Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

To You Again

1 This is Choi Myung Hee.
Do you remember? - Of course! Hello.
- Are you free? I'd like to meet.
Of course.
I have lots of time.
When can I come see you? To your house? No, don't worry.
I can find my way.
Honestly, I didn't hear from you, so I had about 80 percent given up.
- Thank you.
- Then, I'll see you later.
Chae Young Shin? - Yes, that's me.
- Over here, please.
Do you remember who I am? Yes, hello.
- My wife just called you, didn't she? - Yes, just now.
Let's go.
I'll drive you.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
Get in.
Then, thank you.
You must not drive.
No, I don't.
I'm not a person that has a lot of fear, but strangely I'm afraid of driving.
I must have some sort of trauma related to my younger years.
I occasionally have dreams of cars driving past me very quickly on a dark road.
We'll get going now.
Yes, okay.
Drive slowly.
You don't want to scare Reporter Chae.
- We're not open yet.
- There's a Kim Yong Woon here, right? Mister? In 1992, you were Head of Investigations at the Sok Cho police station, weren't you? He sits there all day like that.
He doesn't talk to anyone.
Do you remember that you were a detective? Hey Mister? When you were a detective at the Sok Cho station you took the statement of a man named Seo Joon Seok, didn't you? Do you remember? You don't remember? 1992, Sok Cho Station, Seo Joon Seok.
Seo Joon Seok? Yes, Seo Joon Seok? Do you remember? Seo Joon Seok? Because of him, we lost our job.
Lost your job? Seo Joon Seok.
I lost my job because of him.
He lost his job.
If it's 1992, that's correct.
That's when everyone got fired.
Do you remember the events back then? In 1992? When my father got fired, our family lived on the street.
So, yes, I remember.
Just now, your father referred to a 'we'.
Was there someone else? Someone else who got fired? His name is Park Dong Chul.
He got fired for my father's case as well.
She remembered his name? Since you know his name, you can find him right? Am I a vending machine? You put money in and something comes out? That vending machine I hear Chae Young Shin knows its face.
I work eight years with you and all I've seen is a picture of a witch with a wart.
When I heard that, I really teared up.
Min Ja! - Oh good morning! - You're here early.
Chae Young Shin just called.
She's on her way to interview Choi Myung Hee.
You know the wife of the man you don't want to call your brother.
So, your sister-in-law.
So, I suppose you'd definitely know her name.
Well, then [Anonymous Woman.]
This is Kim Moon Ho.
I always keep my eye out on where Chae Young Shin's phone is.
She has just arrived at a place that I'm not too fond of.
I thought about calling Healer.
But he's shown his face in too many places.
If I tell him this, he'll throw a fit and insist on running over there.
Then, it'll be a pain in my neck.
Reporter Chae.
You're just a born natural.
- Well, I don't know about that - I really enjoyed that last broadcast.
Honestly speaking, you stood out a lot more than my own brother.
But, excuse me.
President Kim? I have an appointment with your wife.
I'm running very late.
Madam? Don't worry.
I let her know.
You don't have to worry about calling her.
Since you're a busy person, let's get to the point.
First, meeting my wife Choi Myung Hee I'd like you to delay it.
May I ask you why I've heard that you have dangerous people around you.
Excuse me? Do you know Seo Jung Hoo? - Who? - Oh.
Perhaps, Reporter Chae doesn't know.
So, only Moon Ho knows about it? Could you give me a hint? I had a group of close friends in university.
This is me and this is my wife, Myung Hee.
And this is Seo Joon Seok.
He is Seo Jung Hoo's father.
This is the first Healer, Young Jae.
He died recently.
I met Young Jae before he died.
He talked about how he made Joon Seok's son Jung Hoo into the next Healer.
Do you know what a night courier is? I know somewhat.
It's a dirty job and they will do anything for money.
At least, the first Healer Young Jae had some limits.
But, Jung Hoo, that kid has started stepping over the line.
By stepping over the line? - Is Manager Ahn here? - He's waiting.
Tell him to come in.
I have someone I want you to meet.
- First, I have something to ask.
- Sure.
