Heels (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Cheap Heat

[ROOSTER] Previously on "Heels"
Who do you think your dad
would have win?
[JACK] Don't matter. He's dead.
[CRYSTAL] That was such a dick move.
The dickest move ever.
[ACE] I was just trying to figure out
what the next steps are exactly.
Uh, I'm gonna have to pump the brakes
'til I can get back
to Duffy, reevaluate.
It just is what it is, kid.
Johnny Marr said
you wanna invest in the DWL.
I'm not investing in fuck all.
I wanna buy the Dome.
Your brother's gone. He's missing.
Jim called me.
Melanie's gone into labor.
You know what? Aw, fuck you, man.
Fuck y'all, fuck this place,
and fuck Duffy, man.
[CRYSTAL] But I thought for the story,
for his character,
it was fucking brilliant.
He'd make a great heel.

[SINGER] I wanna see you
all high on the sidewalk ♪
And I won't have nothin' to say ♪
[NEIGHBOR] Morning.
[SINGER] I wanna be
an American Cowboy ♪
And I ain't never moving away ♪
- And I ain't never moving away ♪
[NEIGHBOR] King Spade.
[SINGER] And you will
not be hating me ♪
You will not be hating me ♪
In the morning ♪
And you won't see me ♪
Falling down ♪

You won't know me ♪
When you're on ♪
Your way out ♪
Everything you've come to be ♪
Is just fine ♪
Everything you saw in me ♪
Is all right ♪
All right ♪
All right ♪
All right ♪
[ACE] Dad?

[SINGER] I'm not ♪
Waiting for ♪
The answer ♪

And I will ♪
Walk in the shore ♪
To find you ♪
To find ♪
The peace that's your own ♪
Where you come from ♪
All that you want ♪
One that's your own ♪
A place to call home ♪
Won't be ♪
Granted ♪
What is fair in love ♪
Is fair in war ♪

What is fair in love ♪
Is fair in war ♪
One ♪
To one ♪
What's love ♪
In war? ♪

[SINGER] Hey, yo, who dat,
who dat flexing ♪
OMG, yeah ♪
Who your baby mama texting? ♪
Oh, it's me, yeah ♪
Now we got these, got these
saying woe is me, yeah ♪
- You want some of this?
[SINGER] Life is fucked up,
c'est la vie, yeah ♪
Hey, Mum and Dad.
Y'all are probably in church.
I was just calling to say hi.
I, uh I got in the main event.
It's, like, a like, a big deal.
It's, like, the main match.
I'm a little nervous
'cause I'm not sure I'm ready,
- but there's not much to do
- Bobby.
About it now, so I'm just calling
- Bobby.
- Y-yes.
- She just hit me.
- I gotta go.
Ma'am, just because you're a woman
does not mean you can hit women.
- Let me have this.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Fine, fine, fine. I'll apologise.
Well, I think it would
lack sincerity now.
So let me put that there.
- Bye, Toni.
- Yes, bye, Toni.
Good job. Watch your step.
[RICKY] Jack Spade.
What's your deal, man?
Hey, Rick, I'm just
checking on your ETA.
Oh, I'm about 45 minutes
'til splashdown.
Worry not.
Ricky Rabies has never no-showed.
I appreciate that, Ricky,
and thank you very much
for coming on short notice.
We have a whole lot of folks
who already bought
a whole bunch of tickets.
Oh, well, I was touched
when you called, brother.
I-I always love wrestling at the Dome.
The, uh, energy and the
entertainment that you bring
is what, uh, this town
and the league needs tonight.
Oh, it's comin'.
I'm bringing the rabidity, brother.
Mouth-foaming, blood-gurgling,
wild man, ass-kicking rabidity.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, Rick.
Uh, about the blood.
[RICK] It's more fun blood,
not devil blood.
I'll explain it all to you
when I see you.
Sorry, I-I thought I had you
on mute for that one.
- Sorry, brother.
- That's just fine, Rick.
You drive safe.
Will do. I'll see you soon.
Hey, just, uh
hand these out on the set, okay?
Thank you.
Rooster, ten minutes.
Always early, always ready.
New sweatshirts came in.
100% Pima cotton. So soft.
Did I give you a purchase
order on those?
- Yeah.
- What time of day was it?
Late. You were tired.
- Okay.
- Oh.
Uh, Eddie Earl is lookin' for ya.
You're doing a great job, Debbie.
Oh, thank you.
I like your cape.
You know me. You know who I am.
You know I'm someone you can believe in.
And I let you down.
Last time I was in this ring, I lost.
But it wasn't losing the match
that hurt the most.
It was losing y'all.
It was losing
I was betrayed by my brother.
How many of y'all been betrayed
by someone you trust?
Did the right thing,
played by the rules,
busted your tail,
and the person with power
double-crossed you?
What you do after? You got back up.
You wiped away your tears.
You kept fightin'.
Because that's what Duffy folks do.
They fight.
That's exactly what
I'm gonna do tonight.
Because what happened to me last match
isn't the end of my story.
Oh, no.
It's only the beginning.
How fucking tight is that?
It's very tight.
Only thing:
is it a little too positive?
Fuck no.
That's some deep blue hero shit.
Hearing it out loud,
I just wonder if it'd be
more interesting
to take a different angle.
[JACK] I wouldn't change a thing.
Crystal, could you, uh,
give us a second, please?
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- How you doin'?
- Good. Good.
- Good.
- This promo's fucking great.
- Yeah.
- You know?
And it's cool,
'cause it, like, references
the fact that you
That I-I-I went off-script.
- Yeah, which I love.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, I have a few ideas.
Well, thoughts. Thoughts.
I have a few thoughts.
Um, I think instead of, like, saying,
um, "wiped away your tears",
it'd be cooler if I just said,
like, "chugged a beer", you know?
That is cooler.
Uh, and the next thing is,
at the very end,
instead of saying "This is
the beginning of my story",
I should just say, uh
"'Cause good always, always
triumphs over evil".
But it doesn't.
Don't what?
Always triumph over evil.
The fuck you talking 'bout?
If you're changing the line
in the speech,
it's gonna land false with the crowd
'cause they know it's bullshit.
Good triumphing over evil is
a commonly held belief, Jack.
It's not true, Ace.
Evil's got a fuck ton
in the trophy case.
In the end.
In the end, good always
triumphs over evil.
In the end.
In the end!
Cool, and then I'll just, you know,
do my thing in the ring
with Bobby Pin and
Beat his ass in the main event,
everybody knows that Ace is back.
I mean, I never fucking went anywhere.
Eddie Earl's here to see ya.
- I put him in your office.
- Okay.
Just hey, just a few minutes,
please, Willie.
Hey. Look.
I I never, uh, got to say
that I was sorry
for how things went down in the match.
I don't wanna talk about it.
No, but you need to hear
something from me.
I know that it's everybody's dream
to go up north and make it big, but
there's more than one way in life
to-to make it in wrestling, right?
And I don't think you
realise what it's like
to rely on a corporation
to make your living, right?
You could spend years in developmental,
and then they just let you go
'cause you're a fucking pawn up there.
In the DWL, with what we're building,
which we're building because of you,
you are not a pawn.
You can be a partner
and you can keep being a big star.
You don't need them.

