Heartland (CA) s17e07 Episode Script

Unknown Caller

Previously on Heartland.
You know
- my granddaughter, Lou.
- We went to the same school.
- I was a few years behind her.
- You left, too.
Suddenly, as I recall.
What's wrong is
that every time
I try and do something,
it gets ruined.
I didn't even make it
to the finals
of my writing competition.
I can't believe
I missed that bank meeting.
I just–I haven't been
sleeping well,
and for some crazy reason,
I completely forgot
to set my alarm.
(engines humming)
Seems like we could use
something for this lunch,
though, like maybe… this.
I am done doing stupid things
to impress you guys.
- Katie–
- I think you both should leave.
She's totally lame.
God, you need to stop asking
me for things I can't give you.
You've done it my whole life!
(insects chirping)
(owl hooting)
(sheets rustling)
(Lou sighs)
(pensive music)
(Lou sighs)
- (Lou sighs)
- (narrator): Close your eyes.
You are descending
through clouds
in a glass elevator.
(elevator dings)
Your worries,
your past remain far above you.
(mysterious music)
(exhales sharply)
(birds chirping)
(rooster crowing)
Lou, heh… it is 6 A.M.
- Oh.
- What are you doing?
Um… I just–
I couldn't sleep,
so I thought I'd get
a jump on things.
Things like sorting
old clothes?
No, uh, I was looking
for this old box that was
in the Quonset hut for ages.
And now, I can't find it,
and it is driving me nuts.
What's in it?
Nothing, just old stuff
to be donated.
You should try the cellar.
(soft clatter)
(Lou sighs)
(Lou sighs)
(cardboard rustling)
(pensive music)
(tense music)
(Lou gasps)
Thought you might need a hand.
- Lou, what is wrong?
- Oh, I’m–
Nothing, it's just
so dusty in here.
Whose is that?
Uh, I don't know.
I'm just gonna throw it
in the pile of donations.
(mysterious music)
("Dreamer" by Jenn Grant)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sink into
a dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪♪
– Subtitle formatting by Alice –
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
Whoops. Yup.
Okay. That's, uh…
- Oh, my gosh!
- That doesn't go there.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, sweetheart.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but you do seem
a little distracted.
Well, I–I am.
I mean, Jessica left me with
a giant list of things to do
before the gallery opens
while she's off
in the mountains.
Well, she's just doing
her job, Lou.
Do you want empty walls
at the gallery?
No, I'm just saying
the timing isn't great.
There was a mix-up with
the painters at the gallery,
so I have to finish the job
myself on top of personally
meeting this VIP guest
at the dude ranch, and…
Finishing all the inventory at
Maggie's by the end of the week.
I can help you paint.
And I can handle things
over at Maggie's.
- I know the ropes.
- Really? You would do that?
Yeah! Yeah, of course.
Making lists,
crossing things off,
right in my wheelhouse.
- Thank you.
- Mm. No problem.
- I'll be there at 10.
- Okay.
(door opens)
No need to thank me.
(door closes)
Look, Mommy, a dog!
(Amy laughs)
I think I might know
whose dog that is.
- Good morning!
- It is.
- Hello, ma'am. Nice horse.
- Thanks.
(Amy laughs)
(birds chirping)
You can go say hi.
Your dog is so pretty!
Thank you. She knows it too.
Her name's Molly.
Come on, Molly, chase me!
Yeah, Lyndy used to love
playing with Remi.
- Remi adored her.
- You're a good doggie!
I think Molly might be
joining that club.
(Lyndy laughs)
She licked me and it tickled!
Aww! Hi!
You might have to bring her
over for a play date.
Well, we'll let you
get on with your day.
- Hey, Amy.
- Yeah?
You free
for a morning ride tomorrow?
I might be.
This spot, same time?
All right.
See you then.
Come on!
(sentimental music)
(birds chirping)
(pensive music)
I'm so glad
these arrived so fast.
- What did you order?
- Elaine's favourite notebooks.
