Heels (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Cutting Promos

Previously on Heels
My brother betrayed me!
I'm not entirely sure folks
want to see Ace do anything
after you made him cry in the ring.
Are people talking about us?
'Cause if they are, that's a good thing.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie and Annie Earl,
good to see y'all.
My banner is missing
the verse from Revelation
that I had sent over to y'all.
Would you get the fuck off me?
I'm not your boyfriend.
How clear can I be?
And if DWL's a problem for you,
do just don't come to the shows.
I have to come, Jack,
because it's our whole life.
What the fuck was that shit, Jack?
The whole fucking crowd was booing me.
They were all chanting.
You'd make a really good heel!
This is what you wanted, ain't it, Jack?
- No!
- Take it, Bobby!
I'm a heel now.
I fucked up pretty bad.
Behold our new title belt.
We're still waiting
for the boss to sign off
on the redesigned logo,
which will go dead in the center.
Our research has revealed
an overlooked fact.
If you sit in the nosebleed seats,
the current belts are hard to see.
But this revised and
improved title belt
highly visible.
This dynamic redesign
lends itself to premium
placement in toy stores.
This is true.
I think it needs sound effects.
Make it beep and boop and shit.
Perfect. Yeah, yeah.
Kids will love playing with
it even more if we add that.
Yeah, of course they will.
That's all it is, is a toy
a toy I fractured my skull for,
a toy I got two knee replacements for,
a toy I watched a lot of friends die
in a fucking gutter chasing down.
Can we please remember this
is an office, not a ring, Bill?
Oh, it's all a ring, sweetheart.
As a former champion,
we need you to get behind this.
I hate this fucking belt.
It's a piece of shit.
But I am a reliable soldier, Maria.
It's all good.
Off to Cleveland.
Gonna need to pack my robe,
if I'm getting back on camera.
Nothing on camera this week,
but good to be ready if things change.
Sir, are you okay in there?
Oh, oh, oh. Ooh!
Pardon me! Ha ha!
Oh, yeah, y'all first-class
yuppie fucks filming this shit.
Hell, I would, too.
You're about to witness
a phoenix rise from the ashes.
The ass-beating, ass-eating man hisself!
Here's what I think of
your toy, you corporate cunts.
The kids gonna love playing with it.
- Ah.
- Uh, we need an air marshal.
Breakfast in a half hour.
You're not there,
you eat with the ducks.
I really did it this time, didn't I?
Don't wallow. Come eat.
Hey, tell Ted to fetch me a towel.
Don't push it.
Staci. Hey, Staci, wake up!
- Shit.
- What? Oh, my God.
- Thomas?
- Oh, shit!
- Hey, hey, get up.
- What?
Want you to get out of the house
with your mom right now, please.
Dad, what's going on? Not my blanket.
Hey, get out of the house right now!
- Come on, baby.
- God damn it.
You're going hard
on that maple syrup, Bill.
My sister shipped that to us
from New Hampshire.
It's pretty tasty, right?
Well, syrup's syrup.
The syrup's delicious, hon.
If we're telling truths,
pancakes are a little dry, Ted.
That's why I soaked 'em in syrup.
But they are filling. Grazie.
Hey, look here.
See how big the censored bit
in the video is?
Hard to hide my natural blessing.
Blurry but lengthy.
Okay, you know what?
Put it away, please.
- There she is.
- Knock it off.
- Hey.
- Hey, it's the prettiest debutante in Duffy.
Hey, Bill. Anything left
for breakfast today?
I'm a hungry guest, I admit.
So what's the word? Suspension? Fine?
No, boss lady just wants me to lay low
until she sorts things out.
I mean, I imagine post-9/11,
you got some U.S. Marshal issues here.
Post-9/11 that's a
timely reference, Ted.
Why not say post-Watergate,
or post-Berlin Wall?
I raided a beverage cart.
My story's put the league
back in the spotlight.
This publicity's good publicity.
Calling your boss the
C-word, not so much.
Is the C-word the "cock" word
or the "cunt" word?
- No, no, no
- Hey, what we don't no.
- No, no that's not
- Look, we say "the C-word"
so we don't have to say the actual word.
No, and we don't say the actual word
because it's impolite to do so.
Okay, just
Robin, to answer your question,
both C-words accurately describe
the countless corporate assholes
who dismiss the input
of mavericks like myself
icons who built a global enterprise
who now must watch it be destroyed
by a ruthless lust for money.
Cock words and cunt words,
the lot of 'em.
But don't be afraid of words or people.
- How's school?
- It sucks.
What kind of lies they telling
in U.S. history these days?
Fire chief thinks the squirrels
ate through the wiring.
I knew it.
That was my favorite blanket.
