Heavy (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Stacia ~ Tim

This weight is taking my organs and squeezing them together, and it's going to kill me.
I've got sleep apnea, acid reflux, a mild form of narcolepsy.
Borderline diabetic.
This is my big bag of chips.
I am 4'2".
I weigh approximately 238 pounds.
This fat as become my identity.
When you can't sleep in a bed, I definitely feel like I've hit rock bottom.
[Horn honks] Who can fit in that booth? I can't even get my hip in that booth.
Part of the reason why I can't find work is because I'm fat.
If I don't wear this, I could die.
Um, like, my heart could stop in my sleep.
Every day that I go live with this massive girth on me is a day that I could have a heart attack.
Tim, what's up? All right, we got round two.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm willing to be the man that I have to be.
You, I'm done.
I'm done.
I don't know where to go from here.
I mean, the things I do are not working.
My wife's weight gain has definitely taken a toll on our relationship.
I think this opportunity is gonna bring my wife back.
Let's bring the new, improved Stacia Kingston.
This is what I've got.
This is the massive girth that I've got.
My name is Tim.
I am 4'2".
I have a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia.
My torso is regular size.
My limbs are shortened.
With this mass of weight on my torso, it is taking my organs, and it's squeezing them together.
Basically, it's going to kill me.
I've got sleep apnea, borderline diabetic.
Can almost fall asleep any time, anywhere.
But it's also a mild form of narcolepsy.
My mother was everything to me.
She was the rock that I had.
And when she passed away, it all came crumbling down.
My mother, my brother's girlfriend and I, 2 months and a day before I turned 16, we were going to Columbus to pick up my brother from the airport when we hit when we got in the accident, and, uh, my mom died basically instantly.
It was very hard.
It was hard to lose my best friend.
I sought comfort in food.
When I lose this weight, it's going to change my life tremendously, 'cause I have been overweight for so long that this is the only life I've known.
I'm proud of you.
I just hope you go through with it.
And then after it's done, you got to stay with it.
I know.
Just think to yourself, "my mom's up there watching me, and I'm gonna make her proud.
" What do you want for breakfast? Do you want to do a pizza, or? I was thinking we could do some cereal.
And maybe the pizza.
We can probably do some waffles while that's cooking.
Where's the syrup? Only have two hands.
[Laughs] Day to day, being heavy just sucks.
But I think I never grasped it, because it just wasn't bad enough, for whatever reason, but now my body is starting to tell me that it's time to change, or you're gonna die.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
My husband and I live together more like roommates, or like brother and sister.
This is a picture of me, uh, in High School.
I can tell I feel good in this picture.
I wasn't always heavy.
Um, I was pretty normal in the weight category, um, up until about I'd say age 11 or 12.
I think a lot of different situations have contributed to weight issues that I've had.
Um, I had a a situation with a family member, um, where I was sexually abused for about six years, starting at age 6 until I was about 12, and so I think more than anything that that is one of the big things that has contributed to a lot of the problems that I have.
You want me to spread out the blankie? Please.
I sleep in a chair, because it is physically uncomfortable for me to sleep laying down right now, so we don't ever get any time where we get to really be physically close.
We've been married for almost a year and a half now, and to not be able to be intimate with your wife, I just can't imagine, you know, who would want to be in that situation.
I definitely feel like my husband and I enable each other.
Thank you.
Well, my wife's weight gain has definitely taken a toll on our relationship.
I think this opportunity's gonna bring, uh, my wife back.
Theater is has to be the biggest passion in my life, and I miss participating in it in all levels.
I I miss performing and directing, but at this weight, I can't even go to see shows, because I usually don't fit in the seats.
I think Stace is missing a lot by not having theater in her life, and I can Stace is really missing being on stage, and being part of that whole community.
I definitely feel like I've hit rock bottom.
When you can't sleep in a bed, when you can't There's just Definitely hit rock bottom.
