Heartland (CA) s17e03 Episode Script

The Heart Want

Previously on "Heartland"
Any marriage is tough
under any circumstances.
You know, the hardest part
about this is just
- what it's gonna do to Carson.
- And that's it.
Rick Adderly is
the next mayor of Hudson.
- Oh! Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Uh, Logan. My name's Logan.
- Uh, Miley.
If you ever decide
to ask me out
to dinner again,
maybe just clarify that I'm
not supposed to bring my child.
Do you accept our offer?
Well, someone made
a much higher offer.
Who is it?
I'm sure you've seen his
billboards on the way into town.
Nathan Pryce. Sorry.
Shadow! Come here!
(Shadow whinnying)
You're a good boy.
(Amy chuckles)
Hey, Carson!
How are you?
Did I know you guys were
coming here this early?
Well, not unless
you're psychic.
- Need your help with something.
- We want to show you Donut!
You brought me donuts?
Donut is
Carson's birthday present.
(Amy gasps)
- Awww!
- Hey, buddy boy.
(man clicking his tongue)
- Oh… ah.
- Hahaha!
- Good boy, one more step.
- What a beauty!
Okay, buddy,
why don't you go find Lyndy.
Yeah, she's in the treehouse
making some crafts.
I love you, Donut.
Well, he seems like
a nicely built pony,
one that Carson can
learn on for a while.
What's the problem?
I'll show you.
We heard
from Pryce's foreman yet?
I'd told you
if I did, so no.
Maybe I ought
to call him again.
Ah, he's just playing
hard to get. Just… look.
- We can't act needy.
- (Jack): We are needy, Tim.
Without that lease, those cows
are gonna run out of grass
before midsummer.
Jack, take it easy.
He'll call.
(Jack sighs)
(loud blender noise)
(muffled music from headphones)
I'm so sorry.
Are you guys having a meeting?
No. No, we're done.
What are you doing for
the rest of the day, Lou,
aside from drinking
whatever is in that?
Well, for your information,
I have a yoga class
in 10 minutes,
and I've just really been
enjoying prioritizing self-care.
Because when you're running
from meeting to meeting,
you just get
into the worst habits.
You know, plus I get to spend
more time with you, with Katie.
You can't hang around a ranch
in your PJs forever.
Come on, you got beat.
Rick beat you.
Gotta get off the mat.
- I'm not.
- You're wallowing.
Come on, Fleming,
shake it off.
Get back out there.
I'm not wallowing, Dad.
And… these are not PJs,
they're yoga pants.
(Amy sighs)
I guess he's got
more whoa than go, huh?
Oh, just wait.
- (pony whinnying)
- Oh! Oh!
Oh! Come on!
Easy, easy! Settle down!
Ah! Oh!
(pony whinnies)
You okay?
That was quite the dirty move.
It's like this every time.
And the auction house said
he was completely broken.
I think the auction house
was wrong.
He's definitely not
a kid's pony.
Well, I need him to be,
by the weekend.
Well, I told Carson
he could have
a cowboy birthday party complete
with his very own pony.
He already told Cass
and his grandparents, so…
So please, Amy, would you
just work with Donut?
Carson's crazy about him.
He's so cute.
I know.
I love him so much.
(theme music)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sink into ♪
A dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪♪
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(guitar music)
What's got you so jittery?
(Katie sighs)
I'm waiting for the results
of this competition.
Ah… is that
the… the fairy tale one?
Yeah. I did a ton of research,
read all the past finals work.
I think my story is exactly
what the judges are looking for.
But finalists are announced
in the next 24 hours,
and I hate waiting.
I know the feeling.
It could be a bit
like a watched kettle, though.
You won't get the news
any sooner by staring
at your computer screen.
You should go do something else.
- (Katie sighs)
- Who's this little guy?
This is Donut; He's supposed
to be Carson's birthday present,
but he just tossed Caleb.
- Well, that can't be good.
