Heartland (CA) s11e03 Episode Script

Decision Time

1 Previously on "Heartland" Is it Val Stanton? I would be a stress case too if I had to jump her horse.
There are a lot of riders out there with way more experience than you have that would leap at this opportunity.
You know, just cause things went south with you an Lou didn't mean you had to quit your job.
It was time to move on.
Too bad.
Jack really like having you around.
We wanted to ask you something.
(Lyndy coos) Ty: You see Amy and I are putting together our will right now.
So we were hoping that you two would agree to be - Lyndy's guardians.
- Yes! Of course.
- Yeah.
- Really? We'd love her like she was our own daughter.
(Hooves thud, tack jingles) (Flame snorts) (Flame snorts) (Hooves thud) That looked great, Georgie, I wouldn't change a thing.
- (Lyndy coos) - Hey.
There is my little smiley pants.
Georgie: Hi Lyndy.
Yeah, actually, we should probably wrap it up don't you have to get to the clinic? Yeah, I gotta leave in the next few minutes.
Okay, we should probably call it a day, Georgie.
Come on.
What do you think about going to Maggie's tonight - after work for some dinner? - Yes, that would be awesome.
- Yeah? Okay.
- Okay.
Have a good day.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- See you, Lyndy.
- Bye! - (Door clanks open) - Come on! Come on, get going.
Come on! (Mooing) Come on! Hya! (Mooing) Come on! Just a minute, guys.
What's with these guys? It's a bulldogging clinic.
Yeah, I know.
I put it together.
I thought we'd start off with the dummy steer and a quad.
I like to get my students started off - with the real thing.
- You mean our students.
Seeing as I'm kinda the reason we have so many new kids out.
How do you figure? They see me on the circuit, kickin' butt.
I was doing t fine before you came along.
Man, you're in some mood today.
Casey out of town or something? Yeah, as a matter of fact she is, Caleb.
There was a death in her family.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I didn't know.
Look, I just feel like, because I'm still at it it's my duty to push you, to keep up with the latest training trends.
Hey, guys.
Everything okay? Both: Yeah We're just talking about how we're gonna kick this off.
And we've decided to start with steer.
Real steer All right, I guess we're jumping right in, guys.
Students: Okay.
All right.
Let's do it.
Bulldogging is all about anticipation, and using your natural instincts trying to figure out which way that steer is gonna go.
Let's find out.
You wanna start us off? - Mhmm.
- Okay.
Let's go! - All right.
- Let's go.
So you're done already? I was hoping to catch some of your practice.
Oh, it was just a short session today, but we got a lot accomplished.
Hmm other priorities? I should remind you that the show in Okotoks is next week, and there is gonna be a lot of tough competition.
I think we're in good shape.
Well, I don't like to take chances.
So I've taken the liberty of drawing up a schedule that'll take us right through to the Fall Finale.
Pink is training.
Blue is competition.
Wow that's a lot of pink.
And a lot of blue.
Well, I didn't say this was gonna be a cake walk.
I guess you're done for the day I'll just skedaddle.
But I'll be back.
(Sighs) Maybe we should do a little more? Yeah, I'll meet you out there.
(Latch clanks) Okay, listen up, for those of you that have not done this Caleb is the hazer.
Okay? The hazers job is to keep the steer running in a straight line for the bulldogger.
In this case that's you, Jade.
Or the ribbon grabber.
Girls have to get the ribbon off the shoulder of the steer.
The guys have to wrestle the sucker to the ground.
But the chase is still the same.
You ready? Okay, let 'er rip! (Gate clanks open) (Hooves thunder) That a girl! (Horse whinnies) Good work, Jade.
(Students) Go Jade! That a girl! Wooo! Come on, that was nothing.
That, that was, that was pretty good.
My sister can do it twice as fast, she's never even been in a rodeo before.
- Your sister? - Yeah.
- Avery.
Get down here.
- Wait a minute.
Come on, show 'em what you can do.
(Reluctant sighs) Ah, don't make me look like a liar now.
Wait till you see this.
(Gate clanks open) (Horse whinnies) (Hooves thunder) Look at her go! - (Landing thud) - Agh! Guys: Wow! (Applauding) - Yeah! See! What'd I tell you? Wow that was really good.
Caleb: Good? That was amazing! I've never seen a girl do that before.
