HawthoRNe (2009) s03e03 Episode Script

Parental Guidance Required

We know why we have a new frozen-yogurt machine.
So why don't we go downstairs to the cafeteria and get one? I'm diabetic.
Remember? Well, you don't have to be afraid of your diabetes.
My mom's afraid.
That's why she left me here.
No, angel pie.
I'm not hungry, anyway.
Well, I'll tell you what -- Why don't you continue coloring while I talk to nurse Kelly? See? I told you.
It's been two days, and she hasn't eaten a thing.
Well, she has been abandoned by her father and now by her mother.
Maybe you just need a happy hat that works.
Vivica?! You should be in bed, sweetie.
I want frozen yogurt! No, wait.
Vivica! Call security.
Make sure they meet that elevator downstairs.
Tom, have you seen a little girl? He's in there, Christina.
Who's in there? The man who attacked you.
Where? Do it.
Shoot him.
You okay? Tom, you got to get rid of that gun.
See ya.
Hello? Hey, Christina, it's Nick.
I'm outside your hospital.
I have a situation.
Well, I've tried everything.
And, uh, she's just not listening.
So I'm just fresh out of ideas.
This is funny? Right? This is funny to you? Okay, so listen.
Just know this.
I don't work here anymore, all right? But I'm gonna get her everything she needs.
Believe it.
All right.
I got it.
Good luck.
Yeah? Mom, this is Christina.
Just listen to everything she has to say.
Ah, Christina.
Very nice to meet you, Mrs.
How are you feeling? Good.
Well, uh, I-I don't want to be trouble.
This is no trouble at all.
It's actually my pleasure.
Your son is, um Your son's helped me a lot.
It is his pleasure.
Oh, yeah.
She's married? Ma.
Sometimes my Nick does not tell me all he should.
Um, so, I hear you don't like hospitals.
I've never been inside a hospital, not even when I was -- Ma.
Hmm? This is what we're gonna do, okay? What we're gonna do -- Nick.
Can you do us a favor? Hmm? Can you -- Can you get us some coffee? Oh, that's a wonderful idea.
Uh, so, tell me.
What has your Nicky so worried about you? He always carries the burdens of others.
Well, your pulse has me a little concerned.
So why don't I carry the burdens for Nick for a little while? Excuse us.
You need -- You need to tell me where you are.
I can't find you anywhere.
I'm working the health fair.
Have you heard the news? They found the body of the man who attacked Christina.
Now, this is going to attract a lot of unwanted attention.
We have to try to convey a positive message.
About a brutal mugging? About the hospital.
Put that out! Never mind the smoke, love.
Just find my name in that machine of yours.
I know you heard me.
Put it out! Since I'm a gentleman.
Harry Foxe, "Foxe" with an "e" at the end for no apparent reason at all.
Yeah, admittance is that way.
Maybe it's time to make a change.
And that's when I thought about transferring.
I mean, I love peds, but maybe it's time for a change.
To the O.
as a scrub nurse.
Oh, you'd love it! Really? I would? No, you'd hate it.
Okay, standing in the same place for eight hours doing this? Oh, my gosh.
My aunt Tuddy is a toll taker.
Marshall, it's in my blood.
Okay, I thought this was about finding a renewed purpose for life.
I could at least try it out.
Hey, I got here as soon as I could.
Hey, walk with me.
You left the house early.
Do you want to know what I was doing? I'm new at this stepparent thing, okay? I signed up for religious studies at RCC.
What? I'm just, you know, broadening my horizons.
So, uh, you saying that you're gonna be sticking around Richmond a little longer than you thought? You sure you're new at this stepparent thing? Look, I'm just saying that, uh, you know, I think it's important to have some kind of structure in life, whether it be, you know, attending classes or watching kids or getting a job.
There's an opening here.
I'll take it.
Don't you want to know what it is? No, no, no.
It doesn't matter.
Okay, well, we should probably talk to your mom about this first.
No, I'll talk to her later.
It'll be fine.
All right, meet me in the O.
in an hour.
Thanks, Tom.