- No.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah, of course.
Do you think
Miley would like this?
Logan, it's stunning.
Yeah, I… I want to get her
something special
for her next rodeo,
something that says,
you know, I love her.
- Logan…
- I'm crazy, I know.
- I know, it's too soon.
- You're not crazy.
Sometimes, it happens that fast.
But you could always
consider just telling her.
- What if it freaks her out?
- It won't.
I mean, she might not say it
back, maybe she's not ready,
but you can't deny
those butterflies.
I always thought that
description was just a line.
You always thought
that what was just a line?
Hmm… you know how ponies
are a huge pain
in a small package?
What are you doing here?
Okay. Nice to see you too.
I'm here on rodeo
school business.
Can I steal you outside
for a second?
- Logan.
- Hey.
This is Rocky.
A new lesson horse
for the rodeo school.
He's supposed to be
for the beginner barrel racers.
Yeah, problem is
he didn't like barrels,
keeps veering
away from 'em.
I want you to work with him.
Well, he means
if you're interested.
Well, I'm… I'm flattered,
but why not ask Amy?
She's got a full slate.
And you did such a great job
with Sunshine,
I figured you could do
the same with Rocky.
What do you say?
I… I say I'd love, uh…
- Good.
- I'm happy to do it.
(Miley chuckles)
(soft music)
(horse neighing)
You twisted Tim's arm
to hire me.
I did no such thing.
This is all you,
your hard work paying out.
Ah, Shadow,
I don't know if we're gonna
get out on that ride after all.
Uh, I'll take him on a ride.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
When I rode
with Logan and Sunshine,
I actually had
some pretty great story ideas.
Okay. Well,
if you don't mind.
I know Shadow would
appreciate it.
So would I.
(Katie chuckles)
(birds singing)
(distant engine roaring)
(Shadow snorts)
Come on, Shadow, let's go.
(engine roaring growing louder)
(rock music)
(Shadow neighs)
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, jerk! Slow down
when you're passing someone.
- Huh?
- You were going way too fast.
Did you seriously not see me?
Okay. Calm down.
You sort of came out
of nowhere.
Then maybe you need
to get your eyes checked.
You're not the only one
on this trail, top gun.
Wow, you really know
how to cut a guy down to size.
- I will be more careful.
- Okay, good.
And by the way, instead
of telling someone to calm down,
you should try
apologizing instead.
(Shadow neighing softly)
Come on now.
So out of all the ponies
at the auction,
what made you choose Donut?
I actually didn't,
Carson did.
Carson picked him out
all by himself?
Donut was in this tiny stall,
nose in the corner,
away from everybody.
But Carson walked
right up to him
and the second that pony heard
his voice, Donut came over
and nickered
like you wouldn't believe.
Aw, it sounds like
they have a real connection.
Yeah, well, I just knew
this was Carson's pony.
But I… I let him get attached
before I even made sure
he was ridable. Stupid.
Why are you being
so hard on yourself?
'Cause I should
have known better.
Carson doesn't know horses,
I do.
Could have picked him
an old faithful
instead of a fuzzy nightmare.
Well, the fact that
Donut responded to Carson
gives me hope.
(cell phone buzzing)
Ugh! It's a call from Cass.
- I'll… I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Cass. Hey.
Boy, I'm gonna take it
nice and slow.
There's a little boy that we
don't want to disappoint, okay?
Come on.
(Amy clicking her tongue)
Settle down.
Donut. Whoa.
(Donut neighs)
Bolting is not gonna work
with me.
Text with the words
"Big surprise"
makes me a little nervous.
It's a good surprise. I think.
- Maybe.
- Still not helping.
I've decided I want
to open my own gallery
right here, in Hudson.
- Best idea I've heard in ages.
- Good.
I'm glad you're on board
'cause this is where I want.
(door closes)
So what do you think?
It… it looks
It's character, honey.
Called character.
