Heartland (CA) s17e06 Episode Script

Heat of the Moment

Previously on Heartland…
I'm doing a working cow horse
competition out near Brayburn,
might worry about my odds
of winning
if you and Blue
were involved.
I might just throw
my hat in the ring.
I got some news about Dan.
He, uh, passed away.
I accept your offer
to go to the funeral with me,
if that's okay.
I need to be here for her.
Go to Brayburn this weekend
and ride Blue for me.
You're gonna understand me
the same way
you understand Grandpa.
(Jack): You got it, Amy!
You got it!
- I'm Brandon, AKA Top Gun.
- We got a new rider?
- Looks like she's scared.
- Okay, what's your plan?
I wanna work on it
when no one will see me.
You're gonna need someone that
knows something about bikes.
If something's right,
then you know it in your gut.
- Love that girl.
- You know it's worth it.
Even though, deep down,
you know it isn't?
Sometimes, things take effort.
(soft music)
- ("Get Ready" by Rayelle)
- ♪The time is right now ♪
No standin' still ♪
Get your mind right here ♪
For somethin'
you ain't ever seen ♪
You better get movin' ♪
Ready or not ♪
It's 'bout to go down,
here it comes now ♪
Better get movin',
ready or not ♪
It's 'bout to go down,
here it comes now ♪
Get ready ♪
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
Get ready ♪
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪♪
- You made it.
- Hey, guys.
Sweet wheels, Katie.
Looking good.
Maybe if it was 1982.
You did a great job
cleaning it up. Come on.
Let's see what it can do.
(engines rumbling)
(rock music)
- Hey, Caleb. What's up?
- Hi!
Well, I had to come
wish you good luck.
Glad I caught you
before you hit the road.
- Are you excited?
- Sort of.
- Sort of?
- Yeah.
I mean, I'm excited
that Blue gets to show off
a little, but it's just—
it's not my world.
I don't know
any of these people,
and I'm gonna miss Lyndy.
I get that. The road can be
a bit of a lonely place,
but it's just a few days.
Yeah, okay.
I have something for you.
- For me?
- Mmhm!
Anticipation's killing me!
Yeah, yeah.
(Amy laughs)
It's no big deal,
but I had this made for Carson.
What? No, this is
a huge deal. Amy, wow.
This is so thoughtful.
I know what it's like
to get your first horse.
Okay, I should
probably get going.
Um, I don't have
Carson this weekend…
Or much of anything
else planned.
Text, call if you get bored?
I might just do that.
- See you.
- See you.
(soft music)
(rock music)
(tense music)
(tire pops)
(engine stops)
Oh, man.
(approaching vehicle)
(engine stops)
(car door shuts)
Need a hand, neighbour?
("Dreamer" by Jenn Grant)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sank into
a dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
Ah-ah-ah-ah ♪♪
– Subtitle formatting by Alice –
(intriguing music)
So what are you doing out in
this neck of the woods anyway?
Headed to the same
place as you.
My grandpa can't make it
to Brayburn,
so I'm taking
his place with Blue.
Oh, no…
- What?
- I'm missing the…
The key thingy for the lug nuts.
I must've left it out
when I rotated the tires.
Don't sweat it.
I'll give you a lift.
Worry about it
after the competition.
Come on, let's load
your horse into my trailer.
(pensive music)
So how's it coming along?
Oh, all right.
I'm still kind of surprised
that Dan's family
asked me to speak.
Don't you think
it's a little bit weird?
Oh, I don't think so.
There's a lot of memories
you could share.
Mm… no one wants to hear
about our epic arguments,
that's for sure.
No, I guess not.
What are you gonna go with?
Well, I was thinking
about the first time
that we went skiing together
and how he convinced me
to go off the trail…
And we, of course, got lost,
and it started getting dark.
- Oh, it sounds scary.
- Yeah!
Especially for him
because I wanted to tear
his smug little head off.
You should've seen
his look of relief
when the rescue patrol showed up
and saved him from me.
Okay, so you are gonna go
with story that ends
- in an epic argument.
