Heartland (CA) s12e07 Episode Script

Running Scared

1 TIM: Hey.
AMY: Previously on "Heartland" - I'm fine.
- You're not fine! You were unconscious, Jade.
Being sidelined with a concussion sucks.
What if I'm not getting any better? So we were hoping that you two would agree to be Lyndy's guardians.
We'd love her like she was our own daughter.
I'm not a 100% yet, but I am improving.
So I called Tim, and I told him that I wanted to help out mentoring students at the rodeo school.
And you need to think about what you're willing to sacrifice, because I'm not interested in coaching a top five jumper, I'm interested in coaching the top jumper.
I'm pretty sure the only thing standing in your way right now is you.
Don't push yourself too hard.
Well, the doctor just cleared me.
And I haven't had any symptoms, so I need to get back into shape.
I'm thinking maybe I can get in the chute next.
You sure about that? You haven't been on a bronc No, I'll be fine.
There's no training like the real thing, right? Right, but right.
Well, just be careful, huh? JADE: Yeah.
You guys are really coming along.
But we need to smooth things out if we wanna make it on the European circuit.
No Georgie, I'm serious, you look really good.
Well, good's not good enough anymore.
We seriously have to step up our game.
- Oh! - Tim: Jade.
You all right? Yeah, my, my shoulder's sore, it it hurts when I hold the rein.
Okay, okay, all right, all right, easy.
- I can't, it's too sore.
- MALE STUDENT: I can ride him.
Uh, okay.
You don't ride if you don't feel right, so Okay.
(HORSE SQUEALS) (HIGH-PITCHED WHINNY) - MAN: You all right there? - You okay? Yeah.
(JADE SIGHS) - (GASPS) - TIM: Jade? (FRIGHTENED GASPS) S12E07 Running Scared And at the break of day You sank into your dream You dreamer Oh oh oh oh You dreamer You dreamer (TACK THUDS) (GRUNTS) Hey, I'm sorry about bailing in the chute earlier.
No big deal.
No, I can understand why you might be sore.
You've been working out pretty hard on the sidelines.
We can take our time gettin' back on a bronc.
Well, maybe the rodeo this weekend? Mmm why-how about Cochrane? The rodeo in Cochrane in a couple of weeks.
That sound good? Okay.
I think my shoulder should be better by then.
- Okay, see 'ya.
- Okay.
(LAUGHS) - Gah! - Yeah! (LYNDY BABBLES) We have to make sure all the vegetables stay watered.
- Water.
- Yeah? You wanna water? Yeah.
Hey, how's my favourite goddaughter? - (GASPS) Oh! - Oh! Ohh What are you doing, monkey? You trying to drown your god papa? After I went all this way to bring you this.
AMY: What is it? Ohh Now, I know you have Monty, but this can be your inside horse.
Caleb, it's adorable, but you didn't have to do that.
I feel like you're bringing toys by for her every other week.
It's no big deal, I saw it in the toy store window, and just couldn't resist.
(AMY CHUCKLES) Is Ty around? He's actually on a camping trip with Luke.
That kid he's been working with? - Yeah.
- Oh, cool.
Oh, look at you! Can I have a turn? I won't break it.
- I think that's a no.
- Mhmm.
Sorry to dash, I have to meet Cass in town, - I have an appointment.
- Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
It's great.
See you later, cutie.
Um So, what exactly is it that you put into your chili? Well, I like to switch it up a little each time.
I'm putting jalapenos in today.
Okay, uh, what else? Well, there's diced tomatoes, there's green peppers, onions, ground beef, of course.
(KEYS TAP) What do you got goin' there? It's just like a calorie counting app.
Why would you need that? I'm just trying to get a better idea of what I'm putting in my body.
Oh, don't go getting carried away with something like that.
Not at your age.
Do you think you could replace the beef with tofu? No.
Okay, well, what about a lean turkey breast? There isn't any.
Okay, well maybe you could just take the meat out this time? Please? - (SIGHS) - Yes! Thank you.
Thank you, Jack.
(LAUGHS WRYLY) Did that vegan yoga girl make this? Where's the meat? I just changed up the recipe a little bit.
I asked him to.