She asked me
to provide them last minute,
but thank goodness
Amazon Prime had them.
- Aren't they beautiful?
- Yeah.
Okay. Put those inside,
she's almost here.
Did you remember
to put out clean towels?
Yes, and I even put
a chocolate on her pillow.
- Where'd you get chocolate?
- I brought it.
Elaine Collins loves
dark chocolate.
Ah! Okay, she's here. Um…
I know you're a fan,
but please act professional.
Ms. Collins, I'm Lou Fleming.
It is such a pleasure
to meet you.
- Yes.
- This is my daughter, Katie.
- I love your books.
- Of course.
Your new notebooks are inside,
and Katie's gonna
get you settled,
so anything you need,
anything at all,
just let her know.
I brought everything I need.
My rules.
Oh. Um…
"No noise before 10 A.M."
"Meals to be left
outside the door."
"Absolutely no knocking."
I'm here
to write and research.
Absolutely no distractions.
You've come
to the perfect place.
(curious music)
Hi, Eleanor? Amy Fleming.
Sorry, were you
expecting someone else?
Not at all, I just didn't
realize where I was
until I pulled up
into the drive.
Oh, so you've been
to Heartland before?
I guess I just imagined
the famous Amy Fleming
to train
out of a fancy show barn.
- Hmm.
- Not a ranch.
It doesn't matter, though.
It's nice to meet you, Amy.
Yeah, you as well.
What can I help you with?
This is Domino.
We've been showing together
for three years now.
- Aww.
- I learned how to jump on him.
Aww, well, then, you guys
must have quite the partnership.
- Come on, buddy.
- We did…
But then, this fall,
all of a sudden,
he started refusing jumps,
running out.
This is
a totally new behaviour?
Yeah. He's not a spooky horse.
He's always been really brave.
We didn't get into the ribbons
once this spring.
My dad says
I either fix the problem
or I get a new horse.
That's a pretty
serious ultimatum.
Dad doesn't wanna keep losers.
He figures if I'm not winning,
then what's the point?
I really don't know
what's going on,
so if you can't help me,
I may have to give him up.
(tense music)
(bird squawking)
(woman): That was
such a great trail ride!
- (Elaine): Trail rides?
- (man): Sure was!
(Elaine): Jeez.
- Stupid.
- Can I get you anything?
Earl Grey tea, popcorn?
I've read all about
your writing rituals online.
Oh, do you want the Wi-Fi
password to download music?
I can't write
to anything with lyrics.
Wow. Four minutes,
quite reasonable, actually.
What's reasonable?
Well, usually,
aspiring writers
take about 30 seconds
to announce themselves to me.
You're an aspiring writer, yes?
Do you have
any advice for someone
who wants to be a novelist,
like, professionally?
I do.
Don't even try.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
It's too tough.
Do you think
you're a good writer?
Yeah… I think so.
No matter how good you are,
there's going to be
a critic out there
ready to tear you apart.
You like the dream of writing,
but the reality is
much different.
My advice:
Find something else
you like to do and do that.
You will be a lot happier.
(sad music)
(horse trotting)
(Blue nickers)
Hello, Katie Cat!
- Katie, what's wrong?
- I met Elaine Collins.
You know, the writer
of Murder At Mustang Ford.
so she's the VIP
your mom's been worried about.
You know, she wrote
a pretty good book,
but she needed a researcher.
Don't tell her I said that.
I don't plan
on talking to her again.
Why? Was she rude to you?
She said that… being
a writer was too difficult,
and that I should even try.
Well, that's
a load of you-know-what.
What if it's not?
Katie, you can do anything
you set your mind to.
Even if I'm good enough,
GG, I'm not sure.
When I got the feedback
from those judges
from that fairy tale
I… I totally unravelled.
I hated the way
that made me feel.
Well, you'll learn
to handle criticism, sweetheart.
Maybe I don't want to, though.
I've already wasted
so much time on this.
I think I'm done.
(sad music)
Oh! Ah!
(tense music)
(branch breaks)
Please don't be a bear.