It's also
an historical building,
and the heritage committee
is acting like I want
to tear it down
to build a cigarette factory,
so the permits could
take up to a year.
What?! Oh,
that can't be right.
I don't know what to do.
On one hand, I could have
my dream property,
and on the other,
I get a money pit
that I can't do
anything with.
Well, we happen
to have somebody in the family
who knows a thing or two
about Hudson bureaucracy.
Do you think it would help?
I don't want to burden her.
Oh, please, burden her.
She needs a purpose.
And by the looks of things,
you could… use some backup.
Hmm… I just…
I love it so much!
Character? Hmm!
Is everything okay
with Cass?
Yeah, sure.
It's her night with Carson.
Just checking to make sure
I remembered Popsicle.
It's, uh,
his stuffed polar bear.
Which of course, I didn't.
How's Donut?
Well, he's broke, but I think
somebody let him get away
with bolting, and now he knows
that gets him out of work.
Yeah, but you've retrained
horses with bad habits before.
I have, but I don't know
if Donut is
the right pony for Carson,
even if he loves him.
What happened
to you being hopeful?
It's just that spoiled ponies
don't make good beginner mounts.
So he needs
a little discipline.
Just… just spend
another day with him.
It's not gonna be
easier on Carson
if you hold off
telling him, okay?
And-and what? Are you gonna risk
your kid getting hurt
just because you want to win
best birthday present?
Wow, Amy.
This isn't about
winning anything;
this is about not wanting
to break my kid's heart
after everything.
(dramatic music)
(soft music)
(horse whinnies)
Oh. Oh.
Rocky, you're gonna get us
both fired.
Hey, you're getting
an early start.
Do you have plans
with a certain someone later?
And no… no,
I haven't told her yet.
(distant horse whinnying)
What is going on in there?
Better go check it out.
(horse whinnying)
It's okay, Donut,
you're fine.
- He's scared, Mommy.
- I know.
Don't worry, honey,
he'll be all right.
Right after this,
I'll take him outside, okay?
Do you want me to
walk you to the bus?
- No, I'm all grown up now.
- Oh!
Hurts when they don't
need us anymore.
Hmm… yeah.
Never gets… easier.
Hey. Those for me?
Not from me. No. Haha!
Um, they arrived while you were
riding. They're from Edwin.
You read the card?
Well, it's right
in my face.
It's nice of him.
So, you guys are
like… dating now?
Uh… I don't know.
It's new, we're just…
As much as I'd love
to talk to you
about my dating life,
we never finished
our conversation from before.
I'm sorry.
You were just being honest,
trying to help,
and I was being a big grouch.
I'm sorry because I know
you would never put
Carson in danger and…
Fresh start?
(Donut snorting)
- Donut!
- Hey.
Don't be a brat,
buddy, come on.
You know, I don't know
if that's what he's doing,
being a brat; I think
it's more
than a spoiled pony.
This is some anxiety.
You think he doesn't like
being cooped up?
Why don't you take him outside
and get him calmed down.
I'm gonna call the auction house
and see if they have
any information
on where he came from.
Good boy, buddy.
Hey, sweetie.
Um, so… what did you want
to do with your PD day?
Got a meditation class
coming up in a minute.
Did you want to maybe do that
or go for a walk
or… maybe tell me
what's wrong
before you stab yourself
with a butter knife?
What's wrong
is that every time
I try and do something,
it gets ruined.
I mean, yesterday was
some insensitive dirt biker
not sharing the trail,
and this morning,
I thought I'd make
a nice pancake breakfast,
but someone balanced
the eggs on the yogurt,
and I dropped the entire thing
on the ground, and…
I didn't even make it
to the finals
of my writing competition.
The judges hated my story.
Okay, they did not
hate your story.
"The writing is too familiar,
"a nice mimicry of other work
and therefore very predictable."
Well, they said it was nice.
Oh, Katie, you are
a good writer.
Mom, I don't want you
to comfort me right now!
