Heartland (CA) s17e01 Episode Script

The Path Less Traveled

Previously on Heartland.
Garland sent a photographer
- to take pictures of the three of us.
- I know.
Well, why are you
the only face in that ad?
'Cause it's
a really great picture.
You want a typical teenage summer,
complete with a crummy job?
Here it is.
Waitressing at Maggie's is
a rite of passage
for a Fleming-Morris girl.
In eight months,
there's gonna be three of us.
- Ugh!
- Whoa!
Logan, my faith in you
isn't supposed to be a pressure.
It's supposed to be
a safety net,
and if you ever do
make mistakes,
I'm here to help.
My job is really busy
right now. I know it's
months away, but I still
have to start thinking
- about my re-election platform.
- Do you think now is the time
to tell her that I'm running
for mayor in this election?
No! And I can't even believe
you're considering it.
I mean, running against Lou
is gonna ruin your friendship.
(Jack): Amy, there's
something I wanna tell you.
The way you're raising Lyndy
alone and with such grace,
I couldn't be more proud of you.
(gentle music)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sank into a dream ♪
Dreamer ♪
Look, that one looks
like an elephant.
- It does?
- See? That's the trunk
- over there.
- Yeah, I guess so.
I see it now.
How about that one over there?
That one looks like… Remy!
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
(Amy laughs)
Hi, Remy.
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
Ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
Ah, ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
(horse snorts)
Ooh ♪♪
Why don't you go
to the house and you give
Remy some food, okay?
Come on, Remy! Let's go!
(Amy laughs)
- Hey!
- Hey.
How's the new dude ranch horse
comin' along?
Oh, pretty good. He seems
completely bombproof now,
so you did a good job
- with him.
- I think it was a team effort.
- Eh?
- By the way,
you have a new client horse
arriving this afternoon.
(vehicle approaching)
Oh, great. They're early.
(upbeat country music)
(music playing over radio)
But I get a feeling ♪
Something ain't right ♪
Yeah, I get a feeling ♪
- Something… ♪
- they stole our ad.
…Ain't right ♪♪
(soft music)
- Hey, Mallory.
- Hi, Amy.
Hey! What are you doing here?
Well, need your help
with a horse.
- Oh!
- Whoa, are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Oh! Uh…
First, you should take me
to the hospital.
I think I'm going into labour.
- Come on.
- Okay. Yup. Into my truck.
(theme music)
♪And at the break of day,
you sank into ♪
A dream, you dreamer ♪
Ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer, ah-ah-ah ♪♪
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This can't be happening! I'm
not due for another two weeks!
- Mallory, should I call Jake?
- No.
Don't bother.
He's on a cattle drive.
He won't be able to pick up.
Okay. Is this old truck
- really gonna make it?
- Yes.
Trust me. It runs like a dream.
You know, it's kind of nice.
It's like–it brings back
a lot of old memories.
You know, I think
I’m–I'm okay.
It's probably
just a false alarm.
- Oh… 'Kay, or not.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Ooh!
- Just breathe. Just breathe.
- You're all right.
- Ooh.
(both sigh)
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to bring all this drama.
Mallory… don't take this
the wrong way, please,
but… are you nuts?!
Why would you drive
all the way from Colorado
- this close to your due date?
- For Ransom!
- What?
- So he can live on your
- property with the wild horses!
- Is Ransom a wild horse?
Yeah! For the most part.
What do you mean,
"for the most part"?
You know what,
can we talk about this, like,
a little later?
I'm kind of in labour!
(soft music)
Come on.
Whoa! Oof!
Okay. Well, thanks again
for your support.
You're welcome. Bye.
Lou? Lou!
So good to see you.
- Rick, hi.
- How's the door-to-door going?
Oh, really, really great.
I, uh, I better get back at it.
Lou, wait. I was hoping
we could meet for lunch
one of these days?
I've got hundreds of photos
of Maddie to show you.
You should see
- how much she's grown.
- I would love to
but my schedule is packed.
Maybe after the election.
- You're avoiding me.
- No, I'm not.
Be honest. You're upset
with me for running against you.