We're gonna make this a good thing.
Let's go to a hotel that has a pool.
- Yeah!
- No, no, no. I'm sorry.
It's gonna cost a lot of money
to rewire the whole house.
We got to save.
Hey, the whole house
didn't go up in flames.
Not yet. Will soon.
You don't know that.
Yeah, well, I do know that our insurance
won't cover all the damage.
Look, we just it is what it is.
We just have no emergency cushion.
We need to I need
Jack, I've got to get a job.
We got a real good meeting with
Eddie Earl today, all right?
Bunch of money's gonna
come into the DWL.
Have faith.
Come on, let's go pack for Grandma's.
Come on, bud.
Pajama pants and cowboy boots
are a good look on you.
I love fucking to this song, baby.
Dude, there's a lady present.
How about it, Crystal?
You like getting down
with some tunes on?
You don't have to answer that.
No, I like to focus on my own rhythm.
That's facts. She and Ace need no music.
Hey! You told me you weren't looking.
I wasn't looking.
I heard, "You're hot". "No, you are".
Ace Spade, lucky motherfucker now.
Did he ever apologize to you
for that crap he said
to you at the show?
Ace ain't the saying-sorry type.
Now, that is a damn
good-looking head of hair.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Crystal, um, I need a cut, too.
I mean, I'm short cash,
but I got this, uh, $20, uh,
TGI Friday's gift card.
I mean, it's as good as money.
Yeah, if you like TGI Friday's,
which, lucky for you, asshole, I do.
- Quite a bit.
- Hey!
Come on.
Hey, Crystal, could you stop
by my trailer before you leave?
I have something I want to run by you.
- Ooh.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, you got to run something by her.
- Sure thing, Bobby.
- Thanks.
"Sure thing, Bobby".
- Get out of here.
- "Sure thing, Bobby".
Hey, you think Bobby has any lice?
'Cause I don't trust that mullet.
What about that beard of yours?
- Hey, how's it going?
- Hey.
Uh, do you want a water
or Diet Dr. Pepper or anything?
- Um, I'm good.
- Okay. Come on in.
Wow, this trailer
is, uh is not gross.
Yeah, my grandpa gave it to me.
I just, you know, want to honor him.
I can't write when
it's dirty, either, so
- I didn't know you wrote.
- Yeah.
I mean, mostly lyrics, and then
I started four graphic novels,
but mostly it's rap,
like my entrance song.
Would you like to sit down?
Yeah, sure.
So, uh, what what's going on?
Who is Bobby Pin?
- What do you mean?
- My character in the ring.
I don't know who he is,
and it's a lot of pressure,
because they want to keep
my feud with Ace going, and
Well, that's that's amazing.
Thank you, but she said
that my gimmick sucks.
Well, she was probably hungover.
She said it's not her job
to come up with something
that I could inhibit.
- Inhabit?
- I'm not sure the difference.
One of them is spelled with an A.
The other's spelled with an I.
One prevents you
from doing the thing
that you want inhibit.
And the other, you become
the thing that you want
It's an amazing language, English.
- Yeah, I like my crosswords.
- Yeah.
It's just, if Jack hates my idea,
he's not gonna give me a push.
Don't waste your time trying to predict
what Jack will or won't do.
I was really hoping that
you could help me think
of something, like, badass.
I'm not really sure
my taste suits the DWL.
Yeah, but you're badass.
People respect you.
Well, I definitely know that's not true,
but just tell me what you were thinking.
Word. This is a new song
I've been cooking up.
Uh, well, this is it.
Bobby Pin ♪
Texas ♪
Put a pin in it ♪
Come on, let's go.
No time for your lanes ♪
Put a pin in it ♪
Bobby Pin all day put a pin in it ♪
- The ladies all say ♪
- Uh, can
Put a pin in it ♪
Okay, um
you know, when I see when I see this
and I see all of this,
I don't really see rap.
Do you?
No, you don't.
All right, so streaming's the key.
We want to build out our YouTube channel
with a high-quality streaming broadcast.
That's that's the hook.
People come for the streaming,
but they stay for the back catalog.
Got old matches,
uh, old promos, old heroes.
The DWL's back catalog's 500 videotapes.
They're sitting at my mother's house.
I would have taped over them
for my Hallmark movies.
She would have. She would have, I swear.
We got vintage Wild Bill,
from when he was starting his career
and a bunch of other guys
you'd recognize
that came through Duffy as stringers.
It's content. It's history.
And it's a social-media
manager in Atlanta
to digitize the tapes,
which is gonna cost.
Uh, because everyone's phone's
with 'em all the time,
the DWL can be with 'em
all the time, highlights.
There we go on Facebook,
on Twitter, Instagram.
