Heavy (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Mark ~ Patty

Every day, I wake up with this imperfection.
I don't know what to do anymore.
I am broken.
I'll have burger combo, steak burrito, and Western combo with a chocolate shake.
I'm so sorry I got this way.
I'm so sorry, I'm so ashamed.
It's disgusting.
She's waiting to die.
I just wish she could be who she used to be.
His health is at stake.
If he doesn't lose the weight, it's only gonna get worse.
- It's a girl.
- It's a girl? It would be devastating if something happened.
I can't imagine raising a baby without him.
Food is every bit as crippling as any other kind of drug.
It'll kill you.
The point of being here is to create new normals.
They're crunching and grinding.
There's no weight on the machine.
Take it out! Take it out! Take it out! I don't really know where to go from here.
It's very, very discouraging.
She's gonna die unless she makes some changes now.
I don't want my child to know about a fat dad.
I want my child to know about a healthy dad.
I want to be able to live again.
I can't go on like this any longer.
I need it so bad.
I want it so bad.
Right now, I just can't deal with anything.
I'm just so unhappy.
I'm unhappy with myself.
I'm unhappy with just everything.
I'm mark.
I'm 39.
And I weigh 480 pounds.
I don't want my child to know about a fat dad.
I want my child to know about a healthy dad.
- It's a girl.
- It's a girl? Oh.
One of the things about being so big is that you miss out on a great deal.
And I don't want to miss out on any more.
I mean, that's what we're dealing with.
I had to move my fat out of the way to be able to do stuff.
Um, so that's that's me.
I got to lose this.
I don't want to miss out on playing with my baby.
And Jackie needs to have a partner who is able to do the things that need to be done.
The excuse of "well, I'm just tired" just doesn't work when you have a child.
You've got to be there.
Oh, my God.
This food is so great.
I started putting on weight while I was in the army.
And they were looking to start doing some downsizing anyway.
So the easiest way for me to get out was to take a medical discharge.
And the medical discharge was because I was fat.
I look at that period of my life as an absolute failure.
My father just passed away in 2008.
We were really close.
And I just don't want our child to have to you know, I want them to have their dad.
And I want them to, you know, I want him to walk her down the aisle.
I didn't get to have that.
I want him to be there and be the best dad that he can.
You don't want to hear that stuff from people.
"I'm afraid you're going to die.
" All right, you're all packed.
This six months is about my child and my wife.
I want to give Jackie a better life than what we have right now.
My name is Patty.
I'm 59 years old.
I weighed 88 pounds when I got married at 17.
My weight problem didn't start until the death of my son.
He was 23 years old.
I think we all turned to food after Nick died.
Can we pull the table to me? 'Cause I can't get to it.
Thank you.
Food is comfort.
Food is love.
Pasta salad, please.
Food is always there.
Food never ever lets you down.
But I feel like I've eaten myself into a chair.
I want to lose all this.
I need to lose all this.
My arms are fat.
Here, believe it or not.
And all this.
All right, now, I can try to get down.
You see how hard it is.
Getting up is way, way harder.
I want to hold my grandkids' hands.
I want to walk and hold their hands.
I've missed so much since they were babies.
Bye, honey.
See you in a little bit.
Hey, where are you going? I know what she thinks: I don't love her as much as I used to because I don't come around very often, you know.
And it's not true.
I just can't see her like this.
You know, I just can't.
I'm so sorry I got this way.
I'm so sorry I'm so ashamed.
Oh, my God.
I want my independence back.
Hi, how are you? - Good.
How are you? - Welcome.
Today, mark and Patty are taking the first steps of reclaiming their lives.
This is your nametag that we ask that you wear the whole time that you're here.
- Okay.
Thanks, Allison.
- Thank you.
I think that people come here primarily with a focus on losing weight.
But to accomplish that long-term goal, it's about developing the lifestyles that will ultimately sustain it.
Weight follows behavior.
And in six months, a lot of behavioral change can occur.
We're gonna get you over to your villa.
So I have some specific fitness goals.
My hometown is having its very first half-marathon.
- Oh, my gosh.
Really? - Yeah.
And, uh So don't tell me.
You want to do the half-marathon.
I do.
I do.
When mark told me that he wanted to run a half-marathon, there is no way he's gonna be able does he even understand what a half-marathon is? - God.
