Heartland (CA) s11e04 Episode Script

Hard to Say Goodbye

1 Previously on "Heartland" I have big plans for that horse.
He could even go as far as the Olympics someday.
Do you wanna be a part of that? See I don't think you've been completely honest with me.
I am broke.
People aren't buying the expensive horses like they used to, so I'm having a hard time keeping my business afloat.
I've decided to quit Extreme Team.
I want us to go all the way; I wanna go to the Olympics.
(BOOTS THUD) MAN: All right boy, come on! Hiya! Come on! (ATTILA WHINNIES, SNORTS) Go! (AGITATED SNORTS) MEN: Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, come on! (ATTILA WHINNIES LOUDLY) Yah! Hup! Come on! Hup! Hup! (ATTILA SNORTS) Hup! (ATTILA WHINNIES) Yah! Come on! (AGITATED SNORTS) MAN: Let's bring a rope in, come on.
- (LYNDY COOS) - Oh, yeah! I didn't realize you had a new patient.
- Yeah.
- When did the wolf arrive? He just got dropped off yesterday.
Bullet came out easy enough.
Luckily it missed all the vitals.
Sorry I wasn't here to help.
Well, it's all good.
I can see you've got your hands full.
But this cull, man, is seriously outta control.
This is the third wolf I've stitched up in as many months.
Aerial gunning.
Trigger happy idiots.
And it's legal.
It makes me crazy.
You remember Jonah, my buddy from vet school? Yeah, he's a good guy.
He's out in B.
rescuing wolves, he's going through the same crap.
No way.
(CELL PHONE RINGS) - Give me a sec.
- Yeah.
Hello? Yeah, speaking.
Uh yeah.
No, I'd love to meet with you.
When's good? Okay, I'll see you then.
That was a guy from the Reagan Sanctuary, Alan Shore.
They've got a herd of Mongolian horses.
- You're kidding.
- Yeah.
It's weird, right? They want to ship a stud back to Mongolia.
So why'd they call you? I don't know, I guess maybe they heard about my experience in Mongolia, and think I have some connections.
So go, I've got this guy covered.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, it's cool.
No thanks to your dad, huh, Lyndy? - All right, take it easy.
- I'll catch you later.
(HOOVES THUD, FLAME SNORTS) (TACK JINGLES) (FLAME GRUNTS) Keep your eyes up, Georgie! (FLAME PANTS) Beautiful! Count your strides! (HOOVES THUNDER, FLAME PANTS) (CLATTERS) (DISAPPOINTED EXHALE) (SIGHS) I hate that double oxer.
If I knock it down at Okotoks, Val will disown me! No, you just need more practice, it's gonna be fine.
Hey, you have been wired to your phone all morning, maybe that's why you're knocking rails.
Sorry, I'm nervous.
- About what? - Wyatt gets in today.
- Oh, right.
- What am I supposed to say? His dad passed away, I don't know how to act.
His family is gonna be living with Casey, it's gonna be so awkward.
It's okay, you'll know what to do.
(TRUCK DOOR SLAMS, TY CLUCKS TONGUE) - Hey! - Hey! How's my little princess? - Oh, she's doin' good.
- I missed you! How were all the animals, huh? Well, she was pretty Fascinated with the baby llamas.
- Yes, I would be too.
- (LAUGHS) So I got a pretty interesting call today.
How would you about going to check out some authentic Mongolian horses? - I would love to - Yeah? Yeah, but I was gonna stay with her all afternoon.
- I can look after Lyndy.
- Are you sure? Yeah, Lisa's here too, so she'll help out.
- There you go.
- Okay.
She probably needs changing, just so you know.
Like I said, Lisa's here.
Okay, let's go.
Thanks, Georgie! No problem.
Come on.
Ancient Mongolian stock.
The only horses in the world that are truly wild.
Wow, really? But they're a dying breed.
And that's what we're trying to change.
(ATTILA WHINNIES) That's Attila.
He's the stud horse that's ready to be re-homed.
(ATTILA SNORTS) But the company that was arranging Attila's transport chose a really bad time to go out of business.
So I spoke to Scott Cardinal, and he told me all about your work in Mongolia.
So I figure you can advise me on the best way to transport Attila from Ulaanbaatar, to his destination in the steppes.
Well, I have some contacts there that could definitely arrange that.
- Real trustworthy guys.
- Sounds good.
All right.
Hey, boy.
