Heels (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Dusty Finish

Previously on Heels
You and your brother gotta be good
to each other tonight, you hear?
Oh, there he is.
Jack Spade.
So why are you here?
Suits from up north
sent me to scout him.
The locker room's
for wrestlers, not valets.
I'm not just a valet. I can wrestle.
Baby's coming, and Melanie,
she don't get what we get about it.
Jack, I'm retiring.
Hey, I heard about Ace.
That's a big opportunity.
Yes, it is. Yeah. Yeah.
Who you think your dad would have win?
Don't matter. He's dead.
This is gonna be awesome.
Tale as old as time.
Brothers sparring. Cain and Abel.
I go wrestle the match of my life.
I get to leave, and you stay here
Jack, you're gonna hurt him.
I know. You're gonna have to call it.
- Jack!
- Jack.
Jack! Jack, stop!
Ring the bell!
Till you end up killing
yourself, like Dad.
I woke up to ♪
The morning sky first ♪
Baby blue ♪
Just like we rehearsed ♪
When I get up off this ground ♪
I shake leaves back down ♪
To the brown, brown brown, brown ♪
Till I'm clean ♪
With all my favorite colors yes, sir ♪
My sisters and my brothers ♪
See 'em like no other ♪
All my favorite colors ♪
It's a good day to be
a good day for me ♪
A good day to see ♪
My favorite colors, colors ♪
My sisters and my brothers ♪
They see 'em like no other ♪
All my favorite colors ♪
Hey, there.
- Good morning.
- Morning, Jack.
I been all around ♪
This big spinning rock ♪
Nothing compares
to what this town's got ♪
People are the best
that I've ever seen ♪
This is the picture
of the American Dream ♪
Hey, man.
Get here when you can.
- I think you got my chair.
- No, no, no.
All the chairs are my chairs.
You want a chair that works,
get here on time.
But let's go sell the shit
out of some mowers.
Hey, what happened to your eye?
I thought wrestling was fake.
Yes ♪
I got a message for Jack Spade
and all those hacks at the DWL.
The South belongs to me!
That's a crazy motherfucker right there.
Hey, now, if you had one wish,
what would it be?
That you stop watching
them stupid-ass promos
and focus on spotting me.
Now come on, I got you, baby.
Now, rerack it, 'cause
you know I curl with this.
One wish, eh?
- A honey bun.
- Like from the gas station?
Yeah, man. Glazed. Cinnamon.
Oh, dude, those things are so good.
- Yes.
- If you want diabetes.
I didn't say 50 fucking honey buns.
Get the fuck out of here.
Looks fucking awesome, right?
I went to Atlanta yesterday
to be an extra in a superhero movie,
and, uh, after they painted us,
we just sat around all night,
we got ate up my mosquitos,
and I never got on camera,
but it was totally worth it,
because when I saw myself in the mirror,
I was like, "Holy shit, this is it.
This is your character".
Hey, Willie, I got a new character.
It's called Turquoise.
Hey, assholes and I say that
with frustration
and not affection next time
the smoke alarm beeps,
don't fetch me.
Fetch yourselves a new battery
and fucking fix it yourselves.
Good morning, Willie. How are you today?
You seem good.
Look, uh
none of us have heard from Jack,
and tickets still ain't on sale.
Yeah, please don't cancel the show.
There's gonna be a show.
He's just finishing the script.
Wait, wait, wait, now,
if he didn't already have
this week's script written,
then why he do Ace like that?
Probably working on a hot
new angle for Turquoise.
Awesome. You already told him?
Did you text him?
I didn't see you text
I'm confused.
Sick of the fucking drama, man.
Ace splits, and we all take
the hit. This is bullshit.
Chill. We all got chops.
DWL will be fine.
Now, you know what?
You one full-glass, honey bun-eating
motherfucker, aren't you?
Nah, bro. That's gratitude.
Gratitude for another day sober.
Listen, we'll be fine.
Fine? Nah, we all saw what went down.
Huh? That wasn't fine.