- You all right? Yeah.
Want me to grab your suitcase for a while? - No, I got it.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
- He can't even run right now.
He can't even jog right now.
He's gonna have to start walking miles a day.
Just start walking.
'Cause right now he can't even make it to his villa.
- Hey, Patty.
- Hi, Bob.
How you doing? I'm good.
Thank you.
My first weigh-in at the facility here, I really was scared.
It seems like I eat all day sometimes.
We want to get a reference point for that weight.
So let's have you step up on the scale there.
Your starting weight is 312.
Looking at that, what do you think? Is that about where you thought you were? Yeah.
I lost a couple pounds.
Don't underestimate the value of every loss.
If you're moving in the right direction, we're happy about that.
Oh, boy.
I've got 200 pounds to lose.
How the heck am I gonna do this? One of the things you probably heard before is this BMI.
- I am two-thirds fat? - It's somewhat similar.
2% body fat.
But it's not exactly the same.
Well, it's about right 'cause I weigh three times what I should weigh.
There's a body with 200 pounds of fat on it.
And here's the good news: When people lose a relatively small amount of their total weight, their health improves fairly dramatically.
That first 10, 15, 20% is gonna make a big difference in your health.
I think it will make a big difference in your mobility.
And that's what we're moving towards.
Hey, mark.
How you doing? - Good, Bob.
- Nice to see you.
All right, so this is the fun part.
I'm gonna have you step on the scale and see what we got.
Um, that was my weight back in August.
I thought I'd lost some.
Uh, wow.
The last time I'd weighed myself, I was well under 500 pounds.
Sometimes people can creep up and not know it.
And you want to catch this on the way up.
That was devastating.
How did that happen? All right, just a little stick here.
Just put a little pressure on there for me.
I don't know if you know much about diabetes.
Diabetes is an insidious, diabolical, and nasty disease.
It is a disease that you don't want.
I mean, there's a lot of things that are beginning to stack up.
And you're really getting at this before you got the serious consequences of these issues.
You're killing yourself.
You got to do something better and be there for my wife and my child.
I started really seriously thinking about my weight loss.
Coming up on Heavy Well, you got to get the chocolate rainbows.
When Adam took me into the weight room, I felt overwhelmed.
- Are you ready? - Scared.
- All right.
- Oh, my gosh.
How am I gonna do this? You may be concerned about your ability to participate in our fitness program.
It is a challenging program.
And if you haven't been exercising regularly before you came, you might wonder, can you do it? And the fact of the matter is that you can.
This is a really exciting time because in these first few days of the program, we're gonna push them to their limits.
Please start it slow.
I'm starting it slow.
When Adam took me into the weight room, I felt overwhelmed.
- Are you ready? - Scared.
- All right.
- Oh, my gosh.
How am I gonna do this? Starting now, all right? Pick it up a little bit.
There you go.
That's what I'm talking about.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Holy mother of Mary.
Is that too fast? How you feeling? Just 30.
Just don't go any faster.
You're already at 17.
Longer strides.
Lengthen that stride a little bit.
One by one, he showed me all the things that I can do.
You're gonna be lifting them out to the side and back down, okay? Exactly.
And it was so less intimidating.
I love it, guys.
You're doing great.
That's what I'm talking about.
You got to strengthen your back out.
Use those quads though.
I want you to push up with your heels, not your toes.
Crush my fingers.
There you go.
Keep the weight on the heel of that front foot.
That's perfect.
I know you want it.
One more.
- 17.
- Move that core.
That's it.
- I don't have a core.
- 9.
Yes, you do.
- I'm, like - It's there.
I'm telling you.
That's it.
Good job.
Oh, my God.
- Good work.
- Oh, my God.
My thighs.
- Feel them burning? - My thighs are burning.
Cool down.
Catch your breaths.
One of the concerns that most people have is that they're gonna be on an aggressive, pretty low-calorie plan, about 1200 calories.
What's seaweed taste like, I wonder? Ultimately, what food is and what it's supposed to be is fuel.
I'm counting calories in my head.
It can provide pleasure.
It can provide lots of things.
But basically, that's what it is.
It's fuel.
Bend your knee a little bit.
There you go.
The biggest benefits of strength training are your ability just to move naturally throughout the course of the day without pain.
