HawthoRNe (2009) s02e07 Episode Script

Hidden Truths

Seriously? It's been two days.
How long are you gonna give me the silent treatment? Not now, Camille.
Look, I made a mistake.
But you have to talk to me sometime.
Yeah, you're right.
So that's it? For now.
Yeah? Yeah? I just ain't feeling it, man.
I still like my old-school rap, babe.
Hey, I was just, uh, calling to see if you were okay, and that's it.
Just try to keep it elevated.
Oh, what is this? They were wrestling alligators.
Alligators in Richmond, Virginia? Yeah, OI' Blue took two fingers off this guy.
Is that a real alligator? Yeah.
They want to get the fingers out of him.
I'll be in Exam 2.
Okay, good.
Hey, listen.
Uh-uh, uh-uh.
Get that alligator out of here.
Get it to a vet.
Get the fingers removed, and then we can reattach them, but he's gotta go now.
Thank you.
Contact ortholvascular, okay? Where did Garcia go? What are you doing? How many times I gotta tell you to watch the dress? Oh my god.
It's freezing in here.
I told you.
Get your hands off of this dress.
This is hand-dyed silk organza! Don't tell me this is dragging.
Please, tell me that it's not dragging! Donna, what are you doing here? Finally, you're a sight! And you're not? For a blushing bride, you sure are pale.
I passed out in my final fitting.
Woke up in the ambulance with this one over here poking at the dress.
What I wouldn't give for a gay EMT.
Gorgeous dress.
Had to promise the designer my firstborn.
It's cold in here.
Can you turn up the heat? Now, that's a switch.
Because you're usually the one bringing the heat.
Let me get you a blanket.
Ah, forget it.
I'll freeze.
I Don't crush the tulle, please.
I'm just gonna put it on your feet.
Wow, what have we here? Tell me you made it through the "I do's.
" The wedding is Saturday, and against my good advice, they went buffet.
We gotta be good to her.
This is Donna Alberghetti.
She's my girl.
She used to work for my husband.
Man was a saint, for putting up with this one.
Woke up in the ambulance.
Temperature's 100.
Can you remember anything about what happened before you fainted? Oh, I got a photographic memory.
And right now, I'm taking a snapshot of you.
Put that camera away.
I'm about to call Jason and get him down here right now.
Don't you dare! He can't see me in this dress! Now, can I get back to Dr.
Dynamite? So, listen, the florist called this morning to tell me that the 300 periwinkle hydrangeas that I ordered arrived in raspberry! Add that to abstain till the wedding night.
You get why I'm going oobatz! So let me translate.
Uh, she's a little stressed.
I'm exhausted.
I'm so weak and tired.
The happiest day of my life is gonna kill me, Christina.
Okay, let's get a syncope panel, a chest X-ray, EKG, head CT, and I'm gonna do a lumbar puncture.
Just give me some liquids, and let me get out of here! No, no, no, no, Donna.
Come on.
Now, we need to check and make sure it's not just the stress that made you faint.
Let the doctor do his thing.
I promise.
I'll be gentle.
Yeah, and I'm single till Saturday.
I'll be back in a minute.
Do not rip, wrinkle, tear, poke, cut, or get blood on this dress.
How about we get you out of it? How 'bout you put some fresh gloves on? How about you just relax? Okay.
I'll be back.
Promise? Okay.
Hey, you.
I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy for a few days.
Well, you know, doctors make the worst patients.
I, uh, I just wanted to give you something to thank you for having stuck by me through the surgery.
That is totally unnecessary, but very sweet.
I'm touched.
And it's diet.
Are you trying to tell me something? No, actually, I'm trying to show you something.
If I may.
That may be the best gift I've ever gotten.
Thank you.
I'm so Let's go on a proper date this weekend.
I know this little place that serves the best steamed crabs.
It'll be fun.
Okay, um Can we talk later? Yeah.
Let's Of course.
Let's talk later.
Thank you.
You, thank you.
It was a Whitesnake concert.
Summer of 1990.
The band were playing Here I Go Again.
The crowd rushed the stage.
You were trapped underneath.
Doctors tried, but were unable to save your leg from the massive damage caused by a slew of teenage feet.
Hmm? Tragic.
Whitesnake? They're English, actually.
Little known fact.
I'm more of a Poison fan myself.
Bret Michaels.
Now, I really I don't want you to be coy about your handicap with me.
