Heartland (CA) s17e09 Episode Script

Fear is a Liar

Previously on Heartland.
I haven't seen you
for 10 or 12 years,
and you suddenly
show up unannounced?
What are you doing here?
I want my son to know
who his father is.
Our wedding venue
fell through.
So we offered up
the dude ranch to Shane.
That means my mom and stepdad
will have to come here.
Heartland Beef
isn't going anywhere.
Well, it's not exactly
flying off the shelves.
Canned stew isn't
gonna fix that.
- I sold my bike.
- You did what?!
I wanted to get
the necklace back.
You didn't tell me you posed
for a Jessica portrait.
That's because I didn't.
You know there's a thing
called email, right?
Yeah, but then what excuse
would I use to visit?
(cell phone ringing)
(horse neighing)
(horse neighing)
- Hi there, neighbour.
- Hey.
Good to see you, Nathan.
Who's this beauty?
That's Powder.
He's been standing upfield
for a few years,
so… sent him to a buddy
to get him back in form.
- You're gonna put him to work?
- That's the plan.
Out for our first test ride.
- Care to join?
- Sure.
We're set for some exercise too.
All right.
(man): Have to say, I…
did not expect to see you in
on this meeting.
Well, Tim's son arrives today,
so Lou is sitting in.
Yeah, I'm actually getting
more involved with the business.
Oh, glad to see
you finally took my advice
about a succession plan.
(chuckling): Yeah.
My, uh… my first job
as part of the team
is dealing
with the beef stew idea.
Well, I'm sure you understand
the potential for–
We're not doing it.
Fred, we farm organic beef;
The idea of adding preservatives
and putting it in a can,
it's way off brand.
- Um, sorry to hear you feel that way.
- But it's okay.
We have some other ideas
that have a lot of potential.
(cell phone chimes)
Sorry, I gotta check this.
Shoot. Uh… I-I-I gotta go,
I gotta
- deal with this right away.
- Oh.
Hey, but first, I-I…
I have some news
you-you… well,
you might not love.
Uh, our exclusivity deal
is up for renewal,
and while I still want
Heartland Beef
to be a part
of the Garland Foods' family,
we're… gonna start considering
other brands as well.
It's just our customers,
they deserve more choices.
Like Pryce Beef?
Is that who's got in your ear?
I'm not at Liberty to discuss the
other brands we're considering.
After all the loyalty we've shown you,
this is how you repay us?
Okay, let's…
let's calm down.
We are all reasonable people
who've been in business
together a long time.
Now, have you already signed a
contract with another beef producer?
- Uh, no. I mean, not per se.
- Perfect.
So just please hold off until
we can pitch you some ideas.
Maybe we'll change your mind.
(cell phone chimes)
Uh… okay. Uh…
Yeah, I'll-I'll have
my assistant
reach out
and set up a meeting.
(horse whinnying)
What are you doing?
- Oh!
- Circle him around!
I'm trying!
Hang on!
Easy, easy, easy!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
(horse neighing)
- That's it.
- Come on.
Whoa, whoa.
Thanks for that.
What happened?
Ah, he bolted
when I tried to slow him down.
Guess I gotta take him back to
my buddy to finish that tune-up.
This buddy of yours,
are his training methods
a little old school?
I guess.
- But he's a good trainer.
- That might be so.
Maybe Powder will do better with
someone who's a little more gentle.
Oh yeah?
You know someone like that?
- Would you like my help or not?
- Ha! Sure.
If you're offering.
I'll bring him by later today.
- Hey.
- Hey, Dad.
- Welcome back, you two.
- How are you doing?
We are so excited; This is
gonna be the best wedding ever.
(woman): Hey, Tim.
Oh! Haha! Miranda.
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
I… no, I wa–
I… I wasn't expecting, uh…
Oh, Paul got called away
for work.
He's in Amsterdam, negotiating
some international treaty.
He'll barely make it back
in time for the wedding.
But anyway, I thought I'd travel
early with the kids
and help get ready.
Yeah, well, what a surprise.
