Heartland (CA) s17e02 Episode Script

Taking the Reins

- Previously on Heartland.
- Sunshine is your client horse.
Sunshine is famous! I'm not
ready to do this on my own.
- You're more than ready.
- That billboard,
the bull, you gonna tell me
it's not starting
- to feel personal?
- We'll find another bull.
We got more important things
to worry about.
Cut to the chase, Sam.
Do you accept our offer?
Well, someone made
a much higher offer.
- Who is it?
- I'm sure you've seen
his billboards on the way
into town. Nathan Pryce.
I had a racehorse
that we turned into a jumper.
Sometimes, retraining a horse
can give them a new lease
- on life.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm Rebecca's dad.
- I don't blame you
- for being upset.
- I'm not upset with you
for running for mayor.
I'm upset with you because
- you didn't tell me sooner.
- Rick Adderly,
your former
chief administrative officer,
- is pulling ahead in the polls.
- Rick is my friend.
Well, he's family.
(gentle music)
(bird calls)
(horse snorts softly)
(Remi barks)
(Remi pants)
Hi, GG!
(Jack chuckles)
(Remi whines)
(door shuts)
Hey, Pumpkin! You two gettin'
up to no good in here?
No, I need your help. We need
to cook some chicken for Remi.
Oh, she's not eating
her dog food again?
She doesn't like it anymore.
Chicken is her favourite.
- (Jack chuckles)
- That's a spoiled dog.
Let's fry up some chicken.
(birds chirping)
We've been through a lot,
haven't we, Brady?
But give Amy a chance. Okay?
She's, um, she's
kind of a big deal.
Some even call her
- the miracle girl.
- Wow. I think this is
the first time I've ever been
built up to a horse before.
Well, he's particular,
that's the problem.
Since I quit jumping, he can't
seem to get in sync with another rider.
- What's going on?
- Brady keeps clipping
the jumps. No matter who I lease
him to, it's the same thing.
- He was never like that with me.
- Maybe you're the miracle boy.
I don't wanna horn in
on your brand, now.
All right.
Let's see what's going on.
(pensive music)
(Amy): Let's go again, Brady.
(Edwin): Try again, Amy.
You see, that's what
keeps happening.
Yeah, he's not
attacking the jumps.
He's not even committed
to his approach.
- Can you fix that?
- Usually, yeah,
but I don't know if that's
what this horse needs.
What—what does he need?
Sorry to say this,
Edwin, but…
I think Brady should
quit jumping.
(theme music plays)
♪And at the break of day ♪
- You sink into
- a dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
Ah-ah-ah ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer, ah-ah-ah ♪♪
What do you mean,
he should quit?
I think that it was something
he enjoyed doing with you,
but since you don't
jump anymore, his heart's just
- not in it.
- Well, there must be another
- rider he could bond with.
- It seems like you've
already tried. This is
a competitive sport, and…
I'm just afraid that if
his head's not in the game,
he's gonna have a serious fall
and he could injure himself
- or another rider.
- But show jumping is what saved
his life. I found him
at this sketchy barn
I used to work at.
I'm 100% sure they abused him,
and I drained my savings
just so I could buy him.
If he can't do that anymore,
then what,
put him out to pasture?
No. No, he's too young for that.
Come on, boy.
It's Jack. Leave a message.
Hey, why aren't you answering
my calls? Come on, call me back.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah. I just—
I told Jack I was gonna help
with the election
- for the next couple of days.
- Okay.
He's gotta set up this meeting
with the Pryce family
- to deal with the grazing lease.
- Dad, if you need to help him,
- I can manage.
- No, honey, I'm with you,
right up until the last result
comes in tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. No problem.
We gotta set up for
a celebration, what do you say?
Right, uh, do we really need
this many balloons?
Lou, this is gonna be
the best victory party
of all time.
Take a look at this banner.
- Oh!
- "Congratulations, Lou,
- on Round Two!"
