HawthoRNe (2009) s02e04 Episode Script


I just don't feel right leaving.
You know what? You've done everything that you can do.
You should go home and get some rest.
That's the best thing for you.
I'm looking at the best thing for me.
What is this? Step back, please.
You okay? Dr.
Shaw, he's in for surgery.
He's seizing.
Excuse us.
I've got Dr.
Tom Wakefield.
Thank you.
Okay, one gram of Dilantin over an hour.
Let's hang another liter of normal saline.
CBC, metabolic panel, UA, tox screen, head CT scan.
I need these handcuffs off.
Not gonna happen.
Can you at least take one off so we can turn him if he seizes again? Can't do it.
We were waiting at the loading dock.
Who changed plans? He had a seizure on the way over and another when we got here, so the EMTs thought we should bring him to the ER.
Why were you bringing a patient through the loading dock? Well, he was a direct admit to ICU.
Clegg is operating in two hours.
I was trying to avoid mayhem.
Nice try.
Let that bastard die! Excuse me.
That son of a bitch deserves to die! You need to calm down right now! You want to get arrested? Is that what you want? I want to see him! Hey, settle down! That's enough! I want to see him! Marcus, call a code green.
I want to see him! Come on! Enough.
Let's get this patient up to ICU.
ER code green, ER.
What the hell was that? His name is Calvin Jenkins.
He's an inmate at Sussex State.
He's also a well-known humanitarian.
Isn't he on death row? We got people in the waiting room who can't afford Band-Aids and the state is gonna foot the bill to save this guy just to kill him? Yes.
Jenkins started having seizures about a week ago.
The doctors at the prison gave him an MRI and diagnosed Chiari malformation.
The surgery required to treat it was beyond their capacity.
Jenkins? You think a murderer deserves that kind of respect? All patients do.
Respect is earned.
Money is earned.
If we successfully manage this case, we stand to gain a substantial contract with the Bureau of Prisons.
So, you mean to tell me there are gonna be convicts and drug dealers parading through this hospital every week? If it helps pay the bills, yes.
This is good for James River.
Calvin Jenkins has a lot of supporters.
NPR did a piece on him.
He did turn his life around.
We're trying to turn this hospital around.
He's been here for 10 minutes and the place is a mess.
I need you to shepherd him through.
Oh, no.
You gave the ICU to Gail, so it's her handle.
She's out sick, so Calvin Jenkins falls to you.
Thank you.
You look like hell.
How do you feel? I've been better.
I didn't know Paul well, but I know you were close.
He was well respected.
He'll be missed.
Thank you.
Go home, get some rest.
You know, he's right.
You need to get some rest.
So take me home.
I would love to, but I can't.
I was serious, Christina.
This life is just I mean, look at Paul.
Let's stop screwing around.
Marry me.
I like screwing around.
I wish I could show you how much, but I have to work.
Do me a favor.
Go home.
Okay? Get some rest.
I'll check on you every hour.
You'll do that? Mmm-hmm.
You don't call.
You don't text.
It's okay.
Marcus told me what happened.
Kind of weird not having you home.
Yeah, it was a late night.
I was here with Tom.
Are you okay? Yeah, fine.
How's Tom? He's good.
Tell him, you know, I'm sorry.
Did Dr.
Hyun have kids? Yeah, he did.
Um, yeah.
So, clothes, toothbrush.
Figured you'd be pretty ripe.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
But looks like you already changed.
I had some sweats here in the office.
You sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm just tired.
'Cause, you know, when you're lying, your left eyebrow twitches a little bit.
Camille, give me a break.
I'm exhausted, okay? Mmm-hmm.
Totally twitching.
Can I have 20 bucks to grab a bite? Yeah.
Here, take $40.
Thank you.
Wakefield? What are you doing? I was just gonna go check on a patient.
You know, actually, I think that's my patient.
Oh, sorry.
Listen, I, um I just wanted to say that I am really sorry about Paul.
He was one of the first people to reach out to me here.
Yeah, Paul was like that.
So, uh, how's that elbow? It's fine.
The truth.
Hurts like hell.
So, what are you doing checking on patients? Uh, I need to be here.
All right, I'll be back.
There it is.
She's on the board.
There's no turning back.
Of course, James River must seem like a John Tesh concert to you.