We got the TikTok, and, uh
- Build a DWL Snapchat filter.
- There we go.
Let our fans carry the promotion load.
I love Facebook
connecting with old friends,
meeting new ones.
- Yes, you do, dear.
- I love it. I do.
And if I was gonna try to start
a baby wrestling league,
this is how I'd do it.
- Hmm.
- But I'm not.
No, that's right. We are.
We just need a little help
from our sponsor.
Right. Uh, look, Annie,
Eddie, you know Jack.
He's a true talent, he's
just a phenomenal storyteller.
Uh, you know, now is the
time to get behind him.
I've been in since the get-go.
I'm giving you as much
as I'm comfortable.
Any more just wouldn't be
a wise investment.
What? Tell us why not, Eddie.
Uh, supporting the DWL
is good for my pawn shop.
- Mm-hmm.
- Because we're here in Duffy
a place where people
pawn things they cherish,
because their backs
are up against the wall.
We don't live in a
"taking chances" kind of world.
Are you writing down what he said?
For his book.
Now, my second-hand car business,
that's where I could use the growth,
but the DWL doesn't help me there,
'cause y'all ain't got the reach.
I told your father your biggest
problem i-is in the name.
Duffy Wrestling League?
Every show's a house show.
Anybody that gives a crap
lives in the area.
Well, that's my point, Eddie.
We need someone local to get behind us,
and then we can expand our fanbase.
There's got to be something
we can do here,
to-to show you what we mean.
Jack, I invest in the DWL
because you provide a captive audience
that's emotionally invested
in make-believe,
an audience made up of folks who,
despite their circumstances,
believe that dreams are gonna come true
and their luck can change.
But unless Duffy wins a bid
to be the next Amazon outpost
or a hurricane lops off half of Georgia,
makes Duffy oceanfront,
dreams aren't coming true,
and and luck ain't turning,
and the population of Duffy
ain't expanding.
Neither is the DWL.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I see your sign out there
with the God, community,
and the the low pricing,
and you're a you're
a local entrepreneur
and a man of faith
who's not showing any faith
in the family he's known
for a long time.
Annie, Eddie, thank you.
Thank you both. Look, I'm sorry.
- Fucking piece of shit.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Jack, wait up.
Why the fuck he take
that fucking meeting?
Because he's a businessman,
that's why, and he's still
our main sponsor.
Well, fuck him, because that
presentation was fucking good.
- Okay. Jack
- It made perfect fucking sense.
And I want to take
that little motherfucker
- and throw him through a wall.
- Hey, hey, hey, stop.
Look at me.
You're running way too hot.
Well, the walls feel like
they're closing a little bit, Willie.
Closing in doesn't mean
tumbling down just yet.
So we work harder. We stay focused.
Not get emotional.
Look, this thing of ours
this thing that we've put
so much time into
will not succeed,
if you let your emotions
get the better of you.
So what? Eddie thinks
we don't have reach.
You want that fish on the line,
we got to prove him wrong.
Just go deal with your fire fiasco.
I've got my own fire
to put out with Billy.
Why'd you let that fucking
jackass stay at your house?
It's more occupying than staying.
He's drying out, sleeping, worrying.
He's terrified of losing his job.
Poor Wild Bill.
Do you know what I would give
for his money or his problems?
I don't understand
why you were ever with him.
- You never had sex with him.
- Oh, God damn it, Willie.
You said you didn't understand.
There's a lot of things
a girl will overlook
when the sex is great.
Let's put that on a fucking Post-It.
Everyone knows that one already.
Look, the people you love in your 20s,
they get their hooks into you
in a fucked-up way.
Things didn't end well with me and Bill.
I don't know, maybe me
letting him stay with us
is a way to move past that.
And, you know,
with Bill down on his luck,
he might be willing to promote us.
He's got a hell of a lot more
people paying attention to him,
for the first time in years.
I don't want him anywhere near me.
William, you need to play nice
until I get your renegotiation done.
Paula, I can't recall the last time
you called me with good news.
Last week I called you
about the Burger King spots
with Ridley Scott,
before you decided to call
your bosses corporate cunts.
You're my manager. I gave
you something to manage.
You're welcome.
You want me to manage your dick
and teach you how to
keep it in your pants?
Unfortunately, your spending habits
don't give you a lot of leverage.
I have spent the last
three years diversifying,
like you advised.
Oh, I never said invest
in the oil sands project
in Alberta.
I mean, what are you driving right now?
You driving a Corolla,
or did you fucking upgrade
to an Escalade, hmm?
You make choices
like you're the only one
who's ever gonna win, but you aren't.
- You need to go to rehab.
- Oh.
It is a legitimate gesture
that they may respond to
with some compassion
regarding your use of success
and service to them.