- No, no, no, Dad! Put it away!
Dad, please! It's a jinx.
(both sigh)
Nothing's gonna get in your
way of a second term, honey.
Yeah, except maybe Rick,
and the fact he was
- ahead in the polls.
- He was ahead in the polls,
but now you've pulled
into a dead heat
- since that radio interview.
- Yeah.
Imagine where you'd be
if you had taken my advice.
You still think mudslinging
was the best strategy?
I was talking more of a flick.
I think if you had have flicked,
you'd be way out in front.
(Edwin): We're gonna have
you jumping again in no time,
I promise.
(Brady snorts softly)
It's okay, Brady.
I'm not gonna stick you out
in the field. Trust me.
That's not
what I was suggesting.
Well, if he can't jump…
What if we retrain him again
for something else?
Like what?
Well, he's… he's flashy,
he's reliable,
he doesn't spook easily.
I was thinking
maybe combined driving?
- What's that?
- Um,
carriage racing.
Let me show you.
- Sounds kind of random.
- A client of mine
reached out and asked me
if I would keep my eyes open
for any horses
that might fit the bill.
I was thinking
Brady might be good for that.
Check it out.
(indistinct speaking on phone)
(announcer): …Doing combined
racing for about a couple
months now, but you gotta see,
look at the turn on this pair.
So we… we take
this on together?
If you'd like.
…a tight turn,
and it shows a lot of expertise.
Do you really think
this will bring his spirit back?
I think it's worth a try.
- All right, let's do it.
- Okay.
- When do we start?
- Um, well, I can go home
and get another horse right now,
and maybe come back
- this afternoon?
- Perfect.
Good call, Lyndy.
She loves that chicken.
- (Amy chuckles)
- So I've been working
with a horse of Edwin's
that he used to jump, and I’m
retraining it to be
a combined driving horse.
- Sounds like fun.
- Yeah.
I need a partner horse,
though, and I was thinking
- maybe Harley?
- Sure…
How about Buddy? I haven't been
exercising him enough
since blue's taken on
all the ranch work, and…
- Yeah. That's not a bad idea.
- Yeah, who's driving?
Oh, I guess I'm learning
along with the horses.
Well, I've never driven
carriage before,
but I've been working with reins
on wagons my whole life.
- Would you like to help?
- I would like to,
but don't tell Tim.
He'll think I'm avoiding
this Pryce beef… beef.
- And are you?
- No! No, this is…
…about Buddy and trying
to give him a new purpose.
Do you want my help or not?
- (Amy chuckles)
- Yes, please.
I'll text Katie.
- (phone notification plays)
- Uh, Mom, Amy wants to know
if I can hang out
with Lyndy this afternoon.
Uh, yeah, it's
pretty quiet around here.
It should be okay.
Hey, your, um,
your dad mentioned
that you wanna enter
a new short story contest.
Uh, yeah. I have to retell
a classic fairy tale using
- a current social issue.
- Ooh, I like that.
What about, like,
a take on Rapunzel that deals
with toxic chemicals
in hair products? No?
- Hello.
- Hi.
I'm just popping in
to say good luck, last day
- before the election and all.
- Oh, thank you.
Good luck to you too.
Rick, you're trembling.
Am I? That's because I'm
a bloody nervous wreck.
Hey, that's normal.
And, between you and me,
- I'm bloody nervous too.
- Heh. Well, you hide it better.
You might have
to teach me how to do
that if I am…
Ahem. Sorry.
- This—
- It's okay. You know,
even though we're going head-to-head,
I feel like we're in this together.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. We both put
our best foot forward,
and now we just have to let
the votes fall
where they may, right?
Just try to enjoy
the excitement of it.
You're right. Okay.
Well, I should get back
to my headquarters. Apparently,
we need more balloons.
(door opens)
Why are you cavorting
with the enemy?
- "Cavorting?"
- Being friendly to.
I know what it means, Dad.
