Heartland (CA) s12e08 Episode Script

Stress Fractures

1 AMY: Previously on "Heartland" There is a stable in Switzerland that runs a training camp for up and coming jumpers.
I would like to put Georgie's name forward.
PETER: I mean, I know we're not exactly poor, we're not millionaires, either.
This might be out of our reach, Lou.
Peter, we have to at least explore it.
I mean, this could be a big deal for Georgie.
So I think we can go down to two milliliters of bute for the next five days.
- Great, thank you.
- You're welcome.
What about Shooting Star? Oh, she's doing well.
The ligaments in her leg are starting to heal, so she won't need any painkillers.
They're beautiful.
It's official now.
Hey, no problem.
I figured you could use a change.
You've been training pretty hard.
Yeah well, these next few events could take me to Europe.
And you're ready.
You are! Come on, you need to relax a little.
Start having some fun! Well, we should head back if we wanna catch that race.
Did you say "race"? - (BOTH LAUGH) - Hey! (HOOVES CLOMP, HORSES SNORT) (TACK JINGLES) (HOOVES THUD) JACK: Why do we have so many channels on this thing?! TY: So Lisa can't watch this race online? Well, apparently not.
And Fairfield has a lot riding on Shooting Star.
Well, Star was out for a while with a leg injury, and Laura was pretty impatient to get her back on the circuit.
Yeah, speaking of patience, I'm about to lose mine.
The channels on this thing.
I have one of the best JACK: Stop! Right there, that is it.
- ANNOUNCER: And they're off! - Just in time, too.
- AMY: Hey.
- Hey.
Did we miss it? Come on, Star, you've gotta pick it up! Well, we did tell Laura not to expect much from Star's first race back.
ANNOUNCER: They're five across the track, coming for home now! - JACK: Will you look at this! - GEORGIE: Whoa! - JACK: Ohh! - Look at-look at her go! From all the way back there, look at this! - GEORGIE: Oh my gosh! - Jack: Whoa! - GEORGIE: Yes, come on yes! - AMY: Fantastic! She won! - Oh! That was incredible! - I don't believe it! - Did you - Wait 'til I tell Lisa! - Oh my - This is LOU: Maybe just, just hold on a second, okay? GG! We're home! Oh my gosh, look at you! What a beautiful surprise! - What are you doing here? - Yeah, I thought you weren't supposed to get home 'til tomorrow.
Yeah well, since you guys are already clearly celebrating, we'll throw in our good news as well.
Katie and I just said goodbye to New York for the last time.
We're officially home to stay.
Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh! (ALL LAUGH) S12E08 Stress Fractures And at the break of day You sank into your dream You dreamer Oh oh oh oh You dreamer You dreamer - You're home for good? - No more New York? Nope, just me and my girls, full time.
I can't believe it.
How did this all happen? Well, Nicole offered to buy me out of the Maggie's franchise, and I said yes.
As of today, I am a silent partner.
Oh, and there's one more thing.
The Euro camp.
It's doable, if you still wanna go.
Are you serious? You and Dad can afford it? Yeah.
We can.
I don't believe it! Thank you! Thank you so much! (SIGHS) (CELL PHONE CHIMES) (CLEARS THROAT) - Hey.
- Hey.
I am so sorry, I thought this thing was on silent.
That's okay.
Lyndy didn't wake up.
Who's texting you so late? Laura.
Apparently she just wanted to thank us for helping in Star's recovery.
And she owes us "a hundred million favours".
Well, can one of them be not to text us in the middle of the night? (CELL PHONE BEEPS, VIBRATES) (SIGHS) I think we're good.
(SIGHS) It's Scott.
He says, "congrats on the big win".
I wish I could be excited about this like everyone else is.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I mean, Star was healed, but she was still weak.
You know, for her to win like that? I don't know, it's just weird.
Maybe we should go out tomorrow and check on her.
Just see how she's doing post-race.
I like the sound of that.
