HawthoRNe (2009) s03e02 Episode Script

Fight or Flight

You're up.
Been up.
You should be in bed, recovering.
It's only been two days.
Me lying in bed is no help to me or anyone else.
Go to work We should really get rid of this.
I'm going to work.
Tom I'll see you at home tonight.
Okay? Don't worry about the admin.
Prep sessions and training seminars take nurses away from patients, which brings me to Mrs.
Discharged too soon.
We needed the bed.
Steve, I just started as chief nursing officer.
Try and back me up.
Bobbie, this is a busy E.
I'm not gonna have time mollycoddle you.
How's it going down here? I have everything under control.
Reports of Christina's attack are all over the news.
I need you to keep things quiet.
I could use some help.
What happened? I don't know.
She was outside, lying on the pavement all alone.
Where'd you come from? What is Christina doing here? I didn't even know she'd been released.
Get her out.
You haven't told her I'm taking her position? House counsel will have her paperwork finished by day's end.
Until then, don't let her out of your sight.
Pretend I don't know anything? Yes.
Sweetheart, can you hear me? Can you hear me? She's unresponsive.
Clammy skin, waxen pallor.
Definite signs of cachexia.
She's tachycardic.
Did they leave a note? No, nothing.
Christina, I'm glad you're really shouldn't be here.
I'm gonna see if I can find her folks.
I'll do it.
No, I got it.
You shouldn't be here.
No, I'm good.
Fruit smell on her breath.
Probably diabetic ketoacidosis.
Bobbie? Yeah? I need arterial blood gases, metabolic panel, and a serum acetone.
Let's hang an I.
, normal saline.
Get me eight units of insulin and one amp of bicarbonate.
Eight units insulin, one amp bicarb.
We need to stop her going into hypertensive shock.
It's the last 10 seconds of a game, and he can't make a free throw?! Come on, man! You know he's not going in! What's up, brother? Talk to me, man.
You see the game last night? It sucked.
They sucked, man.
And he's a hot dog.
Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'.
He chokes.
He's sorry.
He has no game -- on the court, off the court, with the ladies.
And, Dr.
Marshall, the whole silent thing you were telling me about for the O.
Oh, goody.
Kelly the scrub nurse -- sounds really good.
Yeah, keep practicing, okay? Christina.
Where did you come from? That's what I said.
Okay, can I talk to you? Okay, I'm sure you can grit your teeth and get around okay, but why? Brenda, I'm fine, really.
Okay? And, by the way, for everything.
If you really want to thank me, go back to bed.
I will.
Hello, you can't even walk.
Thank you.
Uh Don't thank me yet.
I haven't fixed the problem.
No, I mean, um I wanted to thank you for praying for me and my mom the other day.
Felt really good.
You know, I've always tried praying but never really felt like I was getting through, you know? I mean, how do you even know if God's listening? Just kind of speak from your heart.
Yeah, I never really knew what to say.
"Hey, God, it's Camille.
"What's up? How's Jesus?" That's a good start.
You make it sound so easy.
All right, give it a try.
What, you want me to pray here? No, your -- start your car.
Yeah, that one.
All right.
Hey, hey! Yes! Excellent! Next time, remember -- do not leave your headlights on! Hey.
I, um Really appreciate this.
How old are you? Remember that.
Got to get back to the O.
with your dad.
Remember -- just keep this running.
Okay? Don't let those cables touch.
All right, let me see what I got here.
This has got to be one of my favorites.
Desert eagle.
This'll put a hole clean through a car engine.
Can also drop a 300-pound bear -- one shot to the head.
Now, if you're looking for something more intimidating -- Smith & Wesson 500.
Most powerful revolver made.
Muzzle flash alone would probably kill whatever you're aiming at.
Sell a lot of these.
Glock 21, semiautomatic.
Popular with law enforcement, lightweight, easy to conceal.
I'll take it.
All right, good.
I'll ring you up while you fill out the paperwork.
I need it today.
That's illegal.
And expensive.
How old do you think she is? I don't know, five or six.
Apparently, her diabetes has gone untreated for some time.
She could have ended up in a coma or even died.
It's a good thing she's with us.
I'm, uhStill looking for her folks.
Oh, well, Bobbie already contacted child protective services.
No, no, no, no, no, Bobbie can't do that.