If you take away the beef away, it cuts a lot of the fat out.
It also cuts out a lot of the flavour.
A little change doesn't kill anyone.
Besides, if it helps Georgie with her training, then it's a good thing.
Yeah, what is it with all the training, the hard core workouts? You and Jade.
How is she doing at practice? Well, she's all sit-ups and no broncs.
I think she's I think she's scared.
Oh, I think she needs to get her confidence back.
You know, maybe you should try another event to help her get her bearings.
And just build back up to broncs.
Not a terrible idea.
High praise, from Tim Fleming.
Well, I have been thinking of putting on a clinic for team penning.
That might be perfect.
Remember that time in Airdrie? Yeah, how could I not? You've never let me forget it.
Boy, did we take it to you that day.
So Tim's team goes right before us.
They had a pretty good time.
You did post a pretty good time.
They thought they had it in the bag, as a matter of fact.
But that was only because us "old timers" hasn't gone yet.
And it was me, Will Vernon, and Eli Stark.
You should've seen us, boy! We were like a well-oiled machine.
(LAUGHS) Well, old machine.
(ALL LAUGH) You know, that was kinda fun listening to Grandpa - bask in his glory days.
- Glad you enjoyed it.
It actually got me thinking.
It's been a while since we've done anything fun as a family.
Maybe we should do a little team penning competition.
You know, Georgie's been training so hard, and I just think that doing something fun would be good for her.
Well, maybe we should do a, like a family trail ride, but the team penning? That's sort of a cattle guy thing.
Oh, a cattle "guy" thing? Well, I didn't mean it like that.
Dad, I can pen cows just as well as any cowboy.
Okay okay.
So let's do it.
What would the teams be? Well, how about guys versus girls? - Oh really? - Yeah! Me, Georgie, and Jade, against you, Grandpa, and Caleb? Well, that's not fair.
Why? Because we're girls, we're gonna lose? Well, because you've never done it before.
And we've done it a lot.
And our team would be kind of stacked.
Ah, we'll see about that.
Wow, you're very confident, young lady.
Okay, you wanna make a little side bet? - Dad - Hey.
Loser buys.
- Okay, you're on.
- Yeah, no Maggie's, either.
I'm talking steak and lobster.
Yeah, you better start saving.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - Oh boy.
Ketchup? Uh, no thanks, it's loaded with sugar.
Bring it on.
Hey, did you talk to your mom in the last couple of days? Yeah I did, why? Well, she's won't answer my calls.
I mean, I want to look for a new assistant manager, but I can't until she signs off on it.
She's super busy.
She probably just hasn't had time to think about it.
Um, I'm-I'll be right back.
(GROANS) Maybe I just need to make an executive decision.
Just put an ad out.
My ship, my rules.
- Or maybe you should hold off.
- Yeah, you're right, I should get Lou to sign off on it first.
No, no, it's just maybe I could be your assistant manager.
Really? You want that job? That's a lot of hours.
I mean, what about your rodeo schedule? I'm sure I could figure it out.
MAN: Excuse me, could I get some coffee? Uh sure, okay, yeah.
I will uh, I'll think about it.
(SIGHS) Okay.
There, much healthier than ketchup.
(HORSE WHINNIES) (ENGINE RUMBLES) AMY: Hey, girls! Hold up a sec, I wanna talk to you about something.
So what do you think about taking on the guys in a little team penning? Us three, against my Dad, Grampa, and Caleb.
But aren't they all really good at it? Yeah, so? Maybe we are, too.
I think it would be a lot of fun, and besides, think of the bragging rights if we actually win.
I mean, I'm in if you are.
Imagine if we actually beat Tim.
All right, I guess I could give it a try.
Okay great, well, let's start practicing, I'll teach you the basics.
(COWS MOO) (GATE CLANGS) Okay, so how does this work? Okay, each team goes separately.
So we're against the clock? Yeah, exactly.
You wanna ride in, and you have to pick three of the same numbered cattle and bring them into the pen.
Okay? So why don't you try first? Just go in, and, and cut out uh, number six.
All right? Just bring it away from the herd.
(COWS MOO) Like this? Yeah, don't be shy.
Get in there.