I don't want there to be any pain.
They always hurt.
But, yeah, it's not - but is it mild? - Yeah.
I figured that I would be working out a lot.
Come on! Good! But that first week was intense.
Take it out! Take it out! Take it out! I've never worked out so hard.
Take it out, mark.
- Hi, Patty.
- Hi, Adam.
- Are you excited? - Yeah.
- Nervous? - Scared too.
Oh, boy.
- All right.
That's great.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Are you kidding? - That's great.
- Are you kidding? - No, I'm not kidding.
- Aah! Oh, my God.
That's great.
When I saw 303 on the scale, I was thinking "this can't be.
I didn't do this.
" Oh, my gosh.
It's only gonna get better, right? The more you keep moving, the more you're doing.
Oh, I'm shocked.
I thought it was gonna be two or three pounds.
For myself, I was ecstatic.
I thought that was great.
Morning, mark.
How you doing, man? You ready? Yeah.
My initial weigh-in was quite shocking.
I was, like, "wow, really? How did that happen?" All right, let's see it.
One week down.
One week.
That's 30 pounds.
I lost freaking 30 pounds! Man! Nice.
That's awesome.
Holy crap! 30 pounds! I've never lost 30 pounds in a week.
I don't think I didn't even think that was possible.
I left the 500s and I skipped the 490s altogether.
30 pounds! All right, man.
Good job.
That's great.
Way to go.
Holy shAh! For mark to lose 30 pounds this week is sort of an amazing accomplishment.
But he needs to understand that a lot of that is water weight.
And that's good.
He didn't need to be carrying that much water weight around.
30 pounds.
But he certainly can't expect this kind of weight loss every week.
Even though I was really happy I hit that goal, I really wanted to push myself physically.
'Cause it would be so easy to be, like, "yeah, I lost 30 pounds.
" And in the grand scheme of things, it's just the beginning, you know? And that I want to keep that momentum going.
Holy cow.
You're going fast today.
This is the fastest you've gone yet, mark.
Is it? I feel such a positive change in myself just by what I've learned and what I'm eating.
I have more energy than I ever had before.
- Here we go.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
I can't even keep up with you.
You're so fast.
There's this half-marathon that I'm gonna participate in at home.
In my head, I'm gonna cross the finish line.
There are my friends.
There's my wife.
And I get a big kiss and a big hug from everybody.
You know? And that's my motivation.
That's what I keep thinking.
Mark is a man with a mission.
He's got a new baby on the way.
All right! He goes from the minute he gets up until he puts his head on that pillow at night.
This is the longest we've gone.
I know.
It's extremely hard to be paired with someone that's constantly just "go go go" when my mind and body are telling me "stop stop stop.
Slow down.
Slow down.
" The grocery store Confronting our demons.
We don't have to wait till we're home.
This is the perfect time to practice.
When you go in today, pick ten things.
I want you to use your imagination and pretend that you might be sad or anxious or getting ready to binge.
- This.
- Do they have any hot dogs? Yeah.
There they are.
I need, like, a block of cheese.
Do you guys have fried chicken here? These are the biggest tortillas they have.
Well, you got to get the chocolate rainbows.
- How you doing? - I'm good.
Okay, uh, if we had to pick one out of those pick any one, it doesn't matter.
- Gonna be the hot dogs.
- Okay.
Hot dogs.
Can you see on there how many servings there are? One hot dog is one serving.
One serving.
All right.
And how many calories per serving? - 180.
- 180.
Now how many would you have? I would eat the whole thing.
Okay, you would eat the whole thing.
So eight times what? It's 1440 calories.
1440 calories.
Patty, let me give this to you.
How many servings there? Eight.
How many calories would that be? - 290 for one donut.
- For one donut.
How many would you have, do you think? I'd eat the whole box.
So what's one of your goals? I want to run a half-marathon.
And, Patty, who do you want to spend time with? - My grandkids.
- Your grandchildren.
And what do you want to do with your grandchildren? - Run and play.
- Run and play.
Even just walk and hold their hands.
It's like picking food over my grandkids.
I can't do that.
Like what, Patty? It's like I've been picking food over my grandkids.
I can't do that.
- Mm-hmm.
That's horrifying.
My God.
Oh, my God.
I know that you are a very determined woman.