- No! I mean, no.
It's a story
about how he was adventurous
and, um, he was kind of fun.
Freezing to death on the back
side of a mountain, that's fun?
You know what I mean.
I… I…
I think about it
as being carefree.
And… I don't know,
we're so caught up
in our businesses
and supporting the family
and we don't got a lot of time
for adventure these days.
I don't know, Lise.
You know, every day with you is
an adventure in itself.
(both chuckling)
(inhales sharply)
(light music)
So you, um, left Hudson
way back in high school?
- Yeah.
- Why'd you move?
- Oh, that's ancient history.
- Okay.
You're glad to be back?
It's all right.
Maybe not for my dad
and Grandpa.
- That's just business.
- Seems pretty personal to me.
Well… business
can get that way.
You, uh, going to that
reception tonight at the arena?
You know, I think I might.
Good chance to check out
the competition.
- You?
- I don't think so.
Word on the street is there's
gonna be beef on a bun.
- We're the sponsor.
- Oh.
I think I'd rather
just grab a sandwich
at the gas station or something.
(both laugh)
- Hey, Caleb.
- hey!
- Did you make it safe and sound?
- Barely.
I blew a tire and just about
ended up in a ditch.
- Oh, no!
- Yeah!
And I left
the wheel lock key in the barn,
so I couldn't even change
the tire.
Wait, how'd you get
to Brayburn?
- Nathan Pryce.
- Nathan Pryce, the enemy?
Oh, yeah.
It was a real fun trip.
Well, at least you made it.
Yeah. Lucky me.
Now, I'm in a hotel room
with a TV set
that doesn't even work.
Well, they usually kick
these things off
- with some kind of party.
- Why would I go to that?
It's not my thing,
and I'm by myself.
No, I get it.
I've been to my fair share
of rodeo functions,
and sometimes hanging out
with a group
of strangers is lonelier
than just being on your own.
But who knows?
Maybe you'll have some fun.
Yeah, I guess it would take my
mind off missing Lyndy so much.
Okay. I'll go
for, like, an hour.
Atta girl. And I'll talk
to you later, okay?
Okay. See you.
(soft music)
- Hey, want some help?
- Oh, yeah, sure.
- Do you wanna start a salad?
- Sure.
Sure is quiet
with Mom away at Dad's.
Yeah, almost too quiet,
especially with you
out and about all day.
Uh, I was hanging out
with friends.
Oh. Would one of those friends
happen to be
that boy you met
at the community dance?
- Yeah, Brandon.
- Ah.
And this girl, Ellie,
who I think might be
his girlfriend.
Oh. Are you sure?
No, but she does
kind of hate me.
Honey, that can't be true.
I don't know,
I'm not even sure I should be
hanging out with them.
Well, it sounds
a little tricky,
but may I ask how you feel
about Brandon?
Interested at all?
I mean, I'm still
getting to know him,
but if he has a girlfriend,
I'm totally not going there.
Smart girl.
You know, honestly,
since Parker kind of drifted
out of my life, I’m…
I'm more excited at the chance
to make some new friends.
Sure, yeah. So maybe just put
a little effort
into winning this Ellie over,
let her know
that you're not a threat,
and the temperature
will go down on it.
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Mmhm.
♪If you see me
standing on my own ♪
It's 'cause I'm waiting
just for you ♪
If you see me ♪
(indistinct conversations)
Should I try
to get over you? ♪
Hi, um, just a water, please.
Thank you.
Change your mind about
checkin' out the competition?
Heh. Oh, is that
what you were doing over there?
(women laughing)
Looks like you should probably
get back to discussing
your cow work strategy.
(woman 1): Nathan, come back!
- Hi!
- (woman 2): Hello, Nathan!
- I'm so sorry!
- No, it was my fault. I…
- I…
- You okay, Amy?
- Here.
- Thank you.
(Amy sighs)
I'll see you tomorrow.
(women laughing)
- Ah! What?
- Oh, hey! Hey!
Caleb! What are you
doing here?
