Heartstopper (2022) s02e04 Episode Script


[upbeat music plays]
I get a little bit obsessed, but it's ♪
[Nick] Hey.
- Hey.
- [Nick] Can I help you with that?
- Oh, thank you.
- [Nick sighs]
[Nick] So you're sure
about keeping it low key?
Yeah. We probably shouldn't
sit next to each other on the coach.
It could be fun, being a secret again.
But I bet you can't last two days
without kissing me.
- [exhales] Is that a challenge I hear?
- Maybe.
[Nick chuckles]
Hello, you two.
Let Friday ruin my Saturday yet again ♪
- [Charlie] Hey.
- [Nick] Hey.
[Tara] I'm so excited!
- I'm so excited.
- What are you reading?
- [Isaac] Les Misérables. Victor Hugo.
- Hey, Tao.
Told me to run ♪
Elle, did you wanna sit next to Tao?
No. I'm gonna sit with the girls.
[girl] Elle, I saved you a space.
[Imogen] It's the most Instagrammable city
in the world arguably,
and, I'm sorry, but nowadays, you have to
have, like, a seven-step skincare routine,
so if I packed too much,
then it's the patriarchy, not my fault.
[Mr. Ajayi] Okay, everyone,
can I have some quiet?
[kids chatter excitedly]
- Quiet!
- [kids stop talking]
Thank you, Mr. Farouk.
Uh Right.
Is everyone ready to leave for Paris?
- [kid] Yeah!
- [engine revs]
[chanting] Paris! Paris! Paris!
Paris! Paris! Paris!
It's okay, yeah, it's okay ♪
But I do ♪
I get a little bit obsessed, but it's ♪
It's okay, yeah, it's okay ♪
But I do ♪
I get a little bit obsessed, but it's ♪
I get a little bit obsessed, but it's ♪
Can I ask you, like,
a really weird question?
Before you and Nick got together,
how did you know
that you liked him in that way?
I just always wanted to be around him.
But also, anytime he was there,
I felt like I couldn't breathe.
And I literally could not stop
thinking about kissing him.
Yes. Hundred percent.
We'll have to get some.
[kid] Yes, please.
[kids chat and laugh]
[kids] Oh Hey!
- So we So the bus goes
- On the train.
- On the train?
- Yeah.
[in French] Yeah, we're arriving today.
I'm about to lose signal.
We're in the Eurotunnel.
That'd be great.
Can you text me when you're free?
[in English] Okay. Bye.
What the hell was that?
My dad.
Your dad's French?
Yeah. He lives in Paris, so, um
Yeah. We're gonna try and meet up.
I don't really see him that often, so
- [announcement over PA in French]
- [in English] What?
Oh, it's just unexpected.
- Are we under the water?
- Yeah.
Then why can't we see any fish?
[kids giggle]
- [Tara] What? Darcy!
- It's just pitch black.
[Sahar] Did you see how angry he was?
- [Tara] It's not gonna be made of glass.
- I wanted an obvious answer!
- Surely there's a reasonable explanation.
- No.
[lighthearted music plays]
[Mr. Ajayi] Okay, we're about
half an hour away now, everyone.
We get to hang out in Paris.
Sleeping in the same bed.
Kissing as much as we want.
It's literally gonna be
the best few days of our lives.
I guess I've just been worried
about when I said
you know?
You didn't say it back?
You mean about our prom outfits,
'cause, you know,
I still think
we should be Princess Peach and Mario,
and my reasoning for this is
[upbeat pop music plays]
[Harry] Here we are, lads!
[pupil] Such perfect timing
[singing in French]
[pupil 2 in English] Oh my God!
[pupil 3] Wow!
[song continues in French]
Mr. Farouk and I will be in room 203
if you need us.
But hopefully you won't.
- [Sahar] Let's go!
- [Darcy] Let's go! Ah!
Darcy, wait!
Elle. Do you need a hand?
[pleasant music plays]
[Isaac chuckles]
Is that my deal? Slow and steady.
[Charlie] Oh, nice.
We have to share beds?
- Well, I'm having the window bed.
- I want the other bed.
[Tao] I hate being woken up by the sun.
[groans, sighs]
I guess I'll share with Tao,
and you can share with Isaac.
I thought you'd find it awkward
sharing with Nick.
Just standing next to Elle
makes me feel like I'm being electrocuted.
- [Tara] Bounce test!
- [both giggling]
[Tara] Darcy!
Hey. We're in Paris.
No being sad. Come on.
- [distant sirens wail]
- [Elle] Oh!