Hi, welcome.
My name is Tim, and I'm here to check in.
In coming to Hilton head health, Tim and Stacia have taken that first step in moving towards a healthier direction.
Hi there.
- Hey, guys.
- Welcome.
- Hey.
- Nice to see you.
Are you guys ready to go on a walk? Tim, I'm gonna take you to your villa.
Stacia, and I'm taking you.
One of the real benefits of being in an environment that we provide here at Hilton head health is that it provides an opportunity to get away from the distractions and the challenges of home.
We have three main components that we're working on.
We have the nutritional component, the fitness component, and self component.
What's the reason you really talked about, like, what you're here for.
And you said, "I'm here for, you know" Hold on one second.
Walking and talking is [Laughs] Hard sometimes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Stacia, how you doing? - Very good.
- Good.
As their health specialist, it's my job to take a look at what they've been doing up into this point, and help them develop a plan to make the changes they need to make top get them where they want to be.
Um, we realize this isn't the most popular part of t process, but it's a good starting point, so let's go ahead and check things out here.
[Scale beeps] Oh, wow.
That's a little bit more than I thought it was gonna be.
It was not a fun thing to look at the scale and see that it said 435.
I mean, at all.
All right, just a little stick here.
One of the first things we do when people arrive here is we run a series of baseline assessments to determine what their health status is.
I just Don't care about myself the way that I should.
And I don't know why, you know, but I'd like to figure that out.
So it's not that you're lazy.
No, not at all.
I have a lot of energy and I have a lot of ideas, and I just, you know, just being tired just seems to, like, really just make me not really, you know, want to put forth a lot of effort.
Hey, Tim.
I'm Bob Wright.
Hi, Bob.
The first thing I'm thinking is, "what's it gonna say on there?" I'm nervous.
I'm scared.
Why don't you come on up here and have a step on the scale here? See what we got here.
[Scale beeps] Is that about what you expected it to be? - Yes.
- Okay.
All right.
Yeah, actually I expected more.
Tim obviously has some physical issues that are unique, and so part of, you know, our job is to help move him in the direction of things that he can have success with.
As a little person, the consequences and complications of obesity can be even more severe for Tim.
Ideally, we'd like to see blood sugar below 100.
- Yeah.
- When it's above 125, we would consider that diabetic.
- Yeah.
- You're at a 220.
That's a lot higher than it was before.
When we get to your body mass index, we would like to see you to get out of the high risk level below a 30, you're at a 68.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Same thing with your waist measurement.
Okay? We'd like to see you below a 40.
Your waist is at a 61.
What's scariest about this? I'm bigger around than I am tall.
I am over five feet wide.
- That's - Yeah.
- Scary.
- Yeah.
- My weigh-in made me feel horrible.
It made me realize the severity of why I'm here.
And why I have to push myself.
Coming up on heavy Tim, you all right? I'm gonna have limitations on what I can do.
Tim, what's up? 36 years old, and I've wasted 20 years.
Well, this first week is really gonna be tough for Tim and stacia.
It's gonna be a drastic change as they are following the meal plan and getting involved in a pretty vigorous exercise program.
I used to eat pizza, and the portions were humongous.
Dude, you got to eat your vegetables.
I've been eating them.
I see you see that green pepper and that red pepper? See, I'm not a big pepper guy, though.
Have you tried a pepper lately? Not in a couple years, but It's a definite whirlwind change from what I'm used to.
But, I mean, in time I'll get used to it.
I'll get over it.
And, you know, after this is over I'll want it.
So how many calories is this? - 320.
- 320.
Now, if I remember correctly, there were times when you ate how many? There was one day that I think I calculated actually, I stopped counting after 10,000 calories.
For one day.
It's bad.
My husband and I pretty much lived on a diet of either fast food or eating out or, you know, microwavable foods.
So it's night and day.
I mean, there's absolutely no processed foods here at all.
