Heartland (CA) s12e09 Episode Script

Long Road Back

1 Previoulsy on Heartland Did you pump Star full of painkillers - so she could run that race? - What? No.
We ran bloodwork, Laura.
We know.
LOU: What matters is the franchise is sold, and Georgie can go to Europe.
Is that why you sold your shares in Maggie's? LOU: It's Georgie's dream, so it will all be worth it.
Garland Foods would like to increase our order.
I think we should tell Fred we can't do it.
Why, what are you talking about? We'll discuss it more when Tim gets back.
Come on, let's go, honey.
We can still make it.
We can't.
It's over.
- Star is racing today.
- What? She's gonna be so doped she won't even feel her leg, she's gonna break it! AMY: What is Laura thinking? Ty, we've gotta stop her! (TRUCK RUMBLES) (TACK JINGLES, HORSE SNORTS) (RIDERS CHATTER) One more win, that's all I'm asking, okay? Just like last week.
(STAR SNORTS) Shh, shh, shh.
Announcer Will the horses for Race Six please head to the paddock.
Race Six.
That's us.
You can do this, Star.
(LOW WHINNY) (TACK JINGLES) (TRUCK RUMBLES) AMY: Let's check the stables first.
- Thanks.
(TACK JINGLES) - That's her stall.
- Where's Shooting Star? - The chestnut filly? - Yeah, from Fairfield.
- Her race got called.
- Oh, dammit! AMY: Laura! Where is she? Warming up.
You're never gonna get by the drug testing.
Well, we did last week.
And I am sure we'll be under the threshold again.
Well, with the amount of bute that you pumped into her system, it's not likely.
There's no bute in her system.
Well, either way she can't run on that leg.
So we're gonna pull her from the race right now.
Actually, I'm in charge at Fairfield.
Of all the horses, and that includes Star.
And I decided she's good to go.
ANNOUNCER: Will the horses for Race Six please move to the starting gate.
Besides you're too late.
S12E09 Long Road Back And at the break of day You sank into your dream You dreamer Oh oh oh oh You dreamer You dreamer You're putting Star's life in danger.
- What's wrong with you? - I'm gonna get her myself.
Hey Ty, what's going on? There's an injured horse out there.
- Which one? - Shooting Star.
She seemed fine in the paddock.
Well, she's not, okay? She has a stress fracture in her left fetlock.
You've gotta trust me.
The race is about to start.
I'm gonna take your word for it.
- I'm sorry, she's out.
- What?! We have a scratch in Race Six.
Please bring Shooting Star back to the paddock.
Well, I hope you're happy.
Pulling that horse just put Fairfield in serious jeopardy.
Along with both your reputations.
I don't care who you tell your crazy lies to.
- Star's coming with us.
- No, she's not.
I'm taking her back to Fairfield.
You've done something, so if it's not bute, then what is it? It's nothing.
She's gonna be fine.
You don't honestly believe that, do you? You know what, you don't want to see the lengths we'll go to, to protect her! (HOOVES CLOMP) (TRUCK RUMBLES) (HORSE WHINNIES) I'll give her to you.
- What happened? - I'm so sorry.
I was at a concert last night and this is gonna sound crazy, but I got stuck in this parkade.
- What? - It's a long story.
I don't wanna bore you, but I know I know I shouldn'tve been out the night before a horse show.
I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised.
I thought you were taking this chance to go to Europe more seriously.
But it is what it is.
We'll try again for the camp next year.
Wait! Wait! I we've been busting our butts to qualify for this year.
That was the plan.
Slim chance now that you didn't show today.
I'll wait for the updated points to get posted, but it doesn't look good.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) Thank God you got there in time.
How's she doing? Well, she's pretty calm right now, but that'll change once the painkillers wear off.
She's gonna start to feel that injury in a big way.
Well, you're gonna be on your own, I have to bring the grass cows home.
Oh, that's right, you're pushing the herd tomorrow, Jack, I'm sorry, I forgot.
I said I'd help you, but No, it's fine.
It's fine, you need to stay here and deal with Star.
Tim, Mitch, and I, we can handle it.
Grandpa, have you told Lisa yet? No.
No, I haven't.
I just didn't wanna stress her out while she's away.
But she does need to know what's going on with her horse, and about that manager over there.