Huh? His music could be used as an anesthetic.
His music was used to inspire our troops.
Oh, you're serious.
I missed you, Ray.
You did? Yeah.
Is that why you're back early? You couldn't bear to be without me for another minute? Yeah, let's go with that.
Hey, Marcus, do me a favor.
Can you look up some links or articles on Calvin Jenkins since he's been behind bars? Consider it done.
All right, thanks.
Are we gonna talk about your text? What about it? Well, like, did he get down on one knee? He's handcuffed to a bed.
Yeah, I'm talking about Tom.
There was no knee.
There was no ring.
I didn't even know he was serious until this morning.
Sounds like some great sex.
It was.
But his friend just died.
You know, you can't make a decision like this after something like that happens.
His head can't be in the right place.
Maybe his heart is.
I mean, what if we get married and then, in two weeks, he wakes up and he's like, "What did I do?" Do you love him? It's fast.
Took you a year and a half to sleep with him.
What's your idea of slow? Okay, it's a little fast for you.
But it's also spontaneous, exciting Romantic.
It was romantic.
This is Calvin Jenkins.
Get off me, Joe.
You don't know me like that! I cannot let you in here, ma'am.
Step off! I got people up in here! Ma'am, I cannot let you in here.
Look, I said I got people up in here! It's okay.
It's okay.
Well, if it ain't the one-legged wonder and the tiny terror herself.
Oh, look at you, Isabel.
Starting trouble already.
You look good, girl.
Come here.
Thank you.
Feel great, too.
Ain't nobody give me the memo about the move.
I ain't got no hurt feelings, though.
From the looks of things, y'all slumming it worse than me.
This place is a pit.
How's your baby boy? Have you been visiting Moses? Yes.
Yeah, he growing so fast.
His first word was "ball," so you know he following in his mama's footsteps.
He gonna have some game.
What? At least y'all got a little eye candy out here to balance out this Guantanamo vibe.
Yeah, the River is not without its perks.
Oh, the River's got problems.
Y'all been outside? There's all kind of folks out there fighting each other 'cause y'all got Calvin Jenkins holed up in here.
Y'all have heard him blow? He got a crazy lip.
You think you can get me an autograph? Or maybe a conjugal? Uh, no.
What the Swarm of bees nesting in the drop ceiling.
Damn freak show up in here.
Some help here, please! Getting ugly out there.
Somebody threw a bottle.
What's your name? Darius.
Okay, Darius, I need you to hold this against your forehead, okay? All right.
Can you make it over here? Yeah.
Darius, do you feel like you have any other injuries? Nah, I'm cool, man.
Okay, just sit down We've got another protester, this one's having an asthma attack.
You guys call RT.
Sir, can I just see your inhaler? Right, let's get him started on Xopenex and Atrovent.
What's going on out there? The old bill just arrived.
The what? The police.
That son of a bitch deserves to fry.
What you talkin' about, man? You don't know nothin' about him.
Let's keep it outside.
I know murders increased about three times in Columbia Heights You be quiet and let me listen to your lungs.
After he killed Pastor Tompkins.
Shut up, man.
Calvin's a genius.
Hey, stop it.
Pastor Tompkins was a hero, a leader.
Okay, guys, can you help me get him out of here? Getting kids out of the life.
We'll go to Exam 3.
That place is a war zone now! So is this.
Calvin, I'm Christina Hawthorne, Director of Nursing.
I've an itch on my ankle that's driving me crazy.
Do you think you could, uh Is it your right ankle? Oh, damn thing.
Damn thing.
Oh, damn.
They say it's 'cause my brain is sliding down my spinal canal.
Or karma.
Yeah, some people think a man like me can't change.
Can you blame them? I'm from the Heights.
Neighborhood went to hell after you murdered Pastor Tompkins.
Look, I've been living with this for 25 years Let me get my violin.
Look, I ain't making no excuses.
You know, I know what I did.
I've spent every day trying to make up for it.
That won't bring the Pastor back.
No, it won't.
Of course not.
I mean, this is why I speak out.
This is why I write books.
You know, just do anything I can to help these young brothers avoid the path to ruin.
Your murder put most of those brothers on that path in the first place.
I've done terrible things.
But redemption is possible.
You know, St.
Paul was blinded on the road to Damascus.
So, now you're a man of God? I'm close.