Are you actually done? Are you full? - I am pretty full.
- Wow.
We're gonna get some strength and some cardio in here.
Right now you're at .
Oh, that's Better than I usually am.
That's at one right now.
That's one mile an hour.
Can you hit the incline? See if you can bring the incline up a little bit.
My biggest challenge personally with Tim is that he has two unusual conditions.
He has short extremities in addition to being morbidly obese.
You got to stop? Yeah.
[Panting] That's getting a little on my knees.
I'm not sure how much weight Tim's gonna lose because of his size and his mobility factor for him, he's not able, because of the length of the extremities to move as far or as fast as some people.
There you go.
This is the pace.
Right here.
Yeah, slower's better.
The exercise portion is a little scary to me, just because I haven't been active in so long.
Bigger breaths.
Lots of volume.
That's really the key right now.
Get as much volume in as you can.
So I'm just trying to take it day by day.
I think a lot of the limits are in my mind.
Let's get these Come on.
You can do it, Tim.
One of my first impressions of stacia is she's very eager to get going on the exercise.
Stacia's gonna be a great partner for Tim.
She's there to encourage him.
She's gonna push him through the hard times when he wants to quit.
Tim, you all right? Come on.
Tim, what's up? [Sighs] All right, we got round two.
Second set.
Let's do it, buddy.
Come on.
What's wrong? You got to talk to me.
Tell me what's wrong first.
Well, you know how inflamed my knees are, don't you? Are they bothering you? Oh, they've been bothering me for the past few days.
With my short stature, I'm gonna have limitations on what I can do and what kind of exercise I can do.
Morning, stacia.
How are you? You look bright today.
Thank you.
- Ready to weigh in? - Yes, definitely.
One week down.
Let's see it.
[Scale beeps] That's ten pounds.
That's great.
That's exciting.
I am so excited.
Today was my first weigh-in since I got here, and it's been one week and I have lost ten pounds already.
I'm going to class.
This is by far the best I have felt since I've been here.
- Tim.
- What's up, Adam? Good morning.
How you doing today? - I'm doing good.
- You ready to weigh in? I am.
All right, man, let's see what it is.
Little nervous, little excited.
- A little nervous? - Yeah.
[Scale beeps] Wow.
You know how much that is? That's 12 pounds.
That's 12 pounds, baby.
All right.
When I went on that scale, it said I lost 12 pounds.
ThatShocked me.
That's awesome, man.
[Laughs] Now I've just got to push on and hope that I can lose more.
I'm ready for it.
I'm ready for anything.
Tim and stacia should be really proud of this week one weight loss, but I think one of the challenges is once they get through these first couple weeks and some of the hype has subsided about their arrival that things are gonna get harder.
Isn't part of our body image genetic? Okay? Uh, so for example [Snores] Oh, should we wake him up? Sorry.
That's all right, my dear.
See, you'll be sorry that you sat here, 'cause I'll knock him over the head.
[Laughter] I sort of have the tendency of falling asleep almost anywhere.
When you're up at 7:00 in the morning or 6:30 in the morning and you're ready to go, your body tends to Tends to get tired after, you know, ten hour days.
Ten hour days.
Exercising all week long sort of takes a lot out of you.
Tim has a tendency to fall asleep often, uh, and really almost anywhere.
People don't become automatically motivated because they're here.
Um, they get motivated because they think about why it's important to them, and we have to help take advantage of that and make sure he's, you know, showing up and, you know, participating.
What role do you feel like the food really serves for you? It's, you know, put my life on hold for a long time, so it's not a small thing.
What's going on emotionally? What are you thinking about? That maybe I'm not, um Attractive.
I just feel like I'm Maybe I'm damaged.
And if you're damaged, what does that mean about taking care of yourself? Maybe I don't deserve it.
That's what I was looking for.
For stacia, being able to look at what is it that makes it hard to take care of herself.
