HawthoRNe (2009) s02e03 Episode Script

Road Narrows

Camille? What are you doing? Oh, hi, Mom.
Here, wait.
Let me just help you with that.
Hold it, hold it.
Take this.
Okay? Oh, sorry.
Uh, usually, you take the chair, pull into the door, not through it.
I was gonna try that next.
Now, what in the world are you doing here? Volunteering.
For what, patient-crushing? Marcus thought it would be a good idea.
For college.
Marcus? Yeah.
I'm doing What about studying? It's for college! College? Or Marcus? We have to get to radiology.
All right.
We're gonna talk about this, okay? Mmm-hmm.
And back into the doors.
Man, this is so good.
I can see why the Japanese wanted to enslave you.
I told you Koreans could contribute to society sometimes.
Hyun, the only thing Korean about you is your last name.
I was born in Rock Island, Illinois.
What do you want? A little more authenticity.
Tell me something, Korean pride.
Why isn't Cat Stevens played more often? I don't know.
'Cause he's not some untalented 16-year-old.
Isn't that what passes for music these days? Well, think about it.
Restaurants, airports, hospital waiting rooms.
When's the last time you heard Cat Stevens in those places? The world's a more cynical place these days.
Life would be more pleasant with a little Wild World, my friend.
I think Christina's the one.
I think I'm actually ready to commit.
Have what you have.
Korean marinated beef wrapped in a burrito? Jerk.
Oh, you mean, uh, sleepless nights, screaming kids, 20 pounds in the gut, and sex in the shower, alone? Well, you know what? A few years ago, I would've said no way, but Today? Wow, I'm weepy.
Do you have any balls? You know what? Here's to you, man.
All that stuff you hear about life ending when you decide to make a commitment, it's all true.
But it's worth it.
So, uh, you think it's too soon for me to ask her to go away for a weekend? Not if it's someplace remote.
That way she can't run off.
Oh, and about my balls? What, the, uh, hairless ones? Uh, that's an Asian thing.
Doesn't make us less masculine, bro.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Oh, actually, that goes, uh, down the hall and to the right.
Sorry about that.
What's up? Him.
Oh, if we could only clone that kid.
I can't tell you how many times he's saved my ass.
This ER would be a real mess without him.
Plus, he knows how to handle Gail.
You know Camille is volunteering because of him.
Camille's volunteering? Mmm-hmm.
Well, I guess they are dating.
She's not allowed to date.
Maybe they're just hooking up then.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? Uh, making out.
These days, blow jobs.
Yeah, blow jobs, hummers.
It's like a handshake to kids.
She better not be shakin' nothin'.
I guarantee whatever they're doing, it's way more than what you and Tom are doing.
Is everything all right? Everything's fine.
Uh, we just got a phone call in about an accident near the hospital.
We're not the paramedics.
People, we need some help! A car just slammed into a crowd! There's a lot of hurt people! Some of them are ours! Call 911.
No, no, no.
We're going.
You can't.
This is ridiculous.
Gail, those are our people out there! This is off of hospital property! It's a liability! Get some backboards, some "C" collars, and some kits! Let's make it! It's a mistake! I'll take that chance.
Grab that bag? Go, go, go, go! Why is this crate here? Hey, get this out of here! There's an hour's wait at your loading dock! Hey, you're blocking everything.
When you're done with this patient, meet us down there.
Move this now! Yeah.
Looks like she's got a broken ankle.
Check her ABC's, make sure she doesn't have any head injuries or neck injuries.
When you're done, check out the dad, okay? All right, baby, we're gonna take care of you, okay? Bobbie, grab the KED.
We need to get her out of the car.
KED and gurney to the passenger side.
Bobbie, grab a backboard.
Hey, don't move him, okay? Wait for the EMTs for that.
Let's get some oxygen going.
She's got agonal respiration.
Christina, we need some help over here! Excuse me.
Tom! Tom! I need someone over here right away! Okay.
Come on, sweetie, wake up.
