Heartland (CA) s10e02 Episode Script

You Just Know

1 Amy: Previously on "Heartland" Natalie: First of all nothing flowed.
That looked painful, not amazing.
I want you to watch Olivia very closely, Georgie, you could learn something.
Lou: These investors want to open up a Maggie's in Brooklyn.
- You should do it.
- How long would you be gone? Not long, just maybe a few days.
A week, a month, a year, it doesn't matter how long it takes.
Just go.
Georgie: Oh my god, Adam, she's having her babies! - Amy: We gotcha.
Good boy! - Ty: Come on, yeah! (Foal whinnies) Good boys! Georgie: Good girl, Minnie.
(Minnie snorts) - You ready? - I'm ready.
Ty: There's our baby.
(Laughs) (Dog barking) Ty: Jocelyn, Jolene Jonquil? Amy: (Laughs) Really? Ty: Yeah, maybe not Jonquil.
(Laughing) Julie's nice.
Yeah, I like Julie.
Ty, we don't even know if it's gonna be a boy or a girl yet.
It's good to have a few names picked out, you know, keep them in mind.
(Phone rings) - Yeah - What about, uh, Justine? Uh (Phone beeps) Hi, grandpa.
Jack: Yeah, Amy, listen.
These foal, they're tryin' to nurse, but I don't think they're gettin' much milk out of their mom.
Are they okay? Well, for now, but they're gonna need milk soon.
Uh, how's Minnie doing? Not so good.
Could be colic, I'm not sure.
You guys better get back here if you can.
(Sighs) Oh no.
Okay, we'll be right there.
(Whistles) Come on, Remy! (Dog whines) (Door shuts) (Engine rumbles) (Phone beeps) My dad's waiting outside.
You want a ride? Uh, no that's okay.
Tim's gonna come get me.
Besides, I should probably finish this essay.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Call me later if you need a little inspiration or just a distraction.
(Kiss) (Door opens and closes) - Hey Georgie! - Hi, Sam! - Oh, can I sit down? - Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Whatcha workin' on? Uh, just an essay for school.
We're supposed to write about our most memorable moment.
Hill's class, right? Yeah.
I had the same assignment in junior high.
I don't even remember what I wrote about.
Mustn't have been too memorable then.
Guess not.
Maybe that's why I only got a C minus.
(Both laugh) Okay, so listen We need to talk about the extreme team.
Okay Our new coach, Natalie, I am not that impressed with her.
Tell me about it.
I nearly quit after last practice.
Well, do you believe how she favors Olivia? It's completely unfair.
We have to do something about it.
Like what? I don't know yet but in a few years when I leave to pursue my solo career, you should be the one to replace me as headliner, not Olivia.
Me? Are you serious?! Don't be so modest.
You're amazing.
With a little more experience, there'll be nothing to stop you.
(Exhales happily) Hey, I'm starving.
- Do you wanna share something? - Yeah, yeah, sure.
Okay, cool.
(Minnie snorts weakly) Minnie was fine this morning.
Well, I've seen this before.
If the mare's sick, she'll stop producin' milk.
You were right, Jack.
It's colic.
How bad? It's bad.
I need to get her to the clinic while she's still standing.
I'll hitch up the trailer.
(Sighs worriedly) (Door opens) No, that's not what we agreed on, Nicole.
No I know, but an extra week? I don't think I can be away from home that long.
Thanks for coming out there.
I really enjoyed spending the time with you.
I love New York.
I just I can't pick up and leave whenever I want.
It takes planning.
Take care of yourself.
Nice seeing you.
Woman: Good to see you too.
Uh, I'm gonna have to think about this.
I'll call you back.
Mitch: All right, drive safe.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(Door shuts) Okay, bye.
(Phone beeps off) (Car starts up) Uh, hey! Hey.
Mitch: Uh, I got your message.
You wanted to talk to me? Oh, yeah, right um I was thinking it would be good idea for you to move your trailer back over here.
If you want.
(Chuckles) Aren't you the one that told me to move it to Caleb's in the first place? Yes, but it would be nice to know someone was here looking over the place while I was in New York.