So I'll talk to her before I head out in the morning.
All right, I wanna do another blood test.
(SIGHS) Come on, Star.
Hi, are the results in yet? Really? Well, that's great.
I mean, it's not perfect but at least there's a chance, right? Okay.
Okay, I'll see you first thing in the morning, then.
Okay, thank you.
- That sounded promising.
- I can still qualify.
Yeah, but I need to win the Rocky Mountain Classic.
In two days.
And I need to get first place and nothing but.
- Oh.
- It's okay.
If that's what I have to do, then that's - that's what I'll do.
- Hey! Your lunch.
I need to get a run in.
I'll eat later.
- I'm done too.
- All right.
(LOU AND PETER SIGH) Wow, first place, huh? - No pressure there.
- Yeah, no kidding.
(MUSIC PLAYS THROUGH EARPHONES) (RUNNING STEPS CRUNCH) (GEORGIE PANTS HEAVILY) (RUNNING STEPS CRUNCH) (EXHAUSTED MOANS) Ah! Ah! (PANTING) Ah! (GASPING) (MOANS, RETCHES) (GAGGING, VOMITING) (MOANS) (PANTING HEAVILY) (RUNNING STEPS CRUNCH) (PANTING) FRED: So what I'm hearing is that you might possibly, maybe want to meet our request for more beef? No, we do, we both very much do.
We're just figuring out the best way to handle it right now.
Well, where does Jack stand on all this? Uh (SIGHS) That's what I thought.
Now, looks like I'm gonna have to start looking at other ranchers.
- No, we just need some time.
- You've got three days.
Top you up? Oh, thanks, honey.
Fred, have you met my daughter, Lou? No, uh, I haven't had the pleasure.
I'm Fred Garland.
Oh, you own Garland Foods.
I hear you have great taste in beef.
She's a businessperson too, she owns this place, and a bunch of franchises that'll be popping up everywhere.
She's got one in New York already.
A real knack for business, just I don't know, probably Takes after her Dad.
MITCH: (FORCED LAUGH) (CELL PHONE RINGS) Ooh, I gotta take that.
Oh Jack.
Yeah? No, we're just-we're just I'm just uh, organizing some things last minute.
(SIGHS NERVOUSLY) (DISHES CLINK) Fred, um, why the three-day deadline? Fine.
FRED: Well, I have to secure my meat supply, Mitch.
You can understand that.
Okay, we should uh, we should get going.
We've got a big day tomorrow.
Fred, we'll be in touch.
- All right.
- Look, I'd like to really make a deal with you guys, but the clock's ticking.
Yeah, no, we understand.
- Bye, hon.
- LOU: Bye, Dad.
What did-what did Jack want? He knows we're talking to Garland, right? Just relax, he just let me know - that Ty can't make it tomorrow.
- Okay.
- I-I don't like this.
- No big deal.
I don't like sneaking around behind Jack's back.
We wouldn't have to if he wasn't being so stubborn.
We're on the verge of losing out! I know! I I know.
We have to tell him tomorrow on the cattle drive, - and get him on board.
- I'm just gonna make him see that he has to take a back seat on certain things.
He's not the only one who knows how to make a deal around here.
I'll get the old man to come around.
Yeah well, what if you can't? Well then, he's outvoted.
- (SIGHS) - I'm impressed.
I can show you how to do it, if you like.
No, no, I meant how you brought this diner concept - to New York.
- How'd you know about that? As a businessman I keep my ear to the ground for any cool entrepreneurial success stories.
- My dad told you, didn't he? - Argh! Busted.
Do you have a hand in your family's cattle operation? Oh! No.
There are enough cooks in that kitchen already.
Ah, well, I am relieved to hear that.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I-I mean, I make it a firm rule not to date anyone I'm in business with.
That was my clumsy segue to asking you out.
Look, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
(SILVERWARE CLATTERS) Call me sometime if you'd like to meet up.
Yeah, easy now, easy.
I know.
It's really kicking in now.
I can't believe she actually ran on that leg a week ago.
Do you remember at the track Laura said there was no bute in her system? - Yeah.
- She was right; my blood test proved it.
But she was still numb to the pain, so something's goin' on.
I'm thinking Laura gave her something else, maybe something undetectable, or it's hard to say.