Okay? I… I just want
to be mad!
- Is she okay?
- She will be.
She just…
She got some bad news.
Yeah, a lot of that
going around this morning.
Tell me about it.
Took all of two weeks
for Rick to become
Hudson's new favourite mayor.
Ah, pah!
Don't believe
everything you read.
So, uh…
So how are you dealing
with this new change of pace?
I'm good. You know I'm good.
I'm just, uh…
I'm just finding my balance,
um… you know,
spending a lot of quality time
with Katie.
Obviously not right now.
Doing a lot of yoga.
Yeah, a lot of yoga and, uh…
But it's… it's good,
it's great.
Uh, well, if you feel
like taking a break,
I would love your opinion
on a new project.
- Feel like taking a drive?
- Right now?
Yeah. It's in Hudson.
Uh, it's a business endeavour.
- Really?
- Yeah. Right up your alley.
Uh, wow.
That's really interesting,
but I…
Like, I did sign up
for a meditation class.
It's about to start
in… 10 minutes, so…
- Of course.
- Oh, God, who am I kidding?
I don't want to meditate.
I want a milkshake.
I want a project that doesn't
involve yoga leggings.
Just give me five minutes, okay?
- You're gonna finish that?
- Nope.
(engines roaring)
(rock music)
Hey, stranger.
Track me down?
Trust me, not on purpose.
So, do you have a name
or should I just keep
calling you stranger?
It's Katie.
I'm Brandon, AKA Top Gun.
(chuckles slightly)
(engine buzzing)
And this is Ellie.
We got a new rider?
She doesn't really seem
like the type.
Aren't they scared they'll, like,
wipe out and break something?
I mean, aren't you always a little
scared you'll fall off your horse?
- (scoffs)
- That looks way more dangerous.
Well, it's also really fun.
And, you know,
we don't all do the jumps.
Just riding on the trail
is a rush.
Want to try?
Thanks, but I don't think
you want a first timer
using your bike.
Looks like she's scared.
Or a snob.
Prim country girl
who doesn't like the mud.
- How predictable.
- Ease up, Ellie.
I'm not a snob,
and… and I'm not scared.
Well, you know, think of it
as my way of apologizing.
I mean, I really am sorry
about yesterday.
I accept your apology,
but, uh,
if the bike didn't kill me,
my mom definitely would.
- And I wanted—
- Yeah, I'm bored already.
We're gonna be rolling up, B.
Don't get left behind.
(engine roaring)
Hey, we're… we're here
all the time,
you know,
if you change your mind.
Yeah, it's not gonna happen.
Okay, I know it's a mess,
but just imagine.
Polished floors,
restored brick…
Oh, my gosh!
Jessica, I can totally see it;
This place would make
a stunning gallery.
I know, right?
I just… I feel like
I'm ready to show my work
in a physical space, you know,
bringing a whole new clientele.
Not just for me,
but for the town.
Yeah. I… I'm sold.
This place has been
vacant forever, hasn't it?
It's a historical building.
Yes, it is.
The Hudson Heritage Committee
is notoriously difficult
to work with.
Well, that's
where I've hit a wall.
I need somebody
to reassure them.
My name doesn't carry
a lot of weight here yet,
but yours does.
So would you vouch for me?
- (scoffs)
- Yeah. Yes, of course.
You're family.
I know exactly who to call.
Leave it with me.
Thank you.
(Caleb): Hahaha!
(Amy clicking her tongue)
What did you find out?
Because that looks pretty good.
Yeah. Well,
Donut was a rescue.
He was kept in this tiny shed
all alone for months
until a neighbour intervened and
took him to the auction house.
Where he went back
into a tiny stall.
It's like… it's like
someone who's been
in solitary confinement.
Yeah, well, that would
drive me nuts too.
But the good news is,
before the jerk with the shed,
Donut lived with
twin six-year-old girls
who rode him in nothing
but just a halter.