- What?
- [BILL] Hi. Y'all.
First class yuppie
fuckin' billionaire
You're too old to be
drunk dialing me, dummy.
How we doin' on walk-ups?
Well, tailgaters are trickling in.
So, better than I expected.
I told you Ricky Ray was
gonna move the needle.
Look, I know he's expensive.
Puts asses in the seats.
Those asses gonna stick around
for Ace's main event.
We reading the same Internet?
I'm not entirely sure folks
wanna see Ace do anything
after you made him cry in the ring.
I didn't make anyone do anything.
On this Internet,
are people talking about us?
'Cause if they are, that's a good thing.
You sure it's a good thing
to admit to the fans
that you beatin' Ace was
a screw job, a betrayal?
Look, it was a match. He lost, you won.
People gonna come to the Dome tonight.
Now, if they're over the age of 12,
they know our endings are
predetermined, right?
We know that they know,
and they know that we know
that they know.
So when Ace admits
that our ending wasn't
part of the story,
it becomes part of the story.
It makes a kayfabe.
And then we get the trust back.
Oh, yeah!
Rooster time!
There they are, Mr. and Mrs.
Eddie and Annie Earl.
- Good to see y'all.
- Good to see you, Jack.
Hope we didn't keep y'all waiting.
I'm sorry to bother you
before your match,
but, uh, my banner is missing
the verse from Revelation
that I had sent over to y'all.
Uh, we'll get that fixed right away.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
- Well, that was easy.
- That's good.
[WILLIE] Look, Annie and Eddie,
Jack and I, if we don't say it enough,
we just we'd like you to know
that your dedication
to spreading the good word of the Lord
while also promoting your business is
- Mm-mm.
- So very much appreciated.
Well, we must honour He
who provides our prosperity.
- Mm. At work, church, and play.
We must keep Him in
the centre of our midst.
Well, uh, hey, Mister,
what would you think
about maybe having your name
'cross the entire ring apron
with a couple more of
your favourite Bible verses?
Jesus Christ
- would love that.
- Yes, He would.
"While you're waitin' for
your prayers to be answered,
pay a visit to Eddie Earl's title pawn".
- [ANNIE] I love that, sweetie.
- Just thought of it.
Well, the good Lord rewards
the prosperous
with more prosperity.
[ANNIE] Okay.
Where's that from?
That's a proverb. Psalms it
- It's so many. Yeah.
- There are so many.
- It's hard to keep track.
- There are so many.
But if you wanna expand
your brand's profile
and its association with my business,
you might consider doing
what your daddy did.
You remember our commercial?
- Yes, I do.
Sing the song for me.
I'm gonna save my energy
for the ring tonight.
[LAUGHS] What do I pay for around here?
- Come on.
- Not for me to sing the song.
- Go ahead and sing it, Jack.
- [EDDIE] Sing.
- Oh
- Let it rip.
- Oh, pretty please.
- [WILLIE] Jack, sing.
- When your times get tough ♪
- Yup.
[ALL] You wanna sell some stuff ♪
You can come on down ♪
[ALL] To Eddie Earl's ♪
- That's me!
- That is you.
[EDDIE] Nothing lasts
longer than a jingle.
Hey, y'all.
[STACI] Oh, lookin' gorgeous as always.
Oh, I hate that I missed the
girls' weekend in Savannah.
How was the drive? Was it bad?
I saw that storm was headed that way.
Oh, no, no. We were south of that.
Yeah, also, we were drunk
the whole time.
I still am.
Oh, well, I'm so glad
y'all could come through.
Oh, please. This restaurant is so cute.
- The fresh air hurts my lungs.
The whole town is adorable.
Now can we get inside? I'm starving.
Oh, and I see y'all started
without me, huh?
Girl, you know my mama put
chardonnay in my baby bottle.
[STACI] I have to catch up then.
[SINGER] Manifest, that's the mantra ♪
That I say every day ♪
Before I get dressed,
you manifest what you want ♪
- 'Cause you never not manifesting ♪
Got you, motherfucker!
- Ice!
You've just been iced, dude.
If you didn't see me give it to you,
you gotta get down on one
knee and chug it, baby.
- Chug it.
- Let's go. Let's go.
I mean, I love Smirnoff Ice. Like
- Get on your knee now, baby!
- Oh, okay.
- Come on!
- Okay, okay, yeah!
- Man, you've been iced!
- Here we go. Here we go.
- You've been iced.
- Just go. Just go.
- One in one in one?
- Uh-uh. One time. Let's go.
[BOTH] Ooh.
Ah, ah, ah, ah. [LAUGHS]
- Whoa.
- [ALL] Oh!
- Easy, Bobby!
That's how I ended up in AA.
[ALL] Go, go, go, go!