(ATTILA SNORTS) ALAN: But there is one more problem.
And it's a big one.
The whole point of breeding these horses is to airlift a stud back to Mongolia.
But we keep them as free and as wild as possible while they're here and as a result, they're very wary of any human interference.
Well, that'll help when he gets back to Mongolia.
Yeah, but getting him there is another thing entirely.
(ATTILA WHINNIES) Attila's the first one to be shipped out, and we've been trying to get him used to this.
It's a mock up, but it's the same kind of crate he'll travel in on the plane.
But so far well, you'll see.
Bring him in.
- Whoo! Yah! - Yah! Yah! - Come on! - Yah! Yah! - (ATTILA SNORTS) - That's it! - Hey there, Attila! - There we go, got it now! - (PANICKED WHINNY) - Yah! Get him in, that's it! (SNORTS, WHINNIES) - Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold! Get him closer! Yah! - (PANICKED SNORTS) - Whoa! Whoa! Come on.
Yah! Come on! Yah! Get in there! - Let's get him in there! - That's it, come on! In there.
All right, let's go, close it up.
There we go.
(LATCH CREAKS) (PANICKED WHINNIES, WOOD SPLINTERS) Whoa, whoa! Easy, boy! (REVERBERATING THUDS) Easy! Easy! (SPLINTERING THUDS) - Stop, please! Just - That's enough.
- Okay, let him go.
- MAN: Watch it! Oh! (ATTILA WHINNIES) (PANICKED SNORTS) He's never gonna trust you if you keep forcing him in there.
Look Alan, I can make transport arrangements, but there's no point if we can't keep - the horse in the crate.
- (AMY SIGHS ANGRILY) Amy here has worked with wild horses before.
And if anyone can do this, she can.
You don't know wild until you've worked with these guys.
This is a whole different category of wild.
(ATTILA WHINNIES) (HOOVES THUNDER) S11E04 Hard to Say Goodbye And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Oh oh oh oh You dreamer You dreamer (ATTILA CHUFFS) Has he ever been in a stall? - No, never.
- What about on a trailer? Once, when he was brought here.
He hated it, but he hated that crate even more.
Well, it's probably 'cause the crate's a lot smaller, - and more restricted.
- Yeah maybe, but I don't know, I'm starting to think that the only solution here is to sedate him with the proper cocktail of drugs.
I would strongly advise against that.
It's a long trip to Ulaanbaatar, and when the sedation wears off, he could injure himself trying to get out of that crate.
It's a huge risk.
If we were able to trailer him, we could bring him to Heartland, and I could spend some time working with him.
I can't promise anything, but I could try to get him used to coming in and out of the crate.
It's probably the only way to do this without risking sedation.
And like I said, Amy does have a way.
(ALAN TAKES A DEEP BREATH) Fine, but I'll be checking in.
- I'll get the trailer hitched.
- Okay.
I didn't know you could ride like that, that's-that's awesome.
- (SIGHS) Hi.
- Hi to you, too.
So you and this horse wow.
Yeah, we have a big show coming up.
That's really cool, when-when's your show? Like can I go? Yeah yeah, if you want.
(SIGHS) Wow.
(CHUCKLES) Wyatt I'm really sorry about your dad.
How are you? Uh I'm awesome, I'm really good.
I'm great.
I just got into town, and you were the first Hudsonite I wanted to see, so here I am, and uh how are you? (SIGHS HEAVILY) JACK: Well, of course I understand.
It's just well, it's only lunch, you do what you have to do.
Yeah, all right, bye.
Lisa cut out on you again? How many times has it been this week? Well, she's been pretty busy lately.
I haven't seen a lot of her, that's true.
Well, at least she's here.
Casey's been in Calgary for a month.
Helping her sister-in-law, I barely get to say two words to her.
Casey lost a brother.
Losing a sibling is one of the hardest things in the world, how's she doing? She's fine, you know, Casey, she's strong.
I miss her.
Come on by for dinner tonight if you want.
Wow, is the empty nest getting to you, Jack? (CHUCKLES) (TURNS UP THE COUNTY SONG PLAYING ON THE RADIO) (ATTILA WHINNIES) (PANICKED SNORTS) (WHINNIES) Wow, if he hates the trailer that much, no wonder he can't stand the crate.
(FRENZIED WHINNIES) Do you think you can cool him off a bit? Yeah well, you told Alan I could.
Thanks for that, by the way.
