Heartstopper (2022) s02e02 Episode Script


You say I changed ♪
Maybe you should try it too ♪
Charlie's always been a high achiever,
but in the past few months,
his grades have been slipping
across most of his subjects.
Been a bit distracted, haven't you?
Tao, I've been getting the sense
that you've been struggling
with your coursework.
I haven't been Nick's teacher for long,
but he's on track
for solid grades in his GCSEs.
As long as he keeps on
focusing on his schoolwork,
he'll be fine.
That's good, isn't it?
Isaac's grades are always excellent.
But I'd like to see him participate more.
And he's such a pleasure to have in class.
He's set for top grades in his GCSEs.
He's failed to hand in
several homework assignments.
He's been late to class.
You still haven't completed
your history coursework essay.
If you don't finish it,
then that'll be a fail grade.
You need to start focusing
on your schoolwork.
It's the end of an era ♪
I put my fist in the air ♪
And then I look in the camera
And tell 'em ♪
So, your coursework essay.
- It's fine. I'll get it done.
- Yeah, but it's not just that, is it?
I know getting your first boyfriend
is very exciting, but
- What? It's not Nick's fault.
- Charlie!
You've been going
'round each other's houses
almost every day for weeks, Charlie.
It's no wonder
you haven't done your coursework.
I've still got a few weeks to finish it!
Well, I think you and Nick
need to spend some time apart.
That's not fair!
We are not banning you
from seeing each other completely.
No, it needs to be a complete ban.
Until this coursework essay is handed in,
Nick is not allowed 'round our house,
and you are not allowed 'round his.
I'm not the same ♪
So don't expect what you're used to ♪
Let the credits roll ♪
Hey, come here. Come here.
Oh, hello. Good girl.
- Mum, make me one!
- Not if you ask like that, David.
No one happy to see me?
Gonna stay with Dad next time, eh?
We're all very happy
you're back from uni, darling.
What've you been up to since Christmas?
Got a girlfriend yet?
- I'll take that as an obvious no.
- Stop bothering him, David.
I borrowed your Nintendo Switch,
by the way.
- Please don't tell him about Charlie.
- I won't, darling. Don't worry.
Why do you never do your homework?
- I'll do it next week.
- Fine.
- Please help.
- I think I have the answers.
Have you heard? Year 11 Prom is happening.
Oh my God! Prom?
I'm so excited!
You could totally wear a suit.
You'd look amazing.
You mean we can't be Fiona and Shrek?
It's prom, not Halloween!
- Hey, are you guys talking about the prom?
- Yeah.
Oh, so Miss Greenwood's
put me in charge of organizing it,
and I'm kind of looking for some help.
I'm really excited,
but I don't think I can do this alone.
Oh my God, yes! I'm so in!
Do you wanna meet with us for lunch?
We can start making a mood board?
I mean, yeah. I've got some ideas already.
I'm thinking classic.
- That ties in with my dress.
- No, theme's a great idea.
But then the blue will make, like,
everyone's outfits look, like, amazing!
Personally, I think
that prom should be pirate themed.
No, Sahar's already decided
that we're doing a classic prom theme.
But if I could bring a sword to prom,
I'm totally up for it.
Tao wants to meet up tonight.
- Oh my God. Say yes!
- No!
Elle, you need
to put some distance between you.
You could make your move.
This is your chance!
Wait, there's a boy?
There is a boy, but Elle told us
she wanted to get over him.
He's my best friend, and
- Give me your phone. I'll send him a text.
- Guys! It's fine.
I'm going to the open evening tonight
anyway, so I can't.
A photo booth. Brilliant idea.
Miss said
we don't have the budget.
It doesn't have to be, like, real.
We can just get a box or something
and, like, a stand,
and put cool things in it like the ribbon.
Paint everyone.
We could make Elle paint everyone
instead of photos, then it's free.
Nick Nelson!
I told Mr. Farouk I borrowed your pen
and needed to give it back.
I just haven't seen you all day,
so I wanted to say hi.
Are you okay?
With your brother and everything?
This ain't social hour, boys!
Text me later.
I see he's still
as desperate as ever.
- I told you not to talk about him.
- God, you hate me so much.
It's not my fault he liked me before you.
I hate you
because you literally assaulted him.
Right, I told you my rules.
Now you're in here
till the end of the day.
I don't particularly care
if you fail your maths GCSE on Monday,
but I ain't gonna let you
disrupt everyone else's study time.
Fix up, man.
That was just a misunderstanding.
It wasn't though.
- I was going through some personal stuff.
- I don't care.
You hurt him, and who knows
if you'll do the same with Imogen.
Do you even like her?
Sorry, am I not allowed
to like girls as well as boys?
- Charlie know you don't wanna come out?
- I do want to come out.
Right. I'll believe that
when I see it.
Charlie thinks
you're this perfect boyfriend,
but you are just the same as me.
Get out.
I'm just
checking to see
how the GCSE revision's going.
Can you get out? I'm trying to study.
- Charlie? Who's Charlie?
- Give that back!
- Your girlfriend?
- No. Stop it.
She's sending three love hearts.
You might be in there.
- David!
- God.
So boring.
Um If you do have a girlfriend,
I wanna know about it.
She needs my approval.
I wanna breathe your air ♪
Press your chest against mine ♪
I wanna disappear ♪
Your hands are so cold.
I'm always cold.
Well, in that case
Thank you.
Think I know now ♪
What life ♪
There we go.
Should have been like ♪
- I'm stealing this, just so you know.
- Oh, I know.
We should've danced all night ♪
Do you wanna go?
Do you wanna play? Come on. Come on!
- Go on, Nellie.
- Come on.
Come on! Come on. Come on.
Arms, my friend, and we'll ♪
- Come on. Here!
- Drink and laugh and sway again ♪
And I'll kiss you once, then I'll ♪
Come on.
Come and sit down. Good.
Very good. Come on, sit down. Good girl.
You okay?
Paradise ♪
Yeah. Uh, just, um
Just stressed about GCSEs.
I'm definitely gonna fail maths on Monday.
Want me to help you revise?
We can go through your notes together.
This physical desire ♪
Think I know now ♪
What life should have been like ♪
We should've stayed
We should've danced all night ♪
But oh, just to hold you
In these arms, my friend ♪
And we'll drink and laugh
And sway again ♪
And I'll kiss you once
Then I'll kiss you twice ♪
We'll call it paradise ♪
Paradise ♪
We'll call it paradise ♪
Paradise ♪
All right, guys, welcome
to the Lambert School of Art, everyone!
Sign up here
for the sixth-form open evening,
and then we can start the tour.
This term, our Year 12s are
working on pieces about climate change,
which might be a great topic
for your application pieces
if you haven't started
working on them yet.
So just spread 'round.
Have a look at the art.
Not gonna lie, this is kind of making me
more nervous about my application piece.
I haven't finished mine yet.
- Oh, same.
- I haven't even started.
Oh my God, babe, same.
I bet they throw really good parties here.
Ignore Felix. They only wanna go here
for the parties.
They do throw really good parties here,
just so you know.
See? I knew it. It's an art-school thing.
I'm Naomi, by the way.
I'm Elle.
And this is Felix.
- Hey.
- Hey.
When I say I'm having a little trouble ♪
Caring 'bout a lot of things
Right now ♪
I might not make it, but hopefully
Yeah, honestly. Which one's yours?
I can just tell
you're gonna fit in already.
- I'm so nervous.
- Don't be.
Three, two, one. Picasso.
- Picasso.
- Picasso.
I really hope I get in.
I hope we both get in.
We will.
- I'm speaking it into the universe.
- She's manifesting.
I just hate being at a regular school.
Like, everyone knowing you
as the trans girl.
Here, I could just
be Naomi.
Do you know what I mean?
I really do.
We'll still be able to take
you to the Wheel of Sadness afterwards,
but, of course,
we don't wanna take you there.
We wanna take you
onto the Mountain of Time.
Are you ready? Okay.
Will you please
show us the final question?
Tao, why aren't you eating?
I am eating.
What's so interesting on that phone?
Oh, is that Elle?
Oh, she's so pretty!
She's at this art school open day thing.
She's applying for art college?
Yeah. For sixth form.
So she might be moving away?
I don't know. Maybe.
It's really far.
We should invite her
for dinner sometime soon.
correct answer.
What is the capital of Bulgaria?
It's Sofia!
Nicholas! How are you feeling
about maths this morning?
I still don't get quadratic equations,
so I'm probably gonna fail.
Why are you dating Ben?
What do you mean?
He's a dick.
He's He's done some really bad stuff.
What? What did he do?
I can't tell you.
I've known him since primary school.
He's one of my oldest friends.
- Yeah, but
- You know what?
I don't actually have that many friends.
But Ben is one of the few people
who actually likes me.
And he's been lovely to me,
so whatever happened in the past,
he's nicer now.
- And I really like him.
- Imogen
Good luck in the exam.
- You all right? What's up?
- Nothing. It's fine.
It's none of his business.
And your exam starts
You snuck out again? You'll be
in so much trouble with your mum.
I'm here to cheer you up
after your terrible exam.
- I think it's too short.
- Mum!
No, it's not.
You wanted my opinion, so there it is.
Well, Naomi said she loves it.
That boy of yours is here.
Was your maths exam okay today?
Uh, Tao, you did not come here
just to ask me about my maths exam.
No. Yeah, okay.
I guess
things have just been
kind of weird lately.
I I mean I've been a bit weird.
So I thought I'd come over and see
if you wanted to hang out this evening.
But I guess you can't.
I'm going out tonight
with Naomi and Felix.
We're going to a club
that does under-18 nights.
Club? Wow.
I know.
I might hate it.
Maybe we could have that art day
at the weekend or something?
I don't know. Uh
Tao, honestly, I'm kind of busy.
Recently, I
You know, with GCSEs and finishing
my application piece for Lambert, it
Yeah, yeah. Uh That's fine.
- Sorry.
- No. It's nothing to be sorry about.
Did I fall asleep?
Are you tired,
or is this movie just really boring?
I did warn you
I'm not a fan of Marvel movies.
Do you want something to eat?
- I could make us some dinner.
- No. I'll have something when I get home.
I'd love a cup of tea though.
You're such an old man!
You're so cute.
You're so cute.
Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.
What was your name, sorry?
I'm Charlie, and you're
You're Charlie.
Right. Um, I'm David. Sorry.
So I'm I'm Nick's older brother.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
And where did you two meet?
We're in the same form at school.
There he is. Um
I was just getting acquainted
with, um with Charlie here.
Yeah, well, we're busy,
so you can go away now.
Are you okay?
I just
I just wanted to meet the guy that,
you know, turned my little brother gay.
I mean, I should've always known
you'd turn out to be gay.
I'm bi, actually, and so what?
"I'm bi, actually."
So Look, if you're gonna be gay,
at least admit you're gay.
See, this is exactly
why I didn't wanna tell you!
- Too late now!
- This is ridiculous.
- I'm not allowed to be skeptical?
- No! You're not!
- Why?
- I knew you'd be like this!
- Like what?
- Like a homophobic prick!
- Boys, what is going on?
- Why did you tell him about Charlie?
- I didn't, darling.
- Mum didn't tell me.
You left a picture of you two kissing
on your bedroom wall.
Why do you keep going in my room?
Come on! Mum, he's saying he's bi.
What a load of absolute bullshit.
- David, please don't swear.
- He can't even admit he's gay.
I mean, I bet
you haven't told Dad yet, have you?
Oh my God.
Imagine what Dad's gonna say.
- He's such He's such a dick!
- I'm just being realistic.
Boys, that is enough.
David, in the kitchen now.
Why are you winding him up
on purpose?
I didn't do anything!
It's him getting wound up for no reason.
What are you doing
going into his bedroom?
I went in there one time!
If he didn't want me to know
Should I go home?
- where anyone could see it.
- You've got no right to
I'm sorry.
I'll text you later, okay?
It's fine.
Where have you been?
Nick's, I assume.
I thought we'd agreed
you're gonna spend some time apart
until you'd finished your coursework.
He was worried about his exams.
I just wanted
Yeah, I don't wanna hear it.
You're grounded for the rest of this term.
And don't even think about sneaking out,
or you won't be going on the Paris trip.
- Do you want some dinner?
- No. I ate at Nick's.
There's a war inside of me ♪
Do I cause new heartbreak
To write a new broken song? ♪
Do I push it down
Or let it run me right into the ground? ♪
I, I feel like ♪
I wouldn't like me if I met me ♪
I feel like ♪
You wouldn't like me if you met me ♪
Well, I can't stop talking ♪
For fear of listening
To unwelcome sound ♪
And you haven't called me in weeks ♪
And honestly, it's bringing me down ♪
And I feel like ♪
I wouldn't like me if I met me ♪
I feel like ♪
You wouldn't like me if you met me ♪
I feel like ♪
- I wouldn't like me if I met me ♪
- If I met me ♪
I feel like ♪
- You wouldn't like me if you met me ♪
- If you met me ♪
Don't you ♪
Charlie, this is not your fault.
I don't care what David thinks anyway.
I mean, it was never
gonna go perfectly with everyone.
Coming out to my mum was amazing,
but there are still awful people
in the world, like my brother.
Like, you know, when you came out.
But I can handle it.
I promise.
Will bring you around ♪
And I feel like ♪
- I wouldn't like me if I met me ♪
- If I met me ♪
I feel like ♪
You wouldn't like me if you met me ♪
Don't you worry ♪
There's still time ♪
If you met me ♪
Don't you worry ♪
There's still time ♪
- I brought you apple.
- Thanks.
Are you sad about Elle?
Yeah. Kind of.
You remind me of me and Dad.
What? Mum, that's so weird.
Well, he was the calm one,
and I was the outspoken one.
But when we were in the same room,
it was like perfect harmony.
And no matter what happened,
we'd both be okay.
So when we lost him,
I felt so unbalanced.
It was like falling off a cliff.
So I understand
if you're afraid of losing her.
If she's growing up and moving on.
While I'm stuck here. Same old Tao.
Same old Tao isn't so bad.
But if you're afraid of losing her,
you have to fight to stay by her side.
Also, Elle's not dead, so there's that.
Oh well
Don't stay up late.
Sleep is important.
I like Elle. Okay?
I said it.
And don't laugh!
I bet you've all been laughing
behind my back
because I've been so oblivious.
Honestly, Elle can do better,
and she probably
doesn't even like me back,
and this is probably
going to destroy our friendship,
it's going to destroy
our friendship group,
and it's going to leave me
devastated for years to come.
So this is a really selfish
and stupid thing to do,
but I'm going to tell her.
Help me.
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