Heartstopper (2022) s02e08 Episode Script


I speak in gray to match the shade
On the inside of my brain ♪
I decay when my tongue touches
The edges of your name ♪
White lies are colored by context ♪
And, oh my God, I've lost my innocence ♪
I can't believe what you've done to me ♪
Can't you see that I'm on my knees? ♪
You look at me
And the darkness leaves ♪
And suddenly ♪
I'm covered in the colors of you ♪
You, you are the best!
Have you seen the comments?
I guess we knew this would happen.
Are we gonna get mobbed at prom tonight?
There might be some stares.
Are you sure you wanna go?
This is the best my life has ever been.
I don't have to hide
my amazing boyfriend anymore.
I'm not getting bullied.
Everything's perfect.
So we're gonna go to prom
and be the cutest couple there,
and everyone will see.
I'm covered in the colors of you ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
I think Nick just came out on Instagram.
Aw. Good for him.
When everyone's sleeping, sleeping ♪
Let's run away ♪
I'll run away with you ♪
Ooh ♪
'Cause you make me feel like ♪
I could be driving ♪
Do you wanna be my girlfriend?
Was that a serious question?
Do you not want to?
Yes! I want to be your girlfriend.
- Then why are you being weird?
- I'm not being weird. You're being
Baby ♪
Take me to the feeling ♪
I'll be your sinner ♪
That box needs to be over there.
Guys, I told you,
we're not dressing up.
Put it on the wall. Sort it out.
You lot, what are you doing?
This is for the photo booth.
Can you sort it out, please?
Every single minute ♪
Guys, please don't mess around with it.
Where's Darcy?
She's probably just slept in.
Imogen said she hasn't got
any of the food yet,
but she's "definitely going to Asda
in a couple of hours."
- Do you trust her with that?
- Not at all.
Ugh. This is a mess!
I'm texting the gang, otherwise
we're literally not gonna have a prom.
I wanna stay with you ♪
'Cause you make me feel like ♪
I could be driving you all night ♪
And I'll find your lips
In the streetlights ♪
I wanna be there with you ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Oh, baby ♪
Take me to the feeling ♪
I'll be your sinner in secret ♪
When the lights go out ♪
Run away with me, oh ♪
This all goes in the tinsel box.
Keep them all together.
Run away with me ♪
Oh God.
Guys, I'm having a breakdown.
Did I You're
That wasn't funny.
No. Okay, let me fix it. Let me Tao!
Let me fix it.
No! That's unfair, though!
That's unfair.
That's my neck!
- Twist it.
- Yeah. Yeah. Okay, ready?
Okay, yeah.
- Which way are we going?
- To the left a little bit.
- Left a bit.
- Perfect.
You should, uh invite him tonight.
- No. I don't know.
- Just tell him we need more chaperones.
- Just a peek.
- N
Got it.
Oh my God.
D'you think they're actually dating?
- Apparently.
- This way?
- Go and ask.
- I need to do these two.
You go ask. Go on.
Is it true you guys are going out?
- I didn't know you were gay, Nick.
- Well, I
I'm bi, actually, but yeah.
I think you guys look so cute together.
I told you!
- I didn't believe you.
- I said, didn't I?
Do you wanna stop
and get something to eat?
- We can walk to the shop.
- I'll eat later.
I had a really late breakfast, so
You can though.
Where are the feather boas?
They're needed for the photo.
- Looks good.
- Well, Elle did most of it.
That makes sense.
I saw your Instagram post.
- Yeah.
- And the comments.
They're all idiots
for assuming you're straight.
And I'm including myself
in that statement.
Charlie must be really happy.
In some ways. Yeah.
I mean, he
he says he's really happy, but
I don't know. I think he's been finding
all the attention, like, a lot.
Well, yeah. He hates attention, so
I'm just worried.
How come?
I think
the more I learn about him,
the more I think
that the bullying and all the things
that happened to him in the past,
they all really affected him.
And And he still carries it all with him.
Even though it's over.
It still causes him a lot of pain.
- I don't know. Do you think that's true?
- Yeah. Yeah, I I do.