- Yeah.
- (Avery giggles) Yeah.
Good job.
S11E03 Decision Time And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Oh oh oh oh You dreamer You dreamer - Hi - Hey.
- I'm Avery.
- I know.
- You're Jade, right? - Yeah.
You had a really good run.
What? You got the ribbon.
Yeah, like I was supposed to.
Better than showing off in front of all the guys.
I was just well, that's the way my dad taught us - I can show you how if you want.
- I'm okay.
(Birds chirp) (Sighs) Oh hey! There's our little princess.
Hey, guys.
Look at that pretty dress.
How's our sunshine? Hey, we're here too.
(In unison) Hey guys.
Look, I know since we made you Lyndy's guardians we're chopped liver.
But you can join us for dinner if you want.
That'd would be great.
You know, guardian is so formal.
I'm your God Mama, right? And that makes me your God Papa.
(Giggles) Scootch.
You guys see her all day.
- All right.
- Hello, pretty girl.
(Lyndy coos) (Giggles) What's that? (Door slams) (Footsteps thud lightly) - Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry, I hope this isn't, you know, awkward.
You know, being here with Adam.
Not at all.
Good, because this is nothing to do with my boyfriend.
- Look, we need to talk Extreme Team.
- Okay.
So Samantha is with the older girls now.
- Yeah.
I heard.
- You know what that means? Look I don't want a huge rivalry for headliner - like last year.
- Neither do I.
Okay? That's why I was thinking we could do it together.
As a tandem.
Maybe the hippodrome with a suicide drag.
Yeah, yeah.
That'd be cool Okay, but we should practice it first.
Um, do you think that Amy could help us With that? - Yeah, yeah.
I'll ask her.
- Cool.
So I'll swing by tomorrow? Uh, I can't tomorrow.
I have jumping practice, there's a big show at Okotoks coming up.
Well, there is a huge rodeo coming up too.
Look, we need to get this trick down, otherwise Natalie is just gonna choose someone else to be headliner.
- Okay.
Um, how is nine? - It's perfect.
- I'll se you then.
- Bye.
- Ty sings to her? - He's actually not that bad.
And then I read her "Love You Forever" and she goes down without an issues.
You're a little angel, aren't you? I have to say, we finally have Lyndy routine down.
Oh, that's so awesome.
Yeah, every time we tell people we're trying to have a baby they say it'll flip our lives upside down.
Don't listen to them.
It's incredible.
Ty: Oh, big yawns.
It's time to put Lyndy down for her bedtime.
(Laughing) Well, this was fun.
We should do it again sometime.
We will.
How about Saturday? Yeah, we can come to you guys at the loft.
With take-out.
Ty: Yeah.
Sounds good.
Of course.
- Cool.
- But be honest, it's really her you wanna see, right? (Laughing) (Lyndy fusses) Yeah, you know.
You know.
- Say bye.
- Caleb: Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye Lyndy.
- They are so cute.
- I know.
- Yes.
(Low hum of chatter) Hey, great dismount.
That's good, man, that's real good.
You just gotta grip the horns quicker next time.
- Yeah.
It's cool.
- Are you kidding me? Using this duct tape contraption.
It just creates bad habits.
I got an exercise that, that will show you how to do things the right way, okay? Just come on.
I gotta get my technique bang on.
If this is how Caleb learned then I wannna do it this way too.
I saw him bulldogging last week and he was lights out.
Well, all right.
Avery, let's get you up next.
Boys, pay attention.
Her technique is flawless.
You all just need to be doing exactly what she does.
Justin: All right.
Uh what's going on here? - I texted you.
- I'm sorry I didn't get it.
Well, we were gonna ask if you could help us - with a new tandem trick? - Georgie I thought we were jumping? I know, but we have a huge rodeo coming up, and we could actually be the headliners.
Please? I know I have to prep for the show, but the trick riding is important too.
(Reluctant) Okay, fine.
(Hooves thud, tack jingles) (Horse snorts) Okay, but you guys need to get into that trick faster.
Bring it in, girls! Okay.
You know what, Olivia, how about you hop off and you watch me, I'm just gonna show you the hippodrome part.
- You're good? - Yeah.
(Hooves thud, tack jingles) Okay, so you wanna be standing up right about here, and that allows Georgie to get into position quicker.
