Heartland Canada s10e03 Episode Script

New Kid In Town

1 Previously on "Heartland" I have some news.
These investors want to open up a Maggie's in Brooklyn.
I thought you were just going to New York for, like a week.
Yeah, well one week has turned into two weeks, plus investor meetings all summer, and it's only gonna get busier when we launch in the fall.
- So you know - Everyone knows.
I mean, why else wouldn't Casey be at our New Years Eve dinner? We took a break.
My idea.
I don't know if was the right one or not but I'm the one that opened my mouth and suggested it and she didn't disagree so We haven't talked since.
(Birds chirping, bugs buzzing) (Small chuckle) Hey, Woody, how you doin'? - Hi! - So how is he? Good.
Bob says his gunshot wound is almost healed up.
- Amazing.
- Yeah.
Don't you just love working here? Yeah but our shift's over so we should hit the books.
Seriously? Don't you think we've studied enough for that stupid math test? We need to brush up a little more.
Okay, but let's do it at Maggie's.
I'm starving.
(Kiss) (Woody snorts) Woody's watching us.
(Grunts) Okay, wrench! No the wrench is the one that Look at you, you had it all the time! (Giggling) (Truck rumbles) Well, I'll be.
(Truck door opens) Rich Wannstedt! How ya doin' there, Jack? Well, I can't complain, but you didn't come here to see how I'm doin', did ya? You're not gonna try and rope me back into the stock business? Naw, you were pretty much told me that you were done workin' with me, but I was, uh, hoping maybe your granddaughter would feel different.
Oh? I got myself a bronc that's kinda lost his mojo, so to speak, and I was thinkin' maybe the miracle girl might just be the one to get it back.
(Shovel scrapes) - Hey.
- They're lookin' healthy.
Yeah, they're doin' great.
Ty: So someone has baby on the brain this morning.
Amy: Huh? You left all those websites on the computer open.
Oh, right, uh, Lou sent me a bunch of links.
- Ah, that makes sense.
- (Chuckles) Yup.
Maternity wear, sleepers, strollers, baby clothes Well, she's just makin' up for not being here in person to badger you.
I really wish she wouldn't.
She's driving me crazy.
Mornin', you two.
Hey, do you remember Rich Wannstedt? Um, stock contractor.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, he's out front.
He's got an issue with one of his broncs, wants you to have a look at him.
- Okay.
- Uh Amy you can't work with a bronc right now, not like this.
Uh, yes I can.
Ty, I don't have to ride a horse to work with one, and I can do that even like "this".
- Amy - 'kay but - No, just stop! - I'm lookin' out for you, Amy.
Okay? Bubble wrap, bubble wrap.
(Sighs) (Foal snuffles) Adam: You pulled up our next worksheet? Uh, no I'm, I'm looking at something on line.
This is unbelievable! Look.
Adam: Oh my God.
He killed that bear? Yeah, and not just any bear, a Gobi bear.
They're super rare and they're only in Mongolia, and there's only like 30 of them left in total! This guy killed one for the fun of it and then posed for a picture.
That's just so Disgusting.
Tim: What's disgusting? (Door opens, guys laugh) Jade: You have no idea! I don't even think he could ride a horse! I don't know what he was thinking.
Guys, over here! Wow, I wish I could see this kind of energy at my rodeo school, huh? Matt: Oh, come on! (Hooves thud gently, horse snorts) (Clicks his tongue) So this is Hellion? Well, he's a quiet buckin' horse until you get him in the chute, and then he's one of the rankest broncs on the circuit, at least he used to be.
So what's goin' on? Well, he injured his back real bad last year.
My vet says it's healed, but it's kinda like he's lost his spirit.
So he's just not buckin' anymore or? Nope.
And it's not much good havin' a bronc with no buck.
Looks like I'm gonna have to sell him off.
Well, he might be gentle but he's no broke saddle horse either.
- Who'd want him? - Kill buyers.
I don't want to.
That's why I brought him to you first.
He's probably just afraid of re-injuring himself.
We have to help him get his confidence back.