Jack, have you talked to Lisa yet? No.
No, I tried last night and again this morning, but I did leave a message for her to call you guys asap.
You're gonna have to fill her in on what's going on.
Now, if she does call, tell her that I do know about Star, and (SIGHS) and I'm here if she wants to talk.
See ya.
(BUCKET RATTLES) You want some of this? (STAR SNORTS) (SIGHS) That's it, Georgie, stay nice and relaxed.
- Ah! Nice job.
Bring it in.
(PHOENIX SNORTS) (SIGHS) All right, I think that's enough for today.
I need to go again.
There's no room for error tomorrow.
You seem pretty worn out, I think a little bit of rest will be better for you.
- I can do that after the show.
- Georgie, rest is just No, I wanna go to the camp! I need to! Okay? You know my Mom, she even sold off part of her business so we can afford this.
(SIGHS) We're doing this.
Okay? (SIGHS) Fine.
Let's go again.
Hey! I just wanted to check in before we head on this cattle drive, just to let you know the horses at the Dude Ranch, they're good for the next couple days.
Okay, great.
Hey, why were you guys talking to Garland without Grandpa there? Oh that, um that was a preliminary meeting.
We're gonna fill Jack in later.
You know, speaking of Garland, I just, I-I saw that he was chatting you up.
Yeah, he was, actually.
- He asked me out on a date.
- Really? Yeah.
I don't know if it's a good idea, I mean, he's not really my type.
- What do you think? - Uh I mean, look at you and Maya.
Complete opposites.
Totally unsuited to each other.
You said so yourself, and look at you now.
Yeah, I guess you never really know.
How are the wedding plans coming? Good.
Yeah, they're- they're great.
I think, I guess, I don't know, Maya's the one doing it, so Hmm.
I-I should get going, Tim's gonna want to head out soon.
- Okay.
- Bye.
(SCREEN DOOR BANGS) (CATTLE MOO) TIM, JACK, AND MITCH: Hup! Come on! (WHISTLING) JACK: Keep moving you guys, let's go! TIM: Hup! (CLUCKS TONGUE) Hup! Jack, hold up, hold up.
MITCH: Hey! Let's go, come on! Listen, why don't you let me TB this thing, okay? - Pardon me? - T-Bossing.
Trail bossing.
You're usually the trail boss.
Sometimes, you know, you've gotta take a step back, - let a younger guy step in.
- Oh, I do, do I? Well, I got some ideas, Jack.
- It'll save us some time.
- Since when is this a race? I'm just saying, come on.
You like to be out here in the fresh air, working the herd, and I'm a busy guy.
I'm not into this as a leisurely activity.
- Fine.
- Right? Really? Oh, you think you can do a better job, you be my guest.
All right then.
(CLUCKS TONGUE, CHUCKLES) (HOOVES CLOMP) How's Star doing? Well, she's still really favouring that leg.
I really hope she can come back from this.
Me too.
Star should've never raced last week.
This is exactly the thing that can happen when a horse isn't sound.
(SIGHS) (DISHES CLATTER) Hey, lunch is almost ready.
Tuna melts.
What's with the face? You love my tuna melts.
I just, I just don't really feel like it today.
Well, I'm gonna head into town, you wanna do a burger instead? I'm-I'm really just not that hungry.
You know what I can, I can have one of these yogurt drinks instead.
Honey, you should probably have some real food.
Yeah, you've been burning a lot of calories these days.
Can you guys please not tell me what to eat? I'm under a lot of stress, okay, and I've got a life-changing competition tomorrow, so I'm sorry if I don't have much of an appetite! (RECEDING FOOTSTEPS THUD) (SIGHS) Come on, Star, just try a little bit.
I have been trying to get in touch with Ty.
Why hasn't Star been returned to Fairfield yet? Because we're busy treating her.
She's in pretty bad shape, thanks to you.
- OH - TY: Hey.
- What are you doing here? - I came to get Star.
Star's staying here.
I just got the bloodwork back.
It's not good.
Acute renal failure.
Is that's why she's not eating? Yeah.
What else did you do to get her to stop feeling the pain? What? Nothing.
I need to help her, Laura.
She was running the race on a really bad injury.
How is that possible? It had to be more than bute, what did you do? It was just the bute, I swear.
(SIGHS) Okay, whatever.
