Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

I'll Protect You

1 [Episode 19.]
Go and make sure to bring him back.
Are you sure Kim Moon Ho's been taken? How did you end up back here? It took you three minutes to track the location.
Disguised as Park Bong Soo and code name Healer, right? That And you are? I would like to request a job.
Money will not be an issue.
So what do you want? Of all the tips Some Day received, bring the tip you received from Russia.
You've got this all wrong.
The guy you've got there knows more about this than me.
I don't know anything.
I'll be checking the time.
20 seconds has passed now.
Excuse me.
What exactly are we waiting for right now? Are you married? - What about children? - I don't have any.
I see.
You're not married.
Oh my.
It's hot.
Should I get something to drink? What about the two of you What is this? Min Ja.
Get access to this computer for me.
This person is the one who organizes all of the incoming tips.
I don't think it's inside those company computers.
How do you know? You said the company was under tax investigation? You said they copied all the hard drives.
Then they went through them all.
They weren't in there and that's why they called you, but Chae Young Shin's necklace has just been activated.
- Where? - Kim Moon Ho's house.
I told her to wait there.
She must have pressed it by accident.
Wait a minute.
You have the wrong number.
This is Some Day News.
Do you have a tip? Chae Young Shin and Russia.
Min Ja.
What does Russian sound like again? [Pretends to speak Russian.]
- Should I keep going? - Wait.
We record all incoming tips.
Are you okay with that? Hello.
Some Day News? Hello.
You have the wrong number.
[Russian Speaking.]
Some Day News? - Should we get started? - Yes, why don't we.
We'll start recording.
My name is Chae Young Shin from Some Day News.
Can we get the name of the informant please? I'm calling from Russia right now.
Is this what you wanted? Good job.
You completed the mission in five minutes.
You have passed.
What is this? Am I some sort of a pawn in your game? This is your second mission.
It is very simple.
All you have to do is read that text while facing the camera.
Man What the What am I doing with this crazy bastard? President, I'm done for the day.
You get out on your own.
Shall we continue? Can Can I ask you what that's used for? Are you ready? Dae Yong and the others are on their way.
Try to buy some time.
I'll give you ten seconds.
- Tick-tock.
- I'll do it.
But, if I do Get that thing away from Chae Young Shin.
It's pissing me off.
- My name is Seo Jung Hoo.
- Wait.
Please lower that cell phone.
Make sure it doesn't show in the frame.
Yes, that looks good.
Let's go again.
My name is Seo Jung Hoo.
The murder of Park Dong Chul at Sunmo Church on January 27 I was the culprit.
Park Dong Chul did not repay a gambling debt.
I took a metal pipe and hit him on the head.
I, Seo Jung Hoo, committed a murder.
I'm turning myself in.
You did well.
Now, it's your turn to take care of the other situation.
Do it so that I can see and be polite till the end.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Are you satisfied? So? So why don't you tell me what this is about? I will connect you to him.
You did very well.
Young man, you can now become one of my people.
You can follow my orders.
In return I will guarantee the happiness and safety of your loved ones.
Then I will never need to use the footage that you just recorded.
All you need to is just blink your eyes once.
It is very simple.
Are you awake? Everyone is waiting.
Come, come! Sit down! Oh you're here! You're here! Reporter Kim! Wow! Reporter Kim.
You've got a lot of energy these days.
What is it called? Sunday News! Some Day News.
Sunday and Some Day are very different.
Sunday News is of the past.
We're waiting for a late-night snack right now.
Today, we're having shark fin soup.
It is really tasty.
The aroma was so good that buddhists climbed over walls to eat it.
This was all you? You guys were behaving too recklessly.
Do you see how elaborate my plan was just to keep you all alive? We're all gathered here because President Kim Moon Shik will become mayor and Reporter Kim Moon Ho will become President of Jaeil News.
Is this a celebration? It's making me a little nervous.
With skills garnered from Some Day, he will now take over Jaeil Broadcast.
We need young blood like that in media.
Everyone here is so old.
Let's be honest.
Cheers to our new mayor and our new President! Cheers! Cheers! Smile for Jung Hoo's sake.
