Heartland (CA) s17e04 Episode Script

A Piece Apart

Previously on Heartland…
You're still in that
relationship? Is it serious?
Yeah. Yeah, I am.
Yeah, Chloe;
As a matter of fact,
I asked her to marry me.
I love you. You don't have
to say it back. I get it.
You're smart, and kind.
You care about so many things.
Hurry, Mommy, I wanna see
Miley ride before my lesson!
(neighing wildly)
(dramatic music)
(hooves galloping)
(dramatic music)
It's OK, sweetheart.
Did you have another bad dream?
I'm right here.
I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you, OK?
But… what about Miley?
Miley's gonna be fine.
(soft music)
Honey, why are all these
in the bag?
You can throw them out.
No more horse stuffies.
(birds chirping)
Since we've got such an early
start this morning,
you wanna go for a ride?
Why is Rocky here?
Well, your grandpa wants me to
take a look at him to help him.
I don't wanna go
on a ride, Mommy.
Lyndy, I know what happened
to Miley was scary, but…
I just keep remembering it.
I know.
You know, sometimes,
the best way to forget something
is to face it.
Scary moments are
just bad memories
that we need to move on from.
- There he is! Hey!
- Hey, Dad.
- Great to see you.
- Great to see you too.
So? How's it feel, huh?
Bring back some memories?
Yeah. Yeah, it does.
Let's get you settled
before the big reunion.
(soft music)
See ya.
Soon, I hope.
- I guess.
- Hey…
Take care of yourself, OK? Bye.
(theme music)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sink into a dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪♪
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Thank you.
Miley! Good to see you.
Out of the hospital,
thank goodness,
because that place sucked.
See? She's OK.
Ain't that great?
- Yeah!
- Your coach is all good.
- Lyndy woke you up early too?
- Oh, no.
I was awake already.
Sleep just hasn't really been
my friend lately.
Well, I've got
my caffeine fix.
Now I can head back out
to work alone.
- Alone? Why? Where's Tim?
- Well, Shane arrived.
Oh? Shane…
Shane's here already?
- Wow, OK.
- You all right, Lou?
I hope Shane's visit isn't
causing your sleepless nights.
No, of course not.
It'll be great. It's just…
You know, it's…
Me and Amy have been
a little nervous.
I mean, it's been
a really long time.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm looking forward to seeing
and spending time with Shane.
You mean after your dance
It's true that when I agreed
to cosponsor
the team community dance,
I didn't realize
I was gonna be chaperoning as
well, but I'm thrilled to do it.
And I think it's going to be
nostalgic and romantic
and a great way
to meet people, so.
You don't have to sell me on
the dance, Lisa. It sounds fun.
- Cool in, like, a retro way.
- OK. I'm leaving.
Retro. I'm so flattered.
Well, the hardest part will be
convincing Parker to come.
- Dance isn't really her thing.
- How is Parker?
I feel like we haven't seen her
in ages. She hasn't been around.
She hasn't; I have barely seen
her since she quit her job
at the diner, but I think
this dance could be good for us.
I'm glad Tim asked me to take
Rocky in. He's a good boy.
Yeah. We'll get
to the bottom of this.
- I'm just glad you're OK.
- She isn't. Not totally.
Still waiting on the results
of my last MRI, but the doctors
are worried that I might have
some fractures on my tailbone.
Yeah, and if she does, she's
out for the season, which means
she misses her chance to qualify
for the Canadian Finals Rodeo.
- Miley, I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
There's always next year.
But I… I'd better get going.
Look who's here.
Hey, Amy.
It's been a while, huh?
It's good to see you. Welcome.
Logan, Miley,
this is my son Shane.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Hey.
- It's good to see you back.
You had me worried.
Yeah, you and me both.
So, what's happening
with Rocky?
- You think you can fix him?
- That's the plan.
Logan's gonna help.
(soft music)
So, when do I get
to meet your brother?
Uh, half-brother,
and you have met him.
You guys shared
a naming ceremony.
Mom, I was literally days old.
So, what do I call him anyways?
Your half uncle?
- My uncle?
- How about just Shane?
Oh my goodness, Shane!
Look at you!
You're all grown up!
How's everything at the cabin?
You have everything you need?
