Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

I Remember

1 [Episode 15.]
Is anyone there? Bong Soo! Bong Soo? Do you feel warmer? You sleep at my place whenever you feel like it! I'm staying one night.
This isn't fair.
You shouldn't be this way.
I'm not leaving.
I'm not.
Why are you acting so reckless? I'm not scared of you.
Don't you know who I am? You have no idea how much I'm hiding You have no idea.
It doesn't matter.
Are you stupid? Don't send me away.
If you send me away you'll cry forever.
I could put you in danger.
You'll never let me get hurt never.
Don't send me away.
Don't do that.
I thought it was a dream.
I don't usually dream often.
What kind of dream lasts this long? So, I found myself trying to confirm it.
Is this real? Maybe it's not real.
Then, I begin to think Even if this is real is it okay? Come on, really? - It's really cold.
- It's not cold at all.
I said I'll drive you.
You're in big trouble if you come out before eating everything I cooked for you.
You know I still have a lot to be angry at you for, right? Yes, I understand.
I'll get going.
Gosh! Just one stop.
- You're so stubborn.
- Just this once.
- Just one stop? - Yeah.
You know what, Min Ja I get confused between real and fake.
My work requires me to be fake.
I have to hide my face and wear a disguise.
When I've gone out into the world, I've always been fake.
But, when I meet her, I have to be real.
But, you know being real What is it? Does it even exist? Since when were you such a deep thinker? I know right? I'm telling you for the 49th time.
Stop thinking.
- Every time you think, you cause trouble.
- Min Ja.
- Reset the clock.
- I wanted to say, thanks.
We have to check the battery for that too.
- I'm heading out.
- Where? Well to find the real me.
He's definitely starting to lose it.
I can't exactly re-format him.
It is long past due for a replacement.
Kid, I worried about you.
Chae Young Shin was waiting too.
Did you contact her? She came looking for me.
Did you, by chance, tell her who you are? I've never told her.
But, she found out on her own.
- How much does she know? - I'm deciding how much I should tell her.
But, that girl she's not asking me.
Why I live this way.
Why I got hurt.
Even my real name.
You like Ji Ahn, huh? That's why you couldn't tell her, who she really is.
You couldn't tell her who her father was and how he knew your father.
I told you I'm thinking about it.
Then, can you try to understand me as well? It's because I like them too, Myung Hee and Ji Ahn.
That's why I haven't been able to say anything.
Enough catching up.
Let's get to the point.
Sounds good.
- I want revenge for my Teacher.
- Okay.
And my father's false accusation, I want the world to know he is innocent.
It's not enough for the two of us to protest his innocence by ourselves.
Of course and? I need to know.
When is it okay to tell Chae Young Shin? 'Your biological mother is alive'.
Shouldn't that be when Myung Hee's health is not in danger? - When is that? - We'll have to see.
You said it's a pyramid and we'll have to get everyone including those at the back.
- You said you'd find a way, didn't you? - Yes, I did.
Did you find a way? I thought about it and there is only one way that I know.
The method that your father and Chae Young Shin's father used.
It's a method I've imitated my whole life.
Do you want to do it with me? - A method that my father used? - That's right.
What are our odds? Healer, if you do it with me 50-50.
What you asked me before you were right.
I like Chae Young Shin.
I just thought you should know.
Kim Moon Shik first started working for the Elder in 1992.
It was after that incident.
He worked years under him.
When he left, the Elder appointed Secretary Oh to him.
He has many names and identities, including one as a lawyer.
The relationship between these two is interesting.
Kim Moon Shik and Secretary Oh are like the two sides of a coin.
He was a very precious friend to me.
I want everything in his funeral to be top quality.
I will prepare the best funeral and burial site for him possible.
All the dirty work is done by Secretary Oh.
Kim Moon Shik lives as a gentleman with nothing to be ashamed of.
I think Kim Moon Shik actually believes he's a person who has done no wrong.
I think he really doesn't remember his own actions.
That's why I was fooled by him, repeatedly.
Is this the only photo of him? I barely managed to obtain that one by asking the police department.
I know you're not really in here, Teacher.
It's only dust and bone, but it doesn't feel right.