If that's how Jack treats his brother
Like, come on, what happens
when he makes it like one of us
is gonna get our shot at the title belt?
How you think he gonna treat us?
My favorite thing about
this mower is the cupholder,
so you can crush some beers
while you work.
You see, beers turn work into play.
But look, I'm only 26.
Jack here can tell you the difference
a riding mower makes over a push mower
when you're the man of the house.
- Jack?
- Heard my name.
- How are you?
- Good. How are you doing?
Good. Good.
- You got kids?
- Two boys, eight and ten.
Man, I was super close with my old man.
You know, truth be told,
I can't I can never smell
fresh-cut grass and not think of him.
I'd always sit on his lap,
help him mow the yard.
We had a football field worth of lawn.
He had a bad knee.
So we-we actually ended up
with a-with a riding mower.
It was an older model
but a lot like this.
And when my mom wasn't looking,
he'd let me drive.
Wasn't a chore.
It was a it was an escape.
For both of us. Now I got a young son.
He just loves sitting on my lap,
helping cut the grass.
And, of course,
there's the, uh, cupholder.
Ain't no doubt this is some mower.
But to be honest, it's my oldest son.
He needs the exercise.
He needs to witness a man
standing and pushing.
Well, how are you fixed for push mowers
or, uh, leaf blowers?
All set. I appreciate your time, though.
- Well
- Thanks. Really.
That guy drove here wanting us
to sell him a riding mower,
and you had to go all theatrical.
"This is Jack, man of the house".
- That's how you teed it up.
- No.
No, I teed up,
"When your wife's bitching
and your kids are moaning,
it's nice to get drunk
cutting the yard".
Not all wives bitch,
and not all kids moan, Timmy.
If he can't afford a new riding mower,
then he can't afford a new riding mower.
The guy drove up
in a Platinum Ford F-350.
- Oh, shit.
- He could afford it.
- Okay?
- All right. Yeah.
Look, I know my grandaddy
admired your flair
for sales, Jack,
but this is my store now.
And it's Tim now. I ain't a kid anymore.
Also, that shiner freaks people out.
Borrow some of your wife's makeup.
Hey, want to help me learn a song?
Uh, can it wait 'til later?
- What the hell?
- Thomas!
Are you okay?
It's squirrels. We got
squirrels in the attic.
- Can we play with them?
- Squirrels are like rats
with bushier tails
we gotta get rid of 'em.
- Please don't kill them.
- All right.
We'll talk to your father.
Getting rid of squirrels
is his department.
That's a dramatic entrance.
What, Timmy on the warpath again?
Didn't hit him, so there's that.
Hey, I want to talk to you
about some house stuff.
Uh, yeah. I-I gotta finish the script.
Well, your mom called.
She wants to talk to you about Ace.
Oh, Ace!
Oh, I'm gonna beat your ass again.
Ooh, one more time.
Hey, don't call him again.
Dude, he saw me knock
the dog shit out of Jack.
Wild Bill said, "Make sure
some punches land for real".
I gave him exactly what he wanted.
I know, but you been calling
him for two days straight.
Can't you see I'm on the phone?
Hey, Bill. It's, uh, Ace again.
Uh, just waiting around
with my dick in my hand.
Uh, actually, no, it's in a
it's in a woman's hand.
Anyway, I was just wondering
if you got my messages.
Ace! Dinner's ready!
I'm on the phone, Mama!
- God damn it!
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're an amazing wrestler.
Ace. Hey. Get up. Let's wrestle.
- Mama, I was on a work call.
- Ace, sit. It's getting cold.
- Hi, Mrs. Spade.
- Another casserole. You hungry?
Yeah, there's only enough
for you and me.
It's a casserole.
I made dinner for two.
Mama, it's a casserole.
You know, thank y'all,
but I gotta get home anyway.
I got work early tomorrow, so
It's always good to get your rest.
How is he?
So you been here all day,
screwing my son in my tiny home
that's built so I can hear everything,
and you didn't even ask him he's doing?