Then you're gonna hold it for about 5 seconds and then go back down slowly and Georgie will get back up.
I think I get it.
Can we try that again? Well, don't forget you still have a full jumping practice ahead of you.
Actually I kinda need to get going.
See you tomorrow.
How annoying was Caleb today? Oh, the way he kept pushing his ideas? I-I guess Acting like he was the big bulldogging champ with all the buckles.
- Well, sort of, I mean - I just don't see how those kids can have stars in their eyes for someone like Caleb, the king of mediocrity.
Well, I don't know I Yeah, he's undermine me.
I really didn't see that to be honest.
I'm just talking about how he kept putting Avery on a pedestal.
Like she was God's gift to the rodeo or something.
Listen well, you gotta admit, the girl can bulldog.
Well, so can I.
I mean, I think I can, but I need your help.
I need lessons.
On one condition.
Name it.
We do it the right way.
MY way.
All right.
You're on.
Hey Jack, let me give you a hand.
Now, don't go getting those fancy clothes dirty.
So how's the big time job going? Ah, it's ah I've been spendin' more time in boardrooms than I thought.
But the people I work with are cool.
It's it's pretty great so far.
That's good, you know.
You ever in the neighbourhood you be more than welcome for dinner.
Oh, all right.
Of course you'll have to put up with my cooking what with Lou being in New York city.
Oh, she-she still there, huh? Well, why don't we say Saturday night? Well, I'll set an extra place.
- It's good seeing you, Jack.
- It's good to see you.
All right, I gotta go.
Another boardroom.
Well, you knock 'em dead.
(Crickets chirp) (Reading) "A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth" (Small laugh, Lyndy coos) There you go.
(Mobile plays "Rock-A-Bye Baby") Good night, sweetheart.
I'm surprised you're still reading from that book.
You don't have it memorized by now? Well, she likes the pictures.
And so do I.
Isn't this amazing? What? Our life? Yeah how it's all coming together.
We were so worried about everything - those first few months.
- Oh, we were worried? I think you were worried.
(Both chuckle) Yeah, maybe I was, a little.
Look at her now though.
She's like a little angel.
She is.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
(Content exhales) (Crickets chirp) (Lydny cries) Shh.
You're okay, it's okay, sweetheart.
(Thermometer beeps) It's okay.
Oh, 39.
Ty, she's got a fever.
It says that can be dangerous for babies under six months.
- She's over six months.
- Yeah, but just, Amy.
It's okay.
Could be dehydration.
Has she had enough fluids? Um, I think so.
- Does she have sunken fontanelles? - What? The soft spots on her head.
I can't tell, Ty, I don't know.
- Shh shh shh.
- Oh my God.
What? It says that a fever can lead to seizures.
Ty, no, we have to go to the hospital.
- Let's get her checked out.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on.
You're okay.
- Can you get the diaper bag? - Yep, I got it here.
And uh, the truck keys are they in the truck? They're in the truck.
(Lyndy wails) Well, I got her to sleep in her car seat.
(Jack chuckles) Thanks, Grampa.
And you can leave her with me for another couple of hours if you'd like.
You both had a long night in the ER.
Tim: Jack - were you two at the hospital? - Yeah.
With Lyndy.
Is everything okay? She had a fever so we had her checked out.
- And? - Well, she's teething.
They don't have a teething app? Oh Dad, come on.
We panicked a little, but she was beside herself.
We've never seen her like that before.
So Lyndy is with me this morning, you'll have to check those fences on your own.
Uh, I can't.
I'm busy with the rodeo school.
We're rounding up the calves in a couple of days.
We need to make sure those fences are good.
Jack, do you know how crazy it is at the school this time of year.
- You've got Caleb.
- I have Caleb, exactly I'll see what I can do.
No promises.
Gee thanks partner.
(Tired exhales) I should probably get out there and help Georgie.
She's been in the jumping ring for a while now.
Jack, you deal with the fences, okay? I got lots of paperwork to do.
I can bring Lyndy in the office so she can nap there, - while I plow through it.
- Thanks.
- You sure? - Yeah, we'll be fine.
Are-are you sure about this? Shouldn't we start with the dummy? No.
No, that's Caleb's way, okay? If you wanna to wrestle a steer you wrestle steer.