Can you leave so we can get our work done, please?! Fine.
(SIGHS) Is Star's life in danger? Let's just get this IV hooked up.
- Quickly.
- Okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Hey (STAR SNORTS) You are kind of a better drawer than I am.
This is now the biggest flower in the world.
Hey, oh wow, a little dressed up for Maggie's, aren't you? I'm actually meeting someone for coffee.
Coffee, huh? You mean a date? Hey, you have marker on your cheek, go wash it off.
- Okay.
- Have fun with your Dad.
Well, it's coffee with a guy, kinda like how you went for dinner with Jen, so yeah, I guess you could call it a date.
You like how I turned that around on you there? Mhmm.
Enjoy your coffee.
JACK: Hup! Hup! (CATTLE MOO) (HOOVES THUNDER) JACK: Hup! Come on, Jack, push up that drag.
(CATTLE MOO) Pick it up back there! Don't let 'em eat! - I got this.
- Okay.
There's a new sheriff in town! (BIRDS CHIRP) This is delicious.
Yeah, we make a pretty mean espresso.
Well, it's definitely not your typical small town diner cup of Joe.
(LAUGHS) You know, you bring a real touch of class to that place.
- Oh, I don't know about that.
- No, don't be modest.
There's obviously something special - about the Lou Fleming brand.
- Thank you.
And you're just scratching the surface of what you can achieve in the business world.
As a matter of fact, I'd love to pick your brain a little on what I could do to revamp the whole grocery stores' image a little.
Sure, love to help.
Revamping is part of my brand.
Great, shall we? Sure.
Well, you could start by redesigning your logo.
I think we should add some devil's claw to her feed.
It'll help reduce the inflammation.
Uh yeah, that might help.
And I wanna call Cassandra and make sure that can come out and do some acupuncture.
Sure, yeah, that couldn't hurt, either.
Why are you saying it like that? Uh, like what? I don't know, you just sound dismissive or something.
No Amy, you know that I think all that stuff is important.
Wait, all of that "stuff"? (SIGHS) Amy, she's been so hooked on painkillers, and who knows what else, it's just hard to imagine that any of that will make a difference.
Well, you know what, I think we should at least try.
I'm sorry Amy, but anything you do won't matter - if her kidneys fail, okay, so - Ty, it's okay, I've got Lyndy.
(LYNDY CRIES) (SIGHS) And I think you should put in uh, juice and smoothie bars with your organic ingredients.
People can sip on a healthy drink while they shop.
That's a nice touch.
I like that.
But um - enough business talk.
- All right, fine.
I guess I got my fill of free advice.
So what do you want to talk about? I don't know, um read any good books lately? Yeah, I just finished a great one, actually.
It's called, "Grocery".
- Seriously? - Yeah, it's a best-seller.
It's about our evolving relationship with food, and the changing face of the grocery store - on our cultural landscape.
- Oh that sounds interesting.
- What else do you like to do? - I love to travel.
Oh, me too.
Actually, I thinking about visiting my daughter in Europe this winter, maybe.
Have you ever been? No, I-I haven't.
But the whole grocery store concept - is so different over there.
- Right, but what does that have to do with taking a vacation? Well, I-I like to go on working holidays.
- Road trips from town to town.
- Mhmm You know, across Canada and the U.
Let me guess, checking out all the grocery stores? Oh yeah, but you'd be amazed at how much I've learned, - and even borrowed.
- Hmm.
There was this one time I was in Des Moines, and I found this little Mom and Pop operation.
- Or so I thought.
- Yeah? Their refrigeration system, it-it blew me away.
I bet.
So, I heard a rumour.
Yeah? About a wedding.
Well, I guess you guys could say that I uh, have some news.
Um and you're gonna think this is crazy, we really haven't been dating that long.
But Maya and I are getting married.
That is crazy.
What was she thinking? - Congratulations.
- Thank you, Jack.
You know, and now we're all sitting around here, I think it's a great time to talk about the business.
I'm game, as long as it has nothing to do with expanding the herd.
Actually, we had a little uh, we had talk with old man McMillan next door.
He's kind of open to the idea of us taking on his herd.
Yeah, and Jack, that way we can actually meet Garland's demand for more beef.
Well, thanks for keeping me in the loop.