(inhales sharply)
(sighs heavily)
You scared me!
You go to my school,
don't you?
- I'm Nathan.
- I'm Lou.
What are you doing out here?
I was out walking,
and I hurt my ankle.
You need a hand getting
back home then, or…
No, thanks.
I'm not going home.
I'd rather stay
out in the woods.
Guess I'd better get
a fire going then.
(emotional music)
(breathes deeply)
(intriguing music)
- My rules were very clear–
- I understand you had
some wisdom for
my great-granddaughter, Katie,
and I use the word wisdom
sarcastically, of course.
What you said was goofier
than your description
of a cowboy riding
a 19-hand mustang.
She asked for my advice,
and I gave it to her.
You made her want to quit.
Well, if she can't
handle the truth–
She's a kid!
She deserves to be built up
by the people she admires,
not torn down.
I expect you to make this right.
Um, what exactly is wrong
with a 19-hand mustang?
Other than
they don't exist, nothing.
Well, I don't even
really like horses.
I've never even pet one.
Well, knock me over
with a feather.
You picked
a pretty strange vacation spot
if you don't like horses.
Well, I'm writing the sequel
to Murder At Mustang Ford
and my editor thought
it would be a great idea
if I came here and got
some hands-on experience.
You know, I liked your book,
even if it was inaccurate.
What you need is
a lesson in basic horsemanship.
Now, why would you offer
to do that?
I didn't… but I will,
and in exchange, I'd like you
to read one of Katie's stories.
Judge her writing
when you've actually read some.
I'll give her
my honest opinion, no coddling.
I'd hope so.
And I am not going to wear
anything with tassels
or giant buckles,
and I had better come out
of this alive.
Well, I can't promise that.
Jack Bartlett.
It's good to meet you.
(descending footsteps)
Whoa. You all right?
People really need to stop
asking me that.
Well, this time, I feel
it's warranted. You're a mess.
(Lou sighs)
I tripped! Okay?
I was trying to do
everything on my own.
You were supposed to be here
an hour ago.
Yeah, sorry.
Well, Caleb had some trouble
at the rodeo school.
You couldn't pick up
the phone? Shocking.
(fabric rustling)
You know, Lou,
I'm worried about you.
(Lou hesitates and sighs)
I'm just…
(Lou sighs)
I'm just over tired, okay?
I… I'm sorry I snapped at you.
I'm gonna just go home,
get cleaned up.
Why are you
out in the woods anyway?
- I like the woods.
- That's barely an answer.
Why'd you run away?
My parents split up…
For good this time, I think.
My dad left.
My mom drove him away,
even though she keeps
blaming him.
It's so messed up.
That sucks.
My mom's a liar.
- You probably think I'm crazy.
- No, I don't.
Sometimes, it's like my parents,
they think I'm deaf
they fight so loud, you know?
(Domino nickers)
(adventurous music)
- Domino, come on!
- Oh…
(Domino whinnies and nickers)
(Amy sighs)
He never used to do this.
How can I trust him anymore?
You're looking down
at your fences.
You're putting
your body forward.
It's throwing him off balance.
He thinks you're not ready
for the jump.
That's, like, so basic.
Yeah, well, it's also
a natural instinct.
So if you're not concentrating,
it can be an easy habit
to fall into.
Eleanor? Eleanor!
You're kind of proving
my point here.
(tense music)
Uh… yeah.
Sorry, you're right.
I just… I need to get
my head on straight.
(Amy sighs)
Ellie, what are you
doing here?
You have eyes. Amy's helping
me with my jumper, Domino.
I didn't know you even rode.
Yeah, well, you don't
really know me.
- Apparently.
- Look, Katie…
Brandon doesn't know either
and I don't want him to.
- Why not?
- Because he knows me
as Ellie who dirt bikes and
tears it up on the gravel pit,
not… Eleanor.
And that's how it's
gonna stay, got it?
I won't say anything,
but you can't mention
my dirt biking to Amy
or anyone else in my family.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Hey, you gonna help me
on tack or what?