Well Exactly, what am I doing here right now? I believe my brother Moon Ho is working with Seo Jung Hoo, the Healer.
In order to oppose me, he's willing to use illegal means.
He is like a son to me.
According to our investigations we heard that you have a special relationship with my brother.
Before Moon Ho and Seo Jung Hoo commit a bigger crime please help me.
This is Manager Ahn of Jaeil News' Special Investigations Unit.
Say hello.
Give Reporter Chae a quick briefing.
She needs to comprehend everything in order to be on our side.
Let's go.
For the past month, we've been focusing all of our research on Healer.
According to President Kim, he says you'll be very helpful to the investigation.
Me? This is the infamous Reporter Chae Young Shin.
Infamous? We've discovered a lot lately.
For example, the videos Healer got from Hwang Jae Guk's home were given to you.
Things like this.
It's been a long time.
Have you come to find Ji Ahn? If you want to go after someone, come after me.
This is petty of you.
I'm planning on giving both Ji Ahn and Jung Hoo a chance to live well.
I'll turn Ji Ahn into a successful journalist.
I'll make Jung Hoo surrender himself.
And, I'll get him a good lawyer.
I'll do my best to minimize his sentence and get him to return to society.
Why? Who are you to do anything for them? I'm a friend of their fathers.
There's not much you can do for them.
All you can muster up is an internet broadcast reporter Or continuation of petty theft? At least, I'm a friend to them.
Last November, Healer gets a job request and is seen with Go Sung Chul.
He delivers the package and the next day, Go Sung Chul's body is discovered.
The police names Healer as the murder suspect.
Healer steals the videos from Hwang Jae Guk's safe.
Two days later, Hwang Jae Guk's body is discovered.
The case is closed as a suicide.
Within the police department, there is a strong opinion that this is a murder.
And the suspect is Healer.
Healer's father, Seo Joon Seok, was also a murderer.
In 1992, he killed his friend Oh Kil Ahn.
Do you have any questions? Who's calling? Well.
You said to call if anyone came in looking for Seo Joon Seok.
That's why I called.
Yes, I told him about Park Dong Chul.
So, when do I get the money? Should I give you my account number? The Jang Ahn Do bait has been released.
I came to take you back.
What? Kim Moon Shik thinks Seo Jung Hoo is Healer.
He thinks you're working with Healer.
We are working together.
Healer and I.
Kim Moon Shik he's a very powerful person.
But, a person like that came all the way to my house to pick me up.
And he told me all of those things.
You're a powerful person too.
You're our president.
you came all the way here during work hours.
Why? When I first met Healer.
no When I first met Jung Hoo he clipped off my fingernail.
I heard that was a job you requested.
- Why? - I was going to tell you.
- When? - I guess the time has arrived, right? I didn't know it would be in an underground parking lot.
Chae Young Shin.
Your biological mother is alive.
The woman you know as my sister-in-law, the one you couldn't meet today Choi Myung Hee is your mother and your name is Oh Ji Ahn.
What's What is that? Come on.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you earlier.
I had my reasons.
No I was too afraid.
I kept delaying it.
Ji Ahn, are you okay? What are you saying? Tell me so it makes sense.
I found it.
But something about this place feels wrong.
I have a bad feeling too.
You found a policeman from 22 years ago and within hours you get an answer.
This just doesn't happen.
I have a bad feeling.
Still, what can I do? I have no other choice.
I have to make this trap into a path.
What is it? I'm here to see a Park Dong Chul? - Who? - Park Dong Chul.
You can't hear me? Park Dong Chul! Aren't you going to answer me? If he's here, say he is.
If not, say you don't know.
How long am I supposed to wait? I detest waiting.
Park Dong Chul you know the guy? I told him to wait.
Wait? Get rid of him and do business.
You were looking for Park Dong Chul? Oh! The Park Dong Chul I'm looking for is an older man.
- Let's go.
I'll take you to him.
- Liar.
Let's go before thing's get out of hand.
[Chae Young Shin.]
I have to pick up this call.
Hold on.
- Why are you calling now? - What bad manners Were you busy? I called you three times today.