Have I told you how much I'm enjoying this working together thing? - I think you have.
- Oh, I have? But you can tell me again.
I really enjoy this.
(BOTH LAUGH) - Yeah, but how much? - Yeah (CLATTERING, AMY GASPS) LYNDY: Mommy? Yeah.
- Mommy! - Yeah.
(SIGHS) Okay, boy.
We've got this.
(SIGHS) We're so close, okay? (NERVOUS EXHALE) Okay, let's go.
(KISSING NOISES) Come on, wake up! Get! (PHOENIX SNORTS) (HOOVES THUD) (TACK JINGLES) (HOOVES THUD) (PHOENIX SNORTS) (HOOVES THUD) LOU: Wow, Georgie is doing great out there.
Well, I'm sure your news about Europe is giving her some added motivation.
You know, I don't even wanna know how much it's gonna cost you and Peter.
Well, it's a huge opportunity, and I didn't wanna hold her back.
And neither did Peter.
- Oh, hey! - There's my niece! There's Auntie Lou! Hi! Auntie Lou missed you so much! Hi! Well, that's perfect, because I need you babysit.
I've gotta run to Fairfield.
I would love to, but I have a work thing.
Oh, I'll watch her.
It's not a problem.
Thank you, Grandpa.
And here I thought my sister might relax a little - now that she's home.
- I'm going to.
- Do you wanna go play? - Yeah.
I plan on just hanging out with family, spending time at home, but first, I'm gonna refocus the family businesses, starting with the Dude Ranch.
It needs some serious revamping.
There's the sister I know and love.
Okay, see you guys later.
Thanks, Grandpa! Bye.
Hey, what's with the boxes? Oh, Lisa shipped home some wine she's been collecting on her travels.
Right, she's coming home this weekend.
Yes, she is.
You have anything special planned? Well, I thought we'd have a nice welcome home dinner with the family.
Why? What have you got in mind? I think your plans need a little revamping of their own.
Lyndy, come have breakfast! Hmm, hey, girl.
You did so well out there.
We're so proud of you.
Let's see how you're doing here Amy, come feel this.
Okay hey.
It's really hot.
I heard my dream team was here! I have a bottle of champagne in my office - we need to pop, let's go! - Actually, Laura Ty's found something.
TY: It's a stress fracture.
LAURA: But her leg just healed.
I know.
And when I cleared Star, I said her leg was fine, but delicate.
Well, she was ready, Ty.
I mean, come on, she won.
Well, she must've got the injury after the race.
Do you remember anything? I don't know, I mean, uh a horse kicked at her when she was getting trailered.
But I really didn't think it was that serious.
AMY: I'll get some herbal supplements together for her feed.
That'll help ease the pain when she's on stall rest.
Stall rest? Two of the worst words in horse racing.
How long this time? I won't know until I get a better look at these x-rays.
She's scheduled to race this weekend.
I'm sorry, Laura.
- MITCH: Hey! - Hey.
It was nice to get your call.
So, how long are you in town for this time? Well, actually I'm here to stay.
Really? - What, like permanently? - Yeah.
Wow, well, you finally did it.
I think that's great, welcome home, Lou.
But uh, there is something else.
Yes, there always is.
(LAUGHS WRYLY) (PAPER RUSTLES) Star would've raced this weekend, and probably broken her leg if we hadn't listened to our gut.
Yeah well, my gut's telling me something else right now.
Laura's lying to us.
- What? - Yeah.
I don't think Star got kicked after the race.
There was no abrasion.
And the fracture was too advanced, I think this happened a few days ago.
- You mean before the race? - Yeah! But Star could never have won on that injury.
Unless - you don't think - Well Can you keep Laura busy for a few minutes? - I wanna check something.
- Yeah, for sure.
So a family sold all their stuff, and then crossed the country like pioneers? In a covered wagon, no less.
How is this article relevant? The Dude Ranch is going to offer pioneer weekends.
Guests will live like settlers.
Cook by fire, sleep under the stars, with no modern-day distractions.