Oh, don't get your nose out of joint.
Come on, we explored the options before we brought anything back to you.
You know, you haven't exactly been open to the idea.
I just don't want to sell cattle that we haven't raised ourselves.
Well, that could take a long time, Jack! Yeah, and we don't have any time, Garland gave us three days.
Wait a second.
You two talked to Garland without me? Well, isn't that just dandy.
(FIRE CRACKLES) He'll be fine.
- Are you okay? - (SIGHS) I'm fine.
No you're not, you're shaking.
I'm fine, I'm just I'm just nervous.
- (SIGHS HEAVILY) - Georgie.
I need to go take a shower.
Hey, well, she looks a lot more comfortable.
- Yeah.
- Fluids seems to be working.
I also had Cassandra come over and do some acupuncture.
And I know you didn't think it was important, but That's not what I meant, Amy.
I was just more focused on treating her kidneys, that's all.
I just think that all of these things factor in.
I know, and I didn't mean to downplay any of your suggestions, I was just I was exhausted, and it came out wrong.
Well, I've been pretty tired, too.
Maybe I was a little over-sensitive.
Just a little? Hey.
(LAUGHS) Well, I put some devil's claw in her feed but it's not gonna do much good if she's not eating.
No, it's not.
It's not a good sign that she's not eating anything at all.
(STAR SNORTS) Hey, I am so sorry I can't come watch.
But we're right in the thick of it, and someone has to be here for Katie and Lyndy.
It's okay, I totally get it.
You're gonna be great, just have fun.
Is she okay? I've seen her nervous, but never like this.
I'm worried.
You know what, Ty can hold down the fort here.
- I'm gonna come with you guys.
- Thank you.
(SIGHS) (TACK JINGLES) (HORSE SNORTS) ANNOUNCER: That's a nice finish, should make up for a couple of faults in the early going.
Pretty good run.
You ready? Don't doubt yourself.
Yeah, I can see it in your eyes.
I want you to put those thoughts out of your head now.
Because you have as much potential as anyone I've ever coached.
You can do this, Georgie.
I want you to go out there, kick some butt, and have fun doing it.
(CLEARS THROAT) ANNOUNCER: Next up, the last rider of the day, we have Georgie Fleming-Morris on Phoenix Rising.
And that's your fastest time of the day, folks.
Put your hands together for your winners, Georgie Fleming-Morris, and Phoenix Rising! (SOUNDS ECHO) (LOU LAUGHS, ALL CLAP) She's going to Europe! She's going to Europe! Oh my God! Way to go, that was amazing.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS HEAVILY) I don't feel so well.
Georgie, what is it? (SHALLOW BREATHING) Georgie! Georgie, hey! Are you okay? - Please give us some space.
- I am her mother.
- What happened here? - She passed out.
But her pulse is strong, and she's getting some color.
Is she gonna be okay? Is there anything we can do? Uh, just give her a moment to get her bearings.
I suggest she go to the ER, just to be safe.
ALL: Hoo! Yah! Hup! Hup! (CATTLE MOO) TIM: Ha! Come on, cow! Hoo! Hup! JACK: Hup! Hup! Yah! Yah! Hoo! Hoo! Whoa.
Hey, come on, let's pick up the pace, huh? What are you talking about? Settle down! We're making pretty good time.
Well, we can do better, okay? - I we're gonna head west.
- What?! I know, it's not our usual route, but we're gonna save a chunk of time.
You know where you are, don't you? If we head west, we're gonna run 'em right into the Thorn River! It's like a stream right now.
There's-it's it's shallow this time of year.
I wouldn't be so sure.
(CATTLE MOO) (FOOTSTEPS THUD) (SIGHS) Did you get Georgie to bed? Yeah, she's resting.
Can you believe what the doctor said? Physical and emotional exhaustion.
God, I feel awful about this! Yeah, but it's not your fault, Lou.
It is Amy, I should've seen it coming.
I mean, all the signs are there, She's been under an enormous amount of pressure, she's hardly been eating, she hasn't been herself.
How did I miss all the signs? The one thing I'm sure of is it all started with this new coach.
Anyway, Peter's waiting for me.
We're gonna go have a chat with Kim.
(SIGHS) Thank you for your text, I'm so glad she's okay.
No, she's not okay, Kim.
