Heartland (CA) s17e05 Episode Script

How to Say Goodbye

Previously on Heartland:
(Jack): We did have
an incident with Blue.
You know, I could work with him,
Grandpa. I would be happy to.
I'm the one who took him on;
This one's on me.
Mr. Bartlett,
I'm Nathan Pryce Jr.
I thought we'd be dealing
with your dad.
Ah, he's retired.
I'm running the ranch now.
Sure you want to do this?
Yeah. I mean,
it's research, right?
After you settled in,
I want to have a look around.
How many acres
you got here?
Six hundred.
It's pretty small potatoes.
I would have told you that
yes, Dan was my husband;
Was being the keyword.
And now I would like to be
the first to introduce you to
and to congratulate
your new mayor,
Mr. Rick Adderly.
I actually really like
your idea, us being partners.
- What do you say?
- I say yes.
Yeah! Hahahaha!
(cows mooing)
- (whistling)
- (Jack): Get up there.
(Amy): Come on! Up! Up!
Up, cows! Up!
- (whistling)
- (Jack): Get up!
(Amy): Get up! Up!
(man): Let's go! Come on!
- (mooing)
- (Amy): Get up! Come on!
(people whistling)
That's right.
- Up! Up! Up!
- You there.
(horse neighing)
(cows mooing)
(dog barking)
Oh. Looks like
we have a visitor.
(dog barking)
I really wish he'd stay
on his side of the fence.
(Amy): Dad!
- (cows mooing)
- Watch it, Blue.
Get in. Get in.
(Blue snorting)
- Nathan. How are you today?
- I'm good.
One of my ranch hands saw
a cougar in the area, you might
want to keep your eyes peeled.
Oh, appreciate
the heads-up on that.
Any time.
He's a nice-looking horse.
Thank you.
His name is Blue.
You two work
pretty well together.
I'm doing
a working cow horse competition
out near Braeburn this weekend.
- Oh, is that so?
- Yeah.
I might worry
about my odds of winning
if you and Blue were involved.
Yeah, well, you can rest easy.
I'm a little too busy
to be entering any contest.
Fair enough.
- You have a good day.
- You too.
See you.
Talk about buttering you up.
All that hooey about how…
How good
you and Blue are together.
(Tim laughs)
(guitar music)
(eagle screams)
(woman): Lyndy! Did you hide
my keys again, honey? I have to go.
I found them!
(cell phone dings)
(sad piano music)
I am so late.
Oh my gosh!
Cannot believe I slept in today
of all days; I have a meeting
with Jessica at the bank
about the gallery,
and she is going
to kill me.
(theme music)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sink into ♪
A dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪♪
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I'm so sorry, Jessica.
I-I… I can't believe
I missed that bank meeting.
I just… I haven't
been sleeping well,
and for some crazy reason,
I completely forgot
to set my alarm.
It was just
so unprofessional, Lou,
especially since you were
the one who moved the meeting
- from last week.
- I know.
I just— I sat there with the bank
manager twiddling my thumbs.
I called you, you didn't answer.
I called again,
you didn't pick up.
You know what? I'm sure
you did great without me.
What did they say?
They said the same thing
that every other bank has said.
That the reno costs are too high
and that an art gallery
is not a sound investment.
I'm sorry.
I just… I thought
that this one was different.
This bank manager even asked
to see my pictures.
And then when you didn't
show up, she just got cold feet.
Now I have to ask you,
do you even
want to be a part
of this gallery?
Oh my gosh! Yes, of course.
I… I am beyond excited
to be part of this with you.
You know what?
Don't worry, I have a plan.
Is that right?
What's your plan?
I'm gonna… talk to Rick.
I thought you didn't want
to go down that road.
Are you and Rick
even on good terms?
Rick and I are
on the best of terms.
You know, we're more
than colleagues, we're friends.
You went behind my back, Lou.
You pulled strings
at the heritage department
in order to get
renovation permits
for Jessica's art gallery
without consulting me first.
How does that make me look
in the eyes of my people?
I'm sorry, "your people"?
Who are you?
The king of England?
No, I'm the mayor of Hudson,
and my people are
the inhabitants of this town
who voted me in,
the people who elected me
over you to be their mayor.
Okay. Nice one.
Uh, and how does that
make you look?
I'll tell you
how it made me look.
It made me
look like a weak leader.
People are talking, Lou.
They're accusing me
of letting the former mayor
use her connections
for personal gain.
