Heartstopper (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Truth / Dare

[gentle acoustic music plays]
[singing in French]
[music building]
Would you feel better if I waited here?
No. Please come with me.
[Nick's dad chuckles]
[in French] You've grown so much!
What happened? Playing a lot of rugby?
Yeah, a bit.
[in English] This is my dad, Stéphane.
This is my
- I'm Charlie.
- [Stéphane] Nice to meet you, Charlie.
Coffee? Coffee?
[Stéphane and waiter speaking French]
[in English] So you meet Nick in school?
[Stéphane] Ah, great.
So good to see you in Paris!
You never visit.
Oh, uh
When he was younger,
he would visit every summer. [chuckles]
When do you graduate? Must be soon now.
Uh, I've still got two more years left.
Ah. [chuckles]
I would have invited you this summer,
but Martine is having
this new kitchen fitted.
The apartment is a mess. [chuckles]
That's okay. Um
You know, I'd still like
to meet her sometime, if you wanted me to.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Perhaps someday soon, mm?
Now, tell me about this school trip.
Have you been seeing the sights of Paris?
Yeah, most of them. Uh, we went
to the Eiffel Tower, uh Sacré Coeur.
- The Louvre this morning.
- Yeah.
- It's been really fun.
- [phone rings]
Excuse me for a moment.
You doing okay?
I think so.
[speaking French]
[sighs] I'm sorry, boys.
Something has come up,
and I just can't get out of it.
Oh, uh
[Stéphane] But I haven't told you my news.
I'm coming to England next week.
- Small business trip.
- Oh, um
You should come to dinner.
I'm sure Mum would be okay with it,
and David will want to see you.
I miss that boy.
Ha! We'll see. I'll talk to your mother.
[in French] Keep up with the rugby.
Girls love rugby players.
[Stéphane chuckles]
David always had lots of girlfriends
when he was your age.
[in English] Was good
to meet you, Charlie.
Wonderful to meet one of Nick's friends.
Yeah. You too.
[in French] I'll call you later.
[wistful music plays]
That was fast.
I really thought
I could talk to him about you.
It's okay.
There'll be other chances.
He just doesn't
He doesn't know me.
I mean, he knows I like rugby, and
that's it.
Let's walk back to the coach.
You can rant about him
the whole way there.
- Have you still not found him?
- Oh!
- Uh No.
- No.
I have something to share.
Me and Elle kissed.
- [all gasp]
- No way.
- No, you didn't!
- Yes!
No, you didn't!
We kissed.
[all scream]
[Charlie] I'm so proud of you!
[Isaac] Oh my God, Tao,
you have to tell us everything.
Well, she kind of initiated it.
I I I literally just went for it,
and I thought it was a mistake.
- But it wasn't a mistake!
- And then we kissed again.
- Ah, but I kissed her that time.
- Oh my God! No you didn't!
- Then the third kiss was, like, amazing.
- Three times?!
This is the best thing
that's ever happened!
Wait, so what does this mean?
Are you two dating?
I don't know. We literally had
our first kiss like five hours ago.
- You need to talk. I'll text the girls.
- Wait.
- What are you sending?
- "Well, we should explore the hotel."
You have to ask him to be your boyfriend.
I'm sure he'll say yes.
- [phone chimes]
- I don't know. It's It's too too soon.
- [Sahar and Darcy] Do it!
- Guys, look!
- Ooh!
- Shall we go?
Let's go!
[Elle] We definitely shouldn't be
sneaking around this late.
[Tara] Well, it's my birthday tomorrow,
so what I say goes!
- [giggling]
- [girl] Sh!
Come on! Come on, we're going. Let's go!
Sh! Sh!
[Darcy] Let's go!
[whimsical music plays]
[both chuckle]
[Tao] Sh! Sh!
So, like, are we
- What were you gonna say?
- Uh I I
I I forgot.
If you even think
about giving me another hickey
- I wasn't thinking about that!
- You so were.
How are you feeling?
Charlie, you literally fainted
on me today.
But how are you feeling
about seeing your dad?
You wanted to come out to him.
I know I've been stressed
about coming out,
but I don't think I realized
how stressed out you've been about it.
I get stressed about everything.
- You're not special.
- Charlie.
And it doesn't matter
how I feel about it anyway.
It's your coming out.
- You're the one who's going through it
- Charlie.
It matters to me.
[Mr. Farouk] Boys!
It's past 11. You should be in your room.
Go on now.
[Mr. Ajayi] Couldn't have let them off?