(Hellion snorts) Rich: How quickly can you do that sorta thing? Give you a couple of days? There's no way I could promise that.
Oh, sorry, I've already spent too much time and money on his recovery.
But if you want to take a shot, I'll leave him here.
I'll work with him.
So then the guy asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in his tub some time.
So I slapped him across the face hard.
I mean, I thought he was tryin' to talk dirty or something, but turns out he actually did have a bathtub on wheels because he was that crazy rodeo clown.
I felt bad, but, I mean, how was I supposed to know? He wasn't wearing his makeup.
(Guys laugh) Hey, I know you.
It's, um, Clay, right? Saddle broncs.
Kamloops last year? I beat ya.
How could I forget? (Hard punch, patrons gasp) Jade: What the-? Tim: Hey, hey! Hey, what's that about? He had it comin' and he knows it.
Tim: Get outta my diner! Go on.
- Jade: You okay? - Matt: Yeah, yeah.
Who was that guy? S10E03 New Kid In Town And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Oh, oh, oh, oh You dreamer You dreamer (Sighs) Wow, what a jerk! Georgie: Such a sore loser.
All because you beat him at a rodeo last year? Tim: All right, all right what What did he mean you had it coming? It was nothing, just gamesmanship.
(Guys laugh) Guy: Yeah.
What? He drew a bronc I'd ridden before, so I gave him some helpful advice.
(Guys chuckle) I told that the horse bucked with his head low.
Except it didn't? (Guys laugh) Right, he gave him too much rein and it threw him.
Yup, somethin' like that.
And you guys all think that's funny.
(Guys laugh) It's not funny.
That's not gamesmanship either, (Ice crackles) and I woulda knocked you on your butt too, if you did that to me.
(Guys laugh) Guy: Aw, come on, it was pretty funny.
(Laughing) Guy 2: That's great.
(Truck rumbles) (Truck door opens) Casey: Seriously? Again? I know, I'm sorry.
(Truck door shuts) Tim got stuck at the diner.
Yeah, right.
Like is this how it's gonna be now? Every time he wants something for the school he's just gonna send you? I don't want to get in the middle of this.
Can we just go over your upcoming rodeo schedule? - No.
- Great.
Jack It's nothing against you, but if he wants that information he can come and get it himself.
We both live and we work in the same small community.
- I get it.
- What's done is done.
We both need to start acting like grownups.
That was impressive in there.
You obviously have all those little boys Wrapped around your finger.
Jade: Whatever.
- No judgment, I'm just sayin'.
If you're gonna be a buckle bunny Excuse me?! Why don't you be with the best? Maybe we could hook up sometime.
(Disgusted grunt) I'll take that as a no.
Least for now.
Yes, Adam, okay.
That's enough about the test! (Door opens) Yeah, all right, I'll see you tomorrow.
(Door bangs shut) Okay, bye.
(Exasperated sigh) How can someone be so obsessed about a math test?! I'm pretty sure that's not a complaint many of my girlfriends ever had about me.
You already missed dinner.
Yeah, I ate somethin' at Maggie's.
(Door opens) So? (Door closes) How'd it go with the schedule? The only thing I learned was that Casey's even more annoyed than I am about the how you been duckin' her.
Duckin' her? Lou's outta town.
Somebody's gotta run the diner.
Well, you coulda had her meet you there then.
I'm not afraid to deal with Casey, if that's what you're saying, Jack.
She's made it clear what she wants and what she doesn't want.
This isn't about the rodeo.
Okay, then put on your big boy pants, Tim, and just leave me out of it, would ya? (Dishes clank) - Hey.
- Hey.
You heard about this Gobi bear story? Yeah, it's all over the internet.
I can't believe this guy killed one just to hang over his fireplace or something stupid like that.
Dumbass people with too much money.
Look at his sweet face.
It's the saddest thing.
Ty: It says at this rate they're gonna be extinct within the year.
What kind of a person would kill one of these just for sport? So senseless.
I wish we could just I don't know, hop on a plane, go over there and just do something! (Sighing) Yeah.