I have some imperfections myself.
I know.
I work with you every day.
We have a patient in Bay Three.
So how about a pint? I told you.
I don't date coworkers.
We'll skip the dating and go straight for a snog.
Um, my British is a little rusty.
Uh, "snogging," yes.
The exact definition is, um, open-ended.
and Mrs.
Bet you were hoping not to see us again.
Not at all.
Says here you're suffering from food poisoning? He's been sick for three days.
Can't keep anything down, not even water.
It'll pass.
I'm fine.
Well, let's start an IV to get you rehydrated.
I'll give you something for the nausea.
Draw some blood, and then we'll run a few tests.
For what? Well, just to check if there are any other factors that could be causing your discomfort.
It's not that serious.
I told you, we can't afford to go to the doctor for every little thing! This is not a little thing.
Guys, I assure you, it's not gonna take very long.
Okay? Let's just make sure there's nothing else going on.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Go ahead and change into that gown.
Oh, hey.
Thanks for calling.
Which I told her not to.
Bobbie hid the dress.
Yeah, about that, I'm gonna need it in a minute.
All this poking and prodding is for nothing.
It's probably low blood sugar.
Just give me a cookie and let me go home! Are you sure you want to marry her? A New York Italian, I'm a Southern Jew.
Come on, we're a reality show waiting to happen.
I heard rumors of a New Yorker in a wedding dress wreaking havoc.
Thought I'd check it out.
Hey! How are you? Good to see you.
You guys are supposed to be watching me walk down the aisle, not staring at me in this gown with my ass hanging out.
I thought you were saving that look for your bachelorette party.
I might have to do that.
So, how are you feeling? A little bit better.
My head's killing me.
Can you tell 'em, please, it's low blood sugar? No, you're not getting a cookie.
My Grandma Nussbaum used to make the best chocolate chip.
Oh, God.
Grandma, what are you doing here? Jason, go help Grandma.
Why would she be hallucinating? Well, her scan shows swelling that indicates possible encephalitis.
And the LP is indicating a viral cause.
Dynamite, when did you get here? Just walked in.
He thinks you might have encephalitis.
Isn't that a brain thing? Well, it's when it's enflamed.
But we got drugs to treat it.
Yeah, we'll get you up to the ICU to run a few more tests and get to the bottom of it.
Should I be worried? No.
Not as long as you're here.
I'll see you later.
Christina, can I talk to you? Hey, is this about my dress? No.
Your dress is fine.
This is so about her dress.
I locked it in the nurses' locker room, and now it's gone.
She's gonna kill me! You know what? Forget about the dress.
Let's just make sure the encephalitis doesn't kill her.
Cassie? Hi.
I'm Kelly.
I'm gonna be your nurse today.
I see you took a fall at school.
Tripped over a bench.
I'm thinking about suing their asses.
It was my fault.
I've always been kind of a klutz.
Honey, you know that's not true.
Listen, the CAT scan didn't show any bleeding, so I don't understand why she has to stay here.
It's a standard procedure.
She did actually lose consciousness and was uncoordinated when she came to.
I was only out for like a few seconds.
Here's the deal.
I know this is a hospital, but just think of it as a hotel with really bad room service.
So just try to relax.
You should expect a visit from me every two hours.
We're gonna take really good care of her.
Are those Donna Alberghetti's results? Yeah.
PCR analysis detected HSV.
You mean to tell me a cold-sore virus landed her in the ICU? HSV-2 DNA.
Genital herpes? Looks that way.
I was just headed in.
You want to join me? You know what? We go way back.
Um, why don't let me talk to her? Fantastic.
So, I need some good news.
I got 150 people coming in in three days to see me marry this mamaluke.
Hey! Is that nice? Yes.
Unfortunately, we're gonna have to postpone.
The test results came back positive.
You do have encephalitis.
I know.
You've been treating me for that, and even the headaches are getting a little better.
That's the pain medication.
This actually takes two to four weeks to fully recover.
And we need to talk about what caused it.
Well, that doesn't sound very good.
Jason, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to Donna alone.
Forget it.
We got no secrets.
Donna, just give me a minute, please.
Wait, wait.
Stay Christina, I'm getting married in three days.
We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together.
It's okay.
The encephalitis was caused by herpes.
Herpes? Like Like herpes? HSV-2.
Uh, okay, so, what? That That means That means that we gotta get you treated immediately.
And, Jason, we need to get you checked out.