It looks very bad,
especially at the beginning
of my term.
You should have come to me and
gone through the proper channels!
Okay, all right, I should have
talked to you first.
I'm sorry, I just…
Jessica fell in love
what that building, okay,
and she had no idea
how much red tape would be
involved because it's
a historical building,
and… she asked me for help.
Okay, it was the first time
I felt useful
since I lost the election.
I promise not to go
behind your back again.
Thank you for admitting
you were wrong for once.
So, I have an idea
for how we can fix this.
Oh, how we can fix this?
Hmm… sure you do.
Care to share?
- Hello, my beautiful.
- Hi.
We need to talk
about your daughter.
- Which one?
- Guess.
(cows mooing)
Yes. Get in there.
- Yes!
- (Amy): Grandpa?
- (Jack): Hey.
- What are you up to?
Well, that working
cow horse competition
Nathan Pryce mentioned earlier,
I might just throw my hat
in the ring.
Well, that's exciting.
I didn't even think you were interested.
I wasn't, but then I thought
I'd better have a little chat
with Blue about it.
Oh. And what did
Blue have to say?
Well, not much,
but I could tell
by the look in his eye
that he's keen to do it.
- You'd have fun.
- Yeah, we would have fun.
(Blue whinnying)
(Blue neighing)
(cow mooing)
Get him, get him, get him!
Yep! Yep! Yep!
And so, I've been thinking,
and I wanna try something new,
you know, like we talked about.
I was thinking
of trying up dirt biking.
Sure, right, dirt biking.
- So it's okay with you?
- No, I was joking.
Katie, dirt biking is incredibly
dangerous. That's a hard no.
Not if you know
what you're doing.
And how would you know
what you're doing?
Right. How could I know
what I'm doing?
When do I ever know
what I'm doing according to you?
Katie, that is
not what I meant.
No wonder I’m…
I'm so boring and predictable,
you never let me
do anything.
You're not boring. What?
Katie! Come back here, honey.
Another successful conversation
with my daughter.
She wants to try
dirt biking.
Next thing, she's gonna want
to go skydiving.
Lou, when you were her age,
you were running around
on horses
full speed over jumps
twice as tall as you were.
- Ah…
- That was considered dangerous too.
So, the bank meeting.
You missed it.
I know. I feel terrible.
You all right?
I mean, you just
don't seem yourself.
Yes, I’m…
Look, I just slept in.
And I know I messed up,
but I have a plan to fix things
with me and Jessica.
A plan?
(Lou sighs)
Since the gallery is
gonna be drawing in tourism
and we're restoring
a heritage building,
it turns out
we're the perfect contenders
for an arts and culture grant.
That's good.
Actually, that's great.
Right? Can you please
tell Jessica that?
Do you guys want to stay
for dinner?
We have
more than enough takeout.
No. We're gonna have dinner
in the loft tonight.
So, means Jessica is
still mad at me.
No, we're just gonna have
dinner in the loft tonight,
the two of us.
Wouldn't be surprised
if she is mad at me.
You know, everyone else is:
Katie, Rick…
(Lou sighs)
Lou, have you ever
considered that that's not
what anybody's thinking at all?
- You're gonna be fine.
- Thanks.
(gentle music)
I'm gonna…
(Lou exhales)
(horse whinnies)
So, here's some crazy news.
I've decided
to enter a working cow horse
competition in Braeburn
this weekend.
Wow! A working cow what?
Well, it's a contest
to see whose horse
works best with cattle.
Now there's three events:
the rein work
and cow work
and herd work.
And I figure I'm gonna
take a stab at all three.
I'd like to come up and watch.
Well, I would love that 'cause
I could sure use the company.
(Jack chuckles)
May I be excused?
All right.
Well, I should
probably get you to bed
too, huh?
Can you say goodnight
to everyone, please?
Night night.
Good night, sweetheart.
No, no, no. Hang on.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, thanks.
Oh, she's off.
(Lou chuckles)
So I tried to reach you
earlier, you didn't call back.
Did you have
a hard day or…?
Ah, well, a strange day.
Uh.. I got some news.
What kind of news?
About Dan.
Dan, your ex-husband Dan?
- Dan Hartfield?
- Yes.
Yeah, what about him?
Well, he, uh… passed away.
A few days ago.
Here, let me get that.
(piano music)
Thank you.
So how are you doing?
I'm fine.
I'm more annoyed
than anything.