And this guy He's very determined.
Keep your goals right there.
Okay? Right in front of you.
Okay? And sometimes to reach goals, you have to do very difficult things.
I want you to put these back.
Okay? Okay.
When I put the food back, I was choosing my life over food.
Good-bye, cheese.
I wanted those cheese danishes.
I wanted those potato chips.
I wanted those hot dogs.
It really taught me a lot about how deep this addiction that I have is.
It never should have gotten this far.
It never should have gotten this out of hand.
- Coming up on Heavy - I gained three pounds? My God.
And later I never thought I would ever be a dad.
I never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be a dad.
And now I'm gonna be one.
Three to go.
It's day 63 and I'm getting all the exercise I can to be a healthy man for my wife and my child.
This is the longest we've gone.
I know.
I've had a lot of physical changes in myself since I've been here.
I can stand for way longer periods of time without back pain.
My core strength is really good.
I can walk longer.
I can walk more often.
I've accomplished a lot that I never could have accomplished at home.
- How you doing, bud? - Doing good.
- How's the training going? - Oh, fantastic.
- Fantastic? - Yeah.
Ran seven and a half minutes yesterday.
Just keeps getting better, huh? - Yeah.
You ready for this? - I'm ready.
All right.
Down to 450, dude.
- I'll take it.
- I lost seven pounds.
So that's 67 pounds.
Yeeeeeah! Oh, it feels great.
You ready? Ready to rock? - No.
- No? Not yet? - No.
- Yeah.
You've got it, girl.
I don't think so.
All right.
How do you feel? I gained three pounds? My God.
I don't really know where to go from here.
It's just very, very discouraging.
It's very, very discouraging.
What is wrong? Don't let it get to you.
We're all here to help you.
- What is wrong? - It's just one week.
You can't think about the numbers like that.
Well, I have to.
It's why I'm here.
I know.
I know.
And it's frustrating.
'Cause you worked really hard.
There's nothing you can say.
It's a nightmare.
It's bad.
- We're gonna be all right.
- What do I do? I don't know what to do.
I really just don't feel like doing anything today.
I'm really discouraged.
I don't know what else to say.
I just don't know what else to say.
So I just kind of feel hopeless and a failure.
So what's the feeling like a failure about? - Uh, oh, my God.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Let the feelings come out.
Sometimes it's good to get those feelings out.
I just I I tried to raise my kids opposite of how I'd been raised.
And it just didn't work.
My two youngest kids have issues with weight.
My daughter's as Heavy as I am.
Do you blame yourself for that? I don't know.
I think I blame myself for everything.
You know, I lost one boy to drugs and I have a 41-year-old in rehab.
And I just don't get it.
What can you say to yourself to give yourself a little bit of hope that things can get better? I don't know.
"It's just a bad day.
Tomorrow will be better.
" Yeah, exactly.
And today you're tired? Yeah.
I'll get some sleep and tomorrow I'm gonna be better.
My name is Mike, and I'm Patty's oldest son.
I haven't seen my mother in ten years.
Having come out of rehab a month and a half ago, I wanted to surprise her and make amends for a decade of lost time.
Hi, mom.
Aaaaaaah! Oh, my God! I haven't seen you for so long.
Just never imagined I never imagined.
I never imagined.
I am ecstatic beyond belief.
I was overwhelmed with emotion.
I was It was crazy.
I just I could hold my baby again, you know? I usually use a cane.
Having not seen my mother in ten years, she's put on an unprecedented amount of weight.
I know I'm done avoiding problems and people.
And I came to that understanding through my own personal rehabilitation.
And I knew, you know, I could help my mom.
I know I, uh I haven't Been a goodSon.
For a long time.
It's okay.
So many years.
You beat your addiction.
I'm trying to beat mine.
Mike's absence in my life caused me a great deal of worry and anxiety and nervousness that I usually filled with food.
So it had a big effect on me.
I am so excited.
I cannot believe that this is happening.
I never thought I would ever be a dad.
I never never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be a dad.
And now I'm gonna be one.
My wife Jackie is here.
If you go down that hall a way, it will be almost at the end on the right-hand side.
There's our little girl.
I have Tilly.
She looks good.
- Thank you.
- She was 8.
20 inches long.
Good job, sweetie.