(Door shuts) Just keep it away from the cabins outta sight, far away from the cabins.
All right, you're the boss.
Eh, you got a second? I wanna show you something.
And this is just the latest bite mark.
Poor guy.
I wouldn't feel too sorry for him.
Dawson gives as good as he gets.
Well, who's he fighting with? Percy over there.
I've separated the two for now, but come summer we're gonna need both guys for trail rides.
I don't want to risk someone gettin' hurt if one lashes out at the other.
I'll have Amy take a look at them.
Okay, thanks.
Is that it? - Yeah.
- What about check-ins? Check-ins? Isn't that more your department? I thought I saw you with a guest.
Was she checking in? (Chuckles) Uh, no, no she wasn't a guest.
Oh, my mistake.
Let me know what Amy says, okay? Okay, Minnie, let's go.
(Door shuts) I know, baby.
(Minnie snorts) I know.
(Foal snorts nervously) It's okay, it's okay! We'll be back.
Is she's gonna be okay, Ty? It depends on what's causing the colic.
(Foal whinnies shrilly) And I'm not sure, but sometimes Thanks, Jack.
Sometimes during a difficult birth the abdominal wall can tear.
If that's what happened it's bad.
Okay, but you can fix that.
I won't know until I get to the clinic, Amy.
Ty, the foals beat the odds, both of them.
They survived.
We can't let that happen to her mom.
You've gotta help her! Giving birth to twins is traumatic for a horse, okay, and we knew there was a risk.
I know, but I thought we were passed this! I thought she was okay! Well, so did I.
You're all set.
Thanks, Jack.
I'll call you from the clinic, okay? Okay.
(Kiss) (Truck starts up) (Truck and trailer rumble) (Sighs) S10E02 You Just Know And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Oh, oh, oh, oh You dreamer You dreamer (Overlapping diner chatter) My parents want me to go to college, but I know that trick riding's what I really want to do with my life.
You're gonna be a huge star one day.
So are you! But it's not gonna happen unless we make it happen.
We have to work twice as hard as the other girls.
We can't let anyone get in our way, not Natalie, definitely not Olivia.
Look what I've got! - Hi, we uh - Oh hi.
Stopped at the pet store.
Katie was really interested in the puppies, but I managed to talk her down to a goldfish! Um Sam, this is my little sister, Katie, and my grandpa Tim.
I still can't get used that, (Chuckling) But I am.
I'm grandpa.
Nice to meet you.
(Laughing) Hi, so nice to meet you.
So, uh, I hate to break this up, but we gotta get you home for dinner, Georgie.
Sam: Oh, it's okay.
I was just on my way out, so.
See you at practice tomorrow? - Definitely.
- Okay.
(Hands slap) - Nice to meet you, Sam.
- Pleased to meet you.
Okay, slow down, honey.
Got a new friend? Yeah, yeah, she's pretty awesome.
(Phone rings) (Bottle clanks) (Phone beeps on) - Ty, how's Minnie? - Ty: Not good.
Unfortunately I was right.
There's a tear in her abdominal wall, but I'm going into surgery right now to repair it.
(Sighs) Okay.
Look, if she makes it through the surgery she has a fighting chance, Okay, I love you.
I love you too.
(Phone beeps off) Amy, tell me something, why is it that online dating has made everyone so uncouth? Like what ever happened to discretion? What are you talking about? Mitch.
He brought his latest internet conquest to work with him today.
Like, there goes professionalism, right? Lou, this really isn't a good time.
What's going on? Actually, could you give me a hand? Okay.
(Sighs) Come here.
(Foal whinnies loudly) Sometimes it takes them awhile to get used to the bottle.
Hope their mom'll be home soon.
Minnie's gonna make it, you know.
She just gave birth to twins.
She's tough.
There you go.
So, Mitch has a girlfriend? We don't need to talk about that, Amy.
You have way more important things to worry about.
Actually, I could use the distraction.