Now what you wanna do is you just wanna hook your right arm underneath his horn and push down with your left here.
Like that? You-you try that.
- Step in.
- All right.
Hook-hook that.
- That's it.
- Like this? Get a good firm grip.
Yeah, only strong.
You wanna be strong, all right? How does that feel? - (Sighs) Okay.
- Feel good? - Okay.
- Okay.
Good now you just now where he goes.
- Okay, what do I do now?! - That's it! That's it! That look good.
You just kinda have to Yeah, you wanna hook his nose there.
- That's it! - (Struggling grunts) Yes! Keep your balance.
Stay with him.
That that was all well Okay here come on.
Okay, I think this is gonna take a little more work than I thought.
I'm not ready for a real steer.
Can we use something else? Do you think Avery give up that easy.
- Fine.
Let's go again.
- Okay.
I think we're ready to do this at a lope.
I don't know, Georgie, your timing's still off.
But it's harder at a trot.
Let's just give it a try.
(Sighs) What do you think, Olivia? I'm all good.
But if anything feels off don't do the drag.
Okay? Okay.
(Clicks tongue) (Hooves thunder) (Grunting with effort) (Wincing) Amy: What's wrong?! Okay, Georgie pull up! (Pained cries) Olivia stop! You okay? (Pained cries) What happened? Georgie? (Cries out in pain) - It's okay.
It's okay.
- Let go! (Cries out in pain) Ow! - One more time.
- You keep saying that.
- Well, you've almost got it.
- You keep saying that too.
Well, I mean it this time.
Okay? This-this this part you gotta get down.
It's most important.
What? Getting dragged like a rag doll? No, you gotta, you gotta learn to control the slide.
Look, it's about form not brute strength.
Okay? You need the leverage.
But this is the last time.
It's like a dance.
It's like a dance with a 350lbs partner.
- Okay.
- Okay, away we go.
- Okay Okay - Nice.
(Steer mooing) That's it.
Hook his nose! (Jade grunting with effort) Now turn him and then hook his nose.
Fall back.
That's it, you did it! (Laughs) Yeah! I did it! I actually did it! - Way to go! - (Happy exhales) See I told you, piece of cake.
(Door shuts) (Footsteps thud) What an adorable pair.
Yeah, she's something, isn't she? You're a lucky girl to have such a great great grandpa.
Come on, you don't have to remind me of how old I am? Doesn't like to be teased either, does he? No.
Does he? So where are Amy and Georgie? They're supposed to be schooling Flame.
- In town at the hospital.
- What? - Training mishap.
- You're kidding.
Things happen, Val? (Truck rumbles) There they are right there.
(Truck rumbles up) (Doors open and shut) What happened? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm a little sore but I'm fine.
I just pulled a muscle.
Thank God What about Flame? Oh, he's okay.
She wasn't riding him.
Oh well, good.
Wait a minute who were you riding? - Checkers.
- Who? Her Trick riding horse? Trick riding? I have a huge rodeo coming up.
I don't care about some two bit rodeo.
You're supposed to be training for the show in Okotoks.
Well, the plan was to be ready for both, but now I can't ride for a few days.
(Sarcastic chuckle) And how are you gonna be ready in time? Okay.
This will never happen again.
Well, it's trick riding.
I can't promise I won't get a little dinged up.
Of course you can't and that's why you're gonna quit.
(Stunned) Quit? I have big plans for that horse.
He could even go as far as the Olympics someday.
Do you wanna be a part of that? Or some sideshow doing tricks in hot pink spandex.
Your choice.
(Sighs) (Truck door shuts) (Pensive sigh) I just can't stop thinking about it I was so tired maybe I wasn't watching her closely enough.
Amy, Amy, Amy It was a minor injury, okay? Don't beat yourself up.
Get all your work done? Um, I'm not even close.
(Sighs) You know, if you want, Ty, you can go down in the office I can stay up here with her.
No, it's it's okay.
I'm gonna be done for tonight.
I feel like making a bag of popcorn and just heading to bed real early.
(Amy chuckles) That sounds like my speed.
Yeah? Well, good.
(Relaxed exhales) Caleb: Hey guys, dinner is served! (Lyndy cries) (Frustrated exhale) You guys look bagged.
- Well - Wha? They do.