Guess who I had
to hear the news from.
Val Stanton.
And in a… text no less.
"Such sad news.
"Can't believe
Dan is gone.
Hope you and Jack
are doing okay."
Can you believe that?
I have to hear the news
from val Stanton of all people?
And she assumed I knew.
I called Dan's sister,
and apparently he's been sick
for a long time.
I'm so angry at him.
He could have reached out,
could have told me he was sick.
No warning whatsoever.
I was a huge part
of his life for years.
I thought we were
closer than that.
More than anything,
I'm angry I didn't get
the opportunity
to say goodbye to him
while he was alive.
Guess he just didn't feel
it was important to tell me.
Selfish. Always was.
Lisa, I… I understand
that you're upset.
I'm not upset, Jack.
(softly): Okay.
So tell me about this crazy…
Working horse cow thing.
Well… ha!
It's working
cow horse thing.
Okay, fine.
(Lisa sighs)
(crickets chirping)
♪Ooh, baby ♪
Ready or not ♪
Back to foreground
here it comes now ♪
Get ready ♪
Whoa oh oh
whoa oh oh oh oh oh ♪
Get ready ♪♪
(birds singing)
(insects chirping)
Come on!
(country music)
♪Right now, getting by
just don't quite feel right ♪
Come on, baby,
change my mind ♪
Show a little mercy ♪
If you're gonna hurt me ♪
Come on,
just leave me a wreck ♪
Don't leave me anything less ♪
The worst should be mine ♪
Save me ♪
Show a little mercy ♪♪
That's good, that's good.
Yes, yes.
Yes, sir!
I've looked into your request
for a cultural grant,
and after a great deal
of talking and cajoling
on my part,
I was able to make it work.
The committee voted
in your favour for a grant.
Oh, my god! Rick!
- You are amazing! Thank you!
- Yes, I am.
But there are certain terms
you have to adhere to.
Yes, of course.
Uh, what… what are the terms?
You and Jessica will have
to exhibit
more than her photography
at the gallery.
Wait. What? Hold-hold on.
That's what the gallery is for:
It's to showcase Jessica's art.
That's what she and I agreed on
when we became partners on this.
Oh, if you want the funding,
this has to be
a community gallery
with a roster of exhibits
from local artists,
not just Jessica.
No ifs, ands or buts.
(rock music)
Nice bike, huh?
Fixed it up myself.
You're looking for one?
Yeah, but, uh, this one's
too expensive for me.
What are you
looking to spend?
I have a quarter of that.
Hold on.
I think I've got
the perfect bike for you.
Pretty cool, right?
Only one owner,
he just traded it in.
It'll take some work
to get it running.
You handy with bikes?
I, uh… I have
a lot of experience
riding them.
I was about your age
when I started dirt biking.
Tell you what, I'll take
another 10% off the price,
I'll even throw in a helmet.
- What do you think?
- I'll take it.
Do you have a way
of getting it home?
- No. Sorry, I don't.
- No problem.
I'll drop it off for you.
(rock music)
Look at this guy!
- He's raring to go.
- So are you by the looks of it.
Oh, you can tell, huh?
(both chuckling)
Well, that competitive edge is
never far from the surface, Amy.
- So you're in this to win?
- Oh, I think so.
That'd be the icing on the cake.
And I'm convinced
that Blue
wants to win
just as much as I do.
(Blue snorting)
(cow mooing)
There she goes. Get her, Blue!
(Blue neighs)
Don't let her go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Easy going, Blue.
Easy, easy, easy.
Your grandpa's pretty good.
He's a pro.
Let her go.
That's it. That's it.
(cows mooing)
So, Jack,
I came by
because I saw your name on the
list of entries this weekend.
Yeah, for what it's worth,
it'll be fun
and good for Blue here.
Ah, I was hoping
for some stiff competition.
Guess I should be careful
what I wish for.
- See you there.
- (Amy): Bye.
Oh, I think he's nervous.
I still got it.
Ah, that's great, Lou.
Good for you.
I mean, it… it was Rick.
He's the one
who got us this grant.
I'm sorry
that I was angry before.
I… I should have known
that you would come through
- in the end.
- Thank you.
Uh, there is…
One stipulation.
What's that?
According to the rules
of the grant, we would have to
expand the scope
of the gallery beyond
just… your photography.
So the gallery wouldn't be
for just my photographs?
No, it wouldn't.
How would that work?
Well, we would alternate
your photos with…
Other local artists.