So did you actually meet her? (Door opens) No, I just saw her and uh (Door clanks shut) "girlfriend" is a generous term, okay? This girl is obviously some college co-ed he met online.
Not that I care.
I mean, Mitch can date whoever he wants.
I just wish he wouldn't bring his bimbos to work with him that's all.
I sound like a crazy ex-girlfriend, don't I? Yeah, just a little bit.
Do you think I made a mistake not pursuing things with Mitch? You know what, don't answer that.
I can't go back there.
I need to move forward.
That's my focus right now.
That's what's important.
All though my career is taking me away from my family, so I guess that makes me the world's biggest hypocrite.
I thought you were just going to New York for like a week.
Yeah, well one week has turned into two weeks, plus investor meetings all summer and it's only gonna get busier once we launch in the fall.
Are you having second thoughts? Yeah.
Big, huge, like Godzilla-size second thoughts.
Georgie: Where's Minnie? What happened? Ty had to take her to the clinic.
She colicked and she's in surgery.
Wow, surgery.
Is she gonna be okay? - We don't know.
- Oh.
(Door opens) Well, um, I want to help.
What could I do? I have to head back to the dude ranch.
- Why don't you take over for me? - Yeah, yeah sure.
Come on.
You're okay.
Come here.
(Door shuts) Aren't you hungry? No? (Foal snorts nervously) Come on.
(Foal squeals) You gotta get enough.
You remember this? This tastes good.
Come on.
Just make sure you get the bottle angled up.
Is it true what they say about orphan foals, that things don't always go so well? Well, they're not orphaned yet, okay? We can't think like that, and Ty's gonna do everything he can to make sure that doesn't happen.
(Water splashes) All right! Can Bubbles sleep in my room tonight? I don't see why not.
Here, uh, get down Now wait and hold this carefully.
Okay, walk slowly.
Don't spill it.
Jack: Tim, are you sure this is a good idea? What difference does it make where she puts the bowl? I'm talkin' about buyin' Katie a pet without asking Lou first.
It's not a pet.
It's a goldfish.
Jack: Oh, yeah, it might just be a goldfish, but keepin' that thing alive takes a certain amount of responsibility.
You don't have to walk it.
She's got a pony, Jack.
A pony that we take care of.
Now if she puts the bowl in her bedroom it becomes entirely her responsibility.
And you don't think that's a good lesson for Katie to learn? Well, maybe so, but in case you've never met, Lou, she tends to have certain opinions when it comes to her daughters.
She may think that Katie's not ready yet.
What kind of world are we living in where a man can't buy a goldfish for his granddaughter? Don't say I didn't warn ya.
(Wood splinters) (Wood splinters) (Wood splinters) (Wood splinters) - Hey.
- Hey.
- Ah, what'd Amy say? - About what? - Percy and Dawson.
- Oh right, the trail ride horses.
Um, you know I didn't want to bug her about it.
Amy's got a lot on the go right now.
Minnie's at the vet clinic with surgery so Amy has to bottle feed the foals so - Oh, sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
Look, uh, I'm no Amy Fleming but I think the best thing for those guys is just to take 'em on a trail ride together, you know, get 'em used to each other.
That's a good idea.
Maybe you and grandpa could do that tomorrow.
Or we could.
Uh, like you and me? Yeah.
Well, it's not a- it's not a problem, is it? No, no, it's not a problem.
It's just this is a very busy time for me so Oh.
So it's, it's not because you can't avoid me if we go on a remote trail ride together? (Chuckles) Mitch, I am not avoiding you.
That's ridiculous.
So what do you say we leave mid-morning? Fine.
I'll see you then.
Damn it.
(Bottles clank) Okay, if we stick to this feeding schedule it should be pretty manageable.
If you call waking up at 3:00 am manageable.
Georgie, these foals have to be bottle fed every couple hours, that's just the way it is.
Speaking of, it's been so crazy here that we haven't even given them a name yet.
Any ideas? Georgie: I was thinking Theodore and Boone? Or Theo and Boo for short? Theo and Boo.
I like that.