I don't understand.
What How? I was raped.
I was a freshman in college.
My roommate was into this frat guy.
She asked me to come with her to this party.
She ditched me as soon as we got there.
And I was feeling stupid, and some guy offered me a drink.
The last thing I remember, he threw me down on a mattress, and I passed out when he was on top of me.
He gave me the herpes.
I haven't had an outbreak since.
You didn't tell me.
I was trying to forget.
How could you not tell me? Ben found a job.
It's in a call center.
Not much money, no healthcare.
But, uh, pays the rent.
Rent? We lost the house.
We're drowning in my mother's medical bills.
How is she? She, um She's still on life support.
We've, uh, moved her to a long-term care facility closer to where we are now.
Ben doesn't even know this yet, but we're getting sued.
Guy came and served us papers last week.
We've already lost so much, I just haven't had the heart to tell him.
I've got Ryan's fingers.
I got to deal with this.
Jason's gone! What did I do? You told the truth, and that's not easy.
No, I should have told the truth sooner.
Now he's probably wondering what else I'm hiding.
Just give him a second, okay? You guys got the real deal.
He's gonna come around.
Oh, God.
It's just not fair.
I thought I was past this, Christina.
All I did was go to a stupid party.
Please tell me that the guy who did this to you went to jail.
What difference does it make? I was still raped.
I did everything by the book.
Hospital, cops, ID'd him in a lineup, but then his frat buddies came and gave him an alibi.
I swear, I can only hope that the universe came back around on him.
Not even, I looked him up once.
He's the head of a sporting goods store, and he's got a debutante wife and three kids.
Hey, sorry.
The billing office just called.
There's a problem.
What kind of a problem? Donna's insurance is saying she's not covered, because encephalitis is from a pre-existing condition.
I thought healthcare reform got rid of pre-existing conditions.
That's not gonna kick in for a while.
Ray, this is a mistake.
Okay? They have to cover her.
Well, it depends how long you've had your policy for.
I got it eight months ago when I got my new job.
Legally, they don't have to cover a pre-existing condition for the first year.
How is rape a pre-existing condition? Marcus, the pulse oximeter in Bay 4 is down.
Did you call biomed? Twice.
I also paged an OB for a consult in Exam 2.
And I sent Shapiro up for an echo and Delgado down for an x-ray.
Back up.
Shapiro was supposed to go down for an x-ray and Delgado up to echo.
Um, I'll fix it.
What about the lab results on Mr.
Adams? I'm on it.
Ben Adams doesn't want his wife to worry.
Asked us to keep his results on the down-Iow.
Down what? It means keep 'em secret.
Oh, sorry.
I guess my American is a little rusty.
Well, I can't blame them.
They were already under pretty tough financial strains before the accident.
Who knows how much more they can take? If I was his wife, I'd want to know everything.
Good and bad.
You mean you're the kind of person who wouldn't want there to be any secrets in a relationship? Especially when it comes to a physical condition.
I'm sure there's a patient somewhere waiting for your care.
Here you go.
Thank you.
What? Did I bring the wrong lab results? Ben Adams has cancer.
Hey, Cassie.
How are you holding up? Better.
Now that the 'rents went to the cafeteria.
The constant PIR is a bit much to take.
Pain in rear? Parents in room.
Same difference.
Maybe you could find some medical reason for them to give me some space.
Oh, they mean well.
They're just worried about you.
Let's see that arm.
How'd that happen? Uh, when I fell, I kind of scraped my arm.
Those look like fingernail scratches.
I got it a fight.
All right, Nancy Drew? FYI, that's on a need-to-know, and my parents don't.
Wanna talk about it? Not much to talk about.
I liked someone, thought they liked me.
A lot of people found out, and I got burned.
High school.
Gossip, cliques, backstabbing friends.
Welcome to my so-called life.
So your Jordan Catalano have a name? Rachel.
I got into the exact same fight when I was your age.
Only mine was at cheerleading camp.
Really? It was the first time someone called me a lesbo.
Sucks, right? You know, it's not that I want to be straight, either.
I just I just want to be accepted.
If you're not the starting quarterback, high school's pretty much a no-win for everyone.
It gets so much better when you graduate.
So two more years of dyke jokes.
You have anyone to talk to? I found a few chat rooms.
Kind of weird.
And my parents want me to stop being "this way" and date boys.
As if there was a switch I could just flip.