It's great, thank you. So kind
of you to put me up over there.
Are you kidding? You're
family! You remember Katie?
Of course, how could I forget
my half-niece?
And this is Lyndy.
Well, look who it is!
Lisa, Jack, long time no see.
Yes, it's been too long!
Hard to believe.
You used to be
that little cowboy
running all over this place.
Now look at you. You've turned
into a fine young man.
Oh, he sure has.
So let's talk plans.
I'm thinking small dinner
tonight, big cookout tomorrow.
Shane's requested somebody give
him a tour around the ranch.
He'd like to get reacquainted
with the place.
Oh, yeah. Amy, Lou,
how about it?
Um, I would love to, but I
have to get to work with Rocky.
And Logan, who
you just met out there.
Well, I know that
Lou's not doing anything.
Thanks for that. I actually
have to drive Katie to Maggie's.
I can do that. I'm going into
town for the dance committee.
OK, great, settled.
See, her form's perfect,
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(neighing wildly)
Can you play it again?
- What's up? What do you see?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(music on the radio)
Yeah, I just made it home
before my parents found out.
One sec.
- Hey there.
- Hey, how have you been?
Great, good, yeah. So did you
get my text about the dance?
Sorry, classes have literally
taken over my life.
Yeah, seems like. So, did you
want to go together or…?
I'm actually going already.
With my boyfriend, Simon.
You have a boyfriend?
I didn't realize you were dating
or that you even liked anyone.
Kind of just happened. I met
him in one of my classes.
Well, I’m… happy for you.
Congratulations, I guess.
Hey, maybe you could come
to the dance with us.
Or we can all meet there
and hang out together.
I'll text you.
Bet you missed me, didn't you?
OK, I'm starving.
So, Lou, I heard
about the election.
I didn't realize
you knew about that.
Yeah. Your dad fills me in
on most of the Heartland news.
It's always nice
to hear the updates.
Makes me feel more in the loop.
Right, well, you know,
Dad tells us all about you too.
Like, I heard about the big
news, your engagement?
Huge congrats to you
and… and…
She's a lawyer.
We met at school.
Right, yeah, of course.
Look at us out here,
the three of us together!
This is great.
You know what,
why don't I take charge
of the menu for that
big cookout tomorrow?
don't worry about it.
- No, it's the least I can do.
- OK!
Now, these are bumper spurs.
They're not like regular spurs.
They just have a smooth bar,
so they're nice and soft,
they don't hurt the horse, they
just help him take direction.
And barrel races use those?
Not all the time,
but sometimes.
Easy, Rocky.
(neighing wildly)
Hey, settle. Settle down.
Whoa, whoa.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
Now I know it's not speed.
It's the tools.
When you were working with him,
did you use spurs?
OK, what about Miley? She tested
him out right before, right?
Well, she didn't have
her gear.
I thought it didn't matter.
How could I miss
something so obvious?
No, it's OK. We'll fix this.
At least now we know
what the problem is.
Amy, Miley could've died!
Logan, she didn't, OK?
She's fine. You gotta stop
beating yourself up.
- I know you're scared.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm also done for today.
- You doing all right there?
- Ha! Yeah.
Sore in some unexpected places,
but yeah, good.
OK, you take a load off.
I'll pick you up for dinner.
- All right?
- Hey, Dad.
Are you sure this trip
was a good idea?
What? What do you mean?
I don't wanna rush anything.
I don't wanna force it.
Oh no, you're not.
No, this trip was way overdue.
It's very necessary.
All right.
OK, see you in a bit.
See ya.
(soft music)
Come here.
It's OK, OK? We'll…
We'll work it out.
You gotta go with your mom.
Just… you have to.
- Dad…
- Oh, come on.
You gotta go, I mean it.
(sentimental music)
(cell phone ringing)
Hey, you.
Oh boy, it's so good
to hear your voice, Chlo.
No. No.
No, I haven't said
anything to them yet.
But I will. I promise.
So, Amy any progress with that
horse you've been working with?
Yeah, it was a good day,
Great. That's good news.
It turns out Rocky
is afraid of spurs.
So I'm helping him
get used to them.
See, that's the thing with fear.
You have to just face it, right?
Your mom's right, honey. Don't
be afraid of the hard things.
