Heartstopper (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 [drums beating.]
[boys laughing.]
[boy 1.]
Did you hear some Year 9 is gay? [boy 2.]
It's not really bullying [boy 1.]
Like, he sort of asked for it.
[boy 3.]
This is an all-boys school.
What did he expect? [boy 4.]
He's so gross.
[boy 1.]
I bet he was looking at us in the changing room.
- [boy 2.]
I'd rather be dead than be gay.
- Charlie.
[boy 3.]
He's looking at us.
[boy 4.]
What a weirdo.
[boy 3.]
He's such a loser.
[drums beating.]
[beathing heavily.]
["Sappho" playing.]
From the street I see Your window and I look up in ♪ Is that even your house? ♪ Is that Sappho you're reading? ♪ Is it cool when I don't care? ♪ Can you feel me in the air? ♪ Under the crack in the door ♪ Can you tell I have no floor? ♪ And I'm shivering just thinking ♪ Where have you been ♪ All these minutes? ♪ I am too stressed out to ♪ Do the thing the train won't do ♪ But why should I fight back? ♪ I'm just not like that ♪ And I'm sorry if ♪ I have been a real bad friend ♪ Your face too close to mine To hear you talk ♪ [yells.]
So I look up into your window ♪ From the street where I am standing ♪ Is that even your house? ♪ Is that your landing? ♪ And I wanna know what ♪ [chimes.]
You're reading ♪ [chimes.]
Is it cool when I don't care? ♪ Can you feel me in the air? ♪ Under the crack in the door ♪ [cell phone chiming.]
Can you tell I have no floor? ♪ I'm not grounded ♪ Nothing ♪ Nothing ♪ Nothing ♪ [drums beating.]
So I, um, heard about you coming out last term.
Um, yeah, I guess.
That was really brave.
Well, it wasn't really my It sort of just got found out.
No one was supposed to know.
Well, you're brave for putting up with all the negativity.
I guess so.
I'm Ben.
[cell phone buzzes.]
[cell phone chimes.]
[cell phone chimes.]
[pleasant music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
How are you doing, Elle? [Elle.]
Hmm? I've noticed you haven't made friends in your form group.
It's not easy moving schools in the middle of Year 11.
I'm fine.
I could assign Tara Jones to look after you? No, no, I'm fine.
I promise, I don't want to bother anyone.
Okay, look.
It's half-term next week.
How about you promise me you'll try to make at least one new friend before then? Okay.
[chatter continues.]
[Tara groans.]
["Girls" playing.]
I've been hiding for so long ♪ These feelings, they're not gone ♪ Could I tell anyone? ♪ Afraid of what they'll say ♪ So I push them away ♪ I'm acting so strange ♪ They're so pretty, it hurts ♪ I'm not talking 'bout boys ♪ I'm talking 'bout girls ♪ They're so pretty With their button-up shirts ♪ [chuckles.]
[clicks tongue, sighs.]
He's straight, Charlie.
Like, you only need to glance at him to see that he's a heterosexual.
Isaac, back me up on this.
Ginormous heterosexual.
Masculine guys can be gay.
You're not exactly the authority on working out who is and isn't gay.
And bisexual people exist.
I know he's straight.
He told me.
So, you need to get over him.
- [Charlie.]
- Charlie Spring.
I have a question.
Well, I am officially a beacon of learning, so, fire away.
How do I stop liking someone? A straight guy.
Uh, the question for the ages.
I thought you had a boyfriend.
No, he was horrible.
This is someone else.
Being a teenager is terrible.
When I was a teenager and had a crush on a straight boy, I repressed it and suffered.
- That doesn't sound very healthy.
- Mmm.
Now, this may seem obvious, but have you tried putting some space between you? - Can't do that.
- Can't or don't want to? - Nope.
- I'm just saying I needed realistic solutions.
He's He's a really good friend.
I'm afraid you're just going to have to suffer then.
[school bell rings.]
- Elle, you dropped your pencil case.
- [Elle.]
Thanks, Tara.
It's really cute, where's it from? Paperchase, but I painted all the little flowers on it.
Really? That's so cool.
I can barely draw stick figures.
[both chuckle.]
Do you want to meet up with us for lunch today? Did Miss Greenwood tell you to try and make friends with me? Uh No.
We eat in the canteen, so you can join us any time.
You okay? [girl 1.]
Morning, Tara.
Did you finish your project? - No.