It's pretty tough to just sit back and watch these people get away with this kinda stuff.
(Truck door opens) (Truck door shuts) If you wanna talk about my rodeo schedule I am right here.
I'm not avoiding you.
I'm busy.
Look, I'm setting up for my rodeo school.
I know you are.
That's why I'm here actually.
My nephew just moved to town.
He's got a lot of raw talent, but he needs a coach.
I'm wondering if you can take him on? (Sighs) Yeah, I guess.
I mean, my rodeo school is open to all comers.
Here he comes now.
(Truck rumbles) (Country music blares on radio) (Country music cuts off) (Truck door opens) Oh (Truck door shuts) You're sure you don't mind helping me? No, of course not! I just feel bad.
If only I could just ride.
But you can't, and you know, it's not too often I get to help you do your thing.
This is fun for me.
Well, that's good.
We need to remind Hellion how strong he is and that he's still got what it takes in the chute.
(Cinch snicks) - Let's get at it.
- Okay, come on, buddy.
(Hellion snorts, hooves clip clop) Jade: I know, I know.
(Guys talk) Tim: Oh, hey, great of you all to roll in at your own leisure! What's with the attitude? We're totally on time.
If you're not five minutes early you're five minutes late.
We've talked about this, Jade.
Guy: Yeah, remember that idiot who pulled a fast one me Now there's somebody I want you to meet.
I'm bringin' a new guy into the school.
(Tapping) (Whistles) Hey, you wanna put your phone down? No phones here.
(Phone beeps off) This is Clay McMurtry.
- I believe some of you may have met.
- Are you serious? After what he did at the diner?! See, right there, that's the energy I wanna see, because lately you guys have been treating my rodeo school like a country club and that's gonna stop today! So you can leave your gear here, because we're not gonna be riding.
What are you talking about? We're gonna build an obstacle course, and we're gonna run it, actually, you're gonna run it.
What is this, basic training? That's exactly what it is, private! We're gonna get back to basics.
You're gonna get quicker, you're gonna get stronger, you're gonna find some heart.
Why are you staring at me? Unload the truck! Build the course! Let's go! (Clapping) Come on, move it! Let's do it.
Come on.
Guy: We can handle this.
So you're actually a bronc rider.
That's right.
I'm after buckles, just not ones that belong to some two-bit cowboy-wannabe.
Looks like I don't have to go into the clinic later, so I'm here for the day.
Maybe start by checking up on that caribou, all right? Is everything all right? Peachy keen, buddy.
Are you mad at me, Bob? What's up, man? You see that story circulating online? The one about what happened in Mongolia? - Yeah, it really pisses me off! - Yeah, me too.
I can't believe that guy.
It's not just one guy though.
It's happening all the time.
Remember Cecil the lion? Listen to me.
It's not like I'm any better.
What? Because of those bear poachers? That was a bit more complicated, Bob.
It doesn't make it right.
When I saw that photograph of that guide with the scarf over his face It felt like I was just like him.
Hey, you gotta let go, Bob.
It's not like there's anything we can do in the situation.
Says who?! 'Cause somebody's gotta do something about things like this! I think on that one I got 76 degrees.
That's what I got too.
Okay, good.
I got it right.
It sounds like you did pretty great.
Told you I was ready.
What about the last side- side side triangle question? I think for that one I got 104.
1, 28.
2 and 47.
How did you come up with that? Like the rest of them.
I found a way to make two right angles.
Why? Did I get it wrong? That's not what I had.
You should really be using the cosign law.
It's too complicated.
Reed doesn't want us using it yet.
It's the next step in solving triangles, we might as well get ahead of the game.
You probably would have got that right if you did.
(Bugs buzz, birds chirp) Okay, grandpa, bring him up! Come on boy, let's do this.
(Clicks tongue) Yip.
(Hellion snorts) That's it! Keep going! Yup, yup.
Come on! (Hellion snorts) Amy: Well, he's following really well, but do you think maybe you could pick up the pace? Tim: Pick up the pace, would ya?! (Clattering footfalls) Get those skinny butts in gear! You sound like Clydesdales! (Clattering footfalls) Wow.
