Heartland Canada s10e01 Episode Script

There Will Be Changes

1 Previously on "Heartland" I don't think I can do this.
What ever this is.
I can't go backwards, Peter, I have to go forward.
I don't think we should get back together.
Adam you gotta see this.
Amy: I have a gift for you too.
You're gonna be a father.
- What? (Happy exhale) - Amy are? Yeah.
(Kiss) (Happy laughter) (Hooves thumping) (Hooves galloping) Whoa.
(Spartan snorts) (Spartan whinnies) (Spartan snorts ominously) (Spartan rumbles angrily) (Spartan whinnies shrilly) (Echoing) Spartan! (Whimpering) Spartan.
(Gasps) Ty: Hey, Amy, time to wake up.
- Okay? - Okay.
(Phone beeps) We gotta get going.
(Exhales) (Sighs) You okay? Mmm-hmm.
How's the little nugget doin'? (Chuckles) Really good.
(Kiss) Tim: You still rummagin' around in there? I'm telling you, if that thing's gone I will never forgive you.
Well, maybe if you let me in on what you're actually looking for, I could help you.
Mitch: Hey, Jack! Come here! Yeah.
(Horse snorts) Isn't she awesome? Jack: Well, I'da come along with you guys if only you'd asked.
Well, we looked around for you, Jack, but you were nowhere to be found.
It's all right though.
This girl she really knows her horses.
It was so weird, Jack.
She just sort of chose me.
Oh she did, did she? It's true.
The horse just locked onto her.
Tim: Of all the horses that you coulda bought, this is the one you chose? She's kinda heavy.
It's just a hay belly.
We can slim her down, no problem.
She's got a great personality, really friendly.
I'm in love with her.
Oh, well, you love her? That's all the criteria you need to buy a horse.
Right, Mitch? Not your forte.
I think I'll buy the horses from now on for the dude ranch.
- Did I say something? - Oh, he's in a mood.
Georgie: He's always in a mood lately.
(Truck rumbles up) (Quiet chuckle) (Truck rumbles) Okay, let's, uh, let's continue with Minnie's apparently much needed exercise.
Georgie: Right.
(Clicks teeth) Amy: So this ultrasound, do you think we should be concerned? No, we just need to take a closer look.
Check it out.
Mmm hmm.
(Exhales) Feeling okay? Yeah, just a bit nauseous.
I don't get it.
I never get car sick.
Amy, you're not car sick.
You're pregnant.
(Laughing) Right, of course.
(Exhales) You know, if you need any help with the dude ranch horses I can groom them, exercise them.
Really? That'd be great.
I just, I thought you said you had a crazy schedule.
Yeah, that might change.
(Sighs) Something really awful happened with extreme team.
- Oh wow.
- Yeah, don't ask.
Oh, I, I wasn't going to.
Oh, thanks.
I wish everyone in my family was like you.
(Chuckles) So you're serious about me putting you to work? I mean, I'd welcome the help any time.
- Yeah, I'm there.
- All right.
(Phone beeps) Oh what's that, another text from you know who? How many has that been in the last half hour? It's called communication.
It's what makes a relationship work.
- You don't say.
- Hey! Hey.
You know, why don't I, uh, take care of Minnie? You You do what you have to do to make your relationship work.
- Hi.
- Hey.
(Kiss) So I realized we have an anniversary coming up.
- We do? - Yeah, so we're gonna figure out what we want to do to celebrate it.
- Okay.
- Is the computer in the office? Yeah, yeah.
So what exactly is it that we're celebrating? It's the third month anniversary of the day we decided to be more than friends.
I like to think of it as the anniversary of the day you dumped Olivia for me.
(Chuckles) - All right.
- Okay uh What about Maggie's for dinner? No.
We always go to Maggie's.
We should go somewhere different, somewhere special.
(Keyboard keys click) No sushi! What? Why no sushi? I don't like seafood.
(Door opens) - Hi.
- Hey.
Hey guys.
Hey, Adam, uh can you do this on Georgie's computer? Amy and I need to look at something.
No problem.
We're out of here.
Okay, thanks.
Why don't you like sushi again? Come on, I hate sushi.
You know I hate sushi.