I'm a musician.
So I've heard.
I met a trumpet player, Skeeter Jackson, inside.
He taught me how to play the horn.
He encouraged me to To get a degree in music philosophy.
I mean, folks just need to find their thing in life, and just like you have.
You know, helping people.
You know, Skeeter changed my life.
I just want to help change the lives of others.
That's all.
Everything all right? Peaches and cream, darlin'.
Question is, how are things out there? It's a little crazy, but Morrissey's handling it.
How's Calvin? I'm not free to talk about other patients.
I gather you're a supporter? I'm more than a supporter.
I owe that brother my life.
What are you, 17? He's been locked up since before you were born.
Yeah, and a few years back, I was just another thug on the streets.
I mean, you couldn't tell me nothing, you feel me? By now, I'd be locked up or dead somewhere.
My counselor took me to hear Calvin speak, and I don't know.
He just really opened my eyes.
Well, my friend, we'll get you properly cleaned up, and you are all set.
Good luck at Juilliard.
Juilliard? Full ride.
After hearing what Calvin said and then listening to him blow, I just picked up the upright bass, and ended up being my ticket out of Jackson Ward.
That's impressive.
Sounds like you got yourself to thank.
I couldn't have done it without Calvin.
You know, we were constantly waiting on supply shipments, so we had to improvise, like using a Foley catheter to get a foreign body out of the esophagus.
Wow, that's a far cry from draining urine.
It was trial by fire, but I loved it.
I'm thinking about getting certified as a trauma specialist.
Oh, that's great.
And, uh, med school? You know, actually, I've been thinking about it since we spoke.
And? And I'm seriously considering taking my MCATs again.
I think that's great.
Good for you.
Look who's back.
It's the first day.
Isn't that nice? I keep clicking the morphine, but my arm's still killing me and my chest won't stop burning.
You know what? We're gonna do everything we can to help you with that.
Yeah, sir, we're gonna set up a conscious sedation for you so you're not gonna feel any pain when Dr.
Marshall here changes the dressing on your wound, okay? Wake me up when the damn thing's healed.
Think about this, if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? That's easy.
The women walk around in two Band-Aids and a cork.
All right, close your eyes, think about it, and describe it to me.
Me, too, please.
I'm walking on the beach, and the water is And thank God we don't have to hear any more of that.
BP is 110 over 70.
Irrigate with normal saline.
Got it.
Oh, that reminds me of the IED injuries I saw.
I mean, the stuff that we were doing to manage pain over there were amazing.
Oh, really? Yeah, well, you know, you treat each pain differently instead of just giving one narcotic.
Oh, for God's sake, I realize we don't all have the benefit of your transcendent experience, but give it a rest, will you? If I wanted a Commando Barbie, I would have ordered one on eBay.
Down now! No! Come on! No! Hey, hey! What is going on in here? He won't let me put in a Foley catheter.
I paged Dr.
Look, I told you, I don't need that thing.
Okay, why don't we just give it a minute, okay? Okay.
I didn't spend 25 years inside the prison to be offed in some hospital.
Calvin, I need you to settle down, okay? We're here to help you.
How do I know I can trust you? We're nurses, not guards.
Okay? You know, I just met a kid downstairs that says he's going to Juilliard because of you.
Little Darius is downstairs? And a whole bunch of other folks.
You've made quite an impact.
Music moves people.
So I see.
How many more lives do you think you could save with nine months? I ain't never gonna be able to play my horn again anyway.
You let us get you right and you will.
I hope that's a promise you can keep.
She was a stripper, and she wanted to go from a B cup to a triple E.
Um, it was my first case as head of the committee, and so we had to decide if it was ethical to give her breasts that could potentially cause major back problems.
Paul must have loved that one.
Oh, actually, he abstained from voting.
Said he couldn't concentrate on her tits 'cause he was more of an ass man.
Excuse me.
Chest X-ray's back for patient one.
Okay, thank you.
How you feeling? Good.
Did Dr.
Clegg return my page? His office called.
He's finishing up an intracranial hematoma.
But Marshall's covering.
I could page her if you want.
Just find out how long Clegg's gonna be for me, okay? You got it.
Why are you still here? You were supposed to go and get some rest.
I don't want to go home.
What do you mean you don't want to go home? Tom, you are physically and emotionally exhausted.