(Miranda chuckles)
(theme music)
♪And at the break of day ♪
You sink into ♪
A dream ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪
You dreamer ♪♪
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Hope it's
not wrinkled.
I'll hang it up
when we get it.
I really appreciate
you agreeing
to host the wedding here.
Happy to.
Actually, it was
Lou and Amy's idea,
but I think it's perfect.
Jessica and I did our vows
right out here.
Huh? Nice.
Well, we were married
in Peru.
A lot of chanting and…
Oh. Wow.
I would have loved
to have seen that.
We had a shell horn
at ours, in Maui.
No doubt on a beach
at some five-star resort.
Fitting for an internationally
renowned lawyer.
I have to admit
this dude ranch
brings back a lot of memories.
Oh, I'm sure it does.
Let me see.
I think it was right over there
that you broke up with me
and drove off out of my life.
Hey, Dad, um,
we have a favour
that we were gonna ask you.
- Fire away.
- Okay.
Uh, so we were hoping
that you might
help me build a gazebo.
A gazebo?
- Here?
- Yeah!
My grandparents used
to have one in their backyard,
and I would play pretend wedding
in it all the time.
You realize you're
getting married for real
in a few days?
Nothing too fancy,
just a simple wooden structure,
preferably cedar,
twinkly lights,
a sound system.
Shane says you're really good
at this kind of thing.
Yeah. And-and it could give us
a fun father-son project.
Sure. Sure.
- Great.
- Thank you!
Never ceases to amaze me.
Smooth-talking lawyers at work.
- Hey, sis.
- Hey.
Welcome back.
- Thank you.
- It's good to see you.
You too.
(Amy chuckles)
- Is that…?
- Oh yeah.
Mom came early.
(Amy): Wow!
How's that
going with Dad?
Oh, you know, it's, uh…
It's excruciatingly awkward.
(both chuckling)
Hey, I wanna…
I wanna show you something.
No way.
- Is that the buckle I gave you?
- Yeah, from way back.
Are you gonna wear it
to the wedding?
I don't know
if I'm cowboy enough.
- Haha!
- But I don't know.
It holds such great memories;
Figured I'd bring it
for good luck.
Well, it's so great to see
my kids catching up.
But we gotta get to work
if we want to get
that gazebo built in time
for the wedding.
A gazebo, huh?
That's fancy.
Well, I can't wait to hear
about it over dinner.
Lou's making a big spread
to welcome
you and Chloe
and your mom.
- Great.
- Hey.
- Sounds like fun.
- Hahaha!
Yeah, good times. Good times.
(eagle screams)
Go slowly.
(Powder snorting and neighing)
Hey. Whoa.
Come on.
He really doesn't like
gearing down.
No, he doesn't.
Pretty big problem
for a ranch horse.
Don't give up on him yet.
Oh, I think… he's just got
a sensitive disposition.
Yeah, maybe too sensitive
to work cattle.
Hey… I think
it's just some backlash
from tougher training methods.
But we need to be patient and
build his confidence back up.
- We?
- Well, he's your horse.
You know what you're doing.
I figured we could
work on him together.
Well, do I get a discount
since I'm doing half the work?
I heard you were
a ruthless negotiator.
Ha! Really?
Maybe I'm sensitive
too, Fleming.
(Jack): And you're working
with Nathan Pryce's horse?
Well, his horse has
a problem I think I can fix,
so why wouldn't I?
Because he's going
after our business again.
Yeah, but working with horses
is-is my business.
Amy's right. She's not doing
anything wrong, and neither is Nathan.
Garland's the one
who's changing the deal.
I'm not suggesting
that Amy's doing anything wrong;
It's just that the timing
couldn't be worse.
Well, you focus
on getting everything ready
for the wedding, and I will
hone in on our pitch.
But you know what?
Enough shop talk.
We haven't even
toasted our guests.
So, welcome back,
and we are so looking forward
to your wedding.
To family.
- To family.
- Family.
(glasses clinking)
- Cheers.
- Thanks for all this, Lou.
- What an amazing meal.
- Hmm!
Mm-hmm. And it's just so great
to see everyone again.