It's the perfect getaway for the disconnected family.
Which is how I pitched it to my client in New York.
And she totally bit.
So she's coming out next week with her whole family.
Theme vacations are huge right now.
So she's expecting all of this by next week? We can pull it off, right? I mean, kinda like what you did for Maya's retreat.
Well, I-I didn't really didn't do that much.
But Lou, you realize just how crazy all of this sounds, - right? - Come on, I'm sure I've said way crazier things than this to you.
- Ain't that the truth.
- (LAUGHS) Mitch, please.
I'm in a bit of a bind.
(BIRDS CHIRP) AMY: So people will pay to be pioneers? And spend the weekend living the simple, stress-free pioneer life.
Now, I'm pretty sure the pioneers had their fair share of stresses.
Like surviving.
You guys are missing the point.
Besides, Mitch and I found a great campsite, and I need to test out this concept out asap.
So I invite you all to step back in time with me tomorrow.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Come on, you guys! This is one of the main reasons I came home.
To spend more time with family.
Plus you're the only one who can drive the covered wagon Mitch found.
Well, I'm in, I mean, I think Lyndy would love it.
- Okay.
- Excellent! - Grandpa? - No! - No, I'm busy, Lou.
- Ugh! And my event's the next day, so.
You know, a night off might help get you focused.
She's not wrong, Georgie.
And besides, don't make us do this alone.
- Come.
- Okay.
Yes! Amazing! You guys are not going to regret this.
I'm excited.
Yay! So you spent the whole day with Mitch? Jeez, you don't waste any time.
We're friends.
It's nothing.
There was one thing, though.
Last time I was here, Mitch told Grandpa that he and Maya were getting serious.
But today whenever I mentioned Maya, Mitch just changed the subject.
It just made me wonder if maybe she's not in the picture anymore.
Do you really wanna go there? No, you're right.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is I'm home, and the franchise is sold, and Georgie can go to Europe.
Wait, is that why you sold your shares in Maggie's? For Georgie? Well, Peter and I finally did the math, and it was a lot of money.
But it's Georgie's dream, so it will all be worth it.
Wasn't the franchise your dream? Yes, it was.
But I've been wanting to come home for a while now, Amy.
This opportunity for Georgie just gave me the extra push I needed.
You know? The truth is, Nicole made me that offer months ago.
And I was going to say yes, and then Maya happened, and I just ran away.
But I'm not making any more decisions based on a guy.
Even if that said guy might be single now? I'm home.
And for the right reasons.
I'll just leave the rest up to fate.
- (LAUGHS) - What? (BOTH LAUGH) WYATT: Ah, she's alive, good.
Because I was uh, texting you and calling you all day.
And then you didn't respond, and I thought maybe Sorry.
I've been busy.
So my Mom, she's home for good now.
She sold her business.
Wow, that's big news.
Yeah, so they can they can afford the Euro camp now.
- If I qualify.
- You're gonna qualify.
For sure, trust me.
And that's awesome that they can afford it, I'm super happy for you.
Oh, actually uh, - this is perfect! - What is? Well, Olivia dumped Adam today.
- And that's perfect?! - Yes, well, not for Adam.
It sucks for Adam, he's super messed up about it.
But my favourite band's playing in Calgary tomorrow, and so I bought me and Adam tickets just to cheer him up.
And you should totally come with us.
- Because they start super early.
- Oh Wyatt, I'd love to, but I But you've got your event the next day.
Well, yeah, that too.
But my mom's planned this camping trip, so So your boyfriend's out of luck.
I'm under a lot of pressure, okay? Well, I mean, it's like, it's a camping trip, and a European tour, so it's not that bad.
What if I don't qualify? My mom's given up everything for me.
What do you mean? I'm sorry, I you don't get it.
Um have fun at your-your concert.
Okay, uh well see 'ya.
See 'ya.
(TACK JINGLES) Good boy.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, no, thanks for the rush job on the tests.