I mean If your parents aren't ready to listen, there are a ton of other options.
There's so much support out there for gay teens.
You just need to know where to look.
I can help you.
Really? Yeah.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
But I'll be back.
Hang in there.
Thank you.
How are you feeling? I got this pressure.
Did you tell Dr.
Marshall? It's not my heart.
It's the weight of this frigging hospital bill on my chest.
Trust me.
I'm working on it.
That's not funny.
Get out of my wedding dress.
Donna Hey, Ray? She's brading down! Flying in.
I'll grab the cart.
One milligram atropine IV push.
She's dropping fast.
Got it.
What happened? No, "A" for "Alberghetti.
" I understand she's been denied.
You're the third person to Listen, no.
Do not Don't put me on Hello? That's not a happy face.
I have been on this phone with this insurance company for the last 20 minutes, and I still can't get an appeals supervisor.
Fun and relentless double-talk.
I don't know what they could say to justify rape as a pre-existing condition.
Can you believe that? Actually, the herpes is pre-existing.
The insurance company is under no ethical obligation to cover it.
So, let me be clear.
Are you siding with the insurance company? It's not about taking sides, but from their perspective, the only factor that comes into play is the disease, not how it was contracted.
So, let's see.
They can cover the blue pill for a man who can't get it up, but not a woman who's been raped.
I don't know how you could defend that.
Unfortunately, this is just how the system works.
No, unfortunately, the system is not working.
Thank you for taking my call "Alberghetti.
" Mr.
This is, uh, Dr.
He's here to discuss your test results.
How are you feeling? I'm doing okay.
A little better, actually.
How's your arm? I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Um, your blood work came back.
Uh, we found something that indicates more than just food poisoning.
I I'm sorry.
You have cancer.
It's an acute lymphocytic leukemia, which means your bone marrow isn't working properly.
And based on the test results, it seems Fairly advanced.
I know.
I lost my job about a year ago.
And I tried to join the army to get healthcare for my family.
When I went for the entry physical, they found the cancer.
Uh, what type of treatment have you had? None.
I can't afford it.
I'm working 60 hours a week, and we're barely getting by on that.
Does your wife work? She never stops.
She doesn't know about my cancer.
And she can't.
You have to treat this.
After everything we've been through the last few months, there's nothing left for her.
She finds out about this, she's not gonna be able to handle it.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Everything's good.
I'm gonna be fine.
You are? Oh, sweetheart.
So, how can I help you? We want to file a complaint against a nurse.
Our daughter Cassie is a patient.
She's 15.
I have a teenager myself.
She thinks that she's gay.
It's just a phase.
But she's very impressionable, and the last thing she needs is some damn nurse spinning her head, getting her even more confused.
I'm sorry, uh Did something happen with one of my nurses? Well, she basically validated Cassie's feelings.
Everybody's got a right to their own opinion, but discussing sexual issues with a minor crosses the line.
I mean, I want the woman fired.
Can I just ask you what nurse you're speaking of? Kelly Epson.
Boobs or butts? I'll take both.
Are you pushing porn? It's therapeutic.
Keeps the blood pumping.
The man's had a heart attack.
Move on.
Get going.
You heard anything about a wedding dress? Beautiful animal.
She's 2-1 in the fourth at Colonial Downs.
You want some action? I was talking about a real wedding dress.
Can't help you, doll.
Damn it! I just lost an hour's worth of work.
You're really off your game today.
It's this old-ass computer.
Ah, it's gotta be more than that.
Me and Camille, we crossed the bridge.
Big mistake.
I know.
How far over that bridge did you go? Christina caught me in my boxers with Camille.
Oh! How are you not in the ICU? I don't know what to do, okay.
She has Camille on lockdown, and me scheduled for an execution.
Well, what were you expecting? A warm hug and a cigar? Camille's her baby girl.
Look, B, I need your help.
Okay? You gotta talk to her.
No, not getting in the middle of this.
I'm already down one leg.
Look, Christina's pretty tightly wound.
But she's a good person.
And you're a good person.
So it'll eventually work out.
But in the meantime, you're looking at months of pain and suffering, my friend.
How's Donna? Wellness First Insurance won't cover her HSE.
Calling it pre-existing because she got herpes from being raped in college.
She was raped? Mmm-hmm.
Trying to put her on the hook for a couple hundred grand.
I'm losing the battle, but I'm not gonna lose the war.