(Keyboard keys click) Is that what I think it is? Is there two of them? S10E01 There Will Be Changes And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Oh, oh, oh, oh You dreamer You dreamer Georgie: So, yeah, we've been on a break for a while.
Trudie, our trainer's, been off judging, but extreme team practice starts up again tomorrow.
I can't wait to get back! - Mitch: Extreme team? - Georgie: Yeah.
- Mitch: That sounds hard core.
- Yeah, it is.
I'm gonna beat Olivia in the spring competitions.
Well, if Olivia's anything like what you told me, she deserves it.
Hey, what do think about this guy? No.
His back's too bowed.
He doesn't look strong enough.
Well, you're the boss.
I am? Cool.
(Chuckles) (Gate clanks) Hey girl.
(Clicks teeth) (Horse snuffles) Hey, Georgie, here's a nice one.
(Horse snorts) Hi.
(Laughs) You want to come home with us, don't ya? Actually, I, I think I found one over here.
(Horse snuffles) Yeah? (Reading) Minnie.
(Horse snuffles) - (Laughs) - Huh.
I mean, come on, it's weird.
Amy still hasn't told anyone and she could now.
It's true.
Jack is chomping at the bit to tell everyone.
No I am not.
Lisa: You would tell a stranger on the street if you could.
But to be fair it is early.
And I totally get that, but you know what? I'm not sure that Amy is facing the fact that she's having a baby.
Well, she's having her 12 week ultrasound very shortly so she's not ignoring the situation entirely.
But do you see any pregnancy books lying around? No.
She's not doing any reading.
That's the first thing I did.
But the She hasn't even asked me any questions! It's like it's like she thinks everything is the same, that everything will just stay the same.
Jack: Amy is just fine.
She isn't like you when you were pregnant.
Uh, excuse me? And how was I when I was pregnant? Well, you were You were you and Amy is Amy.
Lou: Okay, well I'm not exactly sure what that's supposed to mean, but a question how are they supposed to start a family in a room above a barn? Amy should be planning now.
She should be getting prepared.
Lisa: It's a beautiful room.
They just renovated.
You're not gonna get 'em out of there, that's for sure.
(Cell phone chimes) No nursery.
Well, people sleep with their children-where are you off to? - Uh (mumbles) - Nicole, hi! How's it going? What a surprise.
How's New York? What? Say that again.
But that's huge! I N-n-no, okay.
N-no I'm listening.
I need, I need details.
Is Auntie Amy having a baby? (Motorcycle rumbles) (Hooves clop) Ty: Who's this? The new dude ranch horse? Georgie: Yeah, this is Minnie.
She's perfect.
Even tempered, easy to ride, a great trail horse.
All right.
Has she been vetted? Well, she didn't come with papers, but how could I say no? I had my marching orders.
It was this horse or the highway.
(Chuckles) (Phone beeps) Well, why don't I take a look at her then.
- Oh yeah, great idea.
- Okay.
Hey Minnie, let's go.
(Hooves clop) (Phone beeps) Oh great, Olivia.
No, Nicole, this is so great.
Of course.
I'm gonna get back to you soon.
Okay, bye.
(Phone beeps off) Hey.
Guess what? I just heard from Olivia and Trudie broke her collarbone.
She can't coach extreme team, not for months! Oh no! Poor Trudie.
(Sighs) There's hiring a new coach.
This is awful! Trudie was awesome! How could they replace her?! The new coach is gonna be great, okay? Trudie wouldn't pick a bad replacement.
- I've got to tell Adam! - Okay, hold on.
You have been attached at the hip with this phone lately.
Don't you think you and Adam should give each other just a little bit of space? Besides, I want to talk to you.
Something's come up and it's pretty exciting.
(Phone rings) (Sighs) (Phone beeps on) Hi, Olivia.
Yeah, so how bad is this new coach? No, Georgie, I need to talk to you! Georgie: That bad? What kind of mess is this? (Small laugh) (Approaching footsteps) Hey.
Hon, did you buy more clementines? I can't seem to find them.
That's because you ate them all.
- No I didn't.
- Yes you did.
Two dozen in two days.
Well, I like clementines.
(Laughing) Clearly.
Who's this? This is a new trail horse.
