He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) s01e04 Episode Script

The Dragon Invasion

1 [dramatic music.]
I am Adam, Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
This is Cringer, my fearless friend.
Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Grayskull!" [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [roaring.]
Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, and Orko.
Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.
[sinister music.]
[wolves howling.]
They are ready for transporting, Beast Man the dragon's eggs and the Dragonpearl.
Mer-Man found it in the slime swamp.
The fool traded it to me for Eternian silver.
He doesn't know its value.
He doesn't know [dragon roaring.]
The mother dragon! [exciting music.]
Stop her, Beast Man! Stop! I command you! [screeches.]
She's protecting her eggs, Skeletor! I can't control her.
I think we better leave! [dragon screeching.]
A lot of good you are, Beast-brain! And you'll leave when I tell you to! Get the air cart out of here before she comes back.
And do it now! [growls.]
What makes you think you can always order me around? This! Now move! [cackling.]
Well, little dragons, you'll soon be in your new home.
We'll take the last plate now, Orko.
Boy, am I stuffed.
A pity you're not two Orkos.
You could eat twice as much.
Not a bad idea! [whimsical music.]
Wow! That never worked before.
If I were four Orkos, I could eat four times as much.
[all chomping.]
Now there are four of me.
I'll bet I'm four times as powerful a magician.
You are not! I'm four times as powerful.
Says who? I'm four times as powerful.
No, I am! [all arguing and grunting.]
Hey, guys, hold it! Why can't you cooperate? You know, use some teamwork.
Teamwork? Us? When things look bad, teamwork's the answer.
We'll give it a shot.
Hey! We did it! Oh, well.
It was fun while it lasted.
That trick wasn't supposed to shake the room.
[ominous music.]
A baby dragon! Isn't it cute? [roars.]
It's growing larger.
Look out! Your Majesties, come with me! Adam, get the guards! [roars.]
Oh, oh, I don't think I care for baby dragons.
By the power of Grayskull! [chorus.]
He-Man [dramatic music.]
Adam! [chorus.]
He-Man [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [roaring.]
He-Man [roaring.]
Come on, dragon-face.
Take your best shot! [fire whooshing.]
Now, He-Man! Just hold that pose, flame-face.
Need a hand, He-Man? The more, the merrier.
[Ram Man.]
Eh, here I come, ready or not.
Wha! Oh, dear.
That's the hardest dragon I ever rammed.
[metallic clang.]
Ha! You missed! [roaring.]
He-Man That's better! [crash.]
How convenient.
I was looking for something to test my new stasis ray on.
He won't be able to move for hours.
Where could that dragon have come from? Well, Beast Man has the power to control animals, and Skeletor controls Beast Man.
He-Man [sinister music.]
[wolves howling.]
I'm so powerful, I even impress myself.
Bah, but you don't impress me.
Someday I'll show you what power really is.
Did you say something? No, nothing, Skeletor.
Good, the growth serum works perfectly.
The baby dragons grow to full size in less than a minute.
And if you think that's magic, wait till you see what I do with the Dragonpearl! [dramatic music.]
Teela, Avion has just been attacked by a Let me guess.
A dragon.
Right! How did you know? Dragon eggs are falling from the sky all over Eternia.
Look! [roaring.]
It's time for your nap, flame thrower.
A good thing my father made more than one stasis ray.
[booming footsteps.]
Now! [grunting.]
There, that ought to hold him for a while.
This dragon hunting is tiring business.
I'm afraid there's no time for rest.
There are more dragons waiting in the Mystic Mountains.
[sinister music.]
[wolves howling.]
My plan has worked perfectly.
While He-Man and his friends are busy battling the dragon invasion, we will enter Castle Grayskull.
The space portal will transport us there.
Follow me! Our new home! [Skeletor.]
Castle Grayskull! We can't get in! He-Man and the Sorceress have stopped us every time we've tried.
He-Man's gone! And as for the Sorceress, not even she is strong enough to resist the Dragonpearl.
Sorceress, I will control Castle Grayskull! Stop me, if you dare! [thunder crashing.]
[warbling tone.]
Your power is no match for mine, Skeletor! [high-pitched pinging.]
Go back to Snake Mountain, Skeletor! We have enough trouble without you showing up.
Trouble? [cackling.]