Can you hold that, please? Yeah, well, um, I'll see you later.
Hey, can we talk? Uh, yeah, sure.
Uh, you seem upset.
And I was just wondering if it was about a kiss.
No, it's about a rape.
Okay, really not the answer I was expecting.
No, I'm talking about a patient, a friend of Christina's, whose insurance company Denied her claim.
I heard about it.
It's pissing me off.
Why? Insurance companies are in business, not medicine.
Yeah, well, healthcare business is an oxymoron.
Whose side are you on? Just pointing out a fact.
Yeah, well, the fact is that we're trying to help patients, and they're focusing on loopholes and the damn bottom line.
I see your point.
Well, it's a shame you're not the one making the decision.
When Donna's file came across my desk, I was appalled.
I personally took her case upstairs to the VP of claims.
I went to the mat for Donna.
But the company won't budge.
Are you an appeals supervisor like the gentleman I spoke with on the phone? No.
I am a resolution specialist.
So you handle all different kinds of cases.
I handle ones that have special circumstances.
Like a rape.
And when there are these special circumstances, how often does your company overturn denied coverage? I see what you're doing.
I'm just asking a simple question.
I mean, I'm just trying to make sense of all this, because there has to be a percentage of how many denied-coverage cases get overturned.
There is.
So what is it? Fifty? 20? Those are internal figures, and we don't give them out.
I bet you would if they were favorable.
I'm guessing you're the guy who comes to make sure that the patient feels good about being denied.
You're a handler.
If there's nothing else, I think we're done here.
I think we were done before we even started.
I hope Donna recovers quickly.
I'm sure you do.
Hey! Any word on Ryan? He lost a pinky.
He ain't sweating it.
He's got nine others left.
So, Donna's wedding dress.
I've searched every place imaginable, including all recent eBay listings, and it's nowhere to be found.
Thanks, Cat.
I'm afraid whoever's nabbed it is halfway to Vegas.
Well, maybe the gator ate it.
Normally, I would ask Marcus, 'cause he can find anything in this place, but he's chasing his tail like a mad dog.
I heard.
And I know it's none of my business.
No, it's not, so I'm just saying, you shouldn't be so quick to write him off.
He's a great guy.
Are you kidding me right now, Bobbie? This isn't about Marcus.
It's about Camille.
And you don't have any kids.
Forget I said anything.
Hey, Kelly.
Hey, what brings you up here? Can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah.
In here? Okay, come on.
So, I had a visit from Cassie's parents.
They're a little concerned about you speaking to their daughter about her sexuality.
Cassie was confused and upset.
I could tell she needed someone to talk to.
Yeah, but they're very upset, so I want you to stay clear, and I'm gonna put another nurse on this case.
I don't care what they say.
I know I did the right thing.
They don't understand that they're making an already difficult situation even harder.
Teenagers have problems with their parents, but this is a little different.
Not for me.
I'm gay.
I've been in Cassie's shoes.
And it took a really long time for my parents to come around.
I just want her to know that she's not alone.
Kelly, why didn't you ever tell me? I didn't think I had to.
We don't all wear Birkenstocks.
All right, listen.
Do me a favor.
Keep it small talk.
Just the woman I wanted to see.
I'm in the middle of something.
Can it wait? Actually, it's already taken care of.
What is? Well, your friend Donna's insurance problem.
My mother's on a few committees with Caroline Hodges.
The CEO of Wellness First Insurance? I made a couple calls, and they've agreed to fully cover Donna's treatment.
So, what, you You brought this up to the ethics committee? No, I'm just I talked to Tom.
I mean, he was pretty worked up about it.
I've never seen him like that before.
The man can get passionate.
Thank you.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
This will help you with the pain.
Thank you.
Of course.
Thank you so much for your help.
Thank you.
Thank you.
She's gonna be devastated when she finds out.
He's not gonna tell her.
He's not the only one hiding something.
They're being sued up the wazoo for that accident.
Oh, my God.
It's such a shame.
They're nice people.
Shaw? Yeah? How about that pint? Now you're speaking my language.
I know it's probably not enough, but I'm sorry.
I love Camille.
I've never felt like this before.
I've been with other girls, but what we got is on a whole different level.
This wasn't just some play for me.
This was real.
I know it was wrong to sneak around behind your back in your house.
But I need a chance.
I would never disrespect her.
I hope you can find a way to forgive me.
Because I can't live without her.