Minnie, huh? Not really what I would have named her.
I think we're gonna have to change your diet there, girl.
She's a little on the heavy side.
Well, there's a reason for that.
She's pregnant.
- She's pregnant? - Yeah.
- Why would Mitch - Buy her? Well, he probably didn't know.
It was love at first site with Georgie and she's got Mitch wrapped around her little finger.
I'm actually a little concerned about Minnie though, so I'm gonna give Scott a call, get a second opinion.
(Truck rumbles, shuts off) (Grunts with effort) Just the guy I'm lookin' to talk to.
(Door shuts) Yeah, I want to talk to you too.
It's just about time to take the cattle up to the summer pastures.
So I think it'd be great if you could give me a heads up let me know when you want to go up there and check things out, because I got a busy schedule and I want to plan ahead.
Well, you don't have to plan.
You don't even have to worry about it.
Mitch and I are gonna take care of it.
Mitch? You and Mitch? Well, you're the guy crying about how busy you are.
Mitch can handle it.
Now, you were the guy that cleared out that barn loft before the renovations got started.
What did you do with all the stuff that was up there? - I put it in there.
- No, you didn't, 'cause I just came from there.
I scoured through everything, I didn't find what I'm lookin' for.
Well, if I didn't put in there then I threw it out 'cause it was junk.
You just threw stuff out without asking me first?! There's not enough room in the entire world for all the crap you wanna keep! Someone had to make a decision.
That someone was me.
What's so important that you're out there looking for it a year and a half after I threw it out? Never mind.
I'll look again.
Well, I managed to get her an appointment at the vet med centre.
Yeah, they're gonna run some tests on her, so Okay, thanks, Scott.
(Keys jingle) I'll have the results sent to you.
It's It's just a hunch, but I wanna confirm it.
Thanks, Scott.
(Phone beeps off) You're worried about her, aren't you? I just want to be sure, that's all.
(Sighs worriedly) Okay.
Come on.
(Hooves clop) Hey, Dad, I just got this craziest phone call.
It's actually pretty awesome.
Wait till you hear about it.
Hey, Ty, you know that truck of yours is no good for any kind of real work, huh? It's too light to pull a trailer, terrible in the winter.
They're not hanging onto it for long anyway, right? What? Baby seat.
There's nowhere to put it.
You can't even get home from the hospital in that thing.
That's not for months, Lou.
Yeah, we still have time to figure all that out.
They're not gettin' this.
You guys are not getting this.
You know, things are gonna change with this baby.
You know that.
Yeah, we know that.
Thank you, dad, you know, someone had to say it.
Completely change.
(Laughs) Completely change.
(Door shuts, truck starts) You better you better get ready.
Dad? Dad? Ay, sorry we're late.
No, no, it's good you guys are here.
There's plenty left.
Ah, thanks for this, Lou.
Tim: Make sure to get enough, Amy.
I'm hungry, okay? Is Minnie back? Ah yeah.
She's in her stall.
Okay, dad, I meant to talk to you about this earlier Who's Minnie? Uh, she's the new dude ranch trail horse.
Tim: The one I saw you trailering? We own that horse? That's ours? I thought that was one of Amy's lost cause client horses.
She's not a lost cause.
Mitch and I bought her at the auction this morning.
Okay, now that that's settled, I just want to Tim: Mitch.
Since when did Mitch start buyin' horses? Since he started workin' for me.
Okay, good to know.
Okay, can I say something? Is that possible? Thank you.
I have some news.
I talked to Nicole today.
She called from New York.
When I was there a few months ago we had talked about this idea.
I never thought she would follow through on it, but she did, And now she has investors interested.
Ooh, investors interested in what? Lou: You guys are never gonna believe this.
These investors want to open up a Maggie's in Brooklyn.
Isn't that crazy? They want to replicate it same look, same menu, but in New York.
Lou, that's amazing! - Like a franchise? - No, no, no, just a one off.
No, no, it shouldn't be a one off, no.
My experience with franchises, I'll tell you Oh, here we go.
Lou: No, no, I know, Dad, but that's not what this is.
So the bottom line is Nicole wants me to go to New York to get the deal rolling.
What do you think? You should do it.
It all sounds like kind of crazy.