He's not the enemy.
He's… my friend.
Whatever happens
tomorrow happens.
Whoa. That's enough
of that talk right there.
We are winning. You are winning.
That's the intention
that you want to put out there
into the universe.
Oh, okay.
(hopeful music)
- Hey.
- Hey.
Jack. I wasn't expecting you.
Well, it appears
I'm along for the ride.
- I'll be handling the reins.
- That's great.
- What's all this?
- Oh, I thought
- I'd bring some muffins and—
- Oh! Are those
the chocolate banana ones
that Lyndy keeps raving about?
- They are so amazing.
- Mm!
(Amy laughs)
They are amazing!
And is that coffee?
Well, look at you!
- Go for it.
- That's the way
to start the day.
You guys sit tight.
- I'll get us going.
- Thanks, Grandpa.
You brought your grandpa.
Yeah. Well, he offered, and…
Is that okay?
You didn't wanna drive,
- did you?
- Oh, no, no! Not at all.
I just, um… I would have
brought more muffins.
Come on. We should get
this rigging set up.
You excited
for your first solo job?
Yeah. It's a lot
of pressure, though.
Sunshine's a big deal
in the roping world,
but she's never done
a Grand Entry before,
and she's afraid
of the sound a flag makes,
- so… I better get started.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Heh.
(soft music)
(Sunshine snorts softly)
(Sunshine snorts softly)
(Logan clicks his tongue)
So far, so good.
Okay. Let's pick up
the pace, girl.
(Sunshine snorts)
(fast-paced music)
Whoa! Sunshine! Oof!
- Logan! Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
(Logan grunts)
I'm good.
(Logan sighs)
(Sunshine snorting)
- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Look at her.
(Logan sighs)
I went too fast, and now,
she's even more scared of this,
the one thing I was supposed
to get her comfortable with.
(soft music)
Jump up. Ooh.
Ooh. Jump up, Buddy.
Chi. Chi, Brady.
(Amy): They seem to be
getting used to the rigging
and blinders,
and they're listening
- to Grandpa's voice cues.
- This is a good start, right?
Oh, totally! I mean,
I understand Buddy
because he already has a bond
with Jack, but for Brady to be
thrown into this and handle it
so well, I'm impressed.
Well, he definitely looks
more enthusiastic here than he's
been on the jumping run lately.
Yeah, sometimes, trying
something new can do that.
(Jack): There you go.
Way to go, Buddy boy.
You know,
I have to give it to you.
What they say about you is true.
You really are amazing
at reading horses.
Wow. I don't even think
you're being sarcastic.
Can I get that
in writing please?
What? No! Don't make me regret
the compliment, okay?
(Amy laughs)
That looks good, Grandpa.
Try circling them around.
Step up, Buddy.
(clicks tongue)
Hey, since we didn't have
any down time to have our snack,
I was thinking if you wanted
to go grab dinner tonight?
Just go a little
bit tighter. That's it.
Yeah! Sorry, what was that?
I was thinking
maybe Maggie's at 7 o'clock?
- Oh, yeah, for sure.
- Okay.
(soft music)
Lou. I've been looking
all over for you.
Yeah, I just needed
some quiet.
- Hmm.
- I'm, um, working on
my thank-you speech
for the volunteers.
Well, don't feel like
you have to go gushing on
about your campaign manager.
- (Lou sighs)
- I have to admit, the thought
of a whole other term in
this office is a bit daunting.
Can't pull out now.
No. No, no.
I know that, I just…
You know, since I've been
in this office, Georgie's gone
off to pursue jumping
and Katie's gonna be next
with her writing.
And we just started
getting along, you know,
and she really only has
a few more years left at home.
Lou, I know what
you're trying to do.
You don't wanna admit
how badly you want this.
It's like the day
before a big rodeo.
You know you're either gonna
come home with a buckle
- or a mouthful of dirt.
- Okay.
