Heartstopper (2022) s02e07 Episode Script


[synth-pop song plays]
I was crying at a party, which is ♪
[knock on door]
[woman] Girls, are you awake?
- It's almost midday.
- [door opens]
You know Granny would have a heart attack
if she knew
I was letting your girlfriend sleep over.
Granny would have a heart attack
if she knew I was a lesbian.
That may be true,
but it's about the principle.
No sleepovers tonight.
[door closes]
I should probably go.
[Tara] But I don't want you to.
I'll be fine.
She said, "Open up your mind" ♪
Baby, in this life ♪
We can be anything ♪
We can be anything ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
We can be anything ♪
We can be anything ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
So I was heading back home ♪
Feeling a little less alone ♪
I was sitting on the train ♪
Mulling it over in my brain ♪
That's when I saw somebody crying ♪
Out beyond my silver lining ♪
I said, "Why are you upset?" ♪
She said, "Well, nothing makes sense" ♪
I said, "Hey, don't be so defeated" ♪
She said, "Well, don't be so naive" ♪
"It's been proven
Space is exponential" ♪
"So this is all inconsequential" ♪
I said, "If it's inconsequential" ♪
"Then there's infinite potential" ♪
She said
"But what's the real purpose" ♪
"It's all just
Still completely worthless ♪
I said, "Open up your" ♪
- You're in a good mood.
- Yeah.
Anything I should know about?
Maybe me and Elle
decided to get together.
Oh! Oh! [laughs]
I knew it would work out!
Oh, and Elle is the most special girl.
The perfect girl for my perfect boy!
Oh, I have to call Po Po
to tell her the news,
and then I have to call Auntie Li
and Auntie Tsang!
Mum, we're not We haven't talked about
actually being boyfriend and girlfriend.
Oh, we've all been waiting for this day!
Don't you think? ♪
We can be anything ♪
We can be anything ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
That's awesome, don't you think? ♪
- Your dad's coming for dinner next week.
- Dad's coming to visit? Sick.
- Can we invite Charlie over?
- That's a lovely idea.
What? You're joking.
We can invite his parents and sister,
make a proper dinner party out of it.
How come Nick gets to invite someone
and I don't?
Do you have a girlfriend
you'd like to invite, David?
- [game music plays]
- [Toad] Woo-hoo!
You should've come. It was really fun.
My summer is for sleeping,
not visiting old museums.
- [Charlie] Yes!
- [Tori] No! [grunts]
Get off it! Stop it!
[Charlie] We've been invited to Nick's
for a dinner party.
[sarcastically] Wow. Mum will love that.
What d'you mean?
She's not exactly
Nick's biggest fan, is she?
Well, maybe this will help her
see how great he is.
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[video game music resumes]
[happy music plays]
[wistful music plays]
[Tao] Year 11 Prom's coming up.
[kids chatting]
- [Tao] How are you feeling about it?
- Good.
- Just, like, maybe a gray?
- Okay.
Guys! Um, I'm gonna
catch up with you in a bit.
- I said I'd meet up with James.
- Oh my God, they're gonna kiss!
- Good luck!
- Have fun.
[Darcy laughs]
- Bye!
- Bye.
[Tara] With this?
[gasps] For prom!
- No.
- Yes!
I don't know. Maybe?
Try it on. Look,
the lining matches my dress. It's perfect.
- Yes! Go!
- All right. Okay!
[phone chimes]
I think I'm gonna go to prom.
- Yeah?
- [Nick] Yeah.
Would you like to, like, um,
be my prom date?
- I don't know. Maybe it's stupid.
- No.
No, it's not.
We might get a lot of attention.
- And I don't wanna wear matching suits.
- Oh, me neither.
[both chuckle]
- This one's pretty.
- [Elle] Mm.
I don't think it's the one.
What's the deal
with this exhibition thing anyway?
They like your art enough to exhibit it
but still can't tell you if you've got in?
You got in, didn't you?
- [squeals]
- Sh!
Don't tell the others.
[Nick] Oh no, there's a bit missing.
[Elle] I don't know how Tao will take it.
I just haven't decided yet.
Oh my God! You look amazing.
I don't know if I can afford it.
I haven't got much left after Paris, but
- [Tara] I've got some change.
- Oh my God.
- You look amazing.
- [Darcy] Like it?
- Seven?
- I've got some.
[Darcy] No, guys
- Oh, wait.
- [Tara] I've got seven.
[Nick] I've got £6.50.
There we go.
- That's enough.
- Take it.
Thank you.
Hey. Sorry. Some man just bought, like,
15 of those Penguin cloth-bound classics.