Just don't worry, all right?
The guys are cool.
They didn't say nothing at the hospital.
They ain't gonna say nothin'
about it now.
- What happened, happened.
- Crystal.
I got this.
Sup, fuckers?
Main event Ice, biatch!
Yeah! Let's go, baby!
Come on. Down.
All the way down. Come on.
- Let's see it.
- [APOCALYPSE] Let's see it.
- Come on, let's see it.
- Ah, yeah.
Let's see it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace.
- Yes, dude! Whoo!
- Man, that
that was a lot better than me, man.
- Main event Ices.
- Main event Ices.
- [BOBBY] Nice job.
- Wow.
- [APOCALYPSE] Yeah, baby.
[BOBBY] That was really good.
Main event my ass.
What was that?
Pretty boy over there
wrestling a new guy
who just last week
had to be taught a fucking elbow drop
by your valet.
I thought I nailed it in the ring.
You said, "Good job, Texas".
One lucky elbow drop does not
earn you an invitation
to the main event.
[SINGER] I'm a gladiator
standing in the arena ♪
Yelling, "Are you entertained?" ♪
What the fuck's your problem, dude?
Look at these boots.
Not a scuff on 'em.
Y'all, Ricky Rabies is here!
- [WRESTLER] What?
- [DIEGO] Yeah, yeah!
Oh, hey. Uh, Ace, this is Rick.
Rick, this is my brother, Ace,
uh, and his valet, Crystal.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's a pleasure.
My son Wolfgang, my valet Vicky.
- Hey, man.
- Hi. Vicky Rabies.
- Hi.
- How y'all doing?
- Yeah, great.
- Fine, thanks. How are you?
Good. Happy to be here.
Hey, Ace. You walk just like your daddy.
Cool. Cool. Thanks, man.
Uh, hey, grateful to have you.
You were a big draw when we were kids.
[LAUGHS] Oh, "when we were kids"?
Oh, don't make me feel
any older than I am, Ace.
I feel ancient already.
Ancient but distinguished, Dad.
- Hey, uh, Jack.
Can I borrow you for a moment, please?
Course you can. Uh, Rick, y'all good?
Yep, uh, just need a sink
so Vicky here can make the blood.
Uh, DWL is showcasing
bleeding and horror now.
That's new, Jack.
Oh, no, no, no, no, Ace.
You got the wrong idea.
I know DWL's all about
family entertainment.
You know what you got when you brought
the Rabies family in here.
I ain't never been much
of a bleeder myself anyway,
so I won't be bleeding, per se.
It's more of a component
of the new entrance
we've been workshopping,
one that incorporates
the Rabies frolic and festivity
that you know and love
but also allows Wolfgang here
to participate in the experience.
I'm real appreciative, Pops.
Now, the blood to me makes
what I'm doing about my family.
You know, 'cause it
the blood connects us.
Binds us. Defines us.
[VICKY] It's more about
getting the crowd stoked
for Rabies Nation, you know?
Stoke the rabidity!
- Stoke! Stoke!
- Right.
Well, Ace is Ace is correct
that we do draw a line of distinction,
but Rick assured me that we're
not getting into a Dystopian,
Charlie Gully-type blood situation.
Think less bloodletting
and more blood-unifying,
like a sacrament.
What Dad does is always
a theatrical manifestation
of his character.
- Wow.
- Authentic Ricky Rabies.
- [ACE] Awesome.
I love having my family
with me when I work.
Crystal, can you point them to a sink?
- That one?
- Prop room.
Oh, I know where that is.
- Come on.
- All right. All right.
- Let's go. Scoot.
- Very good.
I wanna watch you walk
out of this room, girl.
[VICKY] Oh, baby, you're so good to me.
[RICKY] Look at you. What's that saying?
I hate to watch you walk away
What the fuck?
There's a bunch of people out there
with Ricky Rabies shirts on.
This is supposed to be
my night, my comeback,
and you're wrestling
Ricky fucking Rabies?
I mean, forget about
what you put on the poster.
That's the main event.
You're in the main fucking event, Jack.
You see how old he is?
He can't go like that anymore.
He's not a main event guy.
You said this was
supposed to be my night.
He is an opening act, Ace.
He's a draw. Brings people in the door.
They're here for him.
They see you shine.
They come back for you.
- [VICKY] Oh, hey.
- [JACK] Hey.
Sorry. Left my bag in here.
[JACK] That's okay.
Hey, just focus on your promo.
Make 'em cheer for you.
Or boo, even.
You know, Crystal,
this blood making thing's
a bit of a process.
You wanna give me a hand?
Sure. Happy to.
You just gotta trust me.
- Hey.
- [JACK] Yup.
What's it mean when, uh
someone's boots ain't scuffed, again?
Means they're a bad partner in the ring.
Don't be.
Adam and I just bought
