? I don't know.
But he sure knew Terri Ramos was dead, and I'd like to know how.
MAN: On what flight did you arrive, sir? Flight 27 from Hong Kong.
What is the purpose of your visit to Singapore? Pleasure.
- Welcome to Singapore.
- Yeah.
DOLORES: Hello, Mr.
May I buy you a drink? I'm sorry, you have the wrong person.
My name is Riley.
- Kevin Riley.
DOLORES: Is it? Well, Mr.
Riley, maybe it was Steve McGarrett before you changed it? In which case, I'll buy you both a drink.
Very well.
Who are you and what do you want? I'm Dolores Sandover.
Luke Sandover's wife.
I believe my husband is still alive.
One of my friends from the Pentagon alerted me that Hawaii Five-D had made an inquiry about a Naval Academy class ring.
It was Luke's.
Class ring? Hawaii Five-0? I don't understand what this is all about.
Would you kindly explain? Oh, come on, Mr.
My father is Admiral Arnold Kent, stationed at Pearl.
I believe you know each other.
Could I see your passport, please? - My passport? - Your passport.
I'd like to see if you are related to Admiral Kent.
Thank you.
Once the Navy labels someone dead, it's so hard to get anyone to believe otherwise.
I guess I push too hard when it comes to Luke.
I know it.
But I can't seem to help myself.
What makes you think that your husband is still alive? Well, he was on a reconnaissance flight over Laos.
The plane was shot down.
They found the observer's body, but they never found Luke.
But that was over nine years ago.
If he is alive, why doesn't he come back? There could be many reasons.
It was a secret war in Laos.
He could still be held captive, he could be badly injured.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] Oh, I'm sorry.
I've said it so often, I sound like a broken record, even to myself.
But it's just I can't give up.
I know he's still alive.
I feel it.
You know, sometimes, I can almost hear his voice.
I Sit down, please.
Have you ever been convinced that something is true, even though all the evidence pointed to the contrary? Yes, I have.
Excuse me a moment, please.
May I bring you a drink? - What would you like? - Oh, I'd love a vodka tonic.
One vodka tonic for the lady, please.
Sandover, most women in your situation would have given up after nine years.
Possibly married again.
Especially since the Navy declared him legally dead.
Why haven't you? I've had other men, Mr.
I'm not pristine.
But I'm still married to Luke.
You can't kill what I feel here.
The Navy can't label love legally dead.
There's a phone call for you, Mr.
- Oh, thank you.
- This way, please.
Will you excuse me? - Hello? LEE: Mn Riley? Yeah.
We are prepared to buy an insurance policy from you for $25,000.
It will be paid to you in small bills tomorrow morning at 8.
You will be called Please bring the object in question.
Who the hell is this? Say yes if you understand.
Of course.
But I wanna know who I'm dealing with, pal.
Who is this? Mrs.
Sandover, I, uh I'd be glad to help you in any way I can.
But I must warn you that if your husband is alive, he may be engaged in some very serious and ugly criminal operation.
And if I find him, he may spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth Prison- There must be some explanation.
Well, for your sake, I hope there is.
Will you excuse me? [SPEAKING IN MALAY] [PHONE RINGING] Hi.
This is Ong Lee.
I arrived safely.
I await your call to test the merchandise.
LEE: Good.
You wait there.
We'll pick you up.
McGARRETT: Uh, good morning.
I've been waiting for you.
- I wanted to continue our discussion.
- I'm sorry.
I'm in a hurry right now.
Later, perhaps.
McGarrett, there are two ways to play this: pleasantly or unpleasantly.
When it comes to finding my husband, you must include me.
If you don't take me with you, I'll tell the world who Kevin Riley really is.
Dear lady, if you do know me, you should know better than to threaten me.
Learn anything yet? Yeah.
The caller said to be at Mount Faber, alone, in ten minutes.
I need a taxi.
A taxi.
[WHISTLES] I am a snake charmer.
This snake, no poison.
This one no teeth.
This one harmless, sir.
[MAN PLAYING PUNGI] Okay, beat it, pal.
I don't dig snakes.
If you have the ring, hold it in your right hand.
- Who are you? - The caller.
What was the first thing I said to you on the phone? "Who the hell is this?" McGARRETT: There it is.
All right.
We will both go across on the cable.
Get in line for your ticket.
I'll be right behind you.
You'll be right ahead of me.
Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! [CROWD SCREAMING] Luke! Get him! [CROWD SHOUTING] [SHOUTING] DANNY: Let me in.
Except for a few bruises, I'm all right, inspector.
I'm on the Sentosa side.