(Foal snorts) (Truck rumbles) (Foal whinnies) (Door opens) (Sighs) How's Minnie doing? (Door shuts) The surgery went really well.
- That's a huge relief.
- She's not out of the woods yet, - but she's puttin' up a good fight.
- Okay.
Do you think she'll be back to nurse her foals? Uh, yeah, she will if she recovers.
If she recovers? So she might not? She's got a good shot, Georgie, okay, it's just it's touch and go right now, and, uh, Cass is keeping an eye on her overnight.
I'm gonna call her in the morning and - we'll see where we're at.
- Okay.
(Crickets chirp) (Alarm clock chimes) (Sighing) (Alarm clock chimes) (Grunts) (Alarm beeps off) Oh, okay, Ty, wake up.
(Groans) It's time to feed the foals, come on.
(Grunts) - Ty, let's go! - Okay.
Okay, okay, I'm up.
(Sighs) Wow, Theo's hungry.
(Chuckles) This is Boone.
That's Theo (Foal whinnies) and we've actually been having a hard time getting him to eat.
You know what, Ty? You can go back upstairs and I'll spend some time trying with him.
Oh no, no, no I'll stay up.
I'm used to working night shifts at the clinic.
- You sure? - Besides we're in this together.
(Foal whinnies shrilly) Okay.
(Door opens and shuts) I remember after Lou first had Katie.
Oh man, her and Peter would be up all hours of the night just feeding, changing diapers.
(Milk pours) I actually don't know how they managed.
That's gonna be us soon you know? (Sighs) I guess nothing can really prepare you for parenthood, but if anything could, having these foals is pretty good practice, don't you think? Ty.
(Chuckles) (Foal whinnies) (Birds chirping) Sam: (Panting) Uh, our old coach never made us do laps.
Hoo! Come, on girls, coach is timing us.
I heard that Olivia's parents bought her way onto the team.
No wonder she gets special treatment.
You know she is a pretty good trick rider though.
Not as good as we are.
Come on, we're not gonna let Olivia win this, are we? (Panting hard) Natalie: Looks like we've got two live ones this morning.
The rest of you pick up the pace! Come on let's go! (Panting hard) (Laughing) Sam: Yeah, Like it was a new stunt like no one knew really how to do.
Girl: It kind of looked easy, like you were great.
- Sam: No, it was fine.
- Girl: She always got it.
- Sam: Yeah, she got it.
- Girl: Yeah.
Sam: Honestly, if you ever want help, like I'm (Phone rings, beeps on) - I'm here.
Just ask me whenever.
- Girl: Really? That would be so great.
- Hello? - Sam: Okay.
I'll see you later.
Olivia: Hey, Mom, what's up? You can't expect me to remember everything.
Oh my God.
I'll look for it When I get home, okay? Why are you being such a spaz? Natalie: Olivia, you're up.
(Horse snorts) (Hooves thump) Ah! (Grunts and gasps) (Horse pants) (Buckle clanks) Natalie: Olivia! Are you okay? Georgie: (Gasps) Oh my gosh! - Olivia! - That's gotta hurt.
- Are you injured? - (Panting) No, I'm fine.
I don't know what happened.
Natalie: Well, your cinch was loose.
Olivia: What? Natalie: Even my 9-year-old students know they're supposed to double check their saddle before they ride.
I swear I tightened my cinch.
I know that I did! Well, then you were careless.
I expected more from you, Olivia.
I'm sorry.
Should I go again? No, no, no, you've had your chance.
I could go next.
All right, let's see what you got.
(Hooves thud, horse snorts) (Clapping) (Panting) Whoa.
Natalie: You could be a little snappier getting out of the end of the neck, but overall nice job.
Are you okay? I tightened my cinch and I know that I did.
This is so unfair.
Natalie: Georgie! Let's see if you can follow that.
(Clicks her teeth) (Horse snorts) (Horse whinnies) (Sighs happily) (Harmonica toots) Okay, Katie, do you wanna wear this sweater or the pink one for your play date? - Um, pink! (Toots harmonica) - There you go.
Katie, what's this? Who got you a goldfish? Grandpa.