You put on a brave face
when I told you,
but you've barely
talked to me since.
Rick, I have nothing
but respect for your decision
to run for mayor.
It's your civic right.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have an election to win.
(tense music)
(exhales sharply)
Oh, Katie, let me get that.
It's nice to see
how well you and Katie
- are working together.
- Oh, I know, right?
I mean, I know
it's only temporary,
but I'm pretty sure
she thinks I'm a cool boss.
She hasn't rolled her eyes
at me once yet today.
Can I get you
anything else, Jack?
- No, sir. Just the bill.
- You got it.
- We need to talk.
- And I was having
- such a nice day.
- You seen this?
Yeah, it's hard to miss.
- They ripped us off.
- Well, you know what they say:
Imitation is
the sincerest form of flattery.
It's not imitation,
it's a provocation.
Nathan Pryce is trying
to show us he's going after
- our customers.
- Pryce has
Crown Shoppers,
and we have Garland Foods.
- I'm sure we can co-exist.
- Crown Shoppers isn't
a grocery store.
It's a national chain.
They sell everything
at a discount. You seen
the size of the one they're
building off the highway?
- Yeah, I've seen it.
- They built one
down by Spencerville.
Put Garland Foods
right out of business.
That could happen to us.
Ah, you're overreacting.
I don't think
you're reacting enough.
I almost lost my rodeo school
because I took
my eye off the competition.
I can't make
the same mistake twice.
I'm so sorry, Amy.
I can't believe
that was a false alarm.
Yeah, well, don't apologize.
I had Braxton Hicks contractions
with Lyndy.
They're a scary thing.
Are you sure it's okay
I stay in Lyndy's room?
Yes, of course.
No, you need to be close
in case anything happens.
Now, get some rest!
Doctor's orders.
Hey, Amy? You can help
with Ransom, right?
I don't know where else to go.
what is Ransom's story?
He was owned
by Jake's uncle Henry,
who he inherited the land from.
Eight years ago,
there was this huge wind storm,
and so Henry let
all the horses out of the barn.
No one saw
Ransom since, 'til now.
- He had joined a wild herd.
- Yeah.
And last week,
the whole herd was rounded up,
and they knew who he was
by his brand,
so they returned him
to the ranch.
And I wanna set him free,
but I'm worried he's gonna get
rounded up again, so that's
why I want him to live here,
with you and your,
you know, protected herd.
Mallory, what is
the real reason
that you came here with Ransom
and not Jake?
I told you. Jake's working.
I'm doing great.
Everything's good. How are you?
- What happened to Finn?
- Oh, um…
Yeah, Finn is
now happily married
to a great woman.
Well, I guess I'll use my…
Finely tuned matchmaking skills
to find your perfect man.
No, you won't
because my life is
full enough as it is.
I have a great job,
a great kid.
I am not looking for anyone.
Well, that's
when you find someone, you know,
when you're not looking.
(Amy laughs)
(Logan): You think Caz will
let him join the herd?
I don't know. Caz isn't
exactly accepting of outsiders.
Ransom used to be a ranch horse.
Just because he spent eight
years with a wild herd
doesn't mean he's truly wild.
(Ransom snorts)
- I'm gonna try something.
- Okay.
(Amy clicking her tongue)
(Ransom snorting)
(soft music)
Ransom. Hey.
(whispering): What's that?
What's this?
(normal tone): Hey. Good.
(whispers): Good.
(normal tone): What's that?
Yeah? Good boy.
I've never seen
a wild horse do that before.
(Tim): Looks like Rick's
moving ahead in the polls.
Yes, I read the article.
So what are you
gonna do about it?
I convinced Gail Wexford
to have me back on her show.
Last time she interviewed me,
I really gained traction
- with the voters.
- Well, that's–that's great.
That might be an opportunity
to tell the listeners
that Rick won't be
a very good mayor.
What? I'm not gonna
do that, Dad.
- What, 'cause he's your friend?
- No, he's not my friend.
Not anymore.
- Do you have any dirt on him?
- I'm not
that kind of politician.