I'm in here.
Yes, I'll be back.
Steve, For a minute, I thought you were gonna slide down after him.
That's a I wonder where he learned that one.
Anyway, we got one.
We got the bag man.
Look, I have not committed a crime.
I wish to be released.
- I wanna see a doctor.
CHU: You will see a doctor when you need one.
I want answers to some questions.
Where did you get the U.
currency? I don't know.
Someone gave me $20 to sit in the park, and give the briefcase to the right man.
Oh, sure.
I talked to you three times on the phone yesterday, setting this up.
I recognize your voice.
Now you're lying! Who was the man you were with? Who was the man you were with? Take him to detention.
Maybe a little confinement will jog his memory.
- He won't talk.
Bet on it.
- Maybe.
What do you think happened to him when he got to the other side? There are islands in every direction.
But my guess is, he's got a kampong somewhere.
It looks like he's off and running.
If the risk he took was any sign, he's gonna move fast and get out.
At least we know who he is now.
We've seen him.
And we might have had him, if it wasn't for Mrs- Sandover.
Don't forget, if it weren't for the lady, we wouldn't know who he is- You think he saw her, Steve? No question, Danno.
I think he may wanna see her again.
I've got her switchboard monitored.
Inspector, uh, if I may suggest, uh, I'd place a light protective custody around the lady.
That way, if she tries to give us the slip, uh, we'll be ready.
Thank you for your suggestion, Mr.
We continue to benefit from your experience.
[MEN SPEAKING IN MALAY] You're a foul weather bird, John.
Are you all right? I feel like I went 20 with Ali, in his prime.
Aah! Nothing broken, I hope.
Just my spirit, John.
My spirit.
They've got one of my men.
What? Will he talk? How the hell do I know? Would you, John? Would I? I might, John.
I'm sure you would.
What's our next move? My wife was there.
She saw me.
I think it's time to get out.
You said one more time.
The big one.
It's all moving.
The German's there with U.
You've gotta see it through.
I see greed's taken over, John.
Whatever happened to fear? I've always wanted to be a wealthy man.
You know what wealth is? The money your money earns while you're doing something else.
That's what we're gonna be, Luke, after this is over.
[HISSING] All right, John, all right.
But fast.
We move the goods tomorrow, or not at all.
Understand? Tomorrow is the last day.
The guinea pig is here.
And the German's standing by.
Just give me a little bit of leaving time if you can.
I'll let you know where and when.
You understand, if Luke calls, I'm going.
I hope your friend won't be in my way.
Your husband's a desperate man, Mrs.
You realize that he can be dangerous.
DOLORES: You don't know that.
Until yesterday morning, you didn't even know he was alive.
Yeah, well, I know it now.
And I'll tell you something else I know.
The penalty in Singapore for what he's involved in is death by hanging.
I'm Mrs.
- Telephone call for you.
- Thank you.
If he's calling, tell him to turn himself into the police.
So he can be hanged? No, no.
Not if he surrenders himself to American jurisdiction.
He'll get a fair trial.
And life in prison.
Would you prefer death by hanging? Hello- I'm Dolores Sandover.
- Do you have a call for me? SANDOVER: There's no time to talk.
Now, immediately, hang up, and walk to the rear entrance of the hotel.
There's a car waiting for you.
Do if.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] DOLORES: Wait a minute! What are you doing? [SPEAKING IN MALAY] Target has switched to white sedan.
Headed north on Marcross Road.
License number SD1947A.
Should be able to spot them from BZ.
He's heading north.
Don't let them get too close.
If we scare them, we've got to take them.
Nine years I haven't seen you.
- Is that all you can say? - This isn't a conversation.
I need an answer.
In Asia looking for you and I can't believe I finally found you.
Luke, let me look at you.
Look at me.
What's wrong with you? Luke! Why did you let her go? I made Mrs.
Sandover an offer, that if he turns himself over to U.
You what? MAN [OVER RADIO]: Stella Net, this is Nancy Zed Primary is now moving towards target at Victor Zed.
I told her, if Sandover helps us get the rest, you get them.
The U.
government gets him.
That's a fair trade, isn't it, inspector? Uh-huh.
And you get the Honolulu connection.
That's right.
That's what I'm here for, inspector.
SANDOVER: Come on.
Let's go.
Stella Net, this is dispatch.
We need some bodies on the ground at Victor Zed.
They're looking for you.
- You can't hide forever.
- What do they know about me? They know what you're doing, who you are, - and what you look like.
- Yeah.
Thanks to you.
What did you expect me to do when I saw you? Yeah.
Well, I doubt if he'll come back to it.
