HawthoRNe (2009) s03e04 Episode Script

A Fair to Remember

[ Beeps ] Christina? Christina? [ Ringing ] [ Sighs ] Come on, pick up.
Pick up.
Pick up.
This is Christina.
You've reached my voice mail.
Please leave a message.
[ Beep ] [ Beeps, cellphone closes ] [ Sighs ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Hey, Tom.
Do you know where Christina is? Uh, yeah.
Hold on one second.
Hold on.
Good morning.
It's Tom.
Oh, God! Tom! Oh, my God! I fell -- Hello? Oh, God.
Nick! Why didn't you wake me up? You let me fall asleep? God, he's gonna kill me.
[ Sighs ] He called me 34 times.
What are you worried about? What do you mean, what am I worried about? Oh, so, I fell asleep over here helping your mother? Would you believe that story? Would you believe that? That's what happened.
Where is your mother? Making you breakfast.
Make sure she takes that Coumadin.
All right.
Hey, hey.
Nick, I don't have time, all right? I got to go.
What? Christina.
You have to listen to me.
Internal affairs is gonna be poking around the hospital.
Are you listening? Yes.
Tell them the truth.
Tell them the truth.
All right.
My name is Kelly Epson -- Hold on there, darlin'.
Let me get it set up.
Oh! Sorry.
I guess I'm nervous.
Well, you know what? There is nothing to be nervous about.
I've heard how police will interrogate someone for hours and hours until they just crack and confess, even if they didn't do anything.
You know what? This is not an interrogation.
Oh, great.
I'm simply trying to find answers to help me find the man who murdered the man that attacked Ms.
It sounds complicated, but it's not.
Oh, it's "nurse Hawthorne.
" Or "Mrs.
" I'm not sure if Christina's gonna change her name.
I'll get back to you on that one.
That's right -- She day she was attacked.
It was horrible.
[ Voice breaking ] She lost her baby.
All right.
Why don't you take a look at that? And if you agree, just state your name and read it out loud for the record.
"I, Steven a.
Shaw" "Do hereby give this statement of my own free will" "Without coercion to detective James Dupree of the Richmond Police Department, internal affairs" "On the date noted and do hereby swear" I'm not comfortable giving a statement without advice of counsel.
"I will answer all questions to the best of my ability" "Fully, truthfully, and without prejudice.
" Obviously, I shouldn't lie.
Not that I would.
Although, if I did lie, I'll tell you.
I guess that proves that I don't lie.
I'm sorry.
What was the question? Tom! Tom, please.
Just give me one second.
Just -- Just stay away from me.
Tom, come on.
We're expecting a large turnout.
There should be lots of press.
It'd be nice to get some positive coverage for a change, especially from the courier.
Wouldn't use that rag to pick up after my golden.
Wow, John.
You ever your subscription? Man: Sorry, sir.
You really believe that a day of free health screenings and face painting and corn dogs is gonna pacify the media, or let alone fix the real healthcare issues that we have? It's a brand-new day at James River.
Talk to me after you've been c.
For about a year, after the media's been demanding to know why you haven't been serving the community.
Maybe your silver lining will be a little bit more difficult to see.
I don't know.
I raised a million dollars in about 10 minutes the other day.
Do you think we could have a cease-fire? I'm not the enemy.
I know we're not in agreement about the money your father gave me, but I'm gonna do good things with it.
I'm just trying to do what's best for the hospital.
So, just for today, can we set it aside? We love each other, right? Woman: Nurse Jackson? Yeah.
I'm glad I caught you before things got too hectic.
What can you tell me about the recent attack in the garage? Oh, we responded immediately.
We installed new lighting, we upgraded our security cameras, and we expanded the number of armed patrols.
But the attack itself.
[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me for a second.
I hear there's a new development? Hello? What can you tell me about the internal affairs detective? What? Put wings on others and watch them fly.
Put wings on others and watch them fly.
[ Echoing ] Put wings on others and watch them fly.
[ Sighs ] Put wings on others and watch them fly.
Put wings on others and watch them fly.
Kyle's still not responding.
I think we should try another antibiotic.
You want to write a prescriptionln crayon? Well, I didn't want to waste time taking off the shoes.
Kyle needs me.
Kyle, hey.
I'm sorry you're having trouble breathing.