- [both chuckle]
- Wow. That's, like, life goals.
[both giggle]
So I'm guessing
you don't feel the same about me then?
I don't know how I'm supposed to feel
when I have a crush on someone.
I read all these books
where people fall in love,
and I still have absolutely no idea.
I thought that I might
feel that way about you.
But then we kissed, and
I just knew that I didn't.
I think there might be
something wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong with you.
You probably just haven't found
the right person yet.
[Tara] If we don't get "best dressed"
[Darcy] Are we going for that?
Is that real?
They wanted to wrap it.
- Did something happen?
- Something definitely happened.
- Did you kiss?
- Can you guys just shut up?!
I get that you don't think
my life is interesting
unless I have some kind of romantic drama,
but I'm sorry to break it to you.
I don't like him back!
Okay? You can all carry on
with your day now.
- Isaac
- No, I'm sorry. I'm fine. I just
I don't wanna talk about it.
[pop music plays]
- Tao!
- [Tara] Hey, how are you?
- Hey.
- Hello.
Oh, wow!
- [Isaac] Oh my God!
- Superstar!
[all] Aww!
[Darcy] You look gorgeous.
- [Elle] How are you?
- Good.
- How are you?
- [Elle] Nervous.
Don't be nervous.
It's gonna be great.
You're the brass ring ♪
Or is this limelight blinding? ♪
I can't see a thing ♪
[Nick] Elle, this place is amazing.
Hey, Elle! Elle, I love your piece.
- I'm so excited for it to be revealed.
- Thank you!
And I can't wait to see what art you make
when you start with us in September.
- You got in?
- Yeah.
- [Charlie] Elle!
- [Darcy] Oh my God!
- [Charlie] I'm so proud of you.
- That's so exciting.
- [Naomi] Elle.
- Hey.
How are you?
Cry ♪
Better run, run, run
'Cause you're falling apart ♪
Cry ♪
[pop music plays in background]
I don't care what you're sayin' ♪
I don't wanna participate
In your game of manipulation ♪
And no, I don't want your sympathy
All this love is ♪
That's my one.
I love it.
What's it about?
Basically about my experience
being aromantic and asexual.
Like, being in a world where romance
and sex are prized above everything else
when you don't feel
those forms of attraction.
Growing up feeling
that something about you is different,
but you don't have the words
to describe what that is.
But then,
The euphoria of freeing yourself
from those pressures and expectations.
Crush culture makes me
Wanna spill my guts out ♪
I know what you're doin' ♪
Tryin' to get me to pursue ya ♪
Crush culture makes me ♪
- [Felix] Can we just have a peek?
- [Elle] No.
All will be revealed.
[phone beeps]
She's so moody.
I already told her I'd leave early.
Literally nothing I ever do
is good enough.
- [Tara] Hey, Sahar.
- You okay?
- [Tara] Yeah. You look cool.
- Sahar! I didn't know you were coming.
Yeah, Elle's my friend.
So you guys can't tease me
about being the token ally anymore
now that Sahar's here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm bisexual.
So [chuckles]
- [Imogen] Sahar, I didn't know
- Interesting.
I should probably leave.
But you'll miss Elle's painting.
If I leave it any longer,
it'll make her more angry.
Well, are you still coming
to prom tomorrow?
Of course. We've got our matching outfits.
We're gonna slow dance
to some cheesy song.
Yeah? I'm gonna hold you to that.
Crush culture makes me
Wanna spill my guts out ♪
Spill my guts out ♪
Spill my guts out ♪
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, everybody,
for coming along tonight to celebrate
the incredible queer and trans artists
we have here at the Lambert School!
[cheering and applause]
It's my great pleasure
to introduce Elle Argent,
who will be joining us in September
for her sixth-form studies.
Now, before the big reveal,
Elle, would you like to say a few words
about your piece?
- Okay.
- [principal chuckles]
[cheering and applause]
So, there have been a lot of changes
in my life over the last couple of years,
but, with this piece,
I guess I wanted to capture a place
that holds a lot of happy memories.
Even in the darker times.
Somewhere I always felt safe.
[principal] Oh, that was beautiful.
Let's have a look. One, two, three!
- Oh my God.
- Wow.
- [onlooker 1] It's beautiful!
- [onlooker 2] Oh my God!
- Come here, you.
- Oh my God!
[peaceful music plays]
- I'm glad you liked it.
- I really liked it. It was amazing.
As usual.
I know you're probably annoyed
that I didn't tell you I got in.
I'm not annoyed.
Please don't base your decisions
on how I feel.
All I care about is you being happy, and
wherever you are,
I'll still want to be with you.
But I also still haven't decided yet.