All right, bye.
(BEEPS PHONE OFF) That was Scott.
He just got the test results back from the blood sample - I took from Star today.
- And? Her blood is full of painkillers.
She ran the race on that fracture, just like we thought.
(SIGHS) She was doped.
(TRUCK RUMBLES) (HOOVES CLOMP) LAURA: Do you understand? - Laura? - Hey, can we talk? - Be right back.
- Yep.
- Yeah? How can I help you? Did you pump Star full of painkillers - so she could run that race? - What? No! Star has a stress fracture.
But she didn't even flinch when we felt her leg yesterday.
'Cause she was on bute, right? Winners are always tested after a race, so how was it not detected? Honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about.
We ran bloodwork, Laura.
We know.
(SIGHS) When did that fracture happen? It was during training before the race.
And after I'd cleared her.
Why didn't you call me?! - There wasn't time, Ty.
- How could you do that? - When Lisa finds out - Oh.
Lisa can't know.
Well, Fairfield's our client, and Lisa's our family, so we're telling her.
You know, you two really need to grow up.
This is how the racing world works.
No one talks about it, but everyone does it.
Okay, but that doesn't make it right.
Right or wrong, none of us want this getting out.
Although if people started asking questions, I-I guess I'd have to tell them where I got all those drugs I used on Star.
Those drugs were for other horses, not Star, and you knew that! It's your word against mine, isn't it? You go to Lisa, I go to the press.
- What? - If any of this goes public, you're not only destroying everything Lisa's built, you're gonna ruin your own careers as well.
We're all involved in this now.
(AMY AND TY SIGH) TY: Let's go.
(DOOR SLAMS) Hello? Anybody home? (CLATTERS) Ah! Oh! Oh! Ooh! Ooh! Oh, hey, Jack.
I didn't see you there.
- Hello, Peter.
- Hey! What are you doing here? Oh, uh, I came to surprise Georgie.
- For her big event tomorrow.
- Oh, right.
Oh, she'll appreciate that, she's been training extra hard on account of your big gesture.
Georgie's not here right now.
She's uh, on a run.
Oh uh, what about Katie? She's at a sleepover.
Hey, um, could we chat later? I just, I have to run and see a guy about a covered wagon.
Was that a butter churn? Yeah, well, you know, it's it's best not to ask.
Aha, a wine fridge, huh? Nice! Giving the place a little upgrade? It's a little welcome home gift for Lisa.
Oh, okay.
Oh yeah, no, I know all about these.
I've got the same model in my condo, actually.
Well, I'm on a deadline.
I could use an extra pair of hands.
Yeah, sure, I'd love to help.
Good! Well, the good news is, Star is on stall rest.
So we can deal with Laura later.
What can we do, Amy? Laura's right.
If people find out Star's doped, they're gonna ask where the drugs came from.
I'm involved.
It's not your fault, though.
I should've monitored things better.
I should've checked on Laura more! - That is not your job! - It's just Okay, you prescribe medication.
You can't be there every time it's given out! No vet can.
There has to be some trust.
Yeah well, trust is gonna be hard after this one, Amy.
- Ty - We work together now, okay? So when I make a mistake Yeah, but you didn't make a mistake! - You did everything right! - Look! I know! Okay?! And I still got burned! Laura could ruin me.
And now we're partners, so your name's gonna get dragged through the mud, too.
This is all my fault.
I don't think us working together is such a good idea.
- Why would you say that? - (SIGHS) I don't know.
I just I need some time to figure this out, okay? Can we keep this between us while I clear my head? I'll talk to Lou, we don't have to go on that camping trip, please just stay, - and talk this through with me! - I need some time, okay?! (TRUCK RUMBLES, TIRES CRUNCH ON THE GRAVEL) (SIGHS HEAVILY) (SIGHS) Where do you need me? Well, I was wiring that wall plug, so.
All right.
Let's see here.
- Oh, Peter, wait, no! - Ooooh! (GASPS, WHIMPERS) That's still on, I think.
