Heartstopper (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 ["Want Me" playing.]
[school bell ringing.]
I wish I thought that I was pretty So that I could turn you on ♪ I had a dream you called me pretty And I told you you were wrong ♪ I look for parts of you In every person that I meet ♪ Because my brain is dissipated And you're where it used to be ♪ I play it out inside my head As if you're with me on thе bus ♪ And we're talking And you wanna look inside my mind ♪ I say you can't bеcause I lost it When I knew you were alive ♪ I'll go anywhere you wanna go ♪ Take me to places that I don't know ♪ I'll go anywhere you wanna go ♪ Why don't you swap me for your shadow? ♪ So I'll be everywhere that you'll be ♪ And I'll go anywhere you want me ♪ Yeah, I'll go anywhere you want me ♪ Want me, want me if you want me ♪ Ben? Oh.
[principal over PA.]
Happy New Year, Truham boys.
Uh, don't forget there'll now be students from all school years in your new form groups.
I hope you enjoy getting to know some fresh faces in registration each day.
[indistinct chatter.]
Oh! If it isn't Charlie Spring.
Happy New Year.
Hi, sir.
Come to join Hamlet House? Apparently so.
Where did I put you on the seating plan? Ah, yes, you're over there.
Next to Nicholas Nelson.
He's in Year 11, so only one year older than you.
One of the rugby boys too, I think.
I'm sure you'll get along swimmingly.
Or you can just sit in silence for the rest of the year.
It really doesn't affect me in any way whatsoever.
[whimsical music playing.]
[school bell ringing.]
- Sorry about earlier.
- It's fine.
I missed your face so much.
Really? Did you have a good Christmas? Yeah.
Yeah, it was all right.
You? Yeah.
Yeah, it was good.
Um My whole family was around on Christmas day and then You're so cute.
[both chuckling.]
[school bell ringing.]
See you later then, yeah? - Still don't tell anyone about this.
- Oh.
Um Bye.
[captivating music playing.]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you going that way? - Yeah.
Are you literally doing your homework while walking to your lesson? I might be.
That's very chaotic.
That makes me sound way cooler than I actually am.
Do you want me to do that for you? - No, I'm good.
- I can tell you the answer.
Then I won't learn.
If you're stuck I can just Let me just Get off.
- How dare you? - Look Better? Maybe.
What? Uh Just, "hi.
" [chuckles.]
Why are you talking to me? I don't know who you are.
All right, mate? Yeah, all right.
You're friends with Ben? Uh, yeah.
He's in my year.
We hang out sometimes.
I did it again.
I bought Elle's drink.
- Didn't you do that yesterday? - Yes, Isaac.
Yes, I did.
And on Monday.
- Elle's not here.
- [Tao.]
I know.
- She's not been here all week.
- I know.
I keep forgetting.
Tao, you're allowed to miss her.
Okay, fine.
It's better that she's at an all-girls school.
Reed was still refusing to call her Elle.
Reed's a massive transphobe.
It's still weird though.
There used to be four of us, now there's three.
Like, four is a group.
Three is just a trio.
[whimsical music playing.]
[boys shouting in distance.]
Isn't that Nick Nelson? The guy you sit next to in form? - Who? - [Tao.]
He looks like a golden retriever.
He doesn't look like a golden retriever.
Okay, he does.
I can't believe you've been sat next to rugby king Nick Nelson.
What are you going to talk about? - We talked.
- Really? About what? Charlie, you don't have a tissue, do you? My pen just, uh, exploded.
- [Nick.]
It's not coming off.
- [Charlie.]
You're gonna be blue forever.
Looks like I'm wearing blue gloves! You can make it the new school fashion.
Or I'll pretend it's a tattoo.
Well, be careful.
- What? Why? - [Tao.]
Why? Look at them.
- [boys cheering.]
- Look at us.
We are a group.
No, a trio of borderline outcasts.
