Heartland (CA) s17e08 Episode Script


Previously on Heartland.
Nice bike, huh?
Yeah, but, uh, this one
is too expensive for me.
- What are you looking to spend?
- About a quarter of that.
Hey, this is a job
you're good at,
but I can't be the only one
that believes that.
Being a single parent is hard.
Carson cries all the time.
When I pick him up from Cass's,
when I drop him off at school.
And yeah, yeah,
I think he hates me.
The grant is in fact
better than the loan.
Partnerships are hard,
especially with me, I get it.
And I am working on it.
That is if you still want me
as a partner.
Of course I do, Lou.
We're in this together.
Caleb, hmm…
- I don't.
- I'm sorry.
(electronic music playing)
♪With every step ♪
We're off the ground ♪
Hold my hand,
don't look down ♪
Just take a breath ♪
Taste the sound ♪
It's more
than what you see right now ♪
Out of the shadows ♪
So pretty, Mommy.
(Amy chuckles)
Into the light ♪
It's just beginning ♪
Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah!
This could be ♪
Everything ♪♪
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
That was awesome!
Your leg could have been
straighter on the elbows down,
and we really need to work
on your side flag.
But it won't matter if Verona keeps
changing speed and nearly tossing her.
Yeah, it started
about a month ago.
Normally, he's
a perfect horse.
We're supposed to leave
for Germany next week;
this is the biggest competition
of my daughter's career.
Can you work with Verona?
I would love to,
but that doesn't give me
very much time.
The only shot that Sophia has
at winning is if we practise,
but we can't do that
if Verona keeps acting up.
So please, Amy,
do whatever it takes.
Come on, Sophia,
if we leave now,
we can fit in a workout;
Let's go.
But just… just put…
You don't get to decide this
on your own.
No, you're being selfish.
(phone beeps)
Let's go!
Come on, boys, hustle!
Otherwise, 50 push-ups.
You too.
(kid 1): Do you know
where we are this time?
- What happened to you?
- (kid 2): No.
You run out
of inspirational speeches?
- (kid 3): C'mon, let's go.
- Huh?
Push-ups, laps?
It's my style. What's up?
Guess I'm not just feeling
very inspirational today.
(man): Hey, fellas.
One of you Caleb Odell?
Yeah. Who are you?
You've been served.
A wonderful rest
of your day, friend.
She's not wasting any time.
She's suing me for
full custody of Carson.
(theme music)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sink into ♪
A dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪♪
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I thought you and Cass
were sharing custody.
Yeah, so did I.
She got some fancy job
in Kelowna;
she wants to take
Carson with her.
I'm only gonna see my son
every other weekend.
I'm gonna miss
all the big moments.
What kind of father
does that make me?
Talk to her.
Maybe it's not a done deal.
I've tried. All we end up
doing is arguing.
Well, try harder.
Don't let the hurt
and anger take over.
Once you do, there's
no coming back from that road.
Trust me, I know.
Try harder.
(Tim whistles)
(clients' exclamations)
Are you okay?
Oh… yeah.
Just embarrassed.
I'm not very good
at this, am I?
You're doing fine.
It's only been
a couple of weeks.
So, how's everything going
with the ranch?
Good. Never a dull moment.
Actually, Amy was working with
the vaulting team earlier today,
it was super cool.
I guess they have
some big competition in Europe,
but their horse is acting up.
Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah!
I'm sure
Amy will figure it out.
It's kind of weird
not having you there helping.
Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said anything.
No, no, no.
It's… it's okay.
I'm… I'm just
gonna go get the broom.
Is that
your new client horse?
Yeah. Verona.
I've been cross-training him
a bit 'cause I don't think
he likes going around
in circles.
I know you're busy, honey,
I won't keep you,
but have you talked
to Caleb recently?
No. No, I guess
I've just been… busy.
Is everything okay?
Well, I think I'll let him
fill you in on the details,
but… let's just say he could
use a good friend right now.
You can just set up
on that wall there.
And let me know
if you need anything, okay?
Ah, Lou! Hi.
It's all happening.
We are so close.
I know, I'm so excited.
Oh, pretty soon, all these walls
are gonna be full.