I may still stay at Higgs.
[pop music plays in background]
I still find you ♪
In my skin ♪
Can you feel me in your skin? ♪
I still find you, I ♪
- Every single piece there was amazing.
- Agreed.
But, yeah, Elle's is,
like, in a different league.
- [Charlie] It was.
- [Nick] Ridiculous.
What are you doing here?
- I n I need to talk to you.
- There's nothing to talk about.
I just want to apologize.
Please, just hear me out.
I'm not going back to Truham
for sixth form,
so if you really hate me after this,
you'll never see me again.
Go on then.
I'm a messed-up person, Charlie.
I liked you.
You know that, don't you?
I know I was a piece of shit,
but I really liked you.
If I'd just had more time
I want to be like you two, but
my parents would never accept
who I really am.
I'm sorry, for everything.
I just
wanted something good.
You were something good.
Do you remember
the first time you kissed me?
You didn't even ask.
You didn't pause
to wonder whether it was what I wanted,
and I went along with it
because I had a crush,
and I didn't know any better.
I didn't realize
that you had all the control.
When I eventually did realize, I thought
"This must be what I deserve."
Someone taking whatever he wants from me
whenever he wants.
Treating me like I'm nothing
the rest of the time.
Now, whenever anything good
happens in my life,
there's a voice in the back of my mind
telling me I'm worthless
and that I don't deserve it.
And now you want me to forgive you
so you can feel better about yourself?
I'm glad you realize
what you did was wrong,
but you don't get to ambush me
into forgiving you.
"Sorry" doesn't make up
for everything you did to me.
I really hope you become a better person
so you don't hurt anyone else.
But I don't wanna be there
to see that happen.
I don't wanna see you ever again.
[pensive music plays]
[water rushes]
[seagulls caw]
[Stéphane] Come on! Come on! Come on! Yes!
[Stéphane speaking French]
[in English] Go on! [speaks French]
What are you doing?
[Stéphane continues shouting]
[in English] Do we need to pretend
to be platonic BFFs in front of your dad?
I mean
Yeah, maybe just for now,
but I'm gonna tell him about us tonight.
[Charlie] You can do it.
I'm here for you
[deep voice]mate.
- [Stéphane] Come on!
- You did not just call me "mate."
- Supportive straight friend?
- Charlie!
[TV playing]
- Dad, we're home.
- [Stéphane] Ah, Nick! [chuckles]
[in French] And your friend, um
- Charlie.
- [Stéphane in English] Yeah, Charlie.
Good to see you again.
You guys should come and join us.
Look, it's Toulouse and Montpellier.
Look at that. Look at that.
Right, let's go. See, I told you.
- Come on.
- I told you.
- Come on, come on! Whoa!
- [David] Oi!
[Stéphane chuckles]
- [Charlie] Shall I lay the table, Sarah?
- Oh, you are a good boy.
- [David] Oh!
- [Stéphane] Oh, ay-ay-ay.
- How's it been since he got here?
- It's been fine.
- It's been fine.
- [Stéphane] Ahh! Yeah!
He doesn't have to know, sweetheart.
He's got no right to know.
You don't owe him a thing.
- [David] Oh!
- [Stéphane] Oh, ay-ay-ay.
[David] No, no, no.
I'm not doing it for him.
I'm doing it for me.
- [doorbell rings]
- [Stéphane] Wah!
- Hi! Hello. Thank you for coming.
- [Charlie's dad] Hi.
I grew up
in the south of France. Near Narbonne.
Ah, yeah, yeah. Very near Spain.
My father's from the south of Spain.
[Stéphane] Oh yeah.
- But your surname, it's so English.
- [Charlie's dad] Yeah, well
Um He always said that we had a rather
complicated family tree. [chuckles]
- [Charlie's mom] It's a long story.
- [Charlie's dad] Yeah.
- Do you visit often, Stéphane?
- As much as I can.
My job, it keeps me very busy.
I'm in property development.
You should see
some of the places Dad renovates. Insane.
[Stéphane] Work isn't everything,
you know?
Although the pay does help.
[chuckles lightly]
Dad, has Nick told you how he met Charlie?
[Stéphane] No, he hasn't.
Um We got sat together in school,
and then Charlie joined the rugby team.
Oh. You play rugby, Charlie?
[scoffs] I'm not very good.
[Charlie's mom] Mm.
And Nick was obsessed
with getting Charlie to join.
Wonder why.
- What is your problem?
- I played rugby when I was in university.
It's a very attractive sport to women.
Have neither of you boys
found girlfriends?
No. I guess not.
[Stéphane] Ah, well, there's still time.
[David] I'm not sure Nick's too interested
in looking for girlfriends, really.