I'm really worried about you, okay? The most important thing for you right now is to just take care of yourself.
No, the most important thing is us.
I can't even think right now.
I don't even know how you can.
I mean, I've got some We've been dancing around this for a year.
I know what I want.
I'm so sorry.
I thought you might want to know, Clegg's surgery is just wrapping up.
Thank you.
We'll talk later.
Look, one more.
One more.
I'm telling you, I'm gonna make this one.
Got to have a lighter touch if you want to be a doctor.
Let's see what you can do.
Nothing but Ah! The basket's what? Marcus, did you get the labs back on my abdominal pain in three? Gave them to Dr.
Shaw and already paged a surgical consult.
Not that it's not great to see you, but I can't have you hanging out in the ER all day long.
Actually, I been hanging around 'cause I I got a problem with some skrilla.
What is that, like crabs? Nah, girl.
I'm talking about money.
I got a line on a room and I need a loan, some cash to lock it down.
What kind of cash are we talking about? start, it's all legit.
I can cover the rent with my job at the shelter, but on account of my history, they want a security deposit, too.
I got to think about this, Isabel.
Okay, I understand.
Could you think faster? There's not a lot of inventory out there for people in my situation.
I'll try.
Marcus, can you refill the 18-gauge hep locks? In Exam 2.
And I already called central supply.
They're on their way.
Take a break, grab lunch? My treat.
My two favorite words.
Hector's covering.
I just got to drop these off at Radiology, and I've got a 40-minute window.
Walk with me? Yeah.
I see that Calvin's surgery is not posted on the ICU board or this one.
I've decided to remove myself from the case.
Just like that? No, Morrissey's aware of the situation.
Morrissey's aware that you're abandoning your patient? I received a threatening message on my machine.
I was fully prepared to treat Calvin, but not at the risk of my own life.
Can you guarantee my safety? He's about to be executed anyway.
It's not worth it.
So, what do you think, burgers, burritos, foot longs? Hot dogs? Yeah.
Have you seen what's in those things? Total test.
You passed.
Good, 'cause I try to steer clear of regurgitated cow scraps disguised as the all-American snack.
The ingredients in those things are nuts.
My dad used to say, "If you can't pronounce it, "don't eat it.
" Smart man.
Yes, he was.
This is insane.
Yeah, it's been building up all day.
You know, it's weird.
You miss the most random things.
Like, my dad used to take me to the Carytown Watermelon Festival and I hated it.
I thought it was so lame.
But now all it takes is for me to see a watermelon and I start to tear up.
Pretty stupid, huh? I totally get it.
I mean, it must be hard not having him around.
You close with your dad? Last we spoke, he was in Texas.
He's always chasing some get-rich-quick scheme.
I seen a lot worse come through the River.
So I guess I just got to focus on my life and keep moving forward.
Hey, Erin, how are you? Good.
How are you? Listen, I need to bring a case to the Ethics Committee, and I need it heard as soon as possible.
Okay, well, what's the case? Dr.
Clegg and his refusal to operate on Calvin Jenkins.
Well, we can't force a doctor to operate.
It's within his rights.
It's not unethical.
Listen, if the state wants Calvin dead, that's on them, not us.
Clegg has had threats against his life.
There's nothing I can do.
I'm sorry, Christina.
It's not a question of ethics.
Sorry, doll.
Cart's got a mind of its own.
Anyone in here want a magazine? Apparently the wall fell in Berlin.
What do you give me on WizardslLakers? Magic Men plus 10.
God bless you.
Are you making book? Just peddling papers.
That's quite a big chunk.
Yeah, but I talked to her social worker and the woman who runs the boardinghouse and it seems legit.
She's come a long way, huh? Yeah, I know.
I'm proud of her.
So, where are you leaning? Well, this is also the same Isabel who stole my leg for no good reason.
Well, it's also the same Isabel that threw down to get it back.
Has anybody seen Marcus? I need him to restock the epi on the crash cart in 16.
Damn bees.
You know what? I'll talk to you later.
So, where are we standing on getting Calvin his surgery? On a thin ledge.
Raker's in Mexico helping in Doctors Without Borders.
What about a surgical resident? They can't handle this.
All right, so what's the plan? I'm arranging a transfer.
You're what? This cost us money.
So that's it? That and the stack of red tape on my desk.