I cannot wait
to see your photos
that you took on your retreat,
ahem, while I was here
doing everything.
- By myself.
- Oh, yeah.
Well, thank you for taking
the lead on that,
but your gallery curator
is back
and everything is under control.
- I think.
- Quite.
By the way,
did a package arrive for me?
Uh, yeah, it did. It's just…
- (Lou gasps)
- Oh, good!
Made it in time for the opening.
What is it?
An espresso machine.
Top of the line. I ordered it
while you were away.
Uh, okay. Hear me out.
Part of the reason
we had funding issues early on
was because the lenders
didn't believe
that the gallery
would make a profit.
So I figured out the ideal
source of secondary income.
We turn part of the gallery
into a café.
- It's perfect, right?
- Uh…
Come on, Jess,
every big gallery has a café.
(cell phone ringing)
Yeah, well, we're not the Met, Lou.
- Not yet.
- Okay, I have to get this.
This is an artist
that I have been trying
to secure for the opening.
- Oh!
- Jessica Cook speaking.
We'll talk more
about the café later.
You're gonna love it!
I'm so glad
you called.
(indistinct whispering)
Uh… when were you
gonna say something about this?
- Nah, it's nothing.
- What?!
Your face on a can of stew;
In what world is that nothing?
It's just…
It's not a real can, Lise.
It's just an idea that
Fred's trying to sell me on.
- Oh.
- Sell you on what idea?
Oh, you gotta be
kidding me.
Let me see that.
They're having a tough time
since Crown Shoppers
opened the doors,
and Fred's trying
to boost sales
with some new products, I guess.
You're gonna be more famous
than the Quaker Oatmeal guy.
No, thank you.
It's a harebrained idea
if you ask me.
Well, I don't like it
either, Jack,
but… we can't say no to Fred.
Well, I didn't
say no to Fred;
I told him I'd think about it.
I love the face
on that can. Come on.
- Hmm!
- Well, I appreciate that, Lise.
But, well, it feels
a little desperate to me.
- Gimme that.
- No!
(knocks twice on the door frame)
Look at you.
You look so beautiful.
Do you think it's okay
for… for a gallery opening?
Yes! It's perfect.
You know what would really
complete this look?
That necklace I gave you
for your birthday.
The heart-shaped locket
with the gemstone?
Yeah. Don't you think?
Yeah. Hmm…
Do you remember
the dirt bike I bought?
How can I forget?
Yeah, well…
I kind of maybe…
Sold the necklace to buy it.
That makes sense.
I'm really sorry, Mom.
No, it's okay. I get it.
You're more into dirt biking now
than a necklace,
and I gave it to you,
so you can do
what you want with it,
including sell it.
Now, come downstairs,
dinner's ready.
You're doing
such a good job, buddy.
Pretty soon, you'll be
riding Donut all on your own.
(horse neighing)
Okay. Come on,
let's get you down.
- (Caleb grunts)
- (Carson): Hi, Amy!
Hi, Carson. You looked
so good out there.
Why don't you go
grab him some water.
I'll be
right back, Donut!
- It's been a minute.
- I know.
How are you?
Honestly, not that great.
What's going on, Caleb?
Cass has this new job
in Kelowna,
and she's taking
Carson with her.
I'm so sorry.
Can she do that?
Her big fancy lawyer
seemed to think so.
Tried talking to her,
like your dad suggested.
I was calm,
didn't get upset.
Didn't seem to matter.
I don't think she's gonna
change her mind.
So what are you gonna do?
- I don't know.
- Here comes your water, Donut.
I think I'm gonna
lose my son, Amy.
Oh, Katie, I don't know
how I was gonna
make it through the day
without this.
I think I did
something horrible.
Oh! Haha!
What could you have possibly
done that would be so awful?
I sold the necklace
my mom got me for my birthday
to buy a dirt bike.
- Oh.
- I just wanted it so bad and…
And I got really excited,
and… and maybe kind of
stupidly convinced myself
Mom wouldn't notice.
- Mm-hmm.
- But I mean, it's probably fine.
Mom said it was fine,
so it's fine.
Okay. First, breathe.
Gonna be okay.