But, still Giving you over to that guy I can't do that.
I'm kind of busy lately, but when I have time I'll put your ashes somewhere nice.
South Pacific.
Sound good? This is the script for this week's one-on-one with Kim Moon Shik on ABS.
It was me everyone.
I got it.
I put my life on the line.
We're going to pick seven of these questions and focus on them.
This is similar to what we've been preparing.
But, to what extent do we report our findings? Why should we worry about that? It's not like we're being censored.
That's right! I've become so accustomed to censorship.
It's in my bones now.
- Jong Soo? - Yes? - Have you done your spy duties? - Yes, I have.
You told him we're doing a piece on the Kim Moon Shik one-on-one interview? I told them you guys are preparing something very big.
- You're sure you scared them? - Yup.
Kim Moon Shik has a cyber team.
I'm sure they will step forward.
You'll have to be ready, won't you? Of course, I'll say it'll be ready by tomorrow.
If I say it'll be hard to have it ready by tomorrow, no one wants hear - Chae Young Shin? - Yes.
You're meeting Detective Yoon Dong Won today? Yes, at 2 p.
- I'll meet him quickly and come back.
- No, no.
Keep doing that.
- That story will become our special.
- Pardon? I hired a freelancer for that story.
I think he needs help today.
Can you go? - What kind of help? - Ask him yourself.
- Oh, and Park Bong Soo is on leave.
- Leave? - For how long? - For personal reasons.
Meetings are best kept short, so let's end it here.
Chae Young Shin, follow me.
I'll point you in the right direction.
If he's on a leave, is it paid or unpaid? Paid or unpaid? That's really important.
Reporter Chae Young Shin? My name is Seo Jung Hoo.
I'm the freelancer that needs your help.
I just need to follow you into the police station you're going to later today.
- What's your name again? - Seo Jung Hoo.
Born in December, 1987.
Is there anything else you want to know? Seo Jung Hoo? Mr.
Seo Jung Hoo? Or, just Jung Hoo.
I'm sorry.
It took me too long to introduce myself.
So, we've finally met.
Yeah, finally.
It's nice to meet you.
- But - Hm? You need get a beating.
Aren't you hitting too hard? Can you go into places like this? It's a police station? Shouldn't you wear a disguise? A hat and something to cover you face? Disguises are used only when necessary and other tools, I figure it out as I go.
That's the way I work.
And this is my boss's special new invention.
Now, say something.
- Say what? - Again.
So, is Park Bong Soo not coming anymore? Is the volume too low? I said, I miss Park Bong Soo.
This has high sensitivity.
You don't need to yell into it.
Just forget that it's there.
If you're aware that it's there, people will notice so just forget it's there.
I'll keep my eye on you out there.
Okay? Bong Soo! Bong Soo.
Bong Soo What's that about? Do a good job.
Please wait a moment.
This is the first floor.
Yes, I understand.
May I see your ID? Go up to the third floor and look for the Cyber Team.
Thank you.
Next person.
Keep your mind on the task, not other things.
Other things? What kind of other things? - Let's just do our job, as reporters.
- I'll do my best.
If you run into and danger - Excuse me.
- Yeah? I'm currently in a police station filled with police everywhere.
What danger? You better do well very well.
Are you done? - Can we start our work now? - Where is it? Fourth floor on the left.
Last door is the server room.
I'm sorry to make you come all this way.
- Over there.
- Okay.
We have a bit of an emergency, so we can't leave the office.
I feel bad taking up your time when you're so busy.
So, this is the Cyber Team? - Yes, does it look too simple? - No.
Want something to drink? Oh no! You're busy.
Let's keep it short.
Okay, what were we supposed to talk about Oh yes! Information exchange.
You said you'd give me info on Hwang Jae Guk's death.
- And, you give me info on Healer.
- That's right.
In 15 minutes, we're resetting all servers.
Be ready.
Get ready! Just a minute.
What? Is something going on? We're separating the server room right now.
What's he talking about? Separating the server room? Yoon Dong Won! He is so rigid, he can't even wipe the crap off his ass.
He must have gone truly crazy after finding the backdoor that I planted.
This means that police cannot access the system from outside the building.
Does that make sense? Criminals are running around everywhere.