He did, did he? Yeah.
Shh Bubbles is sleeping.
- (Door opens, closes) Hey, dad? - Exactly.
You bought Katie a goldfish? (Chuckling) Yeah.
- You didn't talk to me first? - Well, it's a goldfish, Lou.
Well, look we can we talk about this later.
- We gotta feed these foals.
- Yeah, Bubbles is dead.
What?! Already?! Yeah, Katie thinks he's having a nap.
Well, the pet store sold me a defective fish.
I'll go back immediately and I'll demand a new one.
No, no, no, don't do that.
Look, I'm Katie to a play date, when we get back I want you to sit her down and tell her Bubbles isn't just sleeping, okay? No, you do that.
I'm not the one who bought her a goldfish! - Okay, fine.
- Good.
- Lou - What? Amy told me that you're having second thoughts about New York and I think you should look at the bigger picture.
Dad, I don't have time to talk about this right now.
Honey, you don't want to pass up this opportunity.
- You don't want regrets.
- Hey, stop pressurin' her.
Uh Lou has to make up her own mind about goin' to New York.
Besides, the only reason you want her to go there in the first place is to keep her away from Mitch.
- That's a fringe benefit.
- Well, it's not up to you, is it? And by the way, I told you so.
What are you talking about? The goldfish.
I told you so! And it's very satisfying to be able to say that, so I'm gonna say it again.
That feels good.
(Overlapping diner chatter) Adam: Are you sure that's what you saw? Yeah, she loosened her cinch.
It was clear as day.
What are you gonna do? I don't know.
I don't know anything right now.
Minnie's still sick and now I've got this essay to worry about.
Do you want me to read what you have so far? Um, yeah, sure.
(Reading) My most memorable moment was when I was Roman riding at a rodeo.
At the last minute I decided to take a difficult jump.
That's it? Well, what else am I supposed to say? I jumped.
It was awesome.
End of story.
Performing at a rodeo is a huge accomplishment, but that doesn't make it memorable.
So you think I should write about something else? No.
I just think you should dig a little deeper that's all.
(Door opens) Sam: (Laughing) Where do you want to sit? - She's here.
- Who? Sam.
- Sam: What? (Laughing) - I'll be right back.
Sam: Hey, so what are we doing tonight? Sam.
Hey, Georgie! Pretty killer practice today, huh? Yeah, yeah it was awesome.
Um, can I ask you something? Yeah, of course, shoot.
Did you loosen Olivia's saddle this morning? Is that what I saw you do? (Nervous laugh) If I had loosened Olivia's saddle slightly, then what's the big deal? Olivia got what she deserved, and as far as I'm concerned if nobody saw then it didn't happen.
Right, but I did see something.
Well, that can just be a little secret between friends.
Hey, I was thinking we should do a trick together.
Maybe doubles Roman riding or something like that.
I think we'd make a pretty great team, don't you? Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That'd be fun.
Meet me before practice tomorrow and we can figure some stuff out.
(Laughing) Bye.
Hey, I don't know about you guys but I'm starving? Where's the food at? Girl: I'm so hungry.
So headed to New York next week.
Must be pretty exciting.
Actually, I'm not sure I'm going.
Really? Why's that? I don't know.
This whole franchise thing One week in New York turned into way more than that.
I don't know what to do.
You know, before I join the military I, I didn't really know what to do either.
I remember I asked my dad what he though should do.
He said that he figured I already knew what I wanted, I just had to find the strength to do it.
So, you know, the next week I signed up.
Just like that? Well, I mean there was a few sleepless nights in there, some paralyzing doubts, but uh it ended up being the right decision.
What do you think I should do? I think you should stay, but only because I'm gonna miss having you around.
I'm sure you'll be glad to have me outta your hair.
What are you kidding me? What am I gonna do without your five page to-do lists? - I can't handle all that free time.
- Oh, you'll be just fine, especially considering your busy social life.
Busy social life? What's that supposed to mean? I just mean you have a lot on the go when it comes to friends.