Can't do what? Hold off calling C.
On that little girl.
We don't know her name.
She has no I.
She isn't speaking.
Most likely her parents abandoned her.
It's not like we haven't seen that before.
I've called the police.
They're gonna try and locate her legal guardians.
If they can't do so, she'll be placed into foster care.
In the meantime, we can provide minimal care.
No, we're gonna give her whatever care she needs.
We have excellent social workers.
Maybe, but they can't keep that little girl from getting caught up in red tape, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna fall back, and we're gonna play this out.
Christina, please -- please what? It's just Y-you just lost your baby, and -- Bobbie, leave this on the little girl, okay? As long as she's here with us, she's safe, and it gives us an opportunity to get her diabetes under control.
It's my responsibility as acting C.
To make sure that -- and you know what? Thank you for everything.
But I'm back, so you can go back to your regular duties and let me do what I do.
Don't worry about it.
This one's on me, okay? Dr.
Excuse me.
Hey, Dr.
Wakefield, hang on a sec.
I just -- I need to -- step over here for a second.
I know you're upset at what happened to your wife, but I just want to say I'm sorry.
Thanks, Eddie.
Mind if I sit down? Sure.
Thank you.
How did I know I was gonna find you here? How you doing? I'm good.
How'd you sleep? Well.
Listen, uh I'll be around all day.
Gonna be a couple of people poking around, asking questions.
Trying to figure out what happened, okay? You take it easy, okay? Okay.
Detective Renata.
I was just leaving.
Just came by to make sure you both were okay.
We're doing just fine.
That's good.
All righty.
What was he doing here? He just came by to see how we were doing.
I want to take you home.
Tom, I need to -- no, Christina, I need you.
We need each other, okay? Tom, please.
We can do this.
I got to go.
I can try paging her again.
Did you tell child protective services you found the legal guardian of that girl? I did.
Who is it? Me.
Chris, you're in a weakened state.
You're not emotionally ready to be here.
Go home.
Am home.
Kelly, call child protective services and tell them there is no guardian.
Kelly, put that phone down right now.
Chris, you can't make those kinds of decisions.
Watch me.
Kelly, let's go.
Kelly, stay here.
Do your job.
Kelly, come with me now.
I'm sorry.
Susan, look, I get it, okay? I know that social workers are usually put in a bad spot, but you and I have been through this dance before.
I need till the end of the day.
Christina, is there anything I can help you with? Christina, I saw your story on the news.
You shouldn't be on your feet, let alone back at work.
This is not about me.
You're still wearing your hospital bracelet, for crying out loud.
She's fine.
Okay, look.
I've already spoken with Bobbie, and we've agreed we are following procedure on this.
I know that's new for you.
Kelly, sweetheart, can you give me 5 feet and cover your ears? Oh, great.
Listen, I need you to turn your back and give me five stinkin' hours.
I'm sorry.
This girl's a diabetic.
I need time to get her treatment correct.
I will give you two hours before I file a case number.
Susan, I swear, I will kidnap this little girl myself if you don't give me four hours.
Two! Three! Deal.
You're not supposed to be back here.
This is a sterile area.
Yeah, I grew up around hospitals.
I know what to do.
Look, I Was thinking about what you said earlier, about me remembering my age, and I just wanted to apologize about giving you the wrong idea.
Friends? We're good.
We're friends, right? Yeah.
So I can tell you anything.
First, you are a beautiful young woman, so it doesn't matter what you're wearing.
You shine anyway.
But I think you might want to put a sweater on and tone down the lipstick a little bit.
And lose those booties.
Hey, no.
Not now.
I don't -- I don't want to hear that right now! What? Man, I'm at work right now! I -- no.
You -- you're not gonna take my kids from me.
How are you feeling? Wow, that's pretty.
These are all pretty.
Is this you? No? When I was your age, I would only draw horses.
I would give them crazy names -- missy silkenmane.
Starbright wonder.
Speedy claxton.
Actually, he was a basketball player.
I just really liked his name.
I'll be right back, sweetie.
This has gone far enough.
We have a minor up in peds with no legal guardian.
You're jeopardizing the hospital.
I got this.
Christina, I'm still acting C.
Under whose authority? Christina.
Bobbie, let me do my job.
Until morrissey tells me differently, I'm still C.