It's scary when you can't breathe, huh? So the additional cultures haven't returned? The lab's been really slow today.
Put another rush on them, okay? We need to know what we're fighting.
We're gonna get you back at second base.
Third! Kyle plays the hot corner.
[ Pop! Whistle! ] Well [ Chuckles ] Call me with the lab results, yes? Yes.
I'll be right back, Kyle.
Now, what about after the attack? I would say he was somewhere between confrontational and combative.
So you're not a fan of Renata.
Oh, I doubt his mother's a fan.
You just know he was the kind of kid who would jump in the pool and right away start splashing everyone.
And in the blink of an eye, some skinny boy's crying, and there's blood in the water.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
All right.
Christina! Oh! It's Kelly.
What are you doing here? Are you even allowed to be here? Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
Oh, I'm glad to see you, too, Kelly.
And you're the only one I can talk to about this, so it's great that you're here.
There is something really going on.
I can't prove it yet, which is why I need your help.
No, I need your advice.
All right.
Actually, if you could just tell me -- Hey! I need you to slow down and tell me exactly what's happening, my little clown.
[ Chuckles ] And that's when I noticed this boy in peds had a secondary infection unrelated to his initial diagnosis.
Secondary infections are not uncommon to methicillin-resistant staph, though, right? No.
Only other nurses are seeing similar cases on their floors, too -- All highly contagious staph infections.
Did anyone take a culture? I did.
But the results are still not back yet.
And I have to be honest -- The first culture from the boy in peds did come back negative.
Thank you, nurse Epson.
MRSA test results come back false negative all the time.
I know.
It's a highly contagious bacteria.
It could cause blood infection, pneumonia, necrotizing fasciitis.
I mean, there's a reason they call it flesh-eating bacteria.
We need more proof.
Why aren't you taking me seriously? Well, you're wearing polka dots with stripes, for one thing.
I'm sorry.
Listen, I appreciate your diligence, but we need more proof before we go sounding the alarm.
Can you keep me posted on those cultures? Of course.
Great work, Kel.
I still think there's the potential for a serious outbreak.
[ Sighs ] Say "cheese" honey! Cheese!! Kelly: What? You tell me.
I should just follow protocol, Christina.
I was just trying to do what you do.
I wanted them on board.
I wanted to convince them.
Well, here's the thing.
You can't use your gut without your head.
You can't have passion without thought.
It will just spin you out of control.
But I don't have the data yet to prove to them that it's MRSA.
So what can you do? Nothing.
Not with the head of the hospital completely unconcerned.
Kelly, throw morrissey out of this picture, okay? I want you to think about it.
What is your gut telling you? That if we do nothing, there is going to be a major health crisis.
So is it possible that you can follow your gut and use protocol when you can? What would you do? I think I would let a good friend put wings on my back and help me fly.
I got it! Okay.
What do you think? You said you wanted to keep out of sight.
Well, yeah.
No one's gonna recognize me.
That's for sure.
I know.
It's perfect.
All right.
Show me your happy dance.
My happy what? Every clown has a happy dance, Christina.
Mine is Doo doo Dee doo doo Dee doo doo doo bop! Okay.
So, you just kind of let it flow.
Happy dance.
Happy dance.
Perfect! It's great! Remember that.
It comes in handy.
All right.
Remember, all smiles! All right.
Where you headed? Your dad gave me the afternoon off.
I'm going to meet chandra at the airport.
I didn't know she was flying in.
It's a last-minute thing.
She's bringing my kids.
You must be excited.
You have no idea.
I'm bringing them here to the fair, and to meet you, too.
I guess I'll see you later, then.
All right.
Hey, uh, Camille.
Yeah? Was that Dr.
Bourdet? Yeah.
You know what? I don't want to get caught slacking, so We need to keep this threat contained, so we're gonna quarantine all patients with suspicious secondary infections in an isolated area on 5 east, far away from the general population.
Okay, you guys? We can do this.
Thank you, also.
Okay, great.
Let's go.
Oh, I know when somebody's trying to hide something.
So you're a good judge of character, are you? I think so.
So, what's your opinion of Renata? [ Scoffs ] Are you serious? I'm sorry? Detective Dupree, like, I don't know where you're trying to go with all this or what you're looking for, but you're wasting your time.