SANDOVER: Who's the American? A cop? DOLORES: Yes- His name's Steve McGarrett.
He wants to help you, Luke.
He says if you turn yourself over to American jurisdiction, they won't hang you.
Yeah, 20 years in Leavenworth at hard labor, I'd rather hang.
[WHIMPERING] What happened to you? Your life! Your career! You had everything! You didn't know what it was like.
I was injured and there were certain things I had to do, just to survive.
I got in deep.
I got in so deep, I couldn't get out.
And I was ashamed.
I couldn't face you or your father.
That's a lie.
I didn't wanna come back.
I hated the whole damn system that put me there in the first place.
All right.
But what about us now? Well, that's up to you.
I've had it.
I'm getting out.
You can come with me if you want.
- Can I? - Yeah.
They're looking for you, Luke.
- You're wanted.
- Wanting isn't getting.
With a couple of million dollars and a talent for getting lost, they'll never find me.
I guarantee it.
I know some places the natives don't even know about.
Come with me.
What about the $2 million worth of dope? Listen, if I don't sell it, somebody else will.
We've saturated the area with, uh, plain-clothed officers.
What a strange place to come to.
I don't see how we can avoid picking him up.
Not if I know him, Danno.
I'll be right back.
Let's see the map, Danno.
This looks like the closest border, due west.
I figured he'd stay close to water.
- The Kranji River.
- Yeah.
Maybe we can get between him and the Mandai Village, here.
I wonder how Sandover will try to get out of the area.
How would an Annapolis graduate do it, Danno? Let McGarrett help you, Luke.
Please? Please.
Let him help us, Luke.
All right.
You talk to the American cop, if he's got anything reasonable to say, I'll listen.
- You mean it.
SANDOVER: Of course, I do.
I need you.
Oh, I love you.
My men just picked up Mrs- Sandover at the white car.
Sandover? What about Sandover? He either eluded us or he's still here.
Perhaps Mrs.
Sandover will shed some light.
I doubt it.
But I think you and Danno should try anyway.
Make sure she's protected, inspector.
- What do you intend to do? - Find him, if I can.
If you find him here, you have no authority to take him.
If I find him, we'll discuss the legalities later.
He's gonna recognize you pretty quick, Steve.
Maybe not, Danno.
Very quickly.
HO: You must lead me.
[WOMAN SPEAKING IN CHINESE] Caucasian man, with a hat.
Where did he go? [SANDOVER SPEAKING IN MALAY] [WOMAN SPEAKING IN CHINESE] [ENGINE WHIRRING] The prayer of seven contentments.
He forgot his sacred text.
A broken-down Hong Kong Chinese in $3 hotel room.
Is this a big narcotics operation? Maybe we're moving in the wrong direction.
This is their guinea pig.
The man who tests the quality of their goods before they take delivery.
He's probably a long-time addict from Hong Kong.
Let's put this place under surveillance.
I see that he hasn't finished his prayers.
This stuff is 80 plus.
You stepped on it once.
That makes it about 40 plus now.
That's pretty high.
I don't want any accidents.
No, no, no.
No accidents are possible.
This is the year of the horse.
MURIMAN: You see.
From the Krangi inlet, over there, a fast boat is only five minutes from sanctuary across the straits in Johore.
Within minutes, you're at the closest international waters.
Well, he's out there somewhere.
Every time he runs, he runs to the sea.
And they'll have fast boats.
You can bet on that.
Their pattern is to buy the latest engines and soup them up.
Quite right.
Very fast.
Very fast.
It's just like catching tadpoles with your hands.
Maybe you catch nothing.
So the bottom line is, if we're gonna catch them, we have to match them on the water, huh? Correct.
And my chaps are always delighted to test their skills.
- How fast do these police boats go? - Oh, about 18 knots.
- That's fast enough.
- Yeah.
- Hello? - John, is your man there? Yeah.
What about Ho? Yeah, I got him here.
Put your man on the blower.
Come on.
Come on.
Very strong surge on the needle.
Good peak.
Very fine Finish.
Small even crystal.
Take the cut well.
Appears stable.
No condensation or granulation.
I sampled three out of the 20 kilos.
Hello? You got it.
On a scale of one to ten, he says it's a 20.
Now come on, is it a go? I can't hang in here forever.
- Yeah.
- It's a go.
All right.
We'll be on schedule.
Just make sure you're there.
Small bills.
Only U.
No Yen, no Marks, no Swiss Franks.
COSSETT: You got it.
Take him back to the hotel and dump him.
[MEN SPEAKING IN MALAY] Better get an ambulance for this one.