Actually, um, I know
you're busy, but I was hoping
I could take you and Lou out
for coffee while I'm here.
- Get a chance to get caught up.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- That would be great.
- Yeah. Yeah, we'll make a plan.
So, how's dance
committee going?
Oh, good, yeah. It's gonna be
a really fun night.
Oh, hey, did you get
in touch with Parker?
- Yeah, sure did.
- Do you remember that?
Your naming ceremony?
Yeah. Yeah, actually, I do.
Although, I have to admit,
I don't exactly remember
what stone is mine.
Oh, you leave that to me.
- This is the one, right, GG?
- That's the one.
Yeah, of course. I remember.
I know all the stones,
you know.
This one's Mommy's,
this one's Auntie Lou's,
and this one's GG's.
What Lyndy's saying is that
stone will always be yours.
No matter where you are,
you have a place here.
Thanks, Jack.
Well, it's getting late.
I should probably turn in.
Good idea.
Rest up for another big day
Thank you all so much
for a lovely dinner.
I'll give you a drive back
to the dude ranch.
(soft music)
I was hoping to get you alone
so that I might ask…
Would you accompany me
to the dance?
The teen dance.
With all kids.
Yes, that's the right one.
That's a serious question.
Does that mean
we're going steady?
Should I be ordering a corsage?
Renting a limo?
As long as you have me home
by curfew.
Lisa, I would be honoured
to take you to the dance.
You would?
It's OK, Lyndy! I'm coming!
(peaceful music)
- Hey.
- Hey back.
Yeah, figured I should do
something right.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Yeah, I am too.
Slow start this morning.
None of us really got any sleep.
- Lyndy had another bad dream?
- Yeah.
So, what do we even do here?
The whole point of spurs
is to get a fast reaction
from the horse; We can't
exactly get them used to them.
Yeah, it's a fine line.
Our job is to make sure he
reacts to them the right way.
- A safe way. Wanna try?
- Sure.
Look. It's not gonna hurt ya.
I adore the idea. No.
You are a sweetheart. Thank you.
I will. OK. Bye!
That sounds positive.
What's going on?
Well, I told a few of my
cosponsors I was bringing you
to the dance and one of them
just gave me the nicest gift.
A lesson at her dance studio.
Two-stepping class.
Who's your partner gonna be?
Oh, no. Come on, Lisa,
we've two-stepped,
we don't need a lesson.
We will learn the proper steps
from a professional.
- It's romantic.
- No.
Escorting my wife
to a dance is romantic.
Learning some complicated
choreographed routine is not.
- I'm sorry, no thanks.
- Come on.
Please? Do it for me.
I'm dying to try something new.
- Be spontaneous.
- Fine.
I'll go. But don't be surprised
if I spontaneously combust.
Here you go. Enjoy.
Hey. You almost done
your shift?
Uh, yeah.
What are you doing here?
Just shopping for the cookout.
Thought I'd see
if you wanted a ride home.
What is going on with you?
Parker has a boyfriend.
So needless to say, I won't be
going to the dance with her.
Or with anyone.
Katie, look, I'm sorry,
that's hard, but it's normal
for friendships to ebb and flow.
- Parker'll come around, I'm sure.
- I don't know.
This feels different.
She's different.
I mean, hanging out
with friends who date
and go on shopping sprees…
She's just…
She's not the same.
How about you and me
go on a shopping spree?
They just opened this new place
around the corner.
Looks really cute. You have
a dance coming up, right?
Mom, I just said
I'm not going.
OK, go, don't go, up to you.
Either way,
you'll have a new outfit.
What's so bad about that, right?
You really are good
at negotiating, aren't you?
You're just learning this now?
Go finish up.
(soft music)
So now that Rocky's more
accustomed to the spurs,
we need to show him
how they'll be used.
Mainly, that they're here
to help him understand cues
and not hurt him,
so what should we do?
- You're asking me?
- Yes.
OK, well, uh,
take the lead in one hand
and put the spur in the other.
That's a good start.
Now what?
I'll make a clucking noise
and I'll press the bar
against Rocky's side.
OK. How much pressure?
Light and even.
And the moment that he pulls
away, I'll release completely.
OK. Let's see it.
(neighing wildly)
- You OK?