And meet others
for the first time too.
You know, I've seen
your website.
Shane and Chloe are
so lucky to have you
their wedding.
Your portraits are incredible.
Thanks, Miranda, that's
really kind of you to say.
Jessica is also
the master of the candid shot.
You never know when her camera
might be pointed your way.
Uh, so are you going
on honeymoon right away?
Well, uh, Chloe's family
doesn't get here
until the day of the wedding,
so we're gonna hang out
with them for a bit,
then we're heading off to Banff,
staying at the Springs.
Whoa! Sweet!
Do you think
now is a good time
to ask Jack
about that thing?
- Yeah.
- Oh. Watch out, Jack.
You might have to build
a hot-air balloon
for the bride to arrive in.
No, it's nothing
like that.
We just want the ceremony
to be perfect,
and so we both thought
who better to marry us.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Will you do it, Jack?
I'd be honoured.
- Good night.
- Have a good night.
- Yeah, good night.
- Good night, all. Sleep well.
(Katie): Good night.
So I'm sorry to hear
about the Garland drama.
Thanks for taking
point on that,
so Tim can concentrate
on the wedding.
Not a problem.
Jack, is everything okay?
Yeah. Lou is working
on a plan for Garland.
I mean, between us.
Because you made
that comment at dinner,
and you've been kind of cool
to me in the last few days.
I wish you didn't
take that photo.
What photo?
The one on display
at your gallery opening
of me in the cemetery.
That was a private moment,
I'd have preferred
it stayed that way.
That's what made it
such a powerful shot:
This rugged cowboy in a private
and vulnerable state.
It sends an important message.
Everybody hurts.
Mourning is human.
You didn't ask
my permission.
You're right,
I should have.
I'd like you
to take it down.
(sombre music)
Okay. Sure, yeah,
I can do that, I guess.
Well, thank you…
I guess.
It's weird, huh?
Me being back here?
No idea
what you're talking about.
(chuckles briefly)
Yeah, it's kind of awkward.
But it's nice to see you again.
Face it, you and I
share something
pretty great in Shane.
Yeah, we sure do.
But, um… here's
the thing: I think
our son is about to make
a really big mistake.
What are you saying?
Shane shouldn't be
marrying Chloe?
No. No, no, no,
that's not what I meant.
I'm talking
about the move.
What move?
They're going
to London.
Chloe got a job offer at a big
firm, they leave in a month.
I-I-I don't…
I don't like the thought
of them being that far away.
But if… if it's
a good career move…
But what about Shane's career?
He's gonna have to quit his job.
- Yeah. He's been working hard there.
- Exactly.
You know, he's making a name
for himself at that firm.
And then when he gets
to London, he's gonna have
to start from scratch,
if he can find a job.
Oh, he'll find a job.
Just worried
that he's…
Sacrificing his own happiness
for Chloe.
I was hoping you could…
Maybe probe a little,
you know, give him
some fatherly advice.
I don't know.
Is that my place?
- Well…
- Uh…
I think we should
stay out of this.
The way you stayed out
of his life up to this point?
What's up, Mom?
Ah, I'm just
Trying to beef up
your brand?
Nice one.
GG and Grandpa
are lucky to have you.
Thank you.
It's sweet.
You have such a positive spirit,
you know that?
Really helped around
the dinner table last night too
with the awkwardness.
- Something was up.
- Yeah.
Anyways, I'm off to watch
Ellie and Brandon
do some epic jumps.
We built this super cool
bike course together.
- You're just gonna watch?
- Yeah.
We'll… we'll
hang out after.
Do you ever miss
the riding part?
I mean, it's fun
to watch them have fun.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hey.
You okay?
(Jessica sighing)
Katie and I were just talking
about dinner last night.
I mean, is everything okay
with you and Grandpa?
He's upset with me for taking
that photo of him in the graveyard.
Oh… you love that photo.
I know, right?
Anyway, I agreed
to take it down.
Okay, well, then I guess
that's settled.
Well, it's not actually
because I just found out
that it's sold.
- Uh-oh.