You're the best.
You okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'll, um I'll be back in a minute.
Foxe? That's me.
Been bounced around pillar to post.
I'd appreciate being shown to my room.
Well, it's not a hotel.
I know that.
I wouldn't go to an hotel to get this taken off.
You've been bounced around pillar to post because there was a bit of a delay in getting your paperwork from your referring physician.
Also, it's very unusual to pay cash for an operation.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Here we are.
You gonna count it? Are you having a hard time breathing? Un poco.
And you're perspiring a lot.
Hey, Lori! Bring that gurney down here! I've got an elderly woman coughing up blood! Ma? Ma? Christina.
Okay, Nick, just give us a second, all right? Lori, come on! Steve! I've got a 17 year old *** woman, tachycardic at 140, coughing up blood.
Okay, well, the blood could mean a pulmonary embolism.
Let's get an arterial blood gas, a venous doppler, C.
angiogram, and a chest X-ray.
Okay, I'll start an I.
Gail, check her airway.
Christina, I'm sorry.
You don't work here anymore.
It's illegal for you to be here.
Surgeries are scheduled according to how long they take and a doctor's -- Tee-off time? Sorry.
I'm listening.
Anyway, once you know who's doing what surgery, you'll have to schedule the necessary equipment and support staff, like nurses and techs and specialists.
Now, we have computerized templates that keep track of every operation, but you'll still have to oversee everything yourself.
Becky, this is Camille Hawthorne.
Nice to meet you.
I've got to go, but, please, don't forget to call your mom and tell her about this, okay? Yeah.
Hey! Hey.
What are you doing up here? Training to be an assistant O.
That's cool.
You know, if you want, we can have lunch later.
Yeah? Yeah.
He's a gangster.
He's a gangster from the good old east end of London.
Paying cash for an operation doesn't make someone a criminal.
Well, trust me.
He is.
How do you know this? Because he's my father.
Yeah, not the, uh, first words that would spring to my mind, but yes.
Who's his doctor? Brenda Marshall.
Want me to go with you? No.
I'll spare you the unpleasantness.
Ay, Nicky, I feel silly.
Oh, don't feel silly.
You're gonna get lots of peace and quiet.
You've got nurses here to take care of you.
Mami, let them take care of you, okay? Something's wrong.
This has never happened before.
And it's not good.
A little blood? Nicky, Want to watch tv.
A cute little turtle, mami? When are you leaving for the train? Um Where are you going? Um, my brothers are coming into town.
Mami-I don't -- I'm not gonna go.
They're taken care of.
They're on their way, okay? Oh, I told them not to fuss.
I'm sure they're worried about you.
Yeah, I know.
But I'll be the one doing the cooking and the cleaning.
One mother can take care of three boys, but three boys cannot take care of one mother.
Somebody page me? Yes.
You must be the husband.
Renata, this is Dr.
Uh, Tom.
The husband.
Such nice eyes.
- You must be joking! - But I didn't say that.
You said that.
You really do that? Yes! Brenda, can you excuse us? I'm sorry? Would you please leave? No, please stay.
Marshall's performing my procedure, as it's called.
She was just describing -- What was it? And which procedure is that? Abdominoplasty.
Oh, please! I much prefer "tummy tuck.
" Yes, but it's more than that, okay? Abdominoplasty.
Oh, that's perfect.
Okay, now I'm gonna leave.
No, no.
I'll leave.
Well, that's an hell of a visit.
How long's it been? had to see you, talk to you, or listen to you.
Do you think that's any way for a boy to talk to his father? Okay -- What is it you're doing here? I came to see my son, the doctor.
I must say, I don't think much of your bedside manner.
Why'd you go to the trouble of finding me now? It wasn't any trouble.
Come on, look at you! Look at you.
Hey, come on.
Don't be nasty.
After all, it was me that put you through medical school.
I paid you back.
And I'm proud of you.
But I won't apologize for who I am.
Don't I know it.
I'd like to do a doppler echo to get a better look at what's happening with your mother's heart.