I know that your mom wants you
to be happy, and…
Dirt biking
makes you happy.
Yeah. Okay, right.
- But…
- But?
I was there when your mom
picked out that necklace
last year when your relationship
turned a corner,
and I think
she wanted it to represent
that you had grown closer.
And I ruined it.
- I'm a terrible person, aren't I?
- No.
You did something
without thinking,
and that's very different.
But… how are you
gonna make it right?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah, sure.
Why did you get me to come in
by myself, though?
Well, I have been
cross-training Verona,
and he's been doing amazing.
I've been jumping, pole bending
and lungeing him.
There's no soundness issues.
So I just can't figure out
what would cause him to change
speeds during your routine.
Well, do you think it has
something to do with me?
I didn't say that,
but I also wouldn't blame you
for being a bit nervous.
You got a bit competition
coming up, and…
I can see how much pressure
your mom's putting on you.
She just wants me
to succeed, you know.
Like, vaulting is competitive,
I have to be
at the top of my game.
I know, which is
why I would like you
to do your routine
with me right now.
I haven't… lunged
with anyone but my mom.
Sophia, I need to feel
what's going on
during your routine.
You want to get back
to training, right?
Be at the top of your game?
There we go.
Whoa! Ah! Oof!
You okay? Oh.
No, I… I knew
this was a bad idea.
Verona was perfect,
why did you jump?
I didn't jump;
Verona changed speed,
like he did before,
and then I lost my balance.
You must have missed it.
Sophia, he didn't.
I need to go get cleaned up.
(kids chattering indistinctly)
- (kids laughing)
- Stop!
(laughing): Attaboy.
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
I just had a meeting
with my lawyer.
I take it things didn't go
too well with Cass.
I'm done
trying to reason with her.
Now she's saying Carson can't
even come for winter break,
that he needs time
to settle in.
I'm gonna fight her on it.
Court if I have to.
You really want to put
Carson through that?
What other choice do I have?
It's not like I can keep
driving back and forth
between here and Kelowna.
I know. It's hard
to be away from your son.
I've been down that road, Caleb.
I lawyered up,
fought for custody.
And then I realized
what it was doing to Shane,
so I dropped it.
- And you didn't see your son for years.
- Yeah.
Well, you don't have
to make that same mistake.
There's a way for you
to be in his life
without a court battle.
Cass isn't giving me a choice.
She's the one doing this
to our son, not me.
I know you're upset.
(horse neighing)
I don't think Cass is
doing this out of spite;
I think she's got
a great job opportunity.
And if you want to fight
for custody in court,
Carson's gonna be the one
stuck in the middle.
If I were you,
I would think about
what he needs.
Hey! Attaboy.
(kids speaking indistinctly)
(indistinct chatter)
Amy, hey.
Logan. How's it going in here?
Lou's not working you
too hard, I hope.
Oh, no, it's okay.
Actually, the tips are pretty
good, helped me buy a new truck.
No way!
Well, not new, it's…
It's a beater, needs some parts.
That's good, though. Congrats.
So, do you want
a coffee or…?
No. I just…
Came here to ask you something.
I didn't "stage mom" you,
did I?
This mom
on the vaulting team
I'm working with, she…
She really pushes her daughter,
and it got me thinking
that maybe I pushed you
when I shouldn't have, and that
could have led to the accident.
-You couldn't–
-No, no. Are you kidding?
Like, you're the farthest thing
from a stage mom.
(indistinct country song
Seeing what happened to Miley,
I… I couldn't deal with it.
I can't go through
something like that again.
Right. Okay.
So, uh… how is everything
going with the vaulters?
Ah… kind of strange.
Usually, the mom lunges,
but today I took over,
and everything was going great
until Sophia just bailed
off her horse on purpose
and then denied it,
and I have no idea why.
Well, it could be
'cause of this.
I found a video
of them practising.
So, you, uh…
looked up my clients?
Well… Katie mentioned them,
and there aren't that many
vaulting teams around here, so.
- Yeah, they were pretty easy to find.
- Okay.
(Amy gasps)
Look, she obviously
recovered, but…
Now she's terrified
it's gonna happen again.