a house in Alpharetta.
Lot of my decorating clients
live over near there.
What actually does being
an interior decorator entail?
Besides, um, decorating interiors?
I will punch you.
It's all about saving people
from their bad taste.
I wouldn't have got a bid at Chi O
if you hadn't dressed me freshman year.
Easy to do when my aunt
owns a clothing store.
Easier when you got
a hot fucking bitch like Staci
who looks great in everything.
- You're hot.
- Yes, I am hot.
- Literally hot. Yes.
Her aunt had to club a little baby seal
for me to have what I got on.
- Okay.
Speaking of babies,
how old's that little cutie
pie Thomas now?
He just turned eight.
You have an eight-year-old,
and I have no man
remotely interested in impregnating me.
That's not true.
Fate wants me barren.
Hey, nobody talks
about my friends like that.
Stace, are you and Jack
gonna double down
and have another baby?
Oh, Stace, we should split this.
Don't be ridiculous.
Y'all came all this way.
Mrs. Spade, the apps are on the house.
I served you on your anniversary,
and it's a real honour
to serve Mrs. Jack Spade again.
Yeah. Well, thank you.
Y'all heading over to the-the Dome
to watch the big match?
I tried to get my shift covered,
but I got no pull here.
You just gotta tell me
what's gonna happen.
Is Jack gonna screw someone else over?
- [JAMIE] Is Ace done for?
There's a wrestling match
in town tonight.
It's kinda rinky-dink.
Her husband, Jack Spade,
runs the league.
Wait, I thought only his dad did that.
Well, he's just trying to keep
his daddy's business going.
It's been a tough year.
Oh, my God. We're so going.
- Oh, yeah.
- No. We don't have to go.
Jamie, round of go cups.
I sure will.
- Okay, we're going.
[WHITNEY] Drink up, bitches.
[REFEREE] One, two, three!
You been iced, dude.
Down there.
Are you surprised?
Surprised you put a Smirnoff Ice
in my urinal for me to piss on?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Well, hold on. You gotta dr
Well, you gotta I'll get it. Hold on.
Yeah, I probably
I guess I didn't really
think that through.
But here you go.
You got iced. [CHUCKLES]
I thought that was main event Ice.
My ass in the main event?
Man, I was just trying to
Yeah, sorry.
Um I'll just rinse it off
In the same place we wash
our damn hands?
[BOBBY] Well, I don't
where should I
- Take that shit over there!
- I'm sorry.
God damn.
[APOCALYPSE] It's not his fault.
Oh, it's my fault that he dumb
as a bag of dicks?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
Roo, come on, now.
That's gender-shaming, man. [LAUGHS]
Dicks ain't predestined to be dumb.
It's more appropriate to say
that it's the willful idiocy
of certain specific dumbasses
attached to an individual dick
that makes a dick dumb.
[CLEARS THROAT] Just saying, man. Shit.
I'm saying it's not his fault
he got picked to wrestle Ace.
So instead of being
a total asshole to Bobby
for no reason,
you could do like I already told you.
Go talk to Jack.
Ah, come on, Poc.
Look, Jack is not sittin' or standin'
anytime, anywhere where it appears
that he is available
for anything like talking.
Ask Willie. Schedule it.
Look, I could just use a push.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna
need more than a push
for this shit I'm 'bout to take.
Y'all gonna wanna clear out.
Yeah, I saw what he had for breakfast.
- He had a lot.
[DIEGO] I'd clear out
the locker room too.
- [APOCALYPSE] Come on, brother.
- [DIEGO] Clear the Dome!
[ROOSTER] Let's go!
[DIEGO] Clear all of Duffy, baby!
- [CRYSTAL] Wow.
That really works.
Well, being with Ricky so long,
got a couple tricks up my sleeve.
A valet's job's figuring out
what her man needs.
You know, they just wanna feel
like you're there for them.
Like, I know when Ricky
gets real grumpy,
all he really needs is a shoulder rub.
Human touch.
Feminine caress.
This ain't exactly
no female-friendly industry,
but you hitch your cart
to the right horse,
rest gonna take care of itself.
How long you two been together?
Ooh, Lord.
I been with Ricky since [EXHALES]
I was about your age.
You treat your man right,
he'll be yours forever.
And there ain't no telling
where he's gonna take you.
Where the hell you been?
We're about to go out.
Let me do it.
Come on.
- Just get my back right there.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can you get my neck right there?
- Mm-hmm.