[Tara] Oh, whoa!
- [Darcy] It looks so cool out there!
- [Elle] So cool.
- [sirens wail]
- [engines rev]
- Ooh, uh, sorry.
- It's fine.
Oh, uh Thanks.
[happy music plays]
[leaves rustle]
[birds sing]
[Tao speaking French]
Hot chocolat.
[sniffs, sighs]
- [Tao in English] Do you want some?
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Go on, do it again.
- Have you seen
I wanted to share a bed with you.
I'm sure we'll get to do it one day.
Uh I didn't mean
I I didn't mean do it.
I I was just talking about, you know,
sharing a bed, that's all.
So, um
[sighs] That came out all wrong.
I know what you meant.
I can't wait.
Nick and Charlie! You two coming or
Oh. You're being gay.
Good job.
Carry on.
- [door closes]
- [Charlie laughs]
Will we ever get to kiss
without people walking in on us?
Well, at least
I've not lost this challenge yet.
- Oh. Oh, you're gonna lose.
- Really?
- Just you wait.
- Really? [chuckles]
[pupil] We're going
to see the Eiffel Tower! Come on.
Look, look, look! We can go over there.
[Mr. Ajayi] Gather 'round, please.
Okay, gang, today,
you get to explore Montmartre.
There are lots of shops
and places to visit,
like the Sacré Coeur church,
the Musée de Montmartre.
[Mr. Farouk] That's "museum"
for everyone on this trip
who doesn't even take French.
- [Mr. Ajayi] Stay in groups.
- Excuse me.
- [Mr. Ajayi] No less than two people.
- Hi.
Meet back here by the coach
at 5:00 p.m., please.
And please don't get lost.
- I'm looking at you.
- Do you wanna come with us today?
- I'd love that.
- [pupil] Let's go!
[Tara] So I think
we should start over here.
We should get one of those padlocks
and write our initials on it.
You joking?
That's so lame.
I need a drink.
An alcoholic drink.
We probably shouldn't drink alcohol.
I need a croissant then.
Come on.
[kids chatting]
[Nick] I've been craving ice cream
all day. I need some ice cream.
This place is so beautiful.
What's the plan?
- The Musée de Montmartre.
- The museum?
I don't know.
I think museums are kinda boring.
Yeah, it'd be nice to just explore.
But Renoir painted there.
Yeah, it's a really important place
in art history.
Why don't you two go together then?
We can meet you in a couple of hours?
Just us?
Cool. We'll see you in a couple of hours.
- [Isaac] Have fun.
- Bye.
- Take pics.
- Have a good time.
- See you soon.
- Bye!
[softly] You know exactly
what you're doing.
I've influenced you.
[light music plays]
[singing in French]
[in English] Look what I have bought!
[electricity crackles]
I'm here.
- Uh, that's wrong!
- [laughs]
[James] Thanks for inviting me
to hang out with you guys.
My friends just wanted
to find the nearest McDonald's.
[both chuckle]
It's fine. Um
It's nice that we get a chance
to hang out outside the library for once.
Yeah. It's nice
just to be around other gay people.
[vendor speaking French]
[in English] You have
such a cool friendship group.
[chuckles] Yeah.
[in French] Yes, monsieur?
Can I have two scoops
of chocolate, please?
Yes, of course. Are you English?
Yes! I'm on a school trip.
[vendor] No way! Your accent is very good.
Ah, thank you!
[in English] Um
Since when could you speak French
like an actual French person?
Oh, my dad's French.
Since when?
Since his birth?
[all giggle]
[Darcy] Why do I not know this?
[Tara] How are things
between you and Nick?
Really good.
Why? Does it look like we're not okay?
It looks like Nick is so in love with you.
It's a bit unbearable to watch sometimes.
I suppose I'm sort of jealous
of you and Darcy.
You're out, and you can hold hands
and kiss and
I really want that.
But I don't want Nick
to get bullied like I was.
It takes time.
It took ages for me to even feel
comfortable calling myself a lesbian,
and and we were so scared
of what people might say at school,
so we didn't tell anyone
about us for months.
But eventually, we stopped caring
about all those people.
We just realized
[over PA] Take your seats.
The performance will begin in ten minutes.
You're gonna be great,
and even if you're not great,
I'll still think you're great
'cause I always think you're great.
And I'll clap really loud
even if you fall over
and mess up the entire thing.
[Tara] me and her were all that mattered.
You and Nick will get to that point.
I know you will.
I'm jealous of you and Nick
in some ways too.
What? Why?
You both talk about your feelings.
But Darcy just makes everything
into a joke.