Now, I am flying down there,
and we're gonna hold a press conference.
You will say nothing, post nothing,
do nothing until we speak in person.
Got to go.
I know it is just a cleaning,
but can I get some laughing gas?
Oh, not that one.
I don't know what this brand
feeds their chickens
before they slaughter 'em,
but I find that it has more
flavor and fries crispier.
- Sour Patch Kids.
- No.
Hey, Carol, you ever want to get a job
while you were raising Jack and Ace?
Aside from designing, cutting,
and sewing the costumes for
my husband's wrestling league,
while trying to keep that husband happy?
Gave my life to my boys.
Always had one eye peeled,
even while I was at the sewing machine.
It's the life of the mom.
Good one anyway.
Why? Not why'd you
give your life to him,
but why'd you never work?
Raising kids is a full-time job
if you're doing it right.
Anyone disagrees, they are wrong.
Uh, you don't want 'em living
too many hours with babysitters
who don't love 'em,
who just think of 'em
as an opportunity to make money.
But then babysitters cost less.
I thought I'd be living elsewhere,
but things turned out differently.
Oh, grab that, uh,
Pillsbury flour for me, please.
I got a coupon for the King Arthur.
Well, at this stage of my life,
I find something that works
for me, I stick with it.
It's Pillsbury for me.
All right, I think we got it.
Sweet. Bobby '85.
Yeah, I mean, it's the
golden age of wrestling.
You already got the mullet.
Well, I mean, you gave me
a great cut, so
- It's nostalgia.
- Yeah.
You know how every movie's a remake
'cause folks just want to remember
how good shit used to be?
I think I probably have
to stop eating, though,
'cause you drew my abs
a little bit too good.
No, you look great.
Thank you. It's awesome.
Yeah, Bobby '85 it is.
- Thank you, baby.
- Keep their tab open.
Well, dang, I haven't
seen you in a hot minute.
- What's up, Tricia?
- Figured you got back together
with your little trailer-park gal.
Yeah, no.
Uh, just been busy.
Yeah, I bet.
Hey, can I get a Miller and 24 wings?
Sure thing.
Oh, by the way, your friend is here.
Kooky Bill.
- Here here?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he's in the bathroom
boozing and blowing oxy.
Uh, hey, can I get those
wings to go, please?
Yeah, but I get off in an hour.
You should stay and flirt.
The prince of Duffy. How goes?
Super good, Bill. You?
Super-duper good, son.
I'll bet. I saw your,
uh, video on Barstool.
Only helps to build my brand.
Just ask Scarlett Jo Smoke Show
back there.
I'll bet she's seen it.
Yeah, you need a trim down there, Bill.
They don't call me
Wild Bill for nothing.
I got untamed pubes.
I'd eat a mile of her shit,
just to lick where it came out.
How long you in town for?
Headed back up
to headquarters any day now.
Get me a new assignment.
Very cool.
Hey, listen
I know the last time we talked
it was me squirting shit into your pool.
Hope you didn't take that personally.
I really did think you had the goods.
Ha! Do. Still do.
You ain't leaving, are you?
Yeah, we're having Jack's
family over for dinner tonight.
Fuck that, man. I know your mama.
She don't do dinner at 4:30.
Let me grease the skids with some beers,
and let's hustle some pool.
Your dad would love that.
Taking money off these dunces
was one of Tom's superpowers.
Come on, big man, let's play.
That's my goddamn partner.
Welcome to the woodshed. Chop-chop.
- I missed.
- No, no, not
I'm talking about, where's the passion?
Where's the anger? You're a heel now.
You got the perfect excuse.
I don't want to talk about wrestling.
Then I guess you don't
want to talk about me
pitching your new bad-guy
gimmick to the big boss.
They really didn't fire your ass?
Fuck, no!
They fucking love that video.
It was a promo.
I'm just here taking time out,
as a formality, you know.
Guys like me and you
we ain't meant to stay
in these small-town shitholes.
Your brother, on the other hand
Your shot.
You want to know the trick?
To what?
Every day a hundred things happen to me
make me want to spit.
Fucking people and all their bullshit,
their untested manhood
makes me want to step on a frog,
hear it crunch and ooze.
No time for a final, feeble ribbit.
The regular folks,
they got to let that shit go.
Puke out the black flies.
But I use it.
I soak it up.
That's my superpower.
Pay attention.
Hey, you mind telling me what
happened to your nine ball?
I don't recall y'all sinking that one.
Ah, hmm.
You shrugging, cheating
chicken-dicks snuck that ball in.
- We didn't cheat.
- Uh-uh.
The ball must have rolled in
on accident or something.
You calling me a liar, cheater?