Oh… you're kidding?
I-I am so relieved to hear that.
You're gonna be
a good little pony, aren't ya?
Caleb, I understand
that you want Carson
to have a great birthday,
but you just seem
so worried about him,
about both of you.
Yeah, it's just, uh…
(clears his throat)
Being a single parent is hard.
Harder than I care
to admit, you know.
Yeah, I know.
(Caleb sighs)
Carson cries all the time.
When I pick him up from Cass's,
when I drop him off at school,
even when I put him to bed.
And yeah… yeah,
I think he hates me.
Carson doesn't
hate you, Caleb;
he's just a kid going through
some big changes right now.
And you love him.
It's not enough
to be a good dad, though.
Amy, I suck at practical stuff.
I forget
his dentist appointments.
I sent him to school
with a cheese sandwich,
just cheese and bread.
And I can't even remember
his stuffed bear, and…
I'm a failure.
- So I buy him stuff.
- What?
Like this pony
that he just had to have?
Yep. Mm-hmm.
Cass is a natural mother;
I have to buy
my kid's love, so…
I get judged
for every mistake.
Caleb, I have known you
through all of the stages,
through… through teenagers,
through newlyweds,
through new parents.
And you are a great dad.
Carson loves you.
Every parent makes mistakes
and fails their kid sometimes.
No. You don't.
Oh, please.
(Amy sighs)
Amy, you've gone through
pretty much
the worst thing that
a person can go through,
and here you are
worrying about me.
You want to know
how Lyndy's bike got broken?
I ran over it,
even after she told me
it was there.
(Caleb laughs)
Yeah, well.
I mean, that's not really
anyone's fault.
- That's just an accident.
- Yeah, exactly. Right?
We're all just
trying our best,
but sometimes that still leads
to a broken bike.
You know, your kid is
the luckiest kid
in the whole wide world.
You know why?
Because her mom
is the Miracle Girl.
And I consider myself
very lucky
that she happens
to be my best friend.
I guess he wants to make sure
you found them flowers.
I'll take Donut in.
(Caleb clicking his tongue)
Hi, Edwin.
Hey. Am I catching you
at a bad time?
No, not at all.
Uh, thank you
for the flowers.
Well, you said to be
very clear the next time
I asked you out, so…
This is me asking
if you would like
to go out on a date.
- This afternoon, no kids.
- This afternoon?
Seize the day.
Yeah, sure. Why not?
- I-I like spontaneous.
- Okay.
Pick you up at four.
Okay. Uh, do I get to know
where we're going?
Uh… no.
(Amy chuckles)
(cows mooing)
(man whistles)
- Move up there.
- Hey!
Well, the foreman
finally rang me back.
A real gem that one.
What did he say?
The land is not for lease.
Says they're expanding
their herd, they need it
for their own cattle,
which leaves us
with only one option.
To sell part of our stock.
No. No, no.
We're not doing that.
Come on, Pryce is expanding;
if we shrink,
we won't survive.
Well, we won't survive
if we have to feed 'em hay
all summer long either,
it'll break us.
We downsize the herd,
end of discussion.
- Well, hello.
- Hey.
How's everything
going with Rocky?
Uh… yeah, it's good.
- You know, slow and steady.
- Mm-hmm.
I was thinking maybe you and I
could go on a ride later.
Aww. Yeah,
I'm so in, but, uh,
what's that you're hiding
behind your back there?
Oh, oh this?
- Uh… you wouldn't like it.
- Logan…
- Logan, that's beautiful!
- You really like it?
This is like exactly
what I've been looking for.
Really? I wasn't totally sure.
You know, it's a lot.
Well, so am I. I love it.
- (Miley chuckles)
- (Tim): Is Rocky ready to go?
Uh… uh, no, not yet.
I'm still working with him.
Looks like you're wasting
your time doing other things.
Look, I worked Rocky
this morning, he just…
He needs a break right now.