Follow that six.
That's it, there you go! There, and see how she's working that cow so he stays away from the herd? I got her.
- Good boy, Trouble.
- Amy: Nice! (COWS MOO) Good job! All right, your turn, Jade.
Go in and try to pick out another number six.
(HORSES SNORT) Slow down, you don't need to run in there like that.
Look, I got it! Jade, easy, easy, we don't need to split the herd, just go in there nice and quiet.
Okay, okay! Jade! What are you doing? (FRUSTRATED GROAN) (BIRDS CHIRP) (INSECTS BUZZ) (OBJECT CLATTERS) - CALEB: Knock, knock.
- Oh, hey.
- Look what I found.
- A saddle? Caleb.
Now, before you give me any more guff about another present, it goes with the horse, so.
Okay, well, I think Lyndy's pretty lucky to have a god papa like you.
I was actually hoping to talk to you about the penning competition, if Yeah, come on in, do you want a drink, or something? I'm okay.
(SIGHS) You put me on Team Tim.
Well, my Dad is convinced that you guys have this thing in the bag, so you should be happy.
(SIGHS) Well, whatever.
Tim's gonna be Tim.
I was actually hoping to talk to you about Rusty.
I think he's gonna be a good horse for this.
You'd think so, but lately he's been distracted, and just not able to focus.
I was just hoping if you have some free time today, you could take a look at him? I know we're in competition, but No, I'll take a look at him.
I don't want any excuses when we kick your butt.
(BOTH LAUGH) I guess I sound like my Dad, don't I? No, not even close, you'd have to get way up to this level of crazy to sound like Tim.
Crazy? Like a fox, maybe.
- I got a great idea.
- And I don't wanna hear it.
So I'll be back.
Okay, I think we could turn this team penning thing into quite an event.
- This is a family thing.
- Exactly.
I think we should do a family and friends fun day, right here at Heartland.
And we do all kinds of events.
You know, stuff for the kids, roping, barrel racing, - hide pulling.
- Uh huh? You know, we'll get people excited about this.
Word gets out, we'll sell tickets.
- Tickets? - And the winner gets to donate the money to the charity of their choice.
So say, after my health scare last year, the money would go to the Hudson Cancer Society.
What about you? I have not agreed to do this yet.
Okay, how about a horse rescue shelter? Well, unless you're afraid of disappointing them.
Fine, let's do it.
That way the whole town can watch me wipe - that smug look off your face.
- Oh, delusionally confident.
I like that.
This'll be good.
(CHUCKLES) Not good, great! (SIGHS) Tim just told me there's gonna be a crowd - watching us do penning.
- Yeah, he goaded Amy into it.
Well, this is getting out of control.
Look it's just a few people from town.
Yeah, but I didn't sign up for this.
If I'm doing this, so are you.
- You can't back out now.
- Yeah, but I'm not good at it.
I-I don't wanna embarrass myself! You just need a little more practice, okay? Come on.
(SIGHS) Fine.
Okay, you ready to give this another go? - Yeah, what number? - Let's go for the threes.
(COWS MOO, HORSES SNORT) JADE: Move it! I can't even see a three! GEORGIE: Jade, easy! Easy, easy.
What's going on? - (HYPERVENTILATING) - Okay, wait.
It's not, it's not a big deal, we're just gonna take a breather, and we'll give it another try.
No, I've had enough of this.
This was a stupid idea! - (GASPS) - Come on.
(SIGHS) So what's a ride in the woods gonna do? Well, taking him in and around the trees will force him to concentrate.
Good luck with that.
I don't want you goin' head first into one of those trees.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
- Be good.
(LAUGHS) (TACK JINGLES) (HOOVES CLOMP) (HOOVES THUNDER) (TACK JINGLES) (HOOVES CLOMP) - He didn't hit anything? - No, not even close.
He listened to every cue I gave him.
I was a little bit afraid of that, actually.
Why? I told you that he was great.
That means I'm the problem.
(SIGHS) Well, sometimes it's the horse, and sometimes it's the rider.
But either way, we can fix it.
It's been a stressful few months.
What's going on with you? It's kinda personal.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
No, it's okay.