- I'm fine.
Probably deserved it.
Yeah, that was not the
reaction I was hoping for.
Kind of thought that we'd gotten
a little past that.
I just wanted Lyndy
to see that Rocky's OK
before another round
of night terrors.
OK, I get it, your daughter's
traumatised because of me.
No, that's not
what I meant at all.
This is not about you, Logan,
this is about the horse.
I understand Lyndy running
from something she's scared of,
or if it's difficult, she's a
kid, but that's not who you are.
This is a job you're good at,
but I can't be the only one
that believes that.
Oh, hey, Amy.
I was just about to come and get
you. Shane's on his way over.
I thought it'd be a good time
for that coffee date.
No, I can't,
not right now, Dad.
Amy, I need more effort
than this.
I'd love to spend time with
Shane, but I have a job to do.
One that is very important
for Miley and Logan,
not to mention Lyndy,
who's lost complete faith
in a sport that she loves.
- I can't just put that on hold.
- Uh, is everything OK?
I'm just trying to convey
to your sister
how important this meeting
with Shane is for me.
You have to stop pushing.
These things take time.
I don't have time.
I have a weekend.
- Why just one?
- Because…
I'm feeling Shane
pulling away from me,
and I can't let that happen
and I just need the two of you
to try a little harder,
that's all.
You don't think I'm trying,
Dad? What do you call this?
Or our big ride yesterday?
Is that not enough for you?
You need to stop asking me
for things I can't give you.
- You've done it my whole life.
- What?
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
Nothing, just…
The bottom line is that Amy
and I are trying our best,
but we can't create a bond
with a brother we barely know
on your timeline.
(soft dramatic music)
What's… what's going on?
I'm leaving, Dad.
What? Why?
I'm in the way. I'll come back
when the timing feels better.
- Or not.
- No.
- No, the time is perfect.
- Honestly, it's fine.
Things are going great
for you and I.
All right? They are.
But spending time at a hotel
in the Rockies
or a steakhouse in New York,
it's different than being here.
I used to see
this place as a home.
And now, all it's doing
is reminding me of when…
I lost it all: You…
And this entire family, so…
I'm gonna go, OK?
No, we're… we're…
Not lost.
We're right here.
Thank you so much.
Hi, handsome!
- Hi. Hey.
- (laughing)
- What are you doing here?
- Well, I wanted to be with you.
And I wanted to see Heartland
for myself.
You surprised?
- Uh-huh.
- Hey, Chloe.
Hi, Tim.
No, I am not the spontaneous
type, believe me.
I just decided
that I miss my guy,
so I went and joined him.
And I missed my future
father-in-law too, obviously.
Well, we're happy
to have you, Chloe.
And I'm really excited
to finally meet you.
And Lou, I have to start
by saying how stunning
the dude ranch is.
I drove in and…
love at first sight.
All the things Shane's
told me about the place
don't even begin
to do it justice.
- Oh…
- It's pure magic.
Really. I mean,
the whole ranch is.
Shane speaks so highly
of his time here.
- This one time, he told me—
- OK, let's tone it down, huh?
- Gushing a little bit.
- Hey, don't listen to him.
You gush all you want.
In the meantime, I'm gonna dive
into making this big dinner.
Well, please, put me to work!
- Oh, we have to go. Come on.
- Where are you going?
Oh, we, uh,
have an appointment.
An appointment?
That doesn't sound good.
- Not at your age.
- No, it's a good appointment.
We have a dance lesson together.
Aw, that's really romantic.
I know. I think so too.
It's romantic, it's exciting,
it's exhilarating,
it's all those things.
OK, um, I'd better
get going too.
I gotta get back
to work with Logan.
- You too?
- Yes.
I'll… I'll be here for dinner.
(birds chirping)
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry about storming off.
No, I'm sorry.
You know, you were right.
If I want to do this job,
I need to grow a thicker skin.
It's not just you, I've been
putting a lot of pressure
on Rocky and I want to try it
again, but this time,
just take things slower.
(cell phone ringing)
You should answer it.
She might have some news.
Let's just focus on this guy
right now, OK?
All right.
(soft music)
See? You are good at this.
As for Miley, she needs you.
Don't just push her away
because you're mad at yourself.