You don't think so?
I mean, if she jumped
on purpose,
then the horse
isn't the problem.
Yeah, but her confidence
is completely shot.
Maybe, maybe or…
Or the problem
is the other member
of the vaulting team.
The lunger?
Then why would
the daughter jump off?
She does a routine
perfectly with you;
you know that the mom
is the problem.
But I can totally understand
a kid feeling
like they have to
protect their parent.
I did that for my dad
all the time,
even when it wasn't good
for either of us.
Hmm. That's
a pretty good theory, Logan.
I miss having
your perspective around.
What is, uh…
I know. I know.
I said we would
talk about it first,
but I thought it would be
easier if I just… showed you.
This wall is supposed
to be for an artist.
Oh! Okay, I can figure
something out with that.
But the café works, right?
Lou, what does this gallery
mean to you?
It's… a community space
where we display
the town's artists
and… draw tourism
to Hudson.
Here's what it means to me.
Yes, it is a chance
for me to showcase
my photography
in a physical space,
but because of the grant,
it has become
so much more than that.
It's a gathering place
for artists, and each one
has their own unique view
and experience.
Take Lauren, for example.
She's this new
and developing artist,
but the way
that she uses colour
is so unique.
Right, she's full
of whimsy and emotion,
and she finds the beauty
in every day Hudson.
So Lou, tell me
where your café fits
into all of that.
No, you're right.
The art should come first.
I'll get rid of it.
I will have all of this
picked up tomorrow.
Okay. Thank you.
So we're good then, right?
Yeah, we're good.
But I…
I'm gonna head home.
Are you serious?
We have so much to finish.
There's furniture delivery.
Just keep following
your vision, Jess.
- Ah!
- Sophia!
- Are you okay?
- And?
I mean, falls happen
all the time in vaulting.
Yes, but you also haven't
done well in competition since,
and for some reason,
you jumped off Verona
when I was lunging earlier.
I told you I didn't jump,
I fell.
Sophia, I've been
doing this a long time.
- I know the difference.
- Why would she jump?
You know how important
this is to her.
The competition is days away.
Sophia, there's
nothing I can do
if you're not gonna be honest
about what's going on.
Amy's right.
I mean, I guess I’m…
Afraid to get hurt again,
so I jumped.
Are you sure that's it?
There's nothing that you want
to tell your mom?
Okay, enough!
I don't know what's going on
here, but obviously,
we're gonna have to pull out
of the competition.
All that work for nothing.
There is a piece
that you're not thinking about.
What do you mean?
Have you considered
yourself in all this?
I've been lunging for Sophia
since she was a little kid.
I know, but this all started
happening after her wreck.
She was fine.
No injuries,
she walked away.
You know,
if it was my daughter,
I wouldn't be able
to stop thinking
about the worst-case scenario.
And maybe that fear is affecting
how you're lunging Verona.
Have I been lunging
differently since the accident?
Hey. Tell me the truth.
Maybe a little.
I mean, I hoped
it would go away,
but… it's
only getting worse.
Oh… why didn't you
say anything?
Because I don't want
to do this without you.
And you have
sacrificed so much.
Sophia… that's
what a mother does.
But a mother also knows
to back off if they're
in the way, so…
It's time for you
to find a new lunger.
Why would you do that?
What am I supposed to do now?
(cows mooing)
Well, this is a rare treat.
I can't remember the last time
you and I were out together.
It's true, it's been ages.
It's funny, I thought
when I lost the election,
I would have more time
to do stuff like this,
and instead… I just got busy
with the gallery.
Well, it's
an exciting venture.
Everyone's looking forward
to the opening.
Everyone except you.
I am excited.
For Jessica.
And she's so passionate
about the gallery,
about art in general.
(Lou sighs)
Opening this gallery
is clearly her dream,
and I'm just…
An interloper.
Instead of spending
all this time
riding Jessica's coattails,
I should have been
using this time
trying to figure out
what I want to do
with my life.
Completely understand that.
You know, with all that's been
going on with Garland,
for the first time,
I've been wondering
what I would do
if I didn't have a ranch.
Grandpa, Heartland Beef
isn't going anywhere.