As the body of a white male believed to be in his late 3s had investigators at the scene from early-morning hours.
An unnamed source revealed there is a connection to the recent brutal beating of a nurse at James River hospital, but police are withholding a name and further information pending notification of next of kin.
Excuse us.
Listen to me.
You get rid of that ring, and you stay away from Nick.
Listen, Tom, I need you to calm down.
And don't be hasty, all right? We don't know what happened.
Get rid of the ring.
Nick, I need to talk to you.
Nick, what did you do? All you need to know is that everything's gonna be okay.
No, you got to tell me what you did.
Nick -- Nick "Renayta"? Give me a minute.
Detective Nick "Renayta"? The famous Nick "Renayta.
" My name's -- I know exactly who you are.
Internal affairs.
Boy, have I wanted to meet you and shake your hand.
What a good piece of fortune, me finding you here at the hospital.
Well, my mom's on the second floor.
I figured you'd know that.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
But, hey, I was just wanting to stop by, take a look at the crime scene, talk to some folks, shake things up a bit.
As you should.
We found the body.
Body? Can I buy you a cup? I'm good.
Thank you, though.
This is gonna get real ugly.
But, hey, I just wanted to stop by and shake your hand.
I know you.
And it's "Renata.
" Renata.
A major valve in your mother's heart is ischemic.
It's producing blood clots that could cause a stroke or even a heart attack.
So what are the options? Well, I'd explain to your mother that surgery's her best option.
No surgery.
No surgery mami.
How'd I know you were gonna say that? Christina, can you stay with her for a second? Listen, she's not gonna go for surgery.
I know that.
We can -- We can try dissolving the clots with medication, then run some tests to see if it was effective.
What are the risks? Possible hemorrhage.
If it was your mother, what would you do? I might try the medication first.
Then let's do that.
I trust you.
I don't trust you, Nick.
And I'll tell you right now, you'd better stay away from my wife.
Come on in, please.
I was expecting you.
I, uh, assume Gilliam doesn't have a clue you're here to see me.
Steve? No.
He certainly does not.
I see.
Of course, there's no telling what he's said about me.
Am I as bad as all that? Look, Mr.
foxe, I didn't come here to talk to you about Steve.
But I -- Whoa.
I say Gilliam! Right names, please! Gilliam's the name I gave him, and Gilliam is the name by which I know him.
Now, please, don't come in here telling me about my son.
Someone will stop by to take you to surgery.
Eventually, you'll get a glimpse of who he is.
People are never who they seem, you know.
Remember nettie? She was always cheating.
Oh, my God.
How can I forget? Are you kidding me? My mom used to play a lot of cards with this lady named nettie.
These guys would play You remember that? Poker.
Right? And always cheating, huh? Who was the cheater? Ay, Carlitos.
Guys, this is Christina.
She's taking care of mom.
How are you? Pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
Very nice to meet you.
This the Christina? Oh, here we go.
I said, "this is Christina.
" You done good.
My pleasure.
Very nice to meet you.
Wow, lover boy.
Come on.
I'm just saying hello, man! Come on.
Come on.
"The food is good here.
" I'm asking a question.
How am I supposed to know? Number-10 blade.
Hello? I'm okay.
Just a little phlegm.
You might want to sit down before you pass out.
No, no, no.
I just need a second.
Maybe aunt Tuddy's got the right idea after all, huh? You sure you want to transfer? Why wouldn't I? Cauterize that bleeder.
Oh, my God, that smell.
Damn it.
I'm so sorry.
Not you.
W-what is it? What's wrong? His liver.
He has cancer.
Christina, I need to speak with you.
Beth, what are you doing here? The police are telling me.
They found Gerry's body this morning.
And they're saying that he's the only suspect in your attack.
That was your husband? Look, I-I need to be honest with you.
You were right.
Gerry got more abusive.
But by the time you convinced me to leave him, I'd already been forced to get a restraining order.
In spite of everything, he never would have done this to you.
Please try to understand.
Understand what? My children no longer have a father.
If there's anything -- Anything that you could tell detective Dupree, anything at all Please, Christina.