You'll have to forgive me.
I'm a little slow here.
I don't understand.
You want to find the murderer.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
The person who put down the savage that killed Christina's baby.
I know you have no idea the kind of violence committed against nurses every day by the people we try to help, but you do know that this attacker beat his wife and put her in our emergency room over and over until Christina talked her into leaving him.
Now, today this woman would tell you that Christina saved her life.
Now do you understand when I say you're wasting your time and mine? If you find the person who killed this animal, you should pin a medal on his chest.
A do-it-yourself clean room and airlock? This is genius.
Well, it's the Kelly special.
And look, we just have a few more touches.
We'll cover those vents, and we have -- What? -- A completed isolation room.
[ Chuckling ] All right.
I'll get my stepladder.
Nothing's a problem for Lupo.
He's so great.
Oh, did you get the rest of the supplies we needed from the supply sergeant? Oh, and then some.
I mentioned your name.
He gave me everything I wanted.
Although he didn't want to know what we were doing.
[ Chuckles ] I'll get the vent.
All right.
And we'll get the patients.
[ Chuckles ] Come on.
You go, girls.
[ Indistinct talking ] Kyle, you're doing so great.
Kelly! Oh.
Why so serious? Um, we're moving Kyle into isolation.
Actually, we're moving all possible MRSA patients into isolation.
Kyle tested positive? His second result's still not back, but if we wait, we're risking an outbreak.
Whitlock's got acute angina.
And a winsome smile.
Well, she's bleeding out.
Do you mind scrubbing in with me? No.
Of course.
Hey, Tom.
Can we talk? [ Elevator bell dings ] Hey.
Which floor? Fifth.
Listen, I, uh What's going on? Um So would you say that we're good friends? What are you doing? Trying to see who or what you're looking at.
[ Sighs ] No one and nothing.
You know, why are police always so suspicious? Oh, it's just part of my job -- To see what other people see and don't see, to hear what others say and don't say.
That's cryptic.
You think so? My wife says I'm a simple man.
She'd like me to be more of a man of mystery.
But that ain't never gonna happen.
[ Chuckles ] When did you get married? I met Ruth in high school.
Five years later, we had our nuptials.
And you're happily married? [ Chuckling ] Oh, yeah.
I've never met another woman like my wife.
She has constantly shown me different ways to look at life.
Now, why don't we get back to me asking the questions? You gonna read me my rights? [ Laughs ] Are you going to tell Mr.
morrissey? I don't know what I'm gonna do.
If I didn't have to speak to the press in five -- You built an isolation ward? Yeah.
I-I followed all protocols, starting with reverse ventilation.
Clean air flowing in, filtered air flowing out.
We got the piping from the basement.
Obviously, it's too late to shut this down, but we need to keep quiet about it.
[ Exhales sharply ] Today, of all days, we have the chance to show the goodness of this hospital off to those wealthy benefactors and the press that this is a brand-new day at James River hospital.
I understand.
Do you also understand that if you're wrong about this -- And so far there's no evidence to prove otherwise -- We're putting those patients and James River at huge risk? Not to mention, I'll be forced to terminate you.
Good luck.
Well, I can reroute incoming paramedics to Butler or Cleburne, at least for a time.
Kelly: Yeah, that would be great.
Gail: And detour the foot traffic through the other door whenever possible.
Even better.
So, you do think there's a problem.
Steve: Given what you've shown me there, I'd say it's a definite possibility.
Good work.
Let's do it.
Woman: Rumor has it there's a police investigation going on here in this hospital.
Can you tell us about that? Bobbie: A detective is following up on an earlier investigation, yes.
At our request, he came to us, rather than taking our doctors and nurses away from our patients.
On a similar note, in the past year, James River has increased its nursing staff by 27.
That's a ratio of one nurse to every three patients.
So, the staffing, is that paid by the anonymous donation made in your name? Tom: This open house was Christina's idea.
People are having fun.
Yeah, so go outside and enjoy yourself.
The warmth of the sun, you know? Smell the cotton candy.
You might even smile.
You know, the O.
is the one true place where I still feel happy, where I can -- I can lose myself and know I'm part of something bigger.
Does that make any sense? Yeah.
You stood by me when I did Christina's neuro-block.
You risked your license.
You needed to know you did everything you could to save your baby, so Thank you.