Easy - GEORGIE: Hey! - Hey.
Good thing you're here, Lisa has an appointment.
Yeah, she texted me.
Hey Wyatt, um, this is my husband, Ty.
- Hi, it's good to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
Amy and I were sorry to hear about your dad.
Is this one of the horses? Yeah, you should check him out.
I'm gonna go see our daughter.
Just keep your distance though okay, guys? Yeah, he's pretty unpredictable.
(ATTILA SNORTS) So, that's it for practicing, right? What do you wanna do? Watch the horse.
I just gotta text Casey, she's supposed to meet me here any minute.
So I'm oh! Hey! Hey, they're here! - Hi! - Hey.
- Muah! - Mm, hey.
- Ohhhh! - How you doing? - I missed you.
- Yeah, I missed you, too.
- Hi Jen.
- Hey.
Jack, this is my sister-in-law, Jen.
Pleasure to meet you, Jen.
I'm real sorry about your loss.
Thank you.
Brick sweetie, you gettin' out? Come on.
Hey, maybe we could get a milkshake.
Hey there.
My name's Jack Bartlett, but you know what? You can call me Jack.
(JEN LAUGHS) Listen, why don't all of you come to the ranch tomorrow, and I'll make us lunch.
- We would love that.
- That sounds great.
We'll see you then.
What about tonight? I wanted to have dinner with you tonight.
I know, I'm sorry, I just I can't just drop 'em off and leave on their first night.
They need taken care of, you know? Right, okay.
Well, who's taking care of you? We'll worry about that later.
- Glad you're back.
- Hmm, me too.
It's okay.
(ATTILA SNORTS) It's okay.
(ATTILA WHINNIES WILDLY) (PANICKED WHINNIES) (FRIGHTENED GASPS, PANTS) (SIGHS HEAVILY) Yeah, but did you call Bob though? He's busy I know, but I just saw him today, he'd be game.
Okay, well, we'll talk soon.
(BEEPS PHONE OFF) I was watching you out there.
That was pretty close, Amy.
You worry too much.
Who was on the phone? That was a guy named Jonah.
He's a friend of Bob's from vet school.
They're dealing with this cull out in B.
Wolves are being wounded, just left to die.
They're working 24/7 just trying to treat them all.
That cull has gone way too far.
He actually asked me to come out and help, but well, I just told him to call Bob.
I'm gonna go out to the reserve tomorrow, and I'm gonna mention it to him then.
(DISHES CLATTER) Where's Georgie? Well, hanging out with Wyatt, I guess.
(SILVERWARE CLINKS) What about Lisa, where's Lisa? Said she had an appointment, can we just eat? (SIGHS) Wait! You really are a lonely guy, Jack.
Everything okay with you and Lisa? Yes, everything is just fine, will you stop digging at me? (DOOR CREAKS, SHUTS) I'm pretty good on my own, in fact, I'm great on my own.
- Well, there she is! - Hi.
Okay, let me set a plate for you! No, I can't stay for dinner, I'm just picking up some files, I've got a crazy early appointment at Fairfield tomorrow, so I'm just prepping.
(JACK SIGHS) (STALL DOOR CREAKS) (SLAMS, LATCH THUDS) When Casey told me her brother your dad was really sick, I-I texted you, but you did you not get it? Yes, no, no, I did, sorry.
Uh, I got it, it-yeah.
Sorry, I just-it was kinda like, crazy.
Um No, it's okay, you don't have to apologize, I Believe me, I I understand what you're going through.
You can talk to me.
Talk to you about what? I don't know, sometimes it helps to talk.
Why? Well, you've gotta admit, you're acting kinda weird.
Like nothing ever even happened.
No, it happened.
It happened, there was a funeral, I was there.
(SIGHS) You wanna know something? Funerals are hilarious.
'Cause like, all these people show up, and come up to you, and they wanna say something to you about your-you know, your dad.
They don't even really know him, they just wanna be involved, right? It's all just fake phony.
(HORSES SNORT) I think funerals are important.
They help people, you know, grieve.
I grieved.
I grieved when I found out that my dad was terminal.
That's when I grieved.
But that's It's done, it's over, and I'm over it.
- Wyatt - No, it's okay, uh I'm gonna go.
- Okay, so lunch, right? Well oh, right, yes.
Yeah, it's with Jen, remember? Yes, I know, I remember.