I don't have time for this man, okay? We need to talk.
His liver is metastasized.
I removed a few nodules for biopsy, but that's all.
Uh, I think he has less than a year.
I'm -- I'm sorry.
Did you perform the abdominoplasty? Steve, he has cancer.
Of course not.
I was just wondering.
Thank you.
Do it.
Shoot him.
Stop it.
That's disgusting.
No, that's the name of the surgery.
Miles, I've got an emergency aortic dissection.
What you need me to do? Maria Renata in I.
She needs a C.
I-I want to know if the anticoagulants are dissolving the clots around her mitral valve.
So has she considered commissurotomy? Patient's not interested.
All right.
Oh, and, uh, hey.
Uh Now that Camille's working here, there is one thing you need to keep in mind.
That's Christina's daughter and now my stepdaughter.
Don't lose my respect Or your job.
All right.
Here we go.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I got caught up.
Hey, go get the chart.
Bring it to C.
Renata? Mama.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Is Tom gonna do the procedure? 'Cause I haven't seen him.
Tom had an emergency.
So we're gonna do the C.
scan and make sure the medication's working.
I think you need to check her pupils.
Okay, make sure you're okay, all right? Christina, come on.
Mami? What are you doing? She's throwing multifocal PVCs.
She's about to code.
Mami? Christina, what does that mean? Nick, move her gown.
No, no, no, no.
You do not work here.
That's a liability, and you cannot do that.
I'm charging to 200.
Mami? Nick, stand back.
Stand back.
Hey! Don't do that again.
I'm pushing Epi.
She's in v-tach.
I'm charging her again.
Hawthorne, you can't.
I'm pushing Epi right now.
Miles! All right, I'm gonna shock her again.
Back up, Nick.
Hey, would you sto-- Back up.
Back up! Ready? Clear.
Okay, she's back.
Mami? Mami? It's Nicky.
I could have you arrested for interfering with the treatment of a patient! John, come on, I didn't -- Do not interfere with or assist a James River professional.
Do not touch a patient or a piece of equipment.
Do you understand me? Do you understand that that woman would have died if I didn't jump in?! I wasn't gonna let that happen! And Miles should have had a nurse! Where's the nurse?! If you cannot abide by what I'm saying, stay out of my hospital.
That's it.
Get out.
Ay, mi hija, they woke you.
How are you feeling? Like I got hit by a milk truck.
I know about that.
I remember when it happened.
I was there.
We found her in the middle of Morris Avenue.
She was all like I'm like, "that's not my mom".
Renata, I'm sorry.
I was called to the O.
Oh, no need to apologize, doctor.
Uh, I'd really like you to reconsider having surgery.
I can fix the problem.
Come on.
Stop being so -- I will continue to take the pills.
If they work, wonderful.
If they don't I am at peace.
Doctor, please let me go home today.
Renata, I-I can't.
Would it be all right if Christina take me home to help to set up the house? Mrs.
Renata, I can't -- I can't force you to stay here if you don't want to.
But, uh, you need to understand that if you leave, it'll be against medical advice.
Christina will help you set up at home.
Thank you, doctor nice-eyes.
Christina, mi hija? Yes? Muchas gracias.
I apologize.
For what? Growling the other day.
Since you've had the decency to drop by this morning, albeit out of morbid curiosity, I reward you.
I've made an healthy deposit, in your name, in the bank where you transact your business.
Is this a joke? No, love.
Why are you doing this? Well, you're a bright young girl.
Quick on your feet and all that.
And you're a real self-starter.
I can tell.
You're taking up far too much of my time, of which I'm told I have very little left.
Were you really tied up? Would I ever willfully neglect a patient? I'm sorry.
I know you wouldn't do that.
We need to spend some time alone.
We really do.
Let's just get out of here.
I'll drive us to the shore or something.
I'd like that.
I'm still worried about her going home.
I know.
I mean, she's gonna do what she wants to do, so I'm just gonna try to make it as right as possible.
I'd feel a lot more comfortable if you had someone else set her up.