I thought you might like
some company at this thing.
(Amy sighs)
- Did you get into a fight?
- I took a shower in red wine.
Do you wanna give me a lift
back to the motel?
Yeah, of course.
I mean, you should probably
definitely change
before we go back in there.
Oh, no. I'm done
with this place.
- Let's grab a pizza or something.
- Yeah, you got it.
Just let me
get changed real quick.
- Oh, no.
- What?
I think I left
the keys inside.
What's with you
and keys today?
I know! I'll just—
I'll go to the office.
No, no, no. It's okay, look.
The window's a crack open.
I think I can probably
slide in through there.
It's a bit jammed.
Caleb, I can just go
to the office.
- No. I got this. Don't worry.
- All right.
Can you reach the doorknob?
- Almost!
- Okay, here.
(Caleb groaning)
(Amy grunts)
Oh! Oh! Agh!
- Oh!
- Oh…
(both laugh)
- Loop-de-loop, shorty!
- Okay, but really,
- what were you thinking?
- I don't know!
(Amy laughs)
You know, I was thinking
that I didn't want you to have
to go all the way downstairs.
Mm, so instead, you almost
break the window and your neck.
- Yeah.
- Mmhm.
Hey, but between that
and figuring out the whole
remote control thing, I kind of
saved the day, you know, twice.
Yeah. And they say there's not
enough heroes in the world.
(both laugh)
Honestly, though,
I am glad you came.
And even though my shirt
is probably ruined,
it gave us an excuse
to get out of there.
Yeah, I'm just fine
staying in too.
Back in the day, I used to love
to party on the circuit.
But now, I definitely prefer
a one-on-one
with someone I actually
like hanging out with.
Well, I appreciate it,
but you didn't have to drive
all the way here
just to keep me company.
- It was nothing.
- No, it was sweet.
Caleb… you are
one of the most important people
in my life, and I don't know
what I would do without you.
So thank you.
(Amy sighs)
Caleb, I…
I didn't…
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm sorry.
(knocking on door)
(both sigh)
(Caleb sighs)
- Hi.
- Hi.
Just checkin' to see
if you're okay.
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
Um… ahem.
Sorry, I didn't realize
you had company.
- I'll, uh, see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
(receding footsteps)
Um, I should probably
get going too.
Uh… yeah.
Um, drive safe?
You too.
I mean… have a good night.
Mmhm. You too.
(emotional music)
(eagle calls)
(pensive music)
Don't you two look nice!
Oh, thanks. I have to admit,
I'm a little bit nervous.
- Oh, you're gonna do great.
- Of course, you will.
You'll be all right
on your own today?
Yeah, for sure. Probably just
do some writing or something.
- Have a little fun.
- Thanks.
Okay, honey.
We'll see you later.
(door shuts)
Hey, Brandon, uh,
I can meet you guys
on the trail in a half hour?
(playful music)
Whoa, boy.
- Whoa!
- Oh! I'm so sorry.
- I—
- Amy.
Sorry about last night.
- I, uh, didn't mean to intrude.
- No, it's fine.
Good luck out there today.
You too.
I think it's ruined.
Um, the shirt.
You came to check on me,
so I thought
I would fill you in.
(ambivalent music)
(host): Next up,
we have the veteran team
of Nathan Pryce
and his horse, Montana.
These two have done well
in the working cow horse
competition in the past.
Let's see if they can
keep the bar up
to that same level today.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
(upbeat music)
(host): Put your hands
together for Nathan and Montana!
Now, remember,
ladies and gentlemen,
the horse and rider
are being scored out of 80,
70 being considered average,
and the score for Nathan?
75! Nice job, nice job, team.
Next up, couple of first-time
competitors from Hudson.
Give a warm welcome
to True Blue Skies
ridden by Amy Fleming,
owned by Jack Bartlett.
(tense music)
Hold up.
(crowd groans)
(host): Easy now.
Gotta stay in control.
(Amy sighs)
(Blue nickers)
That ended up more like
a bronc drive, didn't it?
