Heartstopper (2022) s02e05 Episode Script


Who would you be
If there was nobody watching? ♪
How many parts of your identity
Are you squashing down ♪
Just to toe the societal line? ♪
And why do people that you've
Never laid your eyes on define ♪
Your taste, your weight
And the way you dress? ♪
Do you even know the people
That you're trying to impress? ♪
Yes, talk's cheap
It's okay to be scared ♪
But listen up because I've got
A little secret to share ♪
Nobody really cares ♪
Crash your daddy's car ♪
Get kicked out the bar ♪
What's up?
Oh my God. Wh It
Is that
Did I do that?
- Do you think anyone will notice?
- Yeah, I I think everyone will notice.
But no one will know it was you.
I'm so sorry. I
I didn't mean to. I don't even know
how to do that, to be honest.
- I
- Nick, it's fine.
I really enjoyed it.
A lot.
What are you two doing in there?
How did you get that bruise on your neck?
Oh my God!
You! I cannot believe it! The actual
We will be having words.
- We're going for breakfast.
- Y I I'll be there in a minute.
Help me.
- Get kicked out the bar ♪
- Nobody, nobody, nobody really ♪
Tell your boyfriend that it's over ♪
Write a song for Jodie Comer
Cut your hair ♪
- Check that out. Look at his hickey.
- That's so gross.
Nobody really cares ♪
I blame Nick entirely.
That's fair.
It wasn't just his fault.
I was also involved.
Ugh! No need for the gory details.
Oi, Charlie Spring!
Who gave you that hickey? Oh my
Well, that's not ideal.
Not hungry?
Not really.
Okay, well, um I'll pack you a croissant,
so if you get hungry later,
you'll have a snack.
You're the best.
Something to be proud about, isn't it?
Getting some action.
Wait, is it true James McEwan
gave you that hickey?
He's the only other gay guy
on the trip, so
Did you see that guy
in reception, dark hair?
- Maybe he gave Charlie his hickey.
- I saw someone in the gallery.
Leave him alone.
It's none of your business.
It It It wasn't me.
I mean, obviously, you know it wasn't me.
Oh my God, look!
I'm so excited to go
up the Eiffel Tower. It's gonna be so
Now, we've all been having fun in Paris,
but we thought this morning
would be a good time to remind you
why we're really here,
and that's to practice your French skills.
Now, we'll be putting you in pairs
and giving you
some Eiffel Tower vocabulary to translate
before you start
your climb to the top, okay?
Starting with Charlie Spring
and James McEwan.
- Whey!
- Hush.
- Aw! It's a date!
- Stop it!
Shut up, Harry.
Next up is
Nick Nelson and Ben Hope.
Sir, I don't wanna go with Nick Nelson.
I don't give a rat's arse, rudeboy.
Grow up.
Okay, next we have Tara and Darcy.
- That's, "How much is it?"
- Oh, of course. Thank you.
Do you think this is right?
I don't take French,
but I know that's wrong.
All right. I don't take French either.
C'est la vie.
I know you think it's funny
to point things out about people
and get a laugh out of your mates,
but do you ever stop and think
how you're actually making people feel?
Like, come on, Harry.
Where's your basic human empathy?
- Oh, come on, leave it out, book boy.
- So stupid everybody thinks it was me.
Like, just because we're both gay,
it means we must fancy each other.
- No offense.
- None taken.
Do you think Isaac thinks it was me?
I I just don't want him
to think it was me.
He knows it wasn't you.
- It wasn't him, was it?
- No!
Darcy, I wanna talk about
what happened at the Paris trip meeting.
About Tao's proposal?
Yeah, I kinda feel like we should've known
it would've been a disaster after that.
But I still feel like if they just kiss,
they'll figure it out.
Darcy, you know that's not what I meant.
Remember when we were walking into Truham?
No. Not really.
You know what? Never mind.
Let's just get on with the worksheet.
Are you happy?
First Charlie, now Imogen.
You're the one who told her
about me and Charlie, aren't you?
It's your mission
to, like, mess up my life.
You never cared about either of them.
You used Imogen for popularity points,
and you didn't actually like Charlie.
You just liked having control over him.
What if I said I want Charlie back?
I get it. I was a dick back then,
but I was dealing with my own shit.
Charlie didn't even give me a chance
to figure myself out,
and then you came along,
and you stole him from me.
Charlie really liked me
before you got in his head.
At least I was nice enough not to give him
a hickey where everyone could see.
Okay, is everyone finished?
Now, it's very hot today,
so make sure you take it easy
on the stairs and stay hydrated.
Come on then.
We didn't get tickets for the lift?
- Oh, come on, Charlie!
- Slow down!
- Too many stairs.
- We're going now. Come on.
- We have to get there before everyone.
- Can I have a break?
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
- It's fine. I've got you.
- No! No!