Doesn't that sting? Yes.
Yes, it does.
I got your 911.
Which patient? You.
I think it's time we take care of that arm.
I thought I'd been doing that.
Well, the concern with an elbow injury is nerve damage, and I made a few phone calls, and I was able to get you an appointment with Dr.
Asheesh Danee.
He is one of the finest neurosurgeons when it comes to ulnar nerve injuries.
I really appreciate that, but I'm not really in the mood for a three-hour drive right now.
Well, I'm not a chauffeur, so I've got something else in mind.
Seriously, what is Marshall's problem? I don't know, but she's had something up her ass ever since she started here.
Hey, you! Welcome back.
I don't know whether to hug you or salute you.
I'll take a hug.
Hey, what is this, a private party? No, this is an "I'm so glad to see Candy, you look amazing, "love your hair, I'm so proud of you I could burst" party.
Now, if we're done bashing Marshall, I'm going back to my sudoku.
You guys were bashing Marshall? We were commiserating about her less-than-cheerful demeanor.
So you were bashing Marshall.
Can't you do us a favor and hit that in the on-call room? Turn that frown upside down.
I'll get on that right away.
There you go.
No way.
Do you really do it at work? What? Oh, no.
You didn't break up, did you? You and Marshall? Seriously? Oh, I am so sorry, Ray.
I thought everyone knew.
Give me 20 minutes.
They will.
I'm so sorry.
I've already been away much longer than I should have.
You're that guy who never ditched class in school, aren't you? I ditched.
Yeah, right.
What Hey.
You're a bad influence, Camille Hawthorne.
It's my turn to play doctor.
Calvin, there's been a change in plans.
I heard.
The doctor won't do the operation.
Well, what's most important is that you're getting the operation, not who does it.
So, we're gonna transfer you tonight to VCU, okay? Is your arm going numb? This one.
My left side.
Calvin? It smells like burnt toast.
Code blue, ICU.
Help me turn him on his side.
We have to keep his airway open.
Screw him.
Let the son of a bitch die.
Save the taxpayers a pile of money.
Will you just do your job? My job's guarding the door.
Yeah? Lorazepam, two milligrams, IV stat.
This thing is progressing fast.
Yeah, he doesn't get into surgery soon, he's gonna die.
Erin, it's been too long.
Yes, it has.
Danee, I'd like you to meet Dr.
Tom Wakefield.
I enjoyed your lecture on peripheral neuropathy at Georgetown.
I enjoyed giving it.
Erin, tell your father I look forward to seeing him on the greens at Sebonack this summer.
Well, you better be ready.
He has taken two strokes off his game.
Well, I've laid out everything that you requested in your e-mail.
The concern is the ulnar nerve.
Wakefield, are you experiencing any abnormal sensations in your fingers? Uh, there's a There's a slight burning in my ring finger.
Jameson, please take the pin and test for response in that area.
Do you feel that? No.
Now poke near the index finger.
Now take the brush and lightly run it from the wrist down to the fourth and fifth fingers.
Do you feel anything? No, not really.
They're pretty numb.
One final test.
Please take a nut and try to attach it to the bolt.
Here, it's okay? Yeah, just grab my wrist.
I got it.
Damn it.
I got it.
It's all right, Dr.
I've seen what I need to.
Which is what? I cannot lose dexterity.
We should schedule surgery.
Slow down.
I want to get an EMG and allow another day or two to see if the swelling subsides.
Then we'll reassess.
No need to make a decision today.
It's always good to take a little time.
Your persistence is admirable.
I have to give you that.
Calvin's condition has changed.
Well, luckily for him, there's a very good team waiting for him over at VCU.
Yeah, well, he just had a seizure, okay? He's dying.
He will never survive that transfer.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I know your life has been threatened, and I understand why you canceled the surgery, but if you give in, then the extremists win.
This is the first time I've ever been scared to walk into an operating room.
I understand, but we took an oath.
He's already had his judge and jury.
But if you do nothing, that is essentially murder.
You want that on your hands? How are you doing, Mr.
Standish? Pain's still pretty bad.
Other than that, I'm doing okay.
Marshall, I skyped a doctor that I worked with overseas about this case.
He suggested a local block that would help with the pain of the crushed arm.
And he also suggested SSRls for the tingling and burning.