So this grant
would require us
to keep a steady stream
of different artists
going through those doors
with what they're selling
no matter what that might be?
Well, we would have
some control, Jess. I…
(Lou sighs)
Lou, I'm really struggling
with you encroaching
on the creative side
of the gallery.
My understanding was
that you would
handle the business side of it,
and I would handle
the creative side.
Why wouldn't I be
involved creatively
if we are
partners on this?
Because that wasn't our deal.
I'm sorry, but you're gonna have
to renegotiate with Rick.
Of course, there's no room
for negotiation.
Of all people, Lou,
you know how these grants work.
The gallery has to be
for the good of the community,
not just the owners
of the gallery.
Right, but is there
another source of funding
that could support
just Jessica's photos?
You know, maybe a heritage
or a tourism grant, anything
at all you could think of.
I'm telling you, Lou,
this grant is your only avenue.
Take it or leave it.
(phone ringing)
I will let Jessica know,
and I'll get back to you.
- I nap.
- You never nap.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Come on, Rick.
You can't lie to me;
I can read you like a book.
- Are you sleeping in the office?
- Okay, Lou.
If you need to know,
I’m… I'm a complete mess.
I can't cope,
Carl's kicked me out,
I haven't been home
in two whole days,
and… I miss the baby
and Carl and…
I don't know what to do.
What are you doing?
So yeah, Dan passed away;
I didn't know
if you'd heard or not.
No, I hadn't.
I don't understand
why she didn't say anything
to the rest of us.
How is she taking it?
Not sure. She's acting
like it never happened.
And how about you?
How are you taking it?
I know that you and Dan…
What about us?
(Amy sighs)
You were always a little bit
weird with one another.
That's not true;
I was always
cordial to Dan.
Grandpa, come on.
You bristled
every time he was around.
I know it's wrong
to speak ill of the dead
and I won't,
but I'll never forget
Dan telling me
that Heartland was
"small potatoes"
compared to his operations.
"Small potatoes."
- Hi.
- Hey.
(Amy): Hi, Lisa.
(Lyndy): Mommy, can you come?
(car door closes)
I should probably go see
what she wants.
So, how was work?
Great. Yeah, good day.
Good. That's good.
So, more information.
Dan's funeral is
this coming Saturday.
That's the same day
as the…
Yeah, Working Horse
Cow Show, I know.
Well, obviously,
I won't be going.
- I'll go to the funeral with you.
- No, no, no, no, no.
That's not necessary,
I have no intention of going.
But I'm gonna make some tea.
Do you want some?
You have to promise me
you won't tell.
Oh, you gotta stop
saying that.
(Tim sighs)
A lot of work, Katie.
Two questions.
Amongst your many talents,
are you also
secretly a mechanic?
And why haven't you
told your mother?
- Because you know my mom.
- I do.
(Tim sighs)
Okay, what's your plan?
I'm gonna wheel it out
into the woods
first thing in the morning
when no one is up yet.
I want to work on it
when no one will see me.
Well, judging by the looks
of this, you're gonna need
someone that knows
something about bikes.
No, I don't want
GG to know.
I wasn't talking about
your great-grandfather Jack;
I was talking
about me, Grandpa.
I can help you,
I'll do it.
I mean, can you actually
even get it running?
I actually think I can.
Okay, you… you just…
You have to promise me
you won't tell—
That I won't tell anybody.
We've established that.
(Tim sighs)
Your secret is safe with me.
Not forever, though.
You gotta tell
your mother eventually.
Yeah. I-I will. Promise.
Another solution,
a different grant?
Apparently not.
Jessica, the grant that's
being offered is very generous.
I mean, we could start
renovations tomorrow.
Look, I know I messed up.
And if you want me to back away,
I will.
I didn't.
Lou, what's really going on
with you?
Ah, you too. Haha.
Look, I'm just…
I'm just a bit off right now.
I guess I just didn't know
what a void I would be feeling,
that's all.
You know, I thought
I could just walk away
from the mayor's office
and that would be that, but I…
…I did that job
for a few years, and I…
I loved it, and it's… it's
just been hard to say goodbye.
And I’m…
I'm just trying to move on.
(Blue snorting)
Hey, Grandpa.
How did the rest
of your training go?
Is everything okay?
Here's the thing.
Dan's funeral is on Saturday
and Lisa's decided
not to go,
and I need
to be here for her.