Okay? By the time we got here, no one was here.
She was alone.
You must have been scared.
Don't even get me started.
I was so scared.
If you had been hurt, I don't know what I would've done I guess you were more scared.
Look how pale your face is.
You didn't get hurt or anything, right? I'm fine.
Nobody touched you, did they? No one pushed you or pulled you? Stuff like that? - No.
- No? Okay.
Dae Yong, thanks for coming.
Tell the others too.
- Chae Young Shin? - Yes.
I'm going to have to put living like other people on hold.
Why? I was threatened today.
With what? I've confessed to murdering Park Dong Chul.
That old man, the Elder, has a copy of my confession.
If I work for him, he won't hand me over to the police.
Really! That crazy old man! No, it's okay.
What did they threaten you with that you would confess such a thing? It was me, wasn't it? No Those bastards, they were filming me it was that.
Even if that were the case, are you crazy? How could you confess to that? Murder? How could you do that? You're crazy! Really! I'm never going to work for that old man.
I could never do that.
Just you try.
I'll go in and drag you out.
So until I figure this out, I can't be next to you.
I have to run.
Let's do it together.
I'll reach out to you if I need help.
Stay next to me and let's do it together.
If you stay next to me, you can get arrested as well.
Then how can I see you? I'm disconnecting my phone so don't call.
And don't ever come near the vicinity of my house.
- And if anyone asks about me - I said, how can I see you? Myung Hee is sleeping.
You can see her some other time.
I'm asking you.
Let Jung Hoo go.
Do you want a drink? If I drink with you, will you grant my request? What else should I do? The Elder took Jung Hoo.
They will take good care of him there.
Jung Hoo is not the kind of person who can be a servant to another person.
If you tie him up forcefully, he will get hurt so Your problem is that you over exaggerate.
Jung Hoo's fate has now been altered.
The Elder will cover up all of the crimes he has committed.
If he can stand out in the Elder's eyes.
He will get things he could never have dreamed of getting on his own.
Like you? If he ends up like me, he'd be a success story.
You mean betraying your friends and causing their deaths? You heard Joon Seok's statement.
- I didn't kill my friends.
- You made it happen.
You even got your own younger brother to lie for you.
Give it a rest.
Aren't you getting sick of it by now? I still have that same dream.
That day I'm talking to the detectives.
'Kil Ahn fought with Joon Seok often.
' 'They fought over money.
' Go.
I'm tired and I need to rest.
What about Ji Ahn? What did you do to that young child? How could you say that a child is dead when she is alive? Name, Ahn Sang Hyun.
Age, 39.
I knew I had seen him before.
This guy was involved in my last case I worked on as a detective.
He says he's a Manager of Jaeil Special Investigations Team.
That investigations team is rather suspicious.
The photos you sent recently they all work for this guy.
So it's his guys that attacked us at the church.
And it's one of them that actually murdered Park Dong Chul.
He's been working out of Sang Soo's office lately.
He has two or three people with him.
I don't know where the rest of them are.
For the past month, he's been there at least every couple days.
Either he has a hidden mistress there or it's where the investigation team gathers to meet.
It's one of the two.
Now, I'll find out if this is where he keeps his mistress or if this is where those punks come to gather.
Jung Hoo has started to fight back.
He's going to find the murderer on his own.
Then he's going to get himself out of that Elder's grip.
If they know what he's up to, they won't sit still.
That's why we have to get it done quickly before they notice.
And this is a message from Jung Hoo.
He's disconnected his phone.
'Hey President.
' 'Would you give Chae Young Shin a ride to work everyday?' 'It won't take too long.
' That's what he says.
I think our business is done for now.
Come in.
These are the interviews for the Gwang Myung Dan case.
I sent the file to your email.
Well then Jung Hoo's doing well.
He's fighting well and he's healthy.
That's a relief to hear.
Oh, but Have you made up your mind? About being President of Jaeil News? Should I do it? Should I quit Some Day? Honestly, even though the title is the same, it's not even a comparison.
That's a gigantic broadcast company.
That's true.
It's a national broadcasting company.