Excuse me, wannabe-cowboy comin' through.
Tim: That's it! Lookin' good! (Hooves thunder) Ready go! Come on, come on, come on! Knees up, knees up! That's it, Jade! Somebody's behind already.
Look at you.
See? It doesn't hurt, does it? Well, take him back down? Yeah, I think the more times we do it the better his confidence will be.
Tim: (Clapping) Let's go! (Grunts) That's it! Once you get down to the bottom, can you gallop him across the meadow and then bring him back up the hill at a trot.
(Hooves clatter, bridle clanks) Tim: Oh, Jade, that's it! That's it, Jade! Come on, Clay! Come on, Clay! Let's go! (Grunts with effort) Guys, come on, let's move, move.
(Hooves thud) (Students grunt with effort) Good, over there now.
(Hooves thud) That looks great, grandpa! Now try to do some figure eights.
(Hellion snorts) (Chuckles) (Student groans) Wow, it's a sad day at the rodeo school.
Guy: Whatever.
(Students pant) I don't even know how I feel right now, but I do know that no one has finished the course! - What?! - Oh, look at these heroes.
- Don't let him beat you, Jade! - Yeah go, Jade! You can do it! - You can beat him! Go, go, go! - Come on, Jade! Tim: Come on! Guy: You can do it, Jade! Guy 2: Come on, go, go! Guy 3: Go Jade! I got it! Guy: Yeah! Woo! - Yes! - What?! You didn't win! Hey, yes I did! Tim, I won right? Who cares? Matt: Are we done.
Does this mean we can go home now? Yeah, you can go home.
You can take down the course first, load it all back into my truck, and don't bother doin' your laundry, 'cause we're gonna do it all again tomorrow.
Guys: What?! Aw! We both know I won.
You think I give a damn? (Chuckles) Yeah, I do, and this whole coming in second thing? Get used to it.
(Exhales angrily) You think he's ready for this? Sure, hope so.
It's not like we had to re-build his strength.
We just had to show him it was already there.
(Grunts) Let's see what he's got.
All right.
(Gate clanks) You all set? Ready.
Here we go! (Gate clanks) Come on, get up! Really? (Sighs dejectedly) Come on, Hellion.
Well it's a start.
Not a very good one.
He's gotta remember who he used to be.
(Hellion snuffles) Maybe he needs a taste of his old life.
Not bad out there today.
What that little jungle-gym setup? Pft.
Child's play.
Wait'll you see me on a bronc.
Yeah, well I look forward to gettin' you to the next level.
Seriously? That's why you're here, isn't it? To get better.
I'm only here because my aunt wants me to be.
She seems to think your God's gift to coaching or something.
Really? She said that.
Clay: She was pushin' really hard for me to join, but this rodeo school thing you got goin' on? I ain't buyin' it.
Sure you can teach someone how to play the cello, but riding a bronc? That ain't something you can learn.
That's something you gotta be born with it.
First of all, no one's ever gonna teach you how to play the cello.
And you may think you were born for this and that your name is gonna pave your way in the rodeo, but you better think again 'cause these broncs, they don't know the difference between a McMurtry or a Smith.
They will.
Dude, you are not gonna believe this! What's goin' on? A fire burning in my belly for this Gobi bear thing.
Yeah, man, me too.
Good, because I think there's something we can do about it.
Well, what do you have in mind? I called this guy I used to work with, his name's Gavin.
He works for Veterinarians without Borders.
It's this organization Yeah, I know who they are.
They take on vets to deal with animals in jeopardy.
They have volunteers all over the world.
Yes, including Mongolia, and this Gobi bear issue's become a top priority for them, especially now.
So where do we fit in? He says he can send us there in a heartbeat, me and you.
So what do you say? Are we gonna do this? Oh.
What? Lookin' a little burnt.
I know how to cook ribs, thank you very much! I'm just sayin' I'd take 'em off if I were you.
I've been barbecuin' for 50 years, I can handle it! Tryin' to help.