Maggie's in New York, I don't Well, the investors see a trend for country and western style brands.
How long would you be gone? Not long.
Just maybe a few days.
A week, a month, a year, it doesn't matter how long it takes.
Just go.
It's not gonna be a year, dad.
Jack: So Maggie's diner in New York City.
How about that? Well, if this is a real thing, Lou, I guess we'll do whatever it takes to make it work.
Right girls? - Sure.
- Hey, put your phone down.
No texting at the table.
(Text sends) - Can I go play, Mommy? - Sure, sweetie.
Oh damn.
Scott had to leave town before Minnie's results arrived.
He's gonna leave 'em with Cass so we can pick 'em up - in the morning.
- Okay, sounds good.
(Sighs tiredly) I cannot believe that Lou wants us to get a new truck.
I love your truck.
I know you do, Amy, but she's right.
There's no place for a baby seat.
Yeah, but we have months to think about that.
Your dad's right, Amy.
I hate to admit it, but our life is really gonna change.
Ty, no it won't.
Whoa What? I think I just felt something.
Like a like just a little butterfly or something.
- Really? - Yeah.
(Laughs) Wow.
(Engine rumbles) Amy: So this ultrasound, do you think we should be concerned? No, we just need to take a closer look.
Check it out.
Mmm hmm.
(Door opens) Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey guys.
Hey, Adam, uh, can you do this on Georgie's computer? Amy and I need to look at something.
No problem.
We're out of here.
Okay, thanks.
Why don't you like sushi again? Ah, come on, I hate sushi.
You know I hate sushi.
(Keyboard keys click) Is that what I think it is? Is there two of them? Minnie's having twins.
Mitch, heard the good news.
You were right.
That horse is not overweight.
That horse is pregnant with twins.
- She's pregnant? - Don't even, you know, you You don't have a clue.
At this late date she'll probably lose one or both of those foals.
- Dad hey.
- Honey, it's true.
Ty: Okay look, Tim, whoever brought that horse to auction probably had no idea the animal was pregnant.
So now we have to do the best we can with this bad situation.
Situation that you started.
Georgie: What situation? Minnie's pregnant.
Oh, wow, that's amazing! I've never seen a horse foal before.
This is gonna be awesome! (Truck horn honks) Hey, Georgie, we gotta get going.
You're gonna be late for practice.
Well, Adam and I were gonna go hang out.
Do I have to go? Yeah, you do, Georgie.
I need to leave anyway.
Okay, bye.
- Lou: Georgie, come on.
- Okay.
Hey knock 'em dead, kid.
(Doors shut) It's gonna cost more losing two foals than birthing one healthy one.
This never woulda happened if you hadn't put Mitch in charge.
Jack: Why do you have such a weed up your butt about Mitch? What is that all about? What's it all about? I'll tell you what it's all about.
You gonna hire somebody he should at least have better than working knowledge of horses.
Or cows for that matter! Oh cows.
Now Mitch doesn't know anything about cows either.
Isn't that somethin'.
This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the fact that I asked him to come with me to check out the summer pasture instead of you, would it? (Hooves clopping) Natalie: Ladies, I'm Natalie Northcote, and I can't wait to work with you guys.
When Trudie asked me to take over I hesitated a bit, because I know what a wonderful job she's been doing with you all, but she has put her faith in me and now it's my turn to put my faith in you.
I want you to bring your best attitude to this arena.
I want you to bring your best goals; I want you to bring your best game; I want you to bring the best possible you you can bring to this team, and together we will rise to the top.
So, let's, uh, let's start the class with you.
Olivia, isn't it? Yeah.
Let's see what you're working on.
(Hooves thunder) Natalie: Nice! Very nice extension! (Clapping) That's it! Way to go, Olivia! (Loud clatter, keys jangle) Oh! Oh! - Sorry, I - I'm sorry Here.
Uh hi.
- Hi.
- How are ya? - Good.
Yeah, I'm good.
- (Nervous exhale) Pretty exciting, right, Amy being pregnant? You know about that.
How do you know? - Jack told me.
- Of course he did.
Uh, I was actually just looking for Amy.
She's upstairs with Ty.
- Okay.
- Hey um That's pretty cool about the whole New York deal thing.