I've got you. I've got you. Look at me.
- It's the last stretch.
- It's not.
- We've got so much further to go!
- Come on!
We made it!
- Oh my God!
- Wow.
Oh my God.
Look! Go, go, go!
No, we will not
have this, thank you.
Come on. Stand up.
Come on.
Go enjoy the view. Thank you.
- Darcy!
- Great. That's great.
Three, two, one, France!
- Okay, this is the most beautiful sight.
- We need to get a selfie for my mum.
- She's gonna love that.
- She is.
Hey, Nick!
Is that hickey from you then?
What if it was?
Are you jealous?
I'm not gay.
Nah, leave 'em alone, lads. Come on.
Come on. You've got your own problems.
Did Harry just stick up for us?
Hey! Come on!
I think he did.
Maybe we shouldn't
be hanging out right now.
More people might think
it was you who you know.
You, um
You do know
it was me, right?
- Yeah, I think I remember you being there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Let's go find the others.
This is cute.
You could get one if you want.
They're selling them back there.
You really don't think
things are gonna work out?
Even if she does like me back,
and even if something did happen,
I'd still mess it up,
like I always do with everything.
You don't mess things up.
Name one thing you've messed up.
The cinema date?
My art coursework.
Your life, multiple times.
I'm basically the reason
you got outed last year.
After you came out to us, I was talking
about you with Isaac, someone overheard,
and, next thing we know,
you're getting bullied every single day.
I never wanted to tell you
because I didn't want you to hate me.
But you know
that wasn't your fault, don't you?
Like, that was clearly an accident.
Tao, we've been friends
since the first day of Year 7.
Hey. I'm Tao.
- Charlie.
- Cool.
- Do you like Radiohead?
- Yeah.
Me too. Have you seen
the Romeo + Juliet movie from the '90s?
It's one of my favorite movies,
and it's got a Radiohead song
on the credits.
It makes me cry, like, every time.
I was so shy
and scared of everyone,
but I immediately thought
how cool and funny and kind you were.
You were the only person I met that day
that I really wanted to be friends with.
Are you guilt-tripping me
into being nice about myself?
Even if things don't work out
with you and Elle,
even if you make mistakes sometimes,
you're a good person who deserves love.
Wait, isn't that for you and Nick?
People might think you gave me this hickey
if you keep this up.
So? Might help to deflect the rumors.
Guys, come on.
We need to get to the Louvre.
I'm gonna
- Hey. Wait up.
- You okay?
You have until 5:00 p.m.,
and if any of you gets lost,
we will be leaving you here
to get locked in.
- Where's that Mona Lisa girl?
- Let's go!
Guys, we've gotta get a selfie with it.
Everyone pose for me now.
Wait! That's the Mona Lisa?
That's it? It's rubbish!
What? Darcy, it's art!
- You can't say that.
- Let's get another photo.
Look, look, look! Quick!
Show me your Mona face.
I reckon I'd look absolutely great
in, like, a gilded, golden frame.
Stunning and glowing
and looking spectacular.
I'd be so incredibly mugged off
if I posed for a painting,
and they just painted the back of my head.
- Come on!
- Wait, wait! Wait for me!
I don't think I really understand
any of the art, but it's nice to look at.
You don't always need
to understand it to enjoy it.
This one feels kinda romantic.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
Guess that's true
of real life as well.
What is?
You don't have to understand your feelings
completely to know you like something.
You don't have to always
have figured everything out.
You can just
- What?
- Come on.
- Come on!
- Wait, where are we going?
No idea!
I can't run!
- Hey.
- What are you looking at?
Just a painting.
I just love being here.
You don't wanna go back to the others?
No, it's so fast!
I think we're there 'cause I think it was
We've already walked past the Mona Lisa
so we're at that one, aren't we?
Which means that if we go up these stairs,
we can see the Greek sta tues.
I should probably tell you,
when we were on the Eiffel Tower,
he said that he still liked you.
Like, he genuinely thinks he still has
a chance of getting back with you.
He doesn't.
Shall we get going?
- Come on, you lot.
- Come on.
I think I look just like her.
Isn't it?
Do I not have the same physique?
The same drama?
- Do the pose, then I'll see.
- Okay.
Oh, your mum text you.
Wow, okay.
It's nothing.
Let's take a photo with this one.
How come I've never even met your parents?
I don't know. Come on.
Why do you always do that?
Why do you always avoid the issue?
Sometimes, I feel like
you're hiding stuff from me.
Well, I'm not.
I've never met your parents,
I've never been to your house, and
you didn't even wanna
say "I love you" back.
It was just a casual "I love you."
You said you didn't mean it like that.
But you know I did.
You know I do.
What they do
to make those statues so accurate.
Like, back in the day,
all they had was just a big bit of rock.
- And a carving tool. What would it be?
- Like a chisel.
- A chisel.