I'm r-I'm really sorry about the noise.
- If-if
- You care about that boy,
you'll leave him alone, you hear?
- We're partners.
- No.
That's all scripted, especially
the stuff with you and Ace.
Now, don't start thinking it's real.
It's fake.
Now, You tell Jack and Willie
- I don't really talk much
- You tell him and Willie
and the other jezebels
they got working for 'em
that Ace is gonna make a clean break.
Start building a regular
life for himself.
Ace is really lucky
his mom cares so much.
Let me know if y'all need anything.
You're late.
Can only be late for a date, Gully.
You like that new promo I sent you?
What's not to like?
Perfectly portrays your brand.
Florida Wrestling Dystopia
is the new face of family entertainment.
Nothing says Florida family
quite like your barbwire
nipple ring guy.
- They call him The Hole.
- That's clever.
- And he has a lot of heat.
- Mm.
All my guys got heat.
I'm winning, and Jack
is fucking losing it.
I mean, what the fuck was he thinking?
He turned your guys' one star, Ace,
- into a joke with the fans.
- Okay.
And all while Wild Bill
was there scouting.
That's why he did it, right?
To keep his cash cow from leaving.
You know, where I'm from,
they call that being
a jealous douchebag.
Can I get you something?
- Uh, just a coffee, please.
- All right.
Guys get chippy in the ring
all the time.
Jack versus Ace is the DWL. Or was.
If I'm you, I'm thinking, next event,
does anybody even show up?
Ace's tears made him more human.
Stop saying stupid shit
you don't believe.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Johnny Marr said you want
to invest in the DWL.
I'm not investing in fuck all.
I want to buy the Dome.
The Dome's not for sale.
Jack's behind on a lot of bills,
a lot, a lot of bills.
I'm offering you a bailout
before foreclosure.
- Okay.
- I need a base in Georgia
for my ever-expanding empire.
I'll even give you a job if you want.
I thought you moved to Florida
to make money in fishing.
I did. I have.
But, you know, climate change
and all, future's bleak.
I needed a new interest. I found one.
Well, Jack's not looking for a partner.
I mean, maybe he'd consider
a silent investor.
Oh, really? Would he put that
under consideration?
Fuck out of here, okay?
I'm not investing with a douchebag
who deliberately fucked
with my livelihood
by running his mouth about me
on two different wrestling podcasts.
Charlie Gully's a hack
and a carpetbagger.
He should be shipped
out of town in a steel coffin
or whatever it is
he holds his bait worms in.
He was comparing and contrasting.
His father had just died.
Boo-hoo. Get in line.
Watch the fucking Lion King.
Circle of life.
Jack's a conceited little fuck.
And you know something,
I have him to thank,
because FWD was just a lark
until he publicly mocked me.
Lark or livelihood? It can't be both.
Well, you gotta lark the right lark.
Jack's gonna get his ass handed to him.
You want to come after him,
you know where he is.
I'm not coming after him, Willie.
I'm already here.
Do you know why your show sucks, Gully?
It's partly that you're
a latecomer to this business
with no real sense of its history,
but, mostly, it's that
you're not from here.
You think 'cause these folks
are poor, they're dumb,
and that since they're dumb,
they just want to see violent shitheads
getting busted open with baseball bats.
But they come to our shows
'cause they want to see a good story.
Doesn't matter how fancy the arena is
or whether anybody bleeds.
Just that they care.
That they really, truly
give a shit about the guys,
their guys in the ring,
laughing, raging,
and, yeah, tearing up.
That's why, with a fifth of your budget,
we're still your competition.
That's why one day soon,
DWL's gonna be the competition.
I don't think you're supposed
to smoke in here.
Fuck you.
Jack's ego is gonna be
the downfall of the DWL.
Jump ship before you go down with it.
Okay, so real talk,
how long has DWL been
teasing Jack versus Ace?
And the match is over in 30 seconds?
Less than that, man.
Jack Spade is ripping
people off it's pathetic.
- Fuck that!
- Fuck that.