Tom, can you hear me? Oh, God.
Come on.
Do you know where you are? Where's Paul? We have an MCI.
Tell the blood bank we need to type and cross multiple victims.
Come on, move it! Move! Marcus, make sure the trauma bay's open.
Go! Heart is regular rate and rhythm.
No murmurs, gallops, or rubs.
What's going on in there? Tom, I don't know.
Christina, go check on him.
No, we got to worry about you right now, okay? No, no, I'm fine.
Christina, go check on Paul.
We got a probable hemothorax.
We should check his pleural cavity for blood.
Let's get a CT scan for his head and neck.
Pupils are fixed and dilated.
Looks like a compound fracture on his leg.
Let's keep that stabilized and get a portable X-ray in here right away.
Let's get his vitals.
So? They're working on him, okay? "Working on him"? Working on what? What's the diagnosis? Is he alive? Is he conscious? Tom, listen to me, all right? I need for you to relax.
Okay? He's aspirating! Roll him.
No blood in his belly.
Morrison's pouch is clean.
We should repeat the exam in an hour.
Check for any possible occult bleeder.
The coughing up of blood was probably micro tears in his oropharynx or esophagus.
They should heal on their own.
Should we get him to CT? Yeah.
I'll take him.
Oh, man! Bobbie, don't take him anywhere.
I'll be right back.
If you don't have business here, please step outside.
I'm sorry.
It's It's okay.
I got it.
Don't bother.
We don't administer medication that falls on the floor.
Camille, what happened? Oh, you know this girl? I do.
She's my daughter.
A patient on seven left his glasses.
They asked me to bring them up.
Actually, I got them over here.
Thank you.
Come here.
It's all good, all right? Things happen.
Go ahead.
Did his lung collapse? He had blood fill his pleural cavity.
The doctor had to put a chest tube in and sedate him, but he's stable now.
What about CT scans for his head or even X-rays for his tibia and other fractures? You read my mind.
Thank you.
Where's Christina? I'll go find her.
How you feeling, Tom? Like I've been hit by a car.
Well, the follow-up exams show no sign of any occult bleeder.
But your elbow has significant fractures.
Just tell me about Paul.
We're monitoring him.
Monitoring him for what? He's a patient now, Tom.
You know we can't divulge any of the information.
Oh, come on.
You can't or you You don't want to? Hey.
Okay, see you in a bit.
What's going on with the grandmother? Oh.
What's not going on with her? Fractured sternum, ruptured diaphragm, pulmonary edema, cardiac contusion.
I'm afraid that ventilator's her new best friend.
Talk about wrong place, wrong time.
I heard she was the one that ran into Tom and Paul.
She caused the whole thing.
No one ran into them first? Did she have a heart attack, seizure? Any evidence of drugs? Still looking into it.
What about the boy? He hit his head on the window.
He's experiencing some dizziness, looks like concussion.
We should get him up to peds.
Hey, hey! There can only be one at a time.
You go first.
You go in there.
Come on.
Everything okay? Yeah.
We're doing what we can.
I heard what happened.
How are our people? Dr.
Hyun underwent a successful thoracostomy.
He's stable.
Thank God.
But he's still unconscious.
I'll call his family.
How's Tom? He still needs some follow-up exams.
Micro tears in his esophagus are healing.
Severe elbow fractures.
Could be nerve damage, but we got him in scan, so What do you need from me? A traffic cop.
Idiots! Get that thing out of here! Come on, get out! Pick it up! I hear there's a problem with the ambulances out front.
Yeah, there's a new MRI scanner that the delivery guys will not move out of the way.
That's Erin Jameson's pet project.
I'll take care of that.
How're you holding up? I'm fine, thanks.
I'm glad you're here, Christina.
Christina! Yes.
Kelly's here to take the boy from the accident.
How's Tom? Hey! I just heard what happened.
Where's Wakefield? He's upstairs getting his arm scanned.
His arm? How bad is it? That's what I'm about to find out.