She trusts me, and I'm not gonna be long.
All right, well, put her on o2 if her breathing becomes labored.
Make sure to keep an eye on her sats.
You okay? Carlitos, stay off my bumper.
Well, if you don't drive like an old lady, you don't got to worry about that.
Lunatic, put it back.
Hey, she told me to bring this, all right? What -- What is this, anyway? It's a defibrillator.
We need it? Yes, we need it.
We need it for your mother.
Hey, "Renayta.
" It's a real pleasure meeting you.
We'll be seeing each other again real soon.
You can count on that.
Our hospital has been in the news as these stories have unfolded.
And hearing that the man responsible for the vicious attack was found murdered yesterday leaves many angry, confused If you'll allow me to stray from John Morrissey's statement, everyone at James River is outraged by what happened.
This hospital is a place of Healing, a place of care and compassion.
And despite this horrific incident, we endeavor, no matter how difficult it may be, to put aside destructive emotions, to leave that at the door in the hope that this hospital remains a sanctuary.
Thank you for coming out.
I missed you last night.
I was, uh -- I was slightly unpleasant company, I'm afraid.
I'm sorry.
What's up with you, then, hey, dad? Oh, here's my boy.
Showing up here like some old pussy for a tummy tuck? You horrible, arrogant, ancient, old woman.
You be careful who you're talking to.
What? You got no clue who you're talking to.
Oh, yes, I do.
You're Gilliam Stevens.
And you can change your name It doesn't change who you are.
Never worked for me.
Why should it work for you? You're right, dad.
But let me tell you something.
A long time ago I realized I didn't want to be you.
You can't ever be honest, can you? Never.
You didn't come here for cosmetic surgery.
You knew you had lung cancer.
You probably knew it spread to your liver, too.
So what are you here for? Hmm? Sympathy? Yeah, perhaps.
Well, you're not gonna get that from me.
Really? You wouldn't have known I had lung cancer unless you'd cared enough to go and check my records.
And that gives me a good feeling.
Now, when she coded, all I can think was, "don't kill that Puerto Rican cop's mom," you know? Oh, my God.
Um, but she's okay, right? Yeah.
Your stepdad discharged her.
You know, tom cares a lot about you.
I know.
He's just kind of new at the stepparent thing.
Just the same, it's not that we're doing anything wrong.
I really think we got a lot in common.
Maybe our friendship just needs to -- Hey, you know what? I'm 19.
And this is my life, not his.
And we're just friends, right? If that's cool with you.
Being in the O.
and opening up the human body is amazing.
I don't even have the words for it.
Unfortunately, I-I don't think I have the stomach for it either.
Oh, gee.
It is an acquired skill, you know.
Hey, at least let me buy you some yogurt to thank you for not getting sick all over me, hmm? Okay.
Check your breathing.
Your breathing's better.
Ay, mi hija, you're exhausted.
Have Nick drive you home.
No, he has to stay here with you.
I just need a little time to get some rest.
That's all.
Mi hija, may I tell you a secret? Yes.
I always wanted to have a little girl.
But It was not possible.
I never had a chance.
Though, I'm not so sure of our carlitos, but You have a daughter.
I do.
A beautiful one.
Tell me about your mother.
There really isn't much to tell.
Well, tell me whatever there is.
Her name was Elda.
AndShe was sick most of my life.
She had Crohn's disease.
From the time I was 5 to 17, I took care of her.
I never left her side.
I was an only child, so And my father, he He wasn't really available.
So that's it.
Who loved you? Who took care of you? Come over here.
Come over here.
Climb up here.
Climb up here.
Hmm? Don't -- Don't be afraid to -- To feel when somebody loves you, hmm? I'm sorry your mother wasn't able to give you what you needed.
I'm sure she would have if she could, because You are so loveable.
Love is your power, Christina.
Don't ever be afraid to -- To give it completely or to take it completely.
I love you.
It's true, right? You know? Yeah.
And then, the word "religion" This is Christina.
You've reached my voicemail.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Uh, Christina, it's meAgain.
Um, call me.
Call me when you can.