- Jack Spade can suck my
- Dinnertime.
Maybe headphones next time?
Yeah. Sorry.
Dad, is Uncle Ace okay?
Y well, I I think that he's
Yeah, that's what I was trying
to tell you about earlier
they're in the attic.
We need to do something about it.
- Like keep them as pets?
- That'd be neat.
It's just the attic.
Where they'll chew up
our electrical wire
and then defecate all over
our Christmas decorations.
- It's Willie.
- Thank you.
Please, Mama.
What if I promise
to clean up all the poop?
Don't talk with your mouth full.
What the hell did Gully want?
He made an offer to buy the Dome.
Oh, fuck him!
Fuck him!
For how much?
It doesn't matter. Fuck that guy.
Look, I need the script
for the next show.
Last week was a shit show.
That script better be great.
Gully's scared.
That's why he's trying to buy us out.
He knows the Dome has been SRO
for the last five shows,
and he knows that
we're about to blow up.
Okay? We're about to blow up
bigger than ever before.
Interesting choice of words.
What about you and Ace?
Ace isn't on the card.
I ain't talking about wrestling.
Just check your email.
I'll get you the script later.
Hey, Crystal, come suplex us.
I've had a long day, guys.
But you're the best at it.
- Come on.
- Please?
- Please?
- Please?
No crying this time, all right?
Crystal has entered the squared circle,
and as always, she's
here to whup some ass!
My turn! My turn now.
Oh, yeah? You want to go?
You're scared of us.
Hey, man. How's it going?
Just doing what I do.
Got your voice mails, all 14 of them.
Yeah, sorry for, uh, blowing you up.
I was just trying to figure out
what the next steps are exactly.
Tell me how a developmental
contract works.
About all that, uh, I'm gonna
have to pump the brakes
'til I can get back to Duffy,
That shit with you breaking down like
well like a four-year-old
who found a dead goldfish,
that wasn't a good look.
I know it wasn't supposed
to go that way,
but you gotta be ready.
You're always performing,
always making an impression.
If I were you, I'd hop on
with some rival promotion,
like the one, uh, that Yankee cocksucker
Charlie Gully's running to get Jack back
by tanking the DWL into the ground.
Dystopia, as ludicrous as it is,
they're the ones on the come.
This business sort of ends bad
no matter what.
Least you're young.
You get to go awhile longer.
Just is what it is, kid.
Just is what it is.
Everything okay with Willie?
Uh, yeah, she just
she's up my ass about
the script for next weekend.
You always manage to get it done.
You know, maybe it wouldn't
be such a bad idea
if you took a little break
after this week, recharge,
spend some time with Thomas.
He likes soccer now, doesn't
know much how to play it.
What's to learn?
You run and kick the ball.
You run again.
Can't even kick the ball
with the grass so long.
If I ease up now, I might as well fold.
Charlie Gully's just
he's legit trying
to start a territory war
like it's the 1980s all over again.
You don't remember the '80s.
I-I know what I read
and what I've been told, what I've seen.
I just need to watch my back right now.
I need I need to keep grinding.
That's it, all right?
Have you watched the videos
of your match with Ace?
I haven't been able to.
I went over there yesterday
just to check up on him,
and he wouldn't even
come out of his room.
Honey, I don't want to talk about this.
Honey, I love you. I like when you talk.
I want to know how you're feeling.
I'm feeling like I don't want to talk.
It can help process it.
Help me process it.
Then you talk.
Why? Why did you do that to him?
You're just asking questions.
Questions that require me to talk,
- and I just told you I don't want to.
- What if this was,
like, his one chance for something big?
- All right.
- And now he's just
He's your brother.
You need to talk to him, Jack.
What do you suggest I say?
You say you're sorry.
I did what I did for his own good.
Jesus, what does that even mean?
Come on.
Look, you need to cancel the next show.
You need to cancel it
until you can talk to Ace
and say you're sorry.
Please-please keep your voice down.
And say you're sorry
'cause he's your brother,
not because you need him
for the wrestling.