He is the star player on the rugby team, and he's friends with a bunch of loud, gross Year 11s who are like the guys who bullied you last year.
But like Nick He's different.
He's nice.
I bet he's a whole different person when he's with his bro dude friends.
[whimsical music playing.]
Lunch ends in five minutes, girls.
[indistinct chatter.]
[woman clears throat.]
Is that a phone, Elle? Well? [Elle.]
Um Yeah.
We don't make exceptions, even for new students.
You can have this back from reception at the end of the day.
[girls laughing.]
You know I'm sorry about ignoring you yesterday.
It's quite a while since you've hidden in here at lunch.
I'm not hiding.
Then what are you doing? - Eating lunch.
- Oh, right.
So everything's okay? No bullies I need to sort out again? No.
Everything's fine.
Actually, there is kind of someone.
A bully? I've I've got a boyfriend.
Well, congratulations.
Not It's - Okay - I don't even know if I don't think he even thinks we're boyfriends anyway.
He ignores me sometimes.
He doesn't even like people seeing us talk to each other in the corridors.
He pretends like he doesn't know who I am.
But then when it's just us two he's fine.
Well, have you talked to him about how that makes you feel? No.
Maybe you should talk to him then? What do you want me to say? Break up with him? - [Charlie.]
I don't know.
- Well, do you want to break up with him? I don't know.
I can't solve your problems for you, Charlie.
What about your friends, have you talked to them about it? - They wouldn't get it.
- Why not? Because they're not gay.
Just talk to him.
It's better to be honest in the long run.
I hate being honest.
I know.
It took you three months to tell me you were being bullied.
[indistinct chatter.]
Well, I'm being serious.
- I'd never lie to you, don't worry.
- Okay.
- We will.
If you're nice.
- Never mind then.
It's okay.
[uneasy music playing.]
- Morning.
- Jesus, Tori.
Why's your face like that? I broke up with my boyfriend.
Was he a knob? Yes.
Well done, then.
Hypothetically, what sort of boy do you want to go out with? One who doesn't mind people seeing us talk to each other would be nice.
Someone who's also a nerd, or do you want an "opposites attract" thing? I don't think I can afford to be that specific, to be honest.
Hypothetically though.
Dream guy.
I don't know.
Come on.
I don't know, just Just someone I can have a laugh with.
And and who's nice.
And kind.
And likes being with me.
[brakes squealing.]
["Lovesick" playing.]
I'd probably just settle for someone tall.
I don't wanna go to school I don't wanna take the call ♪ I just wanna be a fool ♪ Come on, Year 10! We've been doing this all term and no one's beaten Charlie's time yet.
Come on! Yes! Keep it moving! Charlie's leaving you all in the dust! With you ♪ I wanna get lovesick ♪ I wanna get lovesick with you ♪ I wanna get lovesick ♪ I wanna get lovesick with you ♪ Hey.
You play the drums? Yeah.
That's so cool.
So, um, I had something I wanted to ask you.
Charlie I wanted to tell you that I'm gay too.
And I'm in love with you.
Do you want to go out with me? I want to be with you forever.
Do you want to join the rugby team? What? We have enough players for the team but we're not allowed to actually play against other teams without a reserve.
And I saw you run in PE and you're, like, really fast.
So I thought you might be interested.
I don't really know how to play.
That's fine.
I can teach you.
Aren't I a bit small and weak to be a rugby player? We're just a school team, you know.
It's not that serious.
So you're saying I am small and weak? Wait, no.
Um So, do you want to join? It's literally just another silly crush.
It's not a crush.
I don't just fall for any guy who's nice to me.
And you're sure you want to spend a whole hour - with giant, moronic, rugby lads? - Yes.
It's your funeral.
[boys chattering.]
[boy 1.]
Charlie Spring though? - [boy 2.]
Isn't he in Year 8? - [boy 3.]
Year 10.
[boy 2.]