- I know.
I feel bad that I didn't ask him
for his permission,
but I just didn't think
it was a big deal.
I've been taking candid photos
of the family for years.
So what are you gonna do?
I don't think
there's much I can do.
I just hope that he understands
that my hands are tied.
Well, that's looking better.
Yeah, little bit.
I switched him
into a snaffle bit.
I've just been practising
doing some one-rein stops.
So taking him all the way back
to starting techniques?
I've got a progression.
Gotta get his trust back.
But now that you're here,
your turn.
(Powder snorting)
So my dad and Grandpa aren't
exactly happy with you right now.
And what did I do this time?
What, Garland?
I hired a business manager
to help me get into more stores.
That's just sound business.
Are you in trouble
for working with my horse?
Hey, I am not getting involved
in the beef wars.
This has nothing to do
with me or Powder.
So are you gonna get up there
and show him
that he can trust you?
Yes, ma'am.
So, how's it coming along?
in the right direction.
What exactly
does that mean?
Well, moving away
from small, one-off ideas
to bigger, brand-building
But how much bigger?
Don't worry, I'm staying
true to who we are.
Family-run, trustworthy,
high-quality beef producers.
That sounds
good to me.
- Has Fred's assistant called yet?
- No.
But I am pressing them
to set up a meeting
as soon as possible.
Here you go.
He's listening
to the reins now.
Yeah, but… I can't get him
to listen to my body.
That's 'cause
you need to go easy.
Just let him feel
what you're asking.
(Powder snorting)
You see how quickly
the results come
when you respect
the needs of the horse?
Never thought training a horse
would be
like couple's counselling.
Wow, he's gorgeous!
What's his name?!
Uh, Powder.
Powder. He's right out
of a fairy tale.
(Amy chuckles)
Nah. Got him in Stavely.
Ah. This is
my friend Nathan.
- Hi.
- Hi, Nathan.
I'm Chloe.
I'm marrying Amy's brother.
Who I need to call right now.
I have an idea.
I'm sorry.
I was a little harsh.
You think?
It's just frustrating,
you know?
I pretty much raised Shane
on my own,
but you're the one
he has reverence for.
Wow, you have been
hanging around the lawyers
too much.
The truth is I think
he'd be more open
to your feedback than mine.
But you're too busy
being all buddy-buddy.
Well, can you blame me?
You're the one that's had
the chance to connect with him
all these years.
You should be happy for me that
I'm making up for lost time.
Of course I am, but I could
use your help as a co-parent.
Shane needs to think
about what this move
could mean for him
in the bigger picture.
Okay, I'll broach it with him.
Thank you.
- What?
- Come here.
(Chloe chuckling)
Isn't he the most beautiful
horse you've ever seen?
Uh, pretty stunning.
Hey, is-is this
why you called me
over here?
Well, if it's
okay with Nathan
and Powder's ready,
I wanna ride him
at our wedding.
We still have
some more work to do,
but I think
it's possible.
- Okay?
- I mean, I know your mom
will think I'm even more
of a spoiled princess,
-but I've–
- Hey, hey.
She doesn't think that.
Nathan, can I pet him?
(Amy chuckles)
(Powder nickering)
You are beautiful.
Ah… how are you doing?
- Good.
- Good.
Good. Yeah, Chloe is
definitely building
her dream country wedding.
(Amy): That she is.
My mom is quietly judging.
- And, uh, Dad is…
- I'm sure being Dad.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Haha!
Yeah, he's throwing himself
into the gazebo,
partly to avoid the awkwardness
between him and my mom.
You seem to be
taking it in stride.
Weddings can be stressful.
(Powder nickering)
It's cool we're doing it
here, though.
I'm really glad
you and Lou suggested that.
Wasn't totally selfless.
This way, we get to see
our little brother get married.
(Chloe): Babe?
We're making friends.
(Chloe giggles)
(Lou): Meeting is set
for tomorrow.
That's good.
Are you ready for it?
I will be.
Hey, Jack,
can I talk to you?
I will call Dad
about tomorrow.
Actually, I've been meaning
to find you.