- No? I'm not even gonna lie to you at this point.
You know it's due fourth period.
[loud chattering.]
Wait, look.
Elle! Hi.
So, Tara said you had no friends.
I didn't say that.
Monster Munch? Yeah, okay.
So, you moved schools from Truham? Yeah, Truham was just hell for me, so I mean, it was hell for almost everyone, but, like, especially me.
I kept getting suspended because of my hair length.
- Hair length? - [Elle.]
They have this stupid "chin length or above" rule.
- Have you been finding it any better here? - Yeah, it's a lot less stressful.
Apart from the whole "having no friends" issue.
Don't worry, most people here are nice.
Just don't do anything Darcy says.
- [gasps.]
- She'll have you taking part in lunchtime games of American football in the Science corridor.
Have you two been friends for a long time? - [Tara.]
Mmm - Best gal pals.
Since Year 7, so five years of hell.
- [Darcy squeals.]
- [Tara laughs.]
Can't eat that now, can I? [school bell rings.]
This is Nellie.
Oh, my God, she's so cute.
I wish I had a dog.
My parents don't like animals.
You should come round my house and meet her.
Are you free on Saturday? Yeah, I think so.
God, Tori.
Where you going? Round a friend's.
Tao's? No, his His name's Nick.
Is my hair too short? It looks the same.
But is it okay? It looks the same.
Have fun at Nick's.
[upbeat music playing.]
[doorbell rings.]
[dog barking.]
- Uh This is Nellie.
- [Nellie whines.]
Hey, Nellie.
You're so adorable.
- You got a haircut.
- [Charlie.]
Um Is it [chuckling.]
Is it bad? No, you look It looks great.
[Nellie whines.]
Okay, you'd better come in or Nellie will think we're going for a walk.
- [Nick.]
I'm in the lead.
- You're not going to win.
Can you let me win one time? You've won five or six games.
I'm going easy on you.
- No! - Yes! [laughs.]
How are you so good at this? You get to be good at real sports, I get to be good at fake ones.
- No, you're just good at everything.
- No, I'm not.
- You are.
You're a proper little nerd.
- I'm not.
Let's see.
You're good at video games.
Literally all school subjects, but especially maths.
Playing the drums.
Befriending dogs, and you are good at sports.
- Like, you run so fast - Shut up! You know it's true.
Get off me.
Get off.
- Oh, my God.
- What? [chuckles softly.]
It's snowing.
Okay, try this one.
["Dance with Me" playing.]
It's a bit big.
That one looks good.
Nellie! [barking.]
Come here.
Whoa-ho! It's pretty fast but ♪ This is what you do at parties, right? ♪ And I know it's hard to tell ♪ But I think I really like you ♪ [both laughing.]
More! Come on.
More! Charlie seems like a lovely boy.
When did you meet him? Uh Couple of months ago.
Uh, he's in my form.
He's very different to your other friends.
You seem much more yourself around him.
Do I? You do.
[chuckles softly.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Who are you texting? Your mum? [laughter.]
Great joke, Nicholas.
Who are you texting? Don't.
- Come on, whose DMs have you slid into? - I haven't.
Well, okay, fine.
He's definitely chirpsing someone.
[lewd laughter.]
[chatter continues.]
[whistle blows.]
Come on! Let's go! What did I say? Here we go then! - [captain.]
Come on! - [coach.]
Yes! Yes! So we're doing well.
Don't pretend you have any idea you know what's going on.
Which end are we supposed to be getting the ball to? That end.
Nick scored most of the points.
Well, he is the Rugby King.
- I wanted to talk to you about Nick.
- Yeah? Me too.
- Did you? - Yeah.
Well you know how I thought he was straight? Yes.
Well, I've kind of been feeling like maybe he isn't.
Like he might like me back.
There's been these little moments over the past weeks and during the half-term.
We've been hanging out non-stop, and he's been acting a little bit flirty sometimes.
Obviously, I'm not getting my hopes up, but I just think maybe there's a chance.
What? Um What? Nick likes a girl.
What? Like, he's in love with a girl.
Wha How do you know that? Okay, I know how much you like him, and I just don't want you to get hurt.
I decided to do some digging over the half-term.
I messaged Otis, since I sort of know him, and I know he's friends with Nick, and I just slyly asked if Nick was going out with anyone because I might have a friend who was interested.
He said that Nick's single, but he's super interested in this girl from the girls' school.