I'm glad he's fine.
I just need to get my head in the game.
Before Tim tears it off.
(BIRDS CHIRP) - TIM: Amy? - Yeah? I got the banners.
Well, you don't have to bring them up here, why don't you just leave them in the barn? Tickets are selling like hotcakes.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's gonna be a great family event.
But something's bothering me.
Our bet.
I just don't think that you girls should buy us guys a big, fancy, expensive dinner.
You must've just had a bad practice, and now you're trying to get out of it.
Practice? No, no, we don't, we don't practice.
We've been doing this for years.
No, it's just that this is for charity.
My charity is the Hudson Cancer Society.
Or my horse rescue center.
Yeah, whatever.
Either way, sure.
It's for charity, and I don't think that we should spend money on each other as a reward.
So I think we should change the bet.
Okay, I can't wait to see where this is going.
Well, Lou's been on us for a while to dig a new hole for the outhouse.
- Oh, come on! - I know.
Gruelling work.
And we could handle it just fine, but we're not gonna need to, because you guys will be digging that hole.
- Sounds like we've got a bet.
- You're on.
(LAUGHS) Great.
If I decide to bring you on as assistant manager, I am going to need you to do some of the admin stuff.
Ordering supplies, payroll, scheduling.
Hey, Georgie.
Um, can I talk to you for a second? I'm sorry.
No, it's okay, we can talk about this later.
That was kind of rude.
Well, yeah, so was storming off at practice.
What's going on with you? What were you talking to Jen about? Well, she's hiring a new assistant manager.
Hopefully me.
Are you really gonna have time for that, with your rodeo schedule? Well, maybe I've been spending - a little too much time on that.
- What are you saying? Well, I mean, rodeo's been a blast, but maybe it's time I grow up and get a real job.
Assistant manager's gonna look way better on my resume than being able to ride a bronc.
Wait, are you quitting? (BIRDS CHIRPING) TIM: So, it looks like one of our charities, probably mine, is gonna get a big fat cheque.
Because we are selling tickets like crazy.
And I got Rob Bergevin to be the emcee.
Isn't that that rodeo announcer guy? - Yep.
Cool, huh? - Thanks.
I'm just glad we're doing something positive, and having a little fun while we're at it.
Jack, you remember those poker nights we used to run - before rodeos? - Yeah.
I think I won more off of you than I ever did in the arena.
I'd be happy to host a card game tonight, - if you're up for it.
- I'm in.
Amy, how about you? It'll be past this little munchkin's bedtime, - so I probably shouldn't.
- All right.
Maybe I could come over, and we could make dinner, and hang out? Please? Okay, yeah, actually that sounds a lot more fun than cards, sorry, Grandpa.
All right, well, you guys have your boys night, - and we'll do our own thing.
- Okay, see 'ya.
So, guess who's gettin' into the spirit of it.
- Can I invite Jade, too? - Yeah, of course.
Okay good, because I may need your help.
She's about to make a decision without fully thinking it through.
What do you mean? Well, she's gonna quit rodeo.
Are you serious? - Does my dad know? - No, no one knows.
So please don't tell anyone, okay? Yeah, of course.
I don't really blame her, being scared after a concussion like that.
But this is worse than that.
She's terrified to get back on a bronc! Again, I don't blame her, Georgie.
But that's not Jade.
We really need to make this penning thing work for her, It could be a real confidence booster.
If she shows up.
See 'ya.
Okay, bye.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Hey, what are you doing here? Amy's having a girls' night tonight in at the loft.
You wanna come? You mean like, paint each other's nails, play board games, and watch "The Bachelorette?" Yes, 'cause we're exactly like that.
We're just gonna make dinner and chill out.
Okay, but do we have to eat the way you've been eating lately? I'm just trying to be smart.
You know, getting in shape is just as much about working out as it is about diet.
You're right, I need to train harder.
So, take me through your session.
- You sure? - Yeah, let's do it.
All right, let's go.
You can do it! Ahh! Okay.
15 more seconds.
Come on, you're almost there.
(GRUNTS) (BOTH PANT) Ohh! Ah (PANTING) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Ah! 15 (GEORGIE PANTS) (GASPING FOR BREATH) You did good, kid.