(soft music)
Thought that was your truck.
Just came to get
a signature on this lease.
- Jack or Tim around?
- Uh, no.
You know, you can send
that electronically these days.
Uh, yeah. Didn't think
it was their style.
Uh, ahem, it does seem
like fate you showed up.
I… this is gonna sound odd,
but I have something of yours.
Something I need to return.
Do I wanna know how long
this has been in here?
Jerky doesn't go bad.
- I grabbed it today.
- Can I?
So you really don't
wanna go home?
I've never felt
like I belonged at the ranch.
I can't even imagine
living there anymore.
- I'm gonna go live with my dad.
- Where is he?
Up north.
I just need to call him
to come get me.
I tried him yesterday,
but he didn't pick up.
I couldn't stay in that house
one more second.
Well, I know
where there's a pay phone.
- I'll walk you.
- Really?
Heh. I, uh, I forgot
about this old thing.
I do remember finding you
in the woods, though.
You vanished from school
so soon after that,
I always wondered
what happened to you.
My mom left my dad.
Took me to Montana.
I guess we were
in the same boat.
(Nathan chuckles)
We both came through it okay.
It's strange, though.
I just… I keep replaying
that day in my head.
I'd hardly thought about it
for two decades,
and then… you showed up.
Guess some cuts
you just learn to live with.
Hey, again.
We still on
for that ride tomorrow?
Just came to get
some paperwork squared away.
See you in the morning.
(pensive music)
Well, Shadow…
Looks like
we're riding alone today.
Come on.
(shadow nickers)
Hey, if you see Dad,
can you just tell him
I'm gonna be at the gallery?
I have given up trying
to communicate
with that man by phone.
I saw you give
Nathan Pryce that jacket.
You told me you didn't know
who it belonged to.
Amy, I'm trying to juggle
so many things right now
that I can barely keep
my head on straight, okay?
It was…
It was an honest mistake.
Were you two friends?
(Lou sighs)
Can we talk about this later?
I gotta go.
- I gotta go.
- Yeah. Okay.
My friend got bit
by a horse once.
- It almost took her finger off.
- Sammy's not gonna bite you.
I don't think
he likes the looks of me.
It only takes one kick.
Horses are prey animals,
Ms. Collins.
If they're aggressive,
it's because they're scared
or they've been hurt.
Why don't you take a spot
over by that rail there,
and I'll get him moving a bit.
Oh, all right. No problem.
(Jack makes kissing sounds)
Atta boy, Sammy.
Now, it's true,
every time we work with a horse,
we give up
a certain amount of control.
They have their own minds.
(Jack clucks)
But as soon as you can earn
their trust…
…then, it becomes
a partnership.
Kind of like my book.
(Jack laughs)
Well, I gotta tell you…
…that was the first time
I ever heard
of a horse being used
as a murder weapon before,
but sure.
Well, the critics eviscerated
Murder At Mustang Ford.
I was crushed!
Truth is…
…I am dreading this next one.
(Jack chuckles)
Well, let me
ask you a question.
Do you write for the critics?
Well, sounds to me
like you need to put less stock
in other people's opinions.
And refrain from…
Taking my injury and irritation
out on young writers.
I wasn't gonna say it.
Put your left foot
in that stirrup.
- Okay.
- Easy up. Easy up.
- There you go.
- Ooh! Ah! Ah!
- Atta girl.
- Ah! Oh…
Okay, you ready
to get him moving?
Oh, no! No, this is good!
Uh, this is fine.
I'm totally fine right here.
(Jack laughs)
Thank you.
All right. I want you to start
with this combination.
But remember, keep your chin up,
your eyes out over the horizon.
Yeah, just keep your leg on
and look towards that diagonal.
That's it. Hands still. Eyes up.
Ugh! Come on, Domino!
Not again!
just take a breath, okay?
This is so not like him.
- I don't get it.
- Hey. Hey.
Being angry isn't gonna
help anything.