You're welcome.
Um There's a detective downstairs talking about Christina's attack.
Dupree, from internal affairs.
That's the good old boy.
Any idea why he's here? No, but I'm sure he'll be in touch.
[ Chuckles ] [ Sighs ] Well, I've got rounds.
You? Oh, um, I think I'll just stick around and finish charting Mrs.
Whitlock's angina.
All right.
No acute angina.
Is that a fashion statement? Is it? Well, that's a fair question.
You know, my great-grandfather was a moonshiner.
My grandfather was a tax man.
You know, he'd find the stills, break them up.
And my father? [ Chuckles ] He was a preacher, from Clermont, Georgia.
So where do you fall? [ Laughs ] That's an even better question.
But I know you want to get back to your kids, so I'm gonna kick you loose.
"The lord said vengeance is his.
" That's correct, isn't it? Romans 12:19.
Well, if that's the case, whether or not I even catch this guy, somebody's gonna reap the whirlwind.
[ Siren wails ] The next step is to contact the centers for disease control.
I mean, the CDC should know about this.
This is such a big step, you know? What do you think? What do you think? What do you think? What you think? What you think? What did I tell you? This is Yogig.
But what if -- Now, the only thing I'll say is, trustYourGut.
[ Beep, ringing ] Atlanta, Georgia.
Thank you.
CDC, please.
Bubble time! Give me a big one.
I want a big one.
Big ones! Biggest one! Miles! Hey, guys! This is Camille! Hi! Are you Michael? Yeah.
Your dad told me you just started t-ball.
I like your flower.
Thank you.
We can get you a flower.
Uh, what about a dragon, then? Or maybe? Tiger! Yes! Tiger! His mom calls him "tiger.
" Yeah.
Oh, all right.
I like "tiger.
" Michelle, do you want to get your face painted, too? Yes.
All right.
What are we waiting for? Let's go.
Let's do it! Okay.
Where's your wife? Um, hanging at the hotel.
She filed today.
Are you okay? I just don't want Michael and Michelle to get hurt.
Well, uh, I think the best thing you can do right now as a parent is just to be there.
Let them know it's not their fault and that you love them.
And if there's anything you need help with, let me know.
Daddy! Hey! Oh, my goodness! You guys are having fun, huh? Yeah! Yeah! Give me some of that popcorn.
Hawthorne? Yes.
May I speak with you for a second, please? I'm Detective Ajayi, Nick's partner.
Well, I see he, uh Didn't mention me.
Well, he's mentioned you -- A lot.
Have you heard or seen anything that I should know about? Excuse me? Have you seen or heard anything that I should know about? No.
Did, um -- Did Nick give you anything? Did he give me anything? Um Did Nick give you anything? No.
Are you sure? Positive.
Well, that's good to know.
You have a good day, Ms.
You are being so brave.
Yes, you are.
Oh, you guys, are the MRSA tests back yet? Not yet, Boppi.
Aaah! Why does that keep happening to me? Steve: He's afraid of clowns.
Me too.
Here's something to cry about.
What? Somebody called the CDC.
Is that bad for somebody? Well, if they're wrong, that could mean bad press, hospital inspections.
The CDC could shut us down.
And you could lose your job.
Oh, Gail, what do I do? Well, it's done now.
You just better hope you're built for the storm.
[ Gasping ] [ Monitor beeping ] Nurse! The boy's monitor! [ Gasping and beeping continue ] [ Sighs, clears throat ] [ Keys clatter ] Ow! [ Grunts ] Ohh.
Oh, son of a bitch.
[ Sighs ] Kyle? His sats are down to 85.
He's in respiratory arrest.
You bag while I intubate him.
[ Flatline ] No pulse.
Full arrest.
One amp epi.
Get the crash cart ready while I finish tubing him.
Lupo, crash cart! Everything's gonna be okay.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] Charge to 100.
No change.
Again, charge to 100.
Come on, Kyle.
No change.
Still in v-tach.
Charge to 150.
Charging to 150.
[ Monitor beeping steadily ] Kelly: All right! Normal sinus rhythm.
[ Cheers, applause, and whistling ] [ Crying ] I've seen this 100 times.
I don't know why I'm so upset.
Maybe it's because you're a good nurse, huh? Can you stop paging me? Stop avoiding me.
