HawthoRNe (2009) s02e08 Episode Script

A Mother Knows

Where's Christina? Excuse me.
Miss, you need to get back in line.
I need Christina.
Where is she? She's in a meeting.
Excuse me.
Miss, you need to get back in line! I got this, Gail.
Isabel, what's the problem? It's Moses.
My baby's sick.
Something's not right with him.
We got to go.
We got to go get him.
Where's Moses now? With those foster people who are looking after him.
Yesterday was my day to visit him.
And I could tell right away something was wrong.
He didn't even smile at me.
I tried to tell them, and they threw me out.
Isabel, you're not gonna get Moses back.
And accusing the foster parents of mistreating him is not gonna change that.
You think I'm making this up.
I'm his mother.
Nobody knows Moses better than me.
I know you love Moses, but you've got to give up that custody dream.
I'm not making this up.
A mother knows when there's something wrong with her child.
A mother knows.
Christina will help me if you can't.
After Isabel's visit, the foster parents complained.
They're the ones in the wrong, okay? I'm just trying to make sure that my baby Isabel, come on.
Let her finish.
After the parents complained about Isabel causing a scene, I decided to pay Moses a visit.
He had no temperature.
He was eating normally.
No rashes.
You know what? Take me over there.
I will show you.
The foster parents won't let you in the house again.
I'm trying to look out for my son.
You called that poor woman a chicken-headed bitch.
What? No, I did not, Christina.
Oh, yes, you did.
I said she looked like a chicken-headed bitch.
Christina, look, it ain't right.
I'm his mother.
Okay, listen, I get it.
You're right.
It ain't right.
Just Can I have a minute with her alone? Isabel, please.
Thank you.
Listen, I appreciate your cooperation, okay? I'm just gonna be a minute.
All right.
Isabel, she's something.
You know, she's just passionate.
Look There's no way the family will allow Isabel to visit Moses.
Why don't you let me call them? You can't.
I can't? Hmm.
Let's say, um, hypothetically, you had to go to the bathroom, and you left your cell phone on this table.
And you just so happen to leave it on the foster parents' number.
And I miraculously called them.
That wouldn't be your fault, now, would it? Ladies' room is down the hall to the right.
Hey, Steve.
You called for consult? Yeah, yeah.
Thanks for coming down.
Is that the little carpenter that's been missing? No, that's an action figure.
In fact, a fully poseable one.
It's pretty far up there, huh? How did this happen, sir? Uh, you know, um, playing.
Well, I've been playing for about 40 minutes, and I can't get it out of there.
Um, it'll have to be removed surgically, don't you think? Yeah, it's too far gone to be removed the other way.
Can't you just wait for it to come out naturally? Well, that actually might cause some damage to your intestinal lining, so surgery's the safest option.
Yeah, I wasn't really due back till the end of the week, but given the unique nature of this case You just can't wait to get in there.
I'll book the OR.
Bottoms up.
I've been looking for you because Yeah, I'm sorry, I've got a case for the OR.
Really? So soon? Oh, no, I'm ready.
And, besides, this guy needs my help.
Hell, it looks like he sat on that really hard.
Come on.
Oh, my gosh! No.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
We'll talk later.
He really hasn't been himself.
We're in this new place.
I found mold.
Maybe it got in his lungs? Or maybe it's just a flu.
You wait here.
I'm gonna find a doctor.
Mom? Yeah.
You say he hasn't been himself? Yeah, he's been listless and withdrawn.
Things better at home? You'll look after him, right? Of course we will.
See you later, Bobbie.
I see Isabel found you.
Yeah, she did.
I just called the foster parents so she could go see Moses, you know, just to make sure he's okay.
When I went to see Isabel's room, it was clean, comfortable, and just waiting for a little baby.
Well, she knows better than that, Bobbie.
I got it.
Oh, good, Judy.
You're here.
Oh, how'd we get so lucky? This is how.
These are all H&P nurse reports that I found in the closet this morning.
Those are supposed to be inputted at the end of every shift.
Oh, I know, but someone accidently put them in a drawer instead.
That sucks.
I know it looks like a lot of work, but I think if we split it between the three of us, we can get this done super fast.
Slow your roll, hon.
I'm not even in peds.
But Christina said you wanted a transfer.