Okay. Fine.
Just tell the truth.
Say that Rick has no
political experience,
he's rigid, he's by-the-book,
and ask the listeners
if they want
an administrator to run
this town instead of a leader.
Yeah, you know, you could say
something like, uh, he's just
been riding the coattails
of your successful term
in office, he was
an okay staffer, but he'll never
- make a good mayor.
- Or you could say that.
I'm not gonna do that.
That's too harsh.
I'm just gonna stick to
the main points in my platform.
Do you wanna win
this election?
- Of course I wanna win.
- Okay, then don't stick
to your platform.
Challenge Rick, or else start
- clearing out your office now.
- So did anyone
see the huge billboard
outside of town?
The one with Nathan Pryce
on it? Oh, we all saw that.
Grandpa, you are
much more handsome than Nathan.
- Don't worry.
- I think old Nathan looks like
he's about to fall asleep
on that horse, doesn't he?
Maybe he missed his nap.
I think you might be right.
I know Nathan
from way back,
and… always
a decent enough fella.
I just… well,
I wish him all the best.
(Mallory): I hope
I didn't miss dinner.
I know that voice!
That's Mallory!
Oh-ho-ho-ho! Look at you!
I know. I'm huge.
I cannot tie my shoes anymore.
Oh, you're beautiful.
How are you feeling?
I'm better.
The doctor was right.
- I just needed more rest.
- Okay, well,
you sit right here,
and you help yourself.
Thank you. I'm starving.
So Amy told me about
what happened to your horse.
Same exact thing happened
to Champ after a windstorm.
Well, except we found him
two days later with the wildies.
Yeah. Well,
you see, it turns out,
that Champ just needed
a vacation from Tim.
- Like we all do.
- Who can blame him, right?
- Dad.
- (Jack): Like we all do.
- (Amy): Grandpa, stop it!
- I was just joking, I promise.
Yeah, right.
Of course, you were.
This is nice.
I love being here.
It makes me feel like I'm a part
of this big, beautiful family.
Mallory, you are
a part of this family.
- Jake and the baby too.
- Yeah. Lou's right.
There will always be
a place for you
at this table.
Mallory… you okay?
Um… I'm fine. It's, like,
these hormones are crazy.
Uh, could you excuse me?
Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
- Oh.
(knocking on door)
(Mallory): Hi!
- Huh?
- I didn't know what you'd like,
so I brought
a little of everything.
I'm all over the map
with food these days.
I put Cheetos in my strawberry
yogurt the other day.
That's what cravings
can do to you.
(Jack laughs)
Can–can you please
help me with the pillows?
I just–I can't get comfortable.
Tuck that down in there.
Throw these up in here.
- Okay.
- How is that?
Oh! That's better. Thank you.
(Mallory sighs heavily)
I'm pretty sure those tears
at dinner, they weren't
just about hormones.
Not exactly.
You know, when I was at home,
I just wanted to be here.
But now that I'm here,
I… guess I feel kind of sad.
Well, why is that?
I know this house is…
It's full of life and laughter.
In Colorado,
it's just me and Jake,
and… it's mainly
just me right now
because Jake is working,
so I guess
I felt kind of homesick.
I kind of realized that, um,
I want my kid to grow up
surrounded by family
and friends, like I did.
So I'm thinking maybe Jake and I
move back to Hudson.
Well, I can't tell you
what to do,
but nobody'd be happier
if you moved back.
But even if you decide
to stay in Colorado,
just… well, know this.
Families, they come
in all shapes and sizes,
and it doesn't matter
how full of people
your house is
as long as it's full of love.
You and Jake will be
great parents
and that baby of yours
will be loved
for the rest of their life.
That's all that matters.
These dang hormones.
Now, how about, uh…
…Cheetos in strawberry yogurt
for dessert?
That sounds so good.
- Coming right up.
- Thanks, Jack.
♪Took the breath
from my open mouth ♪
(Logan clicks tongue)
Good boy.