Well, I'm busy.
I have better things to do than Okay.
Let's just do this.
[ Both groaning ] Say bye.
Michael: You have some strong muscles.
[ Laughing ] I have strong muscles? You get in there.
You are a really good father.
I hope so.
No, you got to know so.
Heard me? Know so.
Don't wear this divorce like some big wet wool sweater, you know? All stinky and heavy and itchy.
Your children need to know the man that I know, the man that God intended you to be, as his child, as a father, a doctor, a friend -- Whatever.
You sure you're 19? [ Chuckles ] I told you, 20 in April.
It was really good spending the day with you and your kids.
We had a good time.
Actually, we had a great time.
He brutally beat my friend and killed her baby.
That is correct.
Something the matter? I called Christina "my friend.
" That's right.
I heard y'all had a falling-out.
Do you have nothing better to do than police our relationships? [ Chuckles ] Crime -- Especially murder -- That is all about relationships.
You're not at the ballpark.
Now, there you go.
You see there? I'm not really hurting anybody.
Not really.
But because I'm an outsider and I'm treating your hospital like it's my own, you defend what's yours.
Oh, whether it's peanut shells on the floor or some big, prestigious nursing title in a hospital -- Whatever you believe is rightfully yours, well, by God, nobody's gonna take that away.
Now, that man that beat and attacked Ms.
Hawthorne believed that she had taken something he thought was his.
By convincing that woman to leave her abusive marriage and divorce her husband, nurse Hawthorne so enraged his fury that he followed her that night into the parking garage and -- Well You saw the results.
Now, all I got to do is prove that somebody felt that same way about Christina.
And once I do, my friend, we can all head to the bar.
And now I have to make my speech.
[ Applause ] Bobbie: Hi, Richmond.
Can everyone hear me? Yes.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making the first James River hospital health fair and open house such a success.
Yeah, give yourself some applause.
Today was inspired over a year ago by nurse Christina Hawthorne.
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo! Yeah! It was her hope and dream that this would draw together our community, to help each of us realize our better selves being in service to one another.
But today is only one day.
And just as every journey begins with a single step, I'm asking you to continue your support of James River hospital Tomorrow and the next day, the day after that, and the day after that.
We can never forget we're family, and in spite of the mistakes we've made and the hurts we've suffered, we remain a family.
Together, our future will be whatever we want.
We all have something to offer.
[ Clapping ] [ Slurring ] Let's hear it for the future! Of course, the future won't include healthcare, because it doesn't work.
[ Laughs ] Did you know that, initially, the ailing and the infirm were the responsibility of the church, monasteries, and -- And convents? Well, we are so far from that kind of care now, because we don't care! John.
We should be ashamed of ourselves.
Those people up there, they're up there, the sick and the dying, while we are down here pretending that everything is fine.
This open house, this health fair, it's not fair! [ Chuckling ] It's an illusion, a distraction from the real problem, all intended to make us feel better, while those people up there are the ones who need help! [ Chuckles ] No.
Morrissey: Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
[ Feedback squeals ] It's my responsibility to protect the doctors and the nurses at James River hospital.
I do the best I can so they can do the best they can.
But when senseless attacks happen, like the one involving Christina Hawthorne Bobbie: John John, can I -- Can I have the Mike? John, can we, uh -- How much is a human life worth? Why do we have to measure our existence on dollars and cents? Come on.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Let's go.
You know where healthcare works, where they have national healthcare? Cuba! And Canada, too.
Cuba! Yes, that's right.
Can I get a word with you? Cuba! Do you have a response to that? Cuba! And Canada! Ms.
Hawthorne! Cuba and Canada! Mostly we're in the business of saving lives so this has for sure been a really confusing day on so many levels.
Bobbie, I know you're still really busy, but I need to talk to you now.
I've crunched all the morbidity and mortality numbers and secondary-infection rates, and even though the CDC hasn't called me with confirmation -- You called the CDC? If we close the hospital doors overnight and administer Vanco IVs to everyone exposed immediately, we can stop any potential MRSA outbreak.
Potential MRSA outbreak.
I need your okay on this.
[ Sighs ] All right.
Here we go.
[ Morrissey laughing ] John, please.
Come on.
Come on.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Come on.
[ Paper crumples ] $9,047.