I think when something really bad happens,
it can affect you for a really long time.
my dad died when I was 12, and,
you know,
I think a lot of the reason I get
so freaked out about losing my friends
and losing Elle
is because losing him was just, like
- I I didn't know about your dad.
- Oh.
Don't Don't be weird about it.
- I'll try.
- Good.
You know the bullying?
You know how bad it was, don't you?
I mean,
I heard some stuff, but, um,
yeah, Charlie never really
talked to me about it.
Me neither.
- Can you close your eyes?
- Why?
Because I'm nervous
you'll think I look weird.
Okay. I'm not looking,
but for the record,
I think you always look cute.
I can't believe you're my boyfriend.
Can I please open my eyes now?
D D Does it look bad?
No, you look
so good.
You look so good!
Shut up!
How about we don't go to prom?
We just stay here instead.
No, we have to go. Everyone's expecting us
to go together now.
Ah. Yeah.
And a big public appearance
as a couple, that's
That's definitely what we want?
Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ♪
Come on.
You're all right. It's all right.
What else shall we go on?
Shall we try the slide again?
And what are your intentions with my Elle?
I'm joking! I'm joking!
But if you're not back by 12,
then you will be in trouble.
You look
You're You're so
You look pretty good too.
I learned so much because of you ♪
And you're a big part
Of the reason that I'm shining ♪
We might be changing with the season ♪
to the Truham and Higgs Year 11 Prom.
Tonight, we're celebrating
a summer of love,
so make sure to dance, have fun,
and show off your date to the world.
We were young, we were young ♪
- Oh my God!
- You look insane.
- Hey, guys.
- Oh my God, look at you!
- Oh my God.
- You look amazing.
- Yes!
- Give me a twirl.
- You're not the only one with a bow tie.
- I love your dress. It's so nice.
- You play guitar?
- Yeah! I'm playing tonight.
- Where's Darcy?
- Oh, she's running late.
Let's just go inside.
Are you sure? We can wait for her.
No. She'll show up in a bit.
- Let's just go.
- To the prom!
- Yeah!
- Let's go!
- Let's go.
- Prom.
To prom!
We treasure and uphold our memories ♪
'Cause over time
We know that we might need them ♪
For that day when life is tough ♪
We let them play from start to end
And then repeat them ♪
I'm gonna look around for Darcy.
- Okay.
- Sahar!
Changing with the season ♪
I'll see you guys later.
As long as we keep dreaming ♪
It's all right ♪
Still nothing will compare to ♪
No, no, nothing will compare to ♪
Back when we, we were young ♪
Okay, and smile.
- Is this okay?
- Yeah, that's great.
- Okay. Let's do another pose.
- And one more time.
We were young, we were young ♪
I can't believe
Nick's showing off his boyfriend,
but none of you managed to bring a girl!
Shut up!
- Who's next?
- Oh, uh
- I don't want one.
- Isaac, why not?
'Cause it's so embarrassing
standing there on my own.
Right, come on then. The four of us
are getting an art-room photo.
- Like the good old days.
- Yes.
No. No book.
Okay, let's go. Ready?
- And smile.
- Cheese.
You all right, Nick?
- Where have you been?
- Too busy hanging out with your boyfriend?
Sorry if we made you
feel weird about telling us.
- Nick's the first of us in a relationship.
- Yeah, man!
I could easily
have a girlfriend any day now.
- Yeah?
- Is Tara Jones single?
She's gay. Everyone knows this.
Come on, man.
Whatever, man.
- We've missed you, mate.
- Yeah.
I've missed you too.
I'll see you guys later.
In a bit, mate.
Sparks in the sky
Until we meet the sunrise ♪
Then see the year come into bloom ♪
Because you know
You'll always be my best friend ♪
And look at what I have with you ♪
Mmm-mm ♪
I said, "I don't know how we do it" ♪
And you said
"Just think if we'd have been together" ♪
What's wrong? What's happened?
- I don't think she's coming.
- Why not?
I know something's wrong,
but she never wants to talk about it.
How do you talk to someone about something
that they don't wanna talk about?