So, hypothetically,
if I did want to avoid
the whole eating dirt part…
- What would I do?
- You strap yourself in,
you hold on for dear life,
and you make sure the ride's
- not over until you decide it is.
- Doesn't the bronc have
something to say about that,
or, in this case,
- the people of Hudson?
- You can't anticipate every
buck or spin
that comes your way.
It's how you ride it out.
And you don't let go
until you hear the buzzer.
I'm not totally sure
I understand your
rodeo metaphor, but…
I have worked really hard
at this. You know,
I made huge sacrifices, so…
Quite frankly, I do think
I've earned a second term.
- That's more like it.
- I guess there is a chance
to make a difference
right 'til the end.
- So?
- So I'm gonna go out swinging.
And door-knocking
first thing in the morning.
That's my daughter!
You got this, honey.
Thanks… Coach.
(indistinct conversations)
- Hi!
- Hey.
Hey, where's Rebecca?
Hi, Lyndy. Um, she's
with her mom tonight.
Why did you ask us
for dinner then?
Uh, I meant, like, um…
Oh, you meant
just the two of us.
- Sure is taking a while.
- Yeah.
Did they go all the way
to Heartland to get the beef
- for those burgers?
- Well… it is
pretty busy in here.
Mommy, I need
some more crayons.
Oh, yeah. I'll come with you.
No, I know where they are.
(pop music playing
over speakers)
I'm really sorry
I misunderstood.
I—I thought you just
meant the four of us,
like usual. I—I didn't
know you meant, um…
A date? It's not a bad word.
Is that what this is?
Apparently not.
- How was I supposed to know?
- Oh, come on. Really?
We've been spending
so much time together, and…
I've totally been
putting out the vibes.
- You have?
- How can you be
so intuitive with horses,
yet so clueless about a guy
- who's into you?
- You're not the first person
to tell me I'm better
with animals than people.
But I don't know,
I just assumed that we were
- supervising a playdate.
- Well, I don't think it's
that crazy of an idea
for us to go on a date.
I mean… we have
so much in common.
We have great banter.
We laugh. Ha-ha! Right?
- Like friends do.
- Okay, but…
When are the burgers here?
- I'm starving.
- I know, sweetie.
- They'll be here soon.
- Why don't you
- draw us another picture?
- I'm gonna draw
Mommy working with your horse.
- What's his name again?
- Brady. We used to, uh…
Win lots of ribbons together
when we jumped.
- Why don't you do it anymore?
- Oh, honey, that's personal.
- Oh, no. It's okay.
- It's just… you never talk
about it, so I didn't know…
Yeah. Um…
I just—I banged
my head really hard.
Bad concussion.
And the doctor
told you to stop?
He didn't have to.
I wasn't my best self
when I was
in that post-concussion fog.
Not as present for Rebecca.
I didn't wanna be
in that state ever again.
(soft music)
(Sunshine whinnies)
You're gettin' an early start.
Yeah, I don't
really have a choice.
I messed up really bad.
I moved too fast,
and I think you're gonna
need to step in.
Logan. Mistakes happen, okay?
It's how you recover
from them and move forward.
You can do this. I know you can.
(Sunshine snorts softly)
Okay! Uh, the griddle,
turn that off.
The sausages look ready.
Lyndy, honey, would you take
these napkins in to the table,
please? Thank you.
- Whoa! What's going on in here?
- Surprise!
- All your favourites.
- Happy election day.
You guys! This is
so sweet, but, you know,
I really should get going.
I have more houses to visit,
more hands to shake.
Oh, and Dad, I need you to get
the volunteers in
a little bit early at Maggie's.
Lou, come on. You can
take time for breakfast.
Can you? Have you even
set that appointment up
with Pryce Beef yet?
Hey. Have you guys seen Remi?
No, but you know she likes
to go out and about sometimes.
Well, I can go
on a search. I mean,
I could use the break from
my short story contest anyways.