Bet your wife's a cheater,
too, you little cuck.
Don't talk about my wife.
Dude, guys, just chill out,
all right, man?
It's not a big deal.
Hold on. You gonna seriously tell me
you don't let someone else stick
that fat-ass wife of yours,
you little fucking cuck bitch?
Cuck-a-doodle-doo, motherfucker!
Hey, fuck you, man.
What? You want to get rowdy?
You gonna do something,
or you gonna stand there
while I fuck you doggie style?
Did you shave your taint for me?
You'd like that, wouldn't you,
you little cuck bitch?
Sorry about the ball, okay?
I'm just fucking with you.
Ah! Whoo!
Get the fuck out of here.
That's why I'm the best at what I do.
Reckon you got it in you, too,
just like your dad.
He played nice for the crowds,
but Tom had a vicious side.
You tap that vein, riches will flow.
Mom, it's been 15 minutes.
The food's gonna get cold.
But we eat together
as a family so rarely.
I'd like to wait for your
brother, if that's okay.
Take off your hat.
Looks pretty good, though.
Thomas, please say the blessing.
Dear God, thank You for this dinner.
Thank You for the Falcons, the Braves,
and especially the Bulldogs.
God bless the chickens that died,
so they could be this food.
God bless my family the most.
Me, Mom, Dad,
Uncle Ace, Granny, Gran-Gran,
Grandma Spade, and
Grandad Spade in Heaven.
Ace, pass the smushy rice, please.
Thomas, your grandad isn't in Heaven.
He's in hell where people go
when they kill themselves.
What do you mean?
Uh, I don't think Thomas
needs to hear this right now.
He needs to hear what happens
to folks who kill themselves.
Hey, Mom, please, come on.
Please lie to him about hell?
In the Bible, Judas killed himself,
and Judas isn't in Heaven,
I can assure you of that.
Hey, buddy, how's, uh
how's little league going?
- I'm playing third base.
- Third base?
Your granddad is on fire for eternity.
That's what happens when you give up.
- God gives up on you.
- Damn it, Carol, enough!
Where are you going?
I got to work.
Please sit.
Dad's, uh, burning flesh
kind of ruined my appetite.
Yeah, I mean, my parents
were always telling me,
"Just stay the course, Bobby".
It's like, man, sometimes
I wish life was like
Mario Kart or something,
where the course
is just up in the corner, you know?
Yeah, right?
So, when people told you
"stay the course",
you kind of know what
the course looks like.
- Like, who's in front of you
- Mm-hmm.
- who's coming up behind you.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, I would always play as Toad.
Who were you?
- Diddy Kong.
- Okay, fair, I love Diddy Kong.
Crystal, thank you for helping me.
I mean, really, thank you.
Yeah, I love this stuff.
- It's it's fun, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
You know, when you
when you asked me to, um,
come to your Airstream earlier,
I thought you were gonna, like,
make a move on me or something.
What, like a dance move?
I can moonwalk pretty good, actually.
It's hard in the boots.
Yeah, by pretty good,
you mean pretty bad?
- Bobby Pin.
- Hey.
- Can I get a selfie?
- Yeah.
- Uh, can I hand you this?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Thanks.
- Wait. Crystal, you too.
Uh, you know what?
My hands are a little full.
I'll catch you at the Dome, all right?
- Hey, we'll do one with us.
- Awesome.
Ready? Let's do one, big muscles, okay?
- Okay.
- Here we go, big muscles.
Thanks, guys. High five.
All right, thanks a lot.
Y'all come to the Dome, okay?
- I will.
- I'll see you there.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
You're gonna be a great face.
Ace loved being a face,
but he wasn't so good
at turning on his smile.
But I guess now he won't have to.
Hey, bud.
Thanks for letting me
take your bed, Uncle Ace.
All good, little man. You can't sleep?
Thinking of granddad on fire.
He ain't on fire.
Grandma says he is.
Well, grandparents
don't know everything.
She said it was in the Bible.
She should reread it.
Should I tell her that?
You should not.
You know, adults know a lot more
about some stuff than kids.
But no one
and I mean no one
knows what happens after you die.
So, whenever someone says that they do,
all you got to do is nod.
You don't got to agree or disagree.
Just nod.
- Isn't a nod a yes?
- Sometimes.
Sometimes a nod is just a way
to end a conversation
you don't want to keep having.
You understand?
That's my nephew.
Uncle Ace, who cleaned him up
after he killed himself,
when he was when he was laying there?
Your daddy cleaned him up real good.
Did Daddy cry when he saw him?
I wasn't there. I was with Grandma.
Was Grandma sad?
She's still sad.
She seems mad.
Sometimes that's the way sad comes out.
Why did he do it?
His spirit got broken.