Oh, it doesn't seem like it.
- Man, am I out of shape.
- No, you're not.
None of the guys can even keep up with this workout.
(TIRED EXHALES) Or in the arena.
Just say it.
You think I'm running scared.
Afraid to get back on a bronc.
(SIGHS) Well, you are, aren't you? Yeah, pretty much.
I get it.
I am too, this whole Europe thing, that's a lot of pressure.
Probably the most pressure I've ever felt in my entire life.
Yeah, but you're definitely gonna qualify.
That scares me almost as much as not qualifying.
Why don't we make a pact? To not let fear get in the way.
I gotta go home and take a shower.
I'll see you at Amy's later.
(CRICKETS CHIRP) Well, I'll take two.
I'm-I'm good.
I'm out.
Okay, well I'll see that.
Aces over Jacks.
Full house.
Darn it! All I got's twos.
But, of course, I do have four of 'em.
(JACK AND CALEB LAUGH) Are you kidding me? Well, I think I need a celebratory beer.
- Caleb? - Yes, please.
(JACK CHORTLES LAUGHTER) What's with you tonight? I'm the one losing my shirt here.
- I'm fine.
- You better be fine, we got a lot of people coming tomorrow.
- I'll be ready.
- Oh yeah - Thanks.
- Okay, you know what? I'm tapped out, I'm calling it a night.
That's the best call you've made all game.
Yeah, whatever.
Just guys, don't make it a late one, okay, please? We got a big day tomorrow.
A lot of people coming.
Game day.
(JACK CHUCKLES) I can't-I'm leaving.
(LAUGHING) Ahh okay.
Who's ready for dessert? Not me, I'm good, thanks, though.
What?! You cannot refuse when you see this! Black Forest Cake! No fair.
Come on, Georgie, you can't say no to that.
- Yeah.
- Okay, fine.
Just a sliver, okay? Oh, don't be ridiculous, it's your favourite.
And you had a monster workout session today.
So, how's the rodeo school been going? Okay, I guess.
It must be tough, coming back from a concussion, I mean.
Yeah, I'm working through it.
You know, it's normal to be anxious after you went through something like that.
You told her.
Well, I'm not gonna tell my Dad.
I just think that maybe you should know that he planned this whole team penning thing for you.
You know, before he got all super competitive.
What do you mean? Well, he wanted you to get back on a horse in safer conditions.
Your accident really scared him, too.
Amy, do you think he'd be upset if I told him if I told him that I didn't wanna ride broncs anymore? No, I don't.
But maybe hold off until after the team penning.
Dig in! (CRICKETS CHIRP) Caleb, it's none of my business, but your mind seems someplace else.
Is everything all right? Yeah, we're fine.
We? You mean, you and Cass? Yeah, me and Cass are fine.
You sure about that? What do you mean? Well, I asked how you were doing, and you brought up Cass, so (SIGHS HEAVILY) Me and Cass are good, but we are having some trouble.
Jack, we wanna have a baby, - and it's not going so well.
- Oh? Yeah, We've been to all these specialists, and no one has any answers for us.
And it's it's just tough.
Everywhere we look, all our friends are starting families, and we just can't help but wonder, why not us? I'm gonna share something with you.
(LAUGHS) The good stuff.
Yeah, not just the whiskey.
When Lyndy and I got married, all we could talk about was having kids.
And lots of 'em.
You ever wonder why Marion was our only child? Really? Doctors didn't have much insight into that sort of thing back then, or much of a bedside manner.
They flat out told us we would never have kids.
That must've been It was.
It ate us up for a long time.
But we eventually moved on, because we had to.
We had to stop crying about the one thing we couldn't have, and just I don't know, let life come to us.
And you know what happened? Marion? Yeah.
Our little miracle baby.
That is amazing.
Well, like I say, we wanted more, but it wasn't in the cards, so to speak.
I have no problem with the hand we were dealt.
Ah that, that is tasty.
It is, isn't it? So here's to letting life come to us once in a while.
What the hell happened? Oh, it was Jack's whiskey.
Oh, my God.
Did you sleep out here? - The whole night?! - I must've.