I met Kim Moon Shik this morning.
What? Why would you meet him? He is He knows that you are Healer.
Stop that.
Are you with someone? No, I'm just doing some cleaning.
So, you met and? He says that you're dangerous and a bad person.
What was Kim Moon Ho doing letting you meet that guy? Huh? Kim Moon Ho says that he's sorry.
My biological mother he knew she was alive and didn't tell me.
Chae Young Shin? I'll call you right back.
I'm in a rush right now.
Can you just tell me? You know Park Dong Chul, don't you? Min Ja, it was a trap.
But, they're not Sang Soo's kids.
I've put a GPS tracker on their car so take care of that for me.
It's him, there's no doubt.
The Elder wants to meet him.
There is no room for mistakes.
Get to the next location quickly.
[Park Bong Soo.]
In 1992, she was seriously hurt in a car accident.
You read about her current state in the articles that you found.
These are your mother's hospital records including the doctor's notes.
Patient needs complete stabilization.
Suffers from epileptic seizures.
Brain injury and depression I don't really understand any of this.
When she is under a lot of stress, she will get seizures.
If a seizure continues, oxygen cannot get to her brain.
Then, it can lead to brain damage and hemorrhage.
Worst case scenario, she could end up brain dead.
Your mother has become much better, but whenever you come up, it's hard to control.
You're birthday and the day of your death, she waits all year for those two days.
Do you remember anything? - You were separated when you were five.
- My memories of when I was younger start at a highway.
The highway? It's night time and I'm standing next to a highway.
That's all.
I don't remember anything before that.
So, is that it? A few pictures and doctor's files? I hope you can understand why I couldn't tell you.
I did it to save your mother.
Understanding was easy.
I have a biological mother.
But, if I tell her I'm her daughter, she will die.
- That's right.
- But why didn't you just tell me? I could I could have pretended I didn't know anything.
Aren't you going to pick up? [Choi Myung Hee.]
- Why did she throw me away? - She lost you.
Why didn't she look for me? She thought you were dead.
They said you were dead Ji Ahn.
- I have a lot to tell you.
- Did Jung Hoo know about it? I asked him not to say anything.
I asked him to wait.
He wasn't on my side, Seo Jung Hoo.
- Can you hear me out? - Forget it.
Now, I'll look into it myself.
Ji Ahn! I'll look into myself if I need to.
Because you can't trust me? Yes.
I'm sorry.
And, my name is Chae Young Shin.
Not Ji Eun or Ji Yun or whatever that is.
Ji Ahn [Father - Oh Kil Ahn.]
Healer's father, Seo Joon Seok, was also a murderer.
In 1992, he killed his friend Oh Kil Ahn.
How can you suddenly say you can't do it? It's only an hour.
You can't back out now! What am I supposed to do? Everyone's waiting.
Huh? Boss! This is wrong! This is so wrong! An interview has to be edited to be short and precise.
You do you have diarrhea? Why can't you cut it off? Cut out the beginning! - Everything in the beginning? - Should I cut you instead? I'll get right on it! How do I do this? I can't! Be quiet.
What's so hard about this? This is Some Day.
Chae Young Shin has left early for the day.
When everyone at work is busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off she has quietly left the building.
I believe she has been dumped.
Good day.
Kim Moon Shik's side will focus on his incorruptible image so - This part here.
- Okay.
Regarding the political funds and spending Should I do some more research? - I need to take this call.
- Of course.
Myung Hee! I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time.
Should I call back? Don't be like that.
I'm actually sorry I haven't been able to call more often.
When were you going to tell me you became a president? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to nag.
I called because I had something to discuss.
There's a reporter named Chae Young Shin in your company, isn't there? Do you know your employees' names? We don't have many employees.
Of course, I know Chae Young Shin.
She was supposed to interview me.
She canceled and now I can't reach her.
Has she decided not to interview me? I don't know.
Is it wrong for the president to look into things like this? Didn't you dislike doing interviews? I thought so too.
Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to it.
It's been on my mind for some reason.
- Myung Hee? - Yes? Chae Young Shin is going through some personal issues.
So, if she goes to meet you it's just too cruel.