Yeah. Turn around?
All right. Let's go win 'em back.
It's gonna be great.
When's the last time we did
something like this,
you know what I'm saying?
- Oh
- Holy shit, Stace.
You guys have been
downplaying this so much.
Let's find some seats up top.
No, I wanna be able to touch 'em.
Yeah, you're the first
lady of this bitch.
Throw your weight around.
- Oh. Okay.
- Hey, Jack, you got a moment?
- Uh, yeah, sure, Rooster.
Just let me focus on this
for a second, please.
[SINGER] King of the night ♪
Heart is full of steel ♪

Why are they booing?
He's Jack's little brother.
It's complicated.
He was the fucking ringbearer
at their wedding.
Now he's like Thor. Like, dirty Thor.
I let you down.
Last time I was in this ring, I lost.
But it wasn't losing the match
that hurt the most.
- [WOMAN] Yeah.
- It was losing y'all.
My brother betrayed me!
My brother betrayed me.
How many of y'all been betrayed
by someone you trusted, huh?
Busted your tail,
played by the rules,
did the right thing,
and then the people with power
double-crossed you?
Well, what'd you do after?
You got back up.
You chugged a beer.
- And you kept fightin'.
Because that's what Duffy folks do.
- They fight.
- Whoo!
And that's exactly what
I'm gonna do tonight.
[WOMAN] Crybaby!
- [FAN] Bring it, then.
- [FAN] Boo.
Who said that?
[WOMAN] Wah, wah, crybaby.
Who the hell said that?
You wanna come on down here
and say that to my face?
Oh, you can hear me from here.
What's the matter? You gonna cry?
- Crybaby.
- [CROWD] Oh!
You need a tissue?
- [CROWD] Oh!
[ACE] Jack's got me up
against this new guy.
Bobby Pin from Texas.
Fine. I'll take him on.
I'll take on every single guy
in that locker room
until Jack's the only one left standing.
And then I'm comin' for Dad's belt.
[WILLIE] What the hell
are they throwing?
- It's like a fucking blizzard.
'Cause good always triumphs over evil.
[CROWD] Crybaby, crybaby, crybaby!
Want me to send Bobby out?
No, he'll get it back.
- [CROWD] Crybaby, crybaby!
Fuck this.
Bobby Pin, get out there right now.
- Try to stop him.
- Gotcha, boss.
Bobby Pin, take your fucking hoodie off.
[BOBBY] Yes, sir!
Hey, Ace, should we [GRUNTS]
What the fuck was that shit, Jack?
- [WILLIE] Hey!
- Huh? Huh?
[JACK] Hey!
The whole fucking crowd was booing me!
- Hey. Hey.
- Fucking chanting!
[ACE] You hear how much they hate me?
They hate me! They're chantin' it, Jack!
[JACK] Listen to what you just said.
They were all chantin'.
The whole fucking arena, Jack!
Listen! The whole goddamn arena!
When I'm out there,
there's no difference
between hate and love
so long as they're doing something.
Of course you're okay
with people hatin' you, Jack.
It comes naturally.
[JACK] You listen to me,
you little shit.
You're fucking amateur hour out there
because you don't understand
the difference
between cheering and booing
and generating heat.
Generating heat is your fucking job!
You'd make a really good heel, Ace.
What hey!
Get your fucking hands off me.
What is wrong with being a heel?
You're the fucking heel.
I'm the fucking face. Dad was a face.
Get that through your fucking head.
Dad was a face?
Tom Spade was a face?
All right, yeah, no.
'Cause he was a good guy.
He was a real good guy.
He knew that you were home.