I, uh… I wanted to tell you
that I'm sorry for being
so short with you last night.
- Oh, that's okay, Jack.
- No.
No, I should have…
I should have told you
what was bothering me.
The truth is
that moment was
between Lyndy and I.
It was our anniversary,
and…that's always
a day for me to
reflect on the life
we had together.
I talk to her a bit,
and sometimes I feel
like she might
even be listening.
So to share that moment
with anyone else,
you can see why it would
feel like an intrusion.
Yeah, I can understand that.
So thanks for
taking down the photo.
Now, there was something
you wanted to talk about.
Uh… oh! Um… uh, yeah.
I wanted to take a photo
of the whole family
after the wedding ceremony,
so, as the officiant,
would you make sure
that nobody strays too far?
No problem.
Dad's good for tomorrow.
He seems to have
taken it well.
It's because
I didn't tell him.
And neither can you.
Because now I really need
to get that photo back.
Good boy. I think he's ready.
Let me see about that.
All right.
(Powder snorting and neighing)
That's it.
- Nice work!
- Hey, good job, buddy.
Well, now that Powder and I
are getting along again,
you want to try for
another ride in the field.
Yeah. I'll go get Shadow.
All right.
Good job.
Drive it in.
The last spike.
All right.
And we did it!
I think it looks great.
(Shane exhales)
Hey, thanks so much
for building this with me.
I mean, Chloe is gonna
absolutely lose her mind.
Well, it's amazing
the things you'll do
to make her happy.
Well, uh,
she deserves it.
Yeah? Well, she's
an amazing young woman.
And she is smart,
Knows what she wants.
Of course, that can lead
to the potential
of you following her big dreams
and sidetracking your own.
Mom told you
about London.
She mentioned it.
It's an amazing opportunity.
Amazing for Chloe.
You've worked really hard
for what you have.
We don't just want
to see you sacrificing
- too much of yourself.
- Wait, "We"?
Since when are
you and Mom a We?
I'm really excited
for this adventure.
I'm excited for you.
Maybe you should
talk to Lou
about the time she and Peter
went to Dubai for his work.
(cell phone chiming)
I've got a meeting.
You can hang
the curtains, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, I got it.
- We'll…
We'll pick this up later.
And through my connections
in publishing, we'll create
a beautiful cookbook
featuring photos of
our family ranching traditions,
and we'll fill the pages
with incredible recipes
using Heartland Beef of course
and featuring
Grandpa's beef stew.
We'll sell the book
in your store
as well as our new website
and in bookstores.
And that way, we can
crosspromote our products
and bring new customers
to Garland Foods.
We also want to start focusing
on customer education
because these days,
it's not enough just to sell
a high-quality product
at a reasonable price.
So through online marketing
and in-store promotion,
we're gonna share
the health benefits and
the decreased environmental
impact of our ranching process
all while continuing
to build our brand
around our traditional
family-run business.
And that is our pitch.
Yeah. Okay, I mean,
that-that was impressive.
Impressive enough
to stay exclusive?
I mean, I… I love, like,
all these ideas, and-and I'm not
just saying that 'cause it's,
you know, three on one.
Okay then,
let's agree
to agree and move on.
Oh, yeah.
I should take this back
to the shop
and, you know, run it up
the flagpole.
But, you know,
I-I… think
there's a, you know,
really good possible chance
we can work something out.
Anyway, thank you
for this.
Oh, let me walk you out.
Oh, it's-it's okay,
I… I know the way.
"A really good
possible chance"?
Could he be any less committal?
You knocked it
out of the park, Lou.
He liked
everything you said.
Something else is up.
I may be more rancher
than business tycoon,
but even I can see
he's acting shifty.
- Probably Nathan Pryce.
- (Jack): Yeah.
Must have given him
an offer he can't refuse.
(soft music)
(Powder nickering)
Hey, good boy.
It's really beautiful here.
Just wait till you see it
from up there.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- It's not that high, come on.
- Ha!
I'll spot you,
don't worry.
Oh, great. Safer now.
Just like climb up there?