Every time the police need a single file, they have to crawl back to the station? Is this for real or is this just gas out of their ass? Min Ja, get your head on straight.
We're on this side, not the side of the police.
So, what do I do now? There's no use in installing this on their computers? For now, get into any computer in that station.
Before they reset, let's make one of those computers ours.
How far did we get? Um Hwang Jae Guk and Healer But, last time you said you didn't know much about Healer.
You actually believed that? It worked.
It worked.
What now? [This web page cannot be displayed.
They've cut off all external connections from the computers in the station.
Before they reset, they won't let anyone in.
So, if this doesn't work, then what? But, they still need one computer that has external connections.
If so, that computer has to belong to Yoon Dong Won.
We can't do that.
Young Shin is there with Yoon Dong Won.
You have four minutes until reset.
If you can't get in by then, it's over.
Totally done.
So, the information you have on Healer is Honestly I have met Healer.
When? For the past two months I've met him three times.
How did you meet him and can you tell me what he looks like? The thing is - That man, just now! - Who? Who? The man who just walked by the door! - Did someone go by? - Over there! That man! What? Reporter Chae.
Hey! You come out! Over there! He's going down over there.
It's that man.
I don't see anyone.
Okay! We are connected! Now, it's mine.
- Reporter Chae? - That's weird.
Where did he go? Hey! Look at me.
- Yes? - What was that about? I I thought it was him.
Him? There was this guy I had a crush on.
I thought it was him.
A crush? That's weird.
Where did he go? He was here.
He was just here.
Excuse me, Miss.
Do you realize what you've done? I know.
Obstruction of justice and you're an accomplice to larceny.
How did I end up with a boyfriend like this? - Hello? - This is just too much fun! What? Boy Boyfriend? Really? Boyfriend.
Nice weather.
I found the record of entry for Seo Jung Hoo.
Records say he entered Korea on the sixth and departed from Moscow.
However However? Will you please look at this? This came from our source at the police.
It seems he was employed at Some Day before that date.
Before he arrived from Russia.
He has the skills to change his entry and exit records.
Then, he could be the person in these pictures.
Healer Seo Jung Hoo is working at Some Day using the alias Park Bong Soo.
And, Moon Ho took ownership of Some Day News.
Ji Ahn is there as well.
What is her current name? Chae Young Shin? This was provided by Double S.
It's a recording of your wife's phone calls.
Hello, I'm Reporter Chae Young Shin from Some Day News.
May I speak to Choi Myung Hee, please? This is Choi Myung Hee.
Where is Seo Jung Hoo now? He's on temporary leave from work, so we're looking for him.
- And Ji Ahn? - She's exactly where she's always been.
During the day, she's at Some Day.
At night, she's at home with Chae Chi Soo.
You say Jung Hoo grew up alone with no parents? And Ji Ahn grew up surrounded by ex-convicts? That's right.
Then, they would not have learned how to adapt to society.
- Are you planning to teach them how? - I should That's probably the right thing to do.
Officer Park Ki Jung.
He's been working for Yoon Dong Won for two years.
I'll send the address to your GPS.
Young Shin is still at the police station.
She thinks that the police station is the safest place in the world.
- Oh yeah? - You know too, Min Ja.
Teacher died in that building.
- Hey, now.
- I don't think I can handle this.
I need to go back and get her.
Can you please just focus? Everything is going according to plan, so please! Gosh! I might as well go off to the South Pacific.
So, all three times, you didn't see his face? One time I chased him because he took my bag.
- You chased Healer? - That's right.
But, I got caught right away.
He grabbed me like this from behind.
What could a delicate person like me do? I just stood there and trembled in fear.
I was so traumatized then.
I had such a nightmare that night.
You're doing really well.
Please buy us a bit more time.
It's almost done.
The second time, I had my eyes covered.
Right then, I got my hands on those videos.
You know, the Hwang Jae Guk videos? Like this my eyes covered That was the second time.
[Oh Dong Apartment 101, Unit 304.]
Hello? There's a family photo, but where's the family? Married with one daughter and one son, all in Canada.
He's here earning money for his kids to study.
Check out what's on this computer.
For a guy working in the Cyber Team, he is pretty analog.