- No.
Do as I tell you.
- Why? What have I done? - You killed my daughter.
COSSETT: No! Listen to me! I didn't! - You gave her drugs to carry.
No, listen to me, general.
I swear.
I swear, it was my partner.
I had nothing to do with it.
I warned him.
I told him to keep away from her.
It was Luke Sandover.
DOCTOR: The respiratory stimulants have done the job.
You can talk to him now, inspector.
Thank you.
You're a long way from home, Mr.
I want to ask you some questions.
Where did you go to get the last fix? Thirsty bee, tell the humming bird where the nectar is.
CHU: No.
But if the bee doesn't tell me where he got the last fix, there won't be any more nectar.
We were on a ship.
That's all I know.
I'm blind.
Uh, inspector, excuse me a moment, please.
Ho, you can't see, but you have other senses, perhaps more acute than those who can see.
Tell me about the ship you were on.
You are American.
Yes, I am.
It smelled bad.
The smell of rust and stale curry.
The smell of rust and stale curry could be every ship east of Suez.
How long were you on the small boat that took you out to the large ship? Three hundred and fifty cycles.
Cycles of what? I breathe 900 cycles per hour.
That's strange.
Why do you count your breaths? It's a way to tell the distance when one cannot see.
I see.
Thank you.
Just a minute.
Nine hundred cycles.
Nine hundred cycles.
Nine hundred cycles.
Sixty minutes in an hour, that would be 15 cycles every minute.
Um, in what direction were you going Mr.
Ho? Could you tell? Was the sun up? Uh, did the sun hit you on the face or on the back? I looked at the direction of the sun, yes.
I balance the warmth on my face.
The boat runs off to the south, a little.
Not much at first, but always more and more.
Let's see.
West, southwest, veering a little to southwest.
But at what speed? At maximum speed for any boats around here.
Perhaps, 30 knots.
The goods are ready for them, brother.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] We'll put the goods in number two, but we'll keep it on the water.
If they try anything stupid, we'll have the jump on them.
Just you and two of the guys, and the goods.
- Fine? - Fine.
[MEN SPEAKING IN MALAY] And if I run away, where will you be, brother? Swimming in the bloody ocean after you, brother.
[LAUGHS] [SPEAKING IN MALAY] Let me see your smiling face, John.
COSSETT: I'm here, Luke.
Come in very slowly.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] They land you, only you, and then back off.
Have you no faith in your fellow men? None whatever.
[COSSETT CHUCKLES] I said, back off.
[GUNSHOT] We'll unload the goods first, and then We'll celebrate.
I have a bottle of something special, just for you.
And I got something special just for you, Luke.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] Yes, you have.
You most certainly have.
Let them sit out there and wait, while you and I have a real count out.
Just like the old paydays.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] If Alexander had your leadership qualities, he might have made something of himself.
When it comes to counting out money, John, I don't need outside help.
Well, the buyer's associate wants to come over and check the goods.
Have a drink.
The goods are out there in the boat.
They can check it all from out there and then leave.
You and I will do all the drinking.
Your new found caution is commendable, Luke.
It's gonna take a bit of getting used to.
You're gonna walk me down to the boat with the cases.
No, John.
Not you.
You're not the double-crossing type.
Circumstances change, Luke.
Pick up the cases and start walking.
It's not gonna work, John.
These boys will kill us both.
No, they won't.
They'll do what you say to do.
Tell them to go about their business.
Do it or I'll kill you right here and take my chances.
Don't forget.
I understand Malay.
You go first.
Tell your men to get out of the boat.
When we get down to the bottom, you stand quietly.
SANDOVER: I know what's bothering you, John.
The police are getting close.
You think, if they got me, they're gonna get you.
Relax, John.
Trust me.
Back off now, while there's still a chance.
This is gonna be the last haul, anyway.
You know that.
Tell them it's all right.
Get in the boat.
Tell him to let the rope go.
Keep smiling, and full ahead.
[ENGINE REVS] [JOHN SCREAMS] You made a much better friend than you made an enemy, brother John.
These are the territorial waters.
These are international waters.
This is the line of demarcation.
We can enter and leave the international zone as we please.
But we cannot engage in any action once we are out of Singapore territorial waters.
SELAH: Are you all right? Are you all harmed? I'm all right.
The Malayan police must be on the way.
They must've heard the shots.
Take four guys per boat.
Lead the rest to the fishing party.
And no weapons.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] Let's get out of here and head for the freighter.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] Take a look, Danno.
- That look familiar? - Yeah.
Come on.
Hard right.
My God, it's Sandover.