You have
a strong, trusted brand.
Well, it's not exactly
flying off the shelves.
Yeah. Canned stew
isn't gonna fix that;
in fact, it could do
just the opposite.
How do you mean?
Well, you won't be able
to control the quality.
What if it isn't any good?
Or even just… mediocre?
Ah, you're right.
That could really damage us.
I like Fred,
but you can't trust him
to protect your brand.
The only ones who truly have
Heartland's best interest
in mind is this family.
I couldn't agree more.
Here you go.
That's good?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Turns out you were
right about Sophia.
- I was?
- Mm-hmm.
She faked
the fall, and…
Hey, basically everything
you said was true.
So what happens now?
Well, the mom quit, so I guess
she's gonna have
to find a new lunger.
Oh. That doesn't really sound
like a happy ending.
No, but they don't
always end happily.
Hey, uh, keep me posted on what
happens with those vaulters.
Yeah, I will.
(indistinct country song
- Thanks for coming, Amy.
- Yeah.
Hmm… how are you?
(Caleb sighs)
I'm good, I’m…
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
Listen, I actually,
I asked you here
to, um, ask you
for a favour.
My lawyer said it would
really help my case
for full custody
if I had a character reference,
someone who'd be willing
to go on record
and say that
I'm a good father
and that Carson would be better
off living with me full time.
It would carry a lot of weight
if this goes to court.
Court? Wow.
So, will you do it
and be my character reference?
Caleb, of course I will,
but… are you sure
this is what's best?
Carson needs you in his life,
but he also needs
his mom.
If she has it her way,
I'll only see him
every other weekend
and a few holidays a year.
I can't accept that, Amy.
I just can't.
Then I'll do
whatever it takes.
I have no problem telling
a courtroom full of lawyers
that you are an amazing dad
who always puts his son first.
Because I know you'll do what's
best for Carson, no matter what.
(soft music)
How was your ride?
Good. It gave me
some time to think.
I want to buy
the necklace back.
Good decision, honey.
I called the store
where I sold it,
and they still have it,
but they want
full price,
way more
than I can afford.
I can help you
with that.
I know you can,
but that doesn't feel right.
This is something I just have
to fix on my own.
Okay. I understand.
There is one thing
you can help me with, though.
- How good are you at haggling?
- Oh.
Oh, you have come
to the right gal, my friend.
(Lise chuckles)
So hey, buddy,
I got something to ask you.
What would you think
about just living here with me,
instead of going back and forth
to two different houses?
What about Mommy?
You'd still
see your mom;
it's just this way
it'd be the two of us,
you and me,
the Odell boys.
Don't that sound fun?
(rooster crowing)
(peaceful music)
You look so grown up.
- You're wearing the necklace.
- You were right.
It does look perfect
with this outfit.
- But I thought…
- I was able to get it back.
But I shouldn't have sold it
in the first place. I am sorry.
I was never upset with you
for selling the necklace.
I was upset with myself
for not being more open
to the idea of dirt biking when
you first brought it up to me.
I want to embrace
your new interests,
which is why
I got you something.
The woman at the bike shop
said this is exactly
the kind of helmet
a teenager would like.
But obviously, I was
misinformed, you hate it.
No, no, it…
It's awesome,
but… I sold my bike.
You did what?
I wanted to get
the necklace back.
Oh, no.
Katie, why would you do that?
It was my decision.
For a while,
I thought that Ellie and Brandon
wouldn't want to be my friend
unless I had a dirt bike.
But the more we're getting
to know each other,
the more we just like
to hang out as friends.
But you love
dirt biking.
Yeah, but…
It's not my passion.
Not like writing.
It's great that you know that.
Sometimes, I feel like I’m…
Still trying to figure out
what my passion is.
So, it's actually
Ellie's birthday today.
And she wasn't
gonna do anything,
but Brandon convinced her
last minute.
Would it be okay
if I went to her place
instead of the gallery opening?
Yes. Go.
(soft music)
Have fun.
Thanks, Mom.
You know, I really do love
this necklace.
(pop music playing)
♪And if I'd known you ♪
Before ♪
(indistinct chatter)
- I've been here so long ♪
- excuse me.