Your salary will be many times larger than here.
I'm not entirely sure, but won't you get a car with a driver too? I'm actually getting a little tempted.
I want to take everyone at Some Day with me.
Wow! We can get the suspension removed on Director Jang's wife's chicken store.
What do you think? - Question.
- Yes.
If we go there, can we still do it? The broadcast we've been preparing for The sequel to what our father's did in 1992.
It'll probably be hard.
Then can't you leave after the broadcast? I made a promise to Jung Hoo.
I promised him I'd finish what our father's started for both of us.
- And - And? If we broadcast this, that Elder that crazy old man wouldn't he fear us a little bit? I would like it if he feared us.
Young Shin, they have tried to kill you and kept you in captivity.
Aren't you afraid? Of course I am.
But, those people they're like zombies.
So we have to fight them.
If we don't, they'll bite us and we'll become zombies too.
Like this.
This time, Some Day News won't be much fun.
It's such an old story so there won't be much to look at.
Just a few interviews.
But, if the Elder sees this, it will cause him some pain.
This is our next story.
How has the Elder made his fortune? First, the 1992 Gwang Myung Dan case.
It looks like Reporter Kim Moon Ho has decided to stay at Some Day News.
He has no flexibility or tactics.
Seo Jung Hoo is currently missing.
Has he chosen to run away? What orders should I give Manager Ahn's team? Tell him to wait one more day and if there is no news send the confession tape to the police.
I understand.
The Elder had shown interest in that child.
What a waste.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's not hard to get their fingerprints.
But, you can't find them in the police database? That's right.
The fingerprints had to have been on the murder weapon.
This is making me nervous.
You're sure you saw the guy who beat Park Dong Chul with the metal pipe? He had no gloves? I'm telling you, he used his bare hands.
I never miss these things.
Yet you didn't look at his face? Hey! I was busy looking at Park Dong Chul.
Send over what you have.
I'll take care of it.
- Okay.
- By the way Where do you sleep at night? I heard you haven't been to the apartment either.
It's been like that lately.
I think too much when I'm alone.
I prefer noise rather than being alone in my thoughts.
[Park Bong Soo.]
The number you have dialed does not exist.
Please try dialing again.
Wow! This looks good.
This is what motivates me to exercise every morning.
It's so that I can enjoy your delicious breakfasts.
You always did love to eat the food I made for you.
Thank you.
Taking care of me for the past 20 years Your unwavering affection for me I can't put into words just how thankful I am.
When I decided to marry you, remember what I said.
That no matter what you did, I couldn't become your woman.
But, you said it was okay.
You said you just wanted to be next to me.
Thank you for that.
At the time I had nowhere else in the world to go to.
Thank you for giving me a place to come to.
Myung Hee.
- What's wrong? - Moon Ho will be here soon.
I'm going to stay at Moon Ho's for now.
Did I do something wrong? Tell me.
I have something I need to do.
Tell me and I'll do it for you.
My daughter Ji Ahn is alive.
I have to find her.
I will help you.
I'll do whatever is necessary - I'll find her for you - I want to do it myself.
I'm sorry.
I cannot trust you.
No, that can't be.
Myung Hee, you trust me.
You, of all the people in the world, still trust me.
Ji Ahn was alive.
Why did you say she was dead? She died.
They all said she was dead! Now I understand.
All this time I tried really hard.
I did.
But I see now why I could never love you.
I understand it now.
I can explain everything.
If you hear everything I have to say, you'll understand.
So just Myung Hee, I've loaded all your bags.
Are you going to finish your breakfast? No.
Let's go now.
Myung Hee.
I'm going to go now.
Slowly now! - Hurry Director, read quickly! - Hold on.
Gosh really! Here is one of the five members of the 1980's pirate radio broadcast.
I'd like to introduce, Choi Myung Hee.
That right there is Some Day's Director Jang Byung Sae.
I am Director Jang Byung Sae.
This here is our talented Reporter Yeo.
Hello! - That's Jong Soo.
- Hello! My name is Lee Jong Soo! That's Chan Young and Seon Jae.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I really wanted to meet you.