You know what? If it's good enough for our troops, it's good enough for James River.
Thank you, Nurse Sullivan.
I will go write up the order.
Wow, she took that well.
She's like a whole new woman.
You guys didn't No.
Not at work.
Of course not.
What do you call french fries? Chips.
Then what do you call potato chips? Crisps.
Okay, James Bond, what you call the bathroom? 'Cause I gotta go.
We call that the loo.
Y'all sure can talk.
Y'all even make the toilet sound sexy.
Ow! Oh! Oh! You all right? What is it, your knee? Always.
Do you want me to take a look? Yeah.
My vagina hurt, too.
Okay, stop before I have to get the hose.
On that note, I'II, um Yeah.
I definitely got to get my butt to England.
Why don't you stay here and get yourself a room? Here's the 800 bucks.
Miss Cha-Cha-Cha coming through with the moola-la! B- Girl, you my hero.
Thank you.
How about after work, you come by and check out my spot? Don't you need some time to settle in first? Girl, it's one room.
Trust me.
It'll be ready.
Well, then, I'll be there.
Thank you.
Officer Reed, if this is your attempt to stop me from reporting you, you are wasting your breath.
This is Emily Tompkins.
Calvin Jenkins murdered my father.
I'm very sorry about that.
Won't you come in? You can have a seat right here.
I won't take up much of your time.
No, no worries.
Thought you should know everything about Calvin.
I was 16.
My dad was the pastor at Fellowship Baptist.
Calvin ran in after the Sunday service.
He stuck a knife in my dad's face, said he wanted the money from the collection plate.
My dad told him to take it.
Then he jabbed the knife in his throat.
He pulled it so hard, it almost sliced his head off.
Emily, you don't have to He could have just taken the money.
But he grabbed my hair.
His eyes were all crazy.
And then he stabbed me in my stomach.
Threw me down.
Started kicking me.
And he just kept kicking me.
I curled up in a ball.
Then I felt this burning pain in my back.
Again and again and again.
They told me he stabbed me 17 times.
That animal is treated like a celebrity.
And my kids never got to meet their grandfather.
Thank you for your time.
I know that face.
I spent my life getting news from people with that face.
The hardest part is the waiting.
At least now I know.
I met Emily Tompkins today.
What did she tell you? She showed me.
I'm not that man anymore.
You're gonna get your surgery.
Good luck.
It ain't no deluxe apartment in the sky, but it's home.
Bobbie, I couldn't have done this without you.
You actually have Christina to thank as well.
She ponied up half the cash.
Oh, then I better get on this repayment plan real fast 'cause I wouldn't want Mighty Mite going all Boogie Down Bronx on me.
That's to keep me focused.
Figure if I can lock down a job for a year and show social services that I'm stable, then maybe.
Good news.
Frank Standish, doing great on the new pain med.
Well, Candy really hit it out of the ballpark with that one, huh? Yeah.
It's a good thing she was able to skype that doctor overseas.
You know, I have no clue how that works.
Are you familiar with Skype? Mmm, not really, no.
What is it, some kind of e-mail or I think it's more like a video thingy, I think.
You think or you know? I know.
I think, yeah.
Do you happen to know why it's all over my computer? Because someone was skyping Afghanistan.
You know, I see the way you look at her.
I thought this was so good.
I mean, how can I compete with her? Hey, hey, hey, you're the one that I think about all day, okay? Mmm-hmm.
You're the one that I love to curl up with at night.
Brenda, listen to me.
You have nothing to feel threatened about.
You're incredible.
You're the one that I want to be with.
You're the one I want to be with, all right? Got it! What's going on? We were being tormented by a rogue bee.
Hopefully, it's the last one.
When I was in the Peace Corps, I was once swarmed by a colony of red ants.
You know, you got a lot of crazy stories.
All of them true.
So, has it calmed down out there? Richmond's finest made a couple of arrests.
So now everyone's willing to give peace a chance.
Well, I'm out of here.
Have a great evening.
All right, you, too.
I will.
You headed out? I am.
I love you.
And last night was great.
Hey, when it's right, it's right.
I thought that love was a one-time thing, and this whole "marry me" thing, I just I see us together and I really want to be with you.
Christina, I love you.
What else do you need? Tom, I don't want to mess this up.
You understand? No.
What What are you saying? I'm saying no.