Pretty sure I did the exact same thing
at that age.
Sneaking around like that.
With a boy.
You never did anything like that?
[Mr. Farouk exhales]
[machine beeping]
Well, when you don't figure out you're gay
until your late 20s,
you tend to miss out on those
beautiful gay teenage experiences.
Probably a bit late for me to have
any youthful moments of discovery.
[tuts, inhales] Don't think there's
an age limit on those, to be honest.
[playful music plays]
You flirting with me?
Ah Come on.
We should head back.
[kids singing] Happy birthday
Dear Tara ♪
Happy birthday to you! ♪
Ugh, they are gonna be a handful today.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Isaac] Oh my God!
- [kid] She didn't!
- [Nick] Oh my God, that's insane.
- Wow. That is something.
- [Tara] It's a Darcy present.
- [laughter]
- Thanks. I hate it.
- I knew you would.
I'm sorry for being, you know,
not a very good girlfriend recently.
I'm gonna make it up to you.
I've got plans. Big plans.
[upbeat music plays]
- [Tara] Darcy!
- Ah! Sorry!
Put it down. Put it down. Come on!
[Tara] We got it. We got it!
Shake your hair, have some fun ♪
Forget our mothers and past lovers
Forget everyone ♪
Oh, I'm so lucky
You are my best friend ♪
Oh my God!
Oh, there's no one
There's no one who knows me like you do ♪
Don't. Stop!
Are your lights on? ♪
Are your lights still on ♪
- Can you stop taking selfies of me?
- [Nick] Absolutely not.
Stop it! Please.
I'm gonna put this in front of my face.
I'll keep you safe if you keep me ♪
- [Tara] Notre Dame!
- [Imogen] That's the Notre Dame?
- [Tara] Yeah.
- What?
- [Sahar] Oh my God.
- It's so tiny!
I need a selfie with you here.
- Are you wild like me? ♪
- Aww.
Raised by wolves and other beasts ♪
I tell you all the time ♪
I'm not mad ♪
You tell me all the time ♪
I got plans ♪
Me and you, me and you, me and you ♪
We could do better ♪
I'm quite sure ♪
Me and you, me and you, me and you ♪
We could do better ♪
I'm quite sure ♪
[Isaac] Are you coming?
[Tao] Yeah, we've got, like, five minutes
before Tara arrives.
- You go ahead. We'll meet you there.
- [Isaac] All right.
If you wanted some privacy with Nick,
you could just say so.
[chuckles lightly]
You sure you're okay
with me borrowing this?
As long as you don't steal it
like the last three you borrowed.
- I actually quite like that one.
- I didn't steal them!
I just forgot to give them back.
[Nick scoffs]
You forgot to give them back?
- Excuse me.
- [chuckles]
What are you doing?
I'm just
We could
just stay here for a bit.
[Nick] Mm.
Why's that?
We haven't kissed in, like, two days.
Come on. We're gonna be late.
[Charlie chuckles]
I hate you.
- No, you like me!
- Hmm
I really don't.
[music playing in room]
[pop music plays]
- [Charlie] You did all of this?
- [Darcy] Yeah.
Everything has to be perfect for Tara.
She's a princess.
- [knock on door]
- Okay. Sh!
They're about to bring her in.
[music stops]
[all] Surprise!
[all cheer]
Thanks, everyone!
[Darcy] Ohhh!
- [all cheer]
- [music restarts]
All my emotions
Are explosions into stereo ♪
I don't just feel them
I convert them ♪
[Darcy] Okay. Someone find Imogen
a glass right now.
Rainbow, geometric like ♪
[Darcy] Come on, Imogen.
It's not always the same ♪
You can't tell me you don't notice ♪
Okay, yeah, yes go.
I can do it. I can do it.
- Ready?
- Three, two, one, go.
[Elle] Mm-mm-mm.
[both chuckle]
Get out!
- I need to pee.
- [Tao] Too bad!
[clears throat]
I know the way
You got that look in your eyes ♪
And then it disappears ♪
So then ♪
You're telling me
There's something different about it ♪
Even though
We've been circling around it ♪
Since forever ♪
- I can wear it as my pajama top.
- I'll get it for your birthday.
Like I know the things
That you've been talking about ♪
And sometimes I can't ever believe
What you say, yeah ♪
It's only in the way
I'm feeling this down ♪
That nothing seems to change ♪
One, two, yeah ♪
You tell me everything ♪
[James] There you are.
- Not hanging out with your friends?