How did his spirit get broken?
Hey, I heard somebody
needs a new blanket.
Why don't you try this one on for size?
It's a nice Georgia Bulldogs
blanket for you.
Are you serious?
Just don't let your daddy
put out any fires with it.
I love you, Uncle Ace.
Back at you, bud.
Sleep loose.
All right, just tell me when to go.
I'm sorry. Now? Don't fuck with me.
Now? All right, is that frame okay?
All right.
Thank you for giving up your bed.
Thomas should be down here.
Basement's scary, even now.
- You watching old DWL shit?
- Yeah.
I cut a promo today where
I challenged The Rock.
- The Rock?
- The Rock.
The Rock The Rock?
The Rock The Rock, yeah.
I thought maybe it gets
shared on social media.
He sees it, comes down,
plays with us, and helps
put us on the map.
Like one of those videos
where the nerdy kid
asks Taylor Swift
to go to prom with him?
When you put it that way, yeah.
- Young Wild Bill.
- Mm-hmm.
Look at all that hair.
I've got news for you, little half-wit!
- "Little half-wit".
- You ain't in for no treat!
Just a good old-fashioned ass-whupping!
So fucking cheesy.
It was innovative.
They were innovators.
Now it's just been done to death.
Long live the King, baby!
Did we get it?
Don't make me do that shit again.
Do you think Dad's in hell?
You didn't listen to mom
your entire life,
and you're just gonna start now?
You seen, uh, Florida Dystopia's promos?
They're the ones where Charlie Gully
lights people on fire, and
they chant "fuck the DWL".
Yeah, I seen those a few times.
I'm just saying, you know,
they they look like movies,
not like not like these.
I want to use something
like that, something cinematic.
I didn't call you down here
for notes on creative.
- All right?
- Ah, right, I forgot.
Yeah, you got it all figured out.
You know, I was with
Wild Bill this afternoon,
and all I kept thinking to myself was,
"Do I have to tell Jack about this?"
And, "Is Jack gonna be angry
at me for doing this?"
Like you're my fucking dad.
I mean damn it, Jack.
Why do you have to control
everything all the time?
Because I'm the one that's
creating things all the time.
How was good old Wild Bill?
Maybe I should pay him a visit,
get some tips on how
to completely fuck up my life.
Do you have to be an
asshole to be a heel?
Are you asking,
or are you calling me an asshole?
You do not have to be
an asshole to be a heel.
You got to be able to take
the heat if you're a heel,
and you need to learn how to separate
you the character from you the person.
You cannot take this shit home with you.
And when you're starting out
that is easier said than done.
All right, Mr. Tarantino.
You want to help me with this or what?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Prepare to be amazed.
My favorite lady boss
my favorite lady boss ♪
How's Georgia? They give you
the old hero's welcome?
So what's up?
Figured y'all are calling
'cause you want to get me back
in front of the cameras again.
No, no, no, I'm just playing.
Hey, look, when I said
"corporate cunts",
I wasn't referring to you.
Bill, the blowback's considerable.
Well, I'm not surprised.
You see me with my pants off,
it's gonna
it's gonna cause a stir.
Yeah, well
You didn't hire me to act
the fucking saint, Maria.
No, but we letting you go.
Thank you for everything
you've done for us, really.
That's just about
the most insincere thing
I ever heard in my fucking life.
Dude, you have a trampoline.
That is very sick.
- It's so old.
- Yeah, exactly.
It doesn't have the stupid
net cages on the side
to keep you from falling out of it,
so it's, like, perfect for practicing.
Oh, uh, do you have a bathroom?
Uh, for the costume.
I brought the costume
with me, to try it on.
Oh, yeah, right.
Uh, yeah, just right there.
Yeah? Okay, thanks.
Here comes Bobby '85!
Hey, how's it looking in there?
Awesome. By the way, I'm gonna tell
Jack and Willie that
my gimmick was your idea.
Uh, no, you you really
don't have to do that.
Well, you deserve the credit, Crystal.
I mean, if they want to cut me
just 'cause I needed help, fuck it.
Bobby, for real, just just don't.
I'm I'm just a valet.
I got to fly low right now.
I will respect your wishes,
but you are not just a valet.
You are super smart,
and you're really talented,
and, yeah, the people
at the top may not see it,
but we do.
You're the one that should be
getting the push, all right?
Come on.
Now, tell me
how's my costume?
You know
I think you shouldn't be Bobby '85.
I think you should be Bobby Pin.
I told you, I don't know who that is.
Well, I do.
He's a good guy,
just a real good guy.
I think that's enough of a gimmick.
What do I dress as, then?
Just be you
and a little less like Liberace.
You get this text from Jack?
We're shooting a promo?
