Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e17 Episode Script

Won't You Answer Me?

1 [Episode 17.]
Well we happened to be passing by.
We saw all the police cars, so we came to see what was going on.
Oh, I see.
Did the young lady see anything? I noticed you ran up ahead.
This is the first time she's seen a crime scene so she's in shock.
She's an entertainment reporter.
Chae Young Shin? Chae Young Shin? Let's go, for now.
The man lying on the ground He died on the scene.
Someone else must've been there as well.
Let's just go.
We shouldn't stay here long.
There was someone else I just didn't see them.
What are you thinking? It's cold.
Chae Young Shin! Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you alright? Huh? Are you back? Did he die? For sure? He died on the scene.
So Before Park Dong Chul died, you didn't find out anything? Is there really a tape recording of your father's statement? That's what he said.
That bastard.
He should have just told us if he was going to die anyways.
But He said something strange before he died.
What? Three nine one What did you say? Three nine one - What? - Three nine one.
The number? 391? I don't know.
- Is that everything? - Yes, that's everything.
And She was there.
She saw me.
Goodbye! Chi Soo.
I'll gather up the gang and bring Bong Sook here, that punk.
We'll have a talk with him.
You should talk to Young Shin.
Hey, she says she'll talk to me later.
When the times comes, she'll tell me.
Later when? When polar bears are extinct in the North Pole? Kids will only close themselves off if you keep questioning them.
You're clueless.
He looks just like that guy on TV Young Shin used to drool over Yes.
What brings you by? This is my father.
This is my boss and the president of Some Day News.
My name is Kim Moon Ho.
I see.
I'm Young Shin's father.
- Did you not tell him yet? - Not yet.
Can we do it now? I want to introduce myself properly.
Huh? Properly introduce yourself? Do you mean that kind of introduction? - Dad? - Hold on.
I need to organize my thoughts.
- There's Bong Sook and there's him - I found my birth mother.
She's alive.
And she's very ill.
So, I haven't been able to come forward and say that I'm her daughter.
My boss here is the one who found me.
I've been close to her birth parents since I was very young.
I even saw Young Shin on the day she was born.
My birth father passed away a long time ago.
And my name is Oh Ji Ahn, Dad.
I haven't known for very long.
I know I should've told you.
I didn't know how to broach the topic with you.
So I'm sorry for telling you now, Dad.
Three nine one.
Where Park Dong Chul lived there is no room number like that.
It's probably a locker or mailbox number.
You want to search every locker and mailbox in the country with just the the number 391? - Hey.
Hello? - Huh? You've been out of it since you got back.
What's wrong with you? I have? Have you been thinking about Chae Young Shin? What is it? Are you worried she'll suspect you? Then, why don't you just tell her? It was like this and that and this is what happened.
Call her! Talk, just the two of you.
As for me, I'm gone [Seo Jung Hoo.]
What's up? Hey, Park Bong Soo! Jung Hoo.
[Seo Jung Hoo.]
[That Person.]
It would be best to hide the name Seo Jung Hoo, wouldn't it? What else should I hide for you? What are you doing now? Waiting for your call.
Chae Young Shin? You should try calling at least once more.
Ask me whatever you want.
Jung Hoo I'll answer everything.
Are you okay? It wasn't you, right? Who are you? If you don't ask me how can I give you an answer? Does he have a death wish? Oh Tae Won was released this morning.
It's beyond what I can do.
We called him a flight risk and managed to get an arrest warrant.
But, the people guaranteeing his identity are too highly placed.
His charge was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.
The detective who has been arrested, has he not confessed to anything? Park Ki Jung is exercising his right to silence.
It won't be easy.
He knows exactly how the system works.
By the way on that note why don't you help us out a bit more? The person who went into Park Ki Jung's house and gathered up all the evidence for us.
The person who beautifully wrapped Park Ki Jung and handed him to us.
Isn't it about time you introduce him to me? You're probably ashamed of yourself for even asking, aren't you? Anyways, I'm confused as to what you're asking of me, officially.
There was a murder last night.
At Sunmo Church.
I just received the case report.
Under the witness list, your name was there.