Georgia: An obstacle course? So, was it fun? Amy: Hey, dad? - Jade: I guess it wasn't totally lame.
- Yeah? If you're done riling up grandpa can I ask you a favor? Sure.
I'm working with this bronc and I want him to feel like he's at an actual rodeo, you know, see what he's like in the arena with a bunch of people watching.
Can I bring him by your school tomorrow? Yeah, I guess I could get the kids to make some noise.
Maybe they'd show some life for once.
(Chuckles) Seems like you're taking any nasty animal Into the school these days.
I know Clay is a pain.
Best way to keep him quiet is to beat him.
Amy: Okay, who's Clay? - Casey's nephew.
- He is? What? You're coaching Casey's nephew? Why else would he take on that jerk? All right, calm down.
You know, I didn't take him on because he's Casey's nephew.
I took him on because he shows potential.
Ty: Who's got potential? Amy: Hey, hon.
No, no I'm bored with this.
(Chuckles) Here, honey.
There you go, hon.
Amy: So how was the reserve? Ah, it was, it was all right.
What did Bob say about the Gobi bears? Yeah, I bet that really got under his skin.
Oh, you read the story too? Well, yeah.
It's all over the internet.
It's pretty horrifying.
Yeah, and it's gonna keep happening if someone doesn't do something to stop it.
Let me guess, Bob thinks he's that someone? He's probably on a flight to Mongolia right now.
(Nervous chuckle) Yeah.
Sounds like Bob.
Jack: Look at these babies! Ty: Wow, those smell good.
Yeah, and they will taste even better, guaranteed! That's 'cause I told him to take 'em off.
I heard that.
Amy: (Chuckles) Jack: Okay, dig in everybody! (Door opens) (Door bangs shut) (Sighs) - Oh, thanks.
- Yup.
So what did Bob really say about the Gobi bears? What do you mean? Well, you were acting kind of, I don't know, weird when Amy was joking about Bob hopping on a plane.
Uh, well he's not.
Hopping on a plane, so.
Well, does he want to or something? What? What's going on? (Sighs) Bob knows somebody in this organization that needs vets in Mongolia to help deal with this.
Wow! Are you serious? Yeah, and Bob thinks that we should do it.
So you could actually go over there and help save their lives? Yeah.
Opportunity of a lifetime, right? - Yeah! - The timing with Amy being pregnant and Well, you have to tell her about this.
I will tell her.
Bob needs to get more information first, and I want all the facts before I talk to her.
So please don't I, I won't say anything.
Thank you.
Oh, that's so exciting! (Whispers) Keep it down.
(Whispers) Oh, okay, okay.
(Excited exhale) (Grunts) (Tire thumps) (Tire thumps) (Swipes hands) Fancy meetin' you here.
Yeah, I'm, uh, here all the time.
Just checkin' out a couple of horses.
Checkin' out a couple horses? At exactly the same time that you know I run my rodeo school.
So what are you saying? You think I'm stalking you? Stalking you? (Laughs) I wouldn't say stalking.
I'd say maybe sniffin' around a little.
Sniffing around? Did you really say that? I know why you pushed Clay to enter my rodeo school.
Using your nephew to get close to me.
All I can say to that is well played, McMurtry, Well played.
Why don't you just t Okay.
(Truck rumbles) (Truck turns off, door opens) Here it is, man everything you need to know about Veterinarians without Borders.
Very cool.
Oh and hey great news My buddy Gavin says he's totally willing to take us on, even for a short term.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Well, great! - Yeah, man, Mongolia! How short is short term though? Oh, it'll be perfect.
I know a guy who's willing to look after this place, and you'll be back before the baby's even born, I swear.
Yeah, but how short is that? Uh, four months.
Perfect set up.
(Sighing) Four months? No, man, it's not perfect.
Four months? (Sighs) What if the baby comes early? What if there's complications? I can't Look, I know how huge this is, okay? You're havin' a baby.
It's gonna be the best thing that ever happened to you, but come on, we have the perfect background for this.
We can protect those bears and maybe even find ways to boost the population.