- Oh, shit!
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Whoo! Come on, boys!
- Love it!

- Okay.
- [VICKY] That's right.
Boom. Boom. [GRUNTING]
Come on.
Hey, let's finish with
that reverse DDT, dude.
- That all right?
- Okay.
Last time I got put in a Sharpshooter,
I almost shit myself.
I couldn't walk straight for a week.
Well, we should finish
with the reverse DDT.
Amen, brother.
You know, between my knees,
my back, my neck,
these days, quicker to tell you
what doesn't hurt.
Oh, yeah, underneath this skin,
there's a war ragin' in this body.
It's like a melee of bone and bile,
flesh and fever, every organ
taking shots at the next guy.
And I'm watchin' in the cheap seats,
hurtin' like hell.
But what can you do, right?
Am I gonna get a job to support
my wrestling habit?
- Nope.
I just keep on fightin'
the fight, right?
- It's a living.
- Mm-hmm.
All good with baby brother?
Baby brother needed
a minute to cool down.
- Right.
- I have some things I gotta do.
- You all set?
- Yeah. Right.
- Okay.
- I'll see ya out there.
Oh, hey, Jack.
[JACK] Yessir.
You're helping us put food
on the table, brother.
We super appreciate this booking.
Thank you.
You're saving my ass.
[PERSON] Good. You know?
- [ROOSTER] Hey, Jack.
- Yeah.
Hey, you got a minute?
I wanted to holler at you
about something.
I had to give the main event
to Bobby tonight.
I get it.
From where you're standing,
it don't make no sense
'cause Bobby's a nobody.
Well, I know he's a nobody.
That's why I needed him tonight.
I needed someone who could be
whatever I needed him to be
to get Ace back on track.
Rooster, you got personality, man.
- Personality.
- You got personality.
You got a natural grace.
You got a raw talent.
You're the best fucking guy
we have here.
If I'm the best, then I
get a shot at the belt.
When it makes sense for the storyline.
[KATE] Yeah, I was real proud
of my boobs that day.
Oh, and that's the super old
cathedral in Mexico City,
Metropolitana de la
some shit or something.
- That's so awesome.
Hey, so are you still with Southwest?
Mm-mm. Switched to Delta.
- Oh, that's really awesome, Kate.
- Yeah, it's cool.
You get to fly pretty much everywhere.
And Jeff and I are doing
Machu Picchu in the fall.
It's a mountain in Peru.
- Yeah, I-I know what it is.
- I didn't.
Hey, so should we go grab
some more beers?
Oh, my God.
Is that Jack?

Microphone, now. Give it to me.
Idiot. Hey!
Why don't you all shut your
fat mouths for a second?
Why don't you learn something?
He's a bad guy?
God, he's still so fucking hot.
I was in the back and I heard
the goddamn runt of the litter
was whining and crying
because he got hit
by the biggest, baddest
card in the deck.
That's me, you idiots.
That's Jack Spade.
And when he's out here whining,
I bet it fell on receptive ears,
'cause it's how all of you talk
to your wives
and to your husbands
and to your loser kids.
"He hurt my feelings!"
You're damn right I did.
You don't get to go home happy.
He should be thankful
that I didn't break his neck
right in the middle of this here ring.
I'm fired up now.
I think Jack Spade's gonna
whup a little ass tonight.
So if there's any boys in the back,
any of y'all,
if you think you have the stones
- [CROWD CHANTING] Ricky Rabies!
- To come on out here
and challenge me for this strap,
I dare you.
[SINGER] Get up, everybody's
gonna move their feet ♪
Get down, everybody's gonna
leave their seat ♪
You gotta lose your mind
in Detroit Rock City ♪
Get up, everybody's gonna
move their feet ♪
Get down, everybody's gonna
leave their seat ♪
Getting late, I just can't wait ♪
- [SINGER] Ten o'clock ♪
And I know I gotta hit the road ♪
First I drink, then I smoke ♪
You don't belong in Duffy!
[SINGER] I got to laugh
'cause I know I'm gonna die ♪
Yeah! Let me hear it!
[SINGER] Get up, everybody's
gonna move their feet ♪