But some love for Amy and Blue,
would you please?
They just got
their first session
under their belts.
Our judges have weighed in.
The score?
65. Chin up.
It'll only get better from here.
(soft music)
(rock music)
This could be
a really awesome jump.
You mean, like,
over the water?
(exhales heavily)
Yeah. Wouldn't that be cool?
- Not if you don't clear it.
- You can totally do it.
- You think so?
- Yeah, if you hit it right.
Yeah, I guess.
Carpe diem, Katie.
(tense music)
- I'm gonna do it.
- Yes, let's go!
- Come on, Brandon.
- You've got this.
Oh-ho! Yes!
(Ellie laughs)
Oh, my gosh. Heh.
(exhales heavily)
That was freakin' awesome!
You guys gotta try it.
Who's up next?
Uh, you go ahead, Ellie.
I know you can clear it,
no problem.
Thanks, but I think
you're too scared to try it.
No, it's just… well, you're
a much better rider than I am.
- So…
- Yup, she's scared.
- Ellie, leave her alone.
- No, it's okay.
She's right. I mean, dirt biking
is about taking chances,
just going for it.
I'll just go as fast
as I can, right?
Just lift up with your whole
body as you hit the edge.
(suspenseful music)
Come on, Katie. You can do this.
No fear. No fear.
Come on, Katie! Carpe diem!
(Ellie laughs)
Okay, I knew she was scared,
but that was pathetic.
Ellie, that's enough.
Okay? You okay?
(crow cawing)
(Lisa sighs)
You okay?
Yeah. It was a lot.
Well, you did great.
You had people in stitches,
and then tears.
Thank you.
I'm relieved it's over.
(voice breaking):
It was pretty sad.
It's another reminder
that life's a ride
and you never know
when your turn's up.
Mmhm. Do you think
we're living our best lives?
I know that my life's
never been better
since you came into it.
That doesn't really answer
my question. Okay.
What are we gonna do for lunch?
Oh, I think there's
some leftover casserole
in the fridge.
No, no. We're dressed up.
Let's go do something.
You know, there's a new pub in
town that's supposed to be cool.
It's the middle of the day.
So? Let's live a little.
All right.
(soft music)
(phone buzzing)
Guess it's true what they say.
- Bad luck comes in threes.
- Sorry?
The flat tire,
the, heh, wine gate,
then you lay an egg
in the reining event.
Just calling it like I see it.
Yeah, except I wasn't asking.
Think you can pull it together
for the cow work?
Are you trying
to psych me out?
No, you're doing a good enough
job of that all on your own.
Your mind's obviously somewhere
else, and Blue can sense that.
- Can I offer you some advice?
- Oh, good. Cowboy psychologist?
No, I've just done this a lot,
so I know what I'm doing.
When your cow gets turned out,
you have to gauge
his energy right away.
- If he's wild, run him a little.
- I thought I was
supposed to box him in
before I take him down the rail.
I'm talking quick turns,
back and forth, back and forth.
Tire 'em out so they're easier
to control the rest of the way.
Should I trust you?
You don't have to do anything.
I'm just trying
to help change your luck.
(intriguing music)
(upbeat country music
playing over speakers)
- Oh, I love this song.
- Well, me too.
It's an oldie but a goodie.
(Jack chuckles)
Let's dance.
Dance floor is right there.
There's nobody on it.
Well, we will change that.
Put our dance lessons
to good use.
- Lisa.
- This is what I'm talking about
'cause life can be short.
Seize all the moments.
Come on!
♪My day dreams weren't ♪
Always about you ♪
Oh, can I remember
how to do this?
Quick, quick, slow.
(both chuckling)
Quick, quick, slow.
- Quick, quick, slow.
- Quick, quick, slow.
(both): Slow.
Quick, quick, slow.
What—what are you doing?
- That's my buckle.
- What?!
Yeah, yeah.
All-around cowboy,
Ponoka Stampede, 1967.
That's the first time
I won there.
Well, what is it doing here?
Oh, I sold it.