Oh, no, you didn't.
I just wanted to see how I'd look.
I can't get it out! Damn zipper's stuck.
Just take it off! Carefully.
You're finally awake, huh? Yeah.
I got some good news for you.
What? That insurance company decided to do the right thing, and they're gonna foot the bill for your whole treatment.
Oh! Look at you working miracles! I hope you didn't put yourself out too far on my account.
Of course I did.
No, it was a group effort.
You had a lot of people here who had your back.
Am I still welcome? You wouldn't believe what I've been through with this whole mishegoss.
I had to convince the temple to bump a bat mitzvah, so that we wouldn't have to rush our ceremony.
And the caterer wanted to charge a You rescheduled our wedding? When it's right, it's right.
Everything will be a few months later than we planned, but all the details are intact.
I love you.
Get over here.
I love you.
Mazel tov.
Excuse me.
and Mrs.
Maxwell? I just wanted to apologize for upsetting you earlier.
Well, it's done, so there's nothing more to talk about.
Please just stay away from Cassie.
You know, I remember how confused and frightened I was when I was her age.
I mean, I just felt so alone.
I mean, my parents, they were there.
My mom, she was just so disappointed that she'd never have grandkids.
And my dad, he was so angry that he'd never get to walk me down the aisle.
We need to get going.
The funny thing is, is that even though they were angry, and even though they were disappointed, they somehow made sure that I knew that I would always be their little girl.
That I would always be loved no matter what.
And they eventually came around.
Anyway, I hope you can accept my apology.
Hi, Mom.
No, everything's fine.
I just I just felt like giving you a call.
No, no.
Nothing's wrong.
I just wanted to talk.
So, how many more of these before you tell me what really happened to your leg? Hmm? Um, well, how about you tell me some of your secrets, and then maybe I'll return the favor? Okay.
Well I am a Gemini.
I have a strange weakness for infomercials.
I find eating Grape-Nuts terribly frustrating.
And to this day, I still don't know the right time to go in for a kiss.
Now would be great.
Was it the infomercials thing? It was the Grape-Nuts.
The Grape-Nuts? Okay.
Yeah, a little.
It's like a I heard things worked out with Donna.
Yeah, we can thank your little girlfriend for that.
What? What the hell's going on with you and Erin? I saw her sitting with you after your surgery.
You were there? Yes.
Of course.
But she could hardly keep her feet on the ground, so I didn't want to interrupt that.
Hey, don't accuse her, or me, of anything.
I asked you to be there.
Okay? I was working.
Yeah, you're always working.
I'm tired of playing second fiddle.
Second fiddle? I asked you to marry me, Christina.
And you can't even drive me to the doctor? You know why I didn't marry you, Tom? Because you didn't mean it.
Hence, you cozying up with Miss Virginia after a few weeks! This isn't about her.
Then who's it about? It's about you.
About selfish, narcissistic, controlling basket case! Wait a minute.
Who the hell do you think you're talking to? You know what? I'm sorry your husband died, and I'm sorry I loved you, and most of all, I'm sorry you're not willing to take a chance, but don't turn this into something it's not, all right? Tom This isn't high school, and Erin isn't some cheerleader stealing your boyfriend.
You rejected me, remember? Tom, do not throw that up in my face, okay? You got into an accident, Paul died, and you took it upon yourself to put me in an impossible situation.
What was impossible about Love me enough to give me time! You always need time! I don't need anything! You lied! You're a liar.
You lied about loving me.
You lied about wanting to marry me.
And you lied about Erin! All right, you want to truth? She kissed me this morning, and I kissed her back! Get out.
Get out! Hey, Mom.
Can we talk about this? You okay? You're in new territory.
You're in the woman game now.
I've really wanted to hold that back as long as possible, because it is a It's a very complicated game to play.
And, um I won't even, uh, go into pregnancy.
I'm not getting pregnant.
Well, that's what I said.
And I slept with your father for the first time, and then nine months later, there you were.
You have a real power now.
And you gotta respect it.
And you gotta respect Marcus in the same way you want him to respect you.
Marcus is a good guy, Mom.
I know he really cares about me.
I know.
I know he cares about you a lot.
But here's the thing.
The people who care about us the most have the most power to hurt us.
Marcus would never do that.
Your body is your temple.
I want you to, uh, take care of it.
And I always want you to respect it.
Okay? Yeah.
'Cause that's what a woman does.