[Citizenship Card - Nam Dal Joong.]
I see a few bank statements under false identities.
And these are the account numbers.
What is this? There's some sort of medicine vial.
It's not cold medication.
Shoot! [Reporter Kim Moon Ho.]
- Yoon Dong Won speaking.
- This is Kim Moon Ho.
I know you're with a reporter of mine.
Yes, Reporter Chae Young Shin is here.
The conversation was so enjoyable.
I didn't realize what time it was.
If it's about Healer, I probably know more than her.
I was actually debating whether to call you in as a witness or go talk to you directly.
In the morgue, you said that the man who claimed to be Healer was like family to you.
That's why I want to catch the person who killed my family.
I'm working on it with the help of some informants.
Do you need that information? These informants? Are they of the legal variety? Who knows? We've been trained to staunchly protect the identity of all informants.
What I've sent you just now That's your subordinate Park Ki Jung.
That's his account made under a false name.
Very interesting, isn't it? - Have you found him? - They say he left an hour ago.
Every month, 5000 dollars has been wired to his family in Canada.
That's pretty hard on a police salary, isn't it? Hurry up.
Just come, hurry! We'll give you everything we have.
But, there's just one thing Let us do a story on the arrest of this criminal.
That's all I need.
I know it'll be difficult.
Someone was murdered inside the police station.
And, the suspect is a fellow police officer.
I'm sure you want to hide it.
But, now it'll be broadcasted on air? It may not end with a written explanation.
So, are you going to hide it, Detective Yoon Dong Won? - Have you tried calling him? - It's turned off.
I can't track him.
[Reporter Kim Moon Ho.]
What's Park Ki Jung's home address? Oh Dong Apartment in Jung Ee Dong.
- I didn't mean for this to happen.
- Sir? That guy, living alone without his wife and kids We are currently at the National Police Agency.
The investigations team has just discovered a new piece of evidence regarding a case.
We at, Some Day News, will be joining the investigations team.
Hello? Speak slowly, please.
Hold on, Detective Park.
Which phone are you using right now? Hello? Secretary Oh? I really don't understand it.
Why does a man on the run, pack a bag? But, they all do it.
Strange, right? Reporters can work down here.
You two can stay here.
Where is the site of the current police raid? - Is it where the suspect is? - Oh, yes.
Can you tell us what evidence led the police here? What could this be? There's another arrow here! Detective Yoon, over here! Miss, do you have the time? Please don't teach him these kinds of lines.
They're really terrible.
I think that's a wrap.
Why don't we get going too? What is this? I'm left behind again? In 1980, there was a young university student.
At the time, he and some friends started a pirate radio station.
What we have to talk about and what everyone must hear is the unification of all media outlets by President Chun Doo Hwan.
In the past two months alone, almost 1000 journalists have been fired.
That pirate radio station aired for about one year.
Stories that were not reported in the news or on TV were reported on that radio show.
Those that were able to catch those radio waves secretly recorded the shows on cassette tapes and distributed them.
Once Ki Young Jae was arrested, the pirate radio station was shut down.
And, Ki Young Jae spent over 11 years paying for his crimes.
The crime of talking when the government told him he should not.
[Day of Kidnapping - CCTV Footage.]
Many years later, officers in this video arrived here after receiving reports of a kidnapping.
At first, he started out as a witness in the investigation.
But, things got very complicated.
He had ties and had jobs with high-up people things like that.
He wanted to disclose these things to us, but This is the National Police Agency in Seoul.
On the 13th, there was a suspicious death in one of the interrogation rooms.
It was a lonely death and not a single line about it was reported in the news.
Ki Young Jae was killed during an interrogation.
Policeman Park who works in that very department has been arrested for his murder.
In Park's home, the same poison used to kill Ki Young Jae was found.
And, for the past two years using accounts made with fake identities he was receiving 10 million to 20 million won a month.
Who could have been paying off a policeman like this? Before Park was arrested, he made a call.
This is a recording of that call.
- Hello? - Hello? Secretary Oh.
It's me Park There's a problem.
Someone has gone through my house, including my hard drive.
I think I've been made.
You have to help me.
Speak slowly, please.
I need to run away now, so help me! Wait, Detective Park.
Which phone are you using right now? This is the Secretary Oh from the phone call, meeting up with Park.
Coincidentally, I happen to know this Secretary Oh very well.
The new candidate for mayor of Seoul, Kim Moon Shik has been his boss for over 20 years.
Candidate Kim Moon Shik and Secretary Oh.
On the day and time that Ki Young Jae was kidnapped We were able to get a footage of them entering the building where Ki was held.
Police are going through the evidence and are currently investigating We plan to follow that investigation until the end and report it.
- Were you watching? - Young Jae has died.
Did you know? Are you okay? I couldn't say anything.
I was afraid of how you'd react, so I'd like to be alone.
- Myung Hee? - I'm asking you.
No matter how unfair someone's death was there are too many times when they don't even get a mention in the news.
I may not be able to share the stories of all those people.
But, I wanted to share the story of, at least, one of those people.
We remember you.
We did this broadcast today to let you know.
Everyone who joined us today, thank you.
You said he was your teacher? Yeah.
And he was a friend of your father's? Yes.
Was he a good person? No.
He was a perverted old man.
But, you still liked him.
Jung Hoo, you have a lot of good people around you.
- I do? - Yes.
That lady I met last time.
Your teacher.
And me.
I think I'm the best of them all.
Teacher! Teacher, you're coming back soon, right? You're joking around, right? Teacher, wait! Teacher! Teacher! [Kim Moon Shik.]
Candidate Kim Moon Shik.
I enjoyed your broadcast.
Thank you.
I haven't showed you much yet.
You could say, we're just getting started.
'We'? Candidate Kim.
You don't have a 'we', do you? You are still young.
My 'we' is connected as lifelines.
So, no matter how much one gets betrayed or mistreated they still stick around.
It's very solid.
What keeps your 'we' sticking around? Oh! Moral obligation? I just got a call.
Candidate Kim.
You're Secretary Oh has just arrived at the police station.
Once he starts talking, there will be no end to it.
- Will you be okay? - I'll be fine.
I'm planning on getting him out.
Will you be alright? I'm lacking a little sleep, but I'm fine.
Do those kids trust you? With that pathetic moral obligation of yours you think you can get those kids to follow you? With your constant talk of 'we', 'we' Why don't you leave the kids out of it? I know you've stooped low, but Aren't you the one who brought the kids into this? Seems like they grew up just fine.
Why did you go dig things up when they were living just fine? I heard you're still having nightmares.
It's enough that you have them.
Do you have to makes the kids have nightmares too? Kim Moon Shik You people are always like this.
You anger both sides and make enemies.
Should I consider this call a declaration of war? I thought I was the one who received a declaration of war.
Didn't I? Huh? Didn't I? This is Chae Young Shin.
This customer is currently on a call.
You will be connected to voice message.
This is Choi Myung Hee.
Do you remember? - Of course! Hello.
- Are you free? I'd like to meet.
Of course.
I have lots of time.
When can I see you? To your house? No, don't worry.
I can find my way.
Honestly, I didn't hear from you, so I had about 80 percent given up.
- Thank you.
- Then, I'll see you later.
Chae Young Shin? - Yes, that's me.
- Over here, please.
Do you remember who I am? Yes, hello.
- My wife just called you, didn't she? - Yes, just now.
Let's go.
I'll drive you.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
Get in.
Then, thank you.
You must not drive.
No, I don't.
I'm not a person that has a lot of fear, but strangely I'm afraid of driving.
I must have some sort of trauma related to my younger years.
I occasionally have dreams of cars driving past me very quickly on a dark road.
We'll get going now.
Yes, okay.
Drive slowly.
You don't want to scare Reporter Chae.
1992, police station in Sok Cho, Seo Joon Suk.
Do you remember? I think my brother Moon Ho is working with Healer, Seo Jung Hoo.
He knows that you're Healer.
He says that you're dangerous and a bad person.
And why would you be doing anything for those kids? Because I'm friends with their fathers.
You say that my father killed a person? Chae Young Shin, your biological mother is alive.
You know Jung Hoo? He's in danger.
I'll give you money so hand over your team! That's the only way you'll live.