I know it's killing ya, so why don't you just ask me? W-what are you talking about? The girl I was with yesterday you want to know who she is.
I do not.
And even if I did, it's none of my business.
You're right.
It's not.
(Horse snorts) (Door opens and shuts) Tim is that you? Uh, right here.
Out here, Jack.
I'm uh I'm headin' into town.
I've got an appointment so - Good day for a drive.
- Yeah, I guess.
Listen, they're deliverin' fuel today, so I'm wonderin' if you can be here, unlock the tank for 'em.
Yeah, sure, no problem, I got it covered.
Cream? Sure.
(Door opens, shuts) The only reason I'm askin' is 'cause Mitch is busy at the dude ranch and I don't think he's gonna get back here in time so Yeah, no problem.
Drive safe.
How's it goin' now? (Sighs) Not great.
Boone drank no problem, but just can't get him to suck.
Come on, Theo.
Well, he was suckling from his Mom so it's not dysphasia.
Do you want to try bucket feeding him? Yeah, I'd just be worried we couldn't get him back on the mare.
Well, I think we're gonna have to use a syringe then.
You mean force feed him? It's either that or tube feeding, which is pretty invasive, so that should be our last resort.
Maybe he just needs his mom.
(Foal snorts) She's still recovering from the surgery, Georgie, and even if we brought her here she might not produce enough milk.
(Foal grumbles, whinnies) Well, can't at least try? No, it's too soon.
I'm really sorry, Georgie, we just can't.
- It's killing you, isn't it? - What's killing me? Not knowing.
The girl.
It's killing you.
Okay, I admit it was on my mind for like a nanosecond.
Right, sure.
Are you gonna tell me or not? Do you remember that cousin I told you about, Zach, we served in Afghanistan together? Of course I remember.
Well, after he died he left someone behind a widow.
Sometimes we get together and talk.
That's who you saw at the dude ranch.
Not somebody I met online or and even remotely romantically involved with.
We're just friends.
Okay, now I feel like a fool.
I'm so sorry for prying.
(Horse whinnies shrilly) Whoa.
Whoa! Whoa! - Whoa! (Grunts in pain) - Mitch! Oh my God.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Ah, I'm fine.
(Grunts) It's not the first time I fell off a horse.
I doubt it's gonna be the last.
Are you sure you're okay? You're not just saying that to be a tough cowboy but really your leg is broken or your lung is punctured or something? - I'm fine.
I promise.
- Okay.
Maybe Percy and Dawson aren't really ready to go on a trail ride after all.
You know, it's funny Sometimes they fight like mortal enemies, but most of the time they get along surprisingly well.
Mitch, I (Passionate kisses) (Kiss) (Hums happily) Someone's in a chipper mood.
What? Me?! No.
Well, you just seem happy is all.
Well, I don't know why 'cause nothing special happened today, so Okay.
Hey, dinner's gonan be in about an hour! All right.
(Hums happily) - Lou? - Mmm? Is that? Bubbles.
It's a miracle.
So are ya, are you sure that he was you know (whispers) dead? 100 percent sure.
You didn't have anything to do with this, did you? No I did not, but I got a pretty good idea who did.
(Crunches apple) Tim: What is the big deal? It's just a goldfish! It's not just a goldfish! It's Katie's pet and it died, and now you're lyin' to her! I'm not lyin'.
I don't see that as lying.
(Door bangs open) (Grunts with effort) I just want her to stay innocent a little longer.
Well, Lou and I talked it over and we both agreed, it's time to start tellin' Katie the truth when it comes to animals dyin' around the ranch.
It's a part of life and we can't protect her from those things forever.
I don't want to be involved in that.
I bought her that fish to make her happy, not sad.
Fine, be a coward.
I'll tell her myself.
(Grunts in exasperation) You sure you don't want to come down for dinner? Yeah, I really need to work on this essay.
Okay, well, you gotta eat so Thanks.
Do you want me to take a look at it? I'm a pretty good editor.
Um, actually maybe once I'm done.