I finally found this estimate in myOffice.
[ Sighs ] I would never place a value on a human life.
[ Sobbing ] And the value of your baby.
When I first came here from Richmond trinity, my number-one agenda was balance the budget.
Balance, balance, balance.
Line-item cuts.
[ Crying ] I was advised to upgrade the parking garage.
Security lights, cameras.
[ Laughs ] Call boxes.
I was warned it was only a matter of time Before Yeah? Uh-huh.
Really? Yes! Oh, thank you! Thank you! Oh! Oh, my gosh! So ends another day.
And like the little Dutch boy, we're left with our collective fingers in the dike.
I refuse to believe the best we can do is hold back the flood, hoping the dam doesn't break.
I know today was kind of a disaster, but I'm feeling very optimistic about the future.
You've obviously eaten too much cotton candy.
How about our cease-fire? I'm prepared to negotiate.
Kelly: Bobbie! Steve! I just got off the phone with the CDC.
It is MRSA.
We did have a potential for a serious outbreak.
Isn't that great? I mean, isn't it great that we took the precautions and kept everything under control? You did a great job.
Thank you.
Lupo: Nurse Kelly! I feel 5 feet tall! [ Laughs ] Back to work.
You know, if this is too much difficulty, I-I can get a ride from somebody else.
I've been driving 'round and around Richmond, trying to get to know the city.
Every time I stop, they wake up.
All right.
Gail: Camille.
Let me, um, speak to you for a minute.
Look, your mother's going through a lot right now, and I know for a fact, if she were to see this, she would not be happy.
Sweetie, you are 19.
I'm almost 20.
You may think that you know a lot about life, but that is a grown man you're dealing with, with children.
So if you understand what I'm saying, I hope you'll be careful, and I hope that you and I won't need to have this conversation with your mother.
Do you understand me? Everything okay? Yeah.
We should, um, get going before they wake up.
Dupree: This is my second interview with Christina Hawthorne and Tom Wakefield.
The time, 19:21.
Uh, why don't you start off where we left off? I-I don't remember.
Uh, you stated for the record that you know detective Nick Renata.
That's right.
All right.
Now, how would you describe that relationship? Uh, we're friends.
Friends? Hmm.
Is that how you describe your relationship? Yes.
Friends, huh? Now, you see, this is where the puzzle doesn't fit for me, 'cause I talked to lots of folks, and, boy, one thing was for certain -- No one characterized your relationship as being friends.
Well, Nick was one of my first calls right after Christina was attacked, so Well, now, you see, that's not that unusual.
I got an uncle.
He lives outside of Charlottesville.
[ Chuckling ] The biggest jackass you'll ever meet.
But he's a lawyer, so whenever anybody in the family needs help, well, they'll just dial up ol' Neil.
I-I'm not sure what it is you want me to say.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
According to the autopsy report, from the time your wife was attacked till the time the attacker was killed was just a bit over 19 hours.
Now, that's the kind of efficient detective work we'd like to have at the Richmond police department.
Yes, sir.
You know, minus all the killing, of course.
You know something about this murder.
Now, I haven't got a chance to talk to detective Renata, but I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, what if it's all three of you? Y'all swingers? What?! You like watching your wife have sex with other men? I don't have sex with other men.
Now, I just can't figure out how Nick Renata fits into this whole thing, especially considering all I hear about him and your wife -- Whoo! You know what? It's been a long day for all of us.
What y'all say we do this again some other time? I'll shut that off.
Thank you.
[ Breathing heavily ] What were you doing over there? Do you have any idea how worried I was when I couldn't find you, huh? No one had a clue where you were.
I didn't know if you were dead, if you had an accident.
I called every emergency room.
I went driving all over Richmond looking for you.
I must have gone from here to the hospital back and forth at least half a dozen times.
And when I finally reach you, you were at Nick's house? What the hell were you doing over there? It was an accident.
What were you doing at Nick's house?! Answer me! It was an accident! Answer me! Where were you, huh? Where was I?! Where were you?! Right here! No, you weren't! Where were you when I was in the garage, tom?! Yeah? You want to hit me? You want to hit me? Go ahead! Hit me! Where were you?! Go ahead! Hit me! You're not the only one who lost a child! Do you understand me?! [ Breathing heavily ] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I'm sorry.