Not a witness.
I was more of a passer by.
I didn't exactly witness anything.
But, this case is strange.
There are too many witnesses.
The victim last night is a man named Park Dong Chul.
Before the incident, there was a man looking for him.
A man in his 20's, glasses, and a hat.
They say his martial arts skills are amazing too.
We didn't even ask around, but people came forward on their own and informed us.
Perhaps you have something that comes to mind? Wow! They already came and went through everything.
That means they're looking for that cassette tape too.
Are you sure they don't have it already? Min Ja.
20 years is a really long time.
It is.
During all that time, do you think he kept that tape on him? Looks like this guy lived a nomadic life.
I say that tape is not in this room.
I'll bet 500 won.
I'll bet you 5000 won that he was lying to begin with.
I say that tape exists 1,000,000 won.
Do you have leads? It's just really weird.
It's a tape of my father's statement.
Then what's on it should be obvious.
'I killed so and so.
' Or 'No.
I didn't kill anyone.
' - So what? - So, what's the big deal? Why is it so important what someone said 20 something years ago? Look at this.
Just look at this.
They went as far as killing a person.
Why? You said it's soju, right? What is? What you give to someone who has died.
You didn't go there looking for the tape did you? This man this happened because of me.
Open the lid.
- I opened it.
- You pour some around.
- I poured some.
- You drink some.
I drank some.
If you have something to say, you say it now.
I did.
You should ask him what 391 is.
Now that he's dead, all our paths are blocked.
- If the paths are blocked - Don't do it! Then go over it.
Whether it's a wall or a fence.
- That way, I can reach the safe.
- I said, don't do it! Hey you! Hey hey! Two people are following me on foot.
There's a car too.
What should I do? Should I grab one of them and ask 'who are you' or should I just let them tail me? Huh? Min Ja? Min Ja, are you eating? - Why aren't you saying anything? - Jung Hoo - You know what? - What? Do you want to take deep breaths for now? - Breath in and breath out.
- What are you talking about? Oh Tae Won's been released.
Because to insufficient evidence and the charges have been dismissed.
And I put a GPS tracker in Chae Young Shin's cell phone.
Someone else, I don't know who, has been accessing that tracker.
I'm not finished yet.
It looks like Chae Young Shin is currently headed towards Kim Moon Shik's house.
What? And right now, Oh Tae Won is in that house.
Reporter Chae Young Shin? Hello.
Those flowers are for me? Oh! Thank you.
Your welcome.
You're very pretty.
Reporter Chae, you are much better looking in person.
I'm a fan of yours.
I wonder if it's because I saw on you on TV.
You seem so familiar.
I'm very sorry.
Chae Young Shin.
I'm going through a hard time right now.
Oh, really! Why am I like this? How embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
I tend to cry very easily.
I'm like that as well.
Really? I'm so embarrassed.
This is Oh Tae Won.
I must report something to the Elder.
According to Moon Ho, there were five people involved in the pirate radio.
We aired a story about one of them, Ki Young Jae.
Come over here.
This is the five of us.
- This is Young Jae.
- I've seen this picture.
Candidate Kim Moon Shik showed me this picture.
- When? - Just recently.
This is you, Madam.
And, this is candidate Kim next to you.
And over here this is my husband, Oh Kil Ahn.
I heard that he passed away.
Yes in 1992.
May I ask you how it happened? If I bring it up, will it make you ill? Moon Ho was very worried.
If I start to get sick, press this.
The nurse is in the room next door.
- Then - Please ask.
From what I've heard In 1992, out of those five friends, two of them passed away.
Do you happen to know what, exactly, occurred? It's been over 20 years and finally, someone is asking me what happened that day.
Based on my observation it seems Chae Young Shin knows about her relationship to Choi Myung Hee.
We don't know when or how she will expose the information.
If Kim Moon Shik's wife finds out, she will leave him.
If that happens, our Kim Moon Shik will fall apart.
If we have to change our mayoral candidate again that just wouldn't look very good.
What should I do? In order to protect Kim Moon Shik Hello Elder.