Lyndy hasn't really been herself lately so - She's teething right now.
- Aw, poor girl.
Well, but she seems okay now.
Must be because her god mama is here, right? Yeah.
(Lyndy cries) Oh no.
What did I do, Amy? I'm so sorry.
It's okay, Lyndy.
Hey, hey she needs her mommy.
You're okay, sweetheart.
I know, I know.
Come to mommy.
- Okay.
- Yeah, she'll be fine.
Let's-let's dig in, guys.
This looks great.
- Yeah.
- Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
There you go.
So Caleb, how is working with my dad? It's been really great.
I think he really like what I bring to the table.
He's driving me nuts.
And the kids, they, they love me.
He's throwing everyone off their game.
Just today I jotted down some big picture ideas.
I I can't even read that.
And if things keep going the way are, he's gonna bump me up.
(Sighs) I know what I gotta do.
He's going to make me an equal partner.
I gotta fire him.
(Lyndy cries) Shh, you're okay.
You're okay.
Do you want me to take her, Amy? Yeah.
That'd be great.
(Lyndy cries) It's okay.
(Lyndy continues to cry) Yeah.
What do I do? Just bounce her a little.
Yeah? Okay.
See we're good.
(Vomit splats, startles gasp) Amy: Oh, I'll get a towel.
Ty: Here Cass, I'll take her.
Well, at least she stopped crying.
(Disgusted chuckle) It's nice you could come eat with us.
We've hardly seen you.
Yeah, I know it's just been this job.
It's been so much fun.
I get to use my engineering background to consult with project managers and CEOs, CFOs, COOs and (Flames crackle) This is really boring, isn't guys? No, no.
No, it's really interesting.
(Laughs) You're not that good of a liar, kid.
(Knock on door) Oh.
I'll get it.
(Grunts with effort) - Hey.
Is Olivia here? - No.
I heard what happened.
Yeah, everything's fine it's just Val What do you mean? (Sighs) She's just really mad.
She wants me to quit Extreme Team.
That's not up to her.
Yeah, I know, but if I don't then I can't ride Flame anymore.
Well, that's stupid.
Good luck trying to find someone as good as you.
- (Sighs) Hm - What? Nothing it's just, you're different when Olivia is not around.
You are too.
- Yeah, it's all a little bit - Awkward.
Both: Yeah.
Let's try not to be that way anymore.
So what's new with you? Besides Olivia.
You should see this new kid I'm tutoring.
Talk about a handful.
As bad as I was? Hey, nobody could be that bad (Both laugh) (Mobile plays) (Cass Sighs) I am so sorry about dinner and about your shirt.
It's okay.
I'm sure it'll come out.
I just feel so bad for Lyndy.
That is the hardest part about being a parent; just seeing your child so upset.
Yeah, we were feeling so dialed in, everything was going smoothly, and then BAM! This.
Oh, at least it's just teething.
I mean, how long can it possibly last.
Couple of weeks Or months, the doctor said.
- Months? - The way she was tonight? Well, hopefully not.
We'll see though.
You know.
Well, we should probably get going let you guys get some rest.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Thanks for dinner.
Amy: No, thank you, guys, for bringing it.
- Yeah, thank you.
- I'm sorry again.
- No, it's okay.
- We'll do this again soon.
- See you, guys.
- See ya.
(Sighs) (Mobile plays softly) (Tired exhales) - We haven't even eaten yet.
- Who cares.
(Tired exhales) Thanks.
You're not kidding about it being quiet around here.
Yeah I know.
For years I complained about the chaos and now well, I kinda miss it.
I get that.
But the ranch keeps me busy enough.
I was hoping Tim would have picked up the slack after you well, when you left Oh, so that hasn't happened then? Not even close.
Just this morning he bailed on me.
I'm trying to set up a day to vaccinate the calves and nah, he won't show.
Why don't I just take his place? Yeah? Yeah, I think I still remember what I'm doing.
Well, that would be great you're serious? It's not free labour.
I expect a six-pack out of it.
You're on.
(Glasses clink) - Hey.
- Hey.
How are you feeling? I'm pretty stiff, I slept well though.
Until I woke up at like 5:00am, with Val's voice in my head.
Who does she think she is? Trying to tell me what I can and can't do? Yeah, I get why you're mad, but I have to say Val kind of has a point.