Or maybe he needs
a tougher trainer.
Look, you hired me
for the gig, right?
I have my way of doing things.
It might not be perfect,
but I know enough not to push
a horse too fast, even
when the client's in a rush.
Get the job done,
no excuses.
Grandpa, is
everything okay?
Well, Pryce's foreman
won't renew our lease.
- He won't even negotiate?
- No.
I shouldn't have to go
through him anyway.
I'm offended that Pryce isn't
dealing with us directly.
Well, we all keep saying
that he looks like you;
maybe if he thinks like you,
he would rather
do business over coffee
in the living room.
(Jack): Make him see
we're neighbours
as much as competitors.
Smart strategy:
Connect with your competitor
on an emotional level.
There's the Lou
I recognize.
Haha! What's got you
all fired up?
Ah, I don't want
to say just yet.
But I'm more interested
in those flowers in the kitchen.
And actually, we're going
on a date in a couple hours.
Okay! That is my cue.
Bye, Grandpa.
I like him for you.
I like that he's a horseman,
but he's not threatened
by your success, he's…
He's a dad, so you have
something personal in common.
Yeah, no, I do like
that Lyndy and Rebecca
- are like best friends.
- Mm-hmm.
And Edwin is a nice guy.
It doesn't have to be
anything serious, right?
No, of course not.
Ah! Where's he taking you?
I bet he would
somewhere super chic.
Whoa! Okay.
How did you do that?
- I've been here a few times.
- Okay.
Can actually be a lot of fun
once you get the hang of it.
(Amy chuckles)
You know, my niece Georgie used
to do this on horseback,
and she made it
look so easy.
Don't tell Rebecca
or she'll want to do that
on top of everything else.
Yeah. How is she liking
her barrel-racing lessons?
Oh, she's loving it.
She will not stop talking
about how amazing Miley is.
I know; Lyndy comes home,
and she has to tell me
every second of every lesson.
It's like when Miley's around,
I'm chopped liver.
(Amy chuckles)
- All right.
- All right.
- Getting better. Haha!
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey, hon.
- How are you doing?
- Fine.
I, uh… I feel silly
about getting so upset
over a stupid competition.
It's not silly.
You know, when
we create something,
it can really hurt
when someone rejects it.
- I get it.
- It just…
It feels like they think
I am predictable and unoriginal.
I tried to write something
everyone would like.
Yeah, lift your legs.
Maybe that's part
of the problem.
You know, you gotta… you gotta
write something that's you.
You know, use
your own experiences.
Mom, I'm a student
and a waitress.
I do the same things,
like, every day.
Well, then it's time
to try something new,
you know, take a risk.
We can't succeed if we're trying
to be something we're not.
Does that mean no more
hanging around in leggings
moping about the election?
Okay. I was moping,
wasn't I?
Well, it's time to take on
a new challenge. For both of us.
Maybe you should join
a book club.
Ha! Absolutely not.
(both chuckling)
Yes! Okay,
so just to be clear,
if you don't get a bullseye,
that means I win?
The first timer
beats the pro.
- Shh, I need complete silence.
- Yes, sir.
Oh! And what an upset!
The underdog
beats the pro!
You know, Rebecca does this
any time we play a game:
She lets me think I can win
then just destroys me.
You've got to get home?
They have great hotdogs here?
Oh. Yeah, sounds good.
Well, I hope
we can do that again.
Well, not the archery part, but
like maybe a nice restaurant.
Yeah, that sounds nice.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Have a good night, Amy.
Thanks. You too.
(truck door closes)
Thought I'd take your advice,
show him that I trust him.
Hahaha! Well, that is
the most relaxed I've seen him.
(Caleb chuckles)
I think that's the most
relaxed I've seen you.
How was your date?
(Amy sighs)
You're the fourth person
to ask.
Sorry. Just forget
I said anything.
It's okay.
It was nice. He took me
to an archery range.