Oh, you know about that too.
Yeah, Georgia told me.
Sounds amazing.
It's crazy, right? I mean, a Maggie's clone in Brooklyn? It's an incredible opportunity.
My dad thinks so too, but he probably just has dollar signs in his eyes.
I mean, he is my partner in the business after all.
So what's good for Maggie's is good for him, right? (Chuckles) Wow, who's Who's a bit cynical there? Now I can see the New York girl in ya.
One in a thousand will survive? That, that's the odds that this is gonna go smoothly? (Knocking) Lou: Hey there! Everybody decent? Yes, okay, Amy, read this.
Contrary to what you may think, and however tired you are of hearing me say this, you need to get prepared.
This was my go to.
I'm passing it on to you complete with my notes in the margin.
Lou, I don't think this is really the best time.
Why not? When is it ever a good time for you guys? Lou.
What's going on? (Hooves thunder) (Horse grunts) Try to float back a bit, you're too far forward! That's it! Nice, Olivia.
Let's go, Georgie, we're not here to sit on our butts.
Oh, oh, okay.
(Horse snorts) Whoa.
(Horse snorts) (Hooves thunder) (Horse snorts) (Content exhales) Okay, what was that supposed to be? You looked like a piece of overdone spaghetti.
To say it needs work is an understatement.
You have to put in way more practice, way more.
Next! Samantha you're up.
Natalie isn't actually so bad, is she? Natalie is horrible! She's mean and she says I need extra practice! Four nights a week instead of two! I won't have any time for anything including - Oh my God.
- What? - Oh my god, this is terrible! - What now, Georgie? (Phone beeps) Georgie.
Adam, hi, I am so sorry.
I know.
I can't make dinner tomorrow night.
I know this is horrible! I can't get out of it! Katie: I don't want to wash my hands! (Cup clatters) - Uh Katie is having a bit of a meltdown and won't wash her hands unless Mummy comes and does it with her.
(Frustrated grunt) New York looking pretty good right about now? (Groans) Katie: I want my Mommy! Well, the foals are in a good position.
Now we just need to keep a close eye on here.
Hey Minnie, I can't wait to see your baby.
(Door clanks) Can we keep it? The foal? Minnie's havin' twins.
Oh, even better! They'll be so cute! Look Georgie, um I'm gonna tell you the truth, okay? Okay.
Having twins puts a mare in a very dangerous situation.
Now we're gonna do our best, but there's a chance the result could not be good, in fact, the odds are against us.
(Spartan snorts) (Wind whistles) (Wind rustles ominously) (Spartan snorts) (Panicked exhale) (Dramatic music) (Spartan rumbles) (Echoing) Spartan! (Spartan whinnies shrilly) (Gasps) Spartan.
Spartan! Amy! Hey.
(Panting) Hey, it's okay.
It was just a dream.
(Panting) You're all right.
You're okay.
Hey, Minnie.
Hey, girl.
Yeah, you're gonna be just fine, okay? (Minnie snuffles) So are your babies.
We'll make sure of that.
I promise.
(Horse whinnies in distance) (Relieved exhale) (Spartan snorts) Hey.
I haven't lost you, have I? (Spartan snorts) Yeah.
(Spartan snorts) I know.
We're gonna be okay.
(Sighs) (Hooves thunder) Natalie: Georgie! Georgie, you're stiff as a board! Lower your leg! (Turf clatters) Lower! Point your toe! (Hooves thunder) (Exhales) Okay, first of all nothing flowed.
That looked painful not amazing.
Maybe you're just not up for this routine.
No, no, I'm good with it.
Well, I'd start working on something easier if I were you, Georgie.
Olivia, you're next.
I want you to watch Olivia very closely, Georgie.
You can learn something.
Yeah, Nicole I know you're waiting for an answer and I am trying to make it work it's just It's a very difficult time right now.
Listen, could you just find out how long these meetings are gonna take? Okay, thanks.
(Door opens) Uh, can I call you back? Okay bye.
(Door shuts) (Phone beeps off) I'm quitting extreme team.
Adam, yeah, do you still have those dinner reservations for tonight? I can go now.
I don't have practice anymore.
I quit! Yeah, I did, really.