- [Isaac] No.
- You?
- They'll just tease me about Charlie.
- Do they all think the hickey was you?
- Yeah. I told them it wasn't, but
I mean, to be honest, I sort of
had a crush on him last year. [chuckles]
- Not anymore though.
- [chuckles] Um
I I do have a crush
on someone else though.
Is it me?
[somber music plays]
S Sorry.
W Was it bad, or
I've just never kissed anyone before so
No, it's It's not that. It's just
I'm sorry.
Hot and heavy
In the basement of your parents' place ♪
You used to be so sweet ♪
Now you're a firecracker
On a crowded street ♪
Couldn't look away even if I wanted ♪
Try to walk away
But I come back to the start ♪
Led me to the floor
Even though I'm not a dancer ♪
Ask me all the questions
That your parents wouldn't answer ♪
How could I deny
A diamond in the rough? ♪
You let me in your world
Until you had enough ♪
You knew that I wanted you
To bend the rules ♪
How did ♪
We keep escaping parties
to hang out with each other.
Are we gonna do it every time?
I hope so.
And overprotected ♪
When I went away
It was the only option ♪
Couldn't trust myself
To proceed with caution ♪
The most that I could give to you
Is nothing at all ♪
The best that I could offer was to ♪
Not running away this time though.
No. Please don't.
Sorry to interrupt
your very obvious flirting,
but it's alcohol time!
[chuckles] Okay.
- Oh.
- [Nick] That's a lot.
- Wow.
- [Darcy] Oh, sorry!
- [Charlie] Darcy, that was
- Enjoy!
My parents never let me have alcohol.
Well, your parents aren't here now.
- Oh, that is disgusting.
- Wait, I've gotta try it. I've gotta try.
- I'm sure it's not that bad.
- No, it is. Trust me.
Oh! Wow. That hits you immediately.
- [lively chatter]
- [knock on door]
What do you want?
What? Can me and my boy come in, yeah?
- No.
- [Harry] What d'you mean no?
I invited you to my party.
Yeah, well,
no homophobes at my birthday party.
[Darcy] Yeah. Leave.
No What?
Come on, man. Everyone's here.
Can I not just talk to Nick and Charlie?
- [Tara] They don't want to talk to you!
- [Harry] What do you mean?
What do you want?
[Harry] Look.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I know I've said some homophobic stuff
in the past,
but I feel like I know better now,
and I'll never say
anything like that again.
So we cool? Can we come in?
- [upbeat music resumes]
- [Darcy] Woo-hoo! Charlie!
Come on, everyone.
Let's keep partying. Everyone, dance!
Truth or dare!
You can ask my friends ♪
We don't really care
About the message we send ♪
[all chanting] Chug! Chug!
Chug! Chug! Chug!
- [squeals]
- Play pretend ♪
- I get more likes ♪
- [Tara] Who's next?
That's personal information!
I'm not gonna say that.
[all cheer]
Um I I don't know.
I don't really have any celebrity crushes.
Ah, come on.
Everybody has a celebrity crush.
[Darcy] Of course you do!
Imogen got a boyfriend last year
and then stopped texting me.
- That's what happened.
- Uh, no, you stopped texting me.
[Darcy] What is the truth?
[all cheer]
Come on. I know you've loved me for years.
Oh my God!
Oh my God.
[kid 1] I dare Charlie
to kiss
You're only saying that
'cause of the hickey rumor, and
it wasn't James.
I mean,
I don't care, so
[kid 1] Fine. I dare Charlie to kiss
Come on. Like, we've literally
We've literally just broken up.
- [kid 2] Come on, it's just a dare.
- No. No way.
That isn't even funny.
I barely know Charlie.
- [kid 3] Don't be boring.
- [kid 4] It's a game.
[Ben] No. This game is so stupid.
I'm tired anyway.
- [kid 3] Always making a scene.
- Boring.
[door slams]
- Can I do a truth instead?
- [kid 1] Okay then.
Who gave you the hickey?
What? Can we just move on from this?
It's too personal.
Someone might get outed.
[kid 1] What's the point of truth or dare
if we're allowed to keep secrets?
I know who it was.
[poignant music plays]
Me. We're dating.
- Oh my God, I called it.
- [kid 6] That's really cute.
- [kid 7] It was him?
- [kid 8] Nick?
- [kid 9] How long have you been going out?
- A few months.
- [kid 10] We were saying it the other day.
- I never would've guessed Nick was gay!
- I'm
- He's
- [both]bi, actually.