Here's our Young Shin.
Choi Myung Hee.
Choi Myung Hee, Choi Myung Hee, Choi Myung Hee! - You can talk into this.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
It's freshly brewed coffee.
We would've come running to you, how kind of you to come to this filthy place.
I begged him to let me see this place.
I'm a devoted fan of Some Day News.
We don't have just regular fans.
All our fans are so devoted.
Right, right? - Hey Chan Young! - Yes? Isn't it kind of dim in here? I think we need some lighting in here.
What are you doing? Hurry, hurry! Just one moment please.
I've organized some of the questions that we're going to ask.
Why don't you read them over and I'll make any necessary revisions.
- He's not here? - Excuse me? Your boyfriend.
Don't you work together? - We haven't been able to meet lately.
- Why not? He's in a fight with the Elder.
- You mean one of the Farmers? - That's right.
That crazy old man has taken a liking to my boyfriend.
He wants him to come work for him, but he's so petty, he's using threats.
So my man is so angry, he's fighting back.
When you say that he's fighting, do you mean actual fist fights? The thing is, they are always starting things.
So if they're attacking, should we just quietly get hit? Then they'll think, 'oh look he isn't fighting back' and they'll attack even more.
That's how those people are.
You have to get inside the enemy's camp and get them and then get out.
What is this? This crazy jerk suddenly appeared and asked for our fingerprints.
The thing is, I tried to do it one by one.
But, it took too long and I got bored.
And it's past lunchtime and I'm getting hungry.
So one, two, three.
four, five.
I'm going to do it all at once.
What's he going on about? It turns out he didn't run.
Seo Jung Hoo has secured all of our people's fingerprints.
If you want my opinion, this one will be difficult to tame.
I suggest putting him in prison and into the care of the police.
And one more thing I believe Healer's hacker partner has fallen into one of my traps.
In any case, he's an underprivileged person.
I think we can eliminate him without any issues.
Chae Young Shin.
Chae Young Shin, what are you doing? [Park Bong Soo.]
The number you have dialed does not exist.
Please hang up and try again.
Jung Hoo, what are you doing? - Coffee's here.
- Me, me.
I'll have some.
My mom came to Some Day and she did an interview for us.
We all had snacks together too.
I should introduce you to her.
When will that be? No wait.
First, I need to introduce myself to her.
Young Shin, I'm a little bit confused.
I can fight back, no problem.
And the more I fight, I learn things.
How to win But Young Shin I don't know who I'm fighting right now.
I'm just not sure.
This is Kim Moon Ho from Some Day News.
Oh Kil Ahn and Seo Joon Seok, two members from the 1980's pirate radio broadcast.
The Gwang Myung Dan case that was responsible for their deaths is quite simple.
Someone created fake paint.
Paint was needed for steel frames to prevent rust and erosion.
In fact, this new paint did the opposite.
It accelerated erosion.
This paint was first used on a large bridge that was being built at that time.
In 1992, I worked on the construction of Seo Do bridge.
You know about that bridge, don't you? It collapsed before it opened for traffic.
The construction company that built the bridge that collapsed was on the brink of bankruptcy and got acquired by another construction company.
The major stockholder of the company that took over is Omega Investments.
At the time, we had been working on a story on Omega Investments.
Businesses that were fine would suddenly be on the brink of bankruptcy due to odd rumors.
And it was always Omega Investments that came in to takeover the company in trouble.
It's fine for a business or investment company to make money.
But, you cannot use other people's lives just to earn that money.
Currently, Omega Investments is operating under the name Omega Holdings.
We, at Some Day News, tried to get an interview with someone at Omega Holdings.
We have not received a response.
We introduced you to Omega Holdings' Chairman recently, didn't we? At this time, our reporter requested an interview and was refused.
Won't you please come by and do an interview with Some Day News? Chairman Park Chung Dae? What's this? Did I leave this open? What is this? Oh that scared me! - It's been a long time Yoon Dong Won.
- What! Hey hey, Jo Min Ja! Do you remember this guy? Hey boss! Let's not do it this way.
Let's meet face-to-face.
I really miss you.