Why don't you take a break?
We'll come back
and try this again.
I take it
you two know each other.
Only a little.
We've hung out a couple times,
but we're not friends.
(Amy sighs)
She's usually pretty confident,
kind of a daredevil.
Something is happening
outside the ring
that's impacting her jumping,
and I'm not gonna know
what it is until she opens up.
(pensive music)
(hammer strike)
(Lou gasps)
Oh, my gosh! You finished it!
What do you think?
Wait a second, you didn't…
No, no, no. Oh, my gosh, Dad!
Ah! You used two different
colours of paint!
No, I didn't!
Dad, that's Desert Sand
in semi-gloss,
and that's Cloud Beige
in satin gloss.
Why do you have
two different colours of beige?
Because I bought
that one on sale.
- It was for the bathroom.
- Lou, they're the same.
No one'll be able to tell
the difference.
I'll be able to tell
the difference, okay? I will.
And I know I'm the only one in
this family who would care about
something like that because I’m
the uptight perfectionist
who just drives everyone crazy.
No, you don't drive
everyone crazy.
If it's that important to you,
we'll fix it.
No. I'll do it, Dad.
Just let me do it.
Please, give me some space.
(tense music)
This must all be
a thrill for you,
seeing me unravel.
Actually, I prefer
the old Ellie,
the one telling me
to quit being a chicken
and just gun it.
And the one who almost
forced you to drink whisky?
Sorry about that, by the way.
Why don't you want
Brandon to know you ride?
It's more so about the fact
that I come from a rich family.
I don't want him
to treat me differently.
Man, it really sucks
how much we care about
what other people think.
Like, why does it even matter?
I mean, you don't seem to.
- Care, I mean.
- Oh, yeah?
Yesterday, I let
a complete stranger
convince me to quit writing.
Like, so she's
some famous novelist.
- She doesn't even know me.
- You're a writer?
I think that's cool.
(dirt bike engine humming)
Uh-oh! Get in.
(gate creaks)
Hey, Brandon!
Hey, what are you–
what are you doing here?
Well, I just thought
I'd stop by, say hi.
You've been AWOL.
Yeah, well, uh, why don't we
go hang out at the house?
- Wait, is Ellie here?
- Uh, no.
No, that belongs
to one of my aunt's clients.
You wanna go get ice cream?
It is Ellie's bag.
Okay, Sherlock. You got me.
Eleanor, you ready to get
back in the saddle?
Eleanor? Okay,
I'm so confused right now.
Why were you just hiding,
and why did Katie just lie?
Now, I'm the one
who's confused.
You mind explaining?
I can, but please,
Amy, you cannot tell my mom.
(Amy sighs)
(pensive music)
(dramatic music)
So when you told me
that you were babysitting
on the weekends, you were
actually at horse shows?
Wow. I feel like an idiot.
How long have you been
secretly dirt biking
with Brandon?
Since… last September.
The same time Domino started
balking at fences.
Eleanor… Ellie,
you know, you can't hide
a part of yourself
and expect to feel
any kind of peace.
Domino senses your stress
and distraction.
That's why
his behaviour's changed.
I'm not saying
that you have to…
To pick one or the other,
but you do need to embrace both.
You shouldn't
have lied to me, El.
I just didn't want
you to think I was some rich,
entitled brat.
I wouldn't judge you. I…
I'm really sorry.
I liked that you just
knew me as Ellie.
When we're dirt biking, I feel
like I can be totally myself.
Yeah, but… isn't
this part of you too?
(pensive music)
- Lou.
- You're still here?
I figured you were still mad
at me, so I ignored
your instruction to go home.
- (sighs)
- I'm really trying not to ask.
Dad, I fell asleep
at the wheel.
- Did you go off the road?
- I–I'm okay.
I–I woke up in time. I just…
I just got shook up, that's all.
Okay, let's go sit down,
have a coffee
and have something to eat.
Dad, wait.
How come we never talked about
that phone call I made to you
right after you left us?
What phone call?