Archery? Hmm.
Oh, I thought first dates were
about romancing a girl,
not reminding her
of summer camp.
Oh, what's next?
Arts and Crafts?
Caleb! What?
(both laughing)
You fixed that wheel?
Yeah. Um,
wasn't a tough job.
Caleb Odell,
what would I do without you?
Not have to deal
with my breakdowns?
(Amy sighs)
I'll deal with those any day.
And you know, just because
parenting is hard
doesn't mean
you're doing it wrong.
Well, maybe by the time
he's 18, I'll figure that out.
So what do you think?
Is this guy ready for me
to put Carson on him?
I think that
that's your call,
but you two were looking
pretty cozy out there.
She will respect
the building's history, John.
(door closes)
(clears her throat)
Look, Jessica's name is
only going to get bigger,
and she will bring people
to Hudson, but you know what?
She'll go elsewhere if you mire
her in red tape, I promise you.
Okay. Yes.
We can do that.
Haha! You don't have
to call me Mayor Fleming.
Okay. Talk soon, John.
Ooh! Permits will be issued
once you submit the designs.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, Lou, you're brilliant,
thank you.
Maybe you could bring
a little of that bulldog spirit
to our meeting
with Pryce.
I gotta call
my real estate agent.
Oh, I did have to make one
small concession, we have to use
their architect.
Well, I already have
an architect.
I based my entire budget
on their quote.
Right, but you said permits
were the priority here, so…
This is a win, Jess.
Uh… yeah, well,
that may be,
but that should have been
my decision, though.
I was out of line yesterday.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
I'm frustrated with the
business, I took it out on you.
Well, good news,
Rocky's really improving,
so, uh, Miley's gonna
ride him later.
Yeah? Great. Great.
She's been a fantastic addition
to the rodeo school.
Don't mess that up.
(horse snorts)
Whoa. What's that?
Guess we're both
a little on edge today, huh?
Mr. Bartlett.
I'm Nathan Pryce Jr.
Guess I'm a bit of a surprise.
Well, the last time I saw you,
you put your boots
on the wrong feet.
But I admit, I thought
we'd be dealing with your dad.
Ah, he's retired.
I'm running the ranch now.
You know my granddaughter Lou?
Uh, we went
to the same school.
I was a few years
behind her.
You left too.
Suddenly, as I recall.
And this is my son-in-law
and business partner,
Tim Fleming.
You're not the old geezer
I was expecting.
Shall we?
You're looking
great, Carson.
(Amy chuckles)
Okay, buddy,
let's get you down.
- Yeah!
- Waah!
Lyndy, gonna help him
brush his pony?
- Mm-hmm.
- You need all the stuff there.
(Amy sighs)
Amy, I don't know
how to thank you enough.
I thought I really screwed this up.
Yeah, I kind of thought
you did too, but you were right.
That is definitely
Carson's pony.
Thank you.
Caleb, Donut is gonna need
regular work, though;
he can't just be
left on his own.
I'm not afraid of hard work.
It's like you said,
"Sometimes things take effort,
even when they're right."
But I-I think
that if something's right
and you know it in your gut,
then you know it's worth it.
Still easy to fool
yourself, though.
- Fool yourself?
- Yeah.
Sometimes, you want
something to be right,
even though deep down,
you know it isn't.
Yeah. Uh… right.
That can happen to you.
(cell phone chimes)
(Amy sighs)
So, Nathan, now we're thrilled
to be neighbours with
another ranching family, but…
Losing this lease,
that's a real blow.
Jack's trying to say
we can't take no for an answer.
I understand.
I can carve out
a few acres for you,
but it'll need to be
worth my while.
Double what you were paying Sam.
Ha! Not possible.
It's a fair rate.
Fair to whom exactly?
Nathan's right.
Sam was giving us a deal.
- Lou…
- Look, we can't expect Nathan
to renew the lease unless
we have something to offer.
Which we do.