(DOOR CREAKS SHUT) (EXASPERATED GROAN) Lis! - Lisa, just hold on! - Yes? (LAUGHS) What is going on? What? I'm-I'm-I'm fine.
I just have a lot on my mind.
A few weeks back, you came clean to me about well, you know, some of the problems that you're dealing with financially.
Yeah? Well, I told you then that I was with you, that you could tell me stuff.
But now you won't even talk about it, - and you're avoiding me! - I'm not avoiding you.
I just-I don't want to bother you with it.
You're not bothering me.
Even if I can't help you, I can at least listen.
I need to do that, I need you! I'm missin' you! Oh really? I mean, I thought you were doing fine on your own.
Great, in fact! Isn't that what you just said to Tim? I'm sorry, I-I have to (SIGHS) (DOOR SHUTS, CAR STARTS) (LLAMAS BRAY) Looking good.
Nice work.
Hmm yeah.
Hey, did Jonah get a hold of you yet? - Jonah? - Yeah.
No, why? Oh, uh, because I was talking to him yesterday You talked to Jonah? Yeah, he needs some backup.
Wait, he needed help so he called you? It's weird how you're the one gettin' all the calls these days.
Come on, man.
You're the flavour of the month, you know that, right? But what am I, the guy who got to go to Mongolia - with Doctor Ty Borden.
- Very funny, okay.
- I told him to call you! - Oh, you told him to call me! - He didn't think of it himself.
- Bob, just call him! Why should I? I'm not into being someone's second choice, let him call me.
- Hello.
- Well, here's the crate.
- Awesome, thank you.
Have you talked to your transport guys over there? I have, everything's coming together.
Shh, shh, shh, you're okay.
Shh! Shh! Shh! I know, I know.
(SIGHS) Look, has there been any progress? We need to set a date for Attila's travel.
Absolutely, let's talk to Amy.
(LOW WHINNY) (LYNDY COOS) Attila seems really focused on our mare and foal.
It seems so.
Alan, there was a mare and foal out in your field.
They seemed really agitated when Attila was trailered.
- Is that his baby? - Yeah, it is.
See, he seemed to be paying a lot of attention to them.
Especially the mare.
Well, he's a stud, he likes the ladies.
Yeah, but I'm not sure it's just that.
Is there any way that you could bring them here? What? Why? He doesn't wanna leave them.
He's missing them, and that's why he's resisting us so much.
I know it's a long shot, but please bring them here.
I think I know what to do now.
Fine, I'll bring them, or I'll attempt to.
But I don't see how this is gonna help.
Thanks, Alan.
- Hey.
Hey Brick, come on in.
Georgie, you comin'? No, I can't, I'm sorry, I have practice.
Yeah, Georgie's training, she's got a big show coming up.
- Come on.
- Well, you also have to eat.
Come on, honey.
I can look after Brick if you want.
Do you wanna come watch me jump, bud? - Mhmm.
- Yeah? Come on.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
(GATE CLANGS) Thank you for bringing them here.
Well, we had a heck of a time trailering these guys, but here they are.
I sure hope you know what you're doing.
Well, they're in a great spot there, I've moved all the other Heartland horses away so that there won't be any displays of jealousy.
Well, they're all yours, for whatever it's worth.
(ATTILA SNORTS) Hey, Attila.
It's okay, they're here now.
Do you wanna finish your practicing, and then like, - go into town or something? - I told you I can't.
I have a huge show this weekend.
If I don't do well, I'm gonna lose the opportunity to ride this horse.
Well, excuse me for taking you away from such an important mission.
I move to Hudson (SCOFFS) and now you don't even have the time of day for me.
That's nice, really nice.
But, I get it.
No, I-I don't think you do, can we just talk? Like last night? Like, that kind of talk? 'Cause no offence, but I can really do without that.
All I wanna do is help you.
Like when you helped me with Adam.
- How? - Because of what you said.
You told me to reach out to him, I did, and now we're friends.
(CLAPS) Great! That's awesome.
I'm-I'm so glad that I could help you like that.
Look, I'm sorry.
I don't need your sympathy, okay? I don't want your sympathy.
Can you stop grabbing me! Go-go find your mom or something.
(WYATT SIGHS) Brick, I'll see you in the house, okay? Okay.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) How are the kids doing? Uh everyone is fine.
Wyatt is in total denial, and Brick is regressing, so, fun times.
No, you're handling things really well.
Thank you.
I admire you, Jen, it's obvious that you're bearing up.