I was 15. It was late.
(melancholy music)
You don't remember.
I was in pretty bad shape
that whole month after I left.
- Okay.
- Honey, what'd I say?
No, um… it's not important,
it's okay.
- No, it matters.
- No.
- Thanks for the coffee, Dad.
- Lou, please!
(adventurous music)
I can't believe
that she's just doing this!
She's pretty talented.
Not many people can
make it look that easy.
(Domino nickering)
So… are you still mad at me?
Pfft, no.
I gotta give you credit
for showing
so much loyalty to El.
You see, after so many years
of being together,
Domino knows you so well.
He can feel your emotions,
even if you think
you're hiding them.
- And now, it's Katie's turn.
- Uh, no way. I don't jump.
I mean it's your turn
to tell that famous writer
where to shove her advice.
GG, what are you doing here?
Oh, Elaine wanted to learn
a little bit about horses.
Your great-grandfather is
exceptionally gracious.
I'm not gonna listen
to your advice.
I love writing,
and maybe it's a tough business,
but I'm tough too,
and I know I'm getting better
all the time.
I may not ever write
something that everyone likes,
and, yes, I will have to deal
with rejection,
but… but I don't write
for everyone.
I write for me.
- Come on.
- Wow.
Either stubbornness skips
two generations
or your whole family is
something else.
Oh, you have no idea.
You know, she's really talented.
So you read
the story I sent you.
I did, not that she wants
to hear any more of my thoughts
or anything I have to say,
but she's good.
Jack, there's something
going on there.
Ms. Collins,
consider our deal closed.
Thank you, Mr. Bartlett.
Maybe you'd like to join me
for a glass of wine.
Well, I appreciate
the invitation,
but I've got
a phone date with my wife.
All the good cowboys are taken.
- (laughs)
- Well, then.
- There she is. Where you going?
- Just, uh, gonna go for a walk.
Oh, well, let me get changed.
I'll come with you.
Actually, honey, I, um…
I need some time alone.
Okay. Um…
Listen, I'm trying
to let you navigate
this whole insomnia thing,
but, honestly,
you're starting to worry me
a bit, sweetheart.
I know, and I'm sorry. It…
I'm working through it.
It's just, um…
A cut I need to learn
to live with.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(Amy): So where were you
this morning?
(Nathan): One of my new mares
turned out to be pregnant.
She foaled late last night.
It was a bit of a tough labour.
That's why I didn't show.
They okay?
Both healthy as can be.
Filly's got four white socks.
Maybe you'd, uh, like
to bring Lyndy over,
meet her, give her a name?
I am terrible with names.
I think Lyndy would love that.
Can I ride back with you?
Still have to get
that lease signed.
You know, there's a thing
called email, right?
(phone ringing)
Yeah, but…
Then, what excuse
would I use to visit?
(phone ringing)
Hey, Dad. What's up?
(tense music)
- Hey.
- What's he doing here?
(Amy): So what's going on?
What happened?
Lou, uh… went for a walk
a couple hours ago.
She's still not back.
She took her phone,
but she's not answering it.
Does anyone know
where she was headed?
She said that, uh…
She had to figure
some things out,
that there was a cut
she had to live with
or something, I don't know.
She seems upset, and I don't
think it's about the gallery.
She asked me about
a phone call she made to me
when she was 15, and I said
I didn't remember it.
She took off.
I might know where she is.
Why would you know
where she is?
That phone call
you're talking about,
I was with her when she made it.
(tense music)
(birds chirping)
(tense music)
(horse nickers)
Dad? How did you know
where I was?
Nathan Pryce.
(Lou sighs)
(Tim sighs)
I have questions about that.
(Lou sighs)
But, right now,
I just care about my daughter.
Is everybody freaking out?
Yeah, they're worried.
Peter wanted to come.
But I think he understood
when I told him…
…that I just needed
some time with you.
You and me.
I wish I could understand
why this is happening
to me right now, Dad.
The insomnia, it's because my…
My brain won't stop cycling
these memories
over and over and I can't…
Make them stop,
or drown them out.