Hmm. Bobby Pin.
Toast of Duffy, I hear.
Crystal, I'm not here for trouble.
I just want some Code Red
Mountain Dew, all right?
Would you look what the cat
puked out of her gizzard?
Oh! Oh, man. Come on.
Come on, man. Come on, man.
What's the problem?
Oh, God, Ace, it's cold.
Come on, Bobby. Come on, Bobby.
Finish him off, baby!
You bet ya, honeybee.
Come on, man. Come on, Ace.
Come on, Bobby.
You like those doughnuts?
Get back here, Ace!
Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?
Are you crazy or something?
What is that? You
Come on, Bobby. Come on, Bobby.
Hey, JV squad! Hey!
All right, if y'all got
a score to settle
You get off me now!
If y'all got a score to settle,
you gonna do it in my ring
next Sunday night.
And whoever wins, well,
they get a shot at this.
All right. Cut.
Let's see, come on.
- Dude!
- Nice!
- Hey.
- Come on!
This is great. This is great.
Oh, Bobby, you caught my fist
like you're in the fucking Matrix, man.
And that's your new character?
Yes, uh, it's just me.
I'm a regular guy.
You're a man of the people.
That works for me.
All right. Did we get it?
I mean, I-I'm down to go again.
I could get out of that truck faster.
We got some beats we could pick up
Hey, y'all are paying us
to close down for an hour.
- Let's do it.
- Heck, yeah.
Oh, hey, Crystal, when you
circle us with the ATV,
you know, really make sure
you lay down that rubber,
baby, you know?
You know, and and, Willie,
really push into that
close-up there, right?
You know, uh, when she's
revving in Bobby's face.
- I think that'll look sick.
- Yeah, yeah, I can do that.
Yeah, it doesn't sound dangerous at all.
Don't you run me over.
Get your dry clothes on, get cleaned up.
- We'll go again.
- Hey, Jack.
- Yeah?
- Do cats have gizzards?
Fuck, no, cats ain't got
no damn gizzards.
And make sure you blow-dry
your hair before the next take.
Yeah, and get some
mousse on it, too, yo.
It sounds good. Keep it in.
Look at him, he's still
thinking about the shit.
Wear that outfit again.
It's so dumb, dude.
It's the best outfit you ever seen.
Don't don't do it, man.
- Sweet car.
- Oh, hey, thanks, bro.
And, hey, thanks a lot
for the opportunity, man.
- I-I appreciate it.
- Yeah, man.
It's fun being the bad guy.
Hey, uh, can I talk to you for a sec?
I just wanted to say, uh
uh, you did awesome.
So did you.
You're a great heel.
Yeah, I mean, it's just about separating
the guy from the character, I think.
Hey, you want to go
for a bite and celebrate
our first cinematic promo?
That sounds delicious,
but I got to work a shift here now.
Oh, right.
Right, yeah. Uh, word.
Uh, well, hit me up.
Yeah, I'll, uh
hit you up.
Nice work, ladies.
Be good.
Good luck with them cat gizzards.
- Hey, Carol.
- Oh.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
We're headed home.
Well, uh, Thomas's socks
are in the dryer.
I got 'em. Thank you.
Listen, I'm sorry about what happened
the other night at dinner.
You've been through a lot,
and I know with the anniversary
of Tom coming up, it must be
Please, let's not call it that.
It's, uh it's not
a red-letter calendar day.
I was about to say I don't mean to pry,
but I guess that's something
people only say
before they start prying.
But I
I want to pry because
I want to know how you feel
uh, how you felt.
You know, I've been
thinking a lot lately,
and, well, we've never
really talked all that much,
and I've been married
to your son nine years now.
So, if you ever want to talk
about things sometime
Tom always had to drive.
When whenever we went
anywhere, uh, on a trip,
to a show, even to the grocery store,
he never let me drive.
Uh, and I tell you,
I get into a car now,
and I barely know what to do.
I'm scared,
and I used to love to drive.
But now I just let Ace
take me everywhere, and
and sometimes I think about that,
and I just get so mad.
And I guess that's why I say things.
I-I find that anger is
more useful than grief.
I understand that.
I've felt that.
No one can step into my loss for me,
and that's probably
why talking about the past
makes me so mad.
Uh, enough of that.
You better get going,
before it gets too late.
All right, well, I'm gonna hug you.
You ever keep that thing in your pants?
It was created to be shared.
Not by my neighbors, dumbass.
You got a cigarette?
You got shitcanned, didn't you?
It was a mutual parting of the ways.
Heard Ted and Robin talking
about some promo you all shot today.
Oh, yeah.
I guess it wouldn't have made sense
to have me there, would it?
I can't imagine
what a star of my profile
could possibly add
to your Podunk operation.