I try to keep a smile on my face for the kids.
But you gotta laugh, or you'd probably just cry all the time.
Seriously though, it's uh it's insane how the unexpected can just be around the corner, you know, I mean, you go along, thinking everything is fine and then, bam! It's just not.
Anything can happen.
Even to a beautiful 39 year old man, who was in perfect health this time last year.
(SIGHS) Whew! So, deep thought warning.
Don't take anything for granted.
Lesson learned.
(SIGHS) And on that note, that concludes this topic of conversation.
(FORKS CLINK) AMY: Here you go, Attila.
Nothin' to be afraid of.
You can see them, they're right there.
Good job.
(LOUD, REPEATED THUDS) Easy! I'm not gonna force him! (ATTILA SNORTS AND PUFFS) Attila's smart, he knows that the crate means leaving his family.
And that means saying goodbye to them.
Is there any way that they could go with him? No, it's too dangerous for the foal to travel that far.
It's best just to make the break.
Listen, man, you know I'd love to help you out, but I can't.
Have you called Bob? Well uh, maybe he didn't get the message.
You should try again.
I don't need time to think it over, man, I've made up my mind.
Weird looking horses.
They're Mongolian.
The sire, that one there, is being shipped back to breed.
He's going through some pretty severe separation anxiety right now.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Yeah, I get that.
You know, Wyatt, for what it's worth, I lost my mom when I was a little bit younger than you are now.
Grief is a weird thing.
You know, it it goes away, but then, it comes back sometimes when you least expect it.
I miss my mom even more now that I have a daughter of my own.
And I realize what that love is between a parent and their child.
It's a scary thing, you'd do anything for your kid.
My dad did everything for me.
No matter what.
And your mom will, too.
Jen's not my mom.
She-my mom just disappeared when I was six.
She just walked out.
Jen's my stepmom.
JEN: Brick? Brick! Hey! Has anyone seen Brick? Brick? JACK: (YELLS) Brick! I pushed the little guy away when he was just trying to get my attention.
He was like, literally reaching out for me.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
You're going through a lot of crap right now, and you need to come to terms with that, but not right now.
JACK: (YELLS) Brick! - Brick? - Oh! I've been worried about him for months now.
It's like he's completely withdrawn.
He hasn't spoken a word since Curtis died.
Oh, I'm a terrible mother! Why didn't I just keep an eye on him?! - We're gonna find him.
- We will, Jen.
Brick! (CELL PHONE CHIMES) (SIGHS) Okay, I just saw your face there.
- What? - What is goin' on? I mean it! Okay, do you really want to know what's happening? Yes, I wanna know! Okay, so my house in France, I had rented it to a couple.
They walked without payment.
So now I am trying to wildly find another tenant.
Meanwhile, on top of all that, I've been trying to sell my best breeder, and that is not going well.
It fell through.
So all in all, this has been a pretty horrible week, and I don't wanna talk about it! - There you go again! - Well yes, there I go again, because nobody wants to hear these dumb problems.
- I don't even wanna hear them! - We're married, aren't we? Married people hear each other's problems! (MUFFLED SOBBING) - Listen! Okay fine, listen to each others problems.
No, no.
- Listen.
- (MUFFLED SOBBING) (BRICK SOBS AND SNIFFLES) Brick, is that you in there? It's Jack.
Your mom, she's pretty scared right now, and so is Wyatt.
I get why you ran away, and I know you're hurtin'.
But that's when you need your family the most, when things aren't going too well.
I think we should let your mom and your brother know that you're okay, don't you? Think that's a good idea so they can stop worrying? Let's go back to the house now, what do you say? (LATCH CLICKS) (DOOR CREAKS) Good to see you.
(JACK CHUCKLES) - JEN: Brick! - Oop! There's your mom.
Brick! Oh! Oh! Come here! Oh, honey! Are you okay? Mhm.
Attila, look.
I've got some yummy treats for you.
They're in here, though.
You can do it.
Come on, buddy.
You can see your family, they're right there.
(ATTILA SNORTS) I have an idea.
Ty, could you pass me Lyndy's blanket? Good job.
Good job, you like that, don't you? (AMY LAUGHS, FOAL GRUNTS) You see, mama? It doesn't hurt.
It's okay there you go.
Attila! What's this smell like? (ATTILA SNUFFLES) Does that smell like your family? (CALM SNORTS) Here you go.
(ATTILA SNORTS) Good job! (LAUGHS) Good boy.