Hey, Dad! What're you doing here? Are you kidding me? I came to see you! Come here! I wouldn't miss your big event.
Well, you didn't have to do that, you've done so much already.
Does this mean you can come on that camping trip? Mom talked us all into it.
Uh yeah, yeah, of course.
I-I may have to meet you there, though, I'm helping Jack out with something, so Oh no, I'm good.
Oh, okay, well, I've got to go pack, anyway, but thank you so much for everything.
Hey! What's all this about me returning the wagon? I'm cancelling.
One by one my entire family's dropping like flies, so (SIGHS) nice homecoming, huh? Anyway, Amy and Ty just bailed too, so there's no one left to drive the damn wagon.
Well hey, look, I-I could drive a wagon.
You mean like come on the camping trip? I'm game if you are.
(CAR RUMBLES, DOOR SLAMS) JEN: Lou! Hope you've got room for one more in that wagon of yours! Uh, sorry, what? Well, you said you wanted me to be more assertive.
So Wyatt told me that you were testing out a new idea for the Dude Ranch and I thought, hey, I am the manager of said Dude Ranch, I should assert myself, and tag along.
Oh, but you know what, this it's really more of a family thing.
- Are you going? - Um - Hey! - Hey.
Uh, everyone.
Peter, are you going on this camping trip thing, too? - Yeah, why, are you? - Peter, you're coming? Well, Georgie invited me, is - Was that not okay? - Oh, no.
No, that's fine.
Yeah, that's fine.
Mitch, you're goin', too? Yes.
No one else could drive the wagon so.
Okay, great.
- Well, that'll be great.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it sure will.
Great! Well, let's get goin'.
(OBJECTS CLATTER) (EXHALES) You guys ready for this? Yeah.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) Go ahead, we're not pioneers yet.
Yes! Hey Georgie, Adam, say hi.
Oh, how can you say no to that face?! We're at the Dude Ranch gates.
Come! Go ahead.
Have some real fun.
Really? Are-are you sure? Yes, just be home before curfew, okay? We're going to your event first thing.
Thanks guys, really.
I'm I'm so grateful.
(SIGHS) "Grateful", huh? A little much, don't you think? Actually, we should probably talk.
JEN: Lou! Let's roll out, huh? (SIGHS) Later.
ADAM: The conclusion I've come to? The cliches are correct.
Love does make you blind.
I'm no fool, I did the math.
There was a huge probability that I'd be dumped by someone like Olivia.
But did I see it coming? No! Are you glad you made the move from Pioneer Village - to Heartbreak Hotel? - I am.
- But I do have to be home early.
- I know, yeah, you will.
And also, 'cause I remembered something that you uh, you said in one of your Kim gush-a-thons.
"Gush-a-thons?" Really? Yeah, really.
Yeah, so aside from a nutritious meal and rest, almighty Coach Kim recommends taking a break the day before an event.
- That is true.
- It's very, very true.
So I've made you a nutritious dinner, and I set my alarm on my phone to go off 20 minutes before we have to go so I can get you home and you can get like, a perfect eight-hour sleep.
Thank you.
You're amazing, really.
I made a break-up playlist of songs in C-minor.
That's the key that best epitomizes the lovesick soul.
Spoiler alert, tears will be shed.
(WAGON CLATTERS) Oh! Okay! (LAUGHING) (LOW HUM OF CHATTER, WAGON CLATTERS) (LOU SIGHS HEAVILY) So there is one thing that every pioneer family must know in order to survive how to build a fire.
Good old flint, and steel.
Just like the pioneers used.
I Googled it.
Oh, okay.
So you just um take this piece here, and you okay, you just (RASPING) I think it's like Oh, you have to put the uh, char cloth on the tinder to get a flame.
Right, right, right, yes, no, no, no, I knew that.
I just-I forgot, okay.
(SCRAPING) - And then I think - Oh, here.
I used to be a Girl Guide.