It's hard to get her to open up.
I said "I love you" to her last week,
and she didn't say it back.
I feel like maybe she didn't even want to.
I'm sure she does want to.
And Paris is the perfect place
to have that conversation.
[Darcy squeals]
Absolute disaster!
Jonesy, they were out of mint choc chip,
so I had to get us strawberry.
[James] Shall we go and sit down there?
It's a better view.
- [Tara] Stop it! Shall we go over there?
- [Darcy laughing]
Oh, uh [chuckles]
I'm still full from breakfast.
Charlie, you didn't eat
that much breakfast.
Yeah, I did.
Chocolate? Not bubblegum?
Well, you're a good influence on me.
[playful music plays]
It's not bad.
- You've got some on your nose.
- Oh.
[Nick] Let me get that.
A little bit more.
There we go.
- [Tao] Here we are.
- [Elle] Here we are.
- Tao, I
- We don't have to talk about it.
We should talk about it.
I agree with what you said.
Things were better
when we were just friends.
And I'm sorry for being weird
about Naomi and Felix.
I'm happy you're making new friends,
but I just get in my head
about being left behind and alone.
Our friendship is really important to me.
Me too.
I don't wanna stop being friends.
[light music plays]
Shall we, uh go look at some art now?
- I've always played the part ♪
- Yeah.
- Of Shakespeare ♪
- Okay.
I hide behind the ink and pen ♪
I build up worlds and choose a savior ♪
Savior, savior ♪
I write beginning, middle, end ♪
I'm so tired
Of being a book on the shelf ♪
Tired of stories for somebody else ♪
Think that I'm ready
To start a new chapter ♪
I've been looking
For some way to turn it around ♪
Looking for someone
To give me the crown ♪
And I wanna feel
Like I finally matter, I wanna ♪
- Ah!
- Oh!
- That's what the color reminds me of.
- Stop!
The color. It's reaching out at me.
- It makes me jump.
- We're in a public space.
- Yeah. Sh!
- We can do this at your house, but not
And I always had the words ♪
But I don't wanna say it ♪
Wish I could paint a smile on my face ♪
I wanna be a Mona Lisa ♪
Imagine living somewhere like this
and just being able to paint all day.
[Tao] That'll be you in three years' time.
[Elle] It will!
I'm manifesting.
[camera shutter clicks]
[both laugh]
[Tao] I don't understand
what face she was making. It was like
Like, with the mouth. I don't know.
[speaking French]
- Oh, oui. Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Oui, of course, of course.
[Tao and woman speaking French]
- [Tao] Non speak French.
- [woman] Okay.
[Tao] Okay, so uh
Très bien. That way.
[woman speaking French]
[Tao speaking French]
[woman speaking French]
And I always had the words
But I don't wanna say it ♪
Wish I could paint a smile on my face ♪
I wanna be a Mona Lisa ♪
- [Darcy] Hungry.
- [Tara] We're trying to find somewhere.
- Elle!
- How did it go?
Fine. We're totally back to normal.
It was fun.
- It was really fun.
- [Darcy] Mm-hmm?
[Tara] And?
And that's it.
We're just friends again.
- As if. As if. As if.
- That is it!
- There's more to it!
- [Darcy] No! No, no.
We could go to the Sacré Coeur?
Or we could do some shopping?
Or go to the museum?
- [boy] All right, whatever, man.
- [Imogen scoffs]
- Get off!
- [Ben] What?
Hey, guys!
Um do you guys mind
if I hang with you for a bit?
- Ben's being so boring.
- [Nick] Of course not.
- Sure.
- Feel free.
- [Charlie] Been to the Sacré Coeur yet?
- No, I haven't.
[Charlie] Let's go together then. Come on.
Yay! Thanks, guys.
You guys are more fun. [chuckles]
It's like he doesn't even wanna hang out
with me anymore now that we're dating.
All he cares about is having a girlfriend.
And now he just ignores me all the time.
- I'm not even sure he likes me that much.
- Do you even like him?
He sounds horrible.
What about you?
Do you have anything going on with anyone?
- I thought maybe you and Tao
- No! Not gonna happen.
We're fine just being friends.
Maybe I haven't had
the best track record of relationships,
but I think being honest
is better than living with regret.
- [laughter]
- [Charlie] Tao, what are you doing?
[James] What are you on about?
- Tao!
- Why are you walking like that?
What's wrong with you? Oh my God!
There's not even any music!
- [Tara] Stop!
- [Darcy] Who does he think he is?