[Sniffs] - I think that's really gonna help her succeed long-term.
Why don't you, Tim, come on over here so you can you can get a good look.
As you look at this, is there anything that's, uh, speaking to you? - Junk.
- Junk, huh? In the past, what might have caught your eye? - Pizza.
- Pizza.
The Texas garlic bread here.
There's ice cream, candy.
Everything that I love.
That I can't eat.
So just take two scoops.
We're taught from a very early age to associate food with good times, with bad times, and I just want to help them make that connection, and then when they do make a connection, know that that is an emotional process.
All right, as you throw it in, I want you to tell me how you're feeling, okay? This is killing me, and I'm not gonna have you anymore.
No more.
I'm going to be the man that I have to be.
Never again.
It was heart-wrenching to see.
And it was astounding, because I was just seeing how much I was killing myself with everything I was eating.
And I'll never do that again.
I feel disgusted that I put this in my body, that I did this to myself.
Nobody else did that to me.
I did it to myself.
We did it to ourselves.
I had, you know, some traumatic things happen to me in my childhood, and for me, the food burial, that was it wasn't the food.
It was, um, kind of a burial of the child that was lost, the innocence that was lost.
You, I'm done.
I'm done.
I think the physical act of throwing the food was what really got to the anger in me.
I just feel like I let go of a lot of stuff.
Stuff that I've been holding on to That things that happened to me that I haven't been in control of for a long time because this person is dead.
I'm angry.
This person that I'm talking about, I've done everything.
I've written them a letter.
I've I've went to their grave and talked to them.
I've spit on their grave.
I I've done everything that you're supposed to do to try to get over something, and I I'm just so just pissed.
It's such a [Bleep] waste.
I'm sorry.
It's just a waste of life, and I'm not one to waste time anymore.
I'm 36 years old and I've wasted 20 years.
I've wasted 20 years on somebody that isn't worth crap.
Coming up on heavy Good.
Eight more.
Don't throw up in there.
Don't throw up in there.
Don't throw up in there.
And later He's come a long ways, we're hoping.
Oh! Hey! - One more.
- 13.
- Good job.
- 14.
Tim and stacia are halfway through their six-month weight loss journey.
The biggest change that I've seen since I got here is that I'm starting to move around a lot more quickly.
And I just feel a lot more energized and just generally more happy.
It feels amazing.
To be able to do what I can do now is the greatest feeling that I've ever had.
I can walk a lot more.
I don't run out of breath as easy.
I'm not getting as tired as quickly.
And I'm feeling a lot better.
[Grunts] How are you, stacia? Good.
How are you doing? Great.
How are you? I'm ready.
[Scale beeps] That is awesome.
I am under 400 pounds for the first time in, like, 2 years.
I'm never gonna see it again.
I'm so excited.
Next week, next week.
Thank you so much.
Oh, yeah.
I just feel so different already, and so so happy that I'm here.
Just gonna keep on pushing and doing the best that I can, because I know now that I deserve to be here and that I deserve it.
I deserve to be happy.
- Tim.
- What's up, brother? What's going on, bud? - Not much.
- How you doing? I am I'm ready for this.
- You ready? - Yeah.
If I lose something, I lose something.
If I don't, I don't.
I hear you, man.
All right, go ahead.
Hop up there.
[Scale beeps] Nice.
So you're at 216.
All right.
How do you feel? That makes me feel awesome.
So your husband's coming to visit? Yeah, he'll be here today.
Have you all talked about this visit a little bit? We have.
I mean, I kind of broached the subject of being nervous about it.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know.
My husband David is coming to visit me, and I'm really nervous about seeing him, because we had kind of a strange relationship before I left.
I've changed so much, you know, in the last couple months, and I I just don't want to go back to some of the old behavior patterns that we had.
We've been talking every day since I've been gone, but, uh, I'm making so many changes, you know, personally while I'm here, I don't know what our relationship is gonna be like.