So, you're the one ordering the man in front of me and Kim Moon Shik to do bad things, right? El der.
I have something to ask you, Elder.
Where should I go to meet you? Get rid of this phone line.
What kind of phone manners is this? I'm in a bad mood, so I'm confiscating this phone.
You know who I am, right? You brought me here last time.
I wonder if you remember my Teacher.
His name is Ki Young Jae.
His job was He was Healer.
You gave the poison to kill my Teacher, didn't you? You know my mom too, don't you? I heard you threatened her recently.
I'm sure there's a lot I don't know.
If I let you live, you'll keep on doing this.
You kill people hurt people scare people And if you get arrested, you'll just come get out again.
Then if I just kill you right here? I'd be doing everyone a favor, right? Can you do a report on our story? When you say 'our', do you mean the five friends? I'll tell you everything I know about that day in 1992.
If possible, I'd like it if our story gets broadcasted.
That won't be difficult as long as Moon Ho permits it.
But, it will be dangerous.
The ones that killed us that day are still alive.
By us, what do you mean My husband Oh Kil Ahn, my friend Seo Joon Seok, and my daughter Oh Ji Ahn and even me.
Thanks Min Ja.
For what? There's so much I've done.
For stopping me from killing a scoundrel like him.
I nearly killed that guy and became a murderer.
Hey, you want to take a look at this? What do you think? Does it look like you? They're going all out trying to frame you.
Almost like hunters hunting down a rabbit.
Min Ja.
My father's remains are in a charnel house.
It turns out each urn has a number.
So, it's like a house address.
That day, I was at home with my five year old daughter.
I was waiting for my husband who was out working.
I got a phone call.
It was Moon Shik.
Hello? He said to get out of there and run, that some people were coming for me.
Ji Ahn, put this on.
Ji Ahn, let's go.
- Where are we going? - We just have to go! - Where are we going? - Hurry! Where are we going? Where? This is my daughter Ji Ahn.
- I see.
- She's pretty, isn't it? Her mother is pretty too.
They call themselves the Farmers.
Farming, as in the farming the land? They consider themselves farmers of this nation.
Like planting barley and planting corn.
When something gets in the way of the crop, they pull it out and throw it away.
When the time comes, they harvest their crop.
In that way, they believe they are farming this nation.
Where are we going, Mom? Mom, where are we going? Mom, where are we going? Ji Ahn, look at Mom.
Listen to me.
- Are you looking at me? - Yes.
From now on, don't make a single sound.
I'll come back right away, so don't make a sound.
Don't say anything, okay? Please! Please Ji Ahn! Stop right there! Stop! I said, stop! My birth mom No birth mother.
I don't know what to call her.
Anyways, she wasn't feeling well.
She just fell asleep.
Before she got ill, she told me a lot.
I wasn't unwanted.
She really did lose me.
Yes I knew that'd be the case.
She hid me to run away and then ended up in a car accident.
And days later, she woke up in a hospital.
She couldn't move so she couldn't look for me.
The very last thing my mother said to me was 'Don't say anything.
' That must've been why I didn't talk when I was younger.
I'm really obedient, aren't I? I thought I was thrown away.
But, you weren't.
I must have been scared.
If I don't give a pretty smile or if I asked a question you don't want to hear you'd get tired of me.
That you'd want to throw me away.
I wouldn't do that.
Then Can I ask you? Of course.
- Jung Hoo.
- Yes? Have you ever killed a person? No.
I thought so.
I do have something to tell you.
What is it? I've become a murder suspect.
- Because of what happened yesterday? - Yeah.
They already have a sketch of my face going around.
- Does it look like you? - No, not even a little bit.
Then what are you going to do? Run? I find that running doesn't solve anything.
Then what do we do first? First, I have to find my father's tape.
I'll help you.
I have to find out who falsely accused me.
I'll help you with that too.
I have to meet your father.
That well I think that's going to be the hardest.
In the past six years, do you know how many people have gone missing in our country? There are 30,000.
If you've been missing for more than five years they conclude the investigation.
In fact they are presumed dead.
If someone famous like Kim Moon Ho goes missing you think it'll be a big deal? No, it won't.