(Knock on door) I'll just be a minute.
I need you to hang up the phone.
Adam, can I call you right back? Yeah.
Okay, bye.
(Phone beeps off) Look, Georgie, you can't just quit extreme team, especially if it's because you want to spend more time with Adam.
I'm not quitting because of Adam! It's so unfair of you to say that! Look I know that he's your boyfriend Yeah, he is, and that's important to me.
I know and I get that but I just heard you on the phone.
You can't just quit the team because you want to spend more time with a boy, okay? - You know that's true.
- No, it's not! (Sighs) I bet that you're thinking this whole New York deal is looking impossible right about now with everything's that's going on around here.
Sit down.
Amy's pregnant; Georgie has all her "life" and all that that entails; but you shouldn't be thinking about those things.
I thought you were against this whole Maggie's thing.
Isn't that what you said? That it's a stupid idea? No, I didn't say stupid, I, I said it was just crazy.
- (Exasperated sigh) - But Maggie's in New York It doesn't matter what I think, Lou.
If you think it's gonna work then you should go for it.
Jack and I will help with the girls.
There's plenty of people to help Amy and I was going to say do what you think is best for you, what makes you happy.
I just I need to clear my head.
I was gonna say that but of course I know you won't listen to that, so what I will say is it seems like you're looking to all of us for permission to start living your own life.
That's all I'm gonna say.
(Hooves clop, wood clatters) Uh-oh.
Mark this wire.
It'll be on the ground in a month if we don't.
All right.
Will do.
Oh wow.
I love it up here.
- (Chuckles) - Look at that view.
Yeah, it ain't ugly, that's for sure.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Tim This post right here's completely rotted.
You know what happens when a cow can push a post down just by just walkin' into it, it's gone along with the rest of the herd.
You might want to put a flag that one.
The post isn't that bad.
Hey, you want to take over, Tim, it's fine by me.
I don't get paid to be up here.
What is your problem? You're on me all the time.
I don't even work for you.
I'm sick of it, all right? Why are you trying so hard to be friends with Georgie? - She's a good kid.
- Oh yeah, she's a good kid.
I think it's so can ingratiate yourself to Lou, which is a cheap way of wormin' your way into this family.
This is my job, all right, I I'm not trying to worm my way into your family! Why don't you tell me that you don't have somethin' for Lou, huh? Tell me.
All right, knock it off.
Tim, what are you doin' here anyway? I told you Mitch and I had this covered.
And now you're up here with Jack.
Just startin' to feel like you own the place? Mitch: I work here.
You're threatened I'm gonna take your position on the ranch? Is that it? Fine, you know what? You can handle this by yourself.
I'm outta here.
(Clicks teeth) Come on.
[bell jangles] What the hell was that? Are you crazy? No, I'm not.
Mitch has feelings for Lou.
I know it.
I've known it since Christmas.
They hardly talk to each other.
They don't.
You can cut the tension between them with a knife.
Jack, I'll tell you what this is about.
I want see Lou go to New York and I don't want to see her make the wrong decision as far as Mitch is concerned, but you keep opening doors for him.
He's gonna a part of this family.
- Oh, that is stupid! - You think? Mitch isn't part of the family but you are.
I couldn't get rid of ya if I wanted to.
(Knock at door) Wow, look at you.
(Phone beeps) Wait.
Hey I know I came off a bit harsh.
You need to know I'm not quitting because of Adam.
I'm quitting because Natalie is rude.
She pits all of us against each other.
I don't need that! I'm not gonna put up with that.
You're not a quitter, Georgie.
That's not what you do.
If you love the sport, you will stick with it.
Coaches will come and coaches will go.
What's important is that you stick with it.
- Well, she hates me! - Come on.
It's true! She makes me completely doubt myself! I'm terrified of her.
Wow, that sounds familiar.
I'm terrified too.
- Why? - This whole New York thing.
There's no failure like a New York failure.
How do you know you're gonna fail? You don't know this but I got fired from my last job there.
I just I can't face this going up in flames too.
Well, how do you know if you're gonna fail if you don't even try? You love Maggie's.
You're the one who can make this work.
You can't not go because you're scared of how hard it could be.
Now look who's talking.
So you think I should go? Yeah, you should.