What? You're on her side? I'm not siding with anyone, Georgie.
I'm just saying that I can see where she's coming from.
You know, she has high hopes for that horse and she needs a rider who's willing to go all in.
Well, I don't wanna quit trick riding.
Then don't.
But I wanna keep jumping Flame too.
I see how tough this is.
You're doing great at two things, but you can't keep them both up at this level.
You're gonna have to pick one.
Well, you never had to choose one equestrian sport.
No, I didn't.
But I also never had the opportunity to go to the Olympics.
(Sighs) Everybody is ready! Yeah listen, there's something I wanna talk to you about.
It seems that Justin: All right, can we do this? Let's throw ourselves on some steer, boys! (Caleb chuckles) Well, look we'll - we'll talk later, okay? - Okay.
Caleb: I'm glad you're ready to put your training to use.
But today I'm gonna give you a little demo.
Show you how it's done at full speed No, no, that won't be necessary.
No? You don't think it's a good idea - for them to see a professional? - No, I agree.
It would.
That's why I'm gonna do the demo.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
You ever won a buckle at the Stampede? - No, but - Button it.
(Gate clanks open) (Hooves thunder, horse whinnies) (Hooves thunder) Ha! (Horse whinnies) (Effort grunt) Good job, Tim! (Cheering and applause) (Pained grunts) Oh my God! Tim! (Grunts in pain) - Are you okay? - Yeah.
I just-I just rang my bell a bit.
Crazy old man.
(Others laugh) Hey.
It's not funny.
Tim Fleming is a living legend, he just did a perfect run.
I get you weren't born when Tim was in his prime, but I grew up with his poster on my wall, 'cause he's the best.
That's who you have as a coach.
Don't take it for granted.
Well, I'm touched, Caleb.
You know, I had a Farrah Fawcett poster on my wall, but whatever polishes your buckle.
Okay, who's next? (Boys chuckle) I'll go.
No ribbon necessary.
(Gate clanks open) (Horse whinnies) Yah! Come on! (Steer moos) (Hooves thunder) That's it! Stay in control, Jade! Hook the horns! Turn his head! That's it! That's it, Jade! Atta girl! All right! Students: All right! Woo! Nice run.
Hey, that was great.
Good job.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, Jade, that was awesome.
Okay, look, I know it wasn't as good as yours.
Hey, it was your first try.
So what you're saying is it was "awesome" - for a beginner.
- No.
I didn't say that.
I do think you tried to manhandle the steer.
Agility and women's intuition, that's what we have.
Go with that.
Don't try to do it like a guy.
Thanks for the advice that I really didn't ask for.
You know, I was really excited when I heard about you.
A girl, who's a kick-ass bronc rider.
You're the reason I let my brother drag me out here.
I thought you'd have too much confidence to see me as a threat, but I was wrong.
Don't worry, I won't be back.
Oh, and your feet, they got behind you.
Push down the inside of the horn, will it'll fix that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, look who found her smile.
She's back to herself now.
I'm really sorry about the gong show last night.
Stop apologizing.
It's fine.
Well, at least you seen the dark side of parenthood now.
- It's not too late to opt out.
- Oh, whatever.
Caleb and Cass are not gonna let one bad night - scare them off.
- I know.
(Cass laughs nervously) No No, no, no, of course not I mean this has nothing to do with last night but we had a chat when we got home and you know with Caleb being at the rodeo school and me at the clinic and with the new puppy and being god parents and you know, we're practically newlyweds we've decided we're just we're gonna hold off for a little bit - Oh - Oh, that's, that's okay.
Hey, I'm ready.
Let's go in and talk to Val.
- Okay.
- I'll talk to you guys later.
Bye-bye my little munchkin.
(Door opens and clangs shut) (Nervous exhale) - Hello.
- Hi Val.
I'm glad you called.
Thank you for coming to a decision so quickly.
It didn't feel quick to me.
It's been on my mind ever since you said I had to make the choice.
Val, you have to realize that Georgie has given this a lot of thought.
You're asking her to choose between the two things she loves to do the most.
Yes, well, I completely understand.
But It's okay.
I get it.
(Sighs) I hate to have to do this it's really hard, but I've decided to quit Extreme Team.
Georgie, I do realize how difficult this has been for you, but I am very pleased.
