Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Goodbye Healer

1 [Final Episode.]
Gosh this is awkward.
Question number one.
Yes, I'm Healer.
You don't need to know my real name.
Number two what's my job? I'm a night courier.
As for my skills, I'm the best in the business.
Number three.
Was this job your dream? Well what kind of question is that? This job I was only going to work until I could buy a deserted island in the South Pacific.
There's even an island I picked out.
From what I know, that island is still on the market.
Anyways, after doing that I met a girl.
I completely lost my mind.
So I changed my dream, especially after what Teacher said to me.
To be with my girl raise children and live like other people.
I thought it'd be easy.
But, they just won't leave us alone.
They keep throwing jabs and kicking my joints.
But, the thing that angers me the most? It's when they go after my people.
Let's go.
I can come in for some tea.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Drive carefully.
- Okay.
- Bye.
I wonder why the store is closed so early.
Hi Dad.
What took you so long? We've been waiting forever.
Jung Hoo! You should have looked before swinging.
Close your eyes.
Hello, sir.
My name is Seo Jung Hoo.
Because of a circumstance I couldn't tell you my name.
Young Shin.
Are you sure you're okay keeping your eyes open? I won't look.
You might have people like this showing up again.
Young Shin.
They're closed.
- Is it done? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to talk about some things Things I don't want these guys to hear.
- You should call the police.
- Yes, sir! I will.
Tell them it was a store robbery.
- Please don't mention that you saw me.
- Yes, we'll do that! So wait.
Your name is not Bong Soo? No, it is not.
Are we in danger? Is Young Shin in danger? Well right now, yes.
Just tell me what's going on.
My father Teacher and Young Shin's birth father they were all killed by the same people.
So the thing is This is So Dad.
Both our fathers were journalists.
- They were killed uncovering corruption.
- Yes, that's right.
- But, no one is holding them accountable.
- No one.
So they have been continuing to do bad things this whole time.
- And so he's fighting to stop them.
- Yes, that's right.
Since then, they've been acting so low like now.
They're trying to threaten him by sending guys like them to me.
Yes, what she said.
But, what's all this about murder and journalists? With all that in mind, I'd like to take Young Shin with me.
What's this guy talking about right now? As you can see, this place is very dangerous.
- We have a few safe houses.
- What! That won't do.
You want me to send my daughter off to a guy whose name I'm not even sure about? There's no way! He says that it won't work.
Yes okay.
We will look into buying or renting the house next door.
For now, this location will be considered the safe house.
I'll be back.
Hey what? Just five seconds.
- Hurry back.
- I will.
Make sure to eat well.
Be a good, obedient daughter.
Eating well Please eat well.
Next door neighbor.
It's surprising how many homes there are.
Every house has a person living in it.
The nurse will arrive soon.
If you need anything else, call me.
Myung Hee.
Let's have dinner together tonight.
I'll do the cooking.
You do the dishes.
I have something I need to tell you.
I'll tell you tonight.
I will.
I'll be waiting.
Go to work.
Democracy democracy where are you? Here I am.
Yes, this is Kim Moon Ho.
If you have a tip, you should call Some Day directly.
Where did you say you were? I'm Kim Moon Ho.
Are you the student who just called me? You're the one with the tip on the Elder? How do you know the Elder? Young lady look up.
Look at me.
[Please help me.
Young lady? Young lady? Are you okay? Hey young lady.
Hey! Jung Hoo's friend.
You have no wariness of others whatsoever.
For someone that lives off their reputation, don't you know this causes the most damage? - Are you by chance Jung Hoo's - Reporter Kim did this and that with a minor.
If there's a picture to go with that, that's the end of your career.
Even if the truth is revealed later, no one cares by then.
I guess you're right.
Do you remember Go Sung Chul? The murder victim from LA.
That's a copy of the footage he got from LA.
How? If you only saw all the information I gathered from past clients you would just faint.
Oh yeah.
I wouldn't go into Some Day for now.
[False Propaganda.]
[Distortion in the Press.]
[Some Day Cease Publication!.]
There are many witnesses there who claim that they were brutally beaten by you.