I'm nervous.
Just overwhelmed with emotions, and, um, just can't wait to see her.
[Knock at door] - Hey.
- Hey.
Well, you look great.
You know, when you've been separated from someone that long, and you've been physically separated in your marriage before you even, you know before I even arrived here, um, I didn't know what to do with myself.
This is the bed that I've been sleeping in.
You've been sleeping in a bed.
I'm just amazed.
It's, like, a transformation.
I just see it in her body, in her face.
She's so much thinner now.
It's pretty amazing to be sleeping in a bed instead of, you know, in a chair.
That's nice.
I like this.
So have you been into a pool before? Oh, yeah, I've been in pools before.
It's just, you know The whole getting in over my head thing.
Yeah, I can understand.
17 years ago today my mom died in a car accident.
So to honor her memory, I tried to learn how to swim today.
Give me your hand.
Tim asked me if I would teach him how to swim, because that's something he's never been able to do, and he said he thinks his mother would be so proud of him for doing that.
That just touches me, you know.
That's just you know, that somebody would ask me to help them.
You know, during such a important day in their lives.
We're gonna go over to the rail.
- Okay.
- Okay? Yep.
You want to go fast? Uh, sort of.
But do you notice nothing's happening to you? - I know, I know.
- Yeah.
- I just - You're doing great.
Just this whole yeah.
It's gonna get easier every day.
I know.
He has a fear of getting in the pool, and he has a fear of water, and we're gonna work on that.
And I think for Tim it's gonna be these little baby steps, these little physical challenges that he gets over that's gonna maybe motivate him onto realizing there's a lot of emotional and mental stuff he needs to go through too.
Can you touch? No.
Oh, no, not yet.
Beverly, she made me feel at ease.
I was a little scared.
I didn't really want to leave the side of the wall too much.
You know, I saw the fear totally you forgot you were afraid.
Yeah, for a second.
For a second.
You, yes, you forgot you were afraid.
- Yeah.
- And then it came back.
I know.
Nothing's gonna happen.
[Exhales] I feel excellent.
And I know that my mom would be proud of me too.
Tim, awesome.
Hey, how's it going? I'm Adam.
- David.
- David, nice to meet you.
You guys ready to work out today? - Yeah.
- I'm ready.
I'm really excited about the physical training session that David and I have set up with Adam.
It's gonna give me a chance to demonstrate how strong I've become over the last couple months and just how dedicated I am to continuing.
You know, physical exercise is a huge part of my lifestyle when I leave here.
Three TwoOne.
Okay, that was our warm-up for the abs.
[Groans] I want our incline all the way up to ten.
So take the incline up to ten.
Big, deep breaths.
Step to the side.
Good work.
Catch your breath.
Dig deep breaths.
Stand right over here next to her.
Face me.
There you go.
You guys are gonna get a little squat in.
Show 'em a good squat, stacia.
Let's see it.
Oh, my God.
Stand all the way up.
You okay? My heart is beating pretty fast.
- Two - Eight more.
- 23.
- Eight.
Seven From having to do these squats and things on the treadmill, and And Lifts and things like that, it's really hard, and it got to the point here I just I physically was about to throw up.
I felt bad.
I didn't want him to have a bad experience with the personal training.
I wanted him to kind of get a taste of what I do every day, and to see how much stronger I've gotten.
Are you really gonna get sick? I think so.
Are you okay? Oh, man.
Breathe deep.
Deep breaths.
You got to be pretty proud of her.
Are you proud of her? She made it through Yeah.
All these weeks of this.
Like, unbelievable.
I was just amazed at how in shape she is.
'Cause it took it did a number on me.
Just relax.
This is what, theoretically we're gonna be doing when I get home.
I'm not gonna be going back to anything else, so I I worry about his commitment level.
Every day.
- Isn't that amazing? - Yeah.
It's fun.
It is fun.