I went all the way to Ranger status, because I couldn't get enough of those badges.
(RASPING, SCRAPING) (SPARK SIZZLES) So uh that's how you do it.
- Hey.
JACK: I think I set my tape measure down somewhere.
- Have you seen it? - Um no.
How is that install coming? Oh, it's goin' good; Peter went camping.
You all right? Yeah, it's just work stuff.
Well you know, starting a new business together, there's gonna be a few growing pains.
And speaking of your work, Star's running again tomorrow, can you watch the race with me? Lisa has to have another play-by-play.
Uh, actually, Jack, I don't think Star is gonna be racing tomorrow.
Oh? Why not? (INHALES DEEPLY) (THUDS) I can see why Georgie ran off with my son.
(LAUGHS) Not that she doesn't deserve to celebrate.
Wyatt told me the news.
Europe, that is so exciting! What's that? Oh.
Am I wrong? Uh, Wyatt told me that Georgie was going to that program.
Could you excuse us just for a minute? - Can I talk to you? - Sure.
I uh I can afford it now.
I tried to talk to you about it earlier, but Well, hold on, how can you afford it? I sold my Maggie's franchise shares.
And don't worry, when I told Georgie about Europe, she assumed we were both paying for it, and I didn't correct her, so (GASPS) That's why she was acting so weird.
Why are you so mad? This is what we both wanted for her.
It was just cost holding us back, and now I can pay, it's it's okay that you weren't able to.
I was always able to, Lou.
I just wasn't ready; I wanted some time.
But of course you just barreled ahead without me.
Because I thought this is what we both wanted! Yes, it was, but what about Georgie?! I mean, do-do you think she's ready for that world? Emotionally? It's like I was saying to Jen last week, it's a potentially toxic environment there.
Those kids are under too much pressure, they've got too much money, too much freedom.
You were talking to Jen last week? Well, I was visiting friends in Vancouver.
We we just had dinner.
- What? - Okay.
- That's great.
- What's great? What? (SIGHS) Those guys were insane, right? I felt some brief moments of joy.
Oh, you felt brief moments of joy, we won! Oh, good job, Adam.
It was a really fun night out.
I'm sorry for making us leave early.
But thank you for dragging me out here.
Ah, it's okay, no, you're welcome.
(CLAPS) You're welcome.
Wow! GEORGIE: Wait, what level are we on? WYATT: Um three, I think.
ADAM: I would've said four.
Do any of us know where the car is? Seriously, guys, I've gotta get home! It's okay, don't worry.
There's only like, five levels in this place, so the car's gonna be on one of them.
(DOOR RATTLES) We'll be outta here in no time, promise.
(FOOTSTEPS THUD, ECHO) (DOOR RATTLES) (ALL SIGH HEAVILY) Wyatt, this is a medical centre.
Yeah, my friend's Dad's got an office here, so they said I could park for free.
But these places don't have normal hours.
- They lock up early.
- Oh yeah, duh! I'm an idiot.
They-they gave me a fob thingy for that.
- Okay, let's use it.
- Yeah, I will, hold on.
(PATTING THUMPS) Wait we're trapped, aren't we? (SIGHS) (SIGHS) (WORRIED SIGH) (PETER AND JEN LAUGH) Oh, I'm not gonna eat that.
(SIGHS) (WATER BABBLES) Hey, you know what they say, nothing relieves frustrations like a go on the old butter churn.
(WATER SPLASHES) - What a disaster, huh? - Ah Thanks for staying.
You're a good friend.
(SIGHS) Uh, yeah.
Lou, I I've been meaning to talk to you about something.
Um, you know, ever since you told me that you were back home now for good, um I've been wanting to tell you this, and I just, I-I haven't I guess I haven't been able to figure out how to do it, and like you said, we are good friends, so Mitch, stop.
(BUCKET THUDS) What is it? I asked Maya to marry me.
And she said yes.
So I I'm engaged.
(LAUGHS) Wow, that's wow.