You don't need to keep reminding me
- that he's my brother.
- He had a chance for something big,
and if he don't get another one
look, it may not bother you now,
but I know that my brilliant,
creative, storytelling husband,
who, by the way, is a very good talker
when he knows what
he's passionate about,
should acknowledge
that his not talking now,
it doesn't mean that he doesn't know
that eventually he's gonna have
to talk to his baby brother
about why he did what he did.
- I can't cancel the show.
- Why?
There are people there
that rely on these shows to make money.
No one makes their living
from wrestling anymore.
We can. I can.
This is all not fair.
Well, I'm gonna sleep on the couch.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- No, it's fine.
Couch is more comfortable anyway.
Yeah, you remember
when we needed a new mattress
and you bought
a pyrotechnic system instead?
Good night.
Good night.
Devastating forest fires
are raging out of control
throughout the Northwest
Oh, oh, my goodness.
Honey, you sleeping?
- What's wrong?
- Your brother's gone.
He's missing. Jim called me.
Melanie's gone into labor, and
Jim's having his baby?
Melanie's having the baby.
Jack, would you listen to me?
Now-now, Jim's been trying Ace's cell,
but the door is locked, so I went round
and the window's wide open.
And he left his phone.
- He's probably just out, Mom.
- No, this is different.
I can tell. He's-he's not himself.
He's not he's not good.
He's not himself.
I'll be there in a few minutes.
What are you doing here?
Big Jim texted me. He's worried.
This opportunistic, parasitic tart
checked in on him but not you.
Not his own brother.
Not 'til it may be too late.
He tries not to show it,
but do you know
how sad he was afterward?
Maybe he went to the arena?
That's the last place he'd go.
He probably went to Lucky Stand.
Make it right, Jack. He's your brother.
I'm aware.
Can I help you?
No. But maybe I can help you.
What, you think I want to stay with her?
- Can I have one?
- No.
I won't throw up.
Don't care.
What's Lucky Stand?
Your mom is worried
he might do something stupid.
Well, he loves himself far too much
to do something like that, I assure you.
So you think he's okay?
His sock drawer was open. It
His sock drawer's where I
taught him to hide his whiskey.
He's in the bag. It's just-just
a matter of where.
Well, I thought he just drinks beer.
On occasion, Arbor Mist,
but he won't touch liquor.
Yeah, well, maybe you don't know him
as well as you think you do.
Lucky Stand's a piece of property
belongs to a friend of our dad's,
and I used to hunt there
when I was a kid.
Call it Lucky Stand
'cause it was lucky for me
but not for the deer, and, uh
well, things got shitty
at home sometimes,
and, uh
when they did, I'd
grab Ace, and, uh
I'd take him there.
It's a good place to hide out.
Your dad, he was
Yeah, my mom too.
God, you'd rather wreck
than kill a stupid possum?
I thought you grew up hunting.
Well, I always felt
like shit after, so
Fuck sakes, Ace, come on.
Where'd you go?
Maybe it was you, maybe it was
me, but it sure felt right ♪
Come on, now.
Maybe it was Memphis ♪
Maybe it was Southern summer nights ♪
Maybe it was you ♪
Maybe it was me
but it sure felt right ♪
Come on, now.
Maybe it was Memphis ♪
Maybe it was Southern summer nights ♪
Maybe it was you maybe it was me ♪
But it sure felt right ♪
- Yes. Yes, yes, thank you.
- Denise. Denise.
Come on, now.
Y'all give it up for that lovely
and well-lubricated rendition
of "Maybe It Was-It Was Memphis".
All right, uh, hey, I'm gonna
go ahead and take five.
There's a couple of spots open,
so go ahead and put your names down
if you want to sing, all right?
Look at you, big cat.
I haven't been in here forever.
I didn't know you did this shit.
You're a star, brother.
Yeah, bullshit, just something
to make some extra cash.
What the fuck you doing here?
Just taking in the sights.
- Hey, señorita.
- Yeah?
Dos, uh, whiskey shots, por favor.