- Yeah.
But how did they do it
with just a chisel?
- Hey.
- Hey.
They're not frightened.
- Exactly.
- Nick.
Charlie, what's wrong?
- Charlie?
- I don't
I don't feel very well.
- Somebody get Mr. Farouk!
- Nick!
- Charlie?
- Charlie?
I thought this trip would be awful.
But I think it's my favorite holiday yet.
It's so beautiful here.
It makes me want to draw.
You should.
I love watching you draw.
The building is just so cinematic.
They should make more movies
in the Louvre.
I can only think of The Da Vinci Code,
and you would literally
have to tie me to a chair
if you wanted me to watch
that actual monstrosity aga
Oh my God.
- Elle, wait.
- I'm so sorry.
- Let's forget that happened.
- Elle!
You can't force him to love you ♪
He can't expect you to be all right ♪
With all the bullshit he gives you ♪
I I don't know how to do this.
Me neither.
But if you fall in love with a girl ♪
She'll make you feel
Like the world is on your shoulder ♪
When you're holding her hand ♪
The first time that you kiss
You'll smell lilacs on her lips ♪
And when you need a little space
You know that ♪
That boy, let him go ♪
Lights are on, but no one's home ♪
Enough's enough, find your pearl ♪
And fall in love ♪
With a girl ♪
Let him go ♪
Fall in love ♪
With a girl ♪
That is uncanny.
I don't see it.
Stand in front of it.
I'll show you. Go on.
And do the pose as well.
- I don't do poses.
- Yes, you do. Go on.
Now the facial expression.
- Mr. Farouk, Mr. Ajayi!
- Charlie fainted.
What just happened?
You just, um
You passed out.
Onto your boyfriend though, so all good.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just
really embarrassed.
We found them!
Charlie, are you all right?
Are you sure you feel okay, Charlie?
Yeah, I just haven't eaten enough today.
If you need to sit down
or you just wanna rest on the coach,
that's fine.
We'll let you chill out a bit.
Yeah. Thanks.
I've noticed
you, uh, don't really eat a lot.
Um Generally.
I don't know. It kinda feels
like it's gotten worse lately?
Like, I feel like
you eat less than you used to.
- I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
- Hey, no.
You have nothing to be sorry about.
I just
I wanna understand.
I know I don't eat like normal people.
Some days I'm fine,
but other days I feel like I need to
control it.
I used to do it a lot last year,
when everything at school was really bad.
Sometimes it feels like
the only thing I can control in my life.
That makes zero sense.
You can forget I said
It does make sense.
Okay, maybe I don't totally get it, but
I still wanna know
if you're feeling like that.
If you're having a bad day,
or if there's anything that I can do
to make things less stressful.
Cheering you up.
I'm your boyfriend, Charlie.
And I
I really care about you.
It's a bit dry.
You are not rejecting the croissant
that I lovingly carried for you all day.
- Yeah.
- This
This is so
Oh, it's my dad. Um
- Sorry, I'd better
- Your dad?
Hello? Dad?
Yeah. I'm good. I'm at the Louvre.
Are we meeting up this week?
Oh, really?
No. I can do that.
Okay. See you soon.
Okay. Sorry about that. He said, um
You speak French.
Like, fluently.
Sort of. Um
My dad's French, and he basically
only speaks to me in French, so
Anyway, he lives in Paris,
so I've been trying to
Are you Wait, do you like
the fact that I speak French?
It's fine.
- It's cool.
- Charlie!
Mon amour.
- Oh my God, you're so cringe!
- You don't look like you're cringing.
- You look like you're blushing.
- I am not!
- Oh yeah? Sure?
- Leave me alone, you dick! Oh!
No. None of that here.
- Where are we actually going?
- This way!
Come on!
My dad wants to meet up, like, today.
You never mentioned your dad before.
I mean
He's not really
a big part of my life anymore,
since he lives here, and
he's not the most reliable.
He's still my dad, so
I had this idea that I might
introduce you to him.
It's just hard to get in touch with him
when he never answers my texts.
How about
we promise to tell each other
when we've got stuff going on?
When are you actually
meeting up with him? And how?
I said I'd meet him
in a café in 20 minutes.
You'll never be the same ♪
You'll never be the same ♪
I'll never be the same ♪
Don't recognize myself ♪
My face, my name, no more ♪
Don't recognize myself ♪
My face, my name, no more ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
I don't know who I am without you ♪
Hoo-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh ♪
I'll never be the same ♪
Don't recognize myself ♪
My face, my name, no more ♪
Ooh-oh-oh ♪
I'll never be the same ♪
Don't recognize myself ♪
My face, my name, no more ♪
Ooh-oh-oh ♪
I'll never be the same ♪
Ooh-oh-oh ♪
I'll never be the same ♪
Don't recognize myself ♪
My face, my name, no more ♪
No more ♪
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