It won't last two days.
People don't have a long memory when it comes to other peoples' affairs.
Moon Ho is my brother.
I will take care of him.
I have no intention of changing the candidate for mayor of Seoul again.
It ruins our image.
I realize that.
Our next plan is just about to begin.
We should make sure there are no setbacks.
At this juncture, if we get threatened by something from 20 years ago That won't happen, Elder.
I will manage.
- Jung Hoo was here? - Chae Young Shin came by as well.
Madam is still unaware of who Chae Young Shin is.
But, she had a long conversation with Chae Young Shin.
- I don't know what was said.
- She must be tired.
A weak person like her ordered a listening device.
And called Moon Ho without me knowing.
How anxious she must have been all night.
Are you just going to leave her be? - Everything Madam is doing? - It's fine.
She'll come back to me.
She's wavering because she's having fun with something new.
I just wish she would be careful with her health.
Your instincts were correct.
Your father, Seo Joon Seok's, charnel house urn number is three nine one.
So, the tape is there in that urn? Well, I should go and take a look.
Are those guys still following you? - They're still there.
- Chae Young Shin! Why not sit this one out? If you go, you'll just be a burden.
That's not always the case.
You've got my back, Min Ja.
Cleaning out the bugs from Chae Young Shin's phone is done.
What should I do about the guys tailing me? I should find out who they work for.
You've been on the run for far too long.
All your experience has made you too relaxed.
What are you going to do if they call the cops? That's true Chae Young Shin.
If I'm about to get caught, you have to say you don't know anything.
If things turn out badly, you could get labeled an accomplice.
Chae Young Shin.
Can you run fast? 100 meters in 17 seconds Of course, that was in high school.
If a fight happens to start, what are you going to do? I will close my eyes and wait.
- And Jung Hoo will take care of it.
- That's right.
That's right.
And if possible, hide in a corner.
It's easier to defend from a corner than a wide open space.
If possible, in a corner.
Okay! Wait.
Don't make eye contact.
Following me is fine and all, but why don't you fall back a bit? So we can get our work done.
- Chae Young Shin? - Hmm? Run! - Where to? - The way we were going before.
Oh, watch your feet! Watch your feet! Picture.
You look good.
Watch you legs! Oh! It's you! Hello! - Seat belt.
- Oh.
We can just go over it.
It's not just one or two! Look how many there are.
Ouch! They're faces I've never seen before.
It might take time to find out where they're from and who they work for.
Obtain all the CCTV's in the area.
- He's moving towards a specific destination.
- Yes.
- Hey! Who is that? - It has to be his girlfriend.
- One vote for girlfriend.
- One more vote for girlfriend.
I said, who is she? A Director from ABS, Kang Min Jae.
Then she's my rival.
She's exactly at a symmetrical point to where I am.
She's his girlfriend.
There's no question.
Do you want some coffee? Should I bring some? I'm in charge of the Kim Moon Shik one-on-one interview.
I heard that you're doing a rebuttal program to that interview.
That's true.
You are going to bring up Omega? It's at the very core It's Kim Moon Shik's source of money.
You know better than anyone else.
You can't touch Omega.
- That was within your station.
- You won't be able air your program.
I'm prepared for it.
No matter what interruptions occur, I'm going to air it all live.
The more you try to stop us, it's only going to help promote us.
Not bad, right? I misspoke before.
I said you fight just enough so that you don't get hurt.
Moon Ho You were doing the right thing before.
That way, you can fight for a long time.
Let's take it slowly.
Little by little, for a long time.
I'm having fun lately.
When I woke up in the morning, before I thought to myself, I have to endure another day.
But, these days, I wake up thinking.
What should I do today? What are the kids up to?' How about you? Huh? Those people they are always above us.
Do you know how? We live in a common way, but they don't.
You cannot win.
But if I give up saying I can't win, I can't face those kids.
I don't like that.
I'm right.
It's that car.
That car is suspicious too.
It's been behind us for a while.
It's not passing us and just about this much behind us.
Totally suspicious, that one.
Very suspicious.
What? Oh, it's nothing! Go straight from there.