Lyndy and I were short on money,
and I've regretted it
ever since.
Well, honey, we need
to talk to someone.
There, I think that's
the manager. Come on.
Talkin' in my sleep again ♪♪
Excuse me.
Hi there, are you the manager?
I actually own the place.
Even better. Jack Bartlett.
Devon. Did you enjoy
your lunch?
- Yes!
- We did, thank you very much.
Say, you have
a buckle that I won.
It's in that case over there.
- No kidding. Oh.
- Yeah.
- Ponoka stampede, 1967.
- That's so cool.
Now, I found that
at an antique store last year.
Yeah. Well, here's the thing.
I'm hoping
you'll sell it back to me,
and I'll pay you
fair market value.
That buckles worth,
like, 500…
- What, dollars?! Come on!
- Don't stress.
Don't stress
'cause it's not for sale.
It's just too fun, you know?
A buckle from Ponoka,
can't get any kitschier
- than that, right?
- Heh, you good?
- At pool, I mean.
- I've won a few tournaments.
Oh. Care to make a wager?
- (chuckles)
- Lisa, what are you doing?
If you beat my husband,
then we'll give you $500,
but if Jack wins, then we get
to take the buckle home.
Okay, this is a bad idea.
What's the worst
that could happen?
We lose $500!
This is excitement.
This is adventure.
Okay? What do you say?
- Rack 'em up.
- (Lisa): Okay.
What are you guys doing here?
Well, we just wanted
to make sure that you were okay.
Why did you just
take off like that?
I was just done
with dirt biking for the day.
- Are you home by yourself?
- Uh, yeah.
- Everyone's out.
- Well, you gonna invite us in?
Well, I didn't ask
if I could have anyone over.
This is your house too.
Come on, we should have
a little bit of fun.
I can make us all lunch.
Yeah, I guess we could
hang out for a bit.
All right, let's see
what you got in these cupboards.
(upbeat country music)
♪Don't get me started
on loving you ♪
Don't get me started ♪
It just won't do ♪
Well, we said
our last goodbye ♪
Now, it's your time
to cry, baby ♪
Don't get me started ♪
Corner pocket.
On love ♪♪
- (laughing)
- That hurts. That hurts.
Ooh! Corner pocket.
♪Like a rose in the desert ♪
You have
a special love for rain ♪
- Fair's fair, Devon.
- Wait!
What about me?
I wanna give it a try.
- Lisa!
- I wanna play the winner.
Look, I would love
to take your money,
but I actually do have
some paperwork to get to, so.
I'll double it,
make it an even thousand.
Is she for real?
(Lisa laughs)
Honey, I'm all for excitement
and adventure,
but $1000 can buy us
a lot of excitement
and adventure in other ways.
No, but I know how important
this buckle is to you.
So… I'd like to give it a try.
Have you ever
even played before?
Yeah, yeah! A couple times.
Give us another chance.
All right. You're on.
And I'll tell you what,
I'll even let you break first.
Oh, thanks!
…one for me ♪♪
(host): And there they go!
They're gonna need to turn that
cow back without using the rail.
Come on, buddy!
- Yeah! Come on!
- (host): Good job!
Now, the last thing is
to get that cow
into the middle of the arena,
turn her back
in both directions.
Go! Come on!
(Nathan clicking his tongue)
Atta boy! Come on, come on!
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah!
(host): Textbook!
You can see
Nathan and Montana have
obviously done this before,
and their score is…
Wow, 75 points!
And here's Amy and Blue
once again.
Good boy, Blue. You got this.
(Amy pats Blue)
(host): See what Amy
is doing there?
She's running that cow
back and forth just
to tire him out a little bit.
Get up! Get up!
Come on!
(Amy clicking her tongue)
Come on!
(host): Well, this is
a much better start
to this day
than we saw in reining!
Hup, hup, hup, hup!
(host): Now, it's
all about the finish.
Can they keep it together
this time?
Hup, hup!
(host): Look at this, folks!
What a comeback for these two!
Let's see what our judges think
of that run.