The best I've been able to come
up with so far is an SPCA angle
- on Beauty And The Beast.
- I like it!
Okay. Breakfast first.
- Okay.
- Jack, help me with this.
- I got you.
- So, uh, something
kind of weird
happened yesterday.
Edwin asked me out for dinner,
and I just assumed he meant,
like, with the girls,
like always, and I showed up
and he didn't have
Rebecca there.
He meant, like, a date.
- Finally!
- What? You knew about this?
Amy, you guys
hang out all the time.
Yeah, I know,
with Rebecca and Lyndy
because they're besties.
This is gonna be so awkward.
No, it's not gonna be awkward
because you said yourself
you wanna put yourself
out there again.
Maybe Edwin deserves
a chance. Okay?
(Tim): Girls, breakfast.
Come on!
Coming! Come on.
- Hi. Uh…
- Hey.
I was just getting
one of those myself.
I am so sorry.
I should've called and asked
- if you wanted one.
- Oh, no. It's—it's fine.
So I have some good news.
That client of mine is
interested in having
both Brady and Buddy
as a team if they work out,
so he's lending us
his carriage for the day.
Oh, uh, you think
they're ready to try it out?
I guess we'll
find out, won't we?
Um, about last night,
I’m—I'm so sorry
- if I made things awkward.
- No, you didn't. I…
I just… I just
don't wanna jeopardize
what we already have.
Being playdate buddies?
Because if that's
all you really see me as,
- I—I promise I'll lay off.
- All right!
Let's get this show on the road.
- Thank you. Good morning.
- Hey, Jack.
- See you soon.
- Okay.
Brady, chi! Brady, chi!
Atta boy. Atta boy.
Hang on.
Oh! That's hard on my bones!
(Amy laughs)
- Ah, jeez!
- Amy!
- (Buddy neighs)
- Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
- What happened? What was that?
- I don't know, but it was
definitely Brady. They were
both on the move even up,
and then Brady just
stopped on a dime.
Come on, Brady. It's just
shallow water. Let's go.
Come on, boy. Come on, boy.
That horse is scared
to get wet.
He never loved
doing water jumps,
but it seems like his fear
of water has gotten worse.
- What?
- Well, a major part
of combined driving is going
through water.
And if your horse is
afraid of water,
nobody is gonna want him.
Come on, Brady.
You have to do this. Walk up.
(Brady snorts softly)
Come on, boy!
(Katie): Back at it
with Sunshine?
Yeah, all day, actually.
How's it going?
She's still afraid
of the flag.
Look, I'm trying to be patient
but this just doesn't seem
like it's gonna work.
I screwed up so bad.
Stop beating yourself up.
She can probably feel
your stress. Maybe you
should take a break.
I could use the help
looking for Remi.
- You still haven't found her?
- No, and…
I think we might need
to expand the search,
like on horseback.
Taking Sunshine out for a ride
isn't such a bad idea.
I could take the flag off
the pole and try to get
- her used to it out on a trail.
- Okay.
- I'll get Harley.
- Okay.
Thank you all
for your Patience.
I'm sure that she'll be here
any minute now.
Oh, and here she is now,
your present and future mayor,
Lou Fleming!
(cheering and applause)
Oh! Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, thank you so much
for being here,
and I'm sorry
to keep you waiting.
Um, I'm late
because I was actually out
doing my final push, and, uh…
And I knocked on the door
of this new
Bed and Breakfast, Edna’s.
And I immediately recognized
the woman who opened the door
because for over 20 years,
Edna was our school secretary.
You know, the woman
with the kind smile
who took our permission slips
and put the band-aids on
when our kids skinned
their knees.
Well, when Edna retired,
she went after her dream,
and she opened up her B&B.
And then, she almost went
bankrupt in the first year.
She—she could've lost her home.
It was only
because of the increased tourism
that we generated that Edna
was able to turn it around.