Listen, I need for everybody to stay focused, okay? Just get to your floors.
We've got a lot of patients to see, okay? Bobbie, I need you to call in the night shift early, okay? Thanks.
Oh, Christina! You're gonna want to go outside.
Look, we didn't pay top dollar for you to install a crate in front of our ER entrance.
Hey, that's not my problem, Smithers.
Installation, that's the buyer's responsibility.
Move the crate.
You know, this hospital does hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of business with your company! I don't know anything about that.
Well, your boss does! Why don't I call him and tell him we're gonna pull all of our accounts immediately? And I thought I left Afghanistan.
My God.
What are you doing here? You weren't supposed to be here for another three months! Is it always this crazy? Yes, it is.
Why are you back so early? Just am.
So, I was hoping I can get my job back.
Technically, your job went away with Richmond Trinity.
But don't worry, Morrissey knows I need some extra hands, and I'll tell him I have a qualified applicant, so when he's done charming those guys out there, I'll talk to him.
Thank you.
Tom, leave your arm alone, okay? You know better than that.
They said there's possible nerve damage.
Well, we got good people.
They'll fix it.
They don't know if I'll regain full mobility.
We've seen worse cases than this where there was full recovery.
Nerve damage could affect my fine motor skills.
Tom, you'll operate again.
Why won't anyone tell me what is going on with Paul? They treated his hemothorax.
His head CT scans are normal.
He's stable.
He hasn't regained consciousness yet.
But listen, it's only a matter of time.
It's Paul.
What's wrong? He's awake.
I told you I hate Korean food.
I'm sorry.
I forgot, Rock Island, Illinois.
At least it's not a complete loss.
Now you can pretend you know everything about our culture.
Yeah, your sister would be impressed.
Must be real tough, living as a white male in America.
I wouldn't know.
You tell me.
We were lucky.
Hey, it's a good thing you're chief of surgery.
You'd probably still be in the waiting room.
Being chief here's not so bad.
I got my own parking spot.
I know.
I'm in it.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Calvin Klein? Excuse me? Your fragrance, is it Calvin Klein? Actually, I'm not wearing any cologne.
Ray! Candy? I've been looking everywhere for you.
Is it really you? What are you doing here? I came to ask Christina for a job.
Oh, God.
Come on.
I thought you were still there for three more months.
Were you hurt? Are you AWOL? No, I'm not AWOL.
Are you military? Army.
Me too.
VMI graduate.
So, were you a combat nurse, as well? I'm afraid that's classified.
Candy, are you sure everything's okay? Because I heard when people come back early, it's 'cause something went wrong.
Not always.
The doctor said you're gonna be okay.
Just a slight bump on your head, and we're gonna keep you overnight.
Your grandmother's gonna be okay.
It's my grandmother's fault everyone's here.
It was a terrible accident.
It's no one's fault.
She wasn't paying attention.
She's done it before.
She stepped on the gas instead of the brake.
Are you sure? We've been waiting for hours.
I know, and I apologize, but it's a war zone.
Let me see what I can do.
Hey, Bobbie, I finally got a bed for her in the ICU.
You better take it.
That's great.
Good job.
Look what I found.
You're back.
It's not 'cause she's AWOL, if that's what you're thinking.
Sing a tune for them later, Backstreet.
The bed's going fast.
What? I want to hear everything about your time over there.
We have a lot to talk about.
Her test results came back negative for troponins.
No sign of drugs, a stroke, or anything else that could have distracted her.
Kelly's looking after the grandson.
He thinks grandma got confused and hit the gas instead of the brake.
Aren't there supposed to be annual driving tests for old people or something? I'm Justin Adams' father.
Is he okay? Where is our son? Can we see him? Yes.
He's in pediatrics.
He's fine.
He's had a bump on the head so we want to keep him overnight.
I'll page his doctor for you.
What about my mother? Is she with Justin or Your mother suffered a contused lung.
She requires a mechanical ventilator.
A mechanical For how long? I'm afraid there's no way to tell.