Hey, I don't drink while I'm working.
They're for me.
You want me to call you a cab?
How do I put my name down?
I will give your name
to the cab company.
I meant for the singing.
Even if Ace stayed,
is there still a place for him?
Do you mean is there still
a place for you?
It's Rooster.
He's with Ace. Shit.
I get stoned and sing all night long ♪
It's a family tradition ♪
Yeah ♪
Thank you, thank you, everyone.
Appreciate it.
Oh. Hey.
It's just beer, ladies.
Relax. It's all good.
Hey, Rooster, when it's my turn, buddy?
Uh, when am I up, man?
Come on, dude.
Ace of Spades, y'all.
Oh, I bet this is gonna be a sad song.
A real tearjerker.
Travis Davies. Man.
Holy shit, dude. I haven't
seen you in a minute.
How you doing, buddy?
I just saw you last weekend
getting your shit pushed in
by your brother.
Ha ha ha.
Ah, you're so funny, man.
Hey, you remember that time,
uh, you were a senior
and I struck your ass out as a freshman?
No, I don't.
But clearly it was a big
deal to you, though.
What do you say when it's over ♪
I don't know if I should say
anything at all ♪
One day we're rolling in the clover ♪
Next thing you know we take the fall ♪
Still, I wonder about ♪
The years since I first met you ♪
And the way it might
have been without you here ♪
Still upset you ♪
I just gotta make
the memory stand clear ♪
Is he up there crying?
Is he literally crying right now?
He's bad.
Would y'all shut the fuck up?
I'll take that. Boo!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Right, right.
This is your fucking life.
This is it.
The greatest part of your fucking week
is coming to some shithole karaoke bar
in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.
Congratulations, Duffy! Y'all made it!
Fuck, yeah, fucking, fucking, fuck.
You know what, fuck you, man.
Fuck y'all, fuck this place,
and fuck Duffy, man.
Y'all are pathetic.
Hey! Get off the stage, you pussy.
What the fuck you say?
You want to try and make me, Travie boy?
No, not really.
I'd hate to see you crying
like a little bitch again.
Who you calling a fucking
pussy, Travie boy?
You want to come a little closer
so I can kiss you
before I fuck you, huh?
Come on, buddy.
Oh, big man.
Oh, yeah, now we're gonna have some fun.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Big boy.
- That's what I thought.
Limp dick-ass pussy wrestler.
Can't fight unless it's fake.
Hey, hey.
Come get your crybaby little brother
and get out of here.
Excuse me?
Hey. Hey. We're leaving.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you fucking crazy?
Put me down!
- All right. Ow!
- Whoo!
- Thanks for the backup, bro.
- Motherfucker, this is my job.
- I need this money, man.
- Hey, hey, R-Rooster!
We'll pay for everything.
Get on back to your mom's
house, you fucking losers.
Man, go for it.
Ain't nothing to break out
here but them fools.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- It's just like I thought.
Both a couple of pussies,
like your old man.
Huh? Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Holy shit, man!
You and me on the same side.
You see the look on people's faces?
They didn't know what to think.
How'd y'all like my finisher?
Yo, man, can we go to Krystal?
- No. No.
- Oh, come on, man.
I'm starving.
No, Ace. Mom's at home.
She's gonna shit her pants. No.
Mom's casserole sucks ass.
She made a casserole?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Really?
- Yeah, all right.
Going to Krystal.
Just shut hey, shut the fuck up.
We gonna get French fries ♪
We gonna get burgers ♪
We gonna get milkshakes ♪
All right, all right.
I'm going to Krystal's ♪
I'm going to Krystal's ♪
Take heart ♪
Take heart ♪
We are never far apart ♪
Be still ♪
Be still ♪
And your trust will be fulfilled ♪
Oh, Ace, you left your phone.
Big Jim's trying to get
in touch with you.
Melanie went into labor.
They're at the hospital now.
Take you there tomorrow.
I was thinking earlier.
How do we know a big black hole
isn't just gonna appear outside
of the Earth and swallow us up?