You're still unmarried, aren't you? What's this? You've been keeping tabs on me? Get over me already and meet another girl.
So do you remember this guy? You're still lacking in the brain.
Do you even remember our last case? Year 2000, Omega Holdings.
Money laundering.
Do you remember the place we raided? There was a young kid hacker.
The kid was like a genius.
Yeah, yeah.
I remember.
You see that envelope next to you? Those are the fingerprints of everyone that works for him.
One of them has killed a man, with a metal pipe to the back of the head.
The victim is Park Dong Chul.
There's already a sketch of the suspect for the Park Dong Chul case.
He's been falsely accused.
What I'm saying is, use that evidence to find the real culprit.
This kind of request should be made in person.
- Yoon Dong Won! - Yes.
If we had done our job properly in 2000 at the very least, we could have saved four lives.
[Go Sung Chul.]
[Hwang Jae Guk.]
[Ki Young Jae.]
[Park Dong Chul.]
If we were cops with a little more power we could have saved them.
Is that why you left without so much as a goodbye? You were mad that you were powerless? The metal pipe will be in the evidence room at the police station.
Check the fingerprints on that for me.
For the past ten years I'm looking through black box videos of the murder location.
If there's anything useful, I'll send it over.
If you have anything else to say, I left a phone there.
Hey boss! What about Healer? Were you partners? Jo Min Ja! Hey! Yoon Dong Won has the fingerprints so just try waiting a bit.
I am just waiting.
This is my favorite method.
Finding the confession tape I recorded and simply deleting it.
To do that, I have to search their headquarters first.
Then I have to find anyone who might have it and search them.
But you're not actually thinking of running right into enemy territory, are you? You couldn't possibly be thinking of something that stupid, right? That's why I'm just glaring at them for now.
Continuously The card has been activated.
We're going to trace the IP and get the address right away.
- Get everyone ready to go.
- Yes, sir.
Something must be going on.
How many men do you have ready to go? That depends on how much money you deposit.
We have started tracking Healer's hacker partner.
Get everyone you have ready to go.
Partner? So, Healer had a partner! I knew it.
One person can't do all that! Partner and a subordinate He has to have a sizable team.
That guy! - It's an emergency.
Hurry everyone! - Yes, sir! Wow.
Look at this, look at this.
Hunting is all about what happens in the end.
They are emptying out all on their own.
Min Ja, I'm going in.
Min Ja, I said I'm going in.
I said, okay.
Min Ja, I'm connected.
There are lots of computers here.
It'll take a long time to go through them all.
Everything is really shiny and new here.
Min Ja, do you work in a place like this? Hey.
By the way, where is that? Everyone ran out in a hurry.
If you don't tell me, you will get hit.
It will hurt.
Where is that? - It's Healer.
- What? Healer's hacker.
Min Ja! Is the address of your building 23-1? How did you know? - Over here! Over here! - Hurry up! Hey Lady! Hey over here! Hurry! Hey Lady! Is that you Min Ja? You mutt! How can you come out in clothes like that? Min Ja! If you look at my face one more time, I'll pull out your hair.
Yes, yes.
I got it.
I got it.
How petty.
Where's your house? I'll take you home.
I couldn't bring all the black box memory cards with me.
- I brought everything else, but - Min Ja.
- I'm saying I'm sorry.
- I think I know now.
- What? - Who I have to fight.
What the heck are you talking about? It's getting so boring going after those lowly punks that they hire.
Now that you mention it Min Ja, you want to do something fun? You know I don't do anything unless I get paid.
I don't think we'll be making money.
- Not interested.
- I'm telling you.
It's really fun.
You know how difficult it is for people like you and I to find something fun.
Hello? I am Healer.
Try trusting me.
Okay? Until now, what has been your most difficult job? Someone asked me to find a girl.
I have something to tell you.
I'm going to tell you tonight.
Do you remember Go Sung Chul? That's a copy of the video he had.
After we secure it, we can kill him.
Kill him? This is very dangerous.
Let's think about it again.
Is that your habit? Just thinking about things? If you can't stop this, you'll be finished.
Stop right there!