Christina, I -- well, then let morrissey tell me that.
I'm telling you that.
And what is that supposed to mean to me? That I'm in charge.
Angel pie.
What? The little girl upstairs, she signed one of her paintings "Angel Pie.
" I think it's a nickname or something.
Let me see that.
I got this.
Hey, there.
You remember me from downstairs? Nurse Kelly let me see your beautiful picture.
Is that your name in the corner? Angel pie? No? You know, my mother used to call me angel pie.
I know.
Who's this? My friend.
What's her name? She didn't have one.
She was playing near the light.
It was pretty.
So was she.
Her eyes were just like yours.
I wanted to stay there, but the girl said I couldn't.
She also said that she's happy and she doesn't want her mommy and daddy to be sad.
Okay? Hey, Bobbie, have you seen tom? No.
Come here.
Slow down.
She saw my baby.
Who? The little girl upstairs.
She said she saw my baby, that she -- she had eyes like mine.
A-a-and that she had a message.
S-she said, "You can't be sad.
" She said tom and I can't be sad.
Honey, I'm gonna take you home.
You've done way too much too soon.
No, but, Bobbie, listen to me.
What if -- what if she can help meSee my baby or, like, talk to her? Chris, just breathe.
Think it through.
You saw this little girl in the E.
, right? She's in and out of consciousness.
She's transferring meaning.
I got to find tom.
Now, listen to me.
You got to promise me that you won't tell anybody, because not everybody will understand, okay? Ok-- **** Anxious, frantic.
Unstable? An honest medical assessment would indicate psych evaluation.
All right, thank you.
What are you doing? You may leave now.
John, she's been through such a lot.
You need to react as her friend, not as the head of the hospital.
I am the head of the hospital, and I'm handling this.
Show me how to make this thing work.
I don't know how I'm gonna make this thing work.
I need some guidance right now.
God I -- I was just talking.
Can you teach me how to pray? Just talk from your heart.
That's all I know how to do.
We need to do a crisis debriefing on Christina.
John, don't you think I've tried talking to her? I mean, it's obvious that, no matter what anyone says, Christina does what she wants.
Which is exactly why I'm asking you to join me on this.
John, I can't.
Tom, it's standard protocol.
Now, I would love to have your approval, but I will proceed without it.
So, are you with me? All right.
I mean, what was Christina thinking? If you're pregnant, you're supposed to be watching out for your baby.
Who walks to their car alone that late at night? It's dangerous.
I'm just glad it wasn't me, honestly.
Concetta coscina specializes in crisis debriefing.
Would you like to have a seat? Your colleagues are here -- I know why everybody's here, morrissey.
Thank you.
So why don't I just make it easy for everybody? Okay? I don't know, doc.
You tell me, but would it go a little something like this? Um, first question -- "Christina, how are you feeling?" And I'd say, "great.
I'm -- "I'm doing good, you know? "I get to walk down the halls of this hospital "and overhear nurses blame me for my attack.
And, I mean, who wouldn't love that?" And the next one may sound a little like, uh "How has this trauma impacted your life?" And I guess I would say, uh I don't know.
"When you've had a best friend" "Try to take your job" Let me see.
Question number three may sound something like, uh "How is it at home?" "You have a husband who" "Has no idea What you're going through.
" "And even if he did, wouldn't know what to say.
" Is that about right? I must say, if this is your idea of help You guys did a great job.
Thank you.
When your wife and kids get here? Hmm.
Chandra -- she reconsidered all that.
I'm sorry, man.
Believe what our dreams to be true I want to open up and see what's right in front of me I want to Have you talked to your friend? Which one? The pretty one that was playing in the light.
My name is Jessica Ross.
Your name is Jessica Ross, then? It's the name my daddy told me to say.
He said to never use my other name.
I'll bet you have a beautiful name.
So why would he have you change it? When my daddy took me from my mom's house, he said I'm getting a new name and that I should never use my other name.
Got it.
She told me her name is vivica Ross, so I need you to call Susan winters at the child protective services.
Let her know that I think this little girl's been kidnapped from her mother, okay? Okay, yeah, I'll go do that right now.
All right, cool.
You did it.
Thanks, Kelly.
Paged me? Yeah.
Do you want to sit down? No, I'd rather not.