What an amazing opening!
Mm-hmm. No, it is, isn't it?
There's so many people to greet.
Well, that's what happens when
you're the star of the show.
And you deserve
all the recognition.
Look what you've done
with this place.
It's amazing.
Thank you.
Have you
talked to Lou?
No, not since
she walked out on me.
It's beautiful, Jess.
I'll let you two
have a chat.
(indistinct song playing)
Hi. I'm surprised you came.
I wanted to support you.
Is that what you call
quitting on me?
- Wait. Jessica.
- Do you know how that felt?
And not just
because you left me
to figure everything out
last minute,
but because…
You're supposed
to be my partner, Lou,
my friend, family.
And what, all because I said
that you couldn't have a café?
-No. Jessica–
-I mean it–
Ladies, it looks
fantastic in here.
You did
an incredible job.
But I'm feeling
kind of alone ♪♪
(singer vocalizing)
(indistinct chatter)
I took that
a couple of weeks ago.
Look at that sky.
The light was just incredible.
(muffled music)
I think that's the president
of the Hudson Arts Council,
so I should probably
go say hello.
(Lise chuckles)
You found somewhere else ♪
You didn't tell me you posed
for a Jessica portrait.
That's because I didn't.
Ah. Are you okay?
Yeah. Just…
surprised, it's all.
We must be half crazy ♪♪
Um, excuse me.
Hi, everyone.
Arriving here today,
I felt I should
say a few words.
You know, looking around,
I just find myself blown away,
as I'm sure you all are.
What started as
a dusty old furniture store has
been transformed
into what I truly believe
will be the artistic centre
of Hudson.
(indistinct whispering)
From the beginning,
this gallery has been
the vision of its namesake.
Through her lens,
she shares her unique
view of the world
and, through her passion,
she's brought us all together.
So everyone, please,
let's raise a glass
to the woman
who made this all happen:
Jessica Cook.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Thank you.
(Jessica giggles)
(indistinct chatter)
That was unexpected.
Lou, I'm so confused.
I should have said
all of that earlier.
Look, me leaving had
nothing to do with the café.
(indistinct song playing)
There's just… there's so much
I'm figuring out right now.
Okay, but not everything
that you said out there is true.
You deserve so much
of the credit.
This is your vision, Jess,
your dream, not mine.
I just… came along
for the ride.
But it is time
for me to step away.
What? Oh. No, hold out.
What are you talking about,
step away?
The way
this gallery makes you feel,
what it means to you…
♪You must be crazy ♪
…I want to find that
for myself.
Girl, I wish
that you would wake up ♪
And smell the coffee ♪
That I'm making for you ♪
That, I understand.
And if it's any help,
it took me a long,
long time to get here,
and I made a lot
of mistakes first,
but it was worth it.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
(woman): Care for a drink?
Ah. Right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Well, I guess this is to
our… last night as partners.
- Oh.
- Cheers.
(glasses clinking)
I can make
if you know… ♪
It was kind of nice, though,
us working together again,
like old times
at Strickland and Cook.
It was.
Except this time
you didn't fire me.
Oh, I'm not gonna lie,
there's a few times
- that I wanted to.
- Ha.
- (chuckles)
- And I like you ♪♪
(indistinct chatter)
(indistinct song playing)
Caleb, I wasn't
expecting you to be here.
Oh, I thought I should come
and support the family.
What do you think?
I think that I am partial
to Carson's grand masterpieces,
but these… these are
really nice too.
- Great party, huh?
- Yeah.
Actually, I’m… really glad
to have the two of you together.
Wanted to thank you both,
talking me through
what's been happening
with Cass and… and…
you were right: Fighting
for custody of my son in court isn't
something I want to put him through.
I can see that now.
Amy, you said that I always do
what's best for my son.
- I hope that's true.
- It is true.
You'll figure out a way
to be part of his life,
even if
he doesn't live here.
Well, actually,
I already have.
I'm moving to Kelowna too.
(sad music)
- Tim, I'm sorry.
- Don't.
I'm leaving you high and dry
with the school.
Don't worry about it.
You're making a difficult
decision. It's for Carson.
It's far more important.