Welcome, everyone.
Two-stepping is
a time-honoured tradition
and is the most popular
of all the country dances.
But would you believe
it really all just boils down
to a mere two steps?
Saw that one coming.
I would like you
to face each other
and hold hands.
We're going to begin
by walking counterclockwise
around the room.
Now, that's what two-stepping
is: It's continuously moving
in one direction.
Always looking forward,
never going backward.
Maybe you should
take some notes.
So, men, I'd like you to begin
with your left foot, please.
And women, you get to begin
with the right.
And why is that?
It's because the lady's
always right.
(country music)
OK, now try not to step
around your partner's feet.
Let's step into them.
Otherwise you're gonna look like
you just got off a horse.
Well, I did.
(country song)
Come on, you're
not even trying.
Lisa, I feel ridiculous.
It's like cattle being run
through the chute.
Keep those arms rigid.
We wanna maintain distance
between partners.
Yeah, I don't think
that's gonna be a problem.
This table is gonna look
beautiful, Amy.
Thank you so much
for coming to help.
Yeah, of course. Just a few
things I need to get done.
So there's been
no chance to talk?
Babe, you can't hold this in
any longer.
Especially not after what you
heard earlier today, right?
I know, I know.
To make it happen.
You have really
outdone yourself.
Thank you.
- And Amy's trying too.
- I know. I see it.
The thing that you said
earlier, about…
How I've asked you for things
you couldn't give…
All your life?
It's nothing. I just…
I've been all over the place.
My mind wanders when I don't
have like a set goal.
You know, like a goal
I can really call my own.
It's been hard, you know?
I don't know.
Kind of a mess right now,
to be honest, and…
Maybe I'm having like a midlife
crisis or something.
You're way too young for that.
Especially since I haven't
even had mine yet.
Oh, really!
(talking indistinctly)
How are we doing out here?
I'm sorry.
I… was out of
my comfort zone, is all.
I'm not great with new things,
you know that.
No. No, you are not great
with new things.
Especially when they're not
on your terms.
But you know what? Sometimes
we do the uncomfortable thing,
because it's important
to the other person.
To our partner.
Hey, Fred and Ginger!
Why don't you two-step it
over here? Dinner's ready.
As far as the dance goes,
I think I'd rather go alone.
(soft dramatic music)
So Lyndy, I think Rocky's
getting much better.
- Can't wait to show you.
- Shane?
First, Shane, I was thinking,
maybe tomorrow
we could go for that coffee you
were talking about, you know,
if you're not leaving
right away.
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
that'd be great.
Oh, that's so nice! You'll
finally get some time together.
I know you were looking
forward to that,
getting reacquainted.
Although the way Shane
talks about you, Amy,
I feel like I already know you.
Here you go. Bon appétit.
Oh wait, no, uh,
Shane can't have that.
He's allergic to mushrooms.
He has been all his life.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I… I didn't know.
No, of course you didn't.
You let me disappear.
- What? Shane, what are you…
- I'm sorry.
Sorry. I'm…
I've been trying to find
the right time to tell you,
both of you,
just how much that hurt.
You never reached out to me
after I left.
Not once. Ten years of nothing.
I was a little kid.
You were older.
I thought that we were family.
Um… sorry.
(melancholic music)
Ugh! Another too-early
Another night of bad dreams
for Lyndy too.
Guess we could say last night
was a nightmare all around.
Wasn't it?
Where do I go from here, Jack?
Oh, I don't know.
Shane's trip was bound
to be challenging.
Meeting him on neutral ground,
that's one thing,
but being here…
Not even Shane himself
could predict how he'd feel
until he got
in the middle of it.
I've got three perfect kids.
Three pieces of the same puzzle.
And all I want is just for them
to fit together.
You want the puzzle
to fit together,
then don't force
the pieces into place.
It isn't just about you,
it's not about what you want,
it's about…
It's about relationships.
And there's other people
in the equation.
- Where you going?
- I'm gonna take my own advice.
(soft music)
How's Lyndy doing
this morning?
Another restless night,
then she fell asleep
in her breakfast.
She's taking a nap.
- She hadn't done that in years.
- I know.
What Shane said last night…
It wasn't entirely untrue,
was it?
No, it wasn't.