One foot after
the other, yeah.
(Amy laughs)
All right.
See what I mean?
Yeah, okay,
the view is much
better from up here.
Reminds me of being a kid.
Carefree, not a worry
in the world.
Look out at all this and…
… wonder what
my life might become.
Lyndy's given me
a second chance at that:
Seeing the world
through a child's eyes.
- Hey, can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Seems like you always
have Lyndy;
Does her dad never take her?
My husband, Ty, passed away
a few years ago.
Hmm… I'm sorry.
Nah, it's okay.
Obviously, it was
the toughest thing
that's ever happened
to me, but…
My life's good.
I've got Lyndy,
my family, my work.
And this isn't a bad part
of the world to call home.
No, it's not.
It's kind of nice having my
brother and his fiancée here too.
Seeing their hope
for the future is inspiring.
(Nathan sniggering)
- Nothing.
- Uh-huh?
Just wouldn't have pegged you
as a hopeless romantic.
I'm not. Oh!
- Hey, Jack.
- Hello, Jessica.
Um, I need to talk to you
about that picture.
Oh, we've covered everything,
haven't we?
Well, actually, um…
Uh, someone bought it.
But you said
you were gonna take it down.
Well, it sold
before I could.
And I tried to get it back, but
the customer really loves it,
and… they won't
give it up.
I promise I won't make
any more prints,
I will destroy
the negative.
I'm so sorry, Jack.
Thanks for trying.
It's just…
… pretty odd to think
that some stranger owns
that moment
between Lyndy and I.
Spoke to Shane,
gave him some food for thought.
- What did he say?
- Not much.
He went pretty quiet.
- Maybe you caught him off-guard.
- Yeah.
I'm not feeling great
about the conversation.
Hey, you know, sometimes
parents have
to give tough love,
especially when their kid
could be making a huge mistake.
I guess.
Can we have it
delivered to our home?
Yes, the address I gave you.
Amazing! Thank you so much.
(knocking on a door)
Come in.
Shane, you don't have to knock,
you're family.
Oh, thanks.
You look like a man deep
in the throes of wedding prep.
Yeah. Yeah, things are
going well, though.
Dad and I finished the gazebo,
and, uh, Chloe's gonna ride in
on that white horse
that Amy's been working with.
Love it.
Hey, can I get you
a coffee or…?
- No. No, I'm okay, thank you.
- Okay.
Listen, there was something
I wanted to talk
to you about, though.
Okay, so… Chloe and I
are moving to London.
She got this amazing
job opportunity there.
Oh my gosh,
that's so exciting!
Thanks, yeah.
It's just… it's far.
Like Dubai was
for you and Peter.
Dubai… jeez,
that takes me back.
I was just wondering
what that was like for you two.
Well, it wasn't the best.
But… I mean,
there were
a lot of factors at play.
Different couple,
different situation.
You can't really compare.
Right. Sure. Yeah.
There will always be
outside opinions
and moments of insecurity
and… even times
when you and Chloe don't align,
but… you're a team now,
and that has
to come first.
So, yeah,
Dubai didn't work out for us,
but… you never know.
London might be
an exciting adventure
that just brings
you guys closer together.
- Thanks, Lou.
- Yeah.
That really helps.
- Okay.
- Haha!
- No.
- Come on.
You made this
look so easy.
- Haha!
- Okay, where do I put my hand?
- Yeah.
- Here?
Here, give me your hand.
Then where? Then where?
Then where? Oh!
- Oh!
- Oof!
- Argh!
- Yeah, you got me.
(Amy laughing)
Oh, oh, oh.
Hey, you seem like you're okay.
(Amy laughing)
Ah… ha!
I'm never climbing
a tree with you again.
I don't blame you.
And it looks like I'm not the
first girl you've brought here.
High school sweetheart?
Just kidding.
It's none of my business.
(Lou): Almost there.
- Can I take this off now?
- Almost.
Why are you
being so weird?
Okay, watch your step.
And… stop.
I'm gonna take this off
in three, two…
Mom, what is this?
It's your new bike.