None of this is okay.
Her body just shut down because of all the stress she's been under.
Do you have any idea how hard she's been working - to live up to your standards? - My standards? Yeah, she puts you up on a pedestal.
She thinks if she does everything you tell her then she'll win, and she'll get to go to this camp in Europe.
And look what it's done to her! Like any of my riders, I have given her the tools to compete at this level.
I agree she has been under a tremendous amount of pressure.
But it hasn't been coming from me.
She's been putting it on herself.
- So this is all on Georgie? - Not entirely.
Georgie told me that you sold off your business so that she could afford this camp.
She really didn't wanna let you down.
What?! Excuse me.
Why would Georgie think that I sold Maggie's so she can go to Europe? I don't-I have no idea.
Oh my God, I completely dropped the ball on this.
No, we both did.
You know, here I thought my big windfall was gonna be the answer to all of Georgie's dreams.
I should've realized the amount of pressure that would put on her! God, she's just a kid! Hey.
Lou, this is not your fault.
Okay? Georgie got carried away with all this.
What we have to do right now is help her get healthy again.
You're right.
We can do this.
Come here.
(SIGHS) We can do this.
It's gonna be fine.
It's okay, it's okay.
You're a good girl.
(PULLEY CREAKS) Good girl.
(STAR NICKERS) Look, before you say anything, I-I know what I did was wrong.
I never meant to hurt Star.
But you cannot cut me out like this! Well you're not going anywhere near her.
You're the reason she's fighting for her life in the first place.
Hey! You have to let me see her.
Tell her that she's gonna be okay.
Hey (STAR NICKERS) Ty, I think maybe maybe she could help us.
(STAR NICKERS) Hey We've been trying to get her to eat.
Hey, Star.
(STAR NICKERS) How are you? Ohh Come on, you wanna try? (CLUCKS TONGUE) Try, try.
Yeah! It's good, right? I think she ate some.
Just a little bit.
(CLUCKS TONGUE) Try some more.
Hey Mom? Dad? (SIGHS) (PHONE BUTTONS BEEP) WYATT: Hey, it's Wyatt, I'll get back to you soon.
(TEARFUL) Hey, Wyatt.
Um, it's Georgie.
Would you be able to give me a call? Thanks.
(PHONE BEEPS OFF) (SIGHS) (SOBS) (CRYING) (CATTLE MOO) (HOOVES CLOMP) It's not what you thought, is it? What do you mean? Too deep, and it's moving too fast.
We gotta turn 'em around.
No, we'll just get the leaders to cross, the others will follow.
You just keep 'em forward.
(HOOVES CLOMP) (CATTLE MOO) MITCH AND JACK: Hup! Hup! Let's go! Come on! Get! Hey! Come on! Hoo! Hup! Hup! Hey! (CATTLE MOO) Come on! Hoo! Let's go! (CATTLE MOO, HOOVES THUNDER) (MITCH AND JACK SHOUT) (HORSE WHINNIES) MITCH: Hey! Hup! Hup! MITCH: Hey! Hey! Get 'em, boys, cut him off! (HORSES WHINNY) Get up that flank, Tim, circle him around! I'm on it! Come on! (CATTLE MOO) Shh! Yah! Hey! Hey! Hey! (CATTLE MOO) Well, that was intense.
We shouldn'tve tried that crossing.
Well, it wasn't supposed to be so deep.
Yeah well, I don't care what you thought, - we're changing course.
- Who says? I say! Well, what you say isn't always right, Jack.
Not about our herd, not about the business.
You know, this whole deal with Garland is gonna go south because you're messing it up, and then what are Mitch and I supposed to do, huh? Sit around and watch?! We're pushing 'em back north, and we're doing it right now! (HORSE WHINNIES) (CATTLE MOO) I'm sorry for everything.
You have nothing to apologize for.
We feel really badly about all the pressure that you've been under.
And we also realize that you know, we've been a part of that.
We're so proud of you.
The way you've worked at this.
But what's most important is your health.
You know, it's our job to keep you safe.
And we're glad that you won, but is this European camp really what's best for you right now? You don't think I should go? No, we'll support you in whatever you decide.
We wanna make sure that you're going for you, not for us, and not for me.
Georgie, I didn't sell my shares in Maggie's New York to send you to this camp in Europe.