He's, like, well skinny though.
[boy 1.]
Can he even play? I'm sure he's a nice guy but we actually want to be dece.
[boy 4.]
Does he even like sports? Everyone knows he's gay.
[boys laughing.]
[indistinct shouting.]
I know I was joking about being weak, but I'm definitely too weak for this.
Where is your "can do" attitude? She left.
Long ago.
Just try.
Tackle me, I won't dodge.
Come on, I bet you can do it.
That was perfect.
- Was it? - Yeah.
Now, let's try again while I'm actually moving.
Come on.
I'm going to die.
["Dover Beach" playing.]
Go over the top! Nick, Nick.
[indistinct shouting.]
[rugby boys.]
One, two, three, squeeze! One, two, three, squeeze! [indistinct chatter.]
Yeah, you got it.
One more time, come on.
Come on, this time, Charlie! [cheers and applause.]
One, two, three, squeeze! One, two, three, squeeze! [boy.]
Come on, mate.
We've got practice.
Don't die.
- I'm trying to score a try.
- Yeah.
And you try and run up to me.
Like that.
Sand between my toes I've got vertigo ♪ I'm afraid of heights ♪ If I could I'd cry We've got incompatible star signs ♪ I'm in love with you What's the point in looking at the view? ♪ 'Cause every time I do I just see you ♪ - [Nick.]
Ready? Now, run in.
- Yeah.
It's deep red, my broken dream ♪ My last breath, the king and queen ♪ The world ends, it's you and me ♪ In my head if we can be together Maybe we'll live forever ♪ I met your ghost, he followed me ♪ You stole the view of Dover Beach ♪ - [Nick.]
Well done.
- [chuckles.]
[uneasy music playing.]
You're wearing a coat? It's not even cold.
It's February.
What do you want, Ben? Don't touch me.
God, what's your problem? I'm trying to be nice.
I said I don't want to meet up anymore.
- Yeah, and I don't believe you.
- What? You're clearly just scared of getting caught.
Why would I be scared of getting caught? Everyone in school already knows I'm gay.
You're the one who's scared of getting caught.
You can't even look at me when other people are around.
Not to mention the fact that you have a girlfriend.
I've seen you with her at the school gate.
Thanks for telling me.
Oh, wait, you didn't.
Don't be angry at me for not wanting to come out yet.
I'm not angry about that.
If you're figuring stuff out, fine.
Take your time.
I would have been there for you.
Don't you think I would understand you're figuring out your sexuality? Then why are you angry at me? I'm angry because you never even slightly cared about my feelings.
We only ever meet up when you want to.
Where you want to.
When you feel like kissing a boy.
You don't care about me at all.
It's not like anyone else is going to want to go out with you, is it? [Ben breathing heavily.]
- [Charlie.]
- Charlie.
- I know you like me.
- [Charlie.]
Stop it! Charlie, I like you but I'm figuring stuff out.
What more do you want from me? He told you to stop.
Go on.
Piss off.
You okay? Did you hear all of that? Most of it.
I just You seemed kind of like something was up while we were getting changed, so I I wanted to check everything was okay.
I'm sorry.
You have nothing to be sorry about.
You say sorry a lot.
Don't say it.
- I kind of want to say it.
- [chuckles.]
We should get out.
We'll get locked in if we stay here much longer.
["Don't Delete the Kisses" playing.]
I'm going this way, so Yeah, I'm that way.
I see the signs of a lifetime ♪ You till I die ♪ And I'm swiftly out ♪ Irish goodbye ♪ Good practice, Nicky? What if it's not ♪ Meant for me? ♪ Love ♪ What if it's not ♪ Meant for me? ♪ [groans.]
Love ♪ Me and you were meant to be ♪ In love ♪ - Nick? - What? Yeah, it was normal.
[phone dinging.]
I see the signs ♪ Of a lifetime ♪ You till I die ♪ [music playing.]

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