- (clears his throat)
- I mean… ha!
What am I even gonna do
in Kelowna?
Not a lot of demand
for an ex-rodeo cowboy–
You're doing the right thing.
I'm proud of you.
When do you leave?
I want to be there to help
pick Carson's school, so…
Yeah, no worry.
I get it, it's just…
It's so soon.
I'm gonna miss you.
Really, I'll miss you too.
I'm sorry.
Seems like
a really fun party,
and I'm kind of
killing the vibe.
I think I should get going.
Caleb, hey.
So, is this really goodbye?
No. Not goodbye,
never goodbye.
Not with you.
You're my best friend, Amy,
and that's never gonna change.
And you promise?
I promise.
I love you, Amy.
All right, sweetie.
You go and tell her.
She's kind of shy.
Oh, that's okay.
You know, I get shy
sometimes too.
I love the tricks that you do.
You're amazing.
Thank you! That is so sweet!
You know, if you ever want
to learn some vaulting,
I'll be more than happy
to teach you.
No thanks,
I'm a barrel racer.
- You are?
- I'm going
to be a big rodeo star
one day.
You know, I was a lot like you
at your age; All I could think about
was being a champion vaulter,
and now here I am.
So never stop believing
in yourself, Lindy,
because one day,
you're gonna be
the best barrel racer
on the circuit.
Is that true?
Was being a vaulter
really all you ever wanted
or did I push you into it?
No, it was my dream.
And it still is.
Yeah, a dream
that I influenced.
Of course.
You are my mother.
When you had your accident,
you could have been injured,
or worse, and if I forced you
into this, it would be
my fault.
It's all I can think about
when I'm lunging;
no wonder it's affecting Verona.
I never felt pushed,
just supported.
I love vaulting, there's nothing
else I'd rather be doing.
And the fact
that I get to do it with you,
it makes me love it even more.
Aw, honey.
I don't think
Sophia needs a new lunger.
No, she just needs me
to stop worrying so much.
Do you guys want
to try it again?
As you both know,
I've been struggling
to figure out
what to do with my life
ever since
losing the election.
But ever since my ride
with Grandpa yesterday, I…
Realize I don't need
to look so far outside myself.
What I'm most passionate about
is this family,
and the cattle business
is a big part of that.
So you want
to be a rancher?
No. I want to be
in the business of ranching.
In a way
that uses my skills.
Look, I bet you
that Pryce Beef has
a whole team of people
looking out
for his best interest
with Crown Shoppers.
You need that
with Garland Foods.
You're absolutely right, Lou.
I only have one question.
When can you start?
- Welcome to the team.
- All right.
(Jack laughs)
(Amy chuckles)
What do you think?
Uh… yeah,
I think it's something.
(both chuckling)
It's pretty awful, right?
But it sure beats riding
my bike from the centre.
Hey, Monica and Sophia are
just about to start their routine,
and I was thinking
that maybe you should watch
since you helped me
figure out what their issue was.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Amy, listen,
I owe you an apology.
You… you put
your faith in me,
and the second
things got tough,
I just… I ran away.
It's okay.
This is a hard job,
it's not for everyone.
Look, I know
I only played a small part
with the vaulters,
but… that was honestly
the most joy I felt
since I quit.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying I want
to come back.
You-you said before I quit
that you can't be the only one
who believes in me,
and you're right.
So I'm here to tell you
that I believe in me.
This is what I was
meant to be doing,
and I-I know that now.
Well, in that case,
welcome back.
(electronic music playing)
(singer vocalizing)
♪With every step ♪
We're off the ground ♪
Hold my hand,
don't look down ♪
Just take a breath ♪
Taste the sound ♪
It's more
than what you see right now ♪
Out of the shadows ♪
Into the light ♪
It's just beginning ♪
The whole wide world ♪
Is at our feet ♪
Hey! Hahaha!
This could be everything ♪
- You're ready, buddy?
- Yeah.
This could be ♪
Everything ♪
We ever dream ♪
The whole wide world ♪
Is at our feet ♪
This could be everything ♪
We do ♪
(singer vocalizing)
This could be everything ♪♪
(singer vocalizing)
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