We don't know that can't happen, right?
If fucking life can exist
out of nowhere,
couldn't it just end out of nowhere too?
Just 'cause something
that crazy hasn't happened
in seven billion years,
doesn't mean it couldn't happen now.
What would happen to us?
I don't know.
World would probably
start spinning real fast,
and we'd fall off.
We'd be dead.
There might be that moment
you know, like you see
in disaster movies,
when everyone is screaming and yelling.
Funny thing about it is,
if you look on YouTube or online,
when people actually see their
their death
they ain't screaming.
It's just silence.
Then it'll all be over.
That's the scariest thing
I've ever heard.
What made you think of that?
Hey, Mom, can you grab a trash can
in case he yaks, please?
All right.
I'll talk to you tomorrow, all right?
- Hey.
- Yeah?
I fucking hate you.
You act like you're some kind of genius.
But you're not.
You're just a lawn mower salesman.
You ruined my fucking life.
Hey, thank y'all for bringing him home.
You're welcome.
I'll see you.
You know Ace didn't
even want to wrestle?
Not one bit.
I pushed him into it after our dad died.
Holy Christ, it's coming up on a year.
This is
probably fucked up to say,
but the thing with Ace,
his last-last show,
that was-that was
such a dick move like
the dickest move ever.
But I thought, for the story
and for his character
it was fucking brilliant.
Seeing him tonight at the bar
he'd make a great heel.
Holy shit. What happened?
Was it
Uh-uh, no. Wasn't him.
I got it 'cause of Ace,
but it wasn't him.
How is he?
How are you?
- Here.
- Thank you.
Charlie Gully wants to buy the Dome.
It might be time.
Come here.
Maybe we should go into the bedroom.
Mm-hmm, well, guess what.
I can be quick.
Who wants that? What if Thomas hears us?
We'll blame it on the squirrels.
I think the squirrels were
in the kitchen last night.
Uh, speaking of,
I'm gonna call Robby Prunier
and, uh, have him come over
and trap 'em.
He isn't gonna hurt 'em, right?
No. No, kiddo, no.
He's, uh he's a good man.
He'll take them to the most
squirrel friendly forest
that we have and set 'em free.
Oh, and when exactly
is this Robby Prunier
coming over to do his good work?
He's gonna come over in good time.
Just gonna make sure
his pricing is all right, okay?
- All right.
- Go sit your tushy down, please.
Should I sell the Dome?
Jack, it doesn't have
to be all or nothing.
We just want you to spend
more time with us.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'm gonna go ask where Melanie's at.
- Hoo-hoo-hoo!
- What the fuck?
Did that dude just squirt
his own blood into his mouth?
He most definitely did.
Hey, guys, elephant or giraffe?
Buy the baby a panda, Bobby.
Look at all them damn people.
I tell you what, Charlie Gully
can't be no more worse
that what we getting now from Jack.
- Mm.
- And he paying more, baby.
Okay, elephant's cuter,
but it's the South.
Like, do they have
elephants in the South?
No. Buy the baby a panda, Bobby.
Pandas signal hope.
I mean, they're almost
extinct, but it's true.
Jack doing the best he can, man.
Look, if Jack knew what was best,
he'd be giving me my shot
at the title belt.
- You'll get your turn soon.
- Yeah.
I ain't fucking with no more soon.
Look, soon may not ever happen.
Look, Jack is on Jack time,
and Jack time is fucking
with Rooster time.
They're friends. It's all right.
Look, all I'm saying,
if he comes talking to us, we listen.
I ain't listening to shit.
Well, getting what's due
to me is my shit.
It should be your shit too.
I'd prefer your shit to stay your shit.
I got my own shit.
I don't need no extra shit on top.
Hey, you have yourself
a nice day, ma'am.
How's your shit different than the shit
Rooster's talking about, though?
You see, Rooster's focused on shit
that get him unfocused
on more important shit,
like always talking about
who's fucking him over
instead of thinking about
how to get people to help him
get to where he wants to go.