Why are they putting these up here? Hey everyone! Kim Moon Ho! Apologize for making false accusations! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! - Do you work here? - Yes.
Yes, yes.
Shut it! Shut it! Shut it! Shut it! Oh gosh Grandpas and grandmas are rapping or something! Gosh, those old people.
What are you doing? It's just that What's this? Are you a thief? There was something I needed.
I just dropped by.
This is the recording they wanted.
It's from Russia.
[We will be closed temporarily.
We'll start recording.
My name is Chae Young Shin from Some Day News.
Can we get the name of the informant please? I'm calling from Russia right now.
I want to speak to Reporter Kim Moon Ho.
I don't trust anyone else.
Reporter Kim Moon Ho is not here right now.
If you speak to me My name is Kim Jae Yoon.
I am a researcher in Professor Nikolai Kozlov's lab.
I It ends here and those punks have heard it up to here as well.
But, will this give us anything? Okay.
I'm pulling out of here.
Wait a minute! How did you even get in? I was here and you just appeared.
I just blinked and suddenly he was standing right there.
Park Bong Soo, something's different about you today.
- It's his clothes.
His clothes.
- No, it's his face.
What is it? - I'll deliver this for you.
- Hey wait.
Hey Bong Wow.
This is so great.
Wash your hair at home please.
What is he doing? It seems like a farewell.
If you're saying farewell, you should leave through the door.
If you go this way, there's no door out.
Question any memorable people you've met through your work.
I don't memorize people's names.
The name's I need for work are given to me by my partner and I delete them afterwards.
The work I do is really simple like that.
I get the job request.
I get the job done.
Then, I come home and crack open a beer.
The end.
So, I don't really have an answer to this question.
Out of all your jobs, which one was the most difficult? I had to find this girl.
The first time we met was on a bus.
I don't remember her face when we first met because I had no interest.
But this girl she chased after me.
She had no fear.
Be quiet.
You're hurting me.
But, from the very beginning I hurt her.
She can't breathe if there's even a hint of violence.
I didn't know.
But, if you think about it since she met me, her life has gotten seriously complicated.
She's always in pain and always getting hurt.
And she's even nearly died.
She's usually full of laughter.
Don't forget.
You're naturally a person that laughs a lot.
Next question.
What was it? This is the infamous LA video footage.
You don't know how many people have died over that video.
The freelance reporter who first took the footage is dead.
Go Sung Chul, who tried to steal it and sell it in Korea is now dead.
Even Hwang Jae Guk died to cover up Go Sung Chul's death.
Oh! Where's Jung Hoo? It's already dark out.
He can't come yet.
- Why? - He's waiting.
- For what? - Good news.
Bit by bit, let us forget.
In the night What happened? I went to the evidence room.
Just say it already.
There are no prints on the metal pipe used to kill Park Dong Chul.
The prints should've been recovered already.
There's no record of that.
What I'm saying is that the metal pipe is clean.
There's not a drop of blood.
Then what about the fingerprints we sent? We would need something to compare them to.
This just popped up.
I had saved this search.
15 minutes ago, a file was sent to Seok Cho police station.
A confession tape of Park Dong Chul's murder.
My name is Seo Jung Hoo.
The murder of Park Dong Chul at Sunmo Church on January 27 I was the culprit.
Park Dong Chul did not repay a gambling debt.
I took a metal pipe and hit Hey boss.
Tell me the truth now.
How are you connected to this kid, Seo Jung Hoo? We're both citizens of the same country.
Did you hear everything? I can hear you very well.
What should we do now? If the confessed criminal doesn't show, there will be a nationwide search for you.
Your face will be everywhere in full HD.
I thought this would be too easy.
- Now we move on to Plan B.
- What's Plan B? That's something we've got to come up with.
- Jung Hoo.
- Yeah? Chae Young Shin is standing in front of me.
She heard everything.
- Jung Hoo.
- Yeah.
If we get that crazy old man before you get caught, then it's okay.
If If we catch that old man and we still can't fix the problem then let's run away together.
Are you stupid? What about your dad and your mother? My dad will understand.
My mother She doesn't even know about me, so it's okay.
There are so many places in the world where no one can ever find us.