I went in circles ♪
Somewhere else ♪
Shook the best
when your love was home ♪
Storing up
on your summer glow ♪
You went ♪
In search of someone else ♪
And I hear ♪
Your ship is coming in ♪
Your tears are a sea
for me to swim ♪
Logan, watch out!
(Amy sighs)
And I hear
a storm is coming in ♪
You're okay.
My dear, is it
all we've ever been? ♪♪
This isn't new to you.
(Ransom snorts)
Okay? Good boy.
- Oh, you're fine.
- Hey. You're good.
You have him?
- Easy. Easy.
- Good boy.
- That's it.
- That's pretty good.
Yeah. I'm gonna leave it
at that for today.
- I don't wanna push it.
- Yeah.
Amy! What are you doing?
- Are you trying to gentle him?
- Well, he's already trained.
I'm just giving him
a refresher course.
I didn't ask you to do that.
I asked you
to integrate him
with the other wild horses.
Mallory, if he was truly wild,
then he wouldn't have let me
saddle him that quickly.
(Ransom snorting softly)
(Logan chuckles)
See? He likes you.
Look, maybe you and Jake are
already his new herd.
Ransom has been wild
for eight years. It's not fair
to force him to be a ranch horse
just because that's
- what he used to be.
- Mallory, I'm not forcing him
to do anything.
I wouldn't do that.
If you want me to introduce him
to the wild herd,
then I will this afternoon,
but I can't guarantee
- that Caz is gonna accept him.
- Please, just try.
This is his home,
where the wildies are.
I know it.
Um, who's that?
(Amy chuckles)
Sam. He's our neighbour.
- Is he single?
- Mallory!
Don't start, okay?
We're just friends.
(Logan chuckles)
So, we're
awful curious to hear
why you wanna meet with us.
Well, I'm selling off
a quarter of big river.
What quarter?
The land
that borders Heartland.
Sam, that's the quarter
that we lease from you
- to graze our cattle.
- Which is why
I wanted you both to be
the first to know.
If you make me a fair offer,
it's as good as yours.
Well, we're gonna need
a little time to think about it.
Don't take too long.
My agent seems to think
once it's on the market,
we'll get plenty of offers,
so if you're not interested–
We're interested,
Sam, we just…
We just need 24 hours
to get our ducks in a row.
Thanks for the heads up.
Sounds good.
Can we afford this?
- (sighs)
- I don't know.
I'll tell you, we can't afford
to lose that grazing land.
And if somebody else buys it,
Jack, there's no guarantee
- they'll lease it to us.
- Okay.
Well, I'll set up
a meeting at the bank,
but first, we gotta
get to that auction!
- I'm so sorry for the wait.
- Thank you.
No problem.
There she is. Hey.
Hey, what's going on?
Everything okay?
One of the waitresses was
late this morning.
- Oh.
- And so was the cook.
It's not the first time
they've been late either.
Okay. Um…
So the kitchen gets backed up,
customers complain,
and nobody tips.
That is not good. Heh…
Look. I really like
how laid back you've been,
but maybe you've been
a bit too chill.
Okay. Yeah. Hey.
Hey, listen.
Uh, I'll talk
to the staff. Okay?
- Okay. Thank you.
- Yeah. Don't worry about it.
But hey, other than that, um,
it's been pretty fun, right?
Me and you working
together here?
Yeah, totally.
Yeah, just two compadres
running the show.
- Dad…
- What?
Hey, sweetie.
Hi. How's
my interim manager doing?
Uh, well, it has been
exactly, let's see, zero hours
since your daughter
rolled her eyes at me.
Okay. Well, if it's
any consolation,
she rolled her eyes at me
the second she walked out
of her bedroom this morning,
so at least
- you made it to lunch.
- Ah. Actually, I think
I'm done with being
the cool boss, and I have
a few ideas on how to get
the diner running a little
more efficiently, so I wonder
if you have a second to talk.
Yeah. You know,
honey, this is your ship
while I'm campaigning,
and I trust you completely.
- You do, huh?
- Yeah.
Now, who's the cool boss? Hmm.
So gross.
(Lou chuckles)
There it is.
(birds chirping)
(distant mooing)
(soft music)
Caz looks pretty chill today.