Sometimes, in this job,
you wonder if you're making
a difference,
but in hearing Edna’s story,
it made me realize that being
the mayor of Hudson has been
my dream come true.
And if I get to do it again,
it's because
of your unwavering support
and belief in me, so thank you.
Thank you
from the bottom of my heart.
(indistinct encouragements)
- Come on, boy.
- There you go.
See, Brady?
Buddy's not afraid of it.
Brady trusts Buddy, so I’m
hoping he'll just follow him in.
- Come on, Brady.
- It's okay, look.
It's not gonna hurt you.
Come on!
Hey! What was that for?
I'm just showing him
that it's okay.
Oh, really? Okay.
(Amy laughs)
- Oh, yeah?!
- Oh! Ah!
- Ooh! Woo!
- See, Brady? We're all
getting wet!
(both laughing)
- Oh, my! Okay!
- Ah!
(Amy laughing)
Woo! He did it!
- (both laughing)
- You gonna come in, Grandpa?
Oh, no! No.
(Jack chuckles)
I'm good right here.
(Amy laughs)
(soft music)
Remi! Remi!
You really think
she'd come out this far?
I don't know.
I'm starting to get worried.
Miley had a ranch dog
that didn't come home for days.
She thought he had,
like, a doggie girlfriend
or something, you know,
like Lady And The Tramp?
Things are going well
with you two?
Miley and I? Yeah.
Yeah, really good, actually.
That's good.
She seems really cool.
Hey, maybe I should use
Lady And The Tramp
as my fairy tale spin.
Remi! Here, girl!
- You still haven't started?
- Oh, I've started.
And started again. And again.
I just… can't seem
to get into a groove.
I don't know. Maybe I've used up
all my good ideas.
- No. No, that's not true.
- How do you know?
'Cause you're
an amazing writer! You just…
- Gotta get back on track.
- Kind of like you and Sunshine?
I'm not gonna lie,
she's been a challenge.
Well, she seems really comfortable
with you and that flag right now.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess she's
less stressed on the trail.
Maybe she's been feeling
too much pressure as well.
Hey. Could we put the Remi
search on pause for a bit?
I want to try something.
(soft music)
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, I was just coming
to tell you that the carriage
is all hooked up,
so we're gonna head back.
Okay, yeah. I'll meet you
back at the barn.
Sounds good.
Hey, Amy.
Thank you.
Yeah. No problem.
(vehicle driving)
Look! Katie's riding.
Well, you don't see
that every day.
Oh, look who's with her.
(uplifting music)
Hey, guys!
Wow, look at Sunshine!
- You did it.
- Way to go, Logan.
- So what was the breakthrough?
- Well, we were out
looking for Remi,
and I could tell Sunshine was
pretty comfortable on the trail,
so we tried it out there.
Well, that was thinking
on your feet. Good call.
I hate to be a downer,
but we haven't found Remi yet,
and I really can't think
of anywhere else to look.
Have you tried
that old fort in the woods?
Or even the picnic spot?
- Uh, no.
- Okay. Well, those are
- two places that she loves.
- Okay, well, we should
probably get back to Maggie's.
Mom's election results
will be in soon.
- I think you need to find Remi.
- Okay. You guys go.
- I'll meet you there.
- Okay.
I'm gonna borrow
your horse, Katie.
Uh, sure.
(Jack sighs)
(thunder rumbling)
(Amy): Remi! Remi!
(thunder rumbling)
Oh, no…
Oh, Remi…
(Remi whines)
(Remi panting)
(sorrowful music)
(whispers): Oh, Remi…
(Remi panting)
As the evening starts to wind
down here in Hudson,
this mayoral race is
on a knife's edge.
Incumbent mayor, Lou Fleming…
- It keeps going back and forth.
- I know, I know. It's torture.
Okay. Okay.
We're down to the last district,
so whoever's on top
when those votes come in is
- the winner.
- This is it, everyone.
With everything on the line
in this mayoral race,
it looks like we're close
to getting our final result in.