If he gets out much further, he'll be in international waters.
- You cannot touch him.
- Maybe.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] Fire at the water line.
[GUNSHOT] [GUNFIRE] [SPEAKING IN MALAY] Ready to cut engines.
[CHU SPEAKING IN MALAY] They're in international waters.
I'm sorry.
They've won.
You're sorry? We've got to take them, inspector.
- Don't you understand that? - No.
Absolutely not.
Captain, I'd like a word with you.
- I insist that you pursue that boat.
- Mr.
McGarrett! These orders are specific.
We cannot proceed.
It would violate international law.
That's sheer nonsense, inspector.
Anybody who deals in drugs at this level are mass murderers and violate human law.
I realize that, Mr.
Now, the best we can do is pick up the other boat.
Well, that's not the best I can do.
There's no sign of anyone.
What do you think? Plenty money now.
They all go celebrate.
All right.
Take us in.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] OBAN: Welcome aboard, Mr.
Ah That would be your second error.
Equal in severity and stupidity to your first.
I don't know what you're talking about or who you are.
I think otherwise, Sandover.
Bring her! [SPEAKING IN MALAY] The eight ounces of heroin that you used to kill my daughter, now are your wife's portion.
She has five ounces left to consume.
What do you want? Money? how much? Only you, Sandover.
You will surrender yourself to me.
And I will allow your wife to go.
Otherwise, she will be fed the remaining portion.
I allow you five minutes to consider this matter.
And I remind you, you have a choice where I had none.
[MOTORBOAT APPROACHING] - Our brothers arrive.
They escaped.
- I don't think so.
- You're the American, huh? - Yeah.
And you're the Annapolis graduate, hey, commander? OBAN: Mr.
McGarrett, your presence here was not expected, but you stand next to the man who killed my daughter.
If you can persuade him to surrender himself to me, I will allow his wife to go free.
And you.
The Singapore Police are on the way, general.
You better let me handle this.
Ah, Mr.
We are in international waters.
You know that.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] Sandover, two minutes.
Surrender yourself to me, you'll get a fair trial.
Maybe Oban will settle for that.
You don't really believe that, do you, McGarrett? You wanna live? I'll live.
You can bet on it.
And you're gonna leave your wife here with him? He won't kill her, McGarrett.
It's my blood he wants.
[GUNFIRE] Yeah, that's obvious.
Hold your fire, I'm coming up.
I'm unarmed.
Is there a way out? Yeah, if I can kill the general and McGarrett, there is.
- General.
OBAN: McGarrett.
And stop there.
[SPEAKING IN MALAY] I've come for Mrs- Sandover.
And you may have her.
After her husband surrenders himself to me.
Not before.
I'm taking her with me.
She's an American citizen.
You have no right to hold her.
OBAN: McGarrett, killing you is not of interest to me.
I'm interested only in avenging the murder of my daughter.
Then you should use the gun on yourself, general.
You killed your daughter.
She was carrying your heroin.
- That's how you knew of her death.
- You lie.
You're the Honolulu connection.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here now.
And neither would this.
- You lie.
- I'm taking her.
There's no more time for you or Sandover.
Lie down on the deck.
Lie down on the deck.
You want to die now? SANDOVER: All right, general, I'm coming up.
You look amused, general.
Sandover's reaction vindicates my judgment of him.
It would appear he places some value on his wife's life.
Don't count on it, general.
Don't count on it.
- May I? - Yes- Of course.
Now both hands on top of your head.
You lose, commander.
You lose.
We were stopped down below, Steve, waiting to see who won up here.
Just death up here, Danno.
They killed each other.
Ironic, isn't it? They inflicted a hell of a lot of pain between them before they died.
I wonder how much good all their dirty money's gonna do them now.
Yeah, I wonder.
He was thinking only of himself, even at the last, wasn't he? Yeah, I'm afraid so.
Can you live with that? I can live with the truth.
WOMAN [OVER PA]: Flight 1 to Hong Kong is now boarding at Gate 7.
You've been so very good to me, Mr.
Good bye.
Goodbye, pretty lady.
I hope the pain in here will ease for you.
It already has.
- At least the Search is over.
- Yeah.
That's the nicest thing that's happened to me in Singapore.
Sandover, your flight's boarding now.
All right.
Good bye.
When do you fly out? Oh Tonight, I guess.
I've got to testify before the Grand Jury in Honolulu, on Monday.
Why don't you come visit us, inspector? Eddie.
Call me Eddie.
Okay, Eddie.
It's a good idea.
I need a vacation.
That's your cover.
But why are you really coming to Honolulu?