Hey now.
What do you mean cruel? Journalists these days use that term too often.
Do you think so? Have a nice day.
- Bong Sook! - Is Young Shin upstairs? Young Shin We need to talk.
Yes, we need to talk! I need to see Chae Young Shin first.
Chae Young Shin? Are you inside? Can I come in? I was really worried about you.
I thought you might have trouble breathing.
Chae Young Shin? Are you mad? Because I didn't tell you about your mother? Just get angry.
I'm sorry.
You didn't do anything wrong.
- It's not that.
- If not, then why won't you look at me? Kim Moon Ho finally got the guts to come forward and tell you.
Did you curse him out a bit? I just listened.
That's good.
I already beat him enough for the both of us.
And, Kim Moon Ho is really not such a bad guy.
I hit him so many times and he never hit me back even once.
Your biological mother you've heard about her illness? Yes, I heard.
I met her once.
She was really um nice.
Was it okay to meet her? What do you mean? It's nothing.
Was it this? It was because of my father and your father? What are you talking about? My father killing your father.
So, you knew.
I knew.
I knew, but I couldn't say anything.
Because you might act this way.
It has nothing to do with us.
It has nothing to do with us, but why can't you look at me or hold me? My father is not a murderer, but just a suspect.
He could be innocent.
So, I was looking for evidence to prove his innocence.
I was going to tell you once I found it.
I'll do that.
Hey, Park Bong Soo.
Let's have a chat.
Hear me out before you go! You have to find evidence and come back.
I will.
Even if you can't, come back.
- I will.
- I'm going to look too.
You're coming even if you can't find anything, right? I'll find it.
You are not a bad person.
I know that.
The tracker has been placed on Park Dong Chul.
The target is not on the scene yet.
You're sure that the woman from the bar gave him that address? Then, just wait.
We set up several layers of traps.
One of them will catch something.
Park is on the move.
He's almost there.
Presumed target on scene.
I will now walk by and confirm.
Target has been confirmed.
Everyone move to the location where Park Dong Chul is.
All we need to do is keep the target alive.
Once you find him, use all means necessary.
He's at your 4 o'clock.
Towards the pharmacy! Over here! Man they are so severely lacking.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
I'm the very best! I'm the most successful! I'm the most successful! You're Park Dong Chul, right? I have some questions to ask you.
- By chance, did you - Are you Seo Joon Seok's son? Wow.
What a shock.
That's what those punks said, that Seo Joon Seok's son would come.
They said to call if you came.
Then, I'd get paid one million won.
I'm Seo Joon Seok's son, Seo Jung Hoo.
But, those punks you're referring to? Do you know this? Because of your father, my life became the mess it is today.
At first, I was a police officer.
But, look at me.
Now You left like you'd never want to see me again.
I usually can't stay angry long.
I lack the persistence to hold grudges.
Did you come to see me? I asked around and heard that you're working all night.
What is it? I had some questions to ask.
- Like what? - Oh, I had so many.
What should I ask first? When I was young, did we know each other? Yes, we knew each other.
- Were we close? - Yes, very.
It's been over 20 years and I've completely forgotten everything.
But, suddenly, they came looking for me.
It must be because of you, Seo Joon Seok's son.
- Because you went digging.
- I guess so.
I'm very surprised as well.
All I want is a few pages of my father's statement to the police.
But, the reaction I'm getting is really over the top.
Why is that? A few pages of a statement? But, this interrogation statement no matter how hard I look for it, I can't find it.
So, I started to think.
I should find the person who wrote that statement.
Isn't that you? What is it? Did I say something funny? Even if you find that statement, it's of no use.
They fabricated a false statement and forced your father to sign it with his thumbprint.
False? Then even if I find the statement it's it's all false? The statement I took and the statement entered into the records are different.
It was total fiction.
So, what did we do? We reported it to Internal Affairs.
Guess what happened to us next.
I heard you were all fired.
My wife left me and what am I doing now? I hand out flyers during the day.
At night, I drive escorts around.
So, that's all my father's fault? Yes.
I'm very sorry for your troubles.