Maybe he's in a good mood.
I don't know that I've
ever seen Caz in a good mood,
but we'll release Ransom here,
and he can decide
how close he wants to get.
- Where's he going?
- I don't know.
He looks more interested
in those cows.
Yeah, you're right.
I wanna take him
back to the ranch. There's
something I'd like to try.
(door opens)
(door closes)
I'm sorry about
the disappearing act.
(Jake sighs)
How was your flight?
It was okay. You know…
Ransom could've waited
until after the baby was born.
It wasn't the only reason
I came here.
When you left
for the cattle drive,
I–I realized
how isolated we are.
And I couldn't stop thinking
about being surrounded
by friends and family.
You know how they say, like,
it takes a village?
And so, I–I made a decision,
and I want us to move to Hudson.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
(indistinct conversation)
Oh, thank you for the top-up,
but I have already had
four cups today,
and I should probably stop
before I start
bouncing off the walls.
Okay, are you really gonna say
all those things on air
about Rick?
(Lou sighs)
I was thinking about it.
But they're all lies.
I mean, Rick isn't
some rigid,
by-the-book administrator
who can't handle
high-pressure situations.
- That's just not true.
- Well, Katie, there is
some truth to it.
I mean, he might've looked
put together when he did
that on-air address,
but it took a lot of coaching
to get him there.
Well, Rick hasn't said
anything negative about you.
No, not yet,
but criticizing
your opponent is
just part of an election.
Rick will probably do
the same thing
after he hears the interview.
You know, it's just politics.
Then politics suck.
(pensive music)
- You gonna say something?
- What's there to say?
We just got outbid
for that bull by Nathan Pryce
and wasn't even there.
He phoned his bid in.
Well, if he was there,
he'd have realized
he paid twice what it was worth.
Jack, he knew
what he was doing.
He did it on purpose.
He knew we were after that bull,
so he just…
He drove up the price.
I think you're being paranoid.
What are you doing?!
Get out.
(Jack sighs)
(Jack sucks teeth)
Look at that.
That billboard, the bull.
You're gonna tell me it's not
starting to feel personal?
We'll find another bull.
We got more important things
to worry about.
We can't lose that grazing land.
We have to make
an offer on Sam's property.
(upbeat country music)
(Amy clicking her tongue)
I can't believe
that's the same horse.
Yeah, he's definitely
come a long way.
My uncle always said Ransom
was one of the best horses
- he ever had.
- Would you like to try him out
for yourself?
(Jake clicking his tongue)
Hey, hey, hey!
Mister, mister!
(cow moos)
(Jake whistles)
(Jake clicking his tongue)
Hey, hey, hey!
(Jake whistles)
Jake! What are you doing?
- Why are you riding Ransom?
- (Amy): I asked him to.
- Why? Did Caz reject him?
- Not exactly.
Did you even try to integrate
him into the wild herd?
(Amy sighs)
He started chasing cows
before I could even
- get him to the horses.
- He's gonna be
a huge help around the ranch
when we get him home.
Home? Did you not hear
a word I said earlier? Why is
no one taking me seriously?
Okay, Ransom used to roam free
with his herd,
and–and he had this big family,
and now he's all alone.
It's not fair!
He doesn't belong
in Colorado anymore.
He belongs here!
- Ow! Ooh.
- Are you okay?
Hey… yeah, we should
get her to the house.
- Or the hospital.
- No, I–I'm fine.
It's probably
just another false alarm.
Okay? I'm just
gonna go lay down.
- Come on.
- No, okay? Just leave me alone!
I am pregnant, not helpless!
Go ride your new ranch horse.
(tense music)
(soft music)
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
- Oh! What's this?
- We never got to throw you
- a baby shower, so…
- Oh…
You didn't have to do that.
There's cupcakes?
Uh-huh. Homemade.
Your favourite kind.
But before you can
dive into cupcakes,
we need to talk about Ransom.
You can see that he doesn't
wanna be a wild horse
just as well as I do, and…
I wanna know what's going on.