That-I'm-I'm surprised, what a surprise.
Yeah, you haven't mentioned her lately, so I kinda thought you guys were on the outs.
Yeah, no.
No, she's just, she's away right now.
She's in India, she's doing this whole yoga retreat thing.
You know, actually I um I asked her at the airport.
It's crazy, right? I mean, I didn't plan anything, We were just saying goodbye, and I just I said, marry me.
I didn't have a ring, or anything.
Uh, that's crazy.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Congratulations, Mitch, really.
Well, thank you.
JEN: Soup's on! Finally! - Well, I guess that's us.
- Yeah.
(BUCKETS RATTLE) Whoa! (FOOTSTEPS CRUNCH IN THE FOLIAGE) (SIGHS HEAVILY) So what are we gonna do? After messing with my wife's horses, and threatening you two, the first thing I wanna do is go over there, and take that Laura down a notch or two.
And then she goes straight to the papers, Jack.
Blame it all on me.
On us.
She's got us trapped.
Yeah, it's a tough situation, for sure.
But you and Ty, you stepped in, you stopped her from making it worse.
Star won't be racing, and that's the important thing.
Wait, so you're agreeing with Laura? We should just move on, and forget this ever happened? Oh, absolutely not, Lisa needs to know.
Fairfield is her business, and she'll be the one to handle Laura.
Okay, well, what time is it where Lisa is right now? No, no, no, no.
We're not calling Lisa now.
The last thing I wanna do is give her bad news before she gets on a long flight.
She'll be home soon enough, and we'll explain everything then.
You two make a good team, remember that.
(WORRIED SIGH) Well, I followed your authentic recipe to a "t," Lou.
You might wanna think about changing your menu.
I'm not sure your fancy New York family will be able to handle bean stew and salt pork.
But I mean, it could become some kind of crazed fad diet, like the "Pioneer Food Plan," or, "The Colonial Cleanse.
" Jen, could you just be quiet for a moment? Oh, I'm sorry, I know, I get a little Chatty Kathy sometimes.
Pretty much all the time.
Well, at least I know how to communicate.
What's that supposed to mean? It would've been nice if you'd communicated that you were moving home and overhauling your businesses that you hired me to run.
Since when do I have to ask your permission to do anything - with my businesses?! - Since you hired me! Right, hired.
That means you're my employee, not my replacement.
So maybe you should stop trying to worm your way - into every aspect of my life.
- Wow.
Playing matchmaker for ex-boyfriend, going for dinner with my ex-husband! Whoa, whoa, okay! Why don't we just cool out here, and everybody go to sleep? - Fine, that's a great idea.
- Give me the bowl.
Thank you.
We're in a concrete tower.
(SIGHS) I can't believe I'm gonna miss my event.
No, stop, stop.
This place opens up super early, I'm gonna drive you straight home, it's gonna be fine.
Nothing about this is fine, Wyatt.
Tomorrow is really important for me.
We know! It's all that you talk about! Sorry, that's the heartbreak talking.
Adam, the kind of training I'm doing requires a lot of dedication, and focus! Does it also take over your life?! 'Cause lately all I hear from Wyatt is how you can't even answer a text these days.
That you never have time for him.
Wyatt, is that true? Wow.
Why did I let you talk me into this? - I am such an idiot! - Okay, seriously! Where is my girlfriend? Where did you put her? Is she down here? Georgie? Anybody? I don't know, I can't see her.
Because the Georgie I know would be finding the humour in this because it's one stupid event.
And there's gonna be a million more exactly like it on your glamorous European tour! If you think I find this funny in the slightest then you don't know me at all! If I miss this event tomorrow, there is no European tour, okay?! (FOOTSTEPS THUD, ECHO) (FIRE CRACKLES) (CRICKETS CHIRP) - Hey.
- Hey.
You uh, you mind if I join you? I couldn't sleep either.
(SIGHS) (FIRE CRACKLES) You know, Lou I don't get how you could be afraid that anybody would ever replace you.