Yes, and the last votes are
just about to come in,
- and… that's it.
- Wait, does…
- Does that mean…
- Rick Adderly is
the next mayor of Hudson.
(exclamations of disbelief)
I lost.
I actually lost.
(Tim): 12 votes?
12 votes? He won by 12 votes?!
I'm sorry, Lou.
No, wait. Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Lou, you ask for a recount.
- A recount?
Dad, volunteers count the votes.
I can't ask them to do it again,
not when it's almost guaranteed
to be the same result!
Lou, a mistake in the count
can make all the difference.
Never let go.
Remember? Never let go.
(Lou sighs)
Press. Press is here, so…
Just tell him you're gonna
ask for a recount.
Okay. I… okay, I, uh…
I—I—I need a minute. Ahem.
I, uh, I'm sorry, everyone!
I'll be back.
(exclamations of disappointment)
(phone keys beeping)
Come on.
Answer the phone.
- Did you hear?
- Oh, um, the election.
- Is it over?
- Yes.
No. Uh, I don't know.
Look, I lost,
but not by many votes. Dad wants
- me to ask for a recount.
- Lou…
I know, I know. I don't wanna
look like I'm not willing
to accept defeat because I am,
but it's just there's
a small chance
that maybe mistakes were made,
and I could've actually won.
It was so close, Amy.
- what should i do?
- I don't know.
I don't know if i can help you,
not right now.
Why? What's going on?
Are—are you okay?
It's Remi.
I found her, Lou.
She's… she's gone.
(sorrowful music)
You sure this is the best
background for your photo?
Yeah? The lighting might be
better over there.
Just hold it.
- What's Rick doing here?
- I—I'm ready to do this.
Just trust me.
Is this on? Okay.
Ahem. Good evening,
fellow Hudsonites.
I would like to thank you,
first of all,
for coming out to vote
in what proved to be
a hard-fought mayoral election
right down to the finish.
I would especially like
to thank the volunteers
who ran the voting stations.
I know your diligence
to ensure the integrity
of this process
has resulted in a clear winner.
And now, I would like to be
the first to introduce you to
and to congratulate a man
I could not have done
this job without,
your new mayor,
Mr. Rick Adderly.
Thanks, Lou. I'm sorry.
Don't be.
We both gave it our all,
and you earned it.
Thank you, Lou.
I feel like I've learned
how a mayor
should conduct themselves
from the very best.
What'd you do that for?
(Lou sighs)
Because, Dad… sometimes,
you actually need to know
when it is time to let go.
Rick won. We need
to accept that.
Now, we need to go home
because we have an even
tougher loss to deal with
than this election.
(soft music)
(Jack): You really
outdid yourself, Lou.
Is that your famous
chicken salad?
- Sure is.
- Remi's favourite.
I wish she was here.
She's with Daddy now.
(Jack): Yeah…
We're all nursing
heavy hearts today, Pumpkin.
So I think maybe
we ought to say a few words
before we dive into lunch here.
How about we all share
something special
that happened since
Remi came into our lives?
Lyndy, would you like to start?
Well, I was born.
Yes, you were.
I'm not sure
I can follow that, but, uh,
I found my love of writing,
and it all started with Remi…
Curled up at my feet as I wrote
my first ideas down on paper.
(fire crackling)
- Dad?
- Well, um…
Remi was a good dog.
Lived a long life.
I don't know.
I—I guess the thing
I'm most proud of is
this family. And I know,
sometimes, I can be
a bit over the top…
…trying to get you
re-elected for mayor, Lou.
It's okay. I know
how bad you wanted it for me.
Oh, I wanted it for the town.
You were a great mayor.
Thank you.
I'm really happy with everything
I was able to do as mayor,
and I'm just thankful
that I had that opportunity,
but as soon as I heard
about Remi…
Suddenly, the election
just seemed meaningless.
What's important to me is
being here for you guys.
Yeah. We're lucky
to have you here, Lou.