This is fucking awesome, Stace.
[CROWD] Ricky, Ricky, Ricky!
- [CROWD] Oh!
- Hey, back up, Ricky.
I need you out of the corner.
Get him out of the corner.
[REFEREE] Ricky, man.
Back up. Back up, man.
Come on, ref. Come on.
[REFEREE] Hey, what are you doin'?
Ricky, come back!
[FAN] Hey!
- [CROWD] Oh!
- [REFEREE] Two!
- [CROWD] Ooh!
[REFEREE] I need y'all back in the ring.
- Back in the ring. Come on.
- Three!
Yeah! Come on, baby! Go get him!
- [REFEREE] Five!
- Yeah!
[JACK] Get back in that ring.
[YELLS] Oh, no!
No! Oh!
No fucking way.
Look, man.
[CROWD] One, two,
three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten!
- Whoo!
[ROOSTER] Hey, you gotta see
what Poc just sent me.
- [WILD BILL] Whoo-hoo!
- [PERSON] Sir!
I'm Wild Bill Hancock,
and I'm a fucking superstar!
- [ROOSTER] Oh, yeah.
- What the hell is that shit?
Now that's what I'm talking 'bout.
Wild motherfucking Bill.
Oh, yeah.
I got his autograph
at the Varsity way back then.
Now, I remember the first
time I saw him wrestle.
It was at the old Omni in Atlanta.
Right before he left DWL, I guess.
How were you even alive back then?
[ROOSTER] Started off
when I was young, that's how.
And I've been dreaming
about getting in that ring
ever since.
Shit, I must've moonsaulted
my way out the womb.
At the age of 16,
I was a part of the EGL.
Then Cobb County. Then the AGA.
Shit, I've been all over
this great state of Georgia.
Every single indie league.
So what, the leagues
just folded or what?
You get fired?
Oh, hell no.
I was loved by everybody.
[CHUCKLES] "Athletic" is what they say.
Some raw talent. Hmm.
See, personality can
only get you so far.
Now, you see that championship belt?
It only really stands out
against a white backdrop.
I was a prodigy.
Now I'm a vet.
No belt.
You know what, I don't know
what made me think
anything would be different
when Jack took over.
Yeah, fuck Jack, right?
I fucking feel you, man.
Here I am, a total face.
He's like, "No. You gotta
be a heel now".
- It's bullshit.
You are fucking hilarious.
Now, one thing Jack is right about
is you becoming a heel.
Come on. You, a face?
That dog won't hunt.
Not now.
You cried in the ring.
- I didn't f
- [ROOSTER] No, no. No.
You cried
in the ring.
[CROWD] Ricky, Ricky, Ricky! [CHEERING]
- You good?
- Ah, I did my knee in.
- Yep.
- You blew out your knee?
I blew my knee out.
Well, home we go, my friend.
Can't get me.
- Get back here, Jack Spade!
- I'm Jack Spade.
- [CROWD] Oh!
One, two, three!
- Whoo!
- [FAN] Whoo!
- [VICKY] Boo!

Where is he?
Bobby, why are you doing push-ups?
[BOBBY] I'm trying to get
my pecs in control.
Knock it the fuck off. Where's Ace?
I have no idea. Willie
went to look for him.
Dude, Wild Bill's got
a good dick on him.
- Hey, Jack, have you seen this?
- Hey, y'all seen Ace?
- Huh? No. No, no, no.
- What the fuck?
[WILD BILL] And I'm a fucking superstar!
Ace, you little fuck! God damn it!

- Willie, where is he?
- He's not in the washroom.
I don't know where he is.
Well, he's on in two goddamn minutes.
Stop doing push-ups.
- [BOBBY] Okay, yeah. Sorry.
- Idiot.
- What do you wanna do?
- All right.
We gotta send Bobby out there.
- [BOBBY] Who am I wrestling?
- You're wrestling me.
What? You can't wrestle
two matches in a row.
Cue Bobby's music.
What is your music?
Uh, it's a rap I wrote.
- Have you heard this?
- I can't unhear it.
Cue cue his music up.
Cue it up. Cue it up.
Hey, come here. Come here. Come here.
- Cue Bobby's music.
- Don't look hey.
- Mm-hmm.
- Don't look at me like that.
You're gonna be fine. All right?
I'll call everything.
I'll carry you the whole way.
- Yes, sir.
- It's gonna be great.
- Okay.
- It's gonna be great.
- All right.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Come on.
There we go.
It's always it's always
fucking something around here!
You listen to me, Jack,
you can't wrestle two matches in
a row. You're not a kid anymore.
Where the fuck were you?
[BOBBY] Gonna sin ya,
gonna win ya, gonna pin ya ♪
[JACK] Hey. Look at me.
Are you good?
What's the matter, Jack?
You afraid I'm gonna go off-script?
[BOBBY] Bobby, Bobby, Bobby Pin ♪
[WILLIE] Whose music am I playing?
Cue up Ace's music.
[WILLIE] Cue Ace's music.

Come on! Let's go!
- [STACI] Hey, y'all. Do you
- Shh!
[CHUCKLES] It's okay. Sorry.
I don't know what I'm doing, man.
I'm calling. Now shut the fuck
up and follow my lead.
[REFEREE] Come on, Ace, Not cool.
[CRYSTAL] Yeah! Get him!
[REFEREE] Ace, you know you can't

One, two
- I ain't done with him yet.
- What are you doing?
Would've been a three count, Ace.
Come on, Ace. Let's go.

Come on, get up! Get up!


- Ooh!
- Oh! Oh, that's
- Oh. Oh, my goodness.
- That's a little cheap.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
That's a damn heel move!
Oh, my God.
Are they allowed to donkey kick
a dude in the balls?
No, it's an illegal move
and a cheap shot.
I can't believe it.
Ace just turned heel.
[WHITNEY] I don't understand.
Neither do I.
- I got you, baby.
- [ACE] Come on, baby.
[REFEREE] Ace. No.
Take it, Bobby! Take it, Bobby!
[CRYSTAL] Take it!

- Whoo!
I can't hear you!
I can't hear you!
[REFEREE] Come on, man. Get up.

One, two, three!
- Whoo! That's it!
- Whoo!
- Yeah, that's right!
- [CRYSTAL] Whoo!
- That's right!
You like that?
I'm Ace Spade.
There's a fire, I did it.
There's an earthquake, I did it.
You don't know what you
got coming for you.