You are without a doubt, one hundred percent, one of a kind.
Very funny.
(LAUGHS) (FIRE CRACKLES) Ow! Oh, I think I have some ash in my eye.
- What? You serious? - Yeah! - Okay well, hold on, hold on.
- Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! It's okay, it's okay, hold on, oh yeah, yeah, hold on.
- Look up.
- Ow.
Ah! Okay, I think I got it.
Um, yeah.
Sorry, h-how do you feel? (SIGHS) I feel fine.
- Okay.
- Um I'm just gonna good night.
Good night.
I shouldn'tve gone ahead with Europe without talking to you first.
I was just proud of myself that I could do it on my own.
I get it, you know, I do.
Um, it's just it's a big step for Georgie, and I think I just have trouble admitting that she's ready to take it.
I don't know why.
She's growing up one way or the other.
Why not let her do it while she's accomplishing something remarkable? (SIGHS) I'm in.
Let's do it, we'll-we'll split the cost.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
Guess I better go mend fence number two.
She's doing a good job.
I know that.
This uh, pioneer retreat had something right.
It's good to disconnect.
Let go.
This thing with you and Jen It's not a thing, Lou.
It's nothing.
Whatever it is, I'm letting it go.
I have to let a lot of things go.
Hey! Hey! Hey, what're you guys doing here?! Ah! Oh, guys, we're free! Let's go! (CAR RUMBLES) ADAM: We're going to make it! - Hope exists! - See? I told you, I told you I would get Cinderella to the ball.
- What's that? - I don't know.
Hold Whoa, whoa.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (STEAM HISSES) Uh Okay, wait, wait.
(ENGINE SPLUTTERS, COUGHS) (STEAM HISSES) Hey, how'd the pioneer expedition go? It was fine.
Is that coffee? Yeah.
Hey, is Georgie up? We've gotta get going.
Well, I thought she went camping with you.
No, no, she went out with Wyatt and Adam.
Well, Georgie's not here.
What? Well, where is she then?! (CELL PHONE RINGS) Uh, Georgie? Where are you? Are you okay? (SIGHS) You're kidding.
(SIGHS) I can't believe this! I'm so sorry, Georgie.
For for everything.
Really, really sorry.
Can you just say something, please? Like, I'm trying to I'm trying to fix this.
(CAR RUMBLES, GRAVEL CRUNCHES) (ENGINE SHUTS OFF) Come on, let's go honey, we can still make it.
We can't.
It's over.
What's going on with you guys? You need a ride? No, I'm gonna wait here 'til help comes.
Me too.
I'll see you guys soon.
Well, I'm real sorry to hear that, Lou, but she's safe and sound, right? Yes, she's fine, she's just totally devastated.
(SIGHS) Shoot.
- I've gotta go pick up Katie.
- Okay.
I can't believe Georgie missed her event.
So what does this mean for Europe, then? I don't know, but it doesn't look good.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, it's Lisa.
Hi honey, is your flight on time? What? A turn for the worse? Well, of course you need to stay.
Ah no, Star's not racing, I actually wanted to talk to you about that.
Oh, Laura told you Star is racing today? What? She's gonna be so doped she won't even feel her leg.
- She's gonna break it! - What is Laura thinking?! - Ty, we've gotta stop her! - If we leave now, we might be able to make it, okay? - JACK: Go, go, go! - Yeah! Okay, hi, hi Lise, yeah, I'm-I'm here.
Oh of course, you go talk to the doctor, and I miss you, I love you.
(SIGHS) Bye.
(PHONE BEEPS OFF) (SIGHS HEAVILY) (SIGHS) Nothing is forever I know that's what they say Gonna lock the doors and cover my ears (TRUCK RUMBLES) It's easier that way I wanna tell you that I'm sorry I wanna go back to the start Before the cavalry was sent for Before the whole thing fell apart Taking the long way out Oh oh oh Though it's hard to admit There's no turning back now Taking the long way out