It gets fun.
[Laughter] Unbelievable.
I mean, just imagine three more months of her doing this.
She's gonna be running circles around you if you don't prep for her.
That's true.
Coming up on heavy I'm back to me.
Whether that be in a marriage with David We may not be together.
Nice, Tim, nice! And later Let's bring the new stacia With a month left, I'm taking every opportunity to just suck in everything I can in this place, and just absorb it in my mind.
I made a promise to my parents that I was going to push myself harder and better, and I believe that I have pushed myself more.
Good morning, Tim.
- - Awesome.
How are you? G? I'm doing well.
All right.
Let's see what we got.
[Scale beeps] 178.
Oh, wow.
You lost 1.
9 pounds this week.
All right.
Your total, 62 pounds.
- Whoo-hoo.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
How we doing? - Good.
How are you? - Doing awesome.
You ready? I'm a little nervous.
Deep breath.
[Scale beeps] Whoo! Whoo.
That's awesome.
After my husband David left, I've just been thinking a lot about it, and it's not that David hasn't loved me.
It's just that The longer I'm here and the better I'm taking care of myself and I'm starting to feel, I'm just I want more.
As you head down the home stretch here and you're getting ready to go home, tell me a little bit about where you are now.
Tell me a little bit about the progress you feel like you've made.
What's changed for you, stacia? I just feel a lot more confident in myself.
Um, I just didn't have any kind of self-esteem when I got here.
I knew somewhere deep down in me that I had a lot of potential, but I think I had lost hope at that point.
So I feel like I have more hope about myself and about everything that's in front of me.
I think knowing that I'm gonna have a fruitful and a long life is a a new feeling for me, 'cause I've most often throughout my life been, um Kind of more tuned in to the things that were going wrong.
So just being able to focus on all the good things is is a really big change for me.
I really feel I'm back to me.
I'm confident I'm gonna be moving forward in my life, whether that be in a marriage with David, or that might mean that, you know, we may not be together.
But I know I'm gonna be fine.
All right, legs out nice and wide.
Lean to the right.
We're getting warmed up really well, 'cause we're gonna work out hard today, guys.
Today I'll be doing a beach boot camp with Tim and stacia.
When Tim first got here, he could barely get up into a chair.
He had a hard time walking the length of a hallway.
He simply couldn't even get on to some of the machines.
Now Tim's gonna be doing a beach boot camp.
It's incredible.
Three! Two! One! Nice, Tim, nice! Right leg out.
Good job, Tim.
Stacia's journey has been remarkable.
It's been amazing to see her progress from where she kind of hobbled along at the beginning to the new stacia.
I mean, not only physically, but mentally, her fitness has drastically improved.
It it's really incredible.
Come on.
High five.
- Going to my final weigh-in, I'm excited that I'm getting ready to go home.
Regardless of what the scale says today, I'm going to feel great about the things that I've done here.
Good morning.
How are you? How are you this morning? I'm good, thank you.
You're looking bright and shiny.
- Thank you.
- Doing well? I am.
I feel good.
- All right.
- Okay.
All right.
Let's get up on here.
Stacia, your starting weight is 435.
2 pounds.
[Scale beeps] 286.
4! Close.
8 pounds.
Oh, my God.
Well, it's a little surreal.
Uh, I mean, it's it's exciting, and it's just it's such a huge number that it's hard to wrap my head around it.
And it's taken a lot of hard work.
It hasn't been easy.
But it's been very rewarding to do the work on myself, and to do the stuff that you have to do in order for the weight to stay away.
It's just been really worth it.
- Going into my final weigh-in, this is like graduation, almost.
Hey, what's happening, man? - How are you? - I'm good.
It's time to remove the boy andHere lies the man.
All right, step up there, buddy.
Tim, your starting weight is 240.
2 pounds.
All right, it's 173.
That's a total of 66.
8 pounds.
That's an impressive loss there, buddy.