Don't you dare.
David, be respectful,
please, at the table. We have guests.
- Why do you always do this?
- I'm just trying to help.
[cutlery clatters]
Sorry. This is ridiculous.
Charlie's my boyfriend.
I'm bi, he's gay,
and I was actually really stressed out
about how I was gonna tell you,
but you know what?
I don't care
what you think about it anymore.
'Cause you don't care to even see us
more than two times a year.
And, you know, every time I do see you,
I always think, "This is it."
"This is the time when you might actually
take an interest in my life," but
you never do.
So if you don't care, then
[chuckles softly]
then I don't care either.
And I don't know why
you're acting like you are ten years old,
but your bullying just doesn't affect me
anymore because, quite simply,
I do not care.
I like who I am. I like my life.
- Maybe stay with Dad next time.
- [chair scrapes]
Sorry, Mum.
[David scoffs]
Just gonna let him speak to us like that?
Oh, David, be quiet.
We've heard quite enough.
It's Nick that's making a scene.
He's always causing a fuss.
Dad agrees.
You have not grown up into the man
I had hoped you would be, David.
As if you have any right to say that.
You barely see your children.
- [Stéphane] I can't say something?
- No, you can't say anything.
You haven't earned that right.
You haven't been a parent.
- [Stéphane] We're not going
- Are you okay?
[Sarah] We're going through this
because you never hear it.
I actually think I am.
I didn't mean for it
to happen that way, but, um
it felt good to say it.
Do you want a hug anyway?
Well, that went well.
- Sorry.
- No, I'm pleased you said what you said.
Especially to your dad.
He needed to hear it.
He's not a very good dad, is he?
No, he's not.
Why doesn't he care?
I wish I understood, but I don't.
I think it's a very sad way to exist.
[hopeful music plays]
[Nick sighs]
[Nick] Leaving then?
Nick, uh
I'm sorry.
I I I want to be better.
Well show it then.
Don't just say it.
[David] Dad.
- You You're going?
- [Stéphane] Yeah.
Got to head into London
before it gets too late.
But call me
when you get back to Edinburgh, huh?
Oh, yeah, Glasgow. Yeah. [chuckles]
It was nice to meet your boyfriend.
Well, I I I don't really
understand these things, but
he seems like a very nice young man.
He is.
Bye, Dad.
Yeah. Well
[David] It's so cringe. He's made
such a big deal out of telling our dad.
[mischievous music plays]
[David] Such an attention seeker.
Ah, probably his drama-queen
boyfriend's influence.
Yeah. Mate, well, exactly. That's it.
You are a pathetic little man.
Talk about my brother like that again,
and I'll end you.
- Really sorry about all the drama.
- We are used to drama in our house.
It takes a lot
for Nick to stand up to David like that.
He must care for Charlie very deeply.
- [Tori] You okay?
- [Nick] Yeah, yeah. Fine.
He's a nice boy. When he's not
distracting you from your coursework.
And maybe we could
have him and Sarah 'round in a few weeks?
[Tori] Your brother's a prick.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[Sarah] Thanks for coming.
Thank you for coming. I'm sorry.
- [Charlie's mom] Thank you, Sarah.
- [Sarah] Bye-bye.
[Nick] Just gonna say goodbye.
So, prom tomorrow?
Yeah. We're still going together?
Like, together together?
Yeah. Don't you want to?
[car engine starts]
- Bye.
- Bye.
[mellow music plays]
Charlie didn't eat very much.
Spoke out the things
That you've worked out to be wrong ♪
You got two hands to take all you can ♪
But don't take too long ♪
- [muffled] Darcy, I
- To be happy ♪
- Turn around.
- I like it.
Oh, darling.
Somehow ♪
- You can't wear that.
- I want to wear this. I'm wearing it!
Are you happy now? ♪
Take that off this instant!
- No.
- I have had enough!
They will not laugh.
My friends are supportive.
My friends like me.
- Figured out I'm good ♪
- [argument fades out]
Turn me down like I knew I should ♪
Punch drunk, dumbstruck ♪
Pot luck, happy, happy ♪
But don't chicken out ♪
It's all good ♪
You're allowed to be what you could ♪
Punch drunk, dumbstruck ♪
Pot luck, happy, happy ♪
Punch drunk, dumbstruck ♪
Pot luck, happy, happy ♪
Punch drunk, dumbstruck ♪
Pot luck, happy, happy ♪
Figured out I'm good ♪
Turn me down like I knew I should ♪
Happy now ♪
Don't chicken out ♪
It's all good ♪
You're allowed to be what you could ♪
Happy now ♪
Happy now ♪
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