Well, the–
the truth is that…
I'm the one that wants to be
here at Heartland,
surrounded by the safety
of the herd, not Ransom.
Okay. Explain.
I'm about to have
an actual human being,
and it's gonna be
Jake and I, just us,
in Colorado. What if we're
terrible parents, you know?
- I'm scared.
- I know
- that feeling.
- Me too.
And… I don't know
that it ever goes away.
She's right.
Here's a question.
Are you and Jake happy with
the life you've built together?
Yeah. Yeah, we're happy.
Then, trust that feeling,
you know, trust that you two
are making the right decisions
for your family.
And, you know, you can read
all the parenting books
in the world,
but, at the end of the day,
it's what you believe is right.
But if you do read
a parenting book,
I would highly recommend
Mom's The Word by yours truly.
- Oh, wait. This is…
- Oh, look at that!
- (giggling)
- Wow!
Look at you! Thank you.
Remember, you're not doing
this alone, right?
Because Amy and I are
just a phone call away.
Thanks, you guys.
- We love you.
- I love you guys.
(machine punches card)
Yeah. Great.
Okay, uh, let's get
this meeting started.
First of all, thank you
so much for coming in.
So guys, there has been some
problems with, uh, lateness.
And, uh, so, from now on,
what I need you to do is just
punch in when you get here,
punch out when you're done.
Simple, right? That goes
for lunch breaks as well.
Just punch in and out, and, uh,
and that's it. If you have
any questions about that
or any of the other
new policies,
you can read all about them
in your very own corporate
policy manual from Maggie's.
There you go. Take 'em home,
familiarize yourselves with them
and, you know, just have fun
with it. Great meeting, guys!
- If you have any questions…
- What gives, Dad?
I know! I don't even–
he's… that's fine.
No, the staff is gonna feel
like you don't trust them.
Okay, do you have a–
do you have a better idea?
- Actually, I do.
- Really? Well, what is it?
Do you really wanna know
or are you just humouring me?
No, sweetheart. Yes, I do want
to know. I–I may not be,
you know, the cool boss anymore,
but, um, I do want to be
a fair one, so if you have
any suggestions
or any of my employees have any
suggestions, of course, I want
- to hear them, so I'm all ears.
- Okay. Well…
I talked to the staff and a lot
of them are really struggling
with childcare issues.
So… what if we open the diner
a half-hour later?
Cow, cow!
Hey, cows! Hey, cow!
(sharp whistle)
- Whoa, come on! Hup!
- Come on, cow!
Hup! Come on!
- Get up! Get up!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
(Ransom snorting)
(Jake whistling)
Go on, girls! Hup!
(Jake clicking his tongue)
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Nicely done, Jake!
You got yourself
a decent cattle horse there.
(Jake chuckles)
(Lou): Thank you
so much again,
and I hope you guys
both have a great day.
- Thank you.
- Nice to chat.
- Okay.
- Oh, hi there! Can I–
Lou? I heard you were gonna be
on the Gail Wexton Show today.
I wanted to make sure
you had your calming tea.
I know how nervous you get
about these interviews.
Rick, you didn't
have to do that.
I mean, you don't work
for me anymore. Right?
I never brought you tea
because I worked for you.
I did it
because you're my friend.
Look, I know how complicated
all of this is,
and I don't blame you
for being upset.
I'm not upset with you
for running for mayor, Rick.
I'm upset with you because
you didn't tell me sooner.
I know you. This was not
a last-minute decision.
You've probably been thinking
about this for years.
You're right.
I should've been
more honest with you.
I mean, being CAO
just isn't enough
for me anymore.
It hasn't been for a long time.
Well, I should've known.
Running for mayor is
the next step for me.
I have to move forward, but…
…the last thing I ever wanted
to do was hurt you.
You're gonna be great.
(sentimental music)
Hey Mallory, Jake just headed
out with my dad and Grandpa
to see how Ransom does
with a real herd of cattle.
(Mallory breathing heavily)
Is everything okay?
My water just broke.
Okay. Oh–okay. Um…
(Mallory): Ooh! Ooh!