All right, mommy, I'll hand her over to you.
I'll take her right here.
Thank you.
She's the sweetest little thing in the world.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Hey, baby.
Sweet little baby.
- Can I hold her some? - Yeah.
It's so hard to hand her over.
Mark looks really great.
I could immediately tell a difference in the way he looked.
I've just missed him.
I've missed him a lot.
It was just really good to see him.
- Look at that face.
- Whiskers.
I'm holding Tilly Claire for the very first time.
And I've never felt a more pure feeling of bliss in my entire life than that moment.
I can just eat you up.
Rah rah rah.
And that's saying something 'cause daddy's a food addict.
I love her so much.
I've never loved anything like I love her.
I will do anything for her.
I've been waiting to talk to you for a long time.
Rah rah rah rah.
- This is the rower? - Yeah.
This is on 20 pounds.
That's too much.
Oh, well, this is like doing nothing.
That's what you think.
Do that for five minutes.
- Five minutes? - Yeah.
Really? This is gonna be aerobic? Sure it is.
I just wanted to talk about how good it is to have my son here.
It's been wonderful to reconnect with him.
I know you're gonna be okay now so it's less for me to worry about.
You have nothing to worry about with me.
It's a big burden.
You have to worry about you now.
Just keep strengthening yourself.
Having Mike come here was the best surprise anybody could've given me ever.
It was unbelievable the time I got to spend with him.
And as hard as it was to see him go, Mike had a lot of wisdom that helped me a lot, that's picked me up.
You be safe, okay? I will.
I'll talk to you soon, okay? I'm gonna keep track of you.
Bye, mom.
It lifted a big weight off of me.
Coming up on Heavy This is the toughest part for me is just to fight through.
I'm a fighter, though.
I've been fighting for a long time.
- And later - Grandma.
- Hi, baby.
- Grandma.
I miss them every day.
- How long were you home for? - 12 days.
Not nearly long enough.
I just wish they were here or I was there every day.
Do you think that these weeks that you're going to spend here until you go home are an investment in your daughter's life? They are.
And I still just I just Sorry.
You don't have to apologize to me.
I just miss them.
This is the toughest part for me is just to fight through.
I'm a fighter, though.
I've been fighting for a long time.
And, uh, I'll get through this.
Since Mike left, I've been having big weight losses.
Big for me.
Five pounds almost every week.
So I now have hope that I'm gonna lose more weight than I've been thinking.
- 265.
- Aaaah! - Whoo.
That is a 5.
4 loss.
- Ah! I did it again.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Yay.
I'm doing good work here.
It's just hard.
You know, I mean, I miss home.
This is lonely.
I miss my family.
And I miss my girl.
I've never loved anything so much in my life.
- 7.
8 pounds.
- Mm! I came here to change my life.
To be a better dad and a better husband.
And that's what it boils down to.
Down and pull it right up into your armpit.
All the way down.
Into your armpit.
When I first got here six months seemed like such a long time.
But without this opportunity, I wouldn't be able to do the things that I'm able to do now.
I never thought that I would be in a kayak.
Six months ago, the thought of not using my scooter would've been very scary.
- Come on now! Today, I feel stronger.
I feel thinner.
And if I could do it all over again, I would.
It's my last week and I am nervous and excited.
I will be running my half-marathon at the end of this week.
I'm very excited that I had the capacity to actually finish the race.
Going into my last weigh-in, I'm anxious.
I realize that my journey here really is over.
- It's a special day.
- Dude, what a special day.
- How are you? - I'm good.
I'm good.
All right.
All right.
All right, get those shoes off and step on that old scale there.
Let's see what you got.
Your starting weight was 312.
You are 247 even.
Oh, my gosh, I think that means I lost 65 pounds.
You lost 65.
6 pounds.
Good job.
You know, one of your issues, obviously, are your joints, and your hips, and your knees.
And it's estimated that for every pound you lose, that takes about three to five maybe even more pounds off of your joints.
So let's be conservative and say that's just three pounds.
Times That's almost 200 pounds of less stress on those joints.
- No wonder I can walk better.
- That's what counts.
Walking out of here 65 pounds lighter, I feel awesome.
I would not have been able to lose ten pounds a month at home.
And now I'm armed with all this knowledge about nutrition and exercise.