Just imagine, we could actually help these guys beat extinction.
And then there's the local herders.
Apparently they've lost most of their livestock because of a bad drought.
So it's not just about saving animals, we'd be helping people too, right? - Man, I really wanna do this.
- Yeah.
But I don't know if Amy could ever forgive me for taking off right now.
Well, that's a question you gotta ask your wife, bro.
(Taps his back) (Sighs) (Low hum of chatter) (Buckles clank) He looks pretty tame for a bronc.
I've seen plenty of gentled horses who are full of surprises once they get in the chute.
From all those years you've spent on the circuit.
Okay, I want you guys to start makin' noise like it's the finals at the stampede! Let's go.
(Claps) Right now! Loud! All: Woo! Woo, woo, woo, woo woo! Come on, Hellion! Yeah, come on! (Hellion snorts) I think it's working.
(Gate clanks) Jade: Woo! (Hooves thunder) (Thumping hooves) (Gasps) (Hellion snorts fiercely) Jade: Wow! Look at that! (Students shout and cheer) (Hellion snorts and whinnies) - Whoa.
- Oh, man, I did not see that comin'.
I did.
Never rule out what any bronc is capable of.
(Hellion snorts wildly) (Fence bangs loudly) This was a good idea, Amy.
I figure that horse officially has his mojo back! (Hellion whinnies) That was somthin', huh? It's so cool to see a top flight horse like that up close.
I've ridden a couple that are just as nasty.
Do you ever shut the hell up? I'm just sayin' I have, right through to the horn.
I could probably do the same on that guy.
You're so full of it.
Confidence? I'll take that.
You know, I think I could ride that horse too, but you don't see me braggin' about it.
You just did.
So let's see who's got the game to back it up.
Match ride.
Right here, right now.
No, nobody's riding Hellion.
He's done his work for today.
So bring him back tomorrow.
You're crazy! You want to get him rodeo-ready, don't ya? Wouldn't it be good idea to get him used to some actual riders? You know, in case you haven't noticed, Hellion is a professional and you guys are not.
Oh, I get it.
You don't want the girl to get hurt.
Okay, that's BS! I can ride that horse.
Let me show him! You really think you can ride Hellion? - Yeah.
- Absolutely.
Can you bring him back tomorrow? Are you serious? Who am I to stand in the way of these budding stars? All right but today we get to do the obstacle course again, so grab gear and start settin' things up.
You two.
Guys, come on.
Let's go.
Go on! Come on, Dad.
Who knows? Maybe it'll knock 'em down a peg or two.
- Or kill 'em.
- (Sighs) (Saddle thumps) Just sayin'.
You only missed out on the best mark in the class by a couple percent! It's all because of that one question.
Stop beating yourself up about it.
I must have plugged the wrong number in the cosign law.
How could I have been so stupid?! You know this is the first time I didn't get the best mark in class in forever.
Well, I'm the only one who beat you, so that just means you're a great tutor! Maybe I shoulda used the same simplistic formula you used.
I just can't believe you beat me.
(Door opens) (Students laugh) Matt: Oh yeah, I can't wait Tomorrow morning, rodeo grounds, be there.
- Okay - Clay is so going down.
You know that bronc that Amy's been working with? Yeah, the one who's Lost his mojo.
Yeah, well he's got it back and Clay's gonna ride him.
What?! Yeah, and so am I.
We're doing a match ride.
So whoever can stay on the longest is the winner.
Well, are you sure you can handle him? Clay's all talk.
I meant the horse.
Better than Clay can.
- Matt: Yeah, you got this.
- Guy: Yeah.
(Sighs) Hop, hop, hop, scotch.
I win! Boy, you got me there! (Door opens) How did you do that again? (Door shuts) Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
We got our marks back on our math tests today.
Uh oh, not good? Uh, no actually, I got 95 percent, an A-plus.
You did? 95 percent?! Adam's all upset that I beat him though.
You beat Adam? (Laughing) I know.
I'm just as shocked as you are.
Just not as blown away as he is.
He's acting like it's the end of the world or something.