[bell tolling in distance]
[atmospheric French music plays]
[speaking French]
- [in English] Sorry, it wasn't me!
- We're calm.
[continues in French]
[man speaking French]
Listen [speaking French]
[in English] Charlie, sit down. Sit down.
[Tao] Good, good, good, good, good.
Everyone's here.
[Mr. Farouk] Also
[speaking French]
[in English] I'm serious, big man.
I get bloated. It's not funny. Cheers.
- [waiter speaking French]
- [pupil] Here, please. Yeah, thanks.
[waiter] Bon appétit.
- [waitress] Uh, escargots?
- [Tao] Oh M Merci.
- [kids] Oh!
- No!
[Tao] Here you go.
We're in France. It had to be done.
[Elle] Mm. I feel sorry for you
and your terrible decisions.
[waiter speaking French]
No, don't. Don't do it. Don't do it.
- [Darcy] No!
- [Nick] Yes, Tao!
- [Charlie] Tao!
- Are you okay?
- [pupil] That is disgusting!
- [Darcy] Can you breathe?
- [waitress] Boeuf bourguignon?
- [Nick] That's mine.
- Thank you.
- You can have that one.
[waitress] Bon appétit.
I haven't spoken to you properly in ages.
How was your first day in Paris?
[Imogen] Not interested
in how my day was then?
Why are you in a mood with me?
Because you're supposed
to be my boyfriend!
But instead, you've got
some sort of obsession with Charlie.
- [cutlery clatters]
- What are you trying to say?
I don't know
why you're obsessed with Charlie!
And, to be honest, I don't even care.
All I know is you're a terrible boyfriend,
and I deserve better.
I'm breaking up with you.
[kids gasp]
Your energy's off!
You're not mature,
and clearly you have some issues
that you need to resolve
before you're ready for a relationship.
And I'm not gonna wait around for you!
I think it's time I focused on myself.
If you don't want to be with me anymore,
that's fine,
but you don't have to be
such a bitch about it.
Benjamin, language.
- [boy] She's got a point.
- Pipe down.
There's no need to call her a bitch. What?
Fine then.
- [kids murmur]
- [girl] Wow!
Bye, Ben.
- She's done nothing wrong.
- He gives me such, like, stink energy.
- Like, stinky energy.
- Stinky, like a smell.
[knock on door]
Oh, hey.
Just wanted to come and check
that you were okay.
I think I am.
I don't know, maybe I shouldn't have
done that in front of everyone.
Well, I think it was one
of the coolest things I've ever seen, so
- [Imogen chuckles softly]
- Agreed.
Did you and Ben ever
It doesn't matter.
He's gone now.
Ugh, everything would be so much easier
if I was into girls.
I'm not so sure about that,
but, um I know what you mean.
Could I maybe have a hug?
How'd it go with Elle today?
It was fine.
We just walked around the museum
for a bit.
It was nice.
I always thought
you two would be good together, so
You don't get it.
Elle is literally
the most amazing person in the world.
She's gone through so much shit.
Like, I was her friend
when she came out as trans,
and that was not a fun time for her.
Why would she ever like me anyway?
She's so cool and interesting
and beautiful, and I'm
I'm just me, you know.
Well, I I think you're pretty cool too.
- And interesting.
- But not beautiful?
Well you're a good-looking guy,
if that's what you're worried about.
I thought you didn't even like me.
I do like you, Tao.
You know, you're you're funny,
you're into weird indie films that,
you know, I probably wouldn't understand.
You know, you're
You care about your friends so
Without worrying
what anyone else might think, and that's
Well, that's that's really cool.
I'm gonna go get something
from the vending machine.
Isaac, you coming?
Yeah, sure.
[door closes]
[chuckles lightly]
Did you just post
another photo of me on Instagram?
I might have.
[Charlie chuckles] Oh, okay!
- Hi.
- [chuckles]
- Oh my God, Nick, you giant rugby idiot!
- Now you are fully trapped!
[Nick growls]
Now you have to sleep in my bed.
It's probably a bad idea.
You seemed kind of down today.
I just wanted to be alone with you.
[gentle music plays]
You taste like toothpaste.
Like the first time we kissed
at your house.
Well, I literally
just have brushed my teeth, so
So, um
Is that okay?
Nick, we we should stop.
We're gonna get caught.
I Yeah. Yeah.
I think you lost the challenge.
[both laugh]
- Oh, f
- We can freak out ♪
We can freak out ♪
Can I sleep on your couch? ♪
And we can freak out ♪
We can freak out ♪
Oh ♪
Log out our account ♪
And we can freak out ♪
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