Your herd needs
access to the river.
Thanks to a ravine, the safest
way to get to water is
across our land.
Which you would start
charging me to use, right?
We could, but this isn't
really about money.
This is about us remembering
that we're neighbours,
helping each other out.
Well, you're asking me
to leave a lot of money
on the table, neighbour.
Hey, how about this?
You give us a year,
same terms
as the previous agreement
we had with Sam,
and that'll
give us some time
to prepare our next move.
A year?
And in exchange,
you'll grant me a right of way?
- (lively music)
- Yah! Yah! Come on!
Yah! Yah!
Come on! Yah!
(horse snorting)
It's like he never had
a problem.
Yeah. Yeah, no,
it was good.
I wish I had
one more day, though.
He wasn't even looking
at the barrels, but…
You think he needs more time,
you're the boss.
I love you.
I'm sorry if that's
out of the blue, I just…
I want you to know.
You don't have to
say it back, I-I get it.
(soft music)
I love you too.
(Tim): So what's the verdict?
Well, took him around
the pattern as your wishes.
Well, that's fantastic, Logan.
Problem solved?
Yeah, he's good to go.
Hurry, Mommy, I want to see
Miley ride before my lesson.
Okay, I'm hurrying.
Are you Pryce's foreman?
No. I'm Nathan Pryce Jr.
I'm Amy Fleming.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
- Up close.
- Haha!
I would have introduced myself
at the river,
but seemed like you had
somewhere to be.
Saw you working
that pony earlier.
Can't find a proper horse
for that cowboy?
(Amy sighs)
Actually, I think
that they are very well suited.
(piano music)
Remind me not to get
on that fella's bad side then.
I'd take a bronco
over a pony any day.
You're a bronc rider?
A long time ago.
You'll have to excuse me,
my girl Molly has been
home alone all day, so…
(knocking on door)
Come in!
(Lou clears her throat)
Lou, I appreciate you coming.
I, uh…
I overstepped, I know.
(Lou sighs)
I think… losing the election
really shook my confidence,
and helping you renewed it.
I even started to imagine
myself being more involved,
even say a partner.
But this is your business,
it's your baby,
and I should have
respected that.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
You don't have to use this,
it's just a mock-up,
but… your name
does mean something
and more people should know it.
Oh, wow, Lou,
it's perfect.
Does that mean
you forgive me?
Of course.
Of course I do.
I actually really like
your idea, us being partners.
Yeah. I mean, I don't want
to do all of this on my own.
You have great instincts.
You always have.
Like that architect
that you agreed to.
She's incredible.
But you already knew that,
didn't you?
What do you say?
I say yes.
(Jessica laughing)
It's gonna be great.
(engine revving up)
Sure you want to do this?
Yeah. I mean,
it's research, right?
First-hand experience
is invaluable.
All right,
don't know what that means.
But remember,
use the rear brake,
not the front brake.
(rock music)
It's a pretty fancy jacket
that Miley is wearing.
(indistinct speaking)
- I take it that you two are…
- (Logan): We're good.
- Good.
- Really good.
(indistinct chatter)
(horse neighs)
Let me see your face.
Logan, when did you know
that you felt
something different for Miley?
The moment
I literally bumped into her.
Okay, so initially I was
excited when you called me over,
but now I'm seeing
your expression.
I really enjoy
spending time with you,
you're a great guy, I just…
I don't think that we're right
as anything more than friends.
Is there someone else?
No, no, there's no one.
- Did I do something wrong?
- No.
I think sometimes
you just know.
I wish I could explain it.
I wish you could too.
(piano music)
(guitar music)
Miley is about
to start, Mommy.
- (crowd applauding and cheering)
- Yah! Yah! Come on!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Ah! Ugh!
- Miley!
- Um, Lyndy, stay right here.
Logan, call 911.
No! I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hi. Yeah, I'm
at the Hudson Rodeo Grounds.
Send an ambulance right away!
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