She just went to ICU.
I'll call up and let them know you're here.
Who ran into her? How'd this all happen? We're not sure, but Justin thought that perhaps maybe your mother got confused and hit the gas instead of the brake.
Is that possible? I mean, it's never happened before.
Did she have a heart attack or something? No, no.
There was no evidence of a heart attack.
You on strike? I'm glad you're here.
Me too.
Somebody help! Please! He's not breathing! Is it Paul? Yeah.
Oh, please.
What are they doing to him? What are they doing? to make sure that he's breathing.
Listen, Tom, just relax.
You can hardly walk! What are you doing? Just let go of me, okay? Tom, please! Tom! Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Stop, stop, stop.
Christina, I need to get to him.
Help me.
Everybody, clear the way! Coming through! I should go with him! No, no, no.
You can't do that.
Your mom is 64, so she doesn't qualify for Medicare.
Is she a dependent on your health-insurance coverage? We don't have any health insurance.
I've been out of work for a year now, and our COBRA just ran out.
What about personal health insurance or auto insurance? Can't afford it.
But I swear we'll pay everything eventually.
Just put us on some type of payment plan, and we'll honor it.
Please, just do everything you can.
We'll get you the money somehow.
We don't cut folks off, sir.
We'll take care of her.
Looking for Mr.
and Mrs.
We're with the Richmond Police Department.
I need to ask you some questions about your mother's accident.
Hey! What about my daughter? You said you'd take care of her.
I did, and I'm sorry.
But we had two surgeons injured in that accident, and we're very shorthanded.
That's not my problem.
You're still a hospital, aren't you? We have more critical cases today.
Oh, you mean like their mother, the speed demon? Why should that bitch get care before any of us? She shouldn't even have a license! Dad! You'll have to bear with me.
This elevator's really slow.
God, we should've never let her drive.
She was fine.
We should've seen this coming.
She had one small fender bender in a parking lot.
There was no way to foresee this.
We ignored it.
Just like everything else.
Now look.
We had no choice.
Someone had to get Justin from school.
We just can't deal with it.
We can't.
Not right now.
We'll be all right.
We'll figure it out.
We'll get through this somehow.
I'll figure a way.
God, what if she's arrested? She's not gonna get arrested.
Will we be sued? Baby, we're not gonna be sued.
Let's just be thankful Justin's okay.
Thanks so much.
We just started renovating the house.
I just finished renovating.
I wish you would have told me earlier.
I would have tried to talk you out of it.
Paul's idea.
It started with him just wanting to replace the carpeting with hardwood floors.
That's how it starts.
Now we're making a powder room on the first floor, expanding the garage, and moving the kitchen over a few feet.
How long did it take before that got out of hand? You should see the color he chose for the powder room.
"Peace and Comfort.
" It's this bluelpurple hue.
Trust me, it doesn't work for a powder room.
But he likes it.
Well, I bet you if you decided to paint that room an entirely different color, he wouldn't even notice.
I might just have to do that.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
Yeah, there he is.
Kelly, this is Ben and Sara, Justin's parents.
Nice to meet you.
Oh! Oh, God! We were so worried about you.
You okay, buddy? Yeah.
Where does it hurt, honey? He hit his head on the window.
But, luckily, it wasn't that bad.
So he should be just fine.
Thank God you're okay.
I saw a lot of stuff in Afghanistan, Ray.
You know, like hospitals being built in the morning and being fully operational within hours, and then they just pick up and move again.
We were treating not just the troops but civilians.
I mean, it was impressive.
You know, it made me see what kind of things are really possible.
Why did you come back so early? So, are you seeing anybody? Okay, you know me, all right? Keeping my options open, playing the field.
That kind of stuff.
You should go to med school, Ray.
Stop putting it off like you think you have time.
Time runs out in a second.
It's one of the biggest things I learned overseas.
What if that's not what I want? Med school.
What do you want? You should go after whatever it is that you do want.
See you tomorrow, co-worker.