- But isn't Saturday—
- Yeah, the competition. I know.
I'm disappointed, but it's
the right thing for me to do.
Blue has never been
in a contest like that before,
but I think
he'd do pretty good.
Plus, I'd really like
to beat Nathan Pryce.
I'm asking a favour of you.
Go to Braeburn this weekend
and ride Blue for me.
Grandpa, I don't have
the connection with Blue
that you do.
I would be starting
from scratch.
I understand that.
But I'll help you,
and I bet you'll have him
in the palm of your hand
in no time.
Oh, he's warmed,
about ready to go.
(softly): Hey.
(Blue snorting)
Okay. Oh…
Blue! Blue! Blue, easy.
- ♪I got 700 tones ♪
- Oh, oh, oh.
- Hey…
- Taking up my time ♪
Oh, you stand for her now.
(Amy sighs)
700 feelings
out of my mind ♪
700 children ♪
Filling up my house ♪
700 thoughts ♪
(Blue neighing)
- Riddle me with self-doubt ♪
- Hey.
(Blue neighing)
Come on.
- Hey.
- I'm staring in the mirror ♪
And wondering
when did my eyes turn Blue ♪
(Blue neighing)
- Up. Come on.
- Must be from the 700 years ♪
- Yah!
- I've cried over you ♪♪
(Blue neighs)
- Ah!
- Dammit, Blue!
Amy, are you all right?
I don't get it;
You know, Blue does
exactly what he's
supposed to do
when he sees a cow, but it's
not connecting with him.
Ah… I'm sorry,
I don't know,
I feel bad,
but… he really is
a one-man horse.
Well, he shouldn't be.
But I don't want
to see you get hurt
over a stupid contest.
It ain't worth it.
We worked so hard.
I really thought
you could do this, boy, but…
…maybe you're just not ready.
I'll keep trying.
Why does he have you
working with Blue anyway?
Well, he wants me
to enter in his place
for the competition,
and I'm going to.
Well, there's no reason,
it doesn't make any sense.
I told him not to miss this…
Cow Working Horse thingy.
- Working Cow Horse thing.
- Right.
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
(Amy sighs)
Lisa, I heard
about Dan. I'm sorry.
Oh. Honey,
that's all right.
That's… nothing you need
to worry yourself about.
Well, and of course,
that's why Grandpa's
not entering the competition:
'Cause he wants to be here
for you this weekend, Lisa.
I know.
But I told him I'm not going.
Dan's gone, so… hmm…
But I am going
to the supermarket,
is there anything
you would like?
- No, I'm good, thanks.
- Okay.
I'll see you
in a little bit.
(door opens)
Okay, talk to me.
How bad is it?
Well, it's not great.
The chain is stretched,
sprockets are worn,
so we'll have
to replace them.
Yeah. It doesn't
sound so bad.
But you need a gas tank
and… a clutch.
And it's been sitting
so long, I think
we're gonna have to replace
the gaskets and seals.
And I haven't
checked the bearings yet,
but I'll probably
replace those as well.
How much is that
gonna cost?
Not a lot.
I think I can pick up
some used parts for cheap.
And anything newer will be
better than it is now.
(Katie sighs)
Oh, honey, come on.
We'll do it together.
You're gonna learn a lot.
Oh my gosh! Hide it!
- Hi, honey.
- (Katie): Hey.
What are you…
What are you doing over there?
Hmm… I was just…
Uh, I was—
Katie thought she heard a cow.
I think one got away from Jack.
He was taking some of the herd
into the… pen.
He's not thinking straight
right now.
He and Amy are still
messing around with Blue
and that competition
on the weekend.
(Lou): Oh!
Uh… come help me
unload those groceries.
You have got to tell her.
I will. Just not now.
(Blue snorting softly)
Look, you and I
are gonna work together, okay?
And you're gonna
understand me the same way
you understand Grandpa.
I may not be as good
with cattle as he is,
but I'm definitely not terrible.
You gotta give me
a chance, okay?
Tsk! Get up. Tchk, tchk, tchk, tchk.
Tchk, tchk, tchk, tchk.
Come on.
Tchk, tchk, tchk.
(Blue snorting)
(Blue whinnies)
(Jack chuckles)
It's beautiful.
(cows mooing)
(Blue neighs)
You got it, Amy. You got it!
(crickets chirping)
So Amy has conquered
the fearsome Blue?
Yes, it seems she has.
I told you you didn't have
to miss the contest.