So don't you worry.
I'll look into it.
Jung Hoo, are you listening? Jung Hoo? What man in their right mind would ask their woman to become a fugitive? Chae Young Shin, she is truly clueless.
Looks like we have a guest.
Myung Hee made all this food for you.
- Are you Young Shin's father? - Yes.
Hello, my name is Chae Chi Soo.
I'm sorry.
She looked so pretty in the picture.
Yes, our Young Shin was a pretty girl.
How were you able to raise her into such a cheerful, warm girl? Yes, people are often surprised.
This is when she was younger.
They grow so fast.
Look at this.
I thought maybe she somehow knew who I was.
I think I resemble her.
I'm like that.
When I'm scared, I can't talk.
When I'm scared, I laugh.
When you're scared You isolate yourself, don't you? Are you trying to hide your fear? Jung Hoo.
Where are you and what are you doing alone? [To: Kim Moon Ho.]
Hey man! You still don't get it.
You think you know love? How long have you loved? A mere ten years? So what? Look at me.
It's been over 20 years for me and almost 30 years soon.
Only when you've loved this long, we can discuss what love is.
Who measures love by duration of time? Even if it's for a day The depth and the authenticity that's what's truly important.
You are too much of a talker.
You were always that way.
You're so annoying, man.
Joon Seok's son is here.
What are you doing? Sit down.
Jung Hoo.
You know Uncle Moon Shik, don't you? You're Kim Moon Shik.
Why's a young man like you getting confused with names? I'm Oh Kil Ahn.
This here is Uncle Kim Moon Shik.
He sure resembles Joon Seok.
That's why I felt bad from the beginning.
But, what good is it to only resemble him on the outside? Lower your expectations.
Kids these days they don't have our drive or ambition.
That's what I'm saying.
In this opulent day and age, you won't find that mindset.
That's right.
That's right! That's right How long has he been this way? He's not always like this.
It's just when he has a drink at night.
I actually dropped by because I had favor to ask him.
I guess I have no other choice.
This is your cell phone that I confiscated previously.
There are some interesting phone numbers in here.
I need to meet the Elder.
He's not someone you can meet whenever you want.
I have a package from Russia.
Give the Elder a call.
He has a lot of interest in this country lately.
Hey now.
That old man is waiting for this.
What's got you so angry? I just get mad every time I see that guy's face.
He killed my Teacher, yet he lives very well.
Don't you think so, Mister? What's in this package? If I give that to you, you'll get rid of the arrest warrant? - Will you delete the video of my confession? - First, bring me the package.
What's inside that package? - One cell phone.
- And inside that phone? One video file.
There are people falling over and vomiting in a community center of sort.
Child do you still not understand? If you are under my care, no one can touch you.
Whether you're a murderer or not.
You will be okay.
I'm having a hard time.
I don't want much out of life.
Me and my girl, living comfortably That's all I want.
Getting chased by cops and threatened by your people If it were just me, that's fine.
But involving my woman, I'm not okay with that.
Then first things first.
Where is that package? There is a video file on the phone.
There's no doubt about it.
That woman tried to send this to Kim Moon Ho? Then You intercepted and got to the package first? You did very well.
Whoever is watching this, I hope it's Reporter Kim Moon Ho.
I have a tip.
Miss, do you have the time? I told you stop with the cheesy lines.
Do you want to go for a late-night drive? - Where? - Wherever you want to go.
When I hold onto his hand, the feeling that everything will be okay spreads from my hand and through my entire body.
It's quite amazing.
It's the world's only hand that lets you know, 'everything will be okay'.
Things that you like.
High-up places, first snowfall, small hands White blanket her hair.
Things I don't like.
Everything that keeps me from those very things.
Can you please just stop! What? The thing is I usually work alone.
Just the sound of someone breathing in and out makes me want to pull my hair out.
You're just so gigantic sitting there rolling that pen around, it's just [International Number.]
- Hello, this is Kim Moon Ho.
- Is this really Kim Moon Ho? Do you recognize my voice? - Are you Kim Jae Yoon? - Yes.
I'm Kim Jae Yoon.