What memories?
About the day
I ran away from Heartland.
I don't think that I knew
you ran away from Heartland.
I was 15. Heh.
Nathan found me.
And I didn't want to go home,
I just wanted…
I just wanted desperately
to talk to you.
To hear your voice.
(coin clinking)
(keys beeping)
(line trilling)
- Dad?
- (Tim): Yeah?
- Who's this?
- Daddy, it's me, Lou.
(party sounds over phone)
Oh-ho, hey!
- Hi, sweetheart!
- You sound weird.
(slurring): Huh? No, this–
this isn't a good time, honey.
Can you come
pick me up? Please?
Dad, I ran away. I don't wanna
live at Heartland anymore.
- I want to live with you.
- No. oh, no, no.
Honey, no. yeah, I–you can't.
I can't take care of you.
No, you under–you understand.
Then come home!
- I–I can't!
- Please, Daddy?
No! I said no, Lou!
I can't.
I'm not even coming back.
So you shouldn't even
call me again.
(call ends)
(dial tone)
- Did he answer this time?
- (crying)
(sad music)
I think I'd like
to go home now.
So you've been keeping this
inside all this time?
I didn't tell anyone.
Not even back then.
I guess I just thought
if I didn't say it out loud,
I could pretend
it never happened.
And then, I grew up,
and–and–and you came home,
and it got buried.
Until Nathan stepped
onto our porch.
Well, it's no excuse, but…
…Lou, I was–I was
messed up back then.
Grown-up me knows that,
and I…
I have forgiven you
for all of that, I swear.
It's not your fault,
it's just…
I don't know, I just keep
hearing your voice saying…
…that you're not coming home,
and you're not coming to get me,
and it's like I’m
that 15-year-old girl again
who just…
…who thinks her dad
doesn't want her.
I'm sorry.
We don't get to choose
when our wounds heal.
So you… you don't apologize.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that… if I ever…
for one second
made you feel
that I didn't want you.
I did.
(sentimental music)
(Lou sighs)
(Amy): Lou!
I'm so sorry
I pressured you about Nathan.
No, no, no, I…
I'm sorry I lied.
- You okay?
- (sighs)
Yeah. You know what?
I think I am.
(bright music)
It's a good reminder
to be honest
and talk about things,
even if it makes
us uncomfortable.
I actually have something
I need to tell you both.
- I've started a new hobby.
- Oh.
- Dirt biking.
- Whoa!
On what?
On an old bike I bought
with my own money,
and I met
these two amazing bikers
my own age, Brandon and Ellie.
Brandon, that's a…
That's a boy's name.
Please tell me
you don't do jumps.
No, and I always wear
my helmet.
Look, Mom, you told me
to try something new,
take a risk, and I did.
I really like it.
It… it's freeing.
I'm sorry I kept it a secret.
Can you please forgive me?
I mean, I'm not happy.
I wish we had had
a conversation first.
- But you're not mad?
- No. We're not mad.
Just please don't keep things
like this from us again.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
We'll have to set some rules,
of course, you know.
Okay, yeah, but first can I
tell you guys about last week?
So we found this great field
with this huge patch
of mud, and Brandon–
(whispering): Shh!
Wait, wait, wait.
♪Can you hear it humming ♪
Let's go.
Can you touch its glow ♪
All around, singing for us ♪
And us alone ♪
It's in all the faces ♪
Of people passing by ♪
It's so beautiful ♪
It's a wonderland ♪
What's on your mind?
No, I feel silly
saying it now.
Oh, now you have to.
The jacket,
the secrecy with Lou.
I guess I just thought
you two had a thing together.
Thank you…
For looking after my sister
all those years ago.
Oh, I told Lyndy
about, uh, that foal.
And she's coming up with names.
So far, her two favourites are
Dancer or, um, Peanut.
I like 'em both.
(Amy laughs)
(Nathan laughs)
It's a wonderland ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
It's a wonderland ♪♪
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