- But yeah.
- So
- Do you want us to keep it a secret?
We're okay with people knowing.
I'm sorry to ruin this very lovely moment,
but I think I'm gonna be sick.
Mr. Farouk!
[banging on door]
I'm going to pretend
I believe you have food poisoning.
Just try and take some deep breaths.
I'll get you a sick bag
[Darcy retches]
- [coughs]
- Ooh.
[Darcy spits, coughs]
Why did I get into teaching?
It's okay. It's okay.
[dreamy music plays]
[both chuckle softly]
- All right.
- What are you doing?
[Charlie laughs] No!
Nah, I'm not gonna drop you.
Ooh, whoa. Okay.
- [Nick] Is that comfy? There we go.
- That's better. Ah!
[Nick] That's better. All right.
Now, can you remember
where we're meant to be going?
- We are going that way.
- That way?
- That way.
- I'm sure it was that way.
No, it's definitely that way.
It's that way.
[music building]
- You came out to a room full of people.
- Yeah.
Yes, I did.
Do you think
it's gonna get passed around, like
Do you think everyone in school's
gonna know about it?
Yeah. Probably.
I think I'm okay with that.
Nervous, but we'll be okay.
Since Tao and Isaac
are staying in the girls' room tonight,
I could sleep in here?
With you?
in that case,
I think you're gonna have to move over
'cause that's my side of the bed.
Well, I got here first, so
- Did you now?
- Yeah.
Hmm. Okay.
- Nick! You're crushing me!
- What are you gonna do?
- [Nick] It's my side!
- [Charlie] Tickle you! Absolutely, yes.
- Don't you dare!
- Tickle you!
We're gonna have to fight.
We're gonna have to fight.
Okay. We can fight.
[upbeat music plays]
- [both grunt]
- [Charlie] No way!
[both laugh]
- [Nick] This is unfair.
- [Charlie] Do I win?
[Nick sighs] I guess so.
[gentle music plays]
Is this okay?
That didn't sound very sure.
Uh [chuckles]
Sorry. Um
I I do like it. It's just, um
I'm I'm not sure I'm ready
to do anything more than kissing.
No, I
I didn't think we'd do that right now.
I do I do want to.
Yeah. Me too.
- Eventually.
- Yeah.
And I'd only wanna do it if you did,
and if you didn't ever wanna do it,
then I wouldn't either.
- That sounded really cheesy.
- [chuckles]
Oh, I'm so embarrassing!
- I think we both are, to be honest.
- Why are we like this?
[chuckles] I have no idea.
Kissing's still okay though?
[Tao] Wait, wait, wait.
[Elle] Oh, Tao.
- [Tao] Don't! Don't tickle me.
- [Elle chuckles]
My name's Elle.
I can draw art.
Look at my amazing art.
Am I amazing?
[Elle laughs]
Tao, sh!
- I'm sorry for ruining your birthday.
- Hey.
It's not ruined.
I wanted it to be perfect for you.
I have to be perfect for you.
Darcy, nobody's perfect.
[Darcy sniffles]
I love you.
I love you so much.
I know it sounds like I don't mean it
because I'm drunk,
but I really do mean it.
I love you.
[gentle acoustic music plays]
That's so gross. I was just sick.
I don't care.
Throw me in the deep end ♪
[Darcy sniffles]
I'm ready now to swim ♪
Thank you.
The air in my lungs
May not last very long, but I'm ♪
Are you gonna report her?
she can't get in trouble
for having food poisoning, can she?
Hmm. [chuckles]
I suppose
I'd better head down to reception,
try and get some fresh sheets.
I mean,
you could just share my bed.
No, sorry, stupid idea.
Look, Youssef.
[Mr. Farouk] No.
I don't think it's a stupid idea.
I'll be your medicine if you let me ♪
Give you reason to get out of bed ♪
Sister, I'm trying
To hold off the lightning ♪
And help you escape from your head ♪
I wanna stay up all night.
Me too.
Watch a Super 8 video tape ♪
[both laugh softly]
We were kids in a car ♪
Having lighthearted arguments ♪
We don't know what's there
Till it's gone ♪
Just hear me out ♪
And you might understand ♪
We're made up of the same blood ♪
I'll be your medicine if you let me ♪
So what was your favorite moment in Paris?
Uh The Louvre.
Sister, I'm trying
To hold off the lightning ♪
And help you escape from your head ♪
Throw me in the deep end ♪
I'm ready now to swim ♪
[warm music plays]
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