Your dad and I know how much
you love dirt biking,
and we thought
you shouldn't have to pawn off
any more jewelry
to get back at it.
Oh, thank you!
Thank you, thank you!
- You like that?
- Yeah.
It… it's perfect.
- Okay, go check it out.
- Okay.
Well, you just made
someone's day.
- (Katie): Oh my gosh!
- She deserves it.
Talk a little business?
I tried calling Garland
to press him
about what's really going on.
Didn't even text me back.
That's not like Fred
to completely ignore your call.
Forget exclusivity.
I've got this sneaking suspicion
that Heartland Beef's gonna
get competition
right in the same aisle
at his grocery stores.
- Wow!
- So, what do you think?
- It's perfect.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Oh, good.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
- She likes it.
- (Miranda): Yeah.
You two sure seem to have
a lot to talk about these days.
(Tim laughs)
Are you okay?
No. Actually, I'm not.
Look, I don't like that
you two have been colluding.
Oh… it's not good
when he starts talking
like he's in court.
No, Mom, this isn't funny.
Okay, you've both
been trying
to make me second-guess
our move to London.
You've hardly spoken
to each other in years,
and now you're huddled together
in private conversations…
And throwing out advice
all of a sudden.
We're trying
to offer some perspective.
You have no right
to judge the choices
that Chloe and I make
as a couple or adults.
We're getting married
and we are making
choices together
about our future.
I would appreciate it
if you would kindly
just trust and support us.
Thanks for the tree climb.
Thank you for
all your work with Powder.
Is everything all right?
You were awfully quiet
on the ride back.
Just tired.
Long day.
Has nothing to do with me
bugging you about those initials?
Nah. I'm not upset
with you, no.
Those initials
were my wife's.
Thought they would have
grown over by now.
Trees, huh?
I get how that would have
thrown you for a loop.
Sucks when a marriage
doesn't work out.
Yeah. Tristan and I
were supposed to be
each other's ride or die.
Then she cheated on me.
So much for forever love.
Won't be falling
for that again.
Oof. Ah.
That kind of betrayal
just never leaves you.
You know, I feel sorry
for your brother and his fiancée
because pretty much every
relationship ends in heartbreak.
That's not true. Ty and I had
a great relationship.
One that ended in heartbreak.
- I-I-I didn't mean it.
- No, it's okay.
You were clear.
Hey, Peanut.
Where were you?
I was out for a ride
with Nathan from next door,
him and his white horse.
Where did you go?
Hmm, we went to
this really cool spot actually.
It's a place he used to go
when he was a kid.
- I have a favourite spot too.
- Do you?
Is that where
we go cloud gazing?
Yes. Do you have
a favourite spot?
Yeah, I guess I do.
I haven't been there
in a long time, though.
(horse neighing)
You were right.
That photo wasn't mine to take.
So I got it back
from the customer.
How did you manage that?
Well, I paid double.
(Jessica laughs)
It's okay.
It was worth every penny
if it makes
things right between us.
I'm sorry if I was
a little too much about it.
Maybe this Garland thing
got the best of me.
I'm good if you're good.
- We're good.
- Ah.
Thank you.
(Jessica chuckles)
(door closes)
"Garland Foods."
What's Fred got to say?
(Lou scoffs)
I don't believe this,
it's not even from Fred.
It's a… form letter
from corporate.
Let me guess,
we're no longer exclusive?
It's worse than that.
They're dropping
Heartland Beef altogether.
♪When was the last time ♪
That you felt free ♪
Like a starling from the sky ♪
Dream ♪
Like it matters once again ♪
Like it's gonna make
a difference ♪
Like it's everything we have ♪
Let's believe ♪
Like we can't afford to lose ♪
So it's time to me and you ♪
To dream ♪
To dream ♪
We've seen the first lights ♪
Then it all begins ♪
That's all it really takes ♪
Dream ♪
Like it matters once again ♪
Like it's gonna
make a difference ♪
Like it's everything we have ♪
Let's believe ♪
Like we can't afford to lose ♪
So it's time to me and you ♪
To dream ♪♪
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