I wanna keep jumping Flame.
And we'll be ready for Okotoks.
And I want us to go all the way I wanna go to the Olympics.
(Val Laughs) (Relieved sigh) (Calf moos) Jack: You're okay.
We got you.
(Calf moos) That a boy.
- Got her? - Yeah.
Thanks for the help.
I appreciate it.
I should be thanking you.
(Calf moos) Back in this field, breathing this country air again.
Well, you sure seem to be in your element.
Say, I've been meaning to ask you something Oh, it's not about me and Lou, is it? Nah no, no.
I'm keeping a wide berth on that one, believe me.
No, it's about that job of yours.
Does it really feel like you? I think we both know the answer to that, Jack.
I think I'm just hopin' I get used to it.
Why put yourself through that? Because it's it's my job.
What if I asked you to come back to Heartland and work for me? Look I love it here I do, but coming back would just feel like a step back, you know? Okay then what if instead of asking you to work for me, I asked you to work with me? What do you mean? A piece of our cattle business.
Oh I don't know what to say.
Wait, what about Tim? He's gonna hate that idea.
He's busy with his school these days I can smooth that out.
What do you think? Hey you can't just quit.
If it wasn't for you I never would have never tried bulldogging.
So is that your way of saying sorry? I just I want you to stay.
- I'll think about it.
- Good.
Tim's been talking about team roping and I thought, maybe we could partners.
Maybe - Cool.
- Hey, Avery.
Let's go.
Good to see you two getting along.
- Whatever.
- Hey Tim, you wanted to chat? - Uh, yeah - Good job today, guys.
- Nice work.
- All right, thanks guys.
Ah, Caleb, (grunts) it's about, about your job.
I need to make a change - Hey, I totally understand.
- You do? Yeah.
You need me more involved.
Don't worry about it.
I'm all in.
I'm already recruiting as many kids as possible for the team roping clinic.
This is really working out well.
- Yeah sure is.
- Yeah.
Well, it's great to see you guys getting along.
What am I supposed to do? How can I fire him after that speech he gave today? He had my poster on his wall.
(Jade chortles) - Hey.
- Hey.
- How is it feeling? - A bit better.
So we can start training again soon? Actually, that's, that's what I wanted talk to you about.
I thought you should know before I tell the whole team.
I have to quit I need to concentrate on jumping.
Oh (laughs) that sucks.
(Excited chuckles) Um Well, I guess I'll have to find another trick 'cause I'll be the only headliner now.
But I'm really gonna miss you just so much at practice it's so sad.
(Receding, hurried footsteps thud) Must have been a tough decision.
You wanna talk about it? Thanks, but not right now (Honking impatiantly) Besides, I think someone is getting a little impatient.
(Laughs) (Doors open and shut, engine turns) Grampa sure was adamant about everyone coming for dinner tonight.
Well, I'm glad.
You know, I've missed having dinner with the whole family.
Yeah, me too.
Speaking of it was a little bit awkward with Cassandra today.
You broke your godparent's spirits, didn't you? (Both laugh) Didn't you? Didn't you? (Lyndy squeals happily) That was her first laugh.
Ty: And at Caleb and Cass's expense.
(Both laugh) (Lyndy coos and giggles) Oh, Mitch, thanks for taking care of the old guy today, huh.
Oh, hey it was nothing.
Yeah, well, don't be so modest.
You're great with cattle.
I like your ideas too.
You're really gonna help this operation.
What-what operation? Well, I've decided that we should take Mitch on as a partner in our cattle business.
And he's graciously accepted.
Really? Didn't consult me.
Well, the three of us are gonna talk about it, but not now, not at the table.
This is the first time we've been able to share a dinner in a while.
So let's just enjoy that.
Dig in, everybody! - All right.
- Tim: Pass me the chicken.
Okay, I don't know if you guys heard, but Tim did a bulldogging run today He did what?! I thought he almost killed himself.
I just wanted to teach the students the right - Jade bulldogged today.
- You tried bulldogging? Yeah, it was actually my first time.
Ty: Well, speaking of firsts, guess who had their first laugh? Georgie: Oh, seriously? Aw, you're so cute! Yes, at Caleb's expense, wasn't it? Where the world will not break me Home Never forsake me Take me home Take me home For solace and safety Home I'm going home