This is your fault? We got to talking, stayed up a little later than we should've, I guess.
He'll be okay; we'll get some coffee in him.
Oh, thank you.
That better be rocket fuel, based on his condition.
We gotta set up for this deal.
You're gonna have to sweat this out.
(CHUCKLES) You all right? Yeah, actually, I feel better than I have in a long time.
(JACK LAUGHS) Well, the red means stop and the amber slow Green means that I gotta go go go tonight ROB: And there goes Billie, she rides like a pro, doesn't she, folks? Come on now, get that ribbon off the goat's tail! Yes, she did! Way to go, Billie! (CROWD CHEERS) MAN: Ah! Beautiful! ROB: Here comes little Johnny, that's a whole lotta hat for a pint-sized cowboy, isn't it? Boy, that young man knows how to run the barrels! Look at him go! It's like he was born to ride! Bring it home, Johnny! Atta boy! Hold on tight, kiddo, try not to eat too much dust.
Look at that smile, that much fun should be illegal! Still lovin' this kid's hat.
Not sure if he can see anything, but he sure looks like the real deal.
(CROWD CHEERS) Okay, let's kill this thing.
How 'bout we just have some fun? Yeah well, fun's fun, but winning's better.
(COWS MOO) AMY: (SIGHS) Okay, we're up.
You got this? Yeah, I'm just a little worried about Jade.
She'll be okay.
(COWS MOO, CROWD CHEERS) - (SIGHS HEAVILY) - TIM: Hey, relax, huh? I want you to remember you are the baddest bronc rider on the circuit.
This is nothing, this is fun, this is just a tune-up.
Not sure if you're trying to psych me up, or psych me out.
Well, I wanna win, hmm, believe me.
But some things are more important to me than that.
Hi, everybody.
(CROWD CHEERS) You having a good time? I just wanted to let you all know that we've raised $2,000, thanks to your generous donations.
(CROWD CHEERS) Now thank you.
That money will be going to my team's charity of choice, the Hudson Cancer Society, or it may possibly go to Amy's team, and their charity of choice, the Foothills Horse Recovery Centre.
Now I must add, there is a side bet.
The loser has to dig a new hole for our outhouse.
(CROWD HOOTS AND LAUGHS) Yeah, we still have one back there somewhere.
All right, here's the deal.
It will be me, Jack Bartlett, the legendary Jack Bartlett, and Caleb Odell, versus my daughter, Amy, my granddaughter, Georgie, and my protégé, Jade Virani.
Now as you can see, this competition is definitely all in the family.
May the best team win! (CROWD CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) - Thanks so much.
- Good luck.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, lets do this.
A coin was flipped earlier today, and Team Tim will start us off.
(CROWD CHEERS) (COWS MOO) JACK: Hup! Hup! (HOOVES THUD) ROB: Okay, the cows are entering the arena.
Everything is getting set up to begin the game.
(COWS MOO) (SIGHS) All right, Team Tim is first to go.
Cow number four.
Time has started.
Cow number four.
- Did you hear that? - Yeah.
How many fingers? Caleb: Four.
That's right, do you know what a four looks like?! Well, roughly! (HOOVES THUD) ROB: Well, there they go, all three of them.
I'll tell you, that's kind of an old-school way of doing it.
Not really done that way anymore, but it looks like they're getting the job done.
JACK: Go get him there! ROB: Gotta work as a team, fellas! TIM: Caleb! - What're you doing, Caleb?! - Four! CALEB: I-I'm trying to separate him from the herd! ROB: A little bit of chaos happening right here at the moment, but we're gonna work through it.
Things are starting to look like they're gonna come together for the team.
CALEB: Oh yeah, you got him, you got him, yeah! ROB: There goes Jack Bartlett, with the first cow in the pen! (CROWD CHEERS) CALEB: Woo! Yeah, Jack! ROB: Clock's a tickin' fellas, let's get 'er done! Go! ROB: Tim Fleming is driving across the line, he gets a second cow into the ring.
Look at Caleb and Rusty, working together as a partnership, now things are starting to come together, look at this folks! They're making their way down to the round pen.
Caleb Odell drives the final cow down! They've got them in.