Oh, well, I'm sorry to hear that, but don't let it take away from this.
95 percent! You gotta be proud about that! Thanks, Jack.
(Chuckles) Wait'll you tell your Mom.
We'll hear her screamin' all the way from New York! I'll go Skype her right now! (Truck rumbles) (Truck shuts off) (Dog barks) (Truck door opens) (Truck door bangs shut) (Door opens) Hey Amy? (Tool clinks down) Ta da! A changing table! - Oh my God! - (Laughs happily) That's amazing! Isn't it so cute? I just put it together myself! - I love it.
- (Chuckles) It's starting to feel like this space is for three, doesn't it? - Yeah, yeah.
- And we can get a little mobile and hang it right above the cradle.
Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves too much there.
We still have five months to go.
(Chuckles) I'm startin' sound like Lou, aren't I? Just a little bit.
(Laughing) I just I had the most amazing day! Yeah? I made great progress with Hellion and it just made me realize that there's so much I can still do even if I can't ride.
And then I went shopping and I found this It just, I don't know, it all hit me at once.
How exciting is this?! Planning for our baby together! (Laughing) - What's this? - Oh, that's nothin'.
- Just somethin' from work.
- Okay.
You did a great job puttin' this thing together.
- Thank you.
- Come here.
- (Laughing) - (Kiss) (Sighs) Oh boy.
Thanks, Jack.
Guys will you help, Jack, please.
Are you crazy? I know that horse.
My nephew's not riding him.
And neither should Jade, for that matter.
You're the one who's always been so protective of her, now you're just gonna let her ride a pro bronc!? Look, I know that neither one of them is likely to ride him out, okay? But they can both take a fall.
So it's probably gonna be a good lesson.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Tim: See right there that.
T-That trash talking and bragging between the two of them.
Talk is cheap, bud, it's time to ride.
I couldn't agree more.
Right there.
If anything happens to him.
(Groans) This should be pretty cool.
You're not worried about Jade? Nah, she's put in a lot of work into this, she should be able to handle herself.
Sometimes it doesn't matter how much you prepare.
One false move and you get spilled on your butt.
(Sighs) Good luck! Thanks for coming to watch.
I'm glad you think there's something worth seeing.
You're gonna be surprised by how far he's come.
I'm sure of it.
I hope so.
But he needs to be all the way back if I'm gonna keep him.
Don't do anything stupid.
You can't handle him, If you get into any kind of trouble, you gotta double grab and let the pickup man get you.
Okay? I'll be fine.
Well, I'm not really worried about you It's Casey I'm worried about.
She'll kill me if anything happens to you.
So don't be a hero.
Okay? You got this.
(Hellion snorts) (Gates clank open) (Hellion whinnies) (Hooves thunder) C'mon, Hellion! You can do it! (Hooves thud) (Grunts with effort) (Hellion whinnies) (Hoovers thunder) (Hellion whinnies) (Relieved sighs) Gotta admit, pretty good ride.
Thanks I was hoping he'd be a little more of a challenge though.
(Tired exhale) How knows, you might actually have a shot on this guy.
Oh, and be sure to give him a whole lot of rein.
(Satisfied sigh) He did great, didn't he? That kid or my horse? Both I guess.
Not in my opinion.
The only reason an amateur rode him out was because hellion was bucking like one too.
You have to cut him some slack.
This was his first time back since the injury.
I just don't see that edge he used to have.
If that's the best he's got, It's not good enough for me.
Hold on, Jade still has to go.
Just stay and watch.
Maybe he just needed a warm-up run.
But I think I've seen everything I need to see.
(Wood clanks) (Approaching footsteps) Ty: How is the Caribou doing? Oh, he's pretty much there.
We'll be able to release him before we head off to Mongolia.
Ah, you know, that's what I actually what I wanted to talk to you about.
Amy wasn't too receptive, or? No, it's not that I I didn't actually tell her.
What? C'mon.
Man up.
I'm not afraid of how she'll react, Bob.
She's not like that.
Then talk to her! It's me.
Bob, I-I don't wanna go.