What girl? Her name's Tara Jones.
[players cheering.]
[both snicker.]
Charlie! [coach.]
Well done, team.
As your token straight friend, it's my duty to remind you that sometimes people are straight.
It's an unfortunate fact of life.
We don't know if she actually likes Nick back.
I've already warned you about encouraging Charlie's crushes on straight boys.
But I want to believe in romance.
Elle! So there's this girl at Higgs - who Nick's got a crush on? - We've heard from multiple sources.
We don't know if they're a thing.
Can you talk to her? Charlie won't give up on this straight boy until we know for sure.
Oh, my God, be quiet.
What do you want? Do you know a girl called Tara Jones? - Yeah.
- Can you ask her if she likes Nick Nelson? Nick Nelson? You might as well give up right now.
He's the straightest person I have ever seen.
Thank you! [Elle.]
I don't know Tara that well.
I can't just go up to her and ask her who she fancies.
And I'm too busy being the cool, mysterious new girl who everyone wants to hang out with.
I'm fine.
It's honestly fine.
I'm just being an idiot.
Look, if and only if I get the chance, I'll ask her.
- Thank you! - [Elle.]
I'm making no promises.
- Come on - [exhales.]
There we go.
[Madame Martin.]
Ladies, come on.
We've got still 15 minutes to practice talking about friends and family.
Everyone get into pairs.
[chairs scraping.]
Hey, come sit here.
Can we be a group of three? Oh, my God, yes, please.
Darcy's pronunciation is horrendous.
[speaks French.]
[in English.]
See? [laughing.]
Darcy [in French.]
Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, I have a girlfriend.
[in English.]
"Une" makes it feminine, so you'd be saying you have a girlfriend.
Uh, whoops.
[both chuckling.]
Elle, your turn.
[in French.]
Tara, do you have a boyfriend? No, I don't have a boyfriend.
- [in English.]
What? It's true.
- I know.
Let's move away from the boyfriend question.
Uh, Elle [in French.]
Do you have brothers or sisters? Hey.
I'm definitely straight, like, I only like girls.
We should probably stop being friends if you feel like that.
What? You just spaced out.
What? What's up? Do you Do you want to come round my house? [chuckles softly.]
- [Darcy.]
Knew it! - [Tara.]
Said it in your head.
That doesn't count! - [Darcy.]
It totally counts.
- [Tara.]
That completely doesn't count! - You're rubbing off on me.
- You're worse.
I'm not.
It does matter if you said it because I won, - but then you said you won because - [Darcy.]
I did win! [Tara.]
you knew first, but you didn't say it.
- [Darcy.]
I absolutely did! - Um, hi.
I was just admiring Tara's hands.
Mine get super crusty in the cold, but hers are really soft.
I'm sorry if I've got totally the wrong idea here, but are you two, like dating? Don't tell anyone, okay? Only a few of our friends know, but I think you're officially part of the inner circle.
[Darcy and Tara chuckle.]
Also, "hers are really soft," that's the gayest excuse I've heard in my life.
You've befriended the school lesbians.
[all giggling.]
You're terrible.
I'm trying.
Here, budge up, let me help.
[playing drums.]
You're a pro now.
Um [chuckles softly.]
Well, that's probably cheating though.
[indistinct chatter on TV.]
[music playing on TV.]
I wish you didn't have to go.
I wish I didn't either.
You look so cuddly like that.
Do I? Yeah.
Um [clears throat.]
Okay, see you Monday.
I don't think he's straight.
["Why Am I Like This?" playing.]
Last night I smoked a cigarette ♪ My dad would have been so upset ♪ Then we got tattoos by the coast ♪ [Charlie sighs.]
And I just stood there like a ghost ♪ Maybe I'm an old soul Trapped in a young body ♪ Maybe you don't really want me there At your birthday party ♪ I'll be there in the corner Thinking right over ♪ Every single word Of the conversation we just had ♪ So, why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ I saw a girl crying on the train ♪ Gin and tonic from a can To ease the pain ♪ And I never asked if she was okay ♪ She just got up and walked away ♪ Oh ♪ It's like I'm looking down From the ceiling above ♪ Never in the moment Never giving enough ♪ Let's go out And shout the words we never said ♪ I've got my mistakes on loop Inside my head ♪ Inside my head ♪ So, why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I like this? ♪ Why am I ♪ Why am I like this? ♪
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