Oh! Oh!
(Mallory breathing heavily)
We'll be at the hospital soon,
all right? Just keep breathing.
- I'm not gonna make it.
- Yes, you will!
- Just stay calm, you'll be fine.
- No, I'm not gonna make it
to the hospital!
This baby is coming right now!
- Wait, are you serious?
- Amy, pull the truck over!
- Okay! Okay! Okay!
- Oh! Oh!
Oh! Ah! Ow, ow, ow, ow!
- Any word from Sam?
- Well, not since you asked me
- five minutes ago.
- What's taking him so long?
We made him a good offer.
I don't see why he won't accept.
Well, I hope you're right
'cause we could use
some good news for a change.
(Jack sighs)
I, uh…
I, um…
Are you okay, Jake?
Mallory's having the baby.
Well! Congratulations!
What are you waiting for?
Get out of here.
(spirited music)
- I can't do this.
- Mallory, where are you going?
Come on, just wait.
I called the ambulance.
- They're on their way. Just–
- I… I need fresh air!
- I can't breathe!
- Okay. Okay.
- Oh! I need to go for a walk.
- Okay. I'll walk with you.
It's all right.
You got this. You're fine.
- Ah! I need to lay down.
- Okay.
Um, I think that we should
probably get back in the truck,
and we'll go to the hospital.
It's not that far.
I'm not having
the baby in the truck.
- No. It'll ruin the leather!
- I am not worried about that!
Come on, you're not
thinking clearly!
No! I can't breathe in there.
Please, don't make me
go back in! Oh! Oh…
Rick Adderly, your former
chief administrative officer,
is pulling ahead in the polls.
How do you feel about that?
Listen, Rick was a dedicated
and hardworking CAO,
but when it comes
to being mayor,
I think…
(inhales deeply)
I think Rick would serve
the people of this town well.
I know it's probably crazy
for me to say that
about my opponent,
but, uh… my daughter told me,
"politics suck."
And she's right. Heh.
But it doesn't have to.
When I was elected mayor,
I vowed to make Hudson
not just a tourist stop
on the way to the Rockies,
but a community
where we celebrated
each other's strengths,
where we built each other up
instead of tearing
each other down…
Where we treat each other
like family.
That's what I did, and that is
what I will continue to do
if I'm elected mayor
for a second term.
Rick is… my friend.
Well, he's family.
And he always will be,
no matter who wins.
Give me another push.
You're almost there!
- Oh, my God!
- It's okay. Okay.
One more. One more
big, big push. Come on.
- I can't. I can't.
- The umbilical cord's wrapped
around the baby's neck.
You need to push right now.
- Is the baby gonna be okay?!
- The baby's gonna be fine
- as long as you push.
- Okay, you really need to push,
- Mallory, you can do it.
- I can't. I can't. I'm sorry.
- I can't! I can't! Oh, my God!
- (Jake): Mallory!
- Jake!
- I'll be right there!
I'm here, Mallory! Ah!
Oh… oh…
You've gotta get her
to push. Right now.
- Jake, you made it!
- They're telling me you have
- to push one more time.
- I don't think I can!
- Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Sure, you can.
Do you remember when I met you
at the Fall Finale?
I tried to hug you in the stands
and you pushed me down?
Yeah, I remember.
Nobody pushes harder
than Mallory Wells.
Just one last push, okay?
(Mallory screaming)
That's it. That's it.
- Come on, baby.
- Oh!
(Mallory breathing heavily)
(baby crying)
You did it! You did it.
Ah… oh.
(baby crying)
(soft music)
Here's your healthy baby boy!
- You got him?
- Oh! Oh…
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Baby. Hi, baby!
- Congratulations.
Oh! Hi, sweetie!
(baby wailing)
It's okay, baby!
(uplifting music)
(soft music)
- Hi, everyone!
- Oh!
Oh, yeah.
Look at that beautiful baby!
- Congratulations, you two.
- Thank you.
- Have you decided on a name?
- Yeah, um…
I'd like you all to meet
Sully Jack Anderson.
Oh… well, I don't know
what to say.