I mean, I do I really wanna go Okay? It's just I can't right now, I wanna be a dad.
I wanna set a good example, You know, fight for what I believe in, But now is not a good time.
Not during the pregnancy.
You do realize you're not the one carrying the child, right? I don't wanna miss anything that I I'll never be able to get that back.
I'm still gonna go.
Well, good.
- Yeah.
- You're goona do great.
Keep me in the loop with everything that goes on, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
All right, (Inhales, clears his throat) Man: that saddle of the side there! More rein like I said.
Go here.
Suit yourself.
See how that works.
(Nervous exhale) Matt: You got it, Jade! You all right? I'm good.
(Gates clank open) (Hellion whinnies) - Go Jade! - Come on, Jade! (Hooves thunder) (Dirt scuffs) (Hellion whinnies) (Landing thud) (Gasps) (Hellion whinnies) (Pained grunts) Georgie: Jade! Jade?! Hey.
Dammit! (Frustrated grunt) (Hoover thunder) You could have stayed on if you had just given him more rein, just like I said.
Wow Jade had a way tougher ride than Clay.
Yeah Hellion was back on his game.
I mean, there aren't many pros who could've handled him that time around.
Does that mean you'll keep him then.
Are you kidding? You just put the hell back in Hellion.
Thank you.
I can't believe I lost.
You did, really great.
Now Clay thinks he's better than me.
There's no way he would have stayed on that time.
Hey, don't worry about that guy.
Who cares if you won this stupid contest.
You rode a pro bronc.
And it sure seemed like he gave you a rougher ride.
You should be happy you stayed on as long as you did.
(Sighs) I hate losing.
What? Did I say something wrong? No.
It's just surprising advice.
Considering the way you've been acting about that test.
That's different.
No, it's not.
And the thing that bugs you most is that I'm the one who got a better mark.
You should be totally stoked about how great we both did.
But you can't get past the fact I beat you.
You don't know what it's like, Georgie To always have to be the smartest one in class.
Says who? Me That's who I am.
(Sighs) Or at least that's who I used to be.
Now I'm not even the smartest one in my relationship.
(Sighs) Look on the bright side At least you're in a relationship.
I have to admit That was even better than getting the top mark in class.
I guess you're right I don't always have to be the best every time.
Besides it was only one test.
I mean, I still have the best average for the year so far.
Better watch out I could still beat you on the final exam.
I am on a roll after all.
(Skid clanks) You're lucky my nephew came away in one piece.
Yeah, with his ego intact, unfortunately.
He and Jade have developed quite a rivalry.
I'm sure you can handle that.
I think the school is a good place for Clay.
That's why I brought him not to sniff around your life.
Yeah, ah about that choice of words And just so you know, I don't need an excuse to come by and tell you how I really feel about you It's probably time I did just that.
(Sighs) Look the truth is I still love you.
I never stopped You were just moving so fast I needed to put the brakes on.
So what are you sayin'? Well, I'm still not ready to play house, but if you wanted to give it another shot? Well, after all these months (Sighs) would you just cut to the chase, Tim.
Do you want to be with me or not? Hey Georgie, is Amy upstairs? Yeah, I think she's up in the loft.
Ah, have you talked to her about Mongolia yet? No, I haven't talked to her because I'm not going.
I guess that makes sense.
Can I ask you a favor? I'm not gonna say anything.
Thanks, Georgie.
(Steps thud on the stairs) (Amy grunts) Amy! Is everything okay? No It's not.
I popped the top button on my jeans and I can't get it done up.
(Sighs) (Laughs) - I-I thought - It's not funny.
I'm sorry I - Did you get it? - Yeah, good.
What's in there? This is something for the baby - Really? What is it? - Yeah.
I'll show ya.
There, I think it's ready.
I think it's absolutely perfect.
(Kiss) (Mobile lullaby plays) Announcer: On the next Heartland What's this? Oh, that's nothing.
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Bears are being slaughtered for sport.
There'll be none of them left if something isn't done.
We should at least talk about this.
I would be on a plane, like yesterday if I could.
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