And I'm prepared to take it on in the real world.
Going in to my final weigh-in, it really kind of reminded me of just how far I've come.
Morning, Bob.
Good morning, mark.
Fresh off your run this morning? Yes, sir.
In the span of six months, I'm gonna be running a half-marathon.
The race is coming.
All right, well, let's check it out here.
Here we go.
Take a big, deep breath.
We got 357.
That's 159 pounds.
Ha! - 159.
- That's unbelievable, man.
Where are you, man? You're lean and mean.
I'm getting there.
I'm getting there.
All right.
All right.
- Man.
- All right, good job.
Good job.
- Thanks, Bob.
- All right.
If you would've told me that I could lose 160 pounds in six months, I would've told you you were crazy.
That's just an impossibility.
But I did it.
All right, here we go.
One more time down the ramp.
Do you guys remember when you walked up this ramp for the first time? - Yeah.
- Uh Barely walked up the ramp for the first time? - I don't think I walked up.
- More of a wobble.
When I walked in here six months ago, I was defeated.
I was a defeated woman.
That's what I'm talking about.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Holy mother of Mary.
I didn't want to live the way I'd been living.
And now I don't have to do that Anymore.
I can't wait to see my family.
And I know when they see me They're going to be overwhelmed by what I've achieved.
- Ah.
- All right, man.
Everything I've learned here I'm about to put to the test in the real world.
Do I fall back into old habits? Oh, my God.
This food is so great.
You all right? Yeah.
The answer to that is gonna be no.
I got to get one more.
All right.
I'm strong enough now to know that I can face these obstacles and overcome them.
And I don't need food to get me through it.
Coming up on Heavy I had manicure, pedicure.
I didn't think I could look this good.
Seven and a half miles.
Little tired.
I'm really glad that mark's home.
- I'm so excited.
- Grandma! - Hi.
- Hi, Patty.
- Hi.
- Have a seat.
My makeover was so much fun today.
I had manicure, pedicure.
I had a facial.
I'm gonna do a little bit more blond around your face to kind of bring out some of that "I've been on the beach" sun-glitzed look.
I'm so excited.
I'm happy.
I'm excited.
I'm a little nervous.
- Color turned out great.
- Yeah? - I'm so excited.
- Aaaah! Oh, my God! This is absolutely beautiful.
I didn't think I could look this good.
I feel like a new person.
I've missed my mom so much.
I cannot wait to see her.
I can't wait for her to be back.
I hope that she feels better about herself and is excited to continue the journey and continue getting healthy.
I'm just anxious to see my mom.
And I just want to give her a big hug when I see her.
So it'll feel really good.
I'm hoping to see the culmination of this entire six-month period.
I'm just very hopeful that I will notice a difference for the better.
I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me to be able to just walk into my house and not go on a scooter.
Struggle in hunched over on a thick, thick cane.
I'm so excited.
- Grandma! - Hi, baby.
Grandma! I missed you.
How's it feel, mom? It feels so good.
Peter my hummingbird, come on.
Oh, my God! Honey.
Everybody's changed so much.
I feel like I have my mom back.
I've not seen her walk in years literally.
She's a huge influence on all of us.
So her getting healthier is just gonna get the ball rolling for all of us.
Oh, my God.
Are you riding a tricycle too? - Yeah, it looks like it.
- Oh, my gosh.
I feel awesome.
I'm home.
I'm happy.
It was so worth it.
I'm just on my way and there's no stopping me now.
Whoo! I'm excited.
1 miles is no joke.
But I've been training for it.
I'm ready to go.
Seven and a half miles.
I'm a little tired.
Uh, but I'm pushing through.
I'm hurting.
Thinking about Tilly.
It was really hard to be away from mark for six months.
But I'm really hopeful that all of this has been for the best.
And it was not all for nothing.
Oh, oh, I see him.
I'm really gla I'm really glad that mark's home.
He's really come a long way.
And I'm just really proud of him and glad he's home, so glad he's home.
- Whoo! - You did good.
It was great having Jackie here.
This has been the greatest experience of my life.
And it really has taught me a lot of things that I'd forgotten about myself about how tough I am.
About how strong I can be.
That finish line was part of my new life.
And there will be many more finish lines.
- How do you feel? - I am tired.
It's not the end at all.
It's just the beginning.