There's no reason
for you to back out.
I know you told me
that you don't want
to go to Dan's funeral,
but I am as certain
as I can be
that you will regret
not saying goodbye.
I know you.
And it's okay
to have mixed feelings
about this…
Well, this loss
because it is a loss.
Of course it is.
He was your husband.
I know you and Dan had
some rough times,
but there was
some good times too.
There's a reason
you married him.
So I will go
with you
to the funeral.
I can't do it.
I can't.
That's the end of it.
Leave it be, please.
(Tim): So, you'd be sharing
the gallery
with other artists?
On a rotating basis?
That actually
doesn't sound so bad.
Well, not the dream.
Well, it's better
than no dream.
Oh… maybe.
You're right about Lou, though.
She's definitely
going through something.
Losing that election,
it's really affected her.
It's like she's… grieving
or something, you know.
I know.
Look, we're both a mess.
I… I think
I'm on the brink as well.
I just haven't been sleeping
well since I lost the election,
and I'm full of anxiety
about the future,
and frankly, I don't even know
what I want to do
with my life anymore.
You will figure it out.
You always do.
I suck at it.
I don't know how you cope
with all the stress and anxiety
that comes with this job.
Oh, I had you.
I mean, I would
have given up
and walked away from this job
in the first two weeks
if you hadn't been here,
believe that.
Rick, that's it.
You need to find
someone like you were to me.
That is the biggest and best
piece of advice I can give you.
I have a brilliant idea.
If you're unsure of the future,
I have the perfect solution:
Why don't I appoint you
as my chief administrative
No. No.
- No?
- No, no, no.
- That's a terrible idea.
- No? Okay.
But you need
to find your own Rick,
that's the answer,
and then you'll be able
to balance Carl
and the baby and the job and…
Look, it'll never be perfect,
but at least it'll be
more manageable.
I talked to Carl.
Why would you do that?
Now he'll know that I spilled
all of our problems to you.
This is a disaster,
a complete disaster, Lou.
Calm down.
Carl was fine.
This is what's gonna happen.
I have arranged
for you two to have
a date night
any time you want.
And this former mayor
is going to babysit
your beautiful baby Maddy
for an entire night,
so that you and Carl can have
some much needed alone time.
It's gonna be all right.
So I've decided
that the grant is in fact
better than the loan.
And sharing the gallery
with other artists
isn't the end of the world.
In fact, it might actually
take some pressure off of me.
And it would give me
the opportunity
to take some photos
further afield.
I am so relieved
to hear you say that, Jessica.
I'm… I'm glad.
Look, partnerships are hard,
especially with me,
but I promise
to work on it.
That is if you… if
you still want me as a partner.
Oh, of course I do, Lou.
We're in this together.
Thank you.
Lise, I want you
to talk to me.
I need to know
what you're going through
'cause I know you are.
I don't feel like I could
talk to you about Dan, Jack.
I know you didn't like him.
I mean, join the club,
lots of people didn't.
So you don't want
to hear about Dan,
you don't want to hear
about my memories with him.
Now why would you think that?
(Lisa sighs)
Of course you can
share anything with me.
Memories, the good times,
the bad times, whatever.
I want you to grieve
and to celebrate
the good times you had with Dan.
Just like I did
when I lost my wife.
You know, I was thinking
about what you said
about… how Dan and I
went through rough times, and…
…especially right
before we separated of course.
But you're right,
we had good times.
We had
really, really good times.
I think I've just
been blocking them because…
I keep out the good years with
Dan; It's just overwhelming.
(exhales and sniffles)
Who he was then, who I was then.
You know, we were… young.
It just makes me so sad to think
of what we became, and…
…we were
really great together.
- We were a good team.
- Yeah.
Of course you were.
And you'll always have
those memories.
I accept your offer
to go to the funeral with me
if that's okay.
That's more than okay.
I really wish
he had said goodbye to me.
I really do.
(engine revving up)
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
All right. Be safe.
Hit it.
(engine roaring)
Love that girl.
(Jack sighs)
"Lisa Stillman."
It's from Dan.
(Lisa chuckles)
It was hung
on our office wall.
It's the first horse
that Dan and I owned together.
Came in dead last
in his first race.
And we framed
this newspaper clipping
to remind us
of where we started.
And we can only go up from here.
Well, I guess he did
say goodbye after all.
He did.
(Lisa sniffles)
He did.
(Blue snorts)
Good boy, Blue.
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