I'll show you trouble, Sorceress! [warbling tone.]
Evil-Lyn, focus your magic here.
The Dragonpearl will make it a hundred times stronger! [whirring.]
[shimmering tone.]
I I must get help.
He-Man! [Sorceress.]
He-Man! He-Man, come to Grayskull.
Come on! The Sorceress is calling! There's trouble at Grayskull! [whirring.]
[shimmering tone.]
Hey, you have trapped the Sorceress in the Dragonpearl.
[thunder crashing.]
At last, Castle Grayskull and all its secrets are mine! He-Man will not set foot in Grayskull again.
[exciting music.]
What in Eternia is going on? [Skeletor.]
Grayskull has fallen, He-Man! To me! The Sorceress is my prisoner, and with her power added to the Dragonpearl, all of Eternia will be mine! [cackling.]
[sinister music.]
There's no science or sorcery that's hot enough to burn through that force field.
It looks bad.
When things look bad, teamwork's the answer.
Hey! That's it.
I remember what Adam said.
Maybe teamwork's the answer.
That's it! Let's bring all the dragons here.
But Beast Man controls them.
Then we'll control Beast Man.
Come on! [Evil-Lyn.]
Are you sure the Sorceress cannot escape from the Dragonpearl? I transported the Dragonpearl back to Snake Mountain.
Away from Grayskull, the Sorceress is powerless to resist.
The Dragonpearl is draining away her magic.
When it has it all, she will be part of the Dragonpearl forever, and her power will be mine! [cackling.]
[exciting music.]
Snake Mountain.
We may be playing right into Skeletor's hands.
Well, we'll have to chance it.
This is our only hope to save Grayskull.
[dramatic music.]
Hmm, this place gives me the creeps! [He-Man.]
Let's hope it also gives us Beast Man.
[Beast Man snarls.]
[Beast Man.]
You called, He-Man? [booming.]
Oh! [metallic clang.]
I'll destroy you, He-Man.
Stand back, He-Man! This'll quiet him down.
Now, as for you, dragon [laughs.]
Looks like these dragons aren't so bad after all, when Beast Man isn't controlling them.
Take him back, Teela.
We'll need all the firepower we can get to break through that force field.
Where are you going? The mother dragon has to be somewhere nearby, and I think we'll need her help.
Stratos, all the dragons have become friendly.
I know.
He-Man and Teela must have found Beast Man.
Let's get them to Grayskull.
[dragons roaring.]
But how can the dragons help us get into Grayskull? How else? Teamwork! Remember? Fire when ready, dragons.
It has to work.
What? [Teela.]
Orko was right! With the dragons working together as a team, not even Skeletor's force field could resist.
Stop them! [crash.]
Eh, I won! Eh, I think.
Not a chance! [zapping.]
Too bad about the others, but at least I escaped.
Not for long.
You've had it, Skeletor.
We'll see about that.
[Skeletor cackles.]
I win, He-Man! Your Sorceress is trapped inside the Dragonpearl.
Her power is now mine! [cackling.]
Help! [He-Man.]
Hang on, Skeletor.
He-Man, you're a fool! You know I wouldn't have saved you.
I guess I value life more than you do, Skeletor, even yours.
Well, I value this.
Take your last look.
You won't see it again.
Oh, no! No! Well, at least you'll never see your precious Sorceress again.
[engine whooshing.]
[fire whooshing.]
[explosion booms.]
- [screeches.]
- Thank you.
Well, let's go home, Zoar.
[exciting music.]
That's the last of them.
They're on their way back to their mother.
What happened to Evil-Lyn and the rest of Skeletor's crew? Evil-Lyn's magic was strong enough to call up another space portal.
They escaped through it.
Well, I can't say I'm sorry to see them go, but I have a feeling they'll be back.
You know, one of those baby dragons might have made a nice pet.
Hey, I said, "Might have.
" [Orko.]
Hey, take it easy! Stop that! Ah, this is [laughter.]
In today's story, Skeletor tried to conquer Eternia by using animals in an evil way.
Animals, like all living things, should be treated with kindness and respect.
I hope that those of you who have a dog or cat or maybe even a hamster remember that.
When we have a pet, we also have a responsibility, because they depend on us.
But you can be sure of one thing: however much we love them, they return that love and more.
Well, time for me to disappear.