But, you would have heard it, right? So, what did my father say? Did he kill a man? You really don't know anything, do you? Your mother, father, and Jung Hoo's father all worked at the same news company.
- They were great friends.
- Oh.
Did Jung Hoo and I know each other too? Every time you met, you would cry.
- Because we fought? - No.
Because you didn't want to say goodbye.
I'm sure he must have cried first.
It would be nice if I could remember.
Jung Hoo is older than you.
- By how much? - One month.
Oh really? And your birthday it's tomorrow.
Myung Hee is probably already preparing your birthday dinner.
She'll bake cookies and a cake too.
So, my birthday is in the winter.
I grew up thinking it was in March.
More questions? Why are you on bad terms with your brother? Were you curious about that? Your brother said this.
He said you were working with Jung Hoo.
And that you two were about to commit a crime.
Why would he say something like that? A few days ago, some strange people came looking for me.
The same ones that told me to call if someone came looking for Seo Joon Seok.
Yes, the one million won.
So, I asked them a question.
I said I had a tape recording of Seo Joon Seok's statement.
I asked them if they were interested.
How much do you want? They're willing to give me a lottery ticket store.
I'll give you four lottery ticket stores.
My career as a policeman was built on my sense of duty.
- I was truly a good cop.
- Got it.
Just tell me, how much? My life turned out this way because of your father.
- Can't I get something out of this now? - Hey Mister! Mister, I don't think you've fully grasped the situation.
Those people are not the type of people you want to mess with.
I'm not messing around.
It's my last chance at a good life.
I knew a day like this would come.
So, for 22 years, I held on to that tape! Now look.
I already have two buyers.
Tell me your price.
Then, I'll meet with the other side once more I saw something just like this before.
Back then, some man made a deal with Kim Moon Shik too.
Do you know what happened to that man? He died the next day.
He was poisoned and thrown off a moving train.
So Mister, I'll give you the money, just hand over the tape! That's the only way you'll live! This is Manager Ahn from the Investigations Team.
The target has just turned on his phone.
We've started tracking him.
Is Park Dong Chul alone or are they together? We're still trying to confirm.
We're trying to narrow down the search area.
Mobilize everyone that's available.
If he really is Healer, he will be a formidable opponent.
But, President? When we move in, you need to determine the priorities.
Should we go after Seo Joon Seok's interrogation tape first? Or, should we take care of Seo Jung Hoo first? If the Elder finds out that such a tape exists, he won't be happy.
We must stop it from getting out into the world.
I'll drive you home.
It's okay.
The buses are still running.
You never just say yes, do you? Are you scared of my car? Yes, Myung Hee.
You know Jung Hoo? Joon Seok's son? Seo Jung Hoo! He's in danger.
What do we do about this? Call Jung Hoo.
Myung Hee, did you hear a location? They didn't say where? Huh? [Chae Young Shin.]
I knew you'd call tonight.
She heard Kim Moon Shik on the phone.
People are headed to your location.
They're coming to get you.
Get out of there Jung Hoo.
Kim Moon Ho, at that speed, you'll be there in 12 to 13 minutes.
Park the car by the back door of the church.
I'll send him out at the appropriate time.
Did they know to come here by tracking the GPS on this phone? I told you.
This is my last chance.
I had no choice.
The phone has been turned off.
I think he's caught on.
You say he's inside the church? What's your ETA? The most important thing is this.
My fathers' statement recording.
Does it really exist? - Or, did you make it up? - It's real.
I held on to it for over 20 years.
You made a deal to hand me and that tape over to them? For what? A lottery ticket store? They're giving me a career, doing security.
Let's go for now.
We have to get out of here.
Just consider it as repaying your father's debt to me.
- Let me go.
- Hey Mister! They are not going to let you live! They're giving me insurance too.
Okay fine.
Then, tell me this one thing.
My father he didn't kill anyone, did he? I need to know this.
And no one can tell me this, but you! So Please tell me! Mister! Later.
I'll tell you everything.
When they get here, I'll tell you.
Mister? Hey Mister! Get up Mister! Mister! You said you'd tell me everything.
My father This can't happen.
Mister? No.