Now, as the other old dog
on the ranch,
I was always grateful
for Remi's youthful spirit.
She never lost
her desire to learn
new tricks, and I hope
the same can be said for me.
Well, there's
no doubt about that.
You should've seen Grandpa take
the reins this week.
(Jack laughs)
(Amy chuckles)
(Amy inhales deeply)
Remi will always hold
a special…
Special place in my heart.
You know, she saw me through
some of the highest highs
and some of the lowest lows.
And she always brought me
such comfort through all of it.
(sentimental music)
Yeah, it really is the…
The collection
of people and animals
you surround yourself with
that sees you through
all the days, good or bad.
(softly): Yeah.
So in honour of our
good friend, let's raise
a glass of lemonade…
(Amy chuckles)
…to Remi for everything
she brought our lives
and for the love
she shared with all of us.
- To Remi.
- To Remi.
- To Remi.
- (Katie): To Remi.
To Remi.
(birds chirping)
I'm off to drive a carriage.
Yes, Lisa.
I'm driving the carriage.
I'll show off for you
when you get home.
Yeah. Love you too.
Braggin' to your girl again?
(Buddy snorts softly)
Little bit.
I hear he's
pretty good at it too.
Yeah! Yeah, it seems
Buddy might've found himself
a new home.
How do you feel about that?
Oh, I'll miss him
around here, I guess.
I'm just glad
I was able to help him find
something new
that he likes to do.
Sorry about bustin' your chops
about not dealin' with Pryce.
Ah… you weren't
completely wrong.
Well, it ain't an easy business,
and to think we've got
another big battle
on our hands…
Oh, come on. Don't tell me
you're not up for it.
(Jack sighs)
Nah. No, I just needed
to steel myself a little.
But you're right.
It's time to settle
this land issue, so…
I set up a meeting
with the foreman
over at Pryce Beef there.
We've worked too long and hard
building this business.
Ain't nobody gonna
take it from us.
(birds chirping)
(horse snorts softly)
- Here, I got this.
- Thank you.
Hey. I'm, um…
Really sorry
about your family dog.
Rebecca told me.
You sure you want
to do this today?
We had a nice ceremony
for Remi this morning.
Now, it's time
to give Buddy his turn.
- And Brady.
- Mmhm.
Hopefully, his issues
with water are behind him.
I really would love to see
him and Buddy get a chance
to do this for real.
Yeah. Edwin?
If you ever decide
to ask me out to dinner again,
maybe just clarify that I'm not
supposed to bring my child.
I'm just not very good
at reading these people things.
Yeah. Ahem. Yes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
There goes
your first client horse.
- Must feel pretty good.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it does feel really good.
Hey, um… I'm sorry about Remi.
Yeah. Thank you
for helping me look for her.
Yeah, of course.
You know, actually,
that ride is what helped turn
things around with Sunshine.
Yeah? That chat actually
helped my writer's block too.
Okay. How's this?
Snow White has to convince
the seven dwarfs
to give up diamond mining
and become environmental
stewards of their forest.
Okay, not—not bad.
Let's hear more.
Okay! So the evil queen,
right, she's, like, the CEO
- of the whole company.
- Right.
And so she's just been
destroying forests,
destroying ecosystems for years
to make money off the diamonds.
It needs an action sequence.
You know that, right?
(soft music)
♪Stray light ♪
Burning in the night ♪
Watching and waiting ♪
Shed your skin ♪
Shed off all the weakness ♪
Finding a way out ♪
Rushing through ♪
Like blood
inside of my veins ♪
There's no going back now ♪
And it starts again ♪
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
It's only the beginning ♪
You don't know
where you're going ♪
- I know it's gonna be, oh ♪
- Woohoo!
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
The ruin and the glory ♪
Another chapter in the story ♪
I know it's gonna be
all right ♪
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
(overlapping vocals)
I know it's gonna be
all right ♪♪
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