I sold it for a lot of reasons, and the biggest one was to be home more with you and Katie.
So I'm glad that I can help with Europe, but at the end of the day, it's your choice.
(SIGHS) LAURA: There you go.
I got the results from the blood I took this morning.
She's rebounding.
So her kidneys are okay? Yeah, it's looking good.
I will take a bit of time, though.
(SIGHS) That's such a relief.
You know, Laura, I think we can handle it from here.
Ty No.
No, he's uh he's right, I should go.
(SIGHS) You know, Laura actually did help Star.
Laura's the only reason that Star needed any help in the first place.
Yeah, but she doesn't know that.
Star just took comfort in someone that was familiar.
(SIGHS) It's okay.
(CATTLE MOO, HORNS HONK) Well, looks like we took a shortcut after all, huh? Yeah, just not the one you thought.
Yeah, you'll never let me forget it.
Yeah, I'll tell you what.
I won't bring it up, if you don't go trying to take my job as trail boss again.
Maybe not 'til next year.
(SIGHS) (HORNS HONK) (CATTLE MOO) MITCH: Come on, there you go! (HORNS HONK) (CATTLE MOO) (HORSES SNORT) I knew in my gut it was a mistake.
Yeah, okay, I screwed up, big deal.
I'm not talking about the cattle drive, I'm talking about Garland, and expanding the herd.
No, I made a decision.
We're not doing it.
You made a decision? About our herd? I don't wanna jeopardize the quality of our beef, Tim.
And things tend to go wrong when you take shortcuts, and now I am talking about the cattle drive.
It's a partnership, Jack.
Mitch and I wanna grow the business, so - you're outnumbered.
- Actually I think Jack makes a pretty good point.
I-I think we should all just think about this together.
Garland's not gonna wait, you heard him.
He wants our beef, so maybe he's bluffing.
I just, I think we all have to be on the same page for this thing.
(SIGHS) Great.
That's great.
So you're afraid to go big, and now you've rubbed off on him.
(HORSE SNORTS, CATTLE MOO) (MITCH SIGHS) (REMY BARKS) I just came to say goodbye to Star.
Why goodbye? I've sent in my resignation letter to Lisa.
So you think we're just gonna let you move on - to another stable? - No, of course not.
But I'm taking some time away from this whole racing racket for a little while.
I got into this because I-I love horses.
It's just somewhere along the way I screwed up.
I-I don't want you to worry about any of those things that I said, I'm not going to throw you under the bus.
I know how much you must hate me.
But I really, I feel horrible about this.
Can I please, can I go in and see her? Hold on a sec, just Laura.
I wanna know what you did, okay? What else did you give Star? - I already told you.
- Come on.
No BS, all right? Tell me.
Um I gave her the bute just to numb the pain in training, or after a race.
But I knew it would show up on the doping tests if I administered it too close to a race.
So I also used a healing method.
- Shockwave therapy.
- Are you kidding me?! Shockwave therapy? That's illegal, Laura! Sending shockwaves through the horses' leg with little probes, that's not a healing method! That's dangerous! You need to leave! Right now.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) It's too much for me to take (PAPERS RUSTLE) To feel alone as if there's no way out Oh hey, how'd it go? It was uh, it was interesting.
Can I uh, can I talk to you for a second? Sure, yeah.
What about? Garland.
And the whole-the date thing you asked me about.
I don't think it's a very good idea.
Just because we're in business together and all.
Oh, well - I already did.
- Wow, so how how did how did it go? Good, yeah, it was It was pretty good, actually.
He's very passionate about his stores.
- PETER: Hey.
- Hey.
We are gonna go make my mother's famous - chicken noodle soup.
- Oh yes! Good idea, let's do this! All ready to go? PETER: I filled it up with water.
- LOU: Wow! - Georgie: All right.
PETER: Get a pot! Get a pot! Yeah, I've got one right here! - LOU: All these carrots? - Some of them.
Your Mom's bugging me already.
- How many onions do you have? - One.
- Hey.
I thought we could all use a little fresh air.
It's true, and Star's looking a lot better.
Yeah, she's gettin' there.
She still has a ways to go.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I get that.
I'm sorry I've been a bit of a disaster lately.
A bit? (BOTH LAUGH) It's good to see you smile again.