You'll be at the charnel house in ten minutes.
How are things over there? Can I help you? Indisputable.
She's his girlfriend.
Complicated very complicated.
Don't look behind you.
About eight or nine years ago I came here with my Teacher.
Back then, my Teacher said 'Your father isn't even here, anyway.
' 'I don't know where he is.
' 'Oh but, still' 'You need to know where to go to see him, so let's just say it's here.
' 'Go see him.
' That's what he said.
I found it.
This is my father.
Father this is Chae Young Shin.
You probably know her as Oh Ji Ahn.
Miss! Miss! Hey! Miss! - Okay, Some Day will be airing our 3rd episode.
- What? Weren't we going to do a broadcast to rebuttal to the Kim Moon Shik one-on-one? I just got some new information and I have verified it.
This information needs to get out right away.
Before we get any interruptions.
Right now! Now? Now? A broadcast? What about the information I got? Use every method possible to promote it.
Some Day news Episode 3 titled Who is the puppet master pulling the strings of the puppet named Kim Moon Shik.
We will reveal the truth.
I have some footage and interviews that I've prepared.
We'll just add a few things and the broadcast will start when we're ready.
Our ratings for this third live broadcast will be important.
What do you think? Honestly, there's a lot of interest in the brothers' rivalry angle.
It looks good.
And power users on social media are on stand-by, waiting for a broadcast.
How long should we set aside for the broadcast? I don't know.
I don't know how far we'll be able to go.
- Will you be okay? - No problem.
Then let's say goodbye to him and go.
We'll encircle them until we reach a CCTV blind spot.
I'm the one who called earlier.
Those people are leaving now.
They went towards the entrance.
They're gangsters for sure! I heard them say they were going to kidnap that lady.
Do we know each other? Or - Do you have something you need to say? - The item you just picked up Oh.
If we give that to you, can we leave? - No, that wouldn't work.
- Oh, that won't work either - Young Shin.
- Huh? Close your eyes.
There has been another lonely death.
Park Dong Chul.
He was once a very dedicated policeman.
One day in 1992 he ended up listening to the statement of a murder suspect.
If you can recall, Ki Young Jae was the subject of our second broadcast.
Seo Joon Seok, who was in prison in 1992, was in the same pirate radio group.
And like Ki Young Jae, after getting investigated by the police, Seo Joon Seok was killed.
Give it to me, that tape.
I'll give it to you.
I'll give it to you, so let's just talk about it.
Oh my gosh! Blood! Oh no! Wait, wait! Let me meet the Elder.
Then, I'll give him the tape and I'll even give him the LA video.
Call him! You'll get a response.
Oh and tell him this too.
Healer wants to side with the Elder.
I know the Elder wants to meet with me.
Gosh, you guys hit me really hard! It hurts.
There was one news article reporting the death.
They reported Seo Joon Seok's death as a suicide.
It was said to be out of guilt for killing his friend.
The deaths of these two friends are oddly similar other than the 22 year time gap.
Death by poison.
One is suicide, the other is murder.
However, Park Dong Chul told our Some Day reporter a different story.
The statement I took and the statements entered into the records were different.
It was total fiction.
So, what did we do? We reported it to Internal Affairs.
Guess what happened to us next.
I heard you were all fired.
Park Dong Chul was fired for being a whistle-blower.
For 22 years, he kept a tape in his possession.
It was a tape recording of Seo Joon Seok's statement.
I suspect Park Dong Chul was killed by those who wanted to get rid of the tape.
Because the tape that was given to Some Day before he died contained shocking information about them.
Nice house.
Who are these people mentioned on this tape? He's coming.
In order to find out who these people are, we at Some Day have gone to an undisclosed location.
They say people usually refer to him as, the Elder.
Where have I seen him before? I know I've seen him.
I've heard the tape of your father's statement.
Jung Hoo, I think that's enough.
Just come back.
Let's keep going as planned.
Let's go all the way to the end.
Child, who are you? Next time you kill someone you should think of their sons and daughters too.
Turn right at that intersection.
Is it hard to live like other people? Would it be hard for me?