I'm currently in Dalian, China and will be entering Korea soon.
Can we meet at the airport? I want to meet you and return right away.
I don't have a Korean visa.
Hello? Kim Jae Yoon? Kim Jae Yoon? The person who sent that video is Kim Jae Yoon, a Korean-Chinese biochemist.
The research team used our funds and recently discovered a new bacteria.
Kim Jae Yoon recently destroyed everything in the lab.
She only left a sample.
She's planning on bringing that to Korea.
There's news from China.
So this is what you looked like.
If I think about all the crap I took from you.
Wow great teamwork.
That woman is coming to Korea today.
She has bought a ticket.
I will bring her to you.
You don't have to bother bringing her.
Just make sure to get the bacteria sample.
The date of the general assembly has been set.
The agenda of the assembly will be re-appointment of Park Chung Dae.
Representative Park's attendance is required.
Please make a statement of your achievements.
Who's trying to manipulate these tiny cracks into an opportunity? Is someone trying to attempt a coup d'etat? Well, the cracks weren't exactly tiny.
It wasn't just your identity being revealed.
You almost revealed our existence as well.
Don't you think you're switching sides too quickly? I'll see you at the meeting.
She's a Chinese national without a visa and she's coming to Korea.
Visiting from China with no visa, there's only one airport you can fly into and stay for 120 hours.
There is one incoming flight from Dalian into that airport today.
Then we can go and meet her.
- Do you want to do the interview? - Really? You people are very naive.
Look here.
That crazy old man is going to come at you with everything he's got.
Even if Healer's there, when they are everywhere, there's not much he can do.
What should we do? Let's air it live.
This is it.
There aren't many people who will commit acts of crime on air.
This is what I get for working with civilians.
This is Yoon Dong Won.
- Finish zipping up.
- Huh? - Boss.
- Wash your hands.
Your pants are still open.
Finish zipping up.
Just kidding.
Boss! Ice cream.
There's no delivery service for it.
What's this? What kind of crazy bastards Someone from our country used a small village to run experiments? That was footage taken directly by one of the researchers.
They will be meeting that researcher today.
Go there and help them.
Then you have to answer me first.
You and that kid, Seo Jung Hoo He's Healer, isn't he? You have to tell me that much before we move on! - Yoon Dong Won.
- I don't know! Just confess.
Healer and you are partners.
Right? Seven addresses of hackers you've been chasing for the past five years.
Seven seven? Even the Godfather Group? I'll throw in the name and address of the one who broke into Samho Bank's network.
You'll see him at the airport.
The Elder's genius hacker, Ahn something.
Let me ask this one thing.
People are all generally the same.
But you just know when you see a guy.
Would the world be better off with this guy alive or with this guy dead? Seo Jung Hoo, that punk.
Which is he? Come on now! Kim Moon Ho will be very trusting towards you.
- Just stick close to him.
- Stick close to him.
If you meet Kim Jae Yoon, confirm that she has the bacteria sample.
Confirm the sample.
Once you secure it you may kill her.
- Kill her? - Yes.
You won't have to do it yourself.
Back there.
Just get her in his vicinity.
It's very simple.
It's simple.
Come on now.
Yong Shik, go in there.
You guys, follow me.
That's Seo Jung Hoo, right? By the looks of it, they're working together.
That, over there, is Double S.
Jung Hoo.
We can't be too friendly with each other.
- Do you have to resort to this? - This is Plan B.
If this doesn't work, I have to come up with a Plan C.
It can get dangerous.
Actually, it's really dangerous.
- President - Let's think this through.
- Is that a habit of yours? - What? Always thinking and not acting.
Goings through the simulation, but not playing the game of real life.
You never lose an argument, do you? Uncle What did you say? I won't say it twice.
Passengers from Dalian have arrived.
They're coming out now.
[Undergoing Maintenance.]
Kim Jae Yoon should be calling soon.
Stand by Min Ja.
This is Kim Moon Ho.
We need to hear the conversation.
Get closer to Kim Moon Ho.
Do not take out your earpiece.
Yes, I'm waiting for you.
When you come out, you'll see me.
You've seen my face on the news, haven't you? Yes, I am quite famous.