You count on it, Candy, RN.
This family's struggling.
They both lost their jobs.
That explains why Justin's a nervous wreck.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
We're not gonna get sued! Thank you for looking after our son.
Oh, you're welcome.
I know this must be a really difficult time for your family.
But just know that it's not your fault.
Can my grandmother go to jail? No.
No one's going to jail.
It was an accident.
Did you tell the police that my grandmother stepped on the gas instead of the brake? No, I didn't tell the police.
So how do my parents know? Now they want me to tell the police that I didn't see anything.
So, what are you doing? I'm gonna do an open repair.
We need direct visualization with an aortic aneurysm.
The chance for complication is higher with an open repair.
Endovascular repair is the way to go.
What if his aneurysm is larger than we expected? I'm gonna have to open him up anyway.
It's an aortic aneurysm.
Either way, we got major risks.
I'm opening him up.
What's his pressure? That's way too low.
Let's get the patch tube.
Damn it.
Let's clamp this down and stop the bleeding.
Control caudally.
Okay, another hemostat.
Control that medial bleeder.
I got it! You're mishandling this.
Tom, you are not helping.
He doesn't have much time.
You're right.
He doesn't.
Someone get him out of here.
Suction here.
We need to get this bleeding under control.
More suction.
Are you the nurse treating the Adams boy? Yes.
We'd like to talk to him, if we could, about the accident.
I don't think that's a good idea right now.
He's still suffering from head trauma.
We heard it was minor.
He had a concussion.
It sounds minor, but I don't think you want to question a boy with short-term memory loss who will vomit on your shoes.
We'll come back later.
Why don't you just tell your parents you don't want to lie? Their reaction might surprise you.
I have to lie, for my family.
How is he? He's going to be okay.
Today was the craziest thing I've ever seen.
You did good.
Really impressive.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, everybody, can I have your attention? Today was a bad day.
You all handled it well.
Good job, everybody.
So let's get some rest and come back here tomorrow and do the same thing.
You okay? I'm just a little worried about Dr.
He kind of looked out for me when I first got here, you know? Can we go upstairs? Maybe see how he's doing? Yeah.
You should let me take you to an ortho consult and get that arm checked out.
Hey, buddy.
Is everything okay? I think Justin wants to tell you something.
and Mrs.
Adams? We'd like to talk to your son.
Actually, he's still not ready to talk quite yet, so But he can get out of bed and stand out here? Well Uh Excuse me, I'm Christina Hawthorne, Director of Nursing.
Is there something I can help you with? The police want to question this boy, who's suffering from a concussion.
He appears fine to me.
Well, he just came down to say good night to his parents.
Then he can answer some questions as well.
You don't mind, do you? We'd just like to know what you saw earlier today in the accident.
Can you tell us what you saw? Tell him the truth, buddy.
It's okay.
My grandma did it.
She caused the accident.
Mom? If you need me, call me.
Thank you.
Hey, what are you doing here? I couldn't leave, not after seeing everything that happened.
How's Dr.
Hyun? He's in surgery right now.
He's in good hands, so If it's okay, I was gonna catch a movie with Marcus.
We might be home a little late.
Sure, that's fine.
I got to take Tom home anyway, so Is everything gonna be okay? Yeah.
You be safe, okay? Okay.
All right.
X- ray shows a supracondylar fracture.
Could be nerve damage.
You'll need surgery, which we'll schedule right away.
Here's a prescription for hydracodone Thanks.
When do you think he'll operate again? We won't know till we fix the elbow.
You were lucky.
Tom, we've got the best people in there with him.
How about we do this? How about you come back to my house, it's right around the corner, and get some rest, get something to eat? When he gets out of OR, Bobbie will call us, and I'll bring you right back.
Tom, you've done everything you can.
I haven't.
You need anything to eat or drink or anything? No, I'm okay.
Thank you.
Your sling is loose.
You're welcome.
It's probably Camille.
Hello? Paul? Okay.
Marry me.