About us ♪
Maybe you just have to try,
even if it doesn't work.
Because you know
You'll always be my best friend ♪
And look at what I have with you ♪
Happy New Year ♪
To you ♪
- Come on. Let's do it.
- Tao, I
- Come on.
- Tao, it's packed.
Show me, show me, show me
How you do that trick ♪
The thing that makes me scream
She said ♪
The one that makes me laugh, she said ♪
Threw her arms around my neck ♪
Show me how you do it ♪
And I promise you ♪
I promise that I'll run away with you ♪
I'll run away with you ♪
I wanna go to Lambert.
I know.
All the different ways
I had to make her go ♪
Why are you so far away? ♪
Is it in here?
Did you put it in there?
I cannot believe
you brought this with you.
- I didn't!
- What's in your pockets?
Take out everything
that's in your pockets.
You, soft and lonely ♪
You came.
You said you needed more chaperones.
You know, that
That night in Paris
Pretty stupid thing for us to do.
I was gonna suggest
dinner and drinks next time?
Next time?
Daylight kicked me into shape ♪
I must've been asleep for days ♪
And moving lips to breathe her name ♪
I opened up my eyes ♪
You, soft and lonely ♪
You, just like heaven ♪
I watched a film from beginning to end ♪
But it doesn't entertain me
It just hurts my head ♪
I can't have fun, I won't even try ♪
Because every single feeling I like
Is gone ♪
Now they're playing my favorite song ♪
On the radio, but it's ♪
Feels weird.
Making me feel good in the way ♪
Should we, I don't know, dance
or, like, get a photo or something?
Can you dance?
- Oh no, not at all. No.
- Me neither.
All the things I wanna do ♪
I wanna do, I wanna do ♪
If it isn't with you ♪
Can we leave?
I thought this was what you wanted. I
I'm not worried
about people seeing us together.
But why should they have to see?
We've been so obsessed
with the idea of coming out,
it's like we've forgotten why we wanted
to do it in the first place.
It's not for them.
Making me feel good, like ♪
I just wanna have a fun night
with you and our friends.
Yeah, I want that too.
I mean, David and my mum are out tonight,
so I do have a free house.
Yeah, great success. Great success.
- You two were incredible.
- You got the dance floor going.
You were throwing
some serious shapes out there. Hey, Isaac.
- Hey, guys.
- Where'd you disappear to?
Hey. I thought prom
was supposed to be vampire themed?
Oh my God.
- Darcy, are you okay?
- Where have you been?
- Where's Tara?
- She went to find you.
Get lonely in the shower ♪
- Hi.
- We don't take cold calls.
- Sorry.
- Uh, wait! I'm I'm Darcy's friend.
She said she was coming to our school prom
tonight, uh, but she didn't show up.
And she hasn't been replying
to my messages.
So I was just, uh
Is she okay?
And how would I know that?
Do you know where she is?
She had another one
of her tantrums last night.
Over an outfit, can you believe?
If your own mother
can't tell you the truth about an outfit,
who can?
She looked like a lesbian.
She'll realize she was in the wrong,
and she'll come straight back.
if I find her,
I'll ask her to let you know she's okay.
Thanks then. Bye.
We've found her. She's okay.
Can you meet us at my house?
Thank God. I'm on my way.
Are you sure she's okay?
Oh, guys.
- Love you guys.
- Love you lots.
Oh my God, look.
Tiny Nick was so cute!
Where did you sleep?
I just I went to the park.
It was fine. Nobody was there.
Why didn't you text me?
My phone was out of battery,
and I didn't have a charger.
Why didn't you walk to my house?
Because I didn't want you to know.
Do you remember when we got locked
in the music room the second time?
You told me
that you didn't feel as confident
about being a lesbian as I did,
and I wanted to be that person for you,
to help you through your journey.
But you are that person.
At school. Maybe.
I'm not even out
to my own parents.
I don't think I ever will be.
I hide who I am when I'm at home.
I'm not confident.
Sometimes my mum makes me hate myself.
But then you said, "I love you."
But what if that person
doesn't even exist?
So you were scared to say it back
because you didn't really believe
that I could love you?