Apparently, they liked it!
Amy and Blue have a 76!
That puts them in first place
in the cow work division!
(cheering and applause)
(Amy laughs)
- 76.76! Can you believe it?
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Just don't forget
whose advice made that happen.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Isn't that right, Molly?
- Huh?
- You know, when we first met,
and you were talking
about Molly, I just totally
assumed that she was
your wife or girlfriend.
Nope, don't have
either of those.
(Amy laughs)
It's just the way you were
flirting with those girls
- at the reception.
- Flirting?
(Amy laughs)
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah, no, I get it.
I mean, I'm not judging.
I can see how the playboy life
would be appealing.
Not even close.
For one thing,
playboys have money.
- That sure ain't me.
- Yeah, right.
The amount of money
that you're putting
into your marketing campaign,
come on, now.
Well, yeah, and it might
just bankrupt us,
but we need to get ourselves
out there if we want to compete.
Yeah, with my dad and Grandpa.
No, actually,
with the factory farms.
I feel—I feel like…
Family-run ranches
are in this together.
Doing things the right way,
even though it costs a lot more.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to jump to conclusions.
Nah, don't worry about it.
I kind of assumed I'd kick
your butt in the cow work, so.
Even Steven, I guess.
(Nathan chuckles)
- Love the place, Katie.
- Thanks.
(Katie laughs)
Here you go.
- Great job, El.
- Yeah!
Perfect hot dog
to mac' and cheese ratio.
Seems like we could use
something for this lunch, though.
Something to wash it down with?
We have
some lemonade or ice tea.
We have this place
all to ourselves.
We could use
something a little stronger.
Like maybe some of this.
- Uh…
- Just a taster.
- No one's gonna notice.
- I don't think that's
- a good idea.
- Come on, Katie.
You have to stop
living your life in fear.
Okay, I said no.
Put it back, now.
I am done doing stupid things
to impress you guys.
- Katie—
- No, don't even start
with that "carpe diem" BS.
I'm not a daredevil,
and I'm not a risk taker.
I'm okay with that.
Sorry you're not.
I think you both should leave.
(tense music)
See? I told you.
She's totally lame.
(light country music)
Looks like your truck is
where we left it.
- Is that…
- Caleb.
Guess your boyfriend's trying
to score some brownie points
for whatever he did last night.
What? He's the one
who got you off your game
earlier today, isn't he?
He didn't do anything.
And he's not my boyfriend.
All right.
I'll get your horse.
♪When the girl
that you'd die for leaves you ♪
- Where do you begin? ♪♪
- Hey.
(birds chirping)
(Molly barks)
I had some extra time,
figured that this was
the least I could do.
You know, Caleb,
you really didn't have to.
Well, I didn't come
all the way out here
just to change your tire,
I was hoping we might meet
in person since you keep
ignoring my phone calls.
I've just been processing.
I didn't quite know what to say.
Well, that's why I've been
trying to get through to you.
Amy, there really isn't
anything that needs to be said.
I made a mistake, okay?
I got carried away
in the moment, and I promise
that nothing like this
will ever happen again.
- Okay, but…
- No, just, really,
you don't need to say
anything else.
- Drive safe, okay?
- You too.
(soft music)
(fast-paced country music)
Nice break, Lise!
♪I don't know why ♪
I'm done with hiding,
time to say goodbye ♪
I'm talkin' about love ♪
Looks like I'm low ball.
Where'd I go wrong ♪
Well, I burned my bridges ♪
Now I'm moving on ♪
- Guess I'm up.
- Mmhm.
I'll soon be gone ♪
Talk about love, love ♪
Love, where'd I go wrong? ♪
Gonna find myself
some reason ♪
Gonna get myself some rum ♪
I'll tell you
this time, baby ♪
Well, it's gonna be
just fine this time ♪
Let's talk about love ♪
Love ♪
Talk about love ♪
Love ♪
Talk about love ♪♪
(singer vocalizing)
- Eh.
- Eight ball, side pocket.
(Jack gasps)
Lisa, you did it!