I'm, uh… I'm truly honoured.
Do you wanna hold him?
Of course, I do.
(softly): Oh, my God.
Yeah. Shh. Oh…
So how does that go? There's…
There's two kinds of family,
the ones you're born into
and… and the ones you choose.
We are so lucky
that you two have chosen us
to be a part of your family.
So… Sully Jack Anderson,
welcome to our family.
(Jack chuckles)
So I listened
to the Gail Wexford show
- the other day.
- Yeah?
I'm really proud of you, Mom.
You have my vote.
- Well, if I could vote.
- Thank you.
I'm actually really
proud of you too.
- You are? Why?
- Did you tell her yet?
No, no. Not yet.
I was waiting for you.
- Oh, good.
- Tell me what?
Well, you came up
with such a brilliant
and elegant solution
to the lateness issue
at the diner,
I have a recommended you
for a promotion…
Assistant Manager.
- And I wholeheartedly agree.
- There you go.
Are you serious?
That is so cool of you!
- Thank you!
- Ah, there she is!
- You deserve it, kid.
- I gotta go tell GG.
- All right. Yeah.
- We're proud of you.
- That was a good idea.
- Cool. Did you hear that?
- She thinks I'm cool again.
- Oh, baby.
It won't last,
I'm sorry to tell you.
(soft music)
Come on, Ransom.
(Ransom snorts)
Are you sure you're okay
with Ransom being a ranch horse?
Yeah. He's part
of the family now…
Especially after he got Jake
to the birth
of his baby on time.
(Amy chuckles)
(Sully coos)
And what about you?
Are you still thinking
- about moving back to Hudson?
- Not so much anymore.
(Mallory sighs)
I think my home is
wherever Jake and Sully are.
And who knows?
There's a really nice family
on a neighbouring ranch.
Maybe one day, Sully will be
over there all the time,
ride their horses,
eat all their food.
If they should be so lucky.
- Love you.
- I love you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
(Amy chuckles)
You know, I got
that new client horse, Sunshine,
settled into her stall.
You wanna go meet her?
I'd love to. Hmm.
She's a champion
team roping horse, won big
at the Calgary Stampede
last year.
But she's real nervous
around flags.
I tried to do a bit
of ground work with her already.
I'm glad you started
working with her…
- Hi, girl.
- …Because I want you
to continue on your own.
What do you mean?
Sunshine is your client horse.
Hold on. Hold on.
Sunshine is famous!
She–she's a big deal. I'm not
ready to do this on my own.
Yes, you are.
You are more than ready.
(Amy chuckles)
I won't let you down.
I know you won't.
(Sunshine snorts softly)
Hey, guys! Wait up!
Cut to the chase, Sam.
Do you accept our offer?
Well, someone made
a much higher offer.
Well, we'll counter.
No, the kind of offer
you can't say no to.
I thought you said
it wasn't on the market.
Yeah, it wasn't,
but my agent had another client
who's looking to expand
their cattle operation.
- Who is it?
- I'm not supposed to say.
Come on. You owe us that.
All right, well,
I've never met him, but…
I'm sure you've seen his
billboards on the way into town.
Nathan Pryce.
(soft music)
♪On a date
by a chocolate lake ♪
Down by the rotary ♪
(Lou sighs)
Past town at the edge,
looking down ♪
That one looks
like an ice cream sundae.
- Where?
- Right there. See?
- Oh, yeah.
- And that is
- the cherry on top.
- I see it.
So what are you doing
out here, cloud gazing
all on your own?
(Amy sighs)
Guess I just have
a lot on my mind.
Mallory wanted to set me up
with the perfect guy,
and I told her I was happy
with my life just the way it is.
Which I am, but…
Seeing Jake be there for Mallory
when she needed it most just…
…made me think it would be
nice to have…
Have someone in my corner.
- The cherry on top.
- Hmm.
Does that mean you're ready
to date again?
Don't say that!
That just sounds awkward.
I haven't dated
in a million years.
You know what you need?
A makeover.
- What?
- Yeah.
(indistinct conversation)
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪♪
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