We're supposed to share
this massive bond, and yet…
I feel like we're strangers.
If I'm being honest…
What he accused us of…
I've been feeling that same
thing since he got here.
Maybe even before.
Me too.
At least you tried
to make it better.
I spent the whole time
running from it.
Lou, how am I supposed to tell
Lyndy to face her fears
when I…
I can't even face my own?
Maybe we need to show her.
(soft music on piano)
Mr. Bartlett!
Uh, can I help you?
I'd like to book
a private lesson.
Well, well, well.
What did I tell you?
- The lady's always…
- Right.
I'll let you three talk.
You got this, OK?
- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Chloe.
Mind if we sit down?
(soft music)
We should've reached out to you.
We should've…
Tried harder.
I think at the time we just
saw all of the animosity
between Dad and your mom and…
We didn't want to interfere
or make things worse, but…
You're right.
You were just a kid,
and that was…
Really unfair to you.
That radio silence you
mentioned, it wasn't about you,
Shane, it was about us
not knowing how
to navigate things.
And I…
I should've…
I should've talked to you.
The truth is I…
I did miss you.
We were a family.
And we shared some really
important moments together.
Beautiful ones.
I can't imagine
how hard that was,
just to have those…
Taken away.
I really want to make up
for all that time we lost.
We both do.
You know…
If you two wanted me
to stay another day,
you could've just asked.
- (laughing)
- Come here.
I'm sorry. I really am.
Come here.
Hey, what's wrong?
I… I just got a call
from our wedding venue.
It's fallen through.
They somehow double-booked us
or something.
I don't know
what we're gonna do,
we've already sent out
all the save-the-dates.
(pop rock music)
Oh my goodness,
this is so pretty!
OK, wait. Maybe
this was a mistake.
- What?
- Maybe I'll just go.
No. No, no, no.
You will stay and be
a little uncomfortable.
'Cause that means
that you're taking risks.
You're living. Don't you dare
become an old fuddy-duddy.
Somebody that doesn't want
to try new things. OK?
Head up.
Have fun.
Make your rounds. You got this.
You look beautiful.
- Hi, Lisa!
- Hey!
What are you doing here?
Well, you invited me,
didn't ya?
I did.
May I have this dance?
You didn't.
Oh, I did.
Be sure to keep
that distance, now.
I have a feeling that's gonna
be very difficult this time.
Jack and Lisa!
They are so cute.
And you came.
Yeah, well, I figured
I bought a new dress, so…
It's really pretty.
Parker, I love this song.
Should we dance?
So, I guess…
Have fun tonight?
Yeah. See you.
(soft rock music)
Do you wanna dance with me?
No, I'm good.
You can dance beside me, though.
- So this one's yours?
- That's it.
Everyone has one.
- It's this whole big thing.
- I love that.
- What's going on?
- There's going to be a wedding!
There's gonna be a what?
Our wedding venue
fell through.
So we offered up
the dude ranch to Shane
because we know how much
it means to him.
And now to Chloe.
We thought it'd be the perfect
place for them to tie the knot.
And we 100% agree.
Uh, that is
if you're OK with it.
- Of course.
- Are you sure?
I mean, you realize
that that means
my mom and stepdad
will have to come here.
I look forward to it.
(laughing softly)
A wedding?
MRI is clear, baby!
And I could've
told you that yesterday
if you would've answered
my phone calls.
It'll be a month
before I can race again,
but I'll be back in the circuit
before you know it.
I'm a quick healer, and by the
looks of it, so is this guy.
Yeah. Logan and I
got him there together.
OK, Lyndy, you watching?
(country rock song)
Go Amy!
What do you think, sweetheart?
OK. My turn.
Everyone, get ready for
the slowest victory lap ever.
Yeah, Miley!
You don't have to be afraid.
Mommy, please don't throw away
the horse stuffies.
- OK?
- I won't. Never.
And how about you?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm happy.
For Miley, Lyndy, and you.
And I guess for me
as well, 'cause…
I decided I'm quitting.
Logan, are you serious?
Look, I might have
the talent, Amy,
but I don't have the attitude.
Not for… not for training.
It's too risky.
One mistake could ruin
Look, this might
have worked out,
I just… I can't
let there be a next one.
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