I'll make you deal.
I will face my New York fears If you stick it out with your coach.
What? (Sighs) Okay, deal.
Do I look okay? You look amazing.
(Knock at the door) Hey, you have a very handsome young man waiting for you downstairs and you look lovely.
Thank you.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
- Oh, um, Mom? - Yeah? - Phone.
- Right.
(Sighs) (Page rustles) Minnie's pretty calm.
You okay? I'm starting to get scared.
Lou was right.
My dad was right.
Everything's gonna change.
Well, it's bound to, Amy, but it's a good thing.
Some of it isn't.
Do you remember my first appointment, what the doctor said? This book makes it even clearer.
I can't ride.
They say it's too dangerous.
But that's not even just client horses, I can't ride Spartan.
I mean, how can I live like that, Ty? That's who I am.
Amy, come on, that's not who you are.
It's a part of who you are.
Okay? (Minnie whinnies sharply) (Latches clank) (Minnie snorts) That's a good girl.
Good girl.
- (Wet sounds) Can I help? - Yup.
- (Wet sounds) Hey Jack? - Yeah? The sac's not broken here.
We don't want him to suffocate.
I'll do it for him.
Thank you.
Makes sure his nostrils are clear too.
- There we go.
- There we go.
Good job.
- Get him outta there.
- Just pull it off.
(Minnie rumbles) (Minnie whinnies) - (Chuckles) - Good job.
Ty: The next one should be comin' fast.
Good job, good job.
(Minnie whinnies weakly) Ty: Hold on.
You're okay.
What's happening? (Wet sounds) - Is something wrong? - Ty: It should be here by now.
(Minnie grunts) Just hold on, hold on.
She's okay.
Amy: (Pants) - It's coming.
- Yup, she's okay.
Here it comes.
(Wet sounds) - Good girl.
- Yeah, just pull there.
(Minnie snorts) (Grunts) (Pants) (Wet sounds) Okay.
Good job! Georgie: Oh my God, Adam, she's having her babies! Why isn't the foal moving? Ty? - You're okay.
- Ty: Okay.
- It's okay, we'll help ya.
- Another towel, Lou.
- Come on, you can do it.
- Here grandpa.
- You can do it, come on.
- Here he comes, here he comes.
- We gotcha.
- Come on.
Yeah! (Sharp whinny) (Sharp whinny) Good boy! Good job! Good boy! (Laughs happily) - Ty: All right.
- Jack: Well done, Ty.
Good job, baby.
(Relieved exhale) Best anniversary ever.
The hand you're gonna hold for life That feeling when you know it's right The look that speaks a thousand words The sweetest sound you've ever heard (Nervous exhale) That's what love is That's what love is (Gate clatters) That's what love is Ooh ooh ooh ooh I was storin' it at Big River.
(Laughs) You really think I'd throw this away? (Slaps) Good man.
Lisa, that was so good.
- Mmm.
- Delicious.
Did you have enough, Amy? Would you stop teasing me! I can't even get my jeans done up any more.
Does anybody have any clementines? Those are popular.
(Everyone laughs) Okay.
Okay, now We all know that this is a very special time for Amy and Ty, and we realize that they have a whole list of things they need to get as they prepare for this amazing event that's happening down the road.
So I thought Well, Tim and I thought maybe we could just cut that list down a bit.
Tim? Lisa, what is going on? I have no idea.
What's in there? It's a surprise, but GG told me.
- Of course he did.
- (Laughs) - What?! - Oh.
- Oh.
- (Chuckles) That's what love is Grandpa! That's what love is It's beautiful! Oh, I love it! I knew you'd love it.
This cradle has been in the Bartlett household for well as long as I can remember, and we did lose track of it over the last few years, but Tim found it.
Now it's here waiting to welcome the new member of the family.
- Thanks, Jack.
- You're welcome.
I love it.
I love ya, honey.
(Horse whinnies) The treasure that's worth fighting for (High pitched whinny) It leaves no shadow of a doubt The one thing we can't live without That's what love is - You ready? - I'm ready.
That's what love is (Gasps) There's our baby.
Oh my That's what love is Oh, I have an idea.
Watch this.
- (Laughs) - You know? Yeah.
There it is.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh