Heartstopper (2022) s02e03 Episode Script


[playful music plays]
[Tao] A restaurant.
That's a classic date location.
[Isaac] Isn't that a bit boring though?
- So a theme park!
- But you hate rollercoasters.
Ooh, what if you go to a bookshop
and, like, choose a book for each other
and have a cute little reading date?
Isaac, that's your dream date. Not Elle's.
Charlie, what do you and Nick do
for dates?
I mean, we went to the beach.
- Ugh. Basic.
- [Isaac laughs]
What else?
I've been grounded, and he's got exams.
I've barely seen him outside of school.
I've been stuck at home
doing my history coursework.
Oh my God, you're all useless.
- Tao, you're really overthinking this.
- I'm not!
If this date doesn't work out, then I lose
my best friend in the whole world.
[inhales sharply]
What about if we went to IKEA,
like in 500 Days of Summer? Hmm?
[Isaac snorts]
[Tao sighs]
- [whistle blows]
- [boy] Hey, Sai!
[coach] Sai, Otis, Christian, Nick,
collect the cones.
Charlie, can you collect
the rugby balls, please?
Good season, thank you!
Well done, you guys.
[wistful music plays]
[Otis] Hey.
Did you hear we're having
a end-of-GCSE party
in the woods next week?
Yeah, it's gonna be wild,
and you guys should come.
Yeah, cool. Maybe.
Nick, man, we're not friends
with Harry and them lot anymore.
[boy] Yeah, we're sorry
about what happened at the cinema.
We should have spoken up.
I do know you're not like Harry.
Guess it took me a while
to realize what a dick he is as well.
I seriously don't blame you
for fighting him.
I know you and Charlie
are really good mates.
[buoyant music plays]
[music fades]
What did you say that for?
- Still couldn't come out to any of them.
- Nick, it's fine. There's no deadline.
I know, but it's just annoying
when people think we're, like
Best bros.
[both chuckle]
I'm gonna tell
some of the rugby guys at least.
After exams.
If I don't come out at school soon,
we're probably gonna get found out anyway.
Because you keep wanting
to kiss at school.
Uh, I think you're also to blame for that.
Don't know what you mean.
I have never initiated a kiss at school.
[Nick] Oh, really?
- So what about the changing room?
- That didn't count.
- Or the English room?
- You kissed me first!
Or what about the
Fine. You win.
[buoyant music plays]
Boys, I need
[music fades]
[cheerful music plays]
[gulls squawk]
[knock on door]
[coach] Come in.
- You wanted to see me, Miss?
- Come and sit down, Nick.
I appointed you captain last year
because you were the only one
who could make these boys into a team.
But this term,
I've sensed some distance has grown
between you and most of the lads.
I don't wanna make assumptions,
but I assume
this has something to do with it.
I guess so.
If any of the lads
say anything out of line,
you tell me immediately, all right?
Yeah, I will.
When I was at uni, things were pretty bad.
And that was in women's rugby.
Lots of lesbians in women's rugby.
That's how I met my wife.
I remember what it was like,
telling all my friends.
Some took it better than others.
None of the guys know about me, so, um
Well, you don't owe them
that information, okay?
Thank you, Miss.
And, uh maybe keep the kissing
outside of team practice?
Charlie, still waiting
on your coursework essay.
It's nearly done.
You have until the end of the day.
[upbeat indie music plays]
[Nick groans]
I don't wanna do this anymore.
- It's your last exam. You're nearly done.
- No!
Then it's basically the Paris trip,
and we get to spend every day together
for the whole thing.
Okay, that does sound pretty good.
See? Let's go over ionic compounds.
You've spent so much time helping me.
What about your history coursework?
I haven't helped you with that at all.
It's fine. It's done.
You are amazing.
[softly] Ionic compounds.
James, isn't it your last exam
today as well?
Yep. I should probably be doing
some last-minute revision right now,
but this is more fun.
Oh, have you read this one?
- Of course I've read that one.
- It's not that good.
Wrong things ♪
And you find comfort
In things he can't ♪
Recognize, recognize ♪
And you want nothing but all this ♪
While he's stuck trying to solve it ♪
Nevertheless acquiesce
Till you feel those ♪
Butterflies ♪
[Tao] Okay.
Butterflies ♪
Singing Sweet Caroline with diamonds ♪
[Coach Singh] And your exam starts
Throw my arms to the skies ♪
Hold my head, make me realize ♪
Close my eyes, let me reset ♪
Happiness in retrospect ♪
Make it chill, make it flow ♪
Everything in the afterglow ♪
Let me go, and I'll forget ♪
Happiness in retrospect ♪
And with five minutes to spare.
[Coach Singh] Your exam has finished!
Please put down your pens.
- Thanks, Miss.
- [Coach Singh] Well done.
- [pupils cheer]
- Throw my arms to the skies ♪
Hold my head, make me realize ♪
Close my eyes, let me reset ♪
- Happiness in retrospect ♪
- Freedom!
End-of-GCSEs party
in the woods near my house tonight! Yeah!
And make sure you bring your GCSE notes
so you can burn them!
Party tonight!
Everyone bring your own drinks, yeah?
- I'm free! I'm not grounded anymore!
- [Mr. Farouk] Yo!
Unless you're staying
for the meeting about the Paris trip,
can you all go home now?
Please. Please leave.
[pupils whoop]
- How was your exam?
- [Nick] It was good.
- Um
- [girls speaking French]
Paris is basically
like a five-day-long sleepover.
You're gonna be
so annoyed with me after that.
But I love you
because of how annoying you are.
I mean Uh
I didn't mean that in an "I love you" way.
That That was just a casual "I love you."
That's not me asking you
to say it back or anything.
[Darcy] Hey! Sahar!
I think prom should be vampire themed,
and here's why!
[Elle] No, that is the worst idea.
[whimsical music plays]
[Tara] Hey, Isaac.
- What you reading?
- It's called Book Lovers.
[Darcy] And this is Sahar.
- Hi.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Isaac] Hi.
Youssef. On time as always.
Are you also having regrets
about signing up for this?
Oh. It'll be a laugh, won't it?
Where's Tao?
[James] Hey, Isaac.
- [Isaac] Oh, hi, James.
- Um
I I I was just thinking,
did you wanna come
to that end-of-exams party tonight?
Oh, um
- Yeah.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- Cool.
- Cool.
And all your friends
should come, too, obviously.
- [Tara] Sweet.
- [Nick] Thank you.
- See you there. Bye, Isaac.
- Bye.
- [Tara] Oh my God, Isaac. What was that?
- [Isaac] He's nice.
I could come out at the party
to some of the rugby guys,
so if it goes badly, we could just leave.
Okay, everyone. [claps] Can we all
quieten down a little bit, please?
- [chatter continues]
- Everyone
[chatter continues]
[chatter stops]
Okay. Thank you, Mr. Farouk.
Uh, welcome, everyone.
I hope you're all excited
about our Parisian adventure.
So we'll now ask you
to get into groups of four,
who will be the people
you share hotel rooms with.
And we've been told to inform you
that boys and girls cannot share rooms.
[pupils groan]
[sarcastically] Oh dear! Oh no!
[Mr. Farouk] Yeah, we know.
Heartbreaking, isn't it?
Groups of four, please.
All right, boys. Right. Yeah.
- [Elle] Sahar!
- [Tara] The four of us, okay. Yes.
- That was fairly painless.
- [sighs]
Where is Tao?
[Elle] We're gonna be so old.
- Careful!
- That door gets me every time.
[chuckles] What the hell?
Hi. Uh
These are for you.
- For finishing your GCSEs.
- What's happening right now? [chuckles]
Elle, I like you.
And I was wondering
if you wanted to go on a date.
like me?
I guess I was sort of hoping
I've been sort of wondering
if you liked me back?
Uh, duh!
- Sh!
- [giggling]
[Tara] Darcy!
[uplifting music plays]
So, tonight?
I thought maybe we could go to the cinema.
- [Darcy squeals]
- [Nick] Oh my God!
- [Charlie] Your hair's amazing!
- [Tara] You look so good!
I remember the first time
That I felt this weight on me ♪
Yeah, I was only 15 ♪
And just like the first time, in that ♪
[Elle] Hey.
[Tao] Hey.
- So this is really a date.
- [both chuckle softly]
Easy ♪
But I might save the day ♪
Yeah, I might change the world ♪
Things will be ♪
- [worker] Hiya.
- Hi. Two tickets for Tao Xu?
What are we seeing?
It's a surprise.
So that's two tickets
for Moonrise Kingdom at 7:15.
- Or not.
- That's my favorite movie.
- I know.
- But you hate that movie.
Yeah, but I want to make this
your dream date.
Thanks. So it's screen two.
Follow me.
Well, I know when you're around
'Cause I know the sound ♪
I know the sound ♪
- This definitely isn't legal, is it?
- Nope.
Darcy's not replying to my messages.
I'm gonna go find her.
[James] Isaac!
- [Isaac] Hey.
- Did you want a drink?
Not alcohol.
I mean, there is alcohol if you want it,
but if you don't, that's cool too. Um
- Yeah, sure.
- [James] Come on then.
- [Isaac] We're running?
- [James] Yeah.
Look after him or you die.
- Okay.
- [Charlie scoffs]
I said that I love you ♪
What does it matter if I lie ♪
What's up?
I'm fine. Just, um
- Headache.
- We can leave if you want.
I'm fine. I promise.
I know when you're around
'Cause I know the sound ♪
I know the sound of your heart ♪
[kids cheer]
Well, I know when you're around
'Cause I know the sound ♪
I know the sound of your heart ♪
[Tao crunches]
[Elle snorts]
- You look really nice, by the way.
- [chuckles softly]
Why did you cut your hair?
Well, it just looks better like this,
doesn't it?
But you always liked it long.
I hope you didn't cut it for me.
[Tara] Okay, well,
just ask me for a lift next time.
My mum can pick you up.
It's really not a problem.
Text you later.
- I don't know why she didn't just ask.
- Maybe she was just embarrassed.
Darcy's the most confident person I know.
Literally nothing embarrasses her.
[Nick] No, no, no.
This is my duty as boyfriend.
- [Charlie] Stop it!
- [Nick] I'm taking adorable pictures.
[Charlie] Well, no.
- [Nick] Okay, I will tickle you.
- Stop it! Please! Stop! Stop! Stop!
- Okay, you win. You win.
- [Nick] I have to.
Are you sure you wanna come out
to the rugby boys tonight?
- If you're not feeling well
- I'm fine.
I can do this.
Just think about us
being out as a couple in Paris.
Holding hands in the Louvre.
- [chuckles]
- Kissing in front of the Mona Lisa.
Come on.
[Charlie] Let's go find them.
[rock music plays]
[singing in French]
[clears throat]
[rock music plays]
[kids cheer and whoop]
[Harry] Let's go!
Let's start partying. Come on!
Kiss your face forever ♪
Kiss your face forever ♪
Kiss your face forever ♪
[Sai] There you are, Nick.
[Otis] Should light the fire!
As captain, you've earned it.
I, um I need to talk to you guys.
- [boy] Come on!
- [kid] Whoo!
- Whey!
- Whey!
What you saying, lads? Oi-oi!
[Harry] All right, everyone, shut up!
Shut up!
Are we ready to burn some shit?
[raucous cheering]
[rock song] Come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on ♪
[kids chanting] Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire! Fire!
I just think
that's probably Wes Anderson's
least technically good movie,
from, like, a story perspective.
I mean, it all hinges
on the romance between the two kids,
which is so unbelievable anyway
because they meet
and fall in love immediately.
And, like, they're kids,
so obviously
it's not going to last long term.
You really shouldn't
have picked that movie.
It's not my fave, but you love it, so
But if we're going on a date,
we should do something we both enjoy.
My mum should be here
in, like, five minutes.
Still wanna go to this party?
Yeah. Sure.
Thanks for asking me out on a date.
Um Thanks for saying yes.
[electronic music plays]
[kids cheering]
[chanting] Burn it! Burn it!
Burn it! Burn it! Burn
I didn't know you invited them.
Yeah. They're my friends.
I don't understand
what I did wrong tonight!
It's like you were trying to be
a completely different person.
You're the one who's completely different!
You've gone off with your new friends
and have forgotten I exist completely.
You're the one who said
we'd always put our friendship first.
You promised.
Well, I guess
romance does ruin friendship.
[electronic music continues]
[Charlie] Tao.
How'd it go?
- Bad.
- Maybe he was just nervous.
I'm fundamentally unlikable.
Don't say that, Tao.
- He was probably trying to impress you.
- I liked the old Tao.
I try too hard, and I talk too much.
- I ruin everything.
- Tao, please don't say that.
I've liked him for so long,
and it just hurts.
- I don't wanna feel like this anymore.
- Come here.
[wistful music plays]
[Tao] I'm gonna go home.
[Nick] Charlie?
Sorry, um
Where's Charlie?
I, um I lost him. Sorry.
You said you'd look after him.
Not very good
at keeping your promises, are you?
You don't look well.
I'll find him.
I promise.
[hip-hop music plays]
So I'm actually going
to Turkey this summer.
Turkey! Oh, how lovely.
- [both chuckle]
- That's all I can say.
Yeah, it's really exciting.
My parents have a caravan
[music pumps]
- [Otis] What's up, mate?
- Mate, you all right?
Yeah, I, uh, just, um
I just needed to talk to you guys
about something.
You're bisexual?
So you're gonna cheat on my brother?
Are you sure you're not just gay?
Aww. Share with the group.
Come on. Spit it out.
It's fun, isn't it?
Sneaking around with him.
Pick a side.
- You promised you'd come out.
- [David] I should've known you'd be gay.
- [Tori] He's still lying for you.
- [Nick]why I didn't wanna tell you.
Nick doesn't wanna talk to you, Harry.
Piss off.
[laughs] Oi, what's his problem? [laughs]
G, you know how funny it is?
Are you okay?
I feel really ill.
I'm taking you home.
- Oh, you're a star.
- Is he okay?
Oh, he'll be fine.
Just a bit of sunstroke probably.
I did tell him to put a hat on
when he took Nellie out today.
D'you mind if I stay for a bit?
Just to make sure he's okay.
Of course, darling.
Not past your curfew. I don't want
to get you in trouble with your parents.
Nick's so lucky to have you, Charlie.
[light knock on door]
[mugs rattle]
[Nick] Mm.
[Charlie] Hey.
I made you tea.
- You told Harry to piss off.
- [chuckles]
I enjoyed that.
- So did I.
- [chuckles]
I'd do it again.
- I'd fight them.
- [chuckles]
You'd fight?
I'd fight anyone who's mean to you.
[Nick] I'm sorry.
What for?
I said I'd tell them, but I couldn't.
You have nothing to apologize for.
Tonight just wasn't the night.
I promised.
What do you mean?
When we went to the beach.
I told you I was gonna come out, but
I've just been finding it so hard.
You didn't promise anything.
I think there's this idea
that when you're not straight,
you have to tell
all your friends and family immediately.
Like you owe it to them.
But you don't.
Maybe we should forget
the coming-out plan for a while.
Let's just stay low-key in Paris,
and then it'll be the summer holidays,
and we can just be us.
That does sound nice.
You sure you're okay with it?
Obviously I want you to come out
when and how you want to.
And if that takes a long time,
that's completely okay.
I guess
part of me just wants everyone
to know you're my boyfriend.
I didn't think I'd ever want this yet ♪
When we had first met in the fall ♪
Guess it's something
You learn to accept ♪
When I've been a mess
It's not your fault ♪
But I keep forgetting ♪
It's what we do ♪
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