My name is Chae Young Shin.
I work with Reporter Kim Moon Ho.
When you get to the arrival area, he will be waiting there for you.
You need to ignore him and head for the escalators on your left.
Please head up to the second floor women's restroom.
Hi Kim Jae Yoon.
- What? - Yes, let's go over here.
- No, I'm - It's just over here.
It's been a while since you've been back, hasn't it? How was your flight? I'm not Kim Jae Yoon.
- You're not Kim Jae Yoon? - That's right.
Oh! You're not Kim Jae Yoon! I'm sorry.
I had the wrong information.
So sorry.
Sorry about that.
I'm Chae Young Shin from Some Day News.
You're leaving for Beijing in 30 minutes, is that correct? This is the last remaining bacteria sample.
This is a USB containing all of our research.
Can I request an interview before your flight? I know the location isn't ideal.
It's a dangerous thing to ask.
- I will rescind my request.
- I'm considering the idea.
Will my interview be helpful? Everything here is ready to go.
Let's get started.
Yes, I got it.
I got it.
This sure is revolutionary.
It's go time! Now! - Now, now, now! - Okay, okay, okay! Hello.
I'm Kim Moon Ho from Some Day News.
Some Day is currently reporting live from the airport.
We are here to meet a biochemistry researcher who traveled from Russia, through China.
Things still look okay.
Let's wait a bit.
First, please take a look at this video footage.
Do you recall the incident referred to as the 'Terror of Dugong village', last September? An entire village fell under a mysterious illness.
There were five casualties as well.
A suspicion was raised that this incident was an experiment of a research team.
While conducting water quality tests, we discovered this new bacteria.
They intentionally amplified the bacteria virulence and have secretly conducted research on ways to make it harmful to humans.
What is the purpose of this research? From what I've heard, they want to contaminate the water and push for private companies to manage water quality.
In other words, privatization.
They wanted to change public opinion.
Search all the women's restrooms in the entire airport.
Where's Seo Jung Hoo? The broadcast has started.
If you can't stop this, you'll be finished.
Don't do it.
Let's stop here.
What's going on there, Reporter Chae Young Shin? Who is this person You can scream.
What is this, you jerk.
I've secured it.
That camera.
- Get rid of it.
- Hand it over.
Stop filming.
Who do you think you're filming? What the hell? Hey, hey! You punks! - Are you crazy? - What is this? Who is this punk? Are you crazy? Get that camera! Kim Jae Yoon! Young Shin! Young Shin! Get back here, you scoundrels! Chae Young Shin! No! Stop right there! - Call the ambulance! - Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo! - Jung Hoo! - I said, call the ambulance! 119! Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo! A man was shot to death at the international airport.
The man was trying to kill a whistleblower, who was being interviewed on live broadcast.
It has been revealed that he was a hired assassin.
[Kim Jae Yoon - Whistleblower.]
Yes, I was scared for my life.
But, I have a conscience.
I just couldn't stay silent any longer.
This assassin was hired by Omega's Holdings' Chairman, Park Chung Dae.
This is footage we have just acquired called the LA video.
On it, Chairman Park Chung Dae can be seen meeting Russian scientist, Nikolai.
Prosecutors are planning to prosecute Park Chung Dae for both crimes.
The real name of the man that died is Park Bong Soo.
They say he used many aliases.
He is not only the suspect of this assassin case, but of several other cases as well.
Chae Young Shin! No! Stop right there! - Call the ambulance! - Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo Jung Hoo.
Jung Hoo! Jung Hoo, Jung Hoo! [Suspect Wanted for Murder.]
Director Kang.
- Good job.
- Good job everyone.
Hello Director Kang.
Where are you right now? Five Four Three two one.
I'm Reporter Chae Young Shin from Some Day News.
At the courthouse yesterday, you were in a wheelchair.
You must have gotten all better now.
If you have some time, can you take some questions? Or maybe I'll contact your secretary later The things that I like The sound of his camera shutter.
His large hands.
His smiling eyes.
His big embraces.
Things that I don't like.
Everything that keeps me from those very things.
[Thank you very much to everyone who tuned in to watch Healer.]