You've only ever seen half of my life.
Now I'm seeing the other half.
And I still love you.
Are you sure? 'Cause
I'm a literal disaster.
Oh, I know.
I actually like
how much of a disaster you are.
I am
so in love with you.
I just I'm bad at saying it.
Well, practice makes perfect.
I love you.
I love you.
I. Love. You.
I love you.
- I love you!
- I love you.
- I love you!
- I love you.
I love you, I love you, I love you!
I hit my peak at seven feet ♪
In the swing ♪
Over the creek ♪
I was too scared to jump in, but I ♪
You promised me a dance.
- Did I ruin your prom night?
- Nah.
It was kind of boring anyway.
Are there still beautiful things? ♪
Sweet tea in the summer ♪
Cross your heart, won't tell no other ♪
You guys okay?
- Shall I make some tea?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Let's have some tea.
- Come on.
- Sure.
Or hide in the closet ♪
And just like a folk song ♪
Our love will be passed on ♪
Please picture me ♪
In the weeds ♪
Before I learned civility ♪
I used to scream ferociously ♪
No! No! Wait!
Any time I wanted ♪
I ♪
I ♪
Sweet tea in the summer ♪
Cross my heart, won't tell no other ♪
And though I can't recall your face ♪
I still got love for you ♪
Pack your dolls and a sweater
We'll move to ♪
- Bye.
- Bye.
See you around. Get home safe.
Our love lasts so ♪
- Bye.
- Thanks for coming.
- See you, Nick.
- Let's have a hug.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Thanks for coming.
My dress!
- Whoa!
- Oh!
There you go.
I need to go home soon.
- My mum will get annoyed if I'm late.
- Hmm!
I see what you're doing.
My plan's been foiled.
You've got so many rugby trophies.
That one's from summer camp.
You went to rugby summer camp?
When I was 12.
I think I had a crush on the instructor.
Oh my God.
You know, I didn't realize it at the time,
but looking back now,
I was obsessed with him,
so I tried really, really hard
and, uh, got that trophy
for being the best team player.
That is so adorable!
Now your turn.
Tell me something.
Like what?
You never told me about
the bullying.
What that was like.
We don't need to talk about that.
Everything's fine now.
Is everything fine?
I know you like everything to be fine
and happy and perfect all the time,
but you don't have to be perfect with me.
Charlie, we said
we'd tell each other things.
After you told me
about your eating thing.
Someone just heard Tao
talking about me coming out.
I think it surprised me
how homophobic people were.
I thought things were better nowadays.
People would just
call me disgusting to my face.
And it went on for so long
that I think I started
to believe what they were saying.
It made me really hate myself.
So much that I
I used to
I used to cut myself sometimes.
I don't wanna feel like that anymore.
Do you still do that now?
I thought we'd banned the S word.
Can you promise to tell me
if it ever gets that bad again?
I just don't wanna annoy you
or burden you.
I don't want you to think
I'm some fragile, broken mess.
Like you need to fix me.
I would hate that.
You're not, and I wouldn't.
But I've done so many things
that were scary in the past few months
because you were there, holding my hand.
And I wanna be that for you too.
you're my boyfriend.
can you just please,
please promise me?
I love your hair so much.
Nick. I really need to go.
I love your eyes.
For God's sake.
I love
Nicky! I'm home!
You're so pretty ♪
When you smile, it kills me ♪
Oh-oh oh-oh ♪
Can't stop thinking 'bout the way ♪
I'll text you when I get home.
- Kissed me ♪
- Okay.
Under the stars ♪
And you're so lovely ♪
When you cry, it ♪
I'll see you tomorrow.
You're the only person left ♪
So hold me ♪
Don't leave me ♪
I'm so scared
That the moments we shared ♪
Won't happen again ♪
I don't want this to end ♪
'Cause you're so pretty ♪
When you smile, it kills me ♪
Oh-oh oh-oh ♪
'Cause you're so pretty ♪
When you smile, it kills me ♪
Oh-oh oh-oh ♪
You're the only person left ♪
So hold me ♪
Don't leave me ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh ♪
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