You know, there's one more thing this whole Maggie's venture in New York, it's gonna take a little longer than expected, a week longer to be exact and then back and forth all summer if things go well with the investors We're gonna be fine.
- What? - Katie and I.
If that's what you're worried about, don't be.
I'm gonna miss you, but we're gonna be okay.
That is a remarkably mature thing to say.
- It is? - Yeah.
You're all grown up.
When did that happen? (Sighs) (Exhales loudly) So who did you invite to your tea party? - Quakers.
- Quakers? (Hums happily) K-Katie there's somethin' that I need to tell you about your pet Bubbles.
What is it, gg? Well (sighs) You see the truth is that this well Bubbles here is Oh, Bubbles is hungry and I think you better feed him.
(Kiss) (Foal snorts, whinnies) He's not swallowing.
(Foal whinnies sharply) Okay, this syringe isn't working.
We're gonna have to tube feed him.
No, you said that was a last resort! Well, I think we've run out of options, Amy.
No we haven't, Ty.
Georgie's right.
He just needs his mom.
Amy, I told you, it's too soon.
We have to try.
(Sighs) - Sam: Hey, Georgie! - Sam.
(Sighs) Oh, I was thinking of some tricks we can do together that'll be real show stoppers.
Let's start on something easy and then work our way up to the harder stuff.
Before we start anything, I need to say something.
I think you should come clean to the Natalie about what you did to Olivia.
Why would I do that? Because we're supposed to be a team! We can't be working against each other all the time.
Look, don't be so naive.
There are a lot of talented trick riders.
Sometimes you have to bend the rules a little if you want to stand out.
Putting Olivia's life a risk isn't bending the rules.
I did what I had to do.
If I'm gonna have a solo career I need to maintain my headliner status on this team.
Look, you might be okay with being mediocre, but I have bigger plans.
I thought you said I was good enough to be the next headliner.
Well, I guess not.
You clearly don't want it bad enough.
I'm sure coach'll go easy on you if you just admit you made a mistake! - I'm not telling her anything! - Then I will! If I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut.
Or what? You'll loosen my saddle strap While I'm not looking? No.
Loosening saddle straps will seem like a kiss on the cheek compared to what I'll do to you.
You two are here early.
So are you.
Practice doesn't start for another hour.
Well, I'm always here around this time.
It's when I plan the routines.
Georgie, why don't you give Samantha and I a moment alone.
We need to talk.
Of course.
(Horse whinnies) (Hooves clip clop) (Minnie snorts) (Foal whinnies sharply) Yeah.
(Door bangs shut) - Good girl.
We'll keep Boone separate for now, give Theo a chance to start feeding.
Being back home is good for her.
I can tell.
Well, we'll just have to wait.
Hopefully she'll be able to nurse.
She will.
She will.
So how'd your little talk with Katie go about the fish? Oh, it didn't.
I couldn't do it.
Well, I guess we're both cowards.
It's pathetic.
It's pathetic.
I mean, two grown cowboys, we can't talk to a 5-year-old about a dead fish.
Lou: So Katie has no idea about Bubbles.
I thought you were gonna talk to her about it, grandpa.
I was but Tim: B-but I, I will.
I was going to.
You were right.
I mean, I bought the fish for her I should be the one to tell her.
- W-We'll both tell her.
- Yeah, well, yeah together.
Maybe I should be there too.
(Sighs) Jack: Hey, how's that mare doin'? Not producing milk yet, but it's early still.
Lou: Hey, um, you know while I have you all here I need to tell you something.
Uh, I've decided to pursue - the Maggie's franchise in New York.
- Huh! Lou: I must be crazy because the last thing I want to do is leave my girls but, you know, this opportunity, it's the start of something big, the start of something I I can't turn my back on.
So, Dad, I know you're happy about this, but Amy and grandpa, I need you both to be on board too, because when I'm gone I'm gonna need you more than ever.
Of course we support you! Lou, I am so excited for you.
Thank you.
Except you are leaving me with all the boys.
I'm totally outnumbered now.
Hey, are you kidding me? Come on, I'm ready all the books on pregnancy I can find.
She's in great hands.