I mean, we only have you as long as we're inputting, but I could ask to make you permanent.
Wouldn't that be fun? Hmm.
All right, I'm gonna use the computer in the file room.
You guys can use these computers out here.
Let's do it! Oh, wow.
I was almost concerned.
Not easy maintaining that size zero, huh? Oh Care for a mint? What have I ever done to you? You give yourself far too much credit.
Got a little barf on your scrubs there.
Ugh! Oh, this is great.
I can't believe I'm back here.
You know, when I was a resident, one of my first cases was removing a can of paint out of some poor guy's ass.
What kind? Um, I think it was Dutch Boy.
Anyone want a souvenir? Do you remember that family, the Adams? Dad has terminal cancer.
Won't get treated.
Grandma crashed into that crowd.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
Well, mom and son are back.
He's got a cold, but she's such a wreck that she's fearing the worst.
I'll take a look.
Thank you.
Did you hear about Tom? He's back in the saddle.
Performing surgery? Mmm-hmm.
Is he nervous? Oh, no.
I think he'll take to it like a kid digging for buried treasure.
Hey, can you move Christina, this is Detective Renata.
He would like to speak with you if you have a second.
Let me know if I can validate your parking.
Miss Hawthorne.
You saw Isabel Walsh today? Yes.
About what? She was concerned about her son.
And so you're the one who arranged the meeting with her child's foster parents? I did.
What Can I ask you what this is about? You want to know what this is about? Yes.
Isabel Walsh just kidnapped her son.
No, no, no, no.
This has to be a mistake.
She would never do this.
Mmm-hmm, tell me about it, okay? She walks into the house, takes the baby, and disappears.
Come here for a second, okay? Come here.
That's where I come in.
Let me tell you why I'm here.
As of right now, it's unofficial police business.
Foster mom happens to be my sister, okay? But this could become official really quick if your little crackhead friend doesn't walk through that door with the baby within two hours.
I'm talking AMBER alert, FBI, the works, which means she goes to jail and you go to jail.
For what? What you do mean, "For what?" As an accessory to kidnapping if we find the baby alive.
You got me? You got me? Yes.
Where does she hang out? I know that she's staying at the boarding house.
No luck.
Who does she run with? Um, there's a guy named Pete.
He's like her spiritual adviser, like some kind of guru, and you have to give him white shoes.
You're not making this up? Okay.
Last name? I don't know his last name.
He lives on some street near Washington.
So, you know him? I treated Would you recognize him if you saw him, is the question.
Thank you.
Come with me, ma'am.
So, I've ordered blood cultures for the little boy, and he's getting a breathing treatment.
Thank you.
And I'm gonna get a two-view chest x-ray for the mother, just to be on the safe side.
Wait a minute.
Did you just say you ordered x-rays for someone who's not even a patient? Yeah, the child's ill, and the mother's showing symptoms.
Then they can go to the clinic.
Look, I don't mean to be the heavy.
I would love to go the full nine yards on everyone, but that means someone else will have to go without.
I totally get it, but this family's been through the ringer.
Can we just not look at the bottom line this one time? They're decent people.
They're all decent people.
Oh, my head is killing me, and my hands feel like they're made out of cement.
What are you doing? You guys aren't inputting? I did a few.
It's hard.
Yeah, it's hard.
It's boring.
It's our job.
That's not an option.
They're expecting these to be done by the end of the day.
I thought taking care of patients was our job.
The hospital should hire a temp to do this.
There are no temps.
It's just us.
So turn off your game, put your cell phone down, pick up a pile, and get to work.
Okay? I heard she was written up.
You did? For what? I don't know, but I heard it was bad.
I heard she almost got fired.
Fired? Oh, my God.
You got to give me more than that.
That's all I know.
Come on, Judy.
If you want something in here, you can get it.
Everybody knows that.
There is a guy in personnel who's always hitting on me.
Okay, this is the place that I remember.
You told me this was the place.
It's Washington.
I know, but I just want to I don't know where he would be exactly.
Wow, would you look at this? Look at these kids.
How are you? Good.
I could talk to her.
Uh, excuse me, we're looking for someone named Pete.
He's good friends with Isabel.
She's tall You want to buy a doll? Uh, sure.
How much are they? Show me your pickle.
Could save me $5.
Did she just say "show me"? Yeah.
Go ahead.
Wanna see my pickle? Give her the $5.
Thank you.
So pretty.
Yeah, pretty, pretty.
Pete's over there? Thank you very much.
Can you just be cool? Geez.
Come on, come on.
I mean, that's creative.
Oh, fantastic.
This is the white shoes.
Remember I was telling you about the white shoes? This must be it.
You think we should knock? Pete! "We should knock.
" See a door? Pete! Can you just be nice? Of course.
Could you step out, sir? Hey, Mr.
How are you? We just wanted to ask you a few questions about Isabel.
I knew you was coming.
You bring an offering? A what? An offering.
What's that? Remember I told you about the white shoes? Sneakers? Oh, please.
Do me a favor.
What? You got a first-aid kit in the car? Of course I got a For what? Can you just go get it for me? For what? He's asking for sneakers.
Just trust me.
Just trust me.
He's not gonna talk to us unless he has the white shoes.
Can you just get the first-aid kit, please? Please.
I don't know what you're up to.
It better work.
We're gonna have your white shoes in a minute, Mr.
Yeah, white shoes.
Yeah! Yeah.
I'm sorry about your shoes, Ray.
Oh, no worries.
A little breakfast burrito never hurt anyone.
I'm gonna get you some Compazine, okay? You know what? I, um I don't want to take any meds.
Thanks, though.
I want you to relax.
I'm gonna try hitting a few pressure points.
Give me your hands.
Take these two fingers right there.
Put a little pressure for a few minutes.
Now just relax.
Feel that? Yeah.
It's called K-27.
It's called "enough.
" It's acupressure.
She's nauseous.
Oh, she's not the only one.
Dr Marshall, I'm not trying to get in between you guys.
It's just something that I ate.
Oh! More like someone you slept with.
Excuse me? Oh, how I wish I could, but your morning sickness is lasting all damn day.
You're pregnant? Yeah! Okay, Mr.
We're looking for Isabel.
Do you think you can tell us where she Someone close to you is with child.
One of my nurses just told me she's pregnant.
This one don't know it.
You're the one-legged wonder? No.
That's Bobbie, my co-worker.
You didn't know that, Petey? So, you're the tiny terror? Iz talks about you, say you good people.
Well, Mr.
Pete, we're trying to find her.
You think you could help us? White shoes.
How about that? You need to talk to Teddy.
Who's that? Isabel's baby daddy.
Real bad dude.
I stay clear away.
Why do you say that? He's got knives and guns.
Teddy told her he didn't want no sick baby.
Ain't no room for a baby like that in this world.
The Greeks took their sick ones and threw them off the cliff.
Teddy said he would do worse.
What is with you? You have to tear people down to feel good about yourself? Is that it? Nice work, Freud.
You sure puzzled me out.
You know, of course, the real reason why you're so upset is because you were as surprised as everyone else.
Yeah, Candy's pregnancy totally closes the door on wherever you thought things were going with you two.
We're friends.
Nothing more.
Oh, really? Because from where I'm standing, it's very clear that you still have feelings for her.
It's true.
So, what about us? I have feelings for you, too.
Brenda It's time we went back to "Dr Marshall.
" The landlord says Teddy's not in.
So we wait.
So, tell me the Isabel story.
Um, I don't know.
I guess about a year and a half or two years, she used to live in the alley behind Richmond Trinity.
That was the previous hospital I worked at.
And, um, then one day, she just popped out with Moses.
So just any crackhead off the street comes into your hospital, and you just vouch for them? Isabel is not a crackhead.
My bad.
It was woman with a baby who needed help.
And what the hell is the chip on your shoulder? You know that chip you're staring at is you.
Okay, little chip? Okay.
All right? You are the little chip on my damn shoulder right now.
People like you.
People who throw around their authority and put lives at stake.
You know what I call that? Irresponsible use of power.
And a blatant disregard for the law, by the way.
Oh, please.
Okay? Okay.
" Just because something's legal doesn't make it right, all right? So if doing the right thing is breaking the law, I will do it every single chance I get.
Listen to you.
You got a lot of lip, don't you? Well, we'll see about that lip in about 30 days when you're doing a lap dance with some chick in a jail cell.
Okay? I don't know what Pandora world you live in, But in my world, we find that baby in a dumpster, okay? Not everybody makes it.
That's the business I'm in.
Justin, hi.
What are you doing up here? Do your parents know you're here? My mom's sick.
She came in to see the doctor.
I thought I'd say hi.
How are you doing? Uh-oh.
Come on.
Give it up.
We had to move again.
We didn't have the money to stay at the apartment anymore.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know what, though? I know it's all gonna get better.
I hope so.
You want to come down and say hi to my mom? I would love to.
Um, I just have to finish with a patient, and then I have a bunch of files to enter into a computer.
I can help you.
I wouldn't make you do that.
It's super boring.
I don't mind.
I'm looking for a job so I can help my family.
You can't, sweetie, but thank you.
Nurse Epson, we're ready for you.
How about I get my friend Malia to take you down to your mom, okay? Hey, Malia, could you escort Justin to the ER? I'm pretty sure his mom's missing him.
Sure, just give me a second to stop all this work I'm doing.
Thank you.
All right, I'll see you later, buddy.
Hey, kid.
Can you type? Hmm.
Hey, there.
Seen this? Oh, that's cute.
It just came out my mate's bum.
Ahhh! You're kidding, right? Gotcha.
You guys are such idiots.
I trust this means the operation went well.
Yes, it did.
That's awesome.
Thank you.
Hey, I haven't seen Christina around.
She's out looking for Isabel.
Oh, right.
I knew that.
All right, well, I'll check back in later.
Bobbie, have you seen Justin? He said he was going to the bathroom, but I haven't been able to find him anywhere.
Oh, he must be here somewhere.
He's not.
I've been looking.
You know, this is no different from when kids run off at the mall.
Come on, I'll help you find him.
Let's play a game.
Let me tell you what I got.
You're a size 2.
I'm gonna say 19 months.
Nineteen months what? Nineteen months since you wore a ring on that finger.
I can tell by the ridge.
Try two years.
I still got it.
I was close.
All right, I got You dragged him around town saving crackheads, and he dipped.
He died.
I'm sorry.
That was stupid.
Happened to be the most excruciating time of my life, as well my daughter's.
I'm sorry.
You hear me? I'm sorry.
Forget it.
This is him.
Where are you going? I'm going with you.
You ain't going nowhere.
You hear me? You're gonna stay put.
You hear me? This ain't no joke.
Got it? You hear me? Good.
Teddy? Detective Renata.
Open the door.
Get your hands up! Put your hands up! Put your hands up! Hey.
What you doing, man? I ain't did nothing.
Keep them where I can see them.
Come on, man.
Look at my door.
Nick Christina, get in the car.
What are you doing? Don't you move.
Nick Christina, please.
Just Will you Get in the car! Where's Isabel, man? I don't know, man.
I don't know where Isabel is.
I heard that before.
Where's Isabel, man? I don't know where Isabel is.
Where's the baby, man? I got no idea! No idea? Mmm-hmm? Nick.
Christina, what? The bag.
What's in the bag? Garbage.
Sit down.
Christina, get out.
I can't.
Christina, get out.
Open the bag, Nick.
It's trash.
It's trash.
It's trash.
Call the police.
Yeah, this is Detective Renata.
I want to report a kidnapping.
Hey, where you going? I needed to go to the bathroom.
Okay, but I'm gonna have to dock you for that.
Paid bathroom breaks were not part of our deal.
I thought I was hard-core.
Life's hard.
Kid's gotta learn.
Pediatrics, this is Judy.
That's it? Weird.
Well, let me know if you find out something else.
Hey, this Saturday's bad, but we'll figure something out.
That was that guy from personnel.
Kelly was accused of "inappropriate behavior.
" Ah, what kind? There's so many.
That's all the report said.
Let me think about this.
She could have stolen drugs.
They fire you for that.
Sexual harassment? Kelly would have to mess up her hair.
Maybe she cussed out a patient? Damn it, I really thought I was gonna nail her this time.
I've buried a lot of people since I came to this place.
It may take some time, but we'll get this one, too.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Except for having my personal life exposed by your psychotic girlfriend.
I am so sorry, okay? She was way out of line.
Candy, I'm here if you ever need somebody Oh.
You know what? I don't need armchair therapy, Ray.
I'm a big girl.
I know.
Okay? I just Why didn't you tell me? Are you really gonna make this about you? No.
But I was worried about you.
I knew something was going on, okay? I just thought we were friends.
We're friends.
We're just friends.
Which means I'm not obligated to tell you all the intimate details about my life.
And give me a break with the wounded puppy dog thing.
I didn't know about you and Marshall until Kelly let it slip.
So you're not exactly an open book yourself.
These boxes are too heavy! Lucky there's only four more.
You wanted a break from inputting.
I don't believe it! Am I in trouble? No, Justin.
You're the only one who's not in trouble.
Police have just issued an AMBER alert for the Richmond area.
The baby's birth mother, who is presumed homeless What the hell happened? I can't talk about it.
Isabel, where are you? I was right.
The doctor's examining him right now.
There was something wrong with him.
No, listen, you have to tell me where you are right now.
Christina, I was right.
I'm finally a good mother.
Iz, Iz, please, just tell me, where are you? He's fine.
Now, really, he's fine.
They're bringing him back downstairs.
He was just upstairs visiting nurse Kelly.
Oh, thank God.
Yeah, I know I should not freak out so much.
I'm just Kids will do it to you.
Believe me, I know.
A year ago, my husband and I had jobs, and my mom was fine.
And Justin's grades were up.
And now it's all I know.
I know.
My husband was complaining about a hernia.
To make a long story short, he just finished his last round of chemo.
My God.
I am so sorry.
Thank you, but life just has a funny way of changing.
And the hard part is I had to keep it together for him and the boys and my girls.
Moms, we just can't fall apart, now, can we? Justin.
How could you run off like that? I wanted to say hi to nurse Kelly.
He promised me he'd never do it again.
Yes, I did promise.
And do you promise me that you won't do it again? Promise.
All right, baby.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know, Mrs.
Adams, the doctors would like to run some tests on you, so would you mind sticking around a little bit longer? We'll make it quick.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
We have to go.
We have to get this baby to the hospital.
Christina, I was right.
Okay, listen.
I'm Christina Hawthorne from James River.
I'm a nurse.
The baby needs treatment.
There's increased fluid around the brain.
But we can't handle it here.
He needs to get to a hospital now.
He needs a doctor, Christina.
Isabel, give me the baby.
They're gonna take the baby.
They're gonna take my baby.
Give me the baby right now.
Give me the baby.
Come on.
You're under arrest.
I need you down on your knees now.
Get down on your knees now! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold it.
Detective Renata.
Nick! Listen to me.
Do what the officer says.
Just sit down, ma'am.
I'm not sitting down.
I'm not sitting down.
Listen, I got to get to a hospital right now! She's a nurse.
Okay, she's a nurse.
All right, get them out of here.
Isabel, the baby will be fine.
Oh, my baby! Christina just took him! Why are they doing that to her? You're not listening to me.
Just go.
Christina! Christina! I'm his mother! We need to confirm whether this is hydrocephalus.
They didn't have a CT at the clinic.
I'm seeing signs of papilledema, sunsetting of the eyes, lethargy.
Let's get that CT and alert the OR.
He'll need a shunt.
Where's Isabel? In custody.
Oh, God.
Are you good? Yeah, I'm good.
Is Moses all right, Christina? Yeah.
He's good.
I knew it.
I told you.
I knew my boy was sick.
Can I see him? Of course you can see him.
You remember the deal, right? If you run, she gets it.
Don't worry.
I ain't running.
Go see your baby.
You've got to break him off.
Hi, honey.
I cannot imagine the strings you had to pull to make this happen.
Want to talk about it over dinner? Dinner? Dinner.
So, Isabel was right.
Yeah, a mother knows.
How's Moses? He's good.
We have to call the social workers, foster care, the police.
Hell, we have to get her a lawyer if she needs one.
I hear you're doing your bit by going on a date with that cop.
Oh, no, no.
It's not a date.
It's dinner.
After everything I've been through with Tom, the last thing I need is a date.
Did you hear he performed surgery today? I hadn't.
It went well.
Maybe I'll congratulate him.
You should, but you're going on that date.
You gonna wear that? It's not a date, so why not? You're drenched in man repellent.
You may want to call Camille, tell her to bring you something.
Have fun on your date.
It's not a date.
What's the rush? Tom can't wait for you to change at home? Well, it's not for Tom.
It's not? No.
I'm going out with a friend of mine for dinner.
What friend? It's just a friend.
What you got? All right, um This is my first option.
What do you think? Whoa.
Um, where'd you get this? Psycho Suzanne.
Psycho Suzanne.
Does her mother know she's wearing stuff like that? No.
Are you sneaking off and wearing stuff like this? No.
'Cause that's a lot.
All right, all right.
Here's the second option.
I think I might need a disco ball for this one.
All right.
You could just say no.
And option number three.
What do you think? I think I look like I'm going to the Thunderdome.
Oh, that's really cute.
What's up? I have had it with those bitches.
Okay, what bitches? Malia and Judy up in peds.
I mean, I thought Malia was bad.
She is employee of the year compared to Judy.
You put them both together, and Okay.
I got it.
Please do me a favor and find something that I would wear.
Mervyn's is out of business.
Judy, Malia, you want to tell me what's going on? She's got her panties in a bunch 'cause we're not putting her little data-entry project before our patients.
We have other priorities.
You had Justin doing your inputting for you.
That's when he wasn't carrying boxes that were too heavy for him.
Wait a minute.
You mean to tell me that you both had a patient inputting private medical information? I could have you both terminated for that.
If we weren't already understaffed, you'd both be gone.
He asked to help.
He's a kid.
You know what? Wait.
I'm gonna put this one on me this time because I've known that this floor has needed a charge nurse.
Everybody's doing their own thing, and nobody's being accountable.
Kelly, you're now the new charge nurse of pediatrics at James River.
Now, it might take a minute to make it official, but I happen to have an in with the director of nursing.
Any questions? No.
I'll be talking to charge nurse Kelly here about some refresher courses for you both.
Get you up to par a little bit.
Thank you.
Kelly? Are you sure about this? Make me proud.
Uh Christina, you look You look amazing.
Thank you.
I tried that already.
She didn't go for it.
This is Detective Nick Renata.
This is Tom Wakefield.
He's a surgeon here at the hospital.
How you doing? Nice to meet you.
He helped us find Isabel today.
He's a great detective.
Glad to hear she's all right.
Yeah, it worked out.
How was your surgery? It went well? Yeah.
It was great.
Oh, great.
That's great.
We're going to dinner.
Both of you? Yeah.
This is awkward.
If you guys want to talk, I'd be happy to step out.
Oh, no, no.
There's nothing to talk about.
Well, have a good time.
All right.
Did you finish all your inputting? I probably won't get to mine until the day after tomorrow.
Have it tonight, or there is no tomorrow.
What are you gonna do, fire me? You can't.
You're not permanent, Judy.
They don't want you on med-surg, and if you don't do your work tonight, I don't want you here.
Got it? That was me getting away from that bitch Dr Marshall.
Oh, and no overtime.
Have a really nice night, ladies.
They can't get rid of both of us.
Well, let them get rid of you.
I need this job.
You sure rolled over as soon as things got hot.
Yeah, I also lied when I said you weren't that bitchy.
Let me buy you a pack of gum, Malia.
I'll show you how to chew it.
So? How'd it go? Pretty damn good.
I heard that you also assisted on a cholecystectomy.
I did, indeed.
Thank you.
So, you wanted to see me? Yes.
Uh I approached Morrissey about you becoming the new chief of surgery.
Me? I know that it was Paul's title, but the search is taking forever, and we really can't have that position vacant much longer.
You held it at Trinity.
And I hated all that administration crap.
We need you.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I really can't.
I mean, I had such a great time today, you know, just cutting.
And that's all I want to do.
I'm really sorry.
No argument.
You are one of those doctors who really likes patients.
Rare breed.
Well, thanks.
For what? For today.
I would have never made it back in the OR without you.
That's my car over there.
Sure you don't want me to follow you home? Make sure you get home okay? I think I'll be okay.
You don't want me to follow you? If I'm lucky enough for you to take me out on a second date, maybe you can follow me home then.
Did you just say, "If I'm lucky"? No, if I'm lucky.
I had a good time.
Surprisingly enough, I had a really good time tonight.
The pancake special at IHOP was off the chain.
I'm a little embarrassed about that one.
Don't be.
You sure you're gonna be okay? I'm good.
Be safe.
All right.
You, too.
Offer still stands.