Jack's operation.
Fuck that little punk.
He's the reason Tom killed hisself.
- Easy.
- You know it.
Can't pin that on me.
Oh, you think I fucked that up,
like I fuck everything up,
like I fucked my whole life up?
I see you looking down your nose at me.
Let me tell you something.
Your life ain't so perfect.
- I didn't say it was.
- You and wiener Ted.
The guy knows I used to tag his wife,
yet he still lets me in his home.
And that daughter
you can't fucking stand.
Too bad I wasn't around
to pay for that abortion, too.
Go on!
Piece of fucking shit. Fuck you!
You didn't move a fucking muscle.
That's why you're the greatest.
What the hell are you doing, man?
The hotel by the interstate's got rooms.
Free breakfast, all
the syrup you can eat.
Bye, Bill.
All I want ♪
Is the best of things ♪
And all I get ♪
Yeah, is sympathy ♪
And I get so sick ♪
Of the losing game ♪
I thought you said you knew how to jump.
- Come on.
- I do!
- Let's see it.
- Oh, no.
- Here we go, ready?
- Okay.
I'll jump you. One, two, three.
Okay. Oh, sorry.
- That was pretty good.
- You did not save me.
- Here you go.
- Aah!
Good? You good? I got you, I got you.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Oh, hey!
Oh, right in the ribs.
What was that? Come on.
- No, no, no.
- Oh, God!
Can we do that again? Oh, come on.
I mean, I think
I think that might have been
the highest bounce we ever got.
Hey, when do you want
to get some ice cream again?
Oh, man, look, I-I just been thinking
that we probably shouldn't be
seen out in public together.
Ace's valet hanging out
with Ace's rival
I think Jack might kill us.
Yeah, I guess we'll just have
to hang out here, then, huh?
Oh, shit.
What the
Somebody keyed my Bronco.
What the fuck?
I don't know, it kind of looks
like a racing stripe, huh?
How's my baby boy?
Not feeling too hot right now, Mama.
You can tell me why.
Just, uh, feeling a bit blue is all.
Well, don't wallow.
Your daddy indulged his blue moods,
got to liking 'em too much.
Mama, Daddy was mixed up,
so he checked out.
But he ain't in hell.
He just ain't here.
Judas betrayed the Lord.
Daddy wasn't no Judas.
I'm sure God must have known that.
I hear the gunshot
over and over again,
especially if it's quiet.
It's been almost a year.
I'm aware.
I can't sleep without music.
When it's quiet, I hear the sound.
Ace, not every feeling
deserves our extra attention.
Sadness sometimes, it can be selfish.
Sadness only thinks about itself.
Mama, that may sound
real interesting to somebody
who don't think about it,
and maybe it's helpful,
but sadness
it ain't like its own thing, you know?
It's it's not like its own
being with its own will.
Sadness is there
so you-you listen to it,
so you sort through it.
That's why it's there.
You stopped smiling
way before Daddy did
what he did to himself.
I think maybe if you took the time
to answer that question yourself,
you may be well on your way
to being happy again.
Hey, let me put you on speaker.
Sorry that I'm late.
I just, uh, got an errand
to run, and I'll be right home.
Willie kicked Wild Bill out,
and I got to stop by his motel
and tell him to stay away from Ace.
No, that's all right. How was your day?
I sold two riding mowers,
stopped by the Dome usual bullshit.
How was yours?
I got a job at the grocery store,
just helping out part-time.
I know it's not the most
glamorous thing, but
I look at your mom,
and I love her, Jack.
I-I really do, but
I don't want the only thing I'm good at
to be sewing costumes for the DWL
and knowing what brand of flour to buy
for fried chicken, you know?
It's a grocery store, Staci.
I mean, well, yeah, but I don't know.
I want to go back to school
eventually, I think.
But this is something.
And I need something, Jack.
If you want to work, I want you to work.
I just want you to be happy.
Me too.
- I love you so much.
- I love you.
I'll see you when you get home.
Oh, Ace, that feels so good.
Stop talking.
I forgot you're the bad guy now.
- Oh!
- Fuck, yeah, I am.
- Yeah, baby.
- Ah!
My dad always used to say,
"Hold it together".
"Hold it together, Ace.
Hold it together".
I'm trying.
That's so sad.
Do you want to go again?
How you doing, Dwayne?
Hey, Jack. How's it going?
Good, thank you. Where's Wild Bill?
- Room 190.
- Thank you, Dwayne.
Ah! Damn it!
Fuck, yeah.
I am Wild Bill Hancock,
and I am here!
I am alive!
Wake the fuck up, y'all!
Who wants to play? Who wants to play?
Who wants to play with Wild Bill?
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