(Laughing) Thanks Dad.
(Kiss) Natalie: Samantha, if you're not gonna own up to it then you leave me no choice.
I'm putting you on suspension.
Starting now.
Sam, wait! You know, why you're never gonna be a good trick rider? Because you just wait for everything to fall into your lap! But life doesn't work like that.
If you want something you have to take it.
And how's that working out for you? I tried to be nice to you, Georgie, but we're not friends.
We never were.
Natalie: All right, ladies.
As of today Samantha is on suspension.
In the meantime I'm gonna choose a new headliner, so I want you all to bring you're A-game.
Let's start with six laps around the arena.
Starting now.
Let's go girls! Just so you know, I'm gonna be the next headliner.
Wouldn't count on it.
(Running footsteps) Here's the thing, Katie Yesterday I did something that wasn't very nice.
I replaced Bubbles with a different fish.
Why grandpa? Well, you see, Bubbles is Dead.
He's not coming back.
Jack: The goldfish that's in your bowl is a different goldfish.
I'm, I'm really sorry, Katie.
It's okay.
Can I flush the dead Bubbles down the toilet? What? Every time that the goldfish dies in the big tank at school I get to flush it down the toilet and it's really cool! - I already buried Bubbles in the yard.
- Mmm hmm.
Uh right, right where I buried your mom's goldfish when she was your age.
Yeah, you see, we used to have a little tradition and What's a tradition? Well, we'll, we'll show you.
(Drill whirs) Lou: Hey.
Mitch: Hey.
- Listen I just wanted - Look about the (Chuckles) - Sorry, you go.
- No, you, you go.
I decided to go to New York next week.
You were right.
It's what I've always wanted I just I had to find the strength to jump in with both feet.
I think you're making a good decision.
Maybe what happened on the trail ride wasn't the best idea, Mitch.
I mean, there's something between us, that's undeniable, but this new business, it's gonna be my entire life and any time I have left I have to spend with my girls so Timing's bad.
Yeah, no I know it's it's kind of a running theme with us.
I just wouldn't want you to have to wait for me.
That wouldn't be fair.
Good luck in New York, Lou.
(Single keyboard key clicks) (Sighing) Dig deeper.
(Sighs) Then I was tying my laces Reading books with just pictures I had dreams of many places Never found out where they were So fire away, fire away, Fire away, fire Fire away, fire away, fire away, fire (Reading over) My original plan was to write a paper about trick riding.
I figured my most memorable moment was the time I was Roman riding at a rodeo.
At the last minute I decided to take a difficult jump and I totally nailed it, but then I realized that it wasn't the Roman riding or the jump that made that moment memorable, it was the people watching, and I'm not talking about the random people sitting in the crowd, I'm talking about my people.
My mom, dad, sister, uncle, grandparents and great grandparents.
So my most memorable moment was in fact the day I was adopted, the day I got my people; the people who nag me to do my homework and clean my room; the people who are always there for me even when we're miles apart; the people whose hearts are always in the right place I feel the wind at my footstep Thunder inside of my bones My legs come unfixed and they're running Chasing the timekeepers call Georgie: The people who never seem to give up, no matter what.
Fire away, fire away, fire (Foal snorts) Fire away, fire away, fire away, fire Georgie: I guess it's true what they say you don't get to pick your family, but when you're adopted the opposite is also true - your family gets to pick you.
- Oh my God! (Everyone laughs, claps) (Reading over) Maybe it was meant to be or maybe it just sort of happened, Guys, this is just beautiful.
(Reading over) but one thing I'm certain of is that my most memorable moment was when these people became my people.
- Lou: Okay, who wants cake? - Katie: Me! The guest needs to cut the cake! (Happy chatter, laughter) Announcer: On the next Heartland.
You guys have been treating my rodeo school like a country club and that's gonna stop! Announcer: Rodeo school has its ups and downs.
I can ride that horse.
Tomorrow morning, rodeo grounds, be there.
Announcer: Heartland, next Sunday at 7:00 on CBC.
School is like a big joke [kicks chair] to me.