You told morrissey? I told morrissey because I was worried about you.
You were worried about me.
But are you aware that morrissey was about to give your job to someone else? I stepped in for you.
Bobbie, save it.
You think I would take your job? Do you know what that says? It says you never trusted me.
That means we were never friends.
Maybe that's your deal.
Maybe you just like people who need you or who are in need.
What was I to you? Poor little Bobbie, the one-legged wonder project? Well, congratulations.
That's done now.
But you know who really needs you? Your family, your husband, your child.
You need you.
Bobbie, why the hell did you bring me in here? Huh? Did morrissey give you the little spiel? "Hey, Bobbie, be a leader.
"You got to make all the hard decisions.
"Hey, Bobbie, it's not about the people.
"It's about the hospital.
"Hey, Bobbie, step up.
You got to make the hard decisions.
" Well, I'm here.
I'm here.
You got something you want to say to me? Huh? Don't do this.
Be a leader.
Step up.
Send me home.
Do it! Stand up and do it! Please! Huh?! Do me a favor and send me home! Come on, Bobbie! Come on! Do it! You're fired! I'm done with this 7up.
Are you saying we're leaving? That's my way of saying your ride's leaving.
Come on.
You're a fine piece of woman.
Get off me.
Come on.
No, get off me.
Hey, w-why don't you leave her alone, man? Man, I'm just doing some interracial mixing here, man.
Trying to spread the seed.
Why don't you relax? Oh! Tom! Tom! Tom! Christina.
What's going on? You okay? Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Take me home.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
See? This is nice.
Thank you.
I'll go walk around outside Make sure Everything's good, okay? Thank you.
I'll be right outside.
All right.
Hey, Nick.
Want something to eat? Or something? I'll be outside.
Hello? No, st-- hello? What? Yes, thank you, Miles.
Thank you.
Tom got into a bar fight, and he'sLocked up.
Your stuff.
It's all there.
It's all there.
Carrying a concealed weapon's a serious charge.
I wouldn't worry about it, though, okay? Thank you.
There you go.
So, what does the other guy look like? Like the guy who lost.
Of course.
Listen, I have a niece in med school.
It okay if she shadows you around the hospital? Think it'd be nice.
As a favor.
Appreciate it.
Not a problem.
Hold on a second.
Let me give you some advice.
Never stop listening.
I'm good.
I was told the C.
wants to see me.
Yeah, have a seat.
Is she here? I'm C.
I understand you made some comments about the event that occurred in the parking structure involving Christina hawthorne.
I'm sorry.
I'm not entitled to my own opinion? I'm suspending you for two weeks without pay.
You can't do that.
You can't just suspend me for talking.
Please Get out, unless you want to make it three weeks.
Is it true you fired Christina? Morrissey put me in a tough spot.
Morrissey? You saw what happened today.
Someone else has to be C.
Yeah, someoneelse.
Are you saying I can't do this job? No, that's not what this is about.
What's it about? It's about a friend who needed you at a desperate time and got something far, far less.
Enjoy your new office.
I just need to know that my baby's okay.
Oh, she's gonna be fine.
And her diabetes is really manageable.
It's been three years since vivica's father took her away from me.
I never stopped searching.
Praying every day of my life that my baby would be okay.
Do you think she'll remember that I'm her mommy? You have a beautiful baby girl.
I don't think you have to worry about that.
Mommy! Hi.
Hi, baby.
Let me see you.
Can I sit with you? I made something.
You did? For me? I guess Christina wasn't crazy after all.
Oh, bluebirds.
And that's a flower that's a rare kind.
And that's a-a blackberry.
How come you and tom aren't opening your wedding presents? We haven't actually had the chance to do that.
So When are you gonna Go back to school? Oh, we can -- we can talk about that later.
Um Actually, there's something I wanted to tell you.
I think I learned how to pray.
Really? Why? Does that sound weird? No, it actually sounds beautiful.
Yeah, it really is.
You know, I never learned how to pray.
That's something I should have been able to give you, but I'm glad you found it.
Yeah, I had a little help.
I always thought prayer was so boring, you know? 'Cause -- 'cause I was the one doing all the talking, but What I realized was that It's really all about listening, with your heart.
I know that sounded weird.
Maybe someday you could teach me.
That's God calling.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
I love you.
I love you.
All right.