I don't like your tone.
And I don't like meat loaf.
But it don't mean, on meat loaf night,
my mama didn't still serve it.
And don't give me that bullshit
about you ain't top dog
'cause the DWL won't
put forth a Black dude.
Look, I didn't even say all that.
What you turn your head for?
What the fuck that supposed to mean?
They put me forth. I had the belt.
- And you fucking blew it.
- Yeah?
And after I went to rehab,
the DWL took me back.
Tom Spade took me back.
Jack took me back.
Look, if you don't like
the pace of shit,
just talk to the man.
When they gonna put forth a Latino, man?
See, that's what I'm
talking about right there.
Look, you don't owe your loyalty
to people that aren't
loyal to you, baby.
Rooster, talk to the man.
He ain't a damn mind reader.
Okay. Out of respect to you, I will.
- Thank you.
- Hey, guys.
I'm going with the elephant.
What kind of card do you get for a baby?
giraffe 'cause of the long neck.
- That's why I got this one.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- What's up, boss?
Here they are. What's happening, fellas?
- Hey. How you doing?
- Shh!
- Okay.
- How's she doing?
Melanie and the baby are still sleeping.
Jim literally won't leave their side.
Making us all look bad, huh?
Mm-hmm, I think that's 'cause
two hours after our little guy was born,
you were already back onstage in tights.
Well, the show must go on, right, boss?
I mean, Big Jim's retired,
and Charlie Gully's still
sending him flowers.
Charlie Gully, uh,
sent flowers to Big Jim.
It's the one with the lures in it.
- Where's Ace?
- He doesn't want to come in
because you embarrassed him
in front of the whole town.
You are just like your father,
making unimportant things important
and losing sight of what really matters.
I told you to be good to him.
I asked you
Do you see my face?
This happened 'cause of him.
I need to find a restroom.
You were right.
I'm a fucking lawn mower salesman.
I got Staci, and I got Thomas,
and they're perfect,
but other than that
- What are you talking about?
- Big guy, you're unemployed.
You're a washed-up quarterback
who couldn't play in college.
You couldn't even hold down
a job at Winn-Dixie.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
This is who we are.
It's who we are if we're not wrestlers.
When my music hits,
when I'm in the ring,
I-I don't think about being broke or
having a job that I despise
or a
a kid that I
I consistently seem to let down.
I don't even think about that.
But this is gonna be it.
This is where we're gonna be,
in this fucking town. I
If it's gonna be a normal life,
it's-it's not enough.
It is not enough for me.
Our family's a bit fucked up.
- More than a bit.
- Right.
Well, we got a wrestling
family up there.
They're just fine.
They need you.
We need you.
I'm gonna get scouted again.
Next time, it's gonna stick.
I gotta have a say in my character,
and the story lines.
Okay. Done deal.
And when Wild Bill comes back
I'll support you.
I will support you 100%.
I don't ever want to get booed again
not ever.
Then you won't.
Come on.
Let me get her, come on.
Oh, wow.
Hey. Come on.
You ever hold a baby?
Thomas, I'll be back before dinner.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm not gonna sell.
Is this you wanting to talk
with questions
or without questions?
I-I spoke with Ace.
We worked things out.
It's gonna be rough,
but it's gonna be okay.
I was thinking we'd take a vacation.
- Yeah, that'd be nice.
- Yeah.
Would you help me put
some makeup on my eyes, please?
Why don't you start without me?
I gotta go make Thomas lunch.
So, Jack, your definition
of an hour and a half
is apparently two and a half hours.
What-what's going on in there?
I'm going to play soccer.
Hey. Give me a kiss.
Yeah, Mom!
Come on, you a face?
Not now. You cried in the ring.
What the fuck's your problem, dude?
Ricky Rabies is here.
It's supposed to be
my night, my comeback.
And you're wrestling
Ricky Fucking Rabies?
He's a drug, brings people in the Dome.
You just gotta trust me.
What's the matter, Jack?
You afraid I'm gonna go off script?
- I don't know where he is.
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