(DOOR CREAKS SHUT) Wow! Impressive.
One step forward.
I'll give Alan a call, and tell him the good news.
Yeah, I guess it's good news.
But the thought of him leaving his mare and foal is brutal.
I can't imagine being separated from our baby, it's hard enough just doing everyday work.
Yeah, I know that.
I feel that way every time I leave for the clinic, or Bob's.
We're just gonna have to learn how to balance it all.
You know that job in BC? You should take it.
Lyndy is in a routine now Ty, and I can tell how much you wanna help Jonah.
- (LAUGHS) - We'll be fine.
Come here.
(HOOVES THUNDER) (TACK JINGLES) (FLAME PANTS) (FLAME GRUNTS) (HOOVES THUD) (FLAME PANTS) (CLATTERS) - Ah! (THUDS) I can't! I'm chipping at it every time! I'm not ready.
It's okay, Georgie, no one ever feels ready.
The only good thing is that Val texted me.
She thinks she's gonna be out of town for the show.
So at least she won't be there to see me mess up.
'Cause if that double oxer is on my course at the show, I'm dead! (GROUNDS CREW CHATTERS) The double oxer combination.
It's the last combo on the course, I can't believe it! And it's on this crazy angle! It's okay, Georgie, we practiced it.
You're gonna be fine.
Just make sure that you angle sharply coming towards it, and you'll be totally set up.
- Let's go walk the course.
- What's the point? Hey Georgie.
(HOOVES THUD, TACK JINGLES) (TACK JINGLES, HORSE PANTS) ANNOUNCER: That was Grace Allenby riding Sleuth, With a time OF 1:10, no faults.
(CROWD APPLAUDS) And that is the time to beat.
- Val's here.
- AMY: Yeah, I see her.
I'm gonna throw up.
You're gonna be fine.
- Just remember to breathe.
- (SIGHS) Okay.
ANNOUNCER: And next up is Georgie Fleming Morris, riding Flame.
All right, Flame.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) (FLAME SNORTS) (HOOVES THUD) (TACK JINGLES) (HOOVES THUD) (FLAME PANTS) (HOOVES THUD) (RELIEVED SIGH) - Good boy! - Oh! Yes! (AUDIENCE CLAPS AND CHEERS) ANNOUNCER: That was Georgie Fleming Morris riding Flame, with a time of 1:05, no faults.
That takes home second place.
- Hey.
I'm goin' to B.
to help Jonah.
Great, good for you.
He said he tried to call you.
He did, I ignored his calls.
- Why? - Well, I can't.
I'm 24/7 with that guy.
(SIGHS) (DOOR CREAKS) Listen Bob, I talked to Scott, and he said he can keep an eye on the wolf.
We're a team, Bob, we're a good team.
I need you to come with me.
All right, sounds like a plan.
Just don't get sick again, all right? You're a real drag when you're sick.
- Well, hi.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) I um I've come to a bit of a decision.
I've been coping with a lot lately.
I know.
And I have been pushing you away, and I'm sorry, because I do need you.
I do need our talks, and I need your hugs, and I need to know that you're beside me at night.
So I was wondering if (LAUGHS) maybe I could move in with you? - That sounds terrific.
- Yeah? Oh, good.
I was hoping you'd say that.
This smells like your family, doesn't it? It's gonna be right here with you, I promise.
It's okay.
You're fine.
Hey I know you don't wanna leave your family, I understand.
But it's gonna be okay.
And they'll be fine, I promise you.
I promise you, I will check on them.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(DOOR CREAKS) (LATCH CLICKS) He's gonna need that blanket in there when you trailer him, and when you transport him in the crate.
It's got the mare and foal's scent on it, and it'll keep him calm.
It's the most natural form of tranquilizer ever.
(LAUGHS) Amazing, well done.
And I wanna thank you, both of you, for your patience, and your hard work.
Our pleasure, thanks for trusting us.
I'll let you know how it all goes.
Hey, come here.
Nice work.
Oh the wheels they keep on spinning I ain't gettin' anywhere It's been driving me into the ground Gonna bury my bones there And I hope someday they find me See that I was on my way When I lay down by the side of the road Where I made my grave Oh I gotta keep goin' (WYATT SOBS) My dad is um (SOBS) He's really gone.
Yeah, I gotta keep going gotta keep going on Keep on going little darling 'Til the going gets gone (SIGHS HEAVILY)