That is.
Are you feeling it in your joints? - I do.
- You feeling stronger? - I feel amazing.
- All right, good.
All right.
Thank you, Bob.
Way to go, buddy.
I have lost 68 total pounds.
That is a huge accomplishment for me, and I'm proud of that number.
I'm going to take what I've learned here, and I'm just going to use it.
And I'm going to lose another 70 pounds, and in you know, by next summer, I'm going to look like a God.
Like a mini God.
[Growls] Yeah, the first day I had to walk back to my villa with just one suitcase.
That's amazing.
It was awful.
[Laughs] I've lost a lot of weight while I've been here, but I really feel that it's a byproduct of all of the emotional breakthroughs that I've had while I've been here.
I don't think that I would have been able to make the same progress as far as weight loss, um, without going through those emotional things.
You take care.
You take care of yourself, girl.
Look at this.
We can get a face-to-face one now.
- We can.
A face-to-face with Bob.
All right, man.
I can't wait for my family and friends to see what I've accomplished.
I want them to have the confidence in me like I do myself.
I lost a lot of my independence when I when I got so heavy and became dependent on David for a lot of things, so there's still a lot of question marks for David and I, and he and I have been in constant communication, but we're both aware that we have a lot of, you know, work to do to figure out what's next for us.
Coming up on heavy When Tim walked through the door, it was actually like a different person.
Here at the salon this morning.
I've got my big reveal this evening.
My friends and family haven't seen me for six months, so I'm really excited.
I'm about to walk into my house and see my family.
And when I last saw them, I was almost 70 pounds heavier.
I'm anxious to see him.
He's come a long ways, we're hoping.
Hey, there's somebody here on this door.
Oh, hey! Look at this.
When Tim walked through the door, I couldn't believe it.
I mean, he was so heavy when he started the program that it was actually like a different person.
So how much did you lose now? Uh, 68 pounds.
68 pounds.
Great job, Tim.
When I first walked into "h" three six months ago, breathing was a big chore for me.
But now I can walk an hour and still keep going.
I feel like I'm coming home and I'm starting fresh.
This is where I end my old life and start my new life.
Yeah! The reaction from my family was more than I thought it would be.
It was a lot of happiness, a lot of pride.
The next thing for me, myself, and I is finding a good job.
I've got my health in order.
I feel great.
I look great.
And now I'm ready to conquer the world.
Yeah! Here at the salon this morning.
I'm gonna try to figure out what my new look is gonna be.
Gonna do something really cool with the hair, and, uh, get made up.
I've got my big reveal this evening.
My friends and family haven't seen me for six months, so I'm really excited to look cute and have them see, like, this huge transformation that I've made.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
[Cheers and applause] Well, thank you.
I want to thank all of you for coming here to the beautiful aurora theater.
Let's bring the new, improved, fabulous stacia "Stace" Kingston.
[Cheers and applause] [Laughs] I hate to see the evening sun go down Being in front of my friends and family, I feel whole again.
It really is like full circle for me.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for being here.
[Cheers and applause] [Laughs] Thank you so much, everyone that's come here tonight just to show support for me.
Six months ago I started on a fantastic journey, and I far exceeded anything that I ever would have expected that I could do.
I am on the right path, and it's nothing but up from here.
[Cheers and applause] I'm very proud.
I'm very proud.
I'm proud of the job that she did, and she stuck with it and, you know very Very happy about it.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Stacia was phenomenal.
I almost broke down.
I'm just so mesmerized by the transformation, and and just feel blessed.
Look a little different? - You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
Six months ago, I was A miserable girl who worried every day about dying, and hated waking up every day to the same miserable life.
And now I wake up every day and I'm ready to start exercising.
I know it sounds crazy, but I'm excited about what life has to offer, or what life has in store.
Instead of thinking about, you know, all the negative things about what's not going right, I'm looking forward to see all the possibilities.