Nicely done, a time of 45 seconds on the clock.
45 seconds.
Well done, good job, fellas.
(CROWD CHEERS) Well, it wasn't pretty, but we got the job done.
(SIGHS) It's like the old days.
(LAUGHS) ROB: That's gonna be a tough time to beat.
Well done, good job.
All right, ladies, your turn to go.
Cow number two.
And time has begun.
Let's do this.
ROB: Cow number two for you ladies.
All right, nicely done, now that is more like it.
You're seeing the formation of these young ladies, getting this thing put together this afternoon.
Hup! Hup! Hup! Take him down! Take him down! There's another two! Hey! Hey! Hah! Hah! Hah! ROB: Oh, look at this, folks! Team Amy's got two cows approaching the pen.
And they're in! Uh oh, that's not a number two! AMY: Get 'em! Hup! Hup! ROB: Come on, girls, let's keep driving, you've got two in the pen.
One more to go.
Yaaaaah! (COWS MOO) He's coming your way, block him! Jade! Snap out of it! Block that cow! (CROWD CHEERS) ROB: Way to push that number three back, Jade! GEORGIE: Yes! Rob: Nicely done.
That's teamwork, congratulations.
As they make their way to the round pen, with a time of 44 seconds flat! Wow, what a run, girls, congratulations.
Awesome, nice one.
(CROWD CHEERS) ROB: And Team Amy just stole this competition away from the boys.
Wow, congratulations, ladies.
Can you believe it? 44 seconds.
One second quicker than the guys.
All the money goes to the Foothills Horse Recovery Center, Congratulations, how does that feel? Oh, you know, it feels pretty great.
And when I'm able to deliver that cheque for a thousand bucks, it's gonna feel even better.
A thousand? Don't you mean $2,000? Well, I've decided that the Hudson Cancer Society shouldn't miss out just because they had an inferior team representing them, so I've decided to split it equally between the two.
Hey, come here.
(CROWD CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) However, that doesn't mean that they get out of digging the outhouse pit, let's make that clear.
(ALL LAUGH) Well, congratulations once again.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS) ROB: Well, that's it, folks.
What a fun day.
(CROWD APPLAUDS AND CHEERS) Well, nice job, ladies.
Cheers to our big win.
(WOMEN LAUGH) It's so nice to sit back and relax.
Oh, I'm sorry I almost let that cow go by.
I almost cost us the whole thing.
Hey! First of all, stop gloating, it's not ladylike, and second of all, you don't need to be ashamed about anything.
That was a gutsy display today.
That was a big step along the way to getting back to bronc riding, I mean, when you're ready.
Yeah, about the broncs.
My shoulder's feeling a lot better, and I wanna ride in the rodeo tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Well, I mean, I'll support you, whatever you wanna do, but you sure about that? Yeah, I'm good to go.
Okay, a little less talking, a little more digging, huh? (LAUGHS) Ohh oy yoy yoy.
Dig, dig.
Do the Okay.
That's not a corner.
Brought you a little something.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
Oh, I did.
It's a thank you for the other night.
I had a long talk with Cass this morning, and we've decided we're done with the specialists.
We're just gonna let the chips fall where they may, and get back to being grateful for all the wonderful things we do have in our life.
Well, you can swing by and have a taste of this with me anytime.
I think I'll stick to beer for a while, One night of whiskey was enough.
(LAUGHS) - Thanks, Jack.
- You bet.
You didn't come down for breakfast, I thought I'd bring some up.
Did you take the yolks out? No.
But I did spare you the bacon.
Okay, thanks.
All right, then.
(DOOR CLICKS SHUT) (SCALE CLATTERS) I wrestle with my demons (SHOCKED EXHALE) What?! (GROANS) With my weakness with my insecurity (SIGHS HEAVILY) And I know they come in seasons Though it's clearer to me now That they won't leave (CROWD CHEERS) Let my hands be used for lifting You ready? (READYING EXHALE) Yeah.
I got this.
Let my feet be swift and certain Walk along the path searching for you Let my eyes see through the illusion Let my heart be wild and free (GATE CLANGS) Let the truth come down from the mountain The river runs and winds The river runs and winds Its way To me