Hey! There he is.
- Yeah!
- Well done.
Ooh, here comes the bad guy.
Hey! Hey, well done, buddy.
Hey, that was well done.
That was terrific.
Would you get the fuck off me?
I'm not your boyfriend.
How clear can I be?
- Hey!
- Jesus fucking Christ.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What, Jack? What's the problem?
Oh, you got something
to say too, Willie?
- Go ahead, bitch.
- Hey, what the fuck are you doing?
Come here.
At what point do you think
it's gonna be okay
to call Willie a bitch?
What's wrong with you?
That's what you wanted, right?
I'm a heel now.

[SINGER] I been high, I been low ♪
There's so much I don't know ♪
Working hard, putting miles
on my own two feet ♪
Times are hard but they're real ♪
Keep my shoulder to the wheel ♪
Till I walk on that easy street ♪

How'd we do?
Really good.
Was the right guy to bring in.
Thank you.
[SNEEZES] Excuse me.
You need a tissue?
It was the right move, and
he's gonna see that in time.
Can you sign it to Diego?
Absolutely. How-how do I-E or E-I?
[DIEGO] Uh, I-E.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got a psychic feeling
about you, chickadee.
I know you're gonna do big things.
[RICKY] Hey, come on. Let's go.
We got seven hours to Charlotte,
and I promised Betty
I'd be home before morning.
My wife.
Come on, girl.
Well, not all relationships
are conventional, darlin'.
Now, don't let what Ace said bother you.
Men can be emotional sometimes.
You want some real advice?
Tuna for lunch, gummy bears for dinner.
That's how I stay skinny.
And, girl, you have got to stay skinny.
[KISSES] Bye, darlin'.

- [COURTNEY] Call me this week.
- [STACI] I will.
[WHITNEY] Oh, are you sure?
Yes. He's my husband.
Of course. I'll ride home with him.
Oh, it was so good to see y'all.
Thank you so much for coming through.
This whole thing is great.
- You got a cool life.
- Thanks.
All right, love y'all.
- Love you more.
- Love you.

- Love y'all.

I'm driving.
Have it when you get home.
Send me a video so I know you did it.

I fucked up pretty bad.
Hey, Mum and Dad. It's Bobby.
Uh, you're not gonna believe where I am.
I'm on top of a water tower.
I'm just I'm really
excited 'cause, uh
I did really good.
[LAUGHS] I did really good.
And it was amazing.
Just amazing, and I, uh
thank you for being the greatest parents
and for supporting me and for loving me
and just
I can't wait for you
to come out and see this.
It's just yeah.
I love you a lot, and thank you,
and, uh, call me when you can,
and, uh yeah.
Uh, I love you.

Looks like y'all had a good time.
Mm. Yeah. Been a long time.
Hey, you ever heard of Machu Picchu?
Uh, y uh, in, uh, Argentina.
No, it's this mountain in Peru.
In Peru. Hmm.
I wanna go.
- I want us to go.
Okay. So when can we go?
I don't know.
Well, could we go next month?
No. We got Thomas.
Well, he could stay with your mum.
What about work?
Well, you have vacation days.
[JACK] We have the money
to do something like that?
[STACI] All the excuses.
[SCOFFS] I'm sorry, what's that?
[STACI] Money, work, Thomas, Dome.
Staci, you're the one who's
been on me about the money.
All right, that's fair,
but there's also too much work.
The lawn shop or the Dome
or Thomas' school
or your fear of flying.
Why are you picking a fight?
Only you would take
"I'd like to go on vacation"
as me picking a fight.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
DWL's hanging by a thread.
It's hanging by less than
that if I go on vacation.
And do you understand
how exhausted I am?
Yes, Jack, because you
tell me all the time.
Okay, well, then, if the DWL's
a problem for you,
do just don't come to the shows.
I have to come, Jack,
because it's our whole life.
I don't understand
what the problem was with tonight.
You came to the show,
you got to have some drinks
with your friends,
and everybody had a good time.
And then they got to leave.
[CAROL] I was startin' to wonder
if you'd left Thomas to live with me.

[SINGER] So cold, I know
you can't believe it ♪
Sometimes you gotta face the feeling ♪
- [STACI] How was he?
- [CAROL] Oh, great.
He passed out playing
Ace's old video games.
[SINGER] There's a thousand things ♪
I will not understand ♪
How you're dealing with
the hell I put you through ♪
If I had my way, I would be
right there next to you ♪
Certain things in life I cannot take ♪
When I'm away ♪
I hope you know I care ♪

[SINGER] I hope you know I care ♪

I hope you know I care ♪
So cold, I know you can't believe it ♪
Sometimes you gotta face the feeling ♪
When you don't care
if you get up again ♪
There's a thousand things
I will not understand ♪
I hope you know I care ♪
How you're dealing with
the hell I put you through ♪
If I had my way, I would be
right there next to you ♪
Certain things in life
you cannot change ♪
Certain things ♪
I hope you know I care ♪
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