(Jack laughs)
- I've been totally hustled.
- No, you haven't.
Maybe you assumed that you could
beat me because I'm a woman
or I'm a little bit
older than you—
Can you please just take
your buckle and leave.
(Lisa chuckles)
Well, where in the name
of Minnesota Fats
did you learn
to shoot pool like that?
- You really wanna know?
- Yes!
- Dan taught me.
- Is that a fact.
Mmhm. Back when we first got
into thoroughbreds,
we needed a way
to blow off some steam
every time our horses lost.
Well, your horses
must've lost a lot!
Yeah, they sure did,
Back in the early days,
and we took our frustrations out
on that pool table.
You know, Dan and I,
we certainly had
our differences, but the fact
that he actually played a part
in gettin' this buckle back…
Kind of makes up for it all.
(Jack laughs)
(soft music)
(Jack and Lisa laughing)
- Hey!
- Silly. Hi!
How come you two
don't look like you just came
from a funeral!
Well, we actually had
quite the afternoon.
And I'll tell you all about it
as soon as I get out
of these banker's clothes.
(knocking on door)
(door opens)
(Lisa): Hello. Come on in.
There's someone here to see you.
(tense music)
I'm really sorry.
Ellie was just
totally out of line.
Then why didn't you
say anything?
Well, I've never had
a drink of whisky
or anything else.
I sort of have this image
that, you know, goes along
with the dirt biking
and carpe diem BS.
Yeah, well, that image isn't
why I like to hang out with you.
You're a nice guy.
Well, thanks.
You know… I don't care
if you don't want to be
a daredevil.
I think you're really cool
just the way you are.
Well, um, I should get going,
but I'll text you tomorrow.
Sure. Sounds good.
(soft music)
(approaching vehicle)
- Guess who's back!
- GG! Lisa!
- Hi!
- Welcome home, you two!
- How did it go?
- It went so good!
We had pizza, cake,
watched TV, and had a party
with glow sticks!
Wow! Did you get any sleep
at this sleepover?
- We didn't have time.
- Oh, I see.
So how about you and Blue?
I'm dying to hear
how you made out.
Well, we had a bit
of a rough start in the reining.
Oh, does that mean…
Mmhm, Nathan got
the best of us in that one.
But we made a comeback
and took him
in the cow work session.
- Ah-ha! Way to go, Blue!
- And Amy!
And Amy, of course!
Yeah, no, he was
absolutely amazing, Grandpa.
You two really need to try it
together next time.
Yeah, well.
(phone buzzing)
Can I go to bed now, Mommy?
(all giggling)
Yes, sweetheart, you can.
Lisa, do you mind making sure
she brushes her teeth?
- Oh, I certainly will.
- Thanks.
(Lisa giggling)
I'll be right back
to tuck you in.
(text message notification)
(birds chirping)
- Hey.
- Hey.
So look, um… I'm sorry, Amy.
Caleb, you already apologized
for last night.
No, this isn't for that,
this is for today.
Actually, it's for that apology.
I wasn't being real with you.
I lied. It wasn't just a moment.
The truth is that I have
developed feelings for you,
and… I hate myself for it.
I feel I've betrayed
my two best friends
in the whole world,
that's you and Ty.
- Caleb…
- No, Amy.
Look, I didn't sleep
a wink last night.
I feel so torn up.
You haven't betrayed anyone.
You've been going through
so much lately, and…
Maybe I'm partially to blame too
because… Caleb, I do love you.
Just not that way.
(softly): I know.
So, uh, where do we go
from here?
Can we just pretend
that last night never happened?
Your friendship is
so important to me.
And I'm not gonna let
one moment ruin that.
Thank you, Amy.
'Cause your friendship means
the world to me too.
So we're good?
Yeah, we're good.
I'm already over it.
(Amy chuckles)
So how did
your competition go?
Actually, it went pretty good.
Yeah, we ran
that calf down